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the article of impeachment now before the senate is an unjust and blatantly unconstitutional act of political vengeance donald trump's defense lawyers deny the former president in sight of the capitol hill attack and denounce the impeachment trial as a sham. follow him down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. says it will remove yemen's who the rebels from a terrorist designation but warns it still could impose sanctions. 6 protests in. him and rights council as pressure on the military of the coon. and it
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down a new report by a special u.n. investigator says sanctions against venezuela's government has made the humanitarian situation even worse. donald trump 2nd impeachment trial is nearly finished with the u.s. senate expected to acquit him as any as this weekend lawyers for the former president wrapped up their defense describing the trial as unconstitutional they say democrats pushing for a conviction are only seeking revenge or trump is accused of inciting a deadly riot on capitol hill last month alone official reports. it some time to kind of markedly short time to wrap up its defense just under 4 hours it argued that the proceedings were unconstitutional were rushed and were driven by a hatred of donald trump this impeachment is completely divorced from the facts the
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evidence and the interests of the american people the senate should promptly and decisively vote to reject it far from promoting insurrection against the united states the president's remarks explicitly encourage those in attendance to exercise their rights peacefully and patriotically if you don't fight like hell you're not going to have a country anymore this is ordinary political rhetoric you have to get your people to fight and if they don't fight we have to primary the hell out of the ones that don't fight hatred is at the heart of the house managers frivolous attempts to blame donald trump for the criminal acts of the rioters based on double here stay for hearsay statements of fringe right wing groups based on no real evidence other than rank speculation hatred is
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a dangerous thing they have not and can not prove mr trump explicitly or implicitly encourage the capital the and we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women make no mistake and i will repeat it now and any time i'm ever asked january 6th was a terrible day for our country the attack on this building shocked us all. president trump did not incite or caused the horrific violence that occurred on january 6th 2021 the senate then moved to a question and answer session it was combative it was fractious and it allowed both sides to repeat well worn lines this is an article of impeachment for incitement
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this is not an article of impeachment for anything else so one count they could have charged anything they wanted this process is so on constitutional because it violates due process i'm ready to get into the jurisdiction part. the due process part should be enough to give anybody who loves our constitution and loves our country great pause to do anything but acquit donald trump at no point was the president informed rush through this impeachment in 7 days we don't come here in anger contrary to what you've heard today we come here in the spirit of protecting our republic and that's what it's all about. there was a moment of unity at the end of the day when both sides agreed to present the congressional gold medal to capitol hill officer who led the rioters away from the senate chamber eugene goodman actions probably saved lives that day the senate will
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meet on saturday there is the possibility they could call witnesses but really we're looking at moving towards a vote on the acquittal of donald trump and the u.s. government will remove yemen's who the rebels and its terrorist blacklist on tuesday president joe biden the united nations and aid groups said the designation would worsen an already catastrophic humanitarian crisis but the shift in policy comes with a warning as consulate has had a un reports. but. the u.s. state department says yemen's who thier bibles will be taken off its list of terror groups it's a move that could reflect a shift mood comes with a warning after the who these admitted they attacked a saudi airport on wednesday the u.s. says if the violence continues sanctions will follow if the who the leadership is under any illusion that the intent to revoke this designation suggests that we're going to let up the pressure on them they are sorely mistaken the who these however
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are defending their actions what to know how but even by war is legitimate because it is based on the right for self-defense when saudi and the u.a.e. stop their war on yemen we will stop immediately and without the need for any dialogue or political solutions in the past we stopped attacking saudi arabia hoping that it can change its policies and stop its aggression we have in the past introduced many concessions therefore we emphasize once again that we are not waiting for a change of heart inside the american administration or inside the saudi or your leadership. the war in yemen has led to a humanitarian crisis leaving millions of people on the brink of starvation more than 80 percent of the population lives in areas controlled by who thinks many fear keeping the group on the terror list or f t o would make the crisis worse as it limits the access of aid workers with f t o designation in place those aid workers ace handled the jail time and you know it just really shuts down the international humanitarian assistance. the war
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between who the rebels and yemen is internationally recognized government is widely seen as a proxy conflict between saudi arabia and iran and now taking the coup thieves off the u.s. terror list could have wider political implications i think it's going to possibly upset the saudi u.a.e. led coalition and that same token it's going to help cool temperatures in yemen and possibly will temperatures tween the u.s. and iran while the war appears to be far from over people in yemen hope new policies will eventually lead to more concessions and peace agreements. up a civilian al-jazeera. well mom about the reaction from the yemeni capital sana'a. latest decision by the us new administration has brought some kind of joy and hope among the emmy society. from the whole point of view the
