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and it's time to get out from right here and how does it ready. another ebola outbreak in guinea put several african countries further on edge amid the coronavirus pandemic. flu and darren jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up. before too long we have been waging this. war on age sounding the alarm again the u.n. says countries must tackle climate change to prevent food insecurity and the death of biodiversity. we'll have the latest on protests in myanmar as they enter a 2nd week and get bigger by the day. the
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world gets a glimpse at new pictures of mars sent back from nasa's perseverance wrote. we begin with a remerge ns of ebola on the african continent $11000.00 vaccinations are now heading to guinea with the aim of stopping an uncontrolled spread of the disease on top of the corona virus pandemic the world health organization has called for 6 african countries to go on high alert well this is where the cases are emerging in the south of the country as al-jazeera is nicholas hark reports. great guineas for a street in the epicenter of the new ball outbreak at the regional health center un health workers dispatch from conakry to treat the patients in isolation among them
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is nurse lucy hobbs husband it is in this home where nurse lucy suffered from a fever vomiting and diarrhea a week later she died in hospital health workers were unaware that she had contract to a bulla during her funeral relatives and friends hugged her body contracting the virus but not her uncle dr louis who kept his distance he says he alerted authorities because he sensed her death was more than simply a personal tragedy. lucille was treating her grandmother who had a fever and was reading from a nose and everywhere tried to get blood clotting medicine from the main town eventually the grandmother died and nursed. security forces stop and search vehicles in an attempt to trace close contacts and check for temperatures isolating those that appear ill guinea is on high alert people are scared haunted by the previous epidemic in 2015 over 11000 people died in
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22000 were infected across guinea sirrah leone in liberia a bull that was contained thanks to the development of a new vaccine but the 350000 doses distributed then expired last december the u.n. says that new vaccines are on their way shipped into the $11000.00 is off. and this is the achievement at least for the 1st time in guinea we are having a vaccine not the beginning of outbreak to control this all break with pollution vaccine alone will not stop a virus harbored in nature by bats and primates the resurgence of a bull and brings more questions than answers with scientists still trying to understand why a forest region is again the center of the outbreak nicholas hawk al-jazeera
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or dr marty slots wired davis is from the washington university school of medicine she says the must. before a bonus spreads across the region. we're in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and this is hitting countries that are most vulnerable these are countries where infrastructure is challenging where resources are way more difficult than we are privileged to have here and who quite frankly cannot afford the impact of something as devastating as a dollar has been so i absolutely agree with the level of attention this is getting and absolutely supports the fact that we should be doing everything we can to contain this and to support the countries affected vaccine along will not do it this has to be completely comprehensive public health response with preventative measures and containment strategies and the vaccine this has to be thought of as
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a tool box you don't just deal with one to all those tools have to be used together for this to be contained this has to happen now i'm so glad to see the w.h.o. pay attention i mean i think we can even add to that how we responded to me bohlmann it initially was there i don't think there was as swift ever response in some cases because of undermining and not really respect him rights that how destructive in wyatt's i believe with colvin we've learned better in most places at least and this has to be applied here because you're dealing with 2 viruses at the same time very very dangerous viruses time is of the essence and time could literally be the difference between life and death the u.n. secretary general says nations of the world are failing to meet their own climate change targets and putting humanity's future griscom. has appealed to world leaders to make a renewed commitment to fight climate change john calls the urgent global action we
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need to make the school we should truly global and to its formative. if adopted by every country c.t. financial institution and company around the world's global coalition for carbon it's an idea by $25.00 he can still prevent the worst the impacts of climate change but we cannot delay we are running out of time till we meet temperature rise to $1.00 the news and build resilience to the impacts to come and we also need equal urgency and then bishan to address how we produce all foods and manage our water land and the oceans well the terror spoke after the release of a un report outlining a triple threat 1st the world is set to warm by at least 3 degrees celsius by the end of the century shooting past the 2 degree target from the paris accords secondly a biodiversity targets are not being met leaving more than a 1000000 of the world's plant and animal species at a high risk of extinction and 9000000 people die prematurely every year from diseases caused by pollution affecting developing nations the most well known
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europe and i was in mexico city where pollution levels are so bad the smog can be seen trapped above the city it's hard to think of the mexican capital and not imagine the city's massive urban sprawl the metropolitan area is home to 24000000 people and it's constantly growing. the impact of all this traffic construction and industry has wreaked havoc on the region's natural environment. and all of it amounts to one of the most significant carbon footprint in all of latin america. one of the most visible signs of this is the city's poor air quality there are times of the year where air pollution is so bad people are urged not to go outside due to heighten the health risks it's estimated that air pollution is responsible for the deaths of some $33000.00 mexicans every year and it's a problem that doesn't seem to be improving. according to a recent report by the united nations environment program progress on reducing air
