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and questioned the use and abuse of power around the globe are you. going to see. me on mars military crackdown claims more lives 18 are killed in a single day of opposition dozens more arrested. alone barbara starr you're watching our jazeera live from london also coming up the biggest single attack on the pro-democracy movement yet thousands of hong kong campaigners are charged and could face jail in nigeria the search for more than $300.00 schoolgirls that centers on a forest close to where they were abducted and touched down for the 1st batch of
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covert vaccines for the philippines but millions will still be forced to wait. and maher has been back under military control for a whole month but sunday has been the deadliest yet as the military use that lethal force to crackdown on pro-democracy protesters 18 people have been killed by police in the past 24 hours that's according to the un's human rights office more than 30 people were wounded as authorities used to tear gas stun grenades and live ammunition in cities across the country and in the past day alone 92 people 85 of the medical professionals and 7 journalists were detained adding to the months long total of more than a 1000 arrests tony chang now reports on a day. battles across. medics struggle to treat
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a wounded protester shot in the chest and arm on the streets of dar way in southern myanmar the security services crackdown early on sunday police supported by the military firing tear gas rubber bullets and live rounds. but despite the dangers protesters still turned out in large numbers to oppose the military coup. on live rounds used in young gone a man wounded in the streets of play down district the protesters tried to give him 1st aid and get them to cover. as the tear gas rained down they ran for shelter elsewhere hid behind improvise shields but if the intention was to get the crowds to disperse it failed regrouping out of range of the guns the protesters remain defiant the crackdown has been widely anticipated
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and the crowds are fully aware of the dangers they face down or. we the public are only protesting peacefully and now the military has come to crackdown they're just here to give us trouble we want peace we have nothing but still they come to crack down on us. we want to protect our people because the police aren't doing that they're attacking us instead as you know the jointer is doing illegal actions so the citizens need to protect themselves. the campaign of civil disobedience has been widely observed against the military coup on february 1st in many areas people block the roads with obstacles and cars the progress of the police hindered as they tried to clear a path in some places the protesters tried to take a stand throwing projectiles the motto of cocktails at the police. but it seems a futile effort as they attempt to stop a military government prepared to use lethal force against its own people tony al
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jazeera in neighboring thailand meanwhile anti-government protesters have clashed with police outside the prime minister's house in bangkok ride police used water cannon tear gas and fired rubber bullets at protesters activists say elections in 2019 were rigged to favor the ruling party and they're calling for prime minister pray youth to resign they also want reforms to reduce the monarchy's powers saying laws protecting the king are being used the silence dissent. nearly 50 hong kong pro-democracy activists have been charged under china's contentious national security law they're accused of participating in an unofficial primary election for the territories in the just literally last year adrian brown reports now from hong kong. leicestershire is a district councillor now facing the prospect of life in prison after being charged
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with violating hong kong's tough new national security law if he's convicted his political career like his freedom will be over on sunday he was one of 47 activists told to appear at police stations across the territory with his wife for 4 weeks by his side show i'm insisted the fight for democracy in hong kong must go on i want. the hong kong people no matter where you are to keep faith and to be hopeful and to accounting to our struggle yesterday believe you'll be disqualified you are not on me i had i show him that same question 7 months ago after he was detained for taking part in a small protest in breach of social distancing rules i really don't know where i would get started i don't know but i'm i can say for sure that this. shooting was a candidate in an unofficial poll held last july to pre-select candidates for
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legislative elections 2 months later elections which were later canceled with the government citing covert 90 the strategy of the pro-democracy camp had been this again a simple majority in parliament block important legislation and force the resignation of the territory's leader kerry lamb. but such tactics common in democracies around the world are enough to get you arrested in today's hong kong and in january the police came knocking rounding up 55 activists including us human rights lawyer john clancy who was not charged on sunday but joshua wong the territories best known podium ocracy voice was he's already in jail after being convicted of organizing an unauthorized protests 2 years ago when the beijing imposed national security law took effect here carrie lam said it would only affect a small number of people so far it's led to almost $100.00 arrests with half that
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number now charged human rights groups say that hong kong is heading in a north or a tarion direction with new laws and regulations curbing freedoms once promised by china gradually the voices of dissent are being silenced adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. les gerry and officials say they are close to rescuing 307 girls kidnapped from a boarding school in northwestern state some 5 it's given their families hope after the shock of the raid in the early hours of friday half witted tourist reports from the school in which hasn't been touched since the attack what's left behind in these rooms indicates the goals left in
