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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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there's storms running across the deep south of the u.s. we could see some localized flooding some flash flooding large hail possibly the tornadoes as well as we go through the next day or so and it stays very wet all the way into tuesday. qatar airways. this is al jazeera. that al this is the news on live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. still defiant protest as a 1000000 man rally again a day after a crackdown that killed 18 people posed leader aung san suu kyi faces more charges . hundreds of supporters turned up outside court in hong kong as dozens of
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pro-democracy activists face charges of violating and national security nor. harrowing tales from civilians caught up in the conflicts that devastated ethiopia's northern to great region. and the french quarter prepares to rule on the corruption case against former president nicolas sarkozy. and sport spanish police have raided the offices of f.c. barcelona i made several arrests details coming up later in the hour. less than 24 hours after me and miles most violent day since its military coup prosecutors have filed 2 new criminal charges against deposed leader. it was the 1st time she was seen public since had tension a month ago she appeared in court her video link across major cities security
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forces are increasing their crackdown a protest as a people remain defiant has called hard. messages for general men online morning after his security forces guns. protesters on the streets of yangon sunday was the bloodiest day since the february 1st coup in myanmar and the weeks of protests that have followed. but that did not keep them inside on monday. the police and military forces quickly advancing in yangon firing tear gas at the gathering protesters sending them running. in the early hours of the coup last month civilian leader aung sang suu kyi was detained in naperville along with most of the elected leadership of her governing and the party. for the 1st time since then she appeared in a video link in this courthouse during a hearing for the charges against her according to her lawyer she appeared to be in good health 2 additional criminal charges against on song suchi were added on monday on top of the 2 existing ones the next hearing is in 2 weeks. as
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international pressure builds against the joint and its increasingly violent crackdown against protesters some feel it might prompt the military to dig in deeper the worse case scenario is when you try to put a hot plate on a military person you know sometimes the outcome is not what you expect they may. get matt and instead. followed a way that international community stand out once they do opposite things. he went on to say the best approach with the military is a regional war with nations myanmar is familiar with and views as allies that process is to start on tuesday when the regional bloc of southeast asian nations known as ossie on is due to start talks on me in mar scott hodler al-jazeera. let's speak to another of our correspondents covering the story tony chang tony to talk us through these new charges that on concert she is facing and also how man mom
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moves past the standoff in the streets. well the 1st charge relates to the walkie talkies that she was originally charged with importing illegally that it's related to using them to broadcast illegally the 2nd charge is that she has. published information that may cause fear alarm or disrupt public tranquillity i think that appears to relate to. the mation from her party published in the in the run up to the elections in the member that the military are contesting with no evidence but. i mean we've seen today these clashes are continuing the army and the police are pushing back the lot of tear gas fired on the streets and still huge crowds and i think the concern is that as this continues to mount the pressure builds up things have enormous potential to spiral
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out of control we've seen sanctions coming in from the united states from the e.u. and the u.k. but they haven't worked in the past tomorrow we're going to see a meeting of asean leaders in southeast asian nations within their group the one country that really could have an impact the thais thailand of the sea went through a coup itself some years ago and those same generals are still in charge they also have a personal relationship with the senior generals in myanmar whether they can actually persuade them to stand back is another question and they haven't shown themselves to be particularly managed to particularly on the world stage they aren't very good at thinking where the other nations can persuade them to take on their role is debatable china are also could step in the chinese are known to be very influential but they also don't have a particularly good relationship with me
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a man's army they fought many battles in the past and china has huge economic clout . in myanmar but i think at this stage the chinese are is confused as everybody else and just sitting sitting back to see how things develop the problem is with the amount of violence we're now seeing on the streets things could spiral out of control and so no one can intervene. ok thank you for that tony chang there across developments from bangkok. and breaking news a court in france has just handed down a guilty verdict in the corruption trial of former president nicolas sarkozy he is convicted of offering a job in monaco to a judge in exchange for information on an investigation into his campaign finances that's go live straightaway to natasha butler who is in paris natasha i don't know if it was this a surprise was this verdict expected and what sort of sentence might we expect.
