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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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those people who see every 2 years something to invest a profit of the $1.00. to the last drop on al-jazeera. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life also coming up in the next 60 minutes. gunfire on the streets of mandalay bay and miles below tree deploys tanks and troops to crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. also turkey summons the u.s. ambassador to ankara accusing washington of supporting kurdish fighters. and jacob
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zuma is in trouble again a corruption inquiry wants the former south african president jailed for not turning up for a hearing also. paul brennan at london's heathrow airport where the government's new hotel quarantine policy is already drawing criticism from passengers scientists and politicians. in india after a 22 year old climate activist is a arrested for editing and sharing a social media guide to support protesting farmers. and i'm piece of all the day's sport 20 time grand slam champion the rafa. has won his way into the australian open quarter finals better more coming up later this news hour. welcome to the news hour we begin in myanmar where the military has intensified its . crackdown on protesters who want the generals to give up power local media are
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reporting soldiers opened fire on protesters in mandalay that's me and 2nd largest city the coup leaders have warned demonstrators dissent against them could lead to 20 years in prison and for the 1st time since the coup the military has deployed tanks and soldiers deposed leader and son suchi is to spend more days under house arrest after her detention was extended in a moment we'll speak to al-jazeera is davitt a pilot in hong kong but 1st here's scott hyla with this report. there were soldiers and armored vehicles on the streets another tense night in myanmar but despite the security patrols in an internet blackout protesters gathered for a 10th straight day one group of the civil disobedience movement for short stood in front of the central bank in yangon and continued with their calls for the military government to step down and the country's democratically elected leaders to be
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released we are protesting peacefully without weapons and with no intention of violence to call for c.d.'s and fight for the freedom of government. this is the military judge to issued a statement on its facebook page outlining the possible punishments for protesters saying any act spoken or written that expresses or incite hatred of the government could lead to 20 years in prison. people gathered outside a court in the capital ne for door hoping that deposed civilian leader on song suchi would be released on monday those hopes soon dashed. according to the remand which was set today is the last day of the remand period but from the discussions with the district justice to remand period is now until the 17th not today. suchi was one of the 1st to be detained in the early hours of the coup 2 weeks ago she's been charged with illegally importing 6 walkie talkie radios. according to a monitoring group more than 400 people have now been detained since the february
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1st 2. there's a vast range of people within that group and that's of real concern for 23 year old a fortune teller charlotte a fellow young gun fortune teller was arrested a few days ago after a video of him praying for the military to fail went viral i'm not sure about gaza since the dictators they can make up whatever laws they like to oppress us we astrologers are like bullets in their hands if you squeeze me a dead if they let us fly be a free this is the nature of dictatorship and it's not just happening to us it's everyone. and that's probably why protesters are coming out in strength the ruling national league for democracy n l d party won by a landslide in last november's election and was extremely popular most see this move by the military as another if occasion of their vote and their voice scott heiler al-jazeera let's cross over to divvy it up holland who's monitoring events for us from hong kong and what more are we hearing about the firing. that's
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being ongoing for the last few hours and obviously it's part of a very turbulent day overall. that's right from what we understand in local reports on the ground about a 1000 people have been protesting or demonstrating peacefully outside the commercial bank and not long after about 10 trucks came but spill east and security forces and they started firing rubber bullets and using slingshots to try and disperse the protesters our sources also tell us that journalists were threatened to have been trying had been trying to report on the incident and some journalists had even been beaten but there was also action in other parts of the country in yangon which is the largest city in the me and mar where the much of the protest movement in the focus had been people still gather but not necessarily in the large
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numbers we have seen in recent days one of the reasons could be though that there is a large military presence on the ground with armored trucks and tanks people still turned out shouting out those trucks and tanks drivers honking their horns in disapproval but there is much concern that the situation could escalate now given that many of the troops that are being seen on the ground are farm a particular unit known for their brutality against the minority and protest in the past meanwhile there is also a worry night falls here on mars now under curfew many of the protesters have returned home but that doesn't mean that they are safe in any way particularly due to the changes in the laws over the weekend which now allows the security forces and the police to make arrests and go search people's houses and take them away without a court order for the update thanks very much to be good holland for us the correspondent
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in hong kong let's cross over to call when he's the director of the human rights network in the united kingdom joins me now from london via skype mr wynn thank you for your time i mean curfews and arrests that night the military strategy seems to suggest sort of stamping out all potential dissent is it really that simple. hi thanks for having me today yes the situation is now go back to when the military rules you know when previous years before the previous decade there reading you can read anywhere anyhow there's the game you don't search anyhow without anyone so i mean people so now a lot of fear fear is increasing among the population that the military could very very soon in coming days are going to you know speed step step up you know more violent crackdown among the protesters and also they're chasing in the air resting more people you know on the their homes and receive them and on the streets i did
