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they on the locals resistance the ultras of russia casablanca up the funds to make football on al-jazeera. play an important role ringback. this is al-jazeera. given al this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. chaotic scenes on the streets again gone a day after bin me and miles military increased its crackdown against protesters
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killing 18 people. and new charges are filed against oppose the don't understand suchi including inciting public on breast. protesters gather outside a court in hong kong where pro-democracy activists are accused of violating beijing's national security law. harrowing tales from civilians caught up with the conflict in ethiopia's northern 2 great beaches. and a french court prepares to rule on the corruption case against former president nicolas sarkozy. and i'm here to stay with all your sports one of the world's top race horse trainers called an alias apologizes off to confirming a picture of him sitting on a dead horse is real. best . before hours after me and miles most violent days since its military coup
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prosecutors have filed 2 new criminal charges against depose the the un santucci was the 1st time she was seen in public since her detention of a month ago she appeared in court through a video link and even after the deaths of 18 people on sunday demonstrators remain defiant as scott hartnell reports. messages for general men on lang the morning after his security forces gunned down protesters on the streets of yangon sunday was the bloodiest day since the february 1st coup in myanmar and the weeks of protests that have followed. but that did not keep them inside on monday. the police and military forces quickly advancing in yangon firing tear gas at the gathering protesters sending them running. in the early hours of the coup last month civilian leader aung sang suu kyi was detained in naperville along with most of the elected leadership of her governing and the party. for the 1st time since
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then she appeared in a video link in this courthouse during a hearing for the charges against her according to her lawyer she appeared to be in good health 2 additional criminal charges against on song suchi were added on monday on top of the 2 existing ones the next hearing is in 2 weeks. as international pressure builds against the johnson and its increasingly violent crackdown against protesters some feel it might prompt the military to dig in deeper the worse case scenario is when you try to put a hot plate on a military person you know sometimes the outcome is not what you expect day may. get matt and instead. followed a way that international community stands at once they do opposite things he went on to say the best approach with the military is a regional one with nations myanmar is for a 1000000 with and views as allies that process is to start on tuesday when the regional block of southeast asian nations known as
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a c on is due to start talks on the and mark scott hardly al-jazeera. let's speak to another of our correspondents covering the story tony tony just talk us through these new charges that are facing on. well 1st one is related to the walkie-talkie is that she was the original charged with having illegally imported she's now being chance with another charge of the broadcasting laws presumably related to the use of those walkie talkies as perhaps the 2nd one which is attracting more him for attention which is the charge of publishing information which could cause fear or alarm and it could potentially disrupt public tranquillity that is a new one that is presumably related to her role in the n l d material that she had published ahead of the elections in november last year but i think the most important thing in this court hearing is the fact that uncensored
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she was seen at all the 1st time her lawyer had seen her on a video link not in person but he did say that she was looking healthy there had been fears for her fears for her health having been out of out of contact for so long the whole laws have asked the judge to grant access to her which the judge has said he will ask the police to do so they should get access to her in person at some stage in the next 2 weeks before their next hearing but they did say she appears to be at this stage in good health meanwhile tony even after a protest is some 18 at least of them were killed on sunday demonstrate his once again are coming back into the streets what more can you tell us. they are in the coming out all across the country not in as large numbers as we saw yesterday i don't think that's too surprising but in very significant numbers and they're being met with the same reaction from from the armed services from the
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military and the police although it doesn't appear that they are using live rounds to disperse protesters today nonetheless they have been fierce in trying to push them back from the early morning today they have been firing tear gas charging the protesters have been trying to organize themselves protect themselves with batons they've been using improvised body armor but it does appear at this stage the these are 2 opponents which are now going going to lock their horns on an almost daily basis and i think as we've seen these protests escalate and the reaction from from the police and from the army become harsher and harsher think this is the thing people have been concerned about that we're now going to get into a descending spiral we've gone from one to 2 this last weekend 18 deaths yesterday and i think this is increasingly a concern for the region we've seen a lot of global condemnation but last year and i think is going to be turning its attention to this tomorrow with