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well it's obviously a devastating blow for nicolas sarkozy a former french president the 1st former french president to be served a jail term because what we understand is the charge of the court has given the nicolas sarkozy a 3 year jail term 2 years to be suspended one year to be served in jail although we understand it could be carried out as a form of house arrest he is expected to appeal but of course this is not the news that this former french president wanted because all along in this trial which began in november nicolas sarkozy had proclaimed his innocence now he's been found guilty of passive corruption and influence peddling and this is a case which dates back to 2014 in which he was at that is it's a marriage that so cozy try to influence a magistrate by offering him a job in return for information into another investigation because police were carrying out into sol cozies campaign funding well in terms of sarkozy as i said he
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is expected to appeal of course in terms of his future political ambition this will be a blow to that he has been trying to stage a comeback of since he left the elites say in 2012 he was voted out he even tried to run for the presidency in 2017 but you'd have to think that any form of reappearance or the stage politically for sarkozy is really out of the question now all right thank you for that natasha and paris. $47.00 prominent activists are in court in hong kong after being charged under beijing's controversial national security law they're accused of subversion to taking part in an unofficial election primary last year it's the largest use of the law to date against pro-democracy activists brown has more from hong kong. there was a heavy demand for seats at west kalou magistrates court on monday morning the queue stretching around the block dressed in the uniform of the protest movement then mood was defiant like many of those now facing charges the police tactic was
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restrained even though some symbols and slogans openly defied the new national security law a reminder that not all dissent here has been entirely extinguished i come here to stand with my fellow brothers and said that's who i be prosecuted who are be your breath it's the closest hong kong's come to a large demonstration since mainland china imposed its national security law on the territory 8 months ago some said they were here to protest against all 4 of terry and ruth everywhere you want to. track for your gun rights can. be found. if yes then if but in spite of the new national security law people are chanting borderline seditious slogan slogans you heard during the
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protests in 2019 it is a reminder that in spite of the restrictions of covert 19 people are still prepared to come out in large numbers to show their anger. police fans brought the $47.00 activists to court for the start of what could be a lengthy legal process the cases represent the largest mass charge so far against the pro-democracy camp they're accused of conspiracy to commit subversion. diplomats from a country sent representatives including britons concerned that a vaguely worded law is now being widely applied to chinese and hong kong authorities were clear that it would be used in a very narrow scope the fact that $47.00 people were charged in one day is evidence that that is no longer the case the $47.00 are accused of breaking the law by helping organize an informal primary in july to select candidates for elections which will later cancel the aim was to win
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a majority in parliament and block legislation 600000 people took part in the poll selecting representatives closely connected to the protest movement whose leaders china says must be severely punished adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. if europeans in the northern region of tikrit have told al-jazeera about how civilians were tortured and killed by eritrean soldiers last year and evidence suggests eritrea did send troops from the government offensive began last november despite its denials reports. just. a senior. is traumatised by one day the 4th of december it was then she says in retrain soldiers into her village in the ethiopian region of 2 green. they tried to rape me and i was thrown to the ground then one of the soldiers fired bullets to scare me
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but they hit my hand and then fired another bullet that went through my arm i was bleeding for hours. then i had my arm amputated. al-jazeera has gained rare access to to gray and heard from witnesses who say they suffered a pierces that could amount to war crimes but at the hands of eritrean not ethiopian soldiers and liddick honest some girls and i managed to leave the village but on the road we were caught by eritrean soldiers more than 10 soldiers took turns raping us in november ethiopian prime minister and launched into strikes and seen fit to route troops into to great saying he was responding to attacks by the to grain people's liberation front witnesses say eritrean forces crossed the border to support the ethiopian military and while here committed egregious crimes
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committed nagen i do i just don't wish that al-jazeera convey our message and my cowboys who we demand the exit of iraq trying forces from our country. you're a trained soldiers deny even being into gray yet al-jazeera obtained these images showing trucks with eritrean license plates integrate caring soldiers and misty international also released a report stating hundreds of civilians were massacred by eritrean soldiers in the town of exham in november the image. of the streets using sniper rifles. ethiopia's government has questions the accuracy of amnesty sources but says an investigation will be launched. as information slowly seeps out survivors live with their truth every day. 2 my husband was killed in our village along with
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a lot please go tell them well we're dying. by their accounts at the hands of soldiers who deny every entering this land shall a ballasts al-jazeera. chris moyles is a spokesman for the united nations refugee agency he says people are still escaping the violence and take rape we have now the law and 60000 refugees and sudan refugees from this this number is not not growing fast anymore but we have so-called internals place person so low richie's in their country if you look at. their home if you look at who are part of tikrit they are to the surrounding regions and we are also the refugees to knowledge that are obviously destroyed who try to reach the 2 southern camps in the tikrit region our parents we asked definitely for stick ation of these potential crimes because if they are true then
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we are talking about greece violations of international law meaning it's a sovereign country and that's why it's over will be the 1st address to investigate these allegations and if the op of course can also ask for help let's say for example by the united nations high commissioner for human rights. they were ahead on the news all including schools in indian administrate kashmir are reopening after almost a year when the pandemic forced classrooms to close. bases from political turmoil thousands are not backing down from demanding the president resign. and one of the world's top the race horse trainer is investigated down to being chipped sitting on a dead horse is coming up in sports with peta. the un is trying to raise funds to help those suffering from the war and yemen
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famine has yet to be declared the country but the u.n. warns it's close last year 1900000000 dollars was raised to help those struggling from food insecurity and malnutrition half of what was received the previous year u.n. data say people gave less last year because of hardship from the pandemic now with help from sweden and switzerland the goal is to raise $3850000000.00 to make up for last year's shortfall which on egeland is secretary general of the norwegian refugee council and former u.n. undersecretary general of humanitarian affairs he joins us now from santa thank you for your time so almost 4000000000 dollars is needed this is oversee a serious shortfall what happens to the country if that money isn't raised. well if we're not raising the full amount today which is nearly $4000000000.00.