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we're getting news that as many as 400 have been arrested so far that's raising an alarm bells for the international community is raising alarm bells enough should the international community be doing more saying more acting more. actually the arrest is a reputable increasing every day via arresting across burma have hundreds of people and the people or local people that came up to the street to protect these people in but the thing is you know important thing is indonesian community need to put more pressure because these military general would rest on their heavy pressure from their subordinates their other generals they are from fear they fear that their future their future will be in danger because the associated image in a present in a never very very dangerous crime in a country that they are committing now so dimension of community need to put more
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pressure more isolated there's military illegal military you know the generals and there are new government officers and their step down that you know head down their communication with them and put more pressure if that's the case when what we are seeing certainly on the 1000000 mom front is the fact that the protest movement seems to be unlike anything the country has seen before so one wonders where the the social and civil disobedience continues what traction and what direction it goes into if it is going to be continually school we used by the military in the coming days and weeks what do you think and how do you think they're going to react . you know this is the very let me explain you that the more people create more pressure more that if disobedience increase the military will respond with more violence and if the international community put pressure could stop this violence
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so the pressure from the public will increase and increase at the end the government will shut down and they were not able to operate today you see them of because of the banks start government back employees the stock going to their ship the job so they really get to the quarters where they live and the local people came out to protect them for their defeat that means what they have done is they withdraw all the care from the bank and they took some and nonbelief means the government spending system of that going to shut down very soon or what is the position of the courts because they face a very difficult position they are straddling the needs of their you might say military overlords versus a form of democracy that the country has been experiencing for several years now. i'm not there but that they are they are they are for still to be reckoned with and with the military recognize any edicts or jude occasions from any lower or supreme court you know in according to the 2 dogs it got attrition but the military is
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above the law so they never recognized a civilian civil court and that is that there is a big issue with that you know that it got to jewish and that's why we are asking to abolish just this undemocratic that you should call when it's interesting to hear your thoughts and thank you very much for your time in joining us here on our show sara thank you. turkey has summoned the american ambassador in ankara to explain washington's response to the killing of 13 turkish soldiers in iraq and their bodies were found in a cave in northern iraq recep tayyip erdogan the president described the u.s. statement condemning the killing as a joke and he called on the u.s. to either stand with turkey or against it. us jetting was in because. if we are together with you in nato and if we are to continue our unity in the world and in nato the new x. and sealy towards us then you will stand with us not with the terrorists welcome to
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hell it is live for us in washington d.c. but 1st let's cross over to sit in pursuit of live in istanbul for us and sit in really the turkish government have been delivering constructive and soft messages towards the new u.s. administration but today's events have taken you might say a complete 180 turn. well this apparently it seems so actually presents are dawnstar statements came off to a statement that was released from united states condemning the killing as you have said the review this statement from washington it says the u.s. the floors the death of turkish citizens in the kurdish region of iraq we stand with our nato ally. turkey and extend our condolences to their families if reports of the death of turkish civilians at the hands of the p.k. k. a designated terrorist organization are confirmed we condemn this action in strongest possible terms so prisons are no was actually imad about the word if
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because apparently it seems washington doesn't isn't convinced that the those those turkish citizens who have who were abducted long ago were killed by the p.k. cave also the p.k. k. sources yesterday some of them claim that the turkish military actually bombed the . bomb the villages places where the abducted people were kept and those turkish citizens were killed there but now the turkish government is accusing the p.k. k. of their killing and now on korea is very upset because uncle wants to know whether they are alive for 70 years and the nature ally is standing with turkey or with an armed group which is also those of native as a terrorist group by the e.u. and the united states so apparently ankara wants united states to pick a side either turkey or an armed group which is a key
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a key partner for the united states in the fight against eisel in syria and iraq sitting because it sounds very much for you to let's cross over to complete how good our white house correspondent in washington d.c. it seems could be the gauntlet has been thrown i mean u.s. turkey relations have been rather frosty during the trump era and 100 assume that that might change now that there's a new occupant in the oval office. well those that might be optimistic that there will be some change may be disappointed and you only have to look at not just the latest statement from the united states but statements it's made with regard to turkey last week and even from joe biden on the campaign trail now it's true that the united states is condemning the deaths of the hostages in the strongest possible terms again if in fact that they died at the hands of the p.k. k. but that has not been conclusive in the eyes of the united states and so the united