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a meeting of foreign ministers and i think they're going to be concerned that if something isn't done if the appropriate pressure isn't put on the military to somehow find a compromise here this is a situation which is going to spiral downwards and further out of control all right thank you for that update there tony chang across developments in me an hour from bangkok. the u.n. secretary general says the use of lethal force against peaceful protesters is unacceptable there are growing calls for international action against me in mass military unfavored the 12th the un human rights council condemned the coup calling for the release of political prisoners and an end to the state of emergency less than a week later the u.k. sanctioned 3 top military figures this was later expanded to include more of the top command and businesses connected to the military then the u.s. imposed sanctions on the top generals freezing their assets and blocking american companies from did business with them around the same time the e.u. issued a statement saying it was ready to impose sanctions. well benedict raja's is
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a senior analyst for east asia with christian solidarity worldwide he joins us on skype prevent and thank you for your time so why have these international attempts to put pressure on the military apparently made no difference. well i think firstly they've only been in place for a matter of just some day so they need to be given time to to make a difference but secondly in certain cases they are welcome measures but not enough for example the u.k. has imposed sanctions against some of the generals is as your report mentioned but it hasn't sanctioned bigotry enterprises yet the effect of the sanctions on the generals preventing them from traveling to the u.k. is largely symbolic because they don't tend to travel to the u.k. anyway so those sanctions were really made much difference it's the kind of
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sanctions that the u.s. has imposed sanctions against military enterprises that have a chance of making a difference do you think that the pressure the international pressure will step up now that the crackdown on protesters has become so violent as we've been saying 18 people died in protests on sunday do you think the pressure will now intensify. i certainly hope it will and i think it should and i think it should involve a combination of measures targeted. sanctions and other forms of pressure on the generals a global arms embargo is something that i advocate but i think also. intensifying diplomatic efforts by the united nations and by as again and i personally think that the m.r. should be suspended from as again given that this regime is not not a beagle government it's an illegal military. so at the end should take that action ok you mentioned the u.n. my question is what good is the u.n.
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in this situation i mean it's calling for international action for a cohesive international response i mean the military was empowered me in my office most of its history even when democratic reforms happened the military maintained a lot of control what did the un do there now at that point in time so what can the un do now well i think the u.n. can least show. political and diplomatic leadership on this i think that the u.n. secretary general should try to lead a high level delegation to to try to begin some form of dialogue with the military and to use its moral authority to suppress the military to step back of course the u.n. has limited its fadi toothless but certainly its efforts are needed and if you combine that kind of diplomatic effort with targeted sanctions that has
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a chance of of making some difference ok if if the u.n. is toothless your words what that is what measures could it take. well that again is valid to be toothless as well but it does have an important diplomatic role to play as. the body that represents the region and countries that are most neighbors and in some cases allies. i think that one of the things that i should do is consider suspending myanmar from its membership so it has a legitimate government that has been elected in. invalid elections ok we'll have to leave it there for time thank you for your analysis benedict launches there with christian solidarity while right. now $47.00 prominent activists are in court in hong kong after being charged under
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beijing's controversial national security law they're accused of subversion after taking part in an unofficial election prime rate last year it's the largest use of the war against hong kong's pro-democracy activists hundreds of people have gathered outside the courthouse in support is adrian brown who's outside that court in hong kong. as you can see plenty of media here plenty of lawyers and of course plenty of protesters the action has been happening outside of the court since early monday morning hundreds of people began gathering some were queuing others were just milling around but it had the sort of feel of the protests in 2019 because they were chanting some of the slogans we heard back then chanting things like fight for freedom stand with hong kong i met a woman who had a a union jack wrapped around the union jack of course being the flag of the former colonial power britain and she said that she was here not just to support those now
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on trial but also to support the protesters in me in march she said that we have to stand up to authoritarian rule everywhere and a lot of the protesters have been adopting the 3 finger salute which of course is used by protesters from me and thailand to now here in hong kong what is happening inside the court now is that basically nothing we're still waiting to proceedings to begin and of course it's going to be a very long process because of the number of people involved this represents the largest mass charge against the pro-democracy camp there of 47 activists and politicians inside that courtroom but we're told that the procedures may not begin until 330 in the afternoon my time 4 o'clock perhaps and it could go on well into the night i had my head on the news hour including still missing the face of 317 schoolgirls kidnapped in northern nigeria remains unknown.