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kastrup in yemen that is worse than anything we've seen in this last generation because so many millions are on the brink of famine bayon operated the starvation i was today in the hut which is north of santa where i am now in hut with this mothers with children who are what we're sourcing barely men nourished that they could die any moment i saw a 9 year old girl to look like sheep beautiful gardens she looked like she was of poor all source that by the east coast of the lack of funding for the aid operation but also for all of the suffering of this senseless war that is still an ongoing here in yemen and a quarter of a 1000000 people dead 3000000 displaced beyond raising this money to meet the most need what else needs to happen. europe beyond having
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a poorly funded. aid effort and money coming immediately so that we can get ration support starving people would see 2 things that need to happen immediately number one a famine prevention cease fire you cannot have a war in a place where children are starving to death so the men with guns and power are and those who can influence the bad crude in the gulf countries the western countries iran and others have to push these men to make a cease fire now on and finally we do need much more hand in making it impossible to access all parts of the country without all of the stops to coast that are there for our courageous colleagues that try to help people but often are delayed or hindered in coming to people in great meet the new u.s.
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secretary of state is attending the fund raising summit virtually. the new u.s. president joe biden has said that the u.s. no longer supports the saudi led fence of in yemen how hopeful are you that the new biden administration will result in an improvement and the lives of yemenis. no i'm hopeful that the astray ssion will be imposed to a political process that can end the war it's good that the us is withdrawing from aiding any of the war efforts by which all of the outside countries would stop bringing fuel to this fire that might ministration that also revoked this senseless designation of being defacto rulers of 70 percent of yemen as terrorists that was also a good thing i hope. that today perhaps is also the beginning
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of a political process because we need funding but funding is not enough we need an end to the war and we need full and free access to all in the what would be your what aids your message to those who are attending this donna conference with a message to those who are attending this get at this conference that is do not sit and watch the worst humanitarian catastrophe in your political life happen on your blog. we will remember those who did step up and meet this challenge and those who did not and there is this particular people really to the gulf countries who generously helped the aid effort in 2019 when famine was in that those 7 countries left the ada in 2020 and that's been sacked with
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a time when the mothers told me that their starvation of that had many stopped so let's hope that the got countries the europeans the north americans the japanese all understand the need to help the yemeni people in their hour of greatest need thank you for your time on econet secretary general of the norwegian refugee council q. evarts to salvage the 2050 nuclear deal between iran and major world powers have stalled the white house says it's disappointed iran has ruled out informal discussions with its european allies around foreign ministry says it's too soon to return to the negotiating table tehran wants the u.s. to make the 1st move by lifting its economic sanctions. the u.n. nuclear watchdog is holding a meeting in vienna with iran's nuclear activities one of the topics to be discussed here's what some how sorry here's some of what the i.a.e.a. chief rafael girl c. had to say a short while ago my appeal to all is to to have
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constructive discussions and to preserve the work of the agency for me that is important of course there will always be opinions on what the impact of what is going on at this a this point in time there are many things influencing us you know the if you run should they should there at the capitals there is this process days jay should be a process that of course people will have views on how one thing impacts the other like a greater scope of the our shammy joins me now from vienna where grassley was holding that press conference and there are what else have we been hearing from the i.a.e.a. . well actually the i.a.e.a. has tried to stand on to equal distance from all the parties here because it was also intention by 3 of the countries which are members in the. meeting today we saw