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siniora houthi of fishel. he says that this is a positive vibe the new administration he hopes also that the new administration could do or follow up more decisions or resolutions in order to lift what he described the blockade imposed on the country and also to put an end to the current war the decision has been also applauded by a number of observers according to the united nations it says that over 19000000 yemenis have become in the brink of famine it has also outlined another gloomy picture. that. during 2021 more than 1000300 women pregnant or breastfeeding women could die. more serious action is not taken in order to. provide them with the required the misses and the
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sas re aids the more people hoping that the new administration's could do something serious as well and so the to the war that has brought more people to the brink of famine as we mentioned earlier also to prevent father more. situation in the war torn country for you an agency at least 400000 yemeni children aged under 5 could starve to death this year without help so the man attrition has worsen the coronavirus pandemic has compounded the impact of the war many agencies are closing are being scaled back because they don't have enough money. protesters out on the streets in myanmar for the 8th consecutive day 6 6. they want the generals to release deposed leader unsung suchi who is under arrest police have increased efforts to crack down on the gatherings which they say
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violate code with 19 of structure and security forces in the rest of protesters in overnight raids the u.n. human rights council has adopted a resolution calling for sue cheez release the text was watered down to get russian support but china still didn't back it the resolution also condemned the use of force against protesters and called on security forces to use restraint. for a u.n. envoy says international sanctions are making venezuela's humanitarian crisis worse un special rapporteur oh and then to do one has been in the country for the last 12 days she's urging the u.s. u.k. on portugal to give the government in caracas access to friends and funds a lot of america at its embassy in yemen sent this report. it's no secret that the news well is experiencing a worsening humanitarian catastrophe every day more venezuelans join the more than $5000000.00 who've already fled the country the majority to other parts of latin
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america the u.n. high commission for human rights has consistently accused president nicolas maduro of overseeing grave rights violations but a un special rapporteur tour has issued a new damning report arguing that international sanctions are also responsible for making venezuelans lives a misery you know it all sanctions increasingly imposed by the united states the european union and other countries have access or be to the above mentioned challenges. the special report to us says economic and financial sanctions imposed especially by the united states since 2015 have had a devastating impact on access to polluted medicines fuel water and electricity but the report also recognised that the economy began shrinking earlier in 2014 when oil prices plummeted spurred by mismanagement corruption and price controls the government revenue was reported to shrink by 99 percent with the country currently
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living on only one percent of its priest sanctions income the special report to us says that unilateral sanctions against the oil gold mining sectors and the state owned airline constitute a violation of international law only not enough thought out today the u.n. special repertory has called on the united states in the. to you to review and lift the sanctions against venezuela because they have exacerbated a gigantic humanitarian crisis again step people but opponents who urge the international community to strengthen sanctions to force south what many regard as a dictatorship insists that madonna has only himself to blame. since 2016 we warned that there was a humanitarian emergency under way in venezuela which the dictatorship denied over and over until we reached a catastrophe hospitals have no goals no alcohol no oxygen in many cases whoever is
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to blame the new u.s. administration has indicated it won't significantly essential unless the move is accompanied by equally significant political change in venezuela you see in human al-jazeera. time for short break here al-jazeera when we come back the international criminal court finally chooses a new lead prosecutor often long drawn out process and community patrols are set up in some u.s. cities after a rise in violent attacks against asian americans more on that stings. hello there the weather is slushy set fair across the middle east at the moment but some places of hazy sunshine release a little bit of cloud up towards the caucasus want to see showers coming into georgia maybe a shower or 2 into armenia but the main weather action will actually be spilling
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across the i and c. greece and turkey saying some very wet weather as we go on through the weekend by the end of the weekend could see some very heavy snowfall over the great mountains maybe a meter of snow in one of 2 spots here across see patients out of africa is generally settled there around the horn of africa and the me picking up the showers across southern areas of kenya pushing across into uganda the be one of 2 showers 2 coming in to where tanzania but by far the wettest weather is going to be through the mozambique channel you can see this clutch of storms quite a nasty little development coming in here i could develop into a tropical system as we go on through the next day or so trouble still certainly a possibility set in a korean fall amounts that would justify that that wet weather could bring some localized flooding into the western side of madagascar heavy showers an onshore breeze just pushing some big downpours into that eastern side of south africa and by the end of the weekend it could well cause wise but flooding the many.