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hope at last after 4 years of donald trump's hardline immigration policies refugees and migrants have a shot at a better life for us. and then scores gulf is on a tie don't put spyware in his spreading black collis he covers from a car crash. if europeans in the northern region of tikrit have told al jazeera about how civilians were tortured and killed by eritrean soldiers last year and evidence suggests eritrea did send troops when the government's offensive began last november despite its denials shall balance reports. 18 year olds mona lisa is traumatized by one day the 4th of december it was then
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she says eritrean soldiers into her village in the ethiopian region of 2 growing should stay. but they tried to rape me and i was thrown to the ground then one of the soldiers fired bullets to scare me but they hit my hand and then fired another bullet that went through my arm. i was bleeding for hours then i had my arm amputated. al-jazeera has gained rare access to to gray and heard from witnesses who say they suffered abuses that could amount to war crimes but at the hands of every train not ethiopian soldiers and liddick and some girls and i managed to leave the village but on the road we were caught by eritrean soldiers more than 10 soldiers took turns raping us in november ethiopian prime minister and launched into strikes and seen federal troops into 2 great saying he was responding to attacks by the to grain people's liberation front witnesses say eritrean forces
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crossed the border to support the ethiopian military and while here committed egregious crimes committed nagen i do i just don't wish that al-jazeera convey our message and my cowboys who we demand the exit of iraq trying forces from our country. you're a trained soldiers deny even being integrated yet al-jazeera obtained these images showing trucks with eritrean license plates integrate carrying soldiers and misty international also released a report stating hundreds of civilians were massacred by era trained soldiers in the town of axum in november the focus. of the street the rifles. ethiopia's government has questions the accuracy of amnesty sources but says an investigation will be launched. as
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information slowly seeps out survivors live with their troops every day. and my husband was killed in our village along with i'm not please go tell the world we're dying. by their accounts at the hands of soul jews who deny ever entering this land shiela ballasts al-jazeera. coming up a little later in the program we'll speak to someone from the un refugee agency to get their take on the situation that's in about 15 minutes. presidential candidate in chad says government security forces have killed his mother son and 3 of his cousins and a great. deal of digital bitches says a unit of the presidential guard stormed his home at dawn on sunday the former rebel leader has submitted his candidacy for april's elections on friday the government confirmed the raise but says its forces had no choice but to shoot when they were fired on it accuses bitches of beating efforts to destabilize the country
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or more on this nicholas hunt joins us live from dakar in senegal because what exactly happened here. well if you still have the presidential guard the red berets the much feared security forces on the streets of enjoyment in circling the house of yeah you still have hundreds of supporters of below outside his house and you have tanks you have a.p.c. units armored personnel carriers that are on the ground human rights organizations say this is a disproportionate use of force to arrest this man who's under and then arrest warrant after the wife of the president idriss deby filed a case against. back in august last year essentially gilo posted a viral video last year accusing the 1st lady of mismanaging public
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funds now the 1st lady responsible for corona coronavirus response in the country and following that accusation the 1st lady father case for defamation and that's why the security forces stormed his house in order to arrest him following this case now yeah dealer says that this is an infringement of freedom of expression he's a candidate for the upcoming presidential election he says all of this is politically motivated to try to muffle his voice now he's part of the zygote was community which is the same community from which the president is from and he had launched a rebellion against the president back in 2005 now he says that all of this comes at a time where he is said to run for a 6th term in office remember he's one of the most he's one of the long standing president now for days been in power for the last 30 years and chad he's
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a key ally to france and to the united states chad holding borders with libya but also chad sending forces to help region to stem out and be in. in the in the military operation in this are held region so he's received the backing of france who has a military base in germany and even last year french forces intervene when there was a rebellion against him now the presidential election is set to happen in april but what we're seeing right now is protest unprecedented unprecedented protests in the capital and john that we saw this again when president debbie and that she would become a candidate for this upcoming election when human rights activists sought refuge inside the u.s. embassy and there is with this show of force from the government with the presidential force on the ground there's a sense that there could be more protest ahead down the internet has been shut down
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the. phone lines have also been shut down and still the presence of the presidential forces outside yeah dealer's house and they seem determined to go in and try to arrest him no matter what the consequences came ok thank you for that update nicholas cross developments. nigerian officials say they're close to rescuing 317 girls kidnapped from a school in the northwest and say to. give their families home after the raid in the early hours of friday that interest traveled to the school in john gave way to speak to a community still in shock. what's left behind in these rooms indicates the girls left in a hurry and probably shock the attackers shot through glass windows to force them out. of the fact strewn across the floor they were gone only for a few days but the dry weather cast the millions of dust of what was left behind.