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a hurry and probably in shock the attackers shot through the glass windows to force them out personal effects strewn across the floor they were gone only for a few days but the dry weather casts 3 layers of dust of what was left behind. at the school entrance the lone security guard who tried to stop them but field is back on his job watching the gate. after a short patrol of the school perimeter i went back in shortly after i saw someone on the wall i pointed my gun at that intruder and he fell back i heard him telling others to shoot me i had and i called for help no one was able to help because they've surrounded the school although there are 2 security posts within a few 100 meters of the school in this northwest of state of them for not enough support rich to a police officer who attempted to stop them was shot dead by the attackers by
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wanted to shoot 2 is among students who evaded capture then asked her to shorten short and shouted everybody out if anybody inside didn't without me i went to. so i just came in running to the gate. is my ilisoni still waiting for the news of his 10 year old daughter sister and a friend's daughter. in 19 i've never been in such a confused state i haven't slept much no eaten since then there is no joy no laughter anymore in this house back at the school a few parents hanging around for news of their children with them a few security personnel guarding empty classrooms and hospitals just a few days ago these hostages were full of life 550 goes where he i chase in their dreams some wanted to be doctors others teachers then as they prepare for the night men bussed in they herded and drove 317 goals into the
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night now the holes of residence are empty the government of them for a state has now shut down or boarding schools in their state. but for some the damage has already been done so parents insist that daughter's on going back to school saying that our jared government has failed them a few students who still want to continue with their education say they may consider going back but under certain conditions. can continue. they have been at least 6 mass kidnappings from schools in northern nigeria in 6 years 2 of them this february the attacks are happening in the region with the lowest levels of school in rome and in high dropout sparking fears the region may fall farther behind the rest of the country. al jazeera joined nigeria a presidential candidate in chad says government security forces have killed his
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mother son and 3 of his cousins yet the u.s. says a unit of the presidential guard raided his home at dawn the government has confirmed the raid but says its forces had no choice but to shoot when they were fired on it's accused him of leading efforts to destabilize the country the former rebel leader has submitted his candidacy for april's elections on friday. he. doesn't belong to increase debbie doesn't belong to him to debate they can't intimidate is they can kill is god willing but they can't intimidate is by assassinating civilians they've already killed here in plain daylight we are not afraid try to house to train and we'll go to the elections with a firm conviction of training the guy. efforts to revive the 2050 nuclear deal between iran and major powers have hit a bump on the road irad has ruled out an informal meeting to discuss possible ways
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forward a move the u.s. has called disappointing or gabriel is on the joins us live now from washington d.c. to explain more about what's going on so gabriel the informal meeting has been ruled out there's still give them some room for for maneuver when it comes to negotiations. it does i mean it's still early on in the biden administration it's only 6 weeks so there's a and biden so far has been focused on one thing and that's the his main priority has been the pandemic and getting the economy back on track here in the u.s. foreign policy has taken a little bit of a backseat again it's only 6 weeks into his administration so it's very early and these were preliminary talks with tehran they were proposed by the european union and while they could have been significant they were not considered to be even close to the final discussion so basically what you have going on here is quite
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a bit of posturing quite frankly basically what tehran wants is they want the u.s. . for to agree to sanction relief before coming back to the table in the biden ministration has said no we're not going to agree to that we 1st negotiate there we meet and then we talk about potential sanctions relief well. the way it's seen from tehran of course is that they said listen it was the u.s. washington that pulled out of the 2015 deal former president donald trump pulled out of it so listen you guys got to come back to us and so it's a lot quite a bit of posturing but still a lot of room for negotiations primarily because you haven't heard it from the white house white house spokesperson telling out 0 of course they were disappointed as you mentioned but also saying that we remain ready to engage in meaningful diplomacy the u.s. now going to in according to white house spokesperson says that they're going to going to talk to the p 5 plus one course the security council permanent 5
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representative permanent 5 countries france russia the u.k. and china and then add in germany as well and see where it goes from there but bottom line is both tehran and washington want to return potentially to the 2015 deal but right now it's just a lot of posturing to see who blinks 1st if you will to get them back to the table every little is on the way the latest on that from washington thank you. still to come on al-jazeera america's top conservative meeting is the central front on transfers public appearance since leaving the white house. and a 150 years after their ancestors were released from slavery a new battle for the residents of a unique kenyan community. that