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france germany and the united kingdom to actually issue a statement within the itself as an official stance towards iran and this the i.a.e.a. itself through its chief. said in the press conference that they cannot be used as a bargaining chip and when it comes to you know issues like this these are political stances not for the agency itself to say but still nonetheless the chief said that they are you know has to worry about the developments in terms of the iranian nuclear program and he said that the agreement that was reached about 8 days ago in thought on with the iranians at which kind of extends for 90 days this space that the agency could work with despite the idea that the iran has stopped working with the additional protocol it kind of shows that they is a possibility for diplomacy but still this needs to be worked more in his opening
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remarks actually a grossly also mentioned that they are questions that haven't been answered by the iranians in reference to 4 different sides which are believed to contain nuclear material but the iranians haven't given any on says even before his visit this was not responded to at the same time he conveyed to the iranians when he met them on the 21st of february but he still believes as to what he mentioned in the press conference that the options are state of there for a diplomatic solution and there was also something mentionable by the european union today been a kind of mediator between the iranians and the americans which was said in the daily press conference by the spokesperson press the foreign affairs to stand which you mentioned that this by the iranians. now in saying yesterday that they will not be sitting at the moment with the americans on one table before these sanctions are lifted that there is still an on on you know an on going kind of diplomatic effort
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to actually still bring them together so he mentioned that the iranian stance towards this issue the idea of bravado even back of the 2015 nuclear agreement and having both sides the united states and iran be on the table that's still ongoing but still the gross either of the agency said that they are concerns on what the iranians could be doing now because the possibility of verification and monitoring is not as the same as it was before and still there is a possibility to bring everyone back on the table hopefully very soon thanks for that time to be there live from vienna. these really prime minister is blaming iran for an attack on a cargo ship the israeli owned vessel was damaged by an explosion in the gulf of oman on friday of last left holes and it's how the ship is now docked in dubai and who wouldn't be drawn on direct retaliation iran's foreign ministry denies that the country was involved well time now for the weather as everton. hello we have
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a developing tropical side float around the cape york peninsula old just to the southeast of you can see this little area of cloud here that is a tropical low and it is a lot it's to intensify into i propose cycling as we go on through choose to bring you some very wet weather in across the region as it does so we are looking at the possibility of localized flooding flash flooding a river flooding as well and also some damaging winds and it sits very close to kansas moving a little further south with. townsville as we go through the next couple days being see where that wet weather will lie high tides will also be a problem what it says showers down towards the southeast of queens that is well just across the border into northeastern parts of new south wales we're fine and dry there across the rest of australia really getting up to 18 celsius in melbourne so all the cold side 26 celsius the adelaide i will question make its way further east which is because for the next couple weeks i change in temperatures here
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something of a change in the temperatures across to pad over the next day or so 900 in the southerly if it's ok but you can see what's coming lots of very heavy rain rolling through snow on the other side of the mountains pushing up into how caught out that will sweep through it'll freshen up a top temperature of wednesday 30. still ahead on al-jazeera still missing the fate of 317 schoolgirls kidnapped in northern nigeria remains unknown. i. hope at last after 4 years of donald trump's hardline immigration policies refugees and migrants have a shot at a better life in the u.s. . and in sports golf is on a tiger woods by wearing his red and black colors as he recovers from his car crash . playing.
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a terminal journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring his story to the public. in sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who will not compromise on the truths. of news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. from london is one of the most unfortunate cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact right around the globe and so here it out as a right we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people but how it affects their everyday that. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those stories because we know that all audience is interested not just in the mainstream news but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported.