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at the school entrance the lone security guard who tried to stop them but field is back on his job watching the gate. after a short patrol of the school perimeter i went back in and shortly after i saw someone on the wall i pointed my gun at that intruder and he fell back i heard him telling others to shoot me i had and i called for help no one was able to help because they've surrounded the school. although there are 2 security posts within a few 100 meters of the school in this north western state of them for not enough support rich to a police officer who attempted to stop them was shot dead by the attackers or wanted to shoot to is among students who evaded capture then asked short and shouted everybody out if anybody inside knew them without coming i went. so i
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just came in running to the gate. is my ilisoni still waiting for the news of his 10 year old daughter my sister and a friend's daughter. i've never been in such a confused state i haven't slept much you know eaten well since then there is no joy no laughter anymore in this house back at the school a few parents hanging around for news of their children with them a few security personnel guarding empty classrooms and hospitals just a few days ago these hostages were full of life 550 goes where he act chasing their dreams some wanted to be doctors others teachers then as they prepare for the night men bussed in they herded and drove 317 girls into the night now the holes of residence are empty the government of them for a state has now shut down or boarding schools in the state. but for some the damage
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has already been done some parents insist that brought us on going back to school saying the nigerian government has failed them a few students who still want to continue with their education say they may consider going back but under certain conditions. they've been at least 6 mos kidnappings from schools in northern nigeria in success 2 of them this february that talks are happening in the region with the lowest levels of school enrollment and high dropout sparking fears the region may fall farther behind the rest of the country. degrees al jazeera nigeria. political turmoil is growing as protests continue against president. they say he's an illegitimate leader and want him to step down but moyes maintains his time lost some till next year all the opposition argues it should have ended 3 weeks ago
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reports. self described pro-democracy protesters took to the streets of port au prince haiti with one demand for the president to step down and. the demonstrators numbering in the thousands on sunday say jovan and maurice 5 year term ended on february 7th but that the president has refused to leave office and is instead consolidating power yes i know i was today we're showing the world that the haitian people reject the power of the ph d. k. headed base of n l millions who want to establish a dictatorship in the country the haitian people fought against the devalued regime in 1806 will not go back to d.c. . he says ruled by presidential decree for the past 13 months after dissolving the majority of parliament amid political gridlock he claims his term doesn't end until february 2022 and he'll step down only then he
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took power in 2017 in an election marred by allegations of fraud. the protests sunday were organized by religious groups but others joined in including the political opposition. the frustration on the streets goes beyond the president demonstrators are also mad at what's known as the core group the united nations european union united states canada and france that for many years have held great influence over haitian affairs they say the group is propping up luis at the expense of the haitian people that come out. for a long time the economic elite has been hijacked to the country with the complicity of luis and the cold who have joined forces to impoverish the country.
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january the u.s. announced an infusion of $75000000.00 in development aid to the country and just last week called for legislative and presidential elections this year but so far shied away from calling for moves to step down. saying. what remains is anger on the streets a defiant president in a country now in a constitutional crisis gabriel's sandow of his eda. the israeli prime minister is blaming iran for an attack on a cargo ship the israeli owned vessel was damaged by an explosion in the gulf of oman on friday the blast left tells of its hull the ship is now docked in dubai benjamin netanyahu wouldn't be drawn on direct retaliation iran's foreign ministry denies that the country was involved. efforts to salvage the 2050 nuclear deal between iran and major world powers have stalled the white house says it's disappointed iran has rolled out
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a formal discussions with its european allies iran's foreign ministry says it's too soon to return to the negotiating table tehran wants the u.s. to make the 1st move by lifting unilateral sanctions. so to come here on al-jazeera i may even decide to beat them for a 3rd time ok. still insisting wrongly that he won the election donald trump lays out his party's future and his own. lovely known. history made at this year's golden globes chloe job becomes the 1st asian woman to win the coveted award for best director. and in sports the noir of constancy mandia tells al-jazeera he expects her to compete at the tokyo end of 6.