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pollution is mixed with air quality improving in high income countries but continuing to degrade in low income countries environmental experts add that the impact from air pollution from megacities like the mexican capital extend far beyond urban areas and have effects on local regional and global scales and to who protest is and me and my refusing to back down despite fears the military will get more violent thousands of people have joined demonstrations for the 14th straight day calling for the release of the pows nida unsung suchi canada and the united kingdom have both announced sanctions against me in mobs ruling generals as international pressure builds united nations says 3 quarters of the amount civil servants and now on strike let's go to joins us live now from the thai capital bangkok scott so there's been more international pressure on the minute she jintao how the protesters reacting to all of this. yes you can imagine
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that they're going to welcome the news from as you just mentioned britain and canada imposing sanctions on the top of brass of the freezing assets and then also implementing travel ban so that is definitely going to be good news for the cause of the protesters as we've seen over the last 2 weeks they have really focused on making sure the international community and the international audience at large sees what's happening there and that's very important to them because they believe that that will prompt the actions that we've seen of the united states also days ago announce that they're going to implement sanctions as well so that will be very well received by the protesters today what we're seeing yangon and mandalay the 2 biggest cities in myanmar get in are seeing people pouring out onto the streets what we know now in yang gone though what it's going to be a little bit different than we've seen the last 2 days the main gathering area has been around the that which is right in the center of downtown yet gone right next to city hall and that's where he saw the 10s of thousands over the last 2 days
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gather what it sounds like today is that the security forces have put back barricades a little bit further away from super go to so they can't get right next to it and that will be a little bit of a disadvantage because the the area is a kind of a traffic roundabout so there's a lot of street space if you will for the protesters to gather in their walkways overhead walkways where they could gather as well so that being restricted now is going to limit the area i guess in the more the traditional area that they've been going to over the last 2 weeks to gather and really have a lot of room for people to get in there that has been blocked off now but they're still coming out there and just like we've seen the last couple days i don't think that's really going to prevent people from coming out in the numbers we've seen it's just that they're probably going to have to go in other areas of yangon or at least yangon or at least surrounding that sleep or go to area or i just got there live for us from bangkok scott thank you. qatar says it will lift kwanten restrictions for citizens and residents who've been vaccinated against covered 19
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the gulf states ministry of public health says exemptions will apply when vaccinated people return from abroad so be subject to testing and arrival though an exemption won't apply to those who've been vaccinated in other countries. zimbabwe has joined other african nations in launching vaccination programs 200000 sign of farm doses have been denied in south africa pharma tosser ports now from iraq. public health care workers in zimbabwe have repeatedly held strikes in protest against a lack of personal protective equipment masks and gloves now many are hoping being vaccinated against one team will protect them it has given me that when he didn't actually boil the frontline into my major in 1000 patients it was a more. vaccinated and i am protected zimbabwe has rolled out it's called the 1000 fascination program nationwide easing and initial 200000 doses donated by china
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earlier this week. i think. but. my friend. is the exhibit. there are governments in. the country aims to vaccinate at least $10000000.00 people by the end of this year that's about 60 percent of the population the government says it's looking at bringing more vaccines from china russia as well as through the kovacs facility and the global vaccine alliance not everyone is keen on getting vaccinated some want to
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know what's in the jags and whether there will be any side effects including those who fear they could cause infertility. health officials say the variant 1st detected in south africa is now the dominant strain in zimbabwe human rights lawyers are concerned the government could be collecting data from those getting vaccinated for medical research purposes without them knowing you could not. have. you know individuals you know being subjected to experiments sent a few experiments without the are informed consent so we were worried that the 1st group of people to be vaccinated may go through. you know an experiment without being informed that they are not wearing that. experiment as new and more contagious variants of covert 1000 separate across africa affordable vaccines are needed urgently especially in countries with fragile public health care systems
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that are struggling to cope how do there. in the iraqi capital baghdad people are again being subjected to tough coronavirus rules night curfews were in place from monday to thursday and around the clock at the weekends shops schools and restaurants be closed for 2 weeks extra police checkpoints and in certain cases have been on the rise more than 3 and a half 1000 new infections counted in the past day. or so to come here not just here including waiting for answers parents in nigeria called on the government to find kidnapped students. lives. and warnings of a huge famine and an offensive by who the rebels threatens new opportunities to end the war in the more that stay with us.