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states still awaits that now in terms of air to one's latest comments the united states has not responded to those directly or the summoning of the u.s. ambassador it is a federal holiday here in the united states so we may not get that response for another 24 hours but i can tell you as we've already highlighted that the relationship with turkey is a delicate one and it's not just because the united states relied so heavily on the kurdish fighters in its battle against eisel but also because there are some concerns about where turkey's loyalties lie given the fact that it purchased the russian air defense system that is not compatible with nato there are some concerns about its loyalties with respect to nato as well in terms of its commitments and there are also concerns that that turkey in fact is with respect to democracy and freedoms that there have been some crackdowns that the united states
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is wary about to fact we know that joe biden called heir to one and autocrat on the campaign trail and vowed to in fact toughen his stance so well turkey is pointing the finger at the united states with respect to its loyalties to the relationship and commitments to nato i would think would be safe to say that in fact the united states is doing the same with regard to turkey will look forward to seeing what happens of that coming out at the moment to keep the health of our white house correspondent thank you. well still ahead here. the vaccination campaign against coronavirus in lebanon has begun but experts warn a patchwork response will keep the country stuck in tragedy there reporting from beirut. why the world health organization says it's better prepared to tackle and break it giddy this time around also in support india's cricketers build a huge lead against england in the 2nd test.
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passengers arriving in the united kingdom from 33 so-called high risk countries will have to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days the government says it's to help prevent the spread of highly contagious and there were over 90 but the policy which came into force on monday has attracted criticism let's cross over to paul brennan our correspondent who is at london's heathrow airport to tell us more i mean a new quarantine protocol begins but there are indeed are challenges ahead for the authorities at all levels that are sort of trying to implement it. yeah the 1st day so far has gone relatively smoothly but i think that's largely down to the relatively low numbers of passengers who are actually falling subject to these hotel quarantine orders at this stage i mean you look back to just the tail end of last week and the queues at passport control here at london heathrow
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airport were at excess of 4 hours as a result of the additional what they call transaction time between the border offices on the arriving passengers and the concerns about arrivals who had been in many of those 33 red list countries mixing with people who have nots potentially cross contaminating cross infecting those people now i spoke with heathrow this afternoon they say the currently the queues are around about an hour it's not great but it's pretty bad and that they have got separate lanes for people who are declaring us from those 'd 33 red list come trees that said though there is still significant kristen criticism and questions about the way this hotel is being implemented about the relative lack of details about the way it's perhaps not as strict as other parts of the world and also about the length of time it's taken the u.k. government to actually introduce it. in aviation terms the u.k.'s
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hotel quarantine plan has been on final approach finale 3 weeks now and it was 1st announced back in mid january 10 days and 11 nights of enforced hotel quarantine now wait anyone who has passed through one of the $33.00 countries on the government's red list but london's heathrow airport said it's had yet to receive what it calls necessary reassurances an airport spokesman warned of significant gaps in the implementation of the plan and the union representing some of the security staff is equally concerned about the transfer process from airport to hotel workers not quite well p.p. you're going to be a banker very well. what are. they going on why don't they you know how they how now you have to bear in mind the problem and then not incur. the u.k. government says it's hotel quarantine plan amounts to decisive action against curve
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at 19 but even as the 1st arriving passengers go into enforced confinement there is strong criticism of the way the policy is being operated under enforced. inbound passengers need to show a negative test just to board an aircraft and pre-book to further tests for the days after arrival lying on a passenger locator for now carries a 10 year prison sentence ministers to spent the past week talking up the plan we have among the toughest border regimes anywhere in the world but doubts persist australian states introduced hotel quarantine in march 2020 and they've learned tough lessons since then procedures on meal delivery times ventilation staff testing and protective masks have all evolved significantly yet the state of victoria is now back on the lockdown after an outbreak of the virus spread within this quarantine hotel australian infection experts say the u.k. needs to be ultra cautious i'm nervous about what i know about the cases it's good
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to know that smokers will not be allowed to leave their rooms but there's still about to leave the rooms we learned very much the hard way that that just doesn't work the government says its policies are based on best practice that may not be good enough. so you can hear there from that scientists from australia that the details really really matter you know things like ventilation staggering meal times that all those things are necessary not just optional and the other thing is that here in the u.k. there are different countries scotland wales northern ireland england and policy is not consistent across all of them scotland for example if you arrive in the free ports in scotland you will have to go into hotel quarantine regardless of where it is you come from unlike england where it's the 33 red list countries now the scottish say that they may even introduce border control to prevent people coming