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we've got some very very stormy weather across the northeast of australia at the moment there's little clutches storms him may well develop into a tropical site and it is likely to do so within the next 48 hours or so when it's a very wet am very windy weather coming in across that eastern side of queensland it is likely to cause flash flooding maybe riverine flooding as well and some very strong winds pushing through over the next couple of days showers to down towards the gulf coast northeastern corner of new south wales well as you drive down towards the southeast we'll see temperatures in melbourne around $21.00 degrees celsius and fooling actually it's cold down to around 80 as we go on into cheese day still very wet just around that northeastern corner of queensland more wet weather coming through here not just some wet weather also just pushing into that western side of the way by this stage because the somewhat weather to making its way towards there's a debate ahead of that crush getting into
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a very agreeable 27 degrees celsius they want across northern parts of the well we are looking at some wet weather pushing into japan over the next couple of days some very heavy rain through the korean peninsula with some snow that will slide over towards japan as we go on through the next couple of days dry behind. the population growth. is increasing the most pregnancies. to self crisco. introducing family planning interview to your culture is a challenging task the fire resistance tissue to come through a man when a woman can decide for him. and how many children she wants he thinks should be in policy and. perseverance is transforming her community and women make change on al-jazeera. the all
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the world the author. of the vacuum is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera 18 people have been killed in the bloodiest day of protests in me and large the u.n. human rights office says that at least 30 people were injured and nearly $100.00 detained at the end of the 4th week since the military took control. nearly 50 pro-democracy activists in hong kong have been charged on the record traversal national security law it's the largest single crackdown on the opposition under the law and posed on the territory by china. and rescue operations are continuing for hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped in northern nigeria the 307000 pupils were taken
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from their boarding school in the town of bay in some fire a state on friday. former u.s. president donald trump has told his supporters that he is the man to lead the republican party forward the spikes november's election defeat to joe biden trance just be making his 1st major speech since leaving the white house more than 6 weeks ago addressing the conservative political action conference well let's cross to john hendren who is in orlando for us i guess trump there is speaking to an audience of supporters anyway but what did he have to say. well this is been a kind of donald trump greatest hits but it's more disciplined that a lot of his rallies have been among supportive listeners he seems to have stuck pretty much to their script he has been heavily critical of joe biden on immigration on keeping kids out of school during the covert crisis which of course
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is really a state by state decision not something joe biden really has full control of and he offered a tantalizing hints that we might see a little more of donald trump this is a little of what he had to say. so many wonderful friends conservatives and fellow citizens in this room all across our country i stand before you today to declare that the incredible journey we began together we went through a journey like nobody else there's never been a journey like it is never been a journey so successful we began it together 4 years ago and it is far from being over. so that general walking up to the line of making an announcement that he might be running for something back in 2024
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a few years from now but he didn't quite cross that line and there's also been speculation that the next member of the family to run might be donald trump jr might be evoke a true. among the people we've been talking to out here in front of the pack she is definitely a favorite but always 2nd to donald trump himself these people out here are carrying flags that say 2024 and he's been pushing in the speech and in the previous days by talking to advisors gathering people sounds funny fazing request that he is going to make his effort here to become the leader of the republican party in the prepared remarks he goes on to say that the republican party is unified and that there are only a few political hacks who are not united well what he means by that is the people we used to call the republican establishment those are people we are now calling
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moderates although that doesn't always. there's always the most juiced in there's case but right now what we really have is 2 republican parties there is the trump his party and that is well represented by people here at sea-tac this is all about donald trump the stage itself says 45 but then there is the moderate wing as well and this is his effort to control that party. john hendren with the latest from that conference in orlando florida john thank you. an advisory panel has recommended johnson and johnson's single shot vaccine for use in the u.s. earlier on sunday the top white house coronavirus adviser is encouraging americans to get to take any of the 31000 fact seems approved in the country including the. all 3 of them are really quite good and people should take the one that's most available to them if you go to a place and you have j. and j.
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and that's the one that's available now i would take it i personally would do the same thing i think people need to get vaccinated as quickly and as expeditiously as possible and if i would go to a place where they had j.n.j. i would have no hesitancy whatsoever to take it. well meanwhile the philippines is finally ready to roll out its coronavirus vaccination program after receiving its 1st batch of vaccines from china 600000. donated by the chinese government were greeted by the president that many less airport the vaccination drive will start in the capital on monday but as. reports there are concerns over when they will reach all areas. this is one of the most advanced and sophisticated vaccine storage facilities in the philippines. are. these.
