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happy families join me. on the final part of my journey to become a target of the hindu for policy in search of india saw an al-jazeera. still defiant protesters in me and rally again a day after a crackdown that killed 18 people while the deposed leader and son suchi faces more charges. good morning from doha everyone come all santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera dozens of pro-democracy activists in hong kong have appeared in court to face charges of violating beijing's national security law.
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and so howling tales from civilians caught up in a conflict that's devastated ethiopia's northern region. a growing crisis in the u.s. and mexico border tens of thousands of migrants still facing an uncertain future is the see the better life in the united states. hello everyone prosecutors in may in ma have filed a new challenge against the deposed leader. her lawyer says she joined the hearing through a video link and appeared healthy the 1st glimpse of since she was detained during a military coup a month ago which is of course plunged the crime and start plunge the country into crisis. policemen firing tear gas and
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stun grenades at protesters and young gone the u.n. says 18 people were killed on sunday during confrontations with security forces across the country. scott hylas monitoring developments from bangkok in neighboring thailand hi scott let's deal with protests on the streets 18 people killed it was just a completely different scenario yesterday and yet they're still out. they are come all they're still out and we know particularly in yangon and we've been speaking with some people there that there's a heavy use of tear gas by the security forces on the streets of yangon there are several different areas where the protesters have come out and again as you said kemal this after the the deadliest day since these protests after the coup on february 1st they are still coming out we also saw earlier in the day in the morning hours there were some vigils and flower laying ceremonies for those who were lost on the streets of yangon and elsewhere across me anymore but they are still coming out one thing that's interesting we were seeing a little bit more of
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a defensive posture or defensive maneuvers i should say by the protesters they've built more fortified barricades to try to keep those advancing security forces back at bay we're seeing more shields more steel metal shields that they're using but again you know when you talk about military force you talk about a police force those can only do so much and again we're seeing an aggressive posture from the security forces and we're hearing you know heavy use of tear gas and young gone and we know that in other cities around the country too there has been pushback almost immediate pushback from those security forces come on ok let's talk about unsung suchi then more charges brought up again so we should remind people that the charges that have been brought already were what was it importing walkie talkies or something like that. yeah now there are 3 charges come all the 1st was that one importing illegally imported walkie talkies 6 of them that was
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her very 1st charge right after the coup on february 1st then another one came out there was a hearing. that no one really knew about even her attorney till after it had concluded that added another charge a 2nd charge about going against the restrictions when she was campaigning for the election in november and this last one is something that dates back to colonial era times publishing information that could stoke fear or concern so that's the 3rd charge the now she's facing 3 charges come all ok thanks for the updates scott heide lawyer in bangkok. announcer hong kong $47.00 activists and former politicians are in court after being charged under the national security law they're accused of participating in an unofficial election primary is the latest group of government critics to be detained under the law imposed by the government in beijing hundreds of their supporters gathered outside the courthouse as well also there adrian brown reporting for us tell us what's happened today jane.
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will come out as you can see plenty of media here plenty of lawyers and of course plenty of protesters the action has been happening outside of the court since early monday morning hundreds of people began gathering some were queuing others were just milling around but it had that sort of feel of the protests in 2019 because they were chanting some of the slogans we heard back then chanting things like fight for freedom stand with hong kong i met a woman who had a a union jack wrapped around of the union jack of course being the flag of the former colonial power britain and she said that she was here not just to support those now on trial but also to support the protesters in me in march she said that we have to stand up to authoritarian rule everywhere and a lot of the protesters have been adopting the free finger salute which of course is used by protesters from me and mark thailand to now here in hong kong what is happening inside the court now come out is that basically nothing we're still
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waiting for proceedings to begin and of course it's going to be a very long process because of the number of people involved this represents the largest mass charge against the pro-democracy camp there are $47.00 activists and politicians inside that courtroom but we're told that the procedures may not begin until 330 in the afternoon my time 4 o'clock perhaps and it could go on well into the night and let's remember kemal more than 10000 people have been. that since the protest happened here in hong kong in june 2019 the chief executive kerry has also said that when the nationals look security law came into effect it would only affect a small number of people so far more than $100.00 people have been arrested under that law and half that number have been charged. thank you adrian but i'm sure we'll be talking to you again later on in hong kong if europeans here in the
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northern region of particular have told al-jazeera about how civilians were tortured and killed by eritrean soldiers last year evidence also suggests eritrea did send troops when the government's offensive began last november despite its denials charlotte bella says the story. is. a senior role with mona lisa is traumatized by one day the 4th of december it was then she says in retrain soldiers into her village in the ethiopian region of 2 green should stay. but they tried to rape me and i was thrown to the ground then one of the soldiers fired bullets to scare me but they hit my hand and then fired another bullet that went through my arm i was bleeding for hours. then i had my arm amputated. al-jazeera