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from england into scotland it's always reverse engineering behavior and hadrian's wall you can see that there is dispute over this well intentioned plan and the big question is whether it can really be effective. paul ryan hall reporter though he through a whole thanks very much liberals nationwide covert 19 banks nation program is underway bringing with it a sense of hope for the crisis hit country but with vaccine hesitancy running high and uncertainty of the supply for michael and so it's feared immunization could take a long time zain a quarter reports from the capital. and you know it's a start to end the coronavirus pandemic but the battle is far from over the elderly and health care workers have been on the front lines of this fight i the 1st in line to get the vaccine lebanon has seen some of the region's highest cases and deaths and now in turn you do almost everybody every person has a family member or a relative what a friend because a coil of it might better have
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a quote of it but don't. know i think you would think god but we feel it now and i would hope. but not everyone is convinced about the vaccines the public is showing hesitancy so far $500000.00 lebanese have signed up that's less than 10 percent of the population. and i won't take now because there are still a lot of question marks i will wait and see the lack of trust is also because of what many regard a corrupt system. and more of course i won't take it the fact the government is giving it to us for free means there will be a price to pay later. it seems the international community has little faith as well the world bank which is financing lebanon's purchase of vaccines will be monitoring the program to ensure a fair and transparent distribution the world bank didn't mince its words saying there will be no that's arabic meaning you won't be able to use your connections to skip the line it's a common practice in lebanon where politicians have long been accused of favoritism
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. they're also blamed for failing to secure enough doses to inoculate 80 percent of the population by here and the state is nearly bankrupt within probably inviting the public or the philanthropic sect that is of the public too but it's a bait to ensure the 40 of the 40 percent more don't need it but that presumes the private sector secures vaccines in a competitive market the government is also trying to get funds to vaccinate the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers lebanon is home to more than a 1000000 and a half syrian and palestinian refugees. on
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an off lock downs have led to economic devastation and death experts warn a patchwork response in the vaccination campaign as well would keep lebanon stuck in tragedy jennifer their beirut. new zealand's capital clint has begun a 3 day lockdown after 3 members of one family tested positive for covert 19 schools and non-essential businesses have been closed new zealand had gone 6 months without community transmission of the virus meanwhile the country has received it says batch of covert 900 vaccines 60000 doses of the fires a biotech jobs will be offered to work is handling a rival starting on saturday new zealand has also signed agreements with other pharmaceutical companies including astra zeneca to buy millions more texas. australia has also received its 1st covert shipment it is due to begin its program next monday the delivery glutes 142000 doses of the fires of banksy people that
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great is risk of becoming infected will get the job 1st over to west africa now where break it getting it has set off alarm bells of neighboring countries the world health organization is logical response to the 1st outbreak of the disease 5 years 7 people have tested positive and 3 have done it between 2030 even 2060 that least 11000 people died during an epidemic in west africa health officials of liberia and sierra leone are also on high alert because the deaths are in guinea and they were reported in another round a city very close to their shared border liberia was declared free from a bowler it 2050 nicholas at his life for us and 7 girls capital dhaka it does seem that the west african states are certainly talking to each other big about a bowler strategy but are they working together to combat the virus. well so i mean stopping the virus is contingent on all these countries working together
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and already we've seen certain countries take certain measures like sierra leone sealing off its borders liberia doing much the same and health workers across the region on high alert what no one wants to see is what we what we saw during the 20132016 outbreak where more than 22000 people were infected and it all started in this same place where we've seen a resurgence of the virus in the southwest region of guinea. where a nurse was suffering from diarrhea vomiting she went to a health center she sought treatment a week later she died and during her funeral several people that participated in that burial are now infected with the virus we know already 4 of them have died and that have been 15 days ago so time is of the essence are trying to track and trace those who have been in contact with the disease and also those that have been in
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contact with those that were attending this funeral each country doing its bit here in senegal we're just outside the institute where they're sequencing a sound full of a blood sample of the person that was infected with the bolo virus what they're trying to do so is actually trying to figure out what strain of a ball they are dealing with and trying to figure out whether the vaccine that has been developed will be effective in this resurgence of the virus in this and their career region for the moment there's only 7000 doses available while the alliance global alliance of vaccine is trying to step up its efforts to produce more with the aim of producing half a 1000000 doses by 2023 for the moment there's just 7000 of them and so the w.h.o. are treading carefully trying to figure out who is in contact who will get those vax vaccines obviously they want health workers. that are dealing with the outbreak
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to be dealing with this we know that m.s.f. has been mobilized in an m.s.f. team is expected to arrive and they're occurring in the days to come to try to. 3 to try to stamp out the outbreak in this region specifically so really all the governments for the moment trying to work together to try to stop this outbreak so for the update thanks very much nicholas hytner force and dr. well still ahead here at home the al-jazeera news our regional leaders arrive in chad for the g. 5 summit which the involvement of french troops is top of the agenda. from street parties to silence how brazilians are trying to fill the void left by the translation of the show's carnival. france go top of rugby 6 nations with victory of an island the best of action coming up after the break.