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there is just been a big dump of snow in the levant it snowed in jerusalem it snowed quite easily obviously in the golan heights up through lebanon in syria as well this is a picture in lebanon of what is described as the worst snow for 15 years clearly destructive but also fun if you are young enough that there might be a little bit more to come in the way of a few more snow showers blowing through rain is more likely true some slightly work 7 day routes easily better at 13 but of course you go higher snow is more likely and there is this things expand it is a big system the showers in the way through saturday will change the wind direction in bahrain in doha in q 8 in tempe drops by a good 10 degrees and that normally wind will keep going so as doha's forecasts 21 or 22 and windy after a few showers even thunderstorms on thursday night early friday and that's the picture for saturday just showers wandering around significant stuff in north and
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south parts of iraq and eastern turkey and northern iraq. this is not what is wanted in mozambique go on by is a now a named tropical soccer is wandering around of the water during friday march even reach hurricane strength but then curiously it goes away into the water. to make it change. change a life or the path of a country challenge the accepted truth you want to create something you 1st break it continually mold up to turn the status quo and fight injustice sound out all month you to death and. pull down the distant. witness personal documentaries not alter of deception on al-jazeera. the roof.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the world health organization has called on 6 african countries to go on high alert for a boner 11000 vaccines are heading to guinea in an attempt to stop an uncontrolled spread of the disease. the u.n. secretary general has appealed to world leaders to end what he calls a suicidal war on nature i don't your protest is spoken for the release of the un environment report with a blueprint to deal with environmental threats. and anti to protest as i'm in mara fusing to back down despite fears of a violent crackdown by the military thousands of people have joined demonstrations for 14th day calling for the release of deposed leader unsung suchi. the
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hong kong has signaled a major overhaul of its public broadcaster raising concerns about media freedoms the review of radio television hong kong or. h.k. was initiated last year following coverage of anti-government protests in 29 teen officials said the review was to ensure the broadcaster comply with its charter while agent brown joins us live now from hong kong adrian a major overhaul now of hong kong's national broadcaster what's really behind this and why now. well daryn what's happening. in a sense reflects the profound changes that are happening elsewhere here in hong kong particularly comes to media freedom things came to a head on friday because the results the findings of a government inquiry into r t h k were released this was an investigation into management and governance and the minister responsible edward said that from their findings r.c.h. k.
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had in his words failed to engender a sense of community and to promote an understanding of one country 2 systems and he said to few days ago r.t. h.k. took the decision to drop the b.b.c. world service relay you could hear the able to hear the world service here in hong kong you know for decades and of course that followed the decision by china's government to block the b.b.c. on the mainland what really seems to have upset the government though daryn is the fact that very recently an r.t. h.k. reporter interviewed an official from the world health organization and asked that official whether the organization would consider allowing taiwan to become a member of the organization of course you know china regards taiwan as a breakaway province to be taken back by force if necessary and it's very much one of china's red lines and in recent months the broadcaster has come under sustained
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attack from figures and their acolytes in especially from hong kong police who were upset by a satirical show which used to lampoon the hong kong police what does this mean for the future of hong kong's main broadcaster well i think you know morale at r.t. h.k. is is at a rock bottom i mean it's been subjected to some pretty stringent cuts in its budget and of course i think what commentators are saying is what you know beijing and certainly the hong kong government would like is a broadcaster that's much more in the image of china's state controlled broadcaster one that doesn't criticize government officials or indeed hold those officials to account or right to a drink in hong kong agent thank you. now the u.s. has imposed visa restrictions on another $43.00 beller russian officials washington says it's alarmed by president alexander lukashenko is ongoing violent crackdown on
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peaceful protesters is highlighted jail terms and the $22.00 t.v. journalists as particularly concerning judges and prosecutors involved in the case are among those barred from entering the u.s. more than 33000 people in belarus have been detained since august after mass demonstrations against has contested election with. algeria as president has moved to appease protesters by pardoning jailed anti-government activists and calling early elections in a televised address taboo and called for the dissolution of parliament and also announced a government reshuffle almost 2 years after a popular uprising is political and economic crises that been compounded by the coronavirus pandemic. u.n. officials have told the security council that yemen is hurtling towards the worst famine the world has seen in decades this they say under a new defensive by who the rebels threatens to wipe out a new chance to end the war our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the
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united nations. the news from yemen is about as grim as it gets these scriptures from the aid agency save the children of 7 month old amir the u.n. who says he's one among a staggering 400000 children under 5 years of age who are seriously malnourished and at risk of dying from starvation famines are very unusual. when a quarter 1000000 somalis lost their lives in 2011 what could happen in yemen over the next weeks and months is something the world hasn't seen over 40 years something literally i thought was on imagine what it will happen unless different action is taken. the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths told the security council the situation on the ground in yemen is now the most tense he's seen since he took up the job 3 years ago i am certain. the word is probably over the past