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the old. you're watching on there are a lot of our top stories this hour. less than 24 hours after me and miles most violent days since its military coup prosecutors have filed 2 new criminal charges against opposed leader on santucci across the involves major cities security forces are increasing their crackdown on protesters. $47.00 prominent activists in course are in court rather in hong kong after being charged on the beijing's controversial national security law they're accused of subversion of taking fast and unofficial election primaries last year it's the largest use of the war against hong kong's pro-democracy
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activists. and of course in france is handed down a guilty verdict in the corruption trial of former president nicolas sarkozy is convicted of offering a job in monaco to a job in exchange for information on an investigation into his campaign finances. did breaking news the un say human rights experts said agnes kalama is calling for an international investigation into the poisoning of kremlin critic alexy novelli says she believes it's highly likely russian government officials were responsible or bring you more on that breaking story as it comes to hand. chad's main opposition candidate bizarre boys withdrawing from the upcoming presidential election he's accused president idriss deby all of using intimidating tactics against the opposition on sunday former rebel leader dealer digital bitches said the presidential guard killed his family members in a raid on his home base just submitted his candidacy for
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a bull's elections on friday president david is seeking another term because hart has more from dakar. yeah dealers' says that this is an infringement of freedom of expression he's a candidate for the upcoming presidential election he says all of this is politically motivated to try to muffle his voice now he's part of the zygote was community which is the same community from which the president is from he had launched a rebellion against the president back in 2005 now he says that all of this comes at a time where he is set to run for ethics term in office he's received the backing of france who has a military base in germany and even last year french forces intervene when there was a rebellion against him now the presidential election is set to happen in april but what we're seeing right now is protest unprecedented unprecedented protests in the
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capital and john that we saw this again when president that he would become a candidate for this upcoming election when human rights activists sought refuge inside the u.s. embassy and there's with this show of force from the government with the presidential force on the ground there's a sense that there could be more protest ahead down the internet has been shut down the. phone lines have also been shut down and still the presence of the presidential forces outside dealer's house and they seem determined to go in and try to arrest him no matter what the consequences. gerri an official said they're close to rescuing $317.00 girls kidnapped from a school in the northwestern state of some product it's given a family after the raid in the early hours of friday and that interest has more. stiffle says 317 goals were taken from
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a boarding school in. in some sort of state now abortions are underway to recover them on the orders of nigeria's president they were they should be secured and returned home safe and sound right behind me is a top law that he's on a surveillance mission but our 2 helicopters are fully deployed for this mission bit on a big horse and they say they've identified the location why these going and they will want to make sure that they have not been moved so that whatever negotiations or whatever to that needed to be taken is taken successfully we on the uptake would be you know policing tougher stayed in the side they are doing their utmost best to come up just to. suss us fully aware and get. all the parties involved. and. we. progress to got a place to talk and put specific terms at that point we can assure you will come
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ashore the nation. top of the situation. the e.u. is set to unveil plans for a digital vaccine passport of a small you commission president to live on the law and says trough the legislation will be ready so a digital system to confirm the person's vaccination status could be essential to the travel restrictions within the reach of member states like greece and cyprus have already created a travel bubble by recognizing each other's vaccine certificates. john mccain is on for us from berlin dominic just run us through the situation as it stands. what sort of funded line is talking about today is the result of what was talked about by e.u. heads of government heads of state last week in that virtual conference digital summit that took place in brussels this idea of what sort of underlying arkell's
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a digital green pass effectively a vaccine significant or passport that would allow the person with the certificate to travel from one place to another and not necessarily have to go into quarantine or some form of lockdown thereafter effectively the person would have to be able to prove one of 3 things either that they had had a vaccination both vaccinations and therefore han't could prove that they'd had the japs or that they could prove the result of a very recent p.c.r. test for covert or in the 3rd instance that they had recovered from coded in the recent past and therefore would have some degree of immunity now so the fund and i and says that all of this will be done with data protection in mind so that no individual's sensitive medical private personal data. could be mis used the point here is that what she's doing is in some ways trying to align the e.u.
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institutionally with what's mini member states of being wanting to see happen for some time now as was mentioned this idea that certain member states of already set greece cyprus they will respect the vaccination details of the other in those in that particular scenario but one of the thing to bear in mind here that there are many states where vaccination uptake has so far been very slow with regard to other countries outside the and so whilst many people might welcome the idea of a vaccine certificate to allow them to travel 1st of all they want to have the vaccination then they can worry about the vaccination certificate thereafter certainly that's. of you here in germany among many people but in summation what we have here now is line laying out this idea of a digital green pass that would be people could expect to be reaching fruition at