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but. there's lots of lovely spring sunshine across a good parts a few of them at last a clear skies high pressure in china does mean some early morning mist and fog to contend with the some chilly start as well but this time of year to decent amount of strength to the sun so you and mr folk we do get will burn off quite nicely around our high we do still have a brisk wind bringing some wintry showers i was at west the side of a russia that's in the process of pushing out of the way moscow 4 degrees celsius and it's mild even for most guys so we're looking at a lot of dry weather into central pa site which was to west charles of want to see shows just sliding into the southwest approaches of england maybe around the press but then tossed and showers to just around spain as we go on through choose day side of the med also a little unsettled a few showers rattling through here but nothing too much to speak of although it's a pep talk a little as we go on into wednesday by wednesday as that fun and try weather across
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much of central year shot was pushing across southern well southern parts of england into northern areas of france will see some wet weather it's in northern parts of morocco over the next day want to see the breeze just blowing in across egypt as we go on 3 cheers day temperatures falling back to 98 celsius for wednesday. coveted beyond. taken without hesitation the forgotten died for iraq power defines our old and all those new babies were toy the other did nothing about it's the collecting babies the people in power investigates exposes and question what's the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the would be considered
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than 24 hours after me and miles most violent day since its military coup protesters have filed 2 new criminal charges against deposed leader aung san suu kyi across me in miles major cities security forces are increasing their crackdown on protesters. $47.00 activists and former politicians are in court of hong kong after being charged under the national security law the racist group of government critics to be detained under the water imposed by beijing. if you're peons in the northern tip or a region have told al-jazeera civilians were tortured and killed by eritrean soldiers last year follows a report by amnesty international accusing eritrean troops of committing rights abuses and acts. of more on this we're joined by chris in the ethiopian capital addis ababa he is the spokesman for the un refugee agency thank you for time mr belzer what is the u.n. hearing about the latest on the ground and take. well you have these stories too and the are of course very very concerning unfortunately we can't confirm them
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because we still have no access to the northern part of tikrit but we saw so much images of our refugee camps were destroyed and we've heard stories of course from refugees that totals up to these actions but again since we don't have access to the northern part of tikrit we can't confirm these reports that we have seen tens of thousands of people fleeing refugees fleeing are people still leaving the area i mean surely people can't feel safe given all of these allegations where are people going. yes indeed people are still fleeing so what we have now the more 60000 refugees refugees from this is normal is not not growing fast anymore but we have so-called internals place person sole or if it is their country
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if you look at. their home if you are 2 or part of gray or 2 surrounding and we are all of the refugees to knowledge there are opposites troy who tried to reach the 2 southern. us these allegations against eritrean troops from amnesty international i mean they are very serious and there was also a report obtained by the new york times a couple of days ago alleging ethnic cleansing and take these are very serious allegations i know you said that access to the region has been difficult can you tell me what the u.n. is trying to do to investigate or to try and verify any of these reports. well 1st we have to say we are not the is the gating but we are if you think on a traffic incident there are injured people and the paramedics are not the police so we are trying to save the lives not to investigate although of course we prove
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these stories from the from the refugees telling us these reports and they are some trousers and that's why we asked definitely forms to gauge of these potential crimes because if they are true then we are talking about criminal ations of international or who then can investigate these claims what are the chances that ethiopia is going to do such a thing. for example if you know you can do little meaning with your country. if you are would be the 1st of us to investigate these allegations and if the author of course can also ask for help it say for example by the united nations high commissioner for human rights i would hope for as he said refugees to still play in the area how equipped is sudan with refugees that have already gone there and also you know what is the need for refugees who are now internally displaced.
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one sudar is very very old is there who are coming to the refugees and we the united nations high commissioner for refugees. we support done in at that point. in tikrit itself the situation is actually much worse although the southern part of tikrit our 2 cans are now running again and it's proving every day that the northern part is still thousands maybe tens of thousands of refugees definitely hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons and many of them are living in a very dire conditions sometimes living in a field. thanks so much for your update there chris melzer from the ethiopian capital spokesman for the un refugee agency. in the next 2 hours a court in france is expected to deliver a verdict in the corruption trial of former president nicolas sarkozy is accused of