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at the moment with the quiet the winds drop down the sheer miles moralists appeared in the forecast for monday and more subtly picking up over the saudis arabia iran looking ok but you can see obviously it's not true in turkey. western turkey that knollys picking up and that's going to spin up a low in the eastern med which will unfortunately make pretty poor weather for the north and live out rain strong winds snow from lebanon northwards i think is quite likely but i may get to when saying that a whole lot will spread across both israel and through iraq with a bit of flash flooding quite possible in baghdad but that's wednesday we'll follow it on thursday tomorrow or leave it for that and jump sas to a potential development still in the straits madagascar that spin up of of cloud may well turn into a proper circulation of tropical depression i don't think
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a cycle but the effect is going to be pretty poor from the point of use strong winds and heavy rain it effects all this east and south south africa and most of mozambique but the center of circulation isn't in the puter isn't in beirut it's between the 2 so at worst on tuesday going to get a suddenly gale blowing up through maputo and potential for flood in central mozambique. it's america's worst kept secret cracked open the time of a pandemic exposed in the time of trump through the turmoil of 2020 the big picture traces a century of racial injustice to reveal how philanthropy politics and economics preserve structural inequality keep the white a supreme and black in its place the race for america part 2 on a jazeera.
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ok but what you have is there is news are with me as a whole rather mind of our top stories here miles military has opened fire as
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protesters gathered in the city of mandalay according to local media earlier on monday deposed leader and sun tzu cheesed attention was extended turkey has some of the american ambassador in ankara to explain washington's response to the killing of 13 turkish soldiers in iraq as a risk to i described statement as a joke. lebanon's vaccination program is underway the world bank helps fund the purchase of vaccines is struggling with a recent surge in cases it has a k. units a fall and there's a shortage of oxygen tanks this. former south african president jacob zuma could face a prison sentence after he failed to appear before the inquiry investigating corruption during his time in office a commission has been hearing allegations that the wealthy gupta family used its friendship with zuba to a government contracts and influence policy there should be no true leak of systems into got. these.
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there should be no rights whatsoever and. that's we should all be subject to this. where that i am the deputy chief justice. or i'm the chief justice so. i'm pleased. when the president of the country we should. structure. for me to miller has more from johannesburg. i mean the greatest significance of what's happened today is just how with reflects on the african national congress the governing party in south africa and how it views what the former president has done we do know that the top 6 leadership of the a.n.c. had planned to see the former president to compel him to appear at the commission but this really is symbolic of the divisions within that party and its fight
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against corruption if the former president says that his rights are being impeded on that he's being vilified that this is propaganda and there's a political agenda they also many people who sympathize with him and said that he does want to appear at the commission with well what is right at the same time he's not here to a summons which was issued by the commission and also previously the constitutional court had said he should appear at the commission and not doing that was undermining the law so we would have to wait to see what the constitutional court says next to to see whether or not zuma does continues to defy the commission as the commissioners under had said he is doing or if he maintains it is right not to appear. so the leaders of 5 countries in west africa a whole region are meeting in chant the g 5 summit comes as attacks by groups of increase in the region french president obama kroll is expected to join the
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conference by video france has deployed thousands of soldiers to back local troops but is preparing to reduce its presence in the region essential butler is in paris with more for us solve this but 1st let's cross over to address but city of lagos but of course the meeting really is all about whether the french will stay or go isn't it. exactly so and not just crossing concern in the region remember the presence of the french forces in hell in the 1st place was because of the inability of regional forces. hunters like the book in a fuss over their inability to deal with the violence about a decade ago that's why the french intervene and since then we've seen an increase in the number of attacks and even expansion of 10 of trees being targeted by these groups now we're hearing about a possible french withdrawal in the region and what is raising concern here is how
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these countries can deal with the situation in the aftermath of the french leaving remember the french forces 5100 of them in the south with. better intelligence gathering equipment and devices leaving the attitude that is totally controlled by these armed groups and then what you are hearing from regional forces is a chance is like lining to send in about 1000. men or other soldiers to deal to help deal with the situation we are hearing also although don't do not come from planning to send 1300. no 2 how fly the insurgents in the region remember most of these countries in the region cannot contribute more than 1015 percent of the armed forces because at least 2 of the countries or 3 of the countries have less than $15000.00 active duty