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some point in the next 3456 months very good thank you for that donna came there in berlin. and the u.s. deliveries of the johnson and johnson vaccine are underway now being loaded up at a distribution center in kentuckian from there will be flown around the country johnson and johnson is the 3rd vaccine to be given the green light in the us and the only one that is delivered in a single dose. this is the culmination of more than a year of day and night efforts on the part of our physicians our scientists or engineers to have a safe effective single shot carbon refrigeration vaccine available for for patients here but for people around the world students in indian administered kashmir are returning to the classroom nearly a year after the pandemic forced schools to close students have been forced to study at home even before the pandemic because of a military crackdown. and india is expanding its vaccination campaign beyond health
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workers allowing all the people and those with medical conditions to get jabs prime minister narendra modi was among the 1st of the new group to be inoculated with their li 1400000000 people india is taking on one of the world's largest vaccination campaigns it started in january but the rollout has been slow elizabeth product has more from the indian capital new delhi. educational institutions schools universities have been closed for the better part of the past 18 months it began when the indian government revote the region's autonomy in august 19th and imposed a very strict curfew lockdown restrictions and just when they were starting to reopen again in february of last year they were open for about a month before the pandemic forced close. the closure closure of all schools and so today we have students from classes 9 to 12 that's between the ages of 14 and
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18 going back to school we've spoken to students who said that they're very excited to be going back to be with their with their friends teachers have told us that they're taking all of the precautions and sure that everyone follows all the guidelines around wearing masks sanitizing social distancing but many schools only allowing 50 percent of their students to attend to ensure that there is social distancing there were many problems with accessing online education and the it had been administered push made as they were with the rest of the country and even if people had devices to access online education 4 g. internet services were only restored in february of last year so edge educators say between not being able to access online education and slow internet children and made have suffered greatly and you know mental health professionals say that the closing of schools really compounded the stress the anxiety that comes with living
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with conflict with living with civil strife as well as depriving children of their right to an education. the philippines is rolled out its 1st covered 19 vaccination program health care workers a minute lower among the 1st to get the doses of the son of. a low reports many of the vaccines. filipino healthcare workers had been expecting the arrival of over $1000.00 vaccines for months the philippines was the only country in southeast asia that hadn't vaccinated a single citizen but the wait is finally over only because the afraid that she never seen so before making a point to maybe be the 1st. to miss out people having thought i had been dating make. up does be done next bit that they takes on the 9 are a lot. most government hospital staff had shown a willingness to take the shots in surveys conducted internally but that
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anticipation waned after it became clear they wouldn't be getting the pfizer or astra zeneca jepps it's a huge day for the philippines to be rolling out $1000.00 vaccines after months of delay but many health care workers here are resisting they say they don't trust the only option that's being offered to them for now the only vaccine to have arrived in the philippines is corona fact from china 6 public hospitals in the capital manila were the 1st recipients but only a small number of their employees have signed up on the on the department of health the next the flu then drug administration and the department the pet had said it isn't for health workers who are exposed to the bias and would be so this are back with a high in a fake a city. this reluctance by medical workers adds to the public's hesitancy to get back sedated that's largely because of the recent controversy about a vaccine against dengue fever. the government had to suspend its bets in the
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campaign using the job after concerts about its serious side effects. of little subset repeatedly do the best back scene is what's available down there. but protesting health workers see they should not have to face this dilemma or in the law all just your manila. ghana's president has become the 1st person to receive a vaccine from kovacs a global initiative to provide free doses to developing nations a call for our daughter and his wife say they want to set an example to show the public that the jobs are safe ghana will start a national vaccination campaign on tuesday and in ivory coast the vaccination campaign is already underway it's also using doses provided by kovacs it's received more than half a 1000000 units of the astra zeneca jab the rollout is starting with medical
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workers members of the security forces and teachers the next phase will cover people over 50 and those with chronic diseases. new zealand prime minister is urging people to report lock down rule breakers she said ardern addressed growing anger about the 7 day lockdown in oakland the city's 2nd in a mob was prompted by a single covered 19 infection our plan is for short and sharp restrictions in order to break the chain of transmission but rule breaking can prolong that plan. so that is why i'm asking if anyone now more than is there to continue to bake and support one another and if there means calling a family member a work colleague out for not following the rules then we should do that do it with kindness but do it. south africa's government has eased coronavirus restrictions and placed orders for the new single job johnson and johnson vaccine 11000000 doses have been ordered it's with around 3000000 sit arrive within the next 3 months