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has gained rare access to to gray and heard from witnesses who say they suffered a pierces that could amount to war crimes but at the hands of eritrean not ethiopian soldiers and of liddick and some girls and i managed to leave the village but on the road we were caught by eritrean soldiers more than 10 soldiers took turns raping us in november ethiopian prime minister and launched into strikes and seen fit to route troops into to great saying he was responding to attacks by the to grain people's liberation front witnesses say eritrean forces crossed the border to support the ethiopian military and while here committed egregious crimes committed now can i do i just wish that al-jazeera convey our message and my cowboys who we demand the exit of iraq trying forces from our country. you're a trained soldiers deny even being into gray yet al-jazeera obtained these images
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showing trucks with eritrean license plates integrate caring so much is amnesty international also released a report stating hundreds of civilians were massacred by eritrean soldiers in the town of exham in november the. sniper rifles. ethiopia's government has questions the accuracy of amnesty sources but says an investigation will be launched. as information slowly seep sounds survivors live with their truth every day. 2 my husband was killed in our village along with a lot please go tell them well we are dying. by their accounts at the hands of soldiers who deny every entering this land shall a ballasts al-jazeera. the political turmoil in haiti is growing as thousands of
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people protest against president jovan illinois and say he is an illegitimate leader and want him to step down at once and many times his term actually last until next year while the opposition argues it should have ended 3 weeks ago. reports. self described pro-democracy protesters took to the streets of port au prince haiti with one demand for the president to step down and. 'd the demonstrators numbering in the thousands on sunday say jovan and maurice 5 year term ended on february 7th but that the president has refused to leave office and is instead consolidating power yes i know i was today we're showing the world that the haitian people reject the power of the ph d. k. headed beige of n n maries who wants to establish a dictatorship in the country the haitian people pulled against the devalued regime
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in 1086 who will not go back to d.c. . or he says ruled by presidential decree for the past 13 months after dissolving the majority of parliament amid political gridlock he claims his term doesn't end until february 2022 and he'll step down only then he took power in 2017 in an election marred by allegations of fraud. the protest sunday were organized by religious groups but others joined in including the political opposition. the frustration on the streets goes beyond the president demonstrators are also mad at what's known as that core group the united nations european union united states canada and france that for many years have held great influence over haitian affairs they say they are. group is propping up
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the east at the expense of the haitian people that come out. for a long time the economic elite has been hijacked or the country with the complicity of juvenile malays and the cold who have joined forces to oversee the country. january the us announced an infusion of $75000000.00 in development aid for the country and just last week called for legislative and presidential elections this year but so far shied away from calling for moyes to step down i don't think i get . what remains is anger on the streets a defiant president in a country now in a constitutional crisis gabriel's sandow al-jazeera. grab a break on al-jazeera when we come back iran explains why it's rejecting a european offer of nuclear talks involving the united states and the new lockdown in brazil's capital provides and got some say widening poverty is killing more
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people than confidence. how the weather's calmed down now i see now across much if you have a high pressure in charge keeping it satellites is the lid on the atmosphere goals so long as the clear skies we've got 2 hours of high pressure that just up towards the british isles and down towards the italy and the alps around the area of high pressure we have got quite a breeze just blowing in across the baltic states introducing some rain sleet and snow into that eastern side over here but elsewhere it is fine and it is dried up to keep warm but it is. bad a mild enough in moscow as well as around 2 degrees celsius but some places a frying pan some snow down towards the black sable garia pushing across parts of
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grace through the a bowl can spit so every day without sunshine slow start for many with fog and frost issues which will buy it off quickly but we're getting up to around 9 or 10 celsius there off across the british isles $48.00 in paris to see bad joseph some showers just rolling across spain and portugal over the next couple of days but want to see showers to across the eastern side of the med it's right into the must see a few showers and is that wintry mix continuing that across that eastern side of a year of course know that africa is fine and dry but we have got some shabbas pushing across the far north off in iraq a. frank assessment the world is on a brink. that model fabian is that a fair assessment you catastrophic hialeah to twice a valuable back seat informed opinions should we be buying bitcoin ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying that is the direction this is all
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headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines the inside story on which is iraq. group. playing. with al-jazeera these are the top stories prosecutors in me and ma have filed a new charge against opposed leader and son suchi police have been firing tear gas and stun grenades at and t 2 protesters in go on un says 18 people were killed on sunday during confrontations with security forces right across the country. $47.00 activists and former politicians are in court in hong kong after being charged under the national