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uh it's one of the most recognized sites around the world thing for support from far and white but for the families back home it's more than just a football club and you want to tell policy it should be left out of football you know football isn't about politics and. the passion and the politics of liverpool f.c. the defiant joint. part of the fans who make football series on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the 4th day of donald trump's 2nd pietschmann trial has concluded his defense team argued the trial is unconstitutional and that evidence against the former president had been manipulated from present used in inciting a deadly riot on capitol hill last month. the u.s. revoked the terror of designation of yemen's $23.00 rebels president joe biden the u.n. and aid groups all feel the listing would make yemen's humanitarian crisis even worse by preventing a deliveries to areas controlled by the rebels. and antic who protesters are out on the streets in myanmar for the 8th consecutive day they want the generals to release deposed leader on sense and she was under arrest friday saw the biggest demonstration against the june to since the coup on february 1st al-jazeera scott joins us live now from the thai capital bangkok scott so another day of protests in myanmar and the demonstration seems to be gaining traction what's been happening
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there. yes it has there and we're looking at what would probably be another big day large turnout like we saw on friday today on saturday shaping up in that direction people on the ground telling me right now they're gathering in the spot some of the spots that they have been over the last several days there's a part large intersection right near the university of yangon where they've been gathering that's usually kind of the 1st spot every day every morning maybe about 101030 local time in myanmar they'll start to gather we saw that again today number swelling we also know that they're going to be going to the chinese embassy this is a location they've picked over the last several days today might have a little bit more emphasis because of the u.n. human rights council meeting yesterday were china's said and this is kind of an idea that's been floated before by the chinese government they say that the situation the coup and the civil disobedience campaign that's going on now in is an internal issue so that of course does not sit well with the protesters so they're
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going out in front of the chinese embassy again today as well and what people are telling me is it appears at least with the chatter and what we saw yesterday going into today saturday that this will probably be another big day possibly even bigger than it was on friday and scott the protesters are calling for the immediate release of. any more details emerging about and her aides are also under arrest. the really hasn't been much word coming out you know you have about 350 at least 350 people who have been detained since the coup on february 1st and yet nothing from obviously in that 1st round of detentions it was on top government a government democratically elected government officials leaders they were taken on the 1st of those 1st hours of the coup and then since then we've seen more detentions almost every night 2 of the very top aides were taken after the coup
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several days after the coup and then one just earlier this week and then we know now too that these nighttime detentions round ups are being expanded not just government officials not just those who are in the party but those who are helping to organize these protests we're hearing but also doctors who have involve themselves in the protest movement so they're kind of casting a wider net police and security forces when they do these round ups at night so obviously it's proving to be. a knock on effect with those who are participating in the protests they're worried about further detentions and i guess i would imagine that's what the military is trying to do to kind of fear in the people who are coming out but as we're seeing today as we saw yesterday it's not stopping them. to life in the thai capital bangkok scott thank you russian opposition politician alexina valley has been back in coach on with insulting a world war 2 veteran. president vladimir putin accuse the judge of helping
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prosecution witnesses he also told her to improve her knowledge of russian lul he was jailed last week of violating parole conditions when he threw to germany to treatment after being poisoned with a nerve agent. i am very disappointed and i want to point out your behavior once again every time that witnesses the prosecution failed to my questions you interrupt the process and let the witnesses leave the room and have a chance to get advice from other people on how to answer the question. russia's foreign minister has threatened to break up ties with the european union tensions between the e.u. and russia have been building ever since he was poisoned so as accuse the e.u. and other western powers of blocking mutual respect in conversations with moscow. all the problems between us and the european union started a very long time ago and they have been essentially wearing as have patience and goodwill. the u.k.
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supreme court is allowing nigerian fishermen and farmers to sue the oil giant shell in english courts lawyers representing tens of thousands of nigerians say oil leaks in the niger delta have contaminated their land and water the judges say shell has a duty of care despite the multinational company arguing the court didn't have jurisdiction 2 weeks ago a separate trudi ordered show to compensate nigerian farmers of oil pipeline leaks . now pakistan is one of the world's top 10 sugar producing countries but this year it's seeing a shortage of refined white sugar the government's now soft and tax free imposed trying to improve the situation kamal hyder has more now from pasha. also focused on it the 5th largest producer of sugar cane the country is confronted with a sugar criseyde the prices of white sugar has been skyrocketing and that means i did it under 4 divided by more people across pakistan and that of course has political ramifications israel called up august on dedekind sa government led by
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imran khan before that they may involve not being able to control the prices of essential commodities but the government is now moving to him for children are tax free and ordered to contain and mitigate the crisis and also to be able to attend that signal through their sugar mafia and a card dead the makita made to make up prices comparison to the sugar price has skyrocketed due to the wrong policies of this government supporting the sugar mafias however to cross buckets on and or to lead the farmers are also busy producing brown sugar winter season and also harvest season it's good they make more money by crushing their own children again and then making sure that your government because it does not pay for the extra costs involved in transportation and labor then happy to produce brown sugar because this dated beneficial forehand