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month the conflict in yemen has taken a sharp escalatory turn. with the answer of the most recent offensives it mara go. i have done this many times since early last year when this offensive operations started and i repeat my call now. america must stop. there's been a a new diplomatic focus on yemen from the biden administration and mr griffiths himself as being to terrorize on and riyadh in recent weeks the u.n. is hoping the dark humanitarian situation will be helped by a pledging conference on the 1st of march they want countries to give money for yemen james pays al-jazeera at the united nations. relatives of people who died in a huge blast of beirut's port last year have been protesting outside lebanon's
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highest court it had decided to remove the chief prosecutor investigating the blast he was ousted after legal challenges by senior officials he accused of negligence more than 200 people died in the disaster in august. there's been fighting in somalia's capital mogadishu between government forces and armed groups. it's been happening in an area where the opposition plans to hold a rally later on friday defying code 19 restrictions they want the president to step down. a rescue operation is underway in central nigeria where gunmen kidnapped a group of students on wednesday their exact number of those taken by the ongoing is unknown but hundreds are still missing one student was shot and killed in the attack on the state run school in ca daraa as reports. colleague knows he's fortunate to be back home he injured his leg escaping from
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a group of kidnappers who was hacked his boarding school in nigeria's kogarah district his brother didn't survive he was shot dead by the gunmen as he ran away. but i i was sleeping when i heard the kidnappers come into our dormitories they started shooting guns when i saw them i jumped over the fence other students also started running everywhere. nearby yet another family is devastated they're waiting for updates hoping their kidnapped son will be found alive. i would take the government should help us find our families our only hope lies but the government. hundreds of students were sleeping when the assailants stormed in and now empty beds and deserted classrooms are a reminder of the growing attacks on boarding schools kidnappings for ransom by armed groups are common across many northern nigerian states. in december more than 350 students were abducted and eventually rescued by nigeria's security forces some
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parents fear education is under attack yeah well. you know i haven't been able to sleep since this happened i'm asking the government to please risk my son he will continue with cation despite these types of threats once he's risk i assure you he will get back to school. pressure is mounting on the government to end these type of attacks and parents across nigeria are left wondering if students will ever be safe katia llopis of the young al-jazeera. not as late as mas arriva has touched down successfully cold perseverance and traveled 417000000 kilometers from space to help us find out if life ever existed on the red planet is rental. space scientists erupted in cheers when perseverance landed safely on mars it was the culmination of an action packed nailbiting 7 minute landing sequence.
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first the spacecraft entered mars orbit then its intrigue capsule raced into the martian atmosphere at 19000 kilometers per hour. the craft then deployed a large parachute to slow its approach to the target zone. slowing down the craft fired thrusters to hover just above the surface then deployed a crane to lower the rover gently downwards that's how confirmed. began picking up the end of. the complex and delicate operation went off without a hitch moments later perseverance beamed back images of barren landscape studded with boulders congratulations our savior pain and our own team that's not
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years well excellent it's the most ambitious and far reaching mission to the red planet the rover is primary goal to search for signs that microbial life may have existed on mars billions of years ago we can go somewhere in our solar system you know in our backyard and see signs of life in that and only on another planet that could tell us that life is incredibly common and gives. it's a great shot of central you know finding more complex or even intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. perseverance is landing spot is disease crater which was once likely a large water filled lake a prime spot for traces of long ago life imagine you know an ancient microbial net microbial that was growing along the shoreline of lake cemented in iraq and leave behind those kind of biological exteriors if we see things like that associated with organics that would be an absolutely fantastic ride that would be probably the best they were look for on mars perseverance will also take samples of martian soil
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and rock those samples will be stored securely inside the rover and we're going to like them for future mission to come grab it back to earth. finally perseverance brought along a helicopter drone called ingenuity which scientists hope will be able to fly a short distances proving that flight is possible in the extremely thin martian atmosphere with its dramatic landing done perseverance is mission will last one martian year or $687.00 earth days the knowledge it acquires for humanity will last forever rob reynolds algis 0 los angeles key players involved in a trading frenzy and in this month of told skeptical u.s. politicians that barack aboveboard not to the volunteers he sent it on shabbes in the game stop video games toll which rose by as much as 1600 percent before falling
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shopping his of the free stock trading at robin hood and the online forum reddit for among those to testify during a congressional hearing. talk a quick check of the headlines here the world health organization has called on 6 african countries to go on high alert for a bola 11000 vaccines are heading to guinea in an attempt to stop an uncontrolled spread of the disease.


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