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offering a job in monaco to a judge in exchange for information on an investigation into his campaign finances that are about that is live for us now in paris that are so what is expected from nicolas sarkozy what's at stake what is he facing. as you say the former french president nicolas sarkozy will learn his fate is the verdict will be handed down by this court in paris after a corruption trial that began in november now nicolas sarkozy is accused of trying to bribe an influence of a magistrate in 2014 by offering that magistrate a top job in return for information about another investigation which has been carried out in nicolas sarkozy's election campaign funding at the time by police now nicolas sarkozy says these charges have always been trumped up by his political opponents he's denied them he says he's innocent he says that he has long been the
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target of any political smear campaign nevertheless prosecutors in this trial have requested a 4 year jail sentence for nicolas sarkozy 2 years to be served in jail 2 years suspended. i'm wondering does sarkozy still have political ambitions after all of this. one ever since nicolas sarkozy was voted out of the lease a in 2012 he certainly maintains that he is going to be making a political comeback to try to run for the presidency for example in 27 to be a have to say that if he was found guilty in this trial that would certainly put a huge down no on his political ambitions are going forward even though he would be very likely to appeal however if he's found not guilty of course he will feel vindicated he will feel that that will perhaps give him the platform and springboard that he needs to make
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a political comeback however the difficulty for sarkozy is his legal woes are far from over he has at least 2 other a corruption trials to be carried to be carried out in the next year. all right thank you. for us in paris. god as president has become the 1st person to receive a vaccine from kovacs a global initiative to provide free doses to developing nations a coup for our daughter and his wife so they want to set an example to show the public that the jobs are safe start a national vaccination campaign on tuesday. students in indian administers kashmir are returning to the classroom really a year after the pandemic forced schools to close students have been forced to study at home even before the pandemic because of a military crackdown. and india is expanding its vaccination campaign beyond health
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workers allowing older people and those with medical conditions to get jobs prime minister narendra modi was among the 1st of the new group to be inoculated with nearly 1400000000 people india is taking on one of the world's largest vaccination campaigns it started in january but the rollout has been slow. the philippines has begun vaccinating its population against covert 19 the 1st batch of the chinese made sign of that jabs arrived on sunday the nation is the southeast asia's 2nd worst hit country but is one of the last to start its vaccination drive south africa's government has eased coronavirus restrictions and placed orders for the new single job johnson and johnson vaccine and evan 1000000 doses have been awarded with around 3000000000 so it arrived within the next 3 months president obama polls an ounce to on sunday his country would move from a level 3 to level one that's due to a decline in cases in recent weeks that will allow most businesses to reopen
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although a night curfew from midnight to 4 am will remain in place based on an assessment of the current state of the pandemic in the country cabinet of various levels of consultation with the provinces and metro as cabinet has decided earlier today to move the country from coronavirus a lead level 3 to a lead level one the new i led level will come into effect later this evening once the regulations have been gazetted us border patrol agents have counted nearly $80000.00 refugees and migrants along the southern border with mexico during january it's the highest monthly thick and he is and is putting pressure on president joe biden who's reversing his previous this is hardline immigration policies there is how does your cost of reports from
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brownsville texas. they waited 2 years for this moment the 1st steps of freedom in the united states. it was just this morning these families woke up in a squalid camp across the border and matamoros mexico under former president donald trump they'd been forced to wait there for a chance to apply for asylum in the u.s. . the problems on the other sort of finally over after so much suffering and waiting thank god we've triumphed. but it's so amazing to see how. close you know. president joyce to moment with a contrast to the border wall the legacy of trump's crackdown on immigration biden's dramatic pivot away from those policies include a proposal that would eventually offer citizenship to the 11000000 undocumented
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immigrants currently living in the united states that plan if it becomes law would not help the migrants who are arriving now but they're coming regardless the u.s. border patrol reports a surge in migrant since biden won office many of them children traveling without parents that's led to the reopening of temporary shelters for migrant children the same shelters that drew protests when they were opened by trump what i've seen so far you bite into ministration is very focused on family unity and protection of the for human life so i think that there is that is a process that. i just hope baby doesn't face too long for those children to be in that place jostling zamora and her 2 year old daughter had waited out from presidency in nicaragua where they've been threatened by gangs now they've just crossed into the u.s. with little drama when a. book or when or before we are. kid would be returned to our country where we
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could have been harmed now it's much better we can be with our families in a much safer place humanitarian groups are helping migrants get kovi tests and bus tickets to head toward the american interior there with relatives or friends who long awaited their arrival eventually have a chance to see an immigration judge who will then decide if they can stay heidi joe castro al-jazeera brownsville texas. and donald trump has again hinted at another presidential run but has ruled out starting his own party he gave the final and most anticipated speech at the conservative political action conference in florida and as john hendren reports from orlando it was his 1st public appearance since leaving office. the former president told his most fervent followers the trump era is alive well and ongoing we began it together 4 years ago and it is
