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russians must according to this government be kept away from any legal sanction. amnesty international says about 70 people who convicted on the so-called god in 2018 in 2019 the own tissue says he uses rap as a tool for transformation to move into the scrapped there were those among the youth era. this is all just a with these at the top stories protesters are back on the streets and me i'm off on the 11th day to voice their anger over this month's military coup the un special envoy is warning of severe consequences if the military steps up its crackdown on demonstrations scott has more from the thai capital bangkok one group we are hearing today that's going to go out specifically we don't know what location they're going to go to is a group of monks about 50 buddhist monks are going to go out in protest within
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yangon you know when we look at what's been happening over the last several days in yangon that's we've seen the biggest the biggest groups gather there a couple of pinpoint locations strategic locations embassies the united nations office and then yesterday monday we saw them go out in front of the the bank the central bank there in yangon and that's we saw a pretty heavy military presence so that's probably something we're going to see again repeated today the iraqi president condemned a series of rocket attacks in the northern city of bill calling it a dangerous escalation a shia group says it targeted a base for u.s. forces one foreign civilian contractor was killed several others were injured including a u.s. service member. u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has announced plans to form an independent commission to investigate last month's assault on capitol hill palosi says it would report on the facts and causes of the attack in which 5 people died several republicans have also
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voiced support for an independent investigation including senator lindsey graham. at least 60 people have died and 240 are missing in democratic republic of congo after a boat capsized that happened late on sunday on the congo river near lake. the government says the vessel was overloaded the world health organizations approved the oxford astra zeneca covert 1000 vaccine for emergency use the decision with a lot of lower and middle income nations to immunize their populations against the virus the palestinian authority says israel has blocked 2000 coronavirus vaccine doses arriving in the gaza strip the sputnik vaccines are intended for frontline medical workers the 1st injections were supposed to be given out on tuesday those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream we'll see in half an hour of why. should americans be thinking and doing right now it should
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be a bad idea they don't care about their work is all they care about is making money and it's not going to be left out of the calling for the bloated defense budget to be high the bottom line on u.s. politics and policies and they're affecting the world. i am can you came to the stream to be joined by me cash. and. cool ground baby and then my race family and cast a great. i am good thank you how you. very well you know i was seeing you talk about your memoir a long very stiff thing sensual media platteville and then you were excited in your actions what was making you actions before it's published date because you've
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got to tell you is plenty and as if i can. yeah a bunch of things over a given arm a fiction writer it's so hard to know. how things are going to be received but also i'm right or who is purcell from the page as much as i can and you know i really like to bleed on the page but with fiction you can always hide the fact that it's fiction and. with a memory you can't really hide and so i'm dealing with some really really basic things i'm doing recently retreats for and hard things to deal with and once you give us that comes out it doesn't belong to any more is to readers and. no going that skin them out and people are going to talk about it they're going to talk about you they can talk about your life and they're going to project things onto it that. you might not necessarily see unless it is quite
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overwhelming to do with you know no not the most like extroverted person in the world are just sort of say here my little and do my thing you know very like. so if it's out in. middle earth in cincinnati is unleashed in and now you're getting the feedback so it feels the publishing day like february 2021 so it's out right now so we are in a global pandemic we are posts prexy it away in a time when anteater anti-racism movement he's as is almost like reinvigorated it's got this new life into it and your memories sleep but somehow it dresses all of these all of these moments that we're in right now now still very present to me how does it feel to you that this time it kind of. jagged god.