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security though it's the latest group of government critics to be detained under the law imposed by beijing. and ethiopians in the northern chicory region of told al-jazeera civilians were tortured and killed by eritrean soldiers last year that follows a report from amnesty international accusing eritrean troops of committing the rights abuses in action. u.s. border patrol agents have counted nearly $80000.00 refugees and migrants along the southern border with mexico during january alone it is the highest monthly figure in years and it's putting pressure on president joe biden who's are versing his predecessor's hardline immigration policies castro reports now from brownsville texas. they've waited 2 years for this moment the 1st steps of freedom in the united states was it was just this morning these families woke up in a squalid camp across the border and matamoros mexico under former president donald
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trump they'd been forced to wait there for a chance to apply for asylum in the u.s. . now problems on the other sort of finally over after so much suffering and waiting thank god we've triumphed. and it's so amazing to see how far you know them can come to know this president joyce the moment when they're a contrast to the border wall the legacy of trump's crackdown on immigration biden's dramatic pivot away from those policies include a proposal that would eventually offer citizenship to the $11000000.00 undocumented immigrants currently living in the united states that plan if it becomes law would not help the migrants who are arriving now but they're coming regardless the u.s. border patrol reports a surge in migrants inspired in one office many of them children traveling without
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parents that's led to the reopening of temporary shelters for migrant children the same shelters that drew protests when they were opened by trump what i have seen so far you buy into ministration is very focused on family unity and protection of the human life so i think that there is that is a process you have to. just hope baby doesn't face to long for the children to be in bad place jostling zamora and her 2 year old daughter had waited out from the presidency in nicaragua where they've been threatened by gangs now they've just crossed into the us with little drama. but there were no before we were scared we'd be returned to our country where we could have been harmed now it's much better we can be with our families in a much safer place humanitarian groups are helping migrants get kovi tests and bus tickets to head toward the american interior there with relatives or friends who
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long awaited their arrival eventually have a chance to see an immigration judge who will then decide if they can stay heidi joe castro al-jazeera brownsville texas. meanwhile former u.s. president on trump's again hinted at another run for the top job has rolled out starting his own policy. the final most anticipated speech at c pac the servant of political action conference in florida is john hendren reports from orlando it was his 1st public appearance since leaving office. the former president told his most fervent followers the trump era is alive well and ongoing we began it together 4 years ago and it is far from being over. the news that the 45th president will remain on the national stage this stage is crafted in his honor in the shape of the number 45 was well received by this
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conservative crowd that includes the head of the proud boys who calls establishment republicans rhinos republicans in name only and i get it from 440. 7 5 right right. right right. right here that we're going to vote right now already. happened. i want to broaden the party now. but whether the party's 2024 presidential standard bearer will be named trump or which trump donald don jr or if he didn't say who do you like to see leave the party in 2024 is there any leader. and what about the other. john jr. i hope they run for 28 in his 1st public address since he left the white house rejected by voters trump ease the minds of many republicans with a call to unify the party across the bitter divide he helped create the republican
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party is united the only division is between a handful of washington d.c. establishment political hacks and everybody else all over the country i think we have tremendous and. the call for unity behind trump is a challenge to those republicans the party behind someone else and it was. but the former president isn't releasing his vice like grip on a clear majority of republican voters every party but now especially the republican party has to look inside after january 6th and say what have we become what's our great history and how do we go forward from here and reaching out to donald trump and more of the same is not going to do that as expected in his kitchen sink his speech trump attacked his rivals promise to defeat them and repeated baseless claims that he won the past election actually as you know they just lost the white house but he also left the door wide open for another run in 2024 who knows
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i may even decide to beat them for a 3rd time ok i. it was a welcome message for everyone in attendance but for other conservative voters and politicians it's a worrisome reminder of the widening rift in a bitterly divided republican party john hendren al-jazeera orlando florida. efforts to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal between iran and major world powers have stalled the white house says it's disappointed iran's ruled out informal discussions with its european allies iran's foreign ministry says it's too soon to return to the negotiating table teheran wants the u.s. to make the 1st move by lifting unilateral sanctions iran says it will respond accordingly if europe takes any action against it follows reports suggesting the u.k. germany and france are working on a resolution they plan to present to the international atomic energy agency it will
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condemn iran for breaching the deal last week to iran stop voluntary cooperation with the agency and in all surprise inspections and disabling cameras which are supposed to monitor its nuclear facilities the agency chief or a failed grossly reached an agreement with iran to continue those inspections for at least 3 months the agency's board of governors is also scheduled to meet later on monday to discuss iran's nuclear program let's hear from trita parsi executive vice president of the quincy institute who says both sides need to make goodwill gestures if they want to see some progress. this is extremely unfortunate this is not helpful what the iranians have decided it is unfortunately not surprising however from their perspective the biden restriction is continuing trans sanctions policy and justice trump sought to have dialogue with the iranians while he was sanctioning them with crippling sanctions in the midst of a pandemic and they said no to that they are refusing to engaging on that if there