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president cyril that i'm opposed to announce on sunday his country would move from alert level 3 to level one and street or declining cases in recent weeks but allow most businesses to reopen obo and not curfew from 4 am sorry from midnight to 4 am will remain in place. as seem mexican health officials criticized for downplaying the pandemic has fallen ill with the disease assistant health it could treat lopez got tired of it's been receiving treatment for 5 days and is in a stable condition he's been the face of the government's response to the pandemic but has been criticised for dismissing the need for mosques and beating a strategy of limited testing. u.s. border patrol agents have counted nearly $80000.00 refugees and migrants along the southern border with mexico during january is the highest monthly figure in the is and is putting pressure on president joe biden is reversing its predecessors hardline immigration policies is how does your castro ports from brownsville and texas. they waited 2 years for this moment the 1st steps of freedom
4:45 pm
in the united states. it was just this morning these families woke up in a squalid camp across the border and not to morrows mexico under former president donald trump they've been forced to wait there for a chance to apply for asylum in the u.s. . the problems on the other sort of finally over after so much suffering and waiting thank god we've triumphed. so i mean to see how . you know. this president joyce you moment with a contrast to the border wall the legacy of trump's crackdown on immigration biden's dramatic pivot away from those policies include a proposal that would eventually offer citizenship to the 11000000 undocumented immigrants currently living in the united states that plan if it becomes law would
4:46 pm
not help the migrants who are arriving now but they're coming regardless the u.s. border patrol reports a surge in migrants inspired in one office many of them children traveling without parents that's led to the reopening of temporary shelters for migrant children the same shelters that drew protests when they were opened by trump what i have seen so far you bite into ministration is very focused on family unity and protection of human life so i think that that that is a process that. i just hope it is. the same place to live for those children to be in that place jostling zamora and her 2 year old daughter had waited out from the presidency in nicaragua where they've been threatened by gangs now they've just crossed into the us with little drama. but there were no before we were scared we'd be returned to our country where we could have been
4:47 pm
harmed no it's much better we can be with our families in a much safer place humanitarian groups are helping migrants get kovi tests and bus tickets to head toward the american interior there with relatives or friends who've long awaited their arrival eventually have a chance to see an immigration judge who will then decide if they can stay heidi joe castro al-jazeera brownsville texas. troy joe has made golden globes history becoming the 1st woman of asian descent to win the prize for best director ageing born directed the film. is only the 2nd woman to win the award the 1st was barbara streisand to 19 eighty-four for her film. and was also named best drama. and by pad the star chadwick boseman won a posthumous golden globe for best actor and a drama film he won the award for his role as a horn player in the film are amy's black body postman died of colon cancer last
4:48 pm
year at the age of $43.00. still ahead on al-jazeera the latest on the developing story at f.c. barcelona with several arrests have been made after police raided the club's offices.
4:49 pm
for. time after sports history to thank him spanish police have raided the office. of barcelona football club and made several arrests among those reportedly detained is the club's former president just say for maria bartiromo seen on the left here the
4:50 pm
operation is related to last year's so-called bossa gate where officials were accused of launching a smear campaign on social media against some of their own players who were critical of clubs leadership including their biggest star the n.l. messy let's bring in a.p.'s global sports correspond rob heresies in london he's across the story rob what do we know about today's events. well it's still a developing situation the police raided the famous new stadium this morning and we've discovered it's the financial crimes department involved in this investigation we don't know how many people are in custody but the republican polls are showing not that bazza mayor the former club president is one of them he was forced to resign last year in a midst full of control to say with the club mired in financial difficulties there are a reptilian your rise in debt and is also more on the pitch to wave a pair of humiliates the results in the last year the 8 collapse to buy me to make the form defeat our new recently post as well to paris sanjay man and this all
4:51 pm
comes in the week that bots may have success is due to be elected in the final stages of the election campaign and we've heard from one of the candidates to days ron paul of former president himself a boss a loner who believes that what we're seeing today is a consequence of the bad management of the club and so much of that perhaps relates to the handling of the biggest player of them all lionel messi he tried to leave in the summer his transfer request was denied and leaks recent showing that he's paid up to 138000000 euros a season and that just really highlights how much white bost line is in such a financial mess and also why we saw an alleged campaign against messi and other players known as boss a gate which seems to be at the heart of this investigation today and i'd like to elaborate a little bit on that boss again what is it all about what is being alleged. well the key part of it is the fact that social media influences and accounts were being
4:52 pm
used to allegedly smear and spread disinformation perhaps about some of boss loaners biggest names lightly on a messy and p.k. bustline it did conduct an investigation they brought an external source in and did find there was no wrongdoing from the leadership of barcelona but there are still questions clearly to be answered about just what was going on in terms of trying to potentially spread missin misinformation and and smear some of the biggest names in barcelona's history all a time of course when they're trying to return to the to the summer of football they won not a single try feel last season really unprecedented barcelona and this year currently they're 8 points behind outlets acoma trade at the top of the leader and potentially facing elimination in the champions league and one of the players reportedly targeted as we mentioned there's an e n l macy we know that he tried to leave last season as well does he still want to out there we know. well one of the things that girls massey said when he wanted to
4:53 pm