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but i guess some much of what's in a very evergreen right. because owing it as a letter to my daughters about the way the world is and so much of the novel is a memoir is the in the round house find joy in times of difficulty when the world feel so bleak and i feel so sad and angry about it and. all those things i'm talking about whether it's racism whether it is the patriarchy whether it is climate catastrophe or mental health all great for any of these things as it just seems to be it ever agreement in how we are equal pandemic where we're thinking about ways in the ways in which regions of change the way we live and. is ultimately very how hopeful burke and yet you know there are lots of people with that and he weighs in with racism reading lists next to their bedside which i hope they're getting through those books be nice for people to hurry up and finish those
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books and join the antithesis of movements and. and. yes none of these things fair or prescient for me because i feel quite evergreen in a way. i am not going to be the only person who will be asking questions in chatting back and forth but let me cash we have a new cheve stream on right now people can jump into the comment section and when ever you want his writing and his work and we're going to start the questions were a writer who knows you know his luck and yes these questions have a nice. the soul of a broom reversal who become our go to for the realest is always to enjoy and most who love you shows remind me of so much of being a who joins you for school daily barbs and jokes about skin color and political careers and how difficult it was to traverse the species you can take your home
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because trying to have your own problems talk is hard you know to other in this life in your friendship groups and publishing who you diversity to so i guess my question is when you write about family there's sometimes a feeling of being over there also so do you expect to fall out there how do you deal with writing your life on the page now as a hold of what is a right. part air for master what an amazing writer is thank you a fun. one of one of the things that i. said to be able my family by many copies of this book but do not read this book. mostly because it said very little or about my grief or my mom and my mom's passing i don't think i'd say i say anything in there that i wouldn't say to anyone's face who haven't said it over the air. but it is very broad when it's like this
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and sorry dad there will be things in there that would lead to to make public but the thing about writing in this space is you have to write your truth you have to write from an emotional truth that is war memoir is and so much of that emotional truth gets wrapped up in perspective and what your perspective is at the time that you are experiencing the thing let you know are narrating years later and i've tried to be as truthful to that perspective as i can. elicit counting their fun. ariana just telling a p.g. oh it sounds so nice can't. well as a 2nd thing i as a as i as a sheriff each of you if you and your family thought was that 20 years ago. that was a 2nd. fun. a 5 foot
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question i got so. confused here he would have let him a couple of things that i was thinking about that you shared about your family a moments as as an immigrant family growing up in the u.k. there were some very distinctive gender roles and mom did some certain things your dad did certain things and not have an impact on your as you grew up and and you lost your mom from cancer and then your dad was the businessman but he wasn't just legal in terms of bedtime stories giving you candles or that sort of thing how does that impact you as a young man and then as an older man writing about it. yeah. i think i think i just didn't understand my dad when i was when i was younger i didn't understand that. came from was from a position of vulnerability was
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a stoicism but it was a position of vulnerability and actually my dad since my mom has passed his kind of he's very in touch with his feelings that he is constantly talking if it was and is constantly thinking about his place in the world and i really love that about him or not i don't but you know that the relationship i have with him now for anything in and sure it would have been sorry it would have been nice to have had that as a teenager. but you know that's just not the way the world war was and so you know . i can't go back and change things i think what it what i wanted to do in this book is. create a space for men for fathers for men of color. to show their vulnerable side to be vulnerable to be soft to be fallible to make mistakes to learn to listen to step back when we need it and you know because you know i'm far from
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faith none of us are perfect and i think often some you need someone to sort of start need someone to kind of create space for other people to kind of congregate around so i really hope that it makes more men think about their place in the world and also allowing their vulnerable realty to be more visible and good plain you some thoughts from a friend of the stranger also a writer as well and she wants to ask you this i really enjoyed the book am i loved all of. the quality of the rising and i love all the food mentions and the way food plays into our emotions and our families and our memories and my question is really about how to preserve joy i mean in the depth of grief and also just
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as a parent how you managed to kind of raise your girls with joy and also infuse your writing with joy even when things are difficult. i love may from a country to get a degree in usa which was a real treat for us because she's touched an amazing writer. and yet the main thing that's running through the book is how to. thinking about joy i think about boundlessness thinking about making sure the world feels limitless and expensive but at the same time my my kids are realistic about what to expect and you know there is a very hard thing to do. i have found that being present whether it is in or with my kids or in the writing is is the thing that's really helping me to find joy and also like not projecting my cynicism or my jadedness onto my children but instead being present in how they see the world and trying to explain the world as