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far from being over. the news that the 45th president will remain on the national stage the stage he stood on was crafted in his honor in the shape of the number 45 was well received by this conservative crowd that includes the head of the proud boys who calls establishment republicans rhinos republicans in name only and i get it from 400 7 40 7. 7 5 right right. right right right yeah right there that we're going to vote the writers out already . thinking about that i want to see of running the party no i don't want to wager $24.00 but whether the party's 2024 presidential standard bearer will be named trump or which trump donald don jr or of he didn't say who would you like to see leave the party in 2024 he's already the leader isn't it obvious donald j. trump and what about the other drums evoke
1:46 pm
a john jr. i hope they run for 28 in his 1st public address since he left the white house rejected by voters trump ease the minds of many republicans with a call to unify the party across the bitter divide he helped create the republican party is united the only division is between a handful of washington d.c. establishment political hacks and everybody else all over the country i think we have tremendous and the call for unity behind trump is a challenge to those republicans who want to be the party behind someone else in a post from era but the former president isn't releasing his vice like grip on a clear majority of republican voters every party but now especially the republican party has to look inside after january 6th and say what have we become what's our great history and how do we go forward from here and i tell you reaching out to
1:47 pm
donald trump and more of the same is not going to do that as expected in his kitchen sink or of his speech trump attacked his rivals promise to defeat them and repeated baseless claims that he won the past election actually as you know they just lost the white house but he also left the door wide open for another run in 2024. hours i may even decide to beat them for a 3rd time ok i. it was a welcome message for everyone in attendance but for other conservative voters and politicians it's a worrisome reminder of the widening rift in a bitterly divided republican party john hendren al jazeera orlando florida. chloe giallo has made golden globes history becoming the 1st woman of asian descent to win the prize for best director beijing born john directed the film badland and is only the 2nd woman to win the award the 1st was barbara streisand to 19 eighty-four
1:48 pm
for her for film yet the nomad land was also named best drama. and black panther star chadwick boseman won a posthumous golden globe for best actor in a drama film he won the award for his role as a horn player in the film the iranians backed off of those men died of colon cancer last year at the age of $43.00. still ahead on al-jazeera we'll have the action from italy where the big lead is up to maintain their grip on the top spot.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
timex for his peta thank you kim one of the world's top racehorse trainer schooled in elliott has apologized after a photo emerged of him sitting on a dead horse this cropped image as the 42 year old irishman may hear phone call or sitting on one of these animals which had died from a heart attack in training racing's governing body and ireland has opened an investigation alias who has trained 3 grand national with confirmed the image is genuine and has apologized for any offense caused elliott said in a statement i was standing over the horse waiting to help with the removal of the body in the course of which i received a call and without thinking i sat down to take it hearing a shout from one of my team i gestured to wait until i was finished such background information may seem trivial at this time however i feel it is important to provide people with some context surrounding the photo let's bring in racing broadcast a rebel from warrick sure in the u.k.
1:51 pm
rupert this is not a good look for the sport is it. there's no 2 ways about it i know when the pictures were 1st circulated to everybody in the sport weather here in the u.k. or in particular in the jump racing community which is very strong in both britain and in our was dearly hoping that these photos this photo was photo shopped around was a fake well clearly it has proved not to be the case and racing is reeling from it and gordon and it is hugely successful in his sphere and he's had a meteoric rise he's a brilliant trainer but clearly this is saying 4 years ago you know it's obviously there's a subplot to this story as to why with these photographs of this photograph published and clearly racing and i know from talking to lots of people i'm just appalled by the images that were shown on social media that any train or whatever the circumstances would do that and you know clearly that statement to many people
1:52 pm
doesn't really answer the question what he was doing sitting astride a dead horse under any circumstances even while answering a phone ribbit if you could elaborate a little bit for us and put it into context how significant a figure is gordon elliott. well to sort of use a football analogy here in ireland there are 2 big powerhouses a bit like in spain you've got barcelona and real madrid well willie mullins and gordon elliott are the 2 quine a training powerhouses in jump racing in are and they dominate the sport hugely say he is in terms of his profile hugely important bearing in mind that we've got the chop them festival in just 2 weeks tomorrow starting he would have probably 50 or horses coming over many with huge chances he is a major player in the game and this is just not any small time trainer this is one of the biggest operations in the country amongst his owners he has the are
1:53 pm