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personnel so the war here the concern here is that if the french leave in large numbers the region will suffer and what becomes of charge of itself until recently is what it was fighting book and i saw up in west africa region and then with drawing its forces to fight the insurgency in the cell could open its borders to possible attacks by these armed groups although it has succeeded in just placing most of them into nigeria cameroon and chad and the shia so the concern is that probably it's west. with these 10 trees may be open to attacks by these armed groups oil and address thanks very much and 4th thing has crossed over to france for the tashi but through a study by natasha i mean what does france have to consider if and when it starts to reduce its troops as pays all eyes that is old present my craw. well france never actually intended to become so entrenched in the silo france sent
6:39 pm
troops in 2013 to help the mylan government so then fight armed groups but those troops never left if you like since then there are now if in thousands of troops have been sent since we're now at about 5100 troops since 2039 although the french government say that they have had many wins against armed groups in the region particularly against the against al-qaeda in the islamic magreb killing many prominent leaders of france has also suffered some devastating losses some 55 a soldiers have been killed in combat now as that goes on it makes it very difficult indeed for france a lot more complicated because public opinion here in france is turning against france's involvement in the silane fact recent opinion poll said that more than half of french people were questioning why france was in the sile thought it would be better to withdraw because the cost in terms of human lives and economically is
6:40 pm
being seen as far too high now the french presence of matter what might cause argued until now that what happens in the style has an impact on europe because. instability in the syal affects libya and libya is seen as a stepping stone if you like to the e.u. a place through which are people in arms are trafficked and that is why i try to say that is very important to france continue to have a presence in the sile but of course as this so-called war if you like becomes seemingly unwinnable in the eyes of many people here in france it will become harder for the french government to keep its troops there it should be i should make the point though that the elisei has said that macro although he's going to discuss a reduction of troops with other g 5 leaders during this summit he's not actually expected to perhaps make such an announcement now we've been told by the least say that could come in the following weeks or months but i'm sure that so much will be
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a bit of a force in paris. demonstrators in india are calling for the release of a young activist who's been determined the qs of helping to write a protest guide or thought that r.v. helped to develop a toolkit used to spread awareness of widespread protests the guide to were shared online by environmental activist group the who's voice to support for the farmers they've been protesting for months now against government reforms of the agricultural sector. is the international human rights law an advocate at the supreme court of india joins me now via skype from new delhi good to have you with us on the program today it seems that dissent against the idiot government its policy or potential legislation will not be tolerated debate or peaceful demonstration will be deceived seditious how controversial is the term seditious in the legal fraternity and for the common person on the street. sedition.
6:42 pm
was elected by the british colonial government and it was used against me. when he was protesting against the colonial government it went up to the supreme court and altitude challenge and 5 judges of our court said that it was not merely spreading its affection against the government that it will be criminal that there must be born and of inflate want to live it and without that you can't even claim that something is seditious as a result while the constable on the street and while many government seeks to use the floor there are very few conviction that are 50 and when they go up to the supreme court the trouble of course the process that the punishment so now a number of accusations of addition have gone up the sort of cases against people who disagree with government have gone up dramatically since 2014 in terms of what
6:43 pm
the government came in and. and you know a lot of people believe that the law shouldn't just a top of a force that has a lot of emotive well because when you're trying to say that somebody is trying to do you think the indian state then that rather than somebody who has a particular view about. 3 agricultural bill in the in mortify our of that is very different and then you and the 1st thing who is speaking about those farm laws and the national and i think the tendency of them to say all well why don't we investigate this and let the states find out and then let the process continue and that's the front of it did announce a problem now is that it's i mean what do you think is going to happen she was transported from the southern city of by glorified correct. a question to delhi was not the right thing to do was that the constitutional thing to do should
6:44 pm
be the question did the shit city that she resides in a notice should be should have been sent to her asking her to join the investigation and. if she didn't join investigation if she was running away and if a number of losses was sent to her and of course then issued non-bailable warrant. or indeed if the police heard that there was you know there was not the chilling of the of questioning hold without arresting her that's when arrested perhaps should have happened but of course they're far should have been fired in the 1st place if meaning you know naming 'd a live young activist as accused because what even if the allegations of the police are taken at their higher. that they contributed to editing a google document that had some separatist involvement by it or rather that had some involvement from an organization that also holds separatist view there's.