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they see a rather than explain the world to them as a world where a person in their forty's my expectancy has been a really really big learning lesson for me because it's so easy to just of all too well the world is this way because. they give you an example of this my daughter wanted to know about the bristol bus boycott which was a big civil rights event in bristol where we live in the sixty's and. explained it was explained to her i realized that tell how replaces him was which is a strange thing to have to explain and when i explain to her what racism was her reaction was that stupid that doesn't make any sense to me and i majorly was what maybe people might be racist because and i had to stop myself from her hold on a minute you're being intellectually dishonest with her by trying to justify why someone might be racist in order to illustrate why racism exists actually we're in
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need to do is talk with our level and yes racism is incredibly stupid it's incredibly pathetic thing and that really has you know is a really big lesson yes yes it doesn't there's a little bit of help in your book there's actually a law in europe that we need to talk about brownness and skiing and i wouldn't chevys with our audience and this is where he took about brahms can show a little clip for everybody all a little accent is a consistent thing he said throughout your entire childhood was that you didn't want the taliban you took him back you know girl she doesn't let it come about it was too dark another time he told me it was dirty mrs lee told me he wished i was white. then i will be white he said why i have a plight i want to be like money he said before disappearing into another room as if that was that there was nothing more to say your kids it your heritage and this is something that you wrestle with throughout the book i have to know nephews and
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the irish welsh and 9 tyrian and those and i wonder nettie came back from nursery one day and he has the most magnificent epic afro and he said i don't like my hand in the whole family did about 23 years of campaigning about how it was to have a big crowd but nobody else had one and i felt that at a really young age little kids growing up in the west were pops and not surrounded by brown and black people or if the time they are getting these concepts super early how does a 4 year old say she doesn't like to be brown how did you how did you how did you unpack that. i wish i knew i wish i knew where that came from because those things being internalized for so early on it really threw me because
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it had nothing that was happening in our home that would pointed towards that and it kind of you know once your kids are out of the world ones are going to you know daycare nursery once they are mixing with other kids or like hearing how other people's parents talk and how that impacts on other children around the that they're absorbing so much information and they're absorbing information at such an exponential rate that you know maybe our kids grow up as 10th she were very. what would be traditionally boy's clothes because they were hand me downs from cousins because you know kids grow them fast but they as soon as they went to nursery they decided that they didn't want to wear those clothes because they were boys. and yet before going to nursery they hadn't made that distinction at all and that was the same with brownness and that's why that's why i'm so
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adamant. that rep we talk about representation and why representation matters and i don't necessarily think the representation. like representation in. the law or read in books is the end goal i don't they can necessarily makes the world a better place but i do think that having a diverse representation in kicked. in you know you know kids' t.v. shows the stuff that kids are absorbing from a very early age if that is that brown kids and kids with disabilities visible disabilities and kids with you know non-visible disabilities kids in nontraditional families. and as the main characters of those stories like their stories assented then that sends a message not just to my kids but to everyone i often think. you know
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white middle class white men in the u.k. are probably the ones who need representation amazed because they were able to suspend their disbelief enough for a world where ghosts need busting but they wouldn't suspend their disbelief enough in the thought the 4 women could bust ghosts when that. when ghostbusters came out and they took all of their ire on leslie jones and for me that just tells you. who needs this diverse representation and what age they need as well and you know so my daughter isn't internalizing these things from the for she's even gone to school. there is something that i love about what you're doing with your with your little ones and a picture from your instagram feed of the little girls in that new research like how will i be the best i can be and so we go through the research as the good man projects i'm going to share it here 25000 roles for dads raising told us and he went through this this is
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a list of 25 things and he shared them in your memoir and then you came up with an old tennessee law are also sure this is a great you came up with an alternative but it's also in your memoir which she read as a girl jack right data to us a very special kind of guy. out new advice for parents actually is to take it here sure just to kind of give you a caviar you know i this is a chapter where i'm kind of exploring what it is to be a dad raising daughters and the things i should be thinking about and. and i do a lot of reading about how. that should be raising daughters and while i wore a curtain it was actually the listening to tell me more about how we should be raising boys than how to be raising girls and so a kind of. so i thought how should how should i be how should one be.
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the more i think about it i'm left increasingly with my version of this list don't shame your daughter for the way she dresses acts or the body she is and tell us she is perfect just the way she is and beautiful and smart and funny and everything else she is razor in love about the way she looks or bills and pin and you know being a girl. it's area. you use shan you little ones with us not. you you kind of thinking that story is on a mission simply because it's really beautiful. and they are shaping you to become i'm going say feminist ally there were things that you didn't realize about women that women had to to you and handle that you now get little girls and there's a moment and i love this a family situation and cool people in a family situation vivian's because why what was going on let me realize.
