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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2021 11:00am-11:31am +03

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on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. here's a. sneeze into your own. military intensifies its crackdown another protester shot dead during demonstrations against the coup. santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera johnson and johnson gets emergency u.s. approval for a single dose vaccine giving americans a 3rd option. the battle for control in yemen that's a rise in finding between the who think and government forces in the central
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province and i mean is political crisis deepens the president has refused an order to dismiss the army's chief of staff. so further violence in me i'm out to tell you about at least one protester has been shot dead in yangon. one of the only one of only. so police using live rounds tear gas water canon against the demonstrations officers of been changing their tactics trying to stamp out the protests before they even begin on any given day me and my husband in crisis since very the 1st when the military seized power and detained elected civilian leaders including suge as ever tony chang is in bangkok thailand monitoring events for us tony every day it just seems the military steps up its. let's say intensity.
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absolutely but i think today we've seen a much bigger step up than that than in the past yesterday they clearly came out with the intent to scare protesters off the streets today they've come to use lethal force we're seeing munition being used live fire being used on the streets of dar way in the south in yangon you know muslims city and mandalay in the center of myanmar it seems that the police being supported by the military are cracking down and really trying to stamp out these protests they came out very early this morning about 8 am local time at the same time as the protesters were gathering the protesters called for larger protests today they want to begin to think to make to make the point that they are not backing down in the face of this increased aggression and brutality from the security services and they were met
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with bare have hours of tear gas rubber bullets and live fire as we can see from the footage we're seeing on social media many protesters appear to be suffering very serious wounds we've got one confirmed in yangon many several other fatalities being reported in a local politician saying that there are 3 fatalities there and from some of the wounds of the protesters we're seeing it seems very likely also on the streets of yangon people shot in the streets protesters trying to drag them away under more fire that's coming in like it's been a very bloody morning all across myanmar how easy or difficult has it been for you tony to get this information out the fact that we see the pictures on social media tells me that well that's obviously something that the army wouldn't want but then one of their tactics has always been to choke the communication lines.
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it is very complicated but today in particular the lines of communication a much harder trying to get through to dar way and mandalay and they have been in previous days the lines going through the young gong still seem to be ok we've managed to confirm with our local sources in yangon one death in the south but added to the problems in yangon on the author the authorities have been cracking down on medical staff doctors and medical volunteers they're the ones who have been compiling a lot of the information that's been sent out on social media so it is rather confused picture we're getting difficult to pick out exactly what's going on but i think the general theme we're seeing which is unquestionable is that there is lethal force being used it's being deployed across the country i was a speaking to a contact in mandalay who's only just come back online today he was saying that the
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medical staff there in the general hospital had been trapped by the security forces have now been released but he described the city as a battle zone and particularly in the east of the city he said the military and now out on the streets using lethal force there are snipers being deployed and. so this is appears to be something we're seeing all across the country really deteriorating isn't it thank you tony chang in bangkok. to a developing story this sunday $47.00 pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been charged under the controversial security lauren posed by beijing dozens of people were ordered to report to police stations across the city on sunday officially charged with one count of conspiracy to commit subversion adrian brown in hong kong to take us through them with so many arrests and charges in the past 3 months adrian under this law what makes these one significant but what we've seen in the past few months in hong
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kong are the leaders of the pro-democracy movement being rounded up and charged now the authorities are moving in if you like on the foot soldiers on sunday we saw 47 of these mostly young pro-democracy activists told to report to police stations across the territory it's not clear why they had to appear before police today though because after they were arrested in early january they were told to report to police in april yet for some reason everything's being fast tracked or no one's exactly sure why now we know that these 47 activists are going to appear in court on monday morning at west kalou magistrates court but think about it you're going to have $47.00 of these activists appearing in court we're not sure if they're going to be all together or whether they will appear individually but they have been denied bail and will next see them in court on monday morning now their crime
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if you like isn't they are accused of organizing a poll to pre-select candidates for elections which were due to happen last september but the government says this poll was aimed at simply paralyzing the hong kong government because the organizers of the poll had made no secret of the fact that what they wanted was for the pro-democracy camp to get an overall majority in the legislative assembly making it much easier for them to to block. government legislation including things like the budget eventually forcing the chief executive to resign now in democracies around the world those sorts of tactics are commonplace but in today's hong kong strategizing about how to win an election is now a violation of the national security law so to all intents and purposes a jury and democracy or white said that it doesn't exist in hong kong but we have seen it being eroded bit by bit over these past months what choice does that leave
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people do they have a choice well the choice is either you stay silent or you go and more and more people are applying to go especially to britain which is often very sort of generous residency terms and i think that once you know covert 19 has been suppressed you will see a steady exodus out of hong kong now as to whether the hong kong government is concerned about that whether the authorities in beijing are particularly concerned about that on the surface express a lot of indignation but i think the response is really a rather sanguine one because they know that all those people who are leaving those skilled professionals can be replaced by a pool of talent across the board on the mainland who would like to come and live and work in hong kong because it's still in spite of all that's happened today to free a city in china thank you adrian brown in hong kong on