6:45 pm
a lot of guilt by association and in this kind of distributed organizing many different louche loosely organized by often come together that may not share anything in common except for about one view indeed and that's a problem the government defines itself it isn't it in new delhi and that it's actually a very different battle really on the internet and on social media we've seen it's come head to head with with facebook with twitter where when anything you might say anti. government to india is is put. this is now a battle of wills a battle of be able to to voice your own opinion is it not in india or the fact that you know i mean i lived in india i worked with al-jazeera for 3 and a half years india is a very sensitive the government is very sensitive about any criticism it gets
6:46 pm
whether it's internal or external and that's a sensitivity that they haven't been able to work on i don't think for the last what 75 years. i think there are 2 issues here one is that. when we speak of twitter and facebook we've got to understand that there have been dual standards. with regard to facebook for example there was a significant expose by which it was sort of discovered that if you were a parole ruling party and there were particular lives particularly incitement to violence that facebook would not act to take down and very clear incitement of violence that was going viral that facebook did not act to take down after applying their mind to it and the policy had was fact of the result when this was when this became a huge issue. however when the when the speech is contrary and when the speech when there are critics of government we have seen
6:47 pm
a lot of heat on twitter too and you know including christopher rest of twitter stuff why in india. when they failed to limit accounts that was a legitimate journalistic helps not to speak neal's not inciting violence journalistic oh. now with regard to the 2nd issue i think is what you're got to international heat on with regard to human rights and international human rights and i think there are 2 issues here one is that. it's not about the farm laws now it's about free speech and it's about the right to assembly the right to protest peacefully and the rage to defend peacefully. and that is an international one rate article 19 quite apart from it being our very strong constitutional right of my country under article 1000 and the constitution of india now when such a thing gets international aid i think there is there are there are
6:48 pm
a couple of things to carry got to reports to carry and i'm i'm the 1st is that very briefly i'm just running out of time give us the right these are you know one of the right but at the same time you can't have developed countries using it as a stick to beat india that i think these 2 ideas have together i'm sorry to cut you off mr we are running out of time it's interesting to get your thoughts i hope we can come back to you once we know what happens to you and how this case actually comes to an end in whatever form or a cross india thank you very much for your time and thanks for joining us from new delhi. well still had held on to is there a huge crash on the final 800 kilometers of racing action from the daytona 500 coming up in sports.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
top of his pizza but you serve 20 time grand slam champion ref on the dollars bookies place the australian open quarter finals also through is women's number one ashley bought it joanna goes are off to wraps up the action from date in melbourne . it's been 11 years since rafa on the dow last won the title at melbourne park but the spaniard is getting close again in 2021 the world number 2 was rarely troubled by fabulous phonemic in what turned out to be a routine straight sets win. dow sets up a quarter final meeting with step tunnel since the past he was handed
6:51 pm
a walkover win after his opponent withdrew. but world number 2 knew tao is happy he got some time out on the court i was not able to practice the proper way for the last 19 days but yesterday i started again to increase the amount of work on the practice and today have been opposed in victoria with. some long pines so that helps for for the next match. russia's daniel medvedev stretched his winning streak to 18 matches with a straight sets win over mckenzie mcdonald the 4th seed set up an all russian quarter final against andre grouplove with whom he won the a.t.p. cup just 2 weeks ago. which means number one in top seed ash barty moved into the quarterfinals for a 3rd straight year after dismissing shelby rogers in straight sets the 24 year old to still in course to become the 1st australian woman to win this grand slam since 1978. 0 and
6:52 pm
a 10 year obviously it's exciting to be in another quarterfinal of a grand slam particularly here in australia and just i mean if we'd looked at the way they were preparing during our pre-season to have the start that we've had so far. really encouraging but certainly certainly not satisfied with where we're at the moment or why and keep trying to do the right things to progress as far as we can. but 6 feet alina especially in a crash house ukranian hadn't dropped a set in melbourne this year until she met well number 61 jessica happen to know the american reaching have 1st grand slam quarter final. question play can patch it jennifer brady john against roscoe dizzy. serina williams play some of the help in the quarter finals on tuesday tracing that elusive 24th grand slam which will equal the record held by margaret court so he has not one of them since 2017 but a coach is relaxed about it does she need that i don't think she needs that edition