brian heir boss michael o'leary and a number of other highly influential racing owners so they will be taking a dim view and clearly we've already seen one of his sponsors has already pulled the plug on their involvement in the yard so it is a hugely significant moment that one of the biggest trainers in the sport who's had a brilliant career wins winning as you mentioned tiger rolled winning 2 grand nationals you know hoping to go for a 3rd 32 cheltenham festival winners you know the 1st grand man when he was 29 he trained his 1st grand national winner and his career and i've been to his yard you've seen it transformed into this huge operation i can honestly say i have this is really rocked the sport and they are it's racing or authorities clearly have a problem on their hand as to how they affected leigh deal with this you mentioned there that he's already lost one of the sponsors what of the sort of punishment are you expecting to see. well this will be for the arash racing or sororities and
1:54 pm
clearly they got sort of procedures in place for punishing anyone who brings the sport into disrepute but i think this is a new level and i'm sure they want to get this was old as quickly as possible you could range for him being losing his training license or he could be given a substantial fine and if he should lose his license well will that come into effect say by the end of the week when they hope to try and resolve this issue one way or another and then what happens to his horses which are up them in mind and so clearly this is going to cause the arash racing or sororities a huge headache but without question racing is reeling from it and last thing it needs is a sort of headlines like this when hopefully many of us even though it was going to be a very different chapman festival which is one of the great british sporting occasions was going to be conducted behind closed doors we were looking forward to the action
1:55 pm
on the track or clearly the build up is now going to be dominated by what happens to gordon elliott following the revelations following those photographs being published revelle thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it the problem of course assuming his lawyer has told on his ear that he expects the double olympic champion to be running at this year's tokyo games as things stand she'd have to change events because the new rules prevent her from defending her 800 meter title unless she takes drugs to reduce the naturally itis tossed around levels the 30 year old south african has failed twice to get the ban overturned and has now taken her legal case to the european court of human rights we spoke to her lawyer gregory not. the chances of that been had before told you are probably a much more that more like she would be the world championships and to 2022 but having said that we believe that justice will be seen at the olympics whether it will be ready in the $200.00 or $1300.00 or one of the best maybe but we believe
1:56 pm
the trust of will be running her agenda running the objectives she says she's a strong willed person and so i don't see her not being there. tiger woods says he was touched to see so many fellow golfers offer their support as he continues to recover from his car crash last week several players including rory mcilroy wore the traditional tiger rage shirt and black trousers for the final day of the world golf championship tournament in florida woods remains in hospital in los angeles after surgery to repair multiple fractures to his right leg the terminal window her column or a car were tried to wear the tiger colors but the sponsors couldn't get the clothing to him in time because of weather delays the 24 year old now has 4 wins on tour including his major win there last year's p.g.a. championship or eco it didn't have the rate should but use these post the interview to show his respect for goods. time means everything to me and you know yes you
1:57 pm
have the crash and thankfully he's all right and hopefully he has a quick and great recovery but i don't think we say thank you enough song to say thank you to tiger. because you know sometimes you you lose people too early and that's like you know tovia lost my grandpa about a month ago. and you don't get to say thank you not. the reigning football champions in china sea have been shut down after its owners something group pulled out just 3 months after the team lifted its 1st super league trophy at the dentist would be looking for a new back or something group or a retail giant in china but have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic which means they are cutting back on non-retail activities they said to the uncertainty around the future of italian joins in from the land who are also owned by something we'll show you into millennium action in our next puts them. that's all for now so you get a little bit later more sports news then came back. that is the news hour don't
1:58 pm
forget you can always go check out our website the web site al-jazeera dot com i'll be back in about an hour's time but up next it's come out santa maria just a few minutes with more of the day's seats in the back and out. on and on one man's dream to transport planes from europe and fly them over his beloved country. in a nation reeling from decades of violence.
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can an international team of pilots get this man's dream off the ground. on al-jazeera on counting the cost no way got very rich of oil and gas now it has controversial plans to mine the seabed. well they've removed the necessary. social media cherry exports to time. counting the costs on al-jazeera. march on al-jazeera. 10 years on from the tsunami that struck japan i'll just 0 revisits the people most affected by the disaster of football rebels eric cantona presents a new series about iconic players whose influence has been as great off the pitch as on it. pope francis makes history with the 1st papal visit to iraq his 1st trip
2:00 pm
outside is really since the coronavirus pandemic up fronts marc lamont hill cut through the headlines to challenge conventional wisdom hope for the future of the ivory coast to goes to the polls for its parliament tree elections. march on al-jazeera. ok also it seems on the streets of yangon the day after 1000000 miles military increased its crackdown against the protesters and killed 18 people. a new charges are filed against the deposed leader aung san suu kyi including inciting public unrest.
2:01 pm
that are going to come out some time maria here in doha with the world news.


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