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to corona virus news the united states has approved the johnson and johnson coated 19 vaccine it is the country's 3rd and its 1st single dose jab the pharmaceutical company says its vaccine is effective at preventing severe kovan 900 symptoms including the new variants and there are 4000000 doses already to go elizondo in washington he says this new vaccine really does come with some strong selling points. the big difference with the johnson and johnson vaccine is it is only one shot to get and then be vaccinated that's different from the moderna and pfizer vaccines which both take 2 different shots spaced out about 20 to 30 days apart also the johnson and johnson vaccine does not need to be stored or transported at freezing temperatures so that will make it easier to move around and get out to places and into the arms of people that need it as you know the pfizer and moderna vaccines both need to be kept in complicated freezing storage temperatures bottom
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line though is is that health officials here in the us say all the vaccines do the job the f.d.a. has just announced emergency use authorization of us 3rd a backseat for americans this was made by ensign also did call johnson and johnson it's all the same but this is really good news means we have the opportunity for even more people to get immunized as soon as possible against terrible pandemic early on saturday the house of representatives passed joe biden's 1.9 trillion dollar covert relief package it now goes on to the senate where it will be perhaps met with some resistance from many many republicans however the bill as a whole is very positively by most americans and by almost all democrats it would call for many things but primarily a one time payment of more than $1000.00 to all americans it would extend
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unemployment benefits as well as put money into schools and local governments to meet shortfalls as well it will now go to the senate and on saturday this is what joe biden had to say to senators as they approach a vote on this bill. now now the mill moves the united states senate where i hope will receive quick action. we have no time to waste if we act now decisively quickly and boldly we can finally get ahead of this virus we can finally get our economy moving again the people of this country have suffered far too much for too long we need to relieve that suffering the american rescue plan does just that it relieves the suffering and it's time to act i thank you all for the 14th that is the date that millions of americans could potentially lose some of their unemployment benefits unless this plan is passed so democrats feel they have about
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2 weeks to try to work out an agreement with the republicans in the senate to get this on joe biden's desk for possible signature and sit and talk to them an immunologist a vaccine expert an adjunct professor at the university of michigan he explained to us the significance of having approval for this vaccine. so the good news because this is a 3rd of vaccine and as you know and everybody knows we have a great issue in distribution and obtaining these vaccines that are for vaccine i think people so having a 3rd one is a good relief and and it's going to be. added value and it's also it's one immunization one enjoy one injection and the oral will be on your way so until now we don't know whether we need if there 2nd immunization or not and why and for this vaccine do but definitely there is a an ongoing clinical trial at the in the u.s.
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for evaluating to immunizations and set of 20 minute session to see whether you can up the efficacy from the 66. neighborhood into the 90 percent neighborhood like everybody else many people are asking this question you know how come you know when immunization and 6 this expense and because we are somehow spoiled with the 95 percent the ficus say this vaccine for one immunization you were 8. it prevented hospitalization no severe disease after. in the vaccine a group which means that even though you may have some symptoms you will never get you are not going to get into the hospital and to be in serious the conditions that's number one number 2 is that also that's sort of a major problem which is there was just thinks of warning people back to get the 2nd immunization and this is the only vaccine that is indicated for one
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immunization. the president president john bolton are certain to pull emergency aid from states which reintroduced lockdowns he says any governor who quote destroys jobs won't get support from the central government. remember he had cove in 1000 him self is strongly against most restrictions and is often dismissed the danger despite the deaths of more than a quarter of a 1000000 resilience in the news ahead. protesters in the french caribbean demanding action over a pesticide blamed for high cancer rates. and don't try to visit their president anymore but his influence still looms large for american republicans before florida you know. it's time for the perfect gentlemen. sponsored point qatar airways
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we've got lots of quiet weather now across a good parts of europe some bits and pieces of cloud just sliding down towards the southeast some outbreaks of right here just tucked in behind our cold front so some cooler air just coming in here for many with high pressure in charge going to see a fair amount of sunshine and some decent warmth to that sunshine not quite as hot as it has been over the past few weeks but due to bad in light winds it really won't feel too bad early morning saying slow start has to be said with some of the morning mist and folk for some but brightening up nicely and you can see large the clear skies now we go with that wintry mix over towards the ukraine pushing up towards belarus some snow there into turkey most places seeing lots of sunshine but there will be some showers into the eastern half of spain as we go on through the remainder of sunday and in the coming on into monday still a few showers rolling through here temperatures fall back to around 9 celsius in london which is about where it should be but temperatures around 9. 10 degrees that
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it's a central part so if you have still a few showers down towards the blacks a boulder area to see a shot would say maybe got sharon the adriatic quite a stiff wind blowing down into the far north east of africa but it should be largely dry some showers there across northern parts of america slightly moving east. qatar airways told to own their own. tell us are in a case with us from the company in compensated civilians who we listen to the only music you hear is your own the most beautiful music in the world is silent we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that the world is their own we need to understand the differences on the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what we add to the news in kind of fast.