6:53 pm
. i think she but i mean clearly she came back to tennis to win some of the grand slams that's for sure the goal. no she's not. obsessed with the 24 than most people who are in the tennis world but definitely she wants to win ransom's that's the only reason why she came back to tennis cricket now at india's batsmen have both a huge lead against england in the 2nd test after burning the visitors out cheaply on day 2 they racked up the runs to put themselves 481 ahead captain of iraq only here to 50 and robert champion ashwin made a century but he won a very tough pitching and are already 3 wickets down in their 2nd innings there are still $429.00 runs behind with 2 days left in the match so it's looking like an indian victory which would squeeze the series up at one apiece. formula one driver fernando alonso has left hospital 4 days after being hit by
6:54 pm
a car while riding his bicycle the spanish 2 time world champion had surgery to treat a fractured jaw sustained in the accident which happened near his home in switzerland 39 year old alonzo is said to make if one come back the season with the alpine team of the 2 years out of the sport pre-season testing starts in march now through one of motor sports most famous races the daytona 500 some very late drama mcdowell in . the run time. to even make go and off crash kyle busch. up to 500 miles of racing there was a massive accident on the final lap of the race with several cars going up in flames thankfully there were no serious injuries and this group of mechanics were cheering because they driver michael mcdowell in the yellow car managed to avoid the chaos and went on to cross the finish line 1st it's his 1st nascar cup series
6:55 pm
victory. michela shot from her certain american record by winning her 6th wool championship gold medal this is chairmanships are taking place immediately and on monday schifrin won the women's combine title she can add that to her collection of 4 slalom golds and another in super g. . the l.a. lakers had a night to forget in the n.b.a. despite some great moments like this one from their star le bron james the defending champions will well beaten by the denver nuggets 122 points to $105.00 nickel york each school the 6th triple double of the season and to make things worse for the lakers and penny davis limped off after re aggravating is a killie's injury said to have a scan on monday. the l.a. clippers were without 2 of their big names. paul george against the cleveland cavaliers but lou williams stepped up bonnie's 1st start of the season with 30
6:56 pm
points and provided 10 assists the clippers won by 17 it's now 7 straight defeats for the cavs. to the gulf and california and jordan speed's long wait for a p.g.a. tour victory goes on it by 2 shots heading into the final round of the table beach pro and chasing his 1st win since 2817 but he could only manage around of 70 and had to settle for a tie for 3rd place victory instead went to fellow american daniel berger and in some style holing a 30 foot eagle part of the last hole to win the tournament by 2 shots. i do feel like i'm under rated but that's ok with me i just think it puts a little chip on my shoulder which is totally fine i think. you know a lot of the guys that they give credit to deserve credit but i you know i've been . pretty consistent and accomplished a lot you know for the short amount of time that i've played out here on tour and you look at some of the other guys and what they've accomplished i'm kind of right
6:57 pm
in line with that so i just want to continue to get better i feel like my goal is always been to be the number one player in the world and you know some people will laugh at that and that's fine but that's something that every day i wake up and i strive for and i think he's n.h.l. the vegas golden knights have won the 1st of 4 straight meetings with the colorado avalanche just the one goal in this game could see of max pacioretty for vegas for the 1st game in 2 weeks for the avalanche. protocols. sports news again later but that's all for now so thanks very much peter. palestinian. who's known for his revolutionary verses against the israeli occupation has died at the age of 77 barghouti was boldly the palestinian city of ramallah before israel was created he was displaced from his homeland for 3 decades after the 967 arab israeli war the experience shaped much of his work he was
6:58 pm
depicted in his memoir i saw. the house there in user bodies on the side of the break to stay with us i'll be back shortly. frank assessments should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story. jumped into the story there is a lot going on in this and julia global community when i talk about the
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dreams part of the viewfinder asia series. an al-jazeera. banner. got bought on the street. and got to fire on the streets of but delay be about as military deploys tanks and troops to crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. obstacle robert you're watching observer live by headquarters here in doha also coming up turkish subjects the u.s. ambassador to ankara after accusing washington of supporting kurdish fighters. also jacob zuma is.


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