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this is what it means to be a little girl tell us the story here it was mostly around. cuddles and to people demanding cuddles of my daughter and her not wanting to cut back and the male in the situation use some language that basically sounded very aggressive missile gestate and in that moment i was a chorus see how i see how language like casual language can be so sexist and so abusive towards women and and make them feel a certain way about their bodies and. i write about this quite honestly in the book i texted to my friends to my female friends those are all my god guys i get it i get it now i get what we've been saying i've just witnesses going on there were
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like yeah well like i'm sorry we're so cute is an old story is like you mate. the reason i put it in the book is because regardless of what social issue we believe in you know for white people who want to get involved in and us as more. men who want to be a feminist ally for those of us who have to nominate if you want to stand up for. a plus community. for those of us who are middle class we want to ensure that we're not taking up space of working class people for all of us you know and there are there are points in those conversations where we will act because. we don't get something wrong and not actually we should or should wrong and be ok with being uncomfortable and i was in constant uncomfortable with my friends basically making fun of me for demanding a demanding the proverbial cookie for them. but having it in the burka kind of show
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that it's ok guys we're going to be following tonight you know yes there is a degree to which i understand all this stuff much more i like protests probably because i'm seeing in real time. it's who i do with the. day now that i've witnessed it that matters that counts newcastle got here from short c. 100 only choose a short see says i never believe racism is natural in any way we are conditioned to these things and tool them and these to please and phobias handed down from our eldest son he's just adding on to what you were saying about the net brown skin and brownness and how you how you talk to your youngsters about that i also want to bring in a comment from robin hung as a cartoonist and she experienced racism growing up and i'm wondering how you
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protect your children from it is running. i moved to america last 14 without really speaking in english so the 1st time here i felt like i was a 4 hour well as the 1st day of my school in america there wasn't any e.s.l. classes so i was basically an role in the regular classes with no help and tons of language i thought and her and nor and very insecure or there are definitely sockets who bullied me because i didn't speak in english and also i did not vote white american but fortunately i was able to make some friends by going to an extra 1000000 art classes at a local comic book shop how did you handle racism as
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a youngster people cool. new names people call me names going up in the u.k. and and and that was just part of everyday life how do you protect kids from. i don't know if i handled it the best way when i was growing up there wasn't really there was a really a blueprint it wasn't really like an instruction manual for how to handle it a lot of it especially when i grew up in the school i went in the environment i was in and how my parents internalized it was to basically. just. don't go on with it you're better than these people. you have to be you have to prove it to be better than them and the thing that i'm really trying with my kids is instead of centering how they should be about white people or centering how they should be about around the default i want to send to how they should. they you know
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that for me that's much more important and knowing that they can talk to me about all of these things and you know making sure that they are aware of what the world is but also they feel like they could be anyone that they could be anything and if they ever do experience this type of i mean like. source on in the comics is referred to me as a race are slow thanks guys examine to be talking about is racism imagine imagine building a career because we really want to talk about racism and not because it's really mad to to love so much to feel compelled to a much will be writing comedy fiction my friend far from being a race hassle but the point is here i've got a bank of work that my kids can read oh watch and feel like they're not alone which is why i felt growing up. you can read a great 2925 minutes have a look here among our top brown babies
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a memoir of race family and home and he's also in a company called comes just what you do here the theme music and listen to this can you sing a song with the words. for how. long . irresistible we can thanks for joining us on the street i see next time thanks for watching. on counting the cost where have the rocks oil wealth gone from phantom civil servants to corrupt politicians take a closer look and the m.r.i. make technology behind covert 19 vaccines how long before it's used to find the cure for cancer counting the cost of that disease. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital
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with eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. acid attacks in india. leave many scars most of which cannot be seen. they also create a bond. borne of a sarod ordeal and stronger than the many obstacles their survivors will now face.
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black roses and red dresses parts of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound so no matter what you. use in current affairs that matter to you. the 11th day of anti coup protests in 1000000 mark the u.n. envoy warns of consequences if the military continues its crackdown. on rob others and this is all deserve a live from doha also coming up u.s. democrats announce an independent investigation into the storming of the capitol building on january the.


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