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or. the top stories this hour on al-jazeera one person's been shot dead a 1000000 miles larger city young gun as police used live rounds tear gas and water cannon against the antique demonstrators 47 pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been charged under a controversial security law imposed by beijing dozens of people were ordered to report police stations across the city and some of the u.s. has given emergency approval for the johnson and johnson covered 19 back saying now giving americans a 3rd option and their 1st single dose shots. saudi arabia says it has intercepted several air assaults by the rebels in yemen have targeted riyadh and cities in the kingdom south these are also stepping up an offensive in the yemeni
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province of mari sharp bellus reports. saudi arabia intercepts rockets over riyadh on saturday night we are going to have to go after the omaha sorry state media say they came from yemen fired by hoofy rebels several explosive laden drones targeted other southern saudi cities. the attack came as hootie rebels pushed forward in the northern yemeni province of merab. they launched an offensive against the saudi backed yemeni government here in early february excess a day was the most violent day yet and if front is one of the hottest war fronts since the beginning of the aggression on yemen this is been the situation since the beginning and except for a small period. after more than 60 years of war the who these more merit because it's the yemeni government's last northern best union to capture it could bolster
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the who thinks at the negotiating table this is a very critical battleground state place it looks lie. both sides would like to be in the stronger bargaining position and. these thoughts the problem of course is that these short term gains they are thinking of could actually the railing you the straw says launched by the new u.s. administration the yemeni government has issued urgent coups for the who these to stop their offensive they wound of a humanitarian catastrophe merab is already home to the largest concentration of displaced yemenis and he's to make his 2000000 people. but still the government is fighting back and says a day they reported killing 350 who the fight is unjust. and cobra belief it's a suicide mission and they're not going to come back when the yemeni government
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urges them into the fighting it's not a sign of weakness we make these calls out of responsibility but regarding the fighting forces with fewer numbers and they were defeated for 2 thirds of the population some 20000000 people food is what they need the u.n. estimates 400000 children under 5 are severely malnourished and that they are in their last weeks and months both sides say the opposite putting civilians at risk and yet neither stop shelling shallop dallas al-jazeera. is in its biggest city oakland is in lockdown after a new case of covert 19 has been confirmed as the more contagious variant 1st identified in the u.k. schools and on essential shops are shut and movement in and out of the city is severely restricted the rest of the country is subject to less stringent rules including a limit on public gatherings use even though has avoided a high number of infections by banning most foreigners and quickly imposing strict
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measures when these cases emerge. contrast that with ecuador where the health minister has resigned after reveal several members of his family jumped the queue to receive a covert 1000 back scenes on costs is the 3rd health minister in south america to go following similar sun similar scandals in peru and argentina reports from. the battle to control the coded $1000.00 pandemic in latin america is under way but is being hindered by patchy deliveries of the vaccine and scandals in the government with the task of organizing the vaccination programs. the latest to go is the ecuadoran health minister one caller survive. ensuring that his family was given preferential treatment for the most primitive we have all committed eras this is a pandemic that has taught us the importance of recognising them. last month as the
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vaccines arrived in ecuador a country one of the highest per capita death rates in the region he said they would firstly be given to the most vulnerable. because that is present ask them for the people who are on the front line medical staff and also people over 65 years old. many of them are still waiting for the former minister has fled the country. a similar scandal emerged earlier in peru when it was revealed that at least 2 ministers and a former president were among the 500 people to be immunized weeks before the rest of the population. and in argentina a few days later the health minister him is going to sell his garcia resigned when it came to light he devoted friends and colleagues to receive what has been called the ip vaccines. his replacement call of the sortie has since tested positive for covered 19 and is self isolating. supplies from a number of sources continue to arrive this 1st batch of nearly 200000 doses
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landing in europe why from the chinese soon as that of oratory. and 40 tons of oxygen donated by chile to prove with supplies of monday does he know. that protests against handling of the pandemic are increasingly common use one on saturday and one osiris is there but if they give it to the president and the vice president then ok but they shouldn't vaccinate the deputies or the ministers that's no good i don't want to take one message on from i've got inside information from independent media that the pandemic doesn't exist it's just tests that are full of the holy. war they're angry with the government some still believe the pandemics is a hoax but others are against the vaccine or whatever else people feel their impatience to put the pandemic behind them frustrated by the slow pace of the vaccination programs confused by contradictory information and i angered by corruption in their governments the road towards normality is still fraught with