lee was questioning the quality of the squad and perhaps an aging team that was not in a position to compete and does seem he has been proven wrong if in these last few months of the fact they're struggling to challenge for the league at sites or face an exit in the champions league unless they can mount another great comeback at p.s.g. as they did a couple of years ago and he is of course entering the final stages of his contract and barcelona needing to try to sort out that situation where they want to find a release and to relieve themselves that big salary off the wage bill and does messi want perhaps another challenge as he did talk about last summer certainly barcelona have a big nest syl to resolve regarding how do you know one of the greatest players of all time and is irritation frustration was clear when he wanted to leave last summer and it was a really tense period when of course he was denied the ability to move not many clubs in world football could afford him perhaps because one of the muted is
4:54 pm
munched a city with its vast group of clubs as well ok we'll leave it there for now thank you. one of the world's top race horse trainers called an alias has apologized after a photo of him sitting on a dead horse this cropped image shows the 42 year old irishman making a phone call while sitting on one of his animals which had died from a heart attack in training racing's governing body in ireland has opened an investigation in the it's who has strength 3 grand national winners confirmed the image is genuine and has apologized for any offense caused it said in a statement i was standing over the horse waiting to help with the removal of the body in the course of which i received a call and without thinking i sat down to take it hearing a shot from one of my team i gestured to wait until i was finished such background information may seem trivial at this time however i feel it is important to provide people with some context surrounding this photo. earlier we spoke to racing
4:55 pm
broadcast the rebel who says racing has been rocked by the story it's horrendous there's no 2 ways about it i know when the pictures were 1st circulated everybody in the sport was duly hoping that these photos this photo was photo shopped and was a fake well clearly it has proved not to be the case and racing is reeling from it that statement to many people doesn't really answer the question what he was doing sitting astride a dead horse under any circumstances even while answering a phone this is going to cause the ari for a single surratt is a huge headache they got sort of procedures in place for punishing anyone who brings the sport into disrepute but i think this is a new level and i'm sure they want to get this was old as quickly as possible you could range from him being losing his training license or he could be given a substantial fine to sort of use a football analogy and in ireland there are 2 big powerhouses
4:56 pm
a bit like in spain you've got barcelona and real madrid well willie mullins and gordon elliott are the 2 and quine training powerhouses in jump racing in are that amongst his own as he has the all brian air boss michael o'leary and a number of other highly influential racing owners so they will be taking a dim view and clearly we've already seen one of his sponsors has already pulled the plug on their involvement in the yards. tiger woods says he was touched to see so many fellow golfers offer their support as he continues to recover from his car crash last week several players including rory mcilroy all the traditional tiger raid shouldn't black trousers for the final day of the world golf championship tournament in florida woods remains in hospital in los angeles off to surgery to repair multiple fractures to his right leg the 2 women with colon morakot tried to wear the tiger colors but he sponsors couldn't get the clothing to him in time because of weather delays the 24 year old now has 4 wins on tour including his
4:57 pm
major win at last year's p.g.a. championship or recall it didn't have the rate should but use these postponed interviews the show is respectful wiggs. tiger means everything to me and you know yes you have the crash and thankfully he's all right and hopefully he has a quick and great recovery but i don't think we say thank you now so i want to say thank you to tiger. because you know sometimes you lose people too early and that's like you know lost my grandpa about a month ago. and you don't get to say thank you not oh on the women's tour the season has so far belonged to the quarter sisters nearly quarter one her 4th career title game bridge following her sister jessica who won the preceding 2 elements they genetic a saw and stand wearing tigers red and black colors here played her 1st l.t. j. event include senior is and finish of the part. that's all the sports news coming up again later kim thank you very much. for that is the news out i go away though
4:58 pm
we're back in memory to have more on the day's news including the very latest on that guilty verdict for nicolas sarkozy is he a safe. place . to jump into the street there is a lot going on in this and julian global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we don't want afraid than we are aware it be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you in each week be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there on. the publishing road in telling him he is increasing the money pregnancies a woman and or to sell for a preschool from a tender down introducing family planning interview to your culture is a challenging task one of the fire resistance to china comes from men when
4:59 pm
a woman can decide for head board and how many children she wants it should be in policy but one woman's perseverance is transforming her community women make change on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world the sentimental way you will with the news and current affairs that matter to you. march on al-jazeera. 10 years on from the tsunami that struck japan i'll just erupt revisits the people most affected by the disaster football rebels eric cantona presents a new series about iconic players those influences been as great off the page as on it. pope francis makes history with the 1st papal visit to iraq his 1st trip outside is really since the coronavirus. the make. up from smock lamont hill cuts through the headlines to challenge conventional wisdom. hope for the future the
5:00 pm
ivory coast goes to the polls for its parliamentary election. march on al-jazeera. former french president nicolas sarkozy is convicted of corruption and faces one year in prison we'll have the latest from paris. but al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up u.n. experts call for an international investigation into the poisoning of russian opposition leader alexey novelli said the government was likely responsible.


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