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and is now finding an increasing market within the country people's habits are also changing out the idea of take your point your go have become quite evident within days and the number of diabetic patients and the number of heart ailments people now see brown sugar as a substitute for the white boys and local farmers said they did a more profitable to produce brown sugar because they owned. 7 percent more money. whatever that is going to be playing with though we are trying our best to produce jaggery which has health benefits the government stepping us from producing it instead it's providing our sugarcane to the sugar industry which mr government is behind the mafia and the poor are suffering with high prices the government also had a portent here to export up 210-0000 tonnes of brown sugar annually that of course related to foreign exchange earnings but the country will have to come to dinner at
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this price because it gave up their draw as a major sugar gain. and had up or down just to produce more sugar in order to bring down the price paid by british human rights lawyer has been elected as the new chief prosecutor for the international criminal court karim kahlil said the 9 year term once he takes over the post from the 2 bensouda in june diplomatic editor james bays was following the voting from un headquarters in new york. this was a long drawn out process argentina. australia for the 1st time since the international criminal court started work almost 2 decades ago the $123.00 countries that are part of the court elected the new chief prosecutor recounted it couldn't be agreed by consensus having received the highest number of votes after 2 rounds of voting there was a victor mr karim khan of the united kingdom has been elected prosecutor of the
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international criminal court for a period of 9 years cream cone is the 3rd person to take on this important role that always proves to be controversial. he is an experienced prosecutor who currently heads unit tab the u.n. unit based in baghdad that is charged with collecting the evidence of crimes carried out by eisel although this is an independent legal position everything about the international criminal court ends up being politically charged a number of his early decisions a bound to be controversial whichever course he takes. the court recently decided that its jurisdiction extends to the palestinian territories this is enraged israel because the current chief prosecutor for 2 bensouda has said she believes both the israeli military and palestinian groups a possible perpetrators of war crimes has been sued or also launched investigations
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into crimes in afghanistan the u.s. is not a signatory to the court and the idea that u.s. troops could be charged so enraged the trumpet ministration because the i.c.c. continues to target americans that issued travel bans on senior i.c.c. officials including misspend sudha prohibiting her from coming to the u.s. james bays out 0 at the united nations now it's supposed to be a time of lunar new year celebrations for asian communities around the world attacks are rising against asian americans it's a particular problem on the u.s. west coast a warning some may find images and rob reynolds report disturbing the videos are shocking. in san francisco a man attacks 84 year old vito rock tonopah d. injuring him so badly he later died in oakland's historically chinese neighborhood a 91 year old man is violently pushed to the ground smashing his head on the curb
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and causing serious injuries surveillance video in an oakland chinatown shop shows an assailant waiting till an elderly woman takes out money then tries to violently rob her before racing off researchers see an uptick in crimes against asian americans we don't know if there are racially motivated or not and so we're not calling about a crimes because we have no clear racial bias and tent. we do know that american idol we have targeted in our data i'm asian american are we are disproportionately represented and that's why it's so horrific among asian communities a wave of attacks has turned what should be a time of celebration the lunar new year and dawning of the year of the ox into a season of fear instead we think it can meet and many seniors who lead inside
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chinatown they are also afraid it will on their own streets in the too violent attack seen here police have arrested suspects and charged them with crimes we've increased our routine patrols and our chinatown area community members are coming out and walking and be a more visible in our chinatown areas in san francisco community members have started a sidewalk patrol group what we want to do is to make our older they feel safe you know there are a lot are out and about right now to a degree because of the chinese new year and when a new year and we just wanted to feel safe activists say the assaults reflect a bigger problem in us society it's part of the again deep rooted systemic racism in america. see some people as dog and others as outsiders and right now are cast as perpetual farmers and rats researchers at san francisco state university recorded 2800 racist incidents involving asian
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americans last year ranging from verbal abuse and spitting to physical assault rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. now as you can imagine it's been a hectic few days for our journalists in washington white house correspondent kimberly hulk it had a very busy friday she started by doing live interviews on day 4 of trump's impeachment trial and was then assigned to cover the change in u.s. policy on the 2 theories but in between she got a well deserved coffee break courtesy of the u.s. commander in chief. i'll bring that down it's next friday they come back with. us and i apologize here i did i did. i didn't even have the guts to come on like i promise you i'm going to get in trouble i don't know man i think you have to worry i did have a vote thank you i appreciate it ok. time
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for a quick check of the headlines here on the al-jazeera of the 4th day of donald trump 2nd impeachment trial has concluded his lawyers wrapped up their defense going the trial is unconstitutional on the evidence against trump was manipulated he's accused of inciting the riot on capitol hill last month in which 5 people died both sides face questions from senators for this unprecedented effort is not about democrats opposing political violence is about democrats trying to disqualify their political opposition it is constitutional cancel culture history will will will record this shameful effort as a deliberate attempt by the damage.


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