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we have. the. funds have also been allocated to purchase growing virus vaccines for millions of its people but the situation isn't deceiving many rural towns in this small town the. province villagers say they are allocating about 10 percent of their budget to the purchase of crew in the virus vaccines it's money that was meant for infrastructure and education. and i think. we know that the philippines. the national government going to that says that this way we decided to contribute for the good the power constituents. in.
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this refrigerator is a lifeline it stores the vaccines for polio and measles and will be able to keep. that don't need sophisticated cold storage systems other wealthier city they're able to set up a separate vaccination facility in rural health clean. like this one will have to serve as main back to the hub at least for now but this fight meager resources help workers here tell us they are ready and all they're waiting for now is for the corona virus vaccines to actually arrive the government says it expects to vaccinate 25 percent of its 110000000 people by the end of this year but while other countries have started an ocular nations vaccines have not even their rights in the philippines been on our fears but i must thank you for hours a day. we are exhausted in the box the daily beast not the solution to defend any by it surely we are for the very significant
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solution to this. still the prospect of them provides hope to millions of filipinos already weary of the pandemic jim duggan al-jazeera the levitt and we have a c.e.o. province northern philippines. the united kingdom has identified its 1st the cases of corona virus variant 1st found in the brazilian city of mouse or a challenge. well it's very it's called the p one variant and as far as we know so far there have been 6 cases in the u.k. 3 detected in scotland and 3 detected in england now the 3 scottish ones all arrived in aberdeen earlyish in february and it's believed that they were on a flights that which went from brazil to paris then from paris to london and london to aberdeen all of those cases self isolated the 3 english cases 2
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of them are from the same family same household at least in south gloucestershire the the 3rd case is perhaps the most worrying of them all because they haven't been able to trace that person yet they didn't fill out fully their test registration card and so presumably they don't know yet that they tested positive so the author of these health authorities in england they're asking anyone who took a test on the 12th or 13th of february what we didn't fill in their test results and contact details to get in touch with them as soon as possible they are also. basically trying to trace and test anyone who was on a flight from zurich to london on friday the 10th because that was where most of these english cases were detected from. that the sentence of slaves freed in kenya 150 years ago or seeking recognition from the government as an official group
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their ancestors were rescued from ships taking them from east africa at the end of the indian ocean slave trade welcome web reports that their community of friends tell them. the story of frederick you ladies family is one of great suffering and survival his grandfather from tanzania was in slaved then rescued and settled here. it's a community of people with similar histories who prefer town in kenya's port city mombasa to something. you see could be taken from the players. and somewhere. if only the government could look. the history of free a town is told in nearby mural it's named after part of an officer in the british navy which the 18th seventy's enforced
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a ban on the slave trade in the indian ocean controlled by a body sultans enslaved people who were rescued at sea with settled here by the british who were colonizing kenya at the time. we met some of their descendants who originate from all over at least in south africa grandfather came from money down and me out we are going for the 5 as our sons so it sounds like. from your soul and . long long time since they told us it causes problems having an identity is not among kenya's official ethnic groups it becomes very difficult for them to be reduced or because when are they. do they also issues that i am with yes there is no such trail in kenya where tony and he's not just. they say young people in freetown often deny their historical roots to
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register for id cards just to fit in. shrine something that patrick a boo says is a problem. he's the curator of these caves a heritage site widely believed to have once been used as a holding pen for in slave people who don't talk about it. silencing but dialogue and a lot of people's identities. there are the remains of chains on the walls of the cave according to local all histories and archaeologists this is where people were chained up and held captive for weeks before being led through these tunnels out on to the beach to slave ships waiting in the indian ocean. the story and say millions of africans were enslaved and shipped across the seas to the middle east and beyond over centuries many died on the way. those he rented up in
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freetown were lucky. settlement was founded by christian missionaries to build this church 140 years ago 'd 'd. christianity is still going strong but older members of the community worry their unique history is fading away. and their identity with it malcolm where al jazeera. kenya. and their reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera 18 people have been killed in the bloodiest day of protests in myanmar the un human rights office says at least 30 people were injured and nearly 100 detained at.


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