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are no signs from biden that he will lift the sanctions if he rejoins the deal and this is the buy administration on the other hand feel that they should not have to give any concessions to the iranians before getting talks started this is getting serious it is problematic but this process is far from that one thing that has really unhelpful here is that the europeans have decided to go to the board of governors of the i.a.e.a. and start a century a new conflict there which seemed to have complicated matters tremendously we have to remember that the iranians have reduced some of their obligations and they're going to get censored for that according to europeans the united states has and that all of its obligations and has not gotten sensitive for it so i think that move in the midst of this very delicate dance to try to get the 2 parties to take in this will small step not so much to be a loose face but enough to get the process started has really not been helpful and
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perhaps it will be would draw on but it is part of this very problematic opening to this diplomacy at this time both sides should be doing goodwill gestures rather than taking these type of measures the syrian military says its ads offense has responded to an israeli strike near damascus state media say the missiles were fired from the occupied golan heights but most were intercepted in the vicinity of the capital has been no official response from israel which rarely comments on strikes against syria. coronavirus news and millions of people are in lockdown in brazil's capital to help ease pressure on health facilities many hospitals in brasilia are strained to capacity with kovac 19 patients the 2 week lockdowns angered some with hundreds protesting against the restrictions. he has a report on the firing the latest restrictions hundreds protested in front of the governor's mansion in brazilian sunday with one clear message.
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and the lockdown governor we want to work listen to the voice of the people we want to work we want to work. angry at the latest lockdown imposed on the city to stem a rising wave of infections left hospitals on the verge of collapse. the current restrictions mean only essential services will be allowed for didn't next 2 weeks the same is happening in dozens of other cities in states across the country. but despite the risks protesters in brazil are not the only ones concerned about the economic impact. and friday president just. threatened to cut off federal and aid to states there are imposing lock downs and curfews to quell the surge was you know millions you know emergency aid will come for a few more months and from now on governors who close down their states and governors who destroyed jobs will have to provide for their own emergency aid.
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but the brazilian red cross is urging the government to take the crisis seriously. to my health is much more important than the economic situation the country has a sick economy people working in infecting others will not help us so we call on the government to take precautions. a vaccination campaign is under way but delays in deliveries have a time slowed down the rollout to a trickle on saturday to new batches of ingredients to produce the chinese scene of act vaccine in brazil landed in rio renewing hope to jumpstart the campaign with. a core of a 1000000 brazilians lives lost from cope with so far and more than a 1000 still dying every day the road ahead remains fraught with sorrow and pain. the philippines has begun vaccinating its population against covert 19 1st batch of
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the chinese made sign about jobs arrived on sunday the philippines the 2nd worst hit country in the region and its vaccination program has lagged behind many of its neighbors. vaccination center in manila. there is a lot of fanfare around this called vaccination rollout here in the philippines today we are at the long center of the philippines which is one of the main hope in 1000 hospitals in the country over thinking vaccines are being rolled out in the 6 different major government hospitals here in the in the capital manila now why is there this level of anticipation it's because health care workers here to philippines as well as general public have been waiting for these calls with my team back scenes for months and. there's a lot of criticism of government officials bungling these posted 19 vaccination
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efforts they said that will be making vaccines were arriving in december it's now march the philippines is the last country in southeast asia for rollout 1000 back scenes but it's also important to note that these are only 600000 doses of the chinese vaccine manufactured by the chinese part was that of a company signed of that and these were not bought by the philippine government these are don't need by the chinese government so there's a long way to go before the philippine government and vaccinate all of its health care workers as well as the general public. and these ilands prime ministers are urging people to report lock down rule break ins just in their own don't address the growing anger about the 7 day lockdown in all city 2nd in a month which is prompted by a single new covered $9000.00 infection. our plan is for short and sharp restrictions in order to break the chain of transmission but rule breaking can
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prolong that plan. so that is why i'm asking if anyone now more than is that to continue to bacon support one another. and if that means calling a family member a work colleague out for not following the rules then we should do that do it with kindness but do it. finally some news in the golden globe awards where filmmaker closures are made history by becoming the 1st woman of asian descent to win the award for best director it was for the film nomad land also the black panther star chadwick boseman won a posthumous golden globe for best actor in a drama film winning the award for his role as a horn player in the film ma rainey's black bottom of me died of colon cancer last year at the age of $43.00. past the hour and these are the top stories prosecutors in may and mara filed
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a new charge.


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