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obstacles. and they're all just here i want to cyrus hundreds of people have marched in the ukrainian capital on saturday to protest against the jailing of a right wing blogger and activist. who they threw flowers at the prosecutor's office and demanded judges reconsider certain eastern and close case he was convicted this week for the 2015 kidnapping of a politician but his supporters say he was targeted for example corruption campaign . thousands of protesters in the french overseas region of martinique have called on judges not to throw out a long delayed case on pesticide poisoning the insecticide cortical and was used for decades on the caribbean island even after it was banned on the french mainland it's been blamed for high rates of cancer in martinique and neighboring quite a loop and people want compensation some of it easy it is absolutely necessary to
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be here today to fight the criminals those who have to you to martinique those who are destroying us those who have already deployed to our ancestors who in slaved our ancestors who they want to poison us want to see us does appear enough is enough now it is time for the fight to resume. in armenia the president is refusing to fire his top general despite the prime minister's public demands for his dismissal your passion on accuses the military of attempting a coup has faced growing calls to step down since november when forrester walker has a report from yet. the pressure is growing prime minister nicola. with the president on saturday refusing to sign his letter dismissing the head of the armed forces saying it was unconstitutional the opposition it's a sign things are going their way and again what would you. letter salute the
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decision of the president our people are standing with the army the army is standing with the people and now the president of the republic stands with the army . the opposition accuses nicole of treachery over his handling of the war over to go to care about. the peace deal he signed in november ceded huge territory to azerbaijan at the cost of over $3.00 and a half 1000 armenian lives. and the war isn't the only reason why many armenians have lost faith in the cold passion yan promises he made when he came to power 3 years ago remain unfulfilled that was easy expectation that only his state months will allowed to arrest or corruption there's or may judges on the stand the professional but no practical efforts were done for that people so that
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is nobody is really punished for misdoings they they they lose their optimist and trust in possibility of the progress of the country with pushing on as a leader in. the street protests demanding mr passion yan's resignation have been bolstered by support from the army generals the church and now the president of the republic the prime minister's response on saturday evening was to return a decree dismissing the head of the armed services back to the president asking him again to sign the documents or take the matter to the constitutional court robin 1st to walker al jazeera. sunday is the final day of the u.s. conservative political action conference that is say pack and the most anticipated speaker is the last one for president donald trump it will be his 1st major appearance since he left the presidency. and he's expected to make a pitch for
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a base in the divided republican party to unite behind him 100 reports from orlando florida so thank you feedback thank you for being here this is not the republican party that party is it war with itself one part the moderates are hoping to move into a post trump era the conservative political action conference is home to the other half proudly pro trump activists and would you vote for president if you're in a heartbeat most people look at president found and they think i don't like the way he looks i don't like the way he sounds they don't look past that they don't look at the policies and i follow him based on policy moderates need not apply not here former vice president mike pence senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and congresswoman liz cheney all moderates who have disappointed trump i know you think you can turn to the stars of c pac or trump stalwarts like former secretary of
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state mike pump aoe a potential 2024 presidential contender who sounds like he's running against president joe biden already in the last few months we've been called clowns and deplorable and ignorant rednecks. because the evil resistance the new york times think i'm the worst secretary of state of all time but i'm proud of our fight and i'm proud of our accomplishments and that we have truly offended the status quo. and then there's a house republican leader kevin mccarthy who's made no secret where his allegiance lies in the party's divide it was a forgotten man and woman that donald trump listened to the voice that no one else would listen to and we're never going to forget that people are those people and that's what we're focused on trump memorably announced his long shot bid for the presidency at the end of an escalator donald trump speech to see packed his 1st major address since leaving the white house is his most intensive pated since he took that escalator ride into history outside of c.
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pack the former president's visit his drawn both supporters. and detractors. but inside she packed there's little doubt who the attendees favor for the presidency in 2024 john hendren al jazeera orlando. it's all past the hour on al-jazeera these of the headlines one person has been shot dead in maine miles largest city young gun as police used live rounds tear gas and water cannon against the antique demonstrators as. you can see the soldiers in a word to shoot we know here in the streets supporting any political poti i was to go into the hallway here supporting the future if we don't 1st we're going to just to add a few.


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