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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2021 11:00am-11:30am +03

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macalso future gamble part of the viewfinder series on a 0. 279 schoolgirls are released in northern nigeria days after being kidnapped by gunmen. you're watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha i'm driving navigator also coming up. more violent protests than me and maher as neighboring countries get set to hold talks with the military to find a way out of the crisis. in administration defends its decision not to sanction saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman for the killing of journalist john mark special which. hundreds killed thousands displaced allegations of war crimes being
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committed against civilians in northern mozambique. hello thanks for joining us we begin in nigeria where the government says 279 schoolgirls kidnapped in the north was done forest they'd have been released gunmen took them from a state run school on friday it's the latest in a series of abductions in the region and al jazeera team is in the town of forest states and why does the reese's there he's joining us now and what more can you tell us about the circumstances. of the girls release and what's their condition like. well they are in that bad shape we arrived here early shortly before the girls walked or walked into the reception hall where they were received by the government officials and senior military officers in fact many of them one limping as nearly all of them was barefoot and
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that's the condition there was chicken when they were in there days ago and that's . it carried into the whole why the government met them the governor met them addressed them and also. they were given food right inside the council chambers of the government house now the the circumstances surrounding their release were such that they've been intense negotiations over the past 4 days in fact just yesterday evening we were talking with government senior government official says and for a state in last war that this goes could be recovered any time soon and then very early this morning in the early hours of today we got a call on their way here at the white negotiating and we in fact interviewed all spoke to one of the people the intermediaries the go between with the government and the families in fact he and his team while former
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bandits themselves they surrendered their arms and took an amnesty program under the state government. all right and then you see. my dell just stop you right there because we are having audio connection issues with my the diddies reporting from zamfara state where 279 girls have now been released who were previously kidnapped well move on to other news and tell you about the u.s. state department which is threatening further sanctions against me and more as military for its crackdown on protesters. there were street battles between security forces and demonstrators in cities across the country on tuesday and that's despite security forces using increasingly violent tactics to disperse the crowds at least 18 people were killed on sunday. we condemn burmese security forces brutal killing of unarmed people its attacks on journals and activists and ongoing unjust detentions the united states in close
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coordination with our partners and allies we have made clear to the burmese military that violence against the people of burma is a horror and the recent escalation in tactics by security forces is reprehensible the united states stands in solidarity with the 10s of thousands of people in burma who once again came out peacefully across the country with courage and determination to reject this military coup and to voice their aspirations for a return to democratic governance peace and the rule of law scott handler is covering developments from bangkok in neighboring thailand so how much momentum do the protests continue to have despite the military crackdown scott. well that in there still coming out on the streets we know for sure we've been speaking with someone in yangon there are 2 areas that they have been coming out to they are ready for some of the harsher crackdowns we've been seeing by security forces over the last couple of days they have shields they have helmets but we know
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that you know throughout the day they're supposed to gather more people right now it's still in the hundreds but it's not just in yangon there are also other cities across myanmar where we are still seeing people coming out to despite of what we have seen over the last couple days in particular a very bloody day on sunday and then monday heavy crackdown with rubber bullets with tear gas we know today there have been a few incidents of stun grenades being used but nothing like we've seen the last couple of days but again you know it's still just in the afternoon in the end march so that could very well change one thing we want to update you on that's quite interesting in this is something that the state department focused on in the united states and that is obviously what's been going with the violence the treatment of the protesters but also journalists we're hearing now that at least 6 journalists have been charged with something called $55.00 o 5 a and this is kind of like a defamation. law that has been put on at least 6 journalists
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inside myanmar so obviously that is concerning now because that is going to obviously be something that news organizations need to think about putting their obviously these journalists on the streets during these protests are putting themselves at risk but now they can be detained and they have some have been charged we'll get more details of that as it goes but that were just coming out in the last half hour or so yes scott thanks for that and also what can you tell us about the foreign ministers who are meant to meet in a couple of hours time with the military do we expect all the regional nations to be speaking in one voice. well there will be it's the 10 nation block and the foreign ministers from his 10 nations are going to connect via video conference is the 1st time the body as a whole will be discussing the situation in myanmar and then me and my our representative will obviously be someone that has been appointed by the joint so they will participate this is the best way to describe it is that it's the 1st step down a very long path because you have many many issues to deal with but 1st and foremost
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is the challenge when you have you know what one of the basic demands of the protesters and from the international community quite honestly at large that is most of the international community that is that the government that with a democratically elected government be put into put back into place and that the election back in november be legitimized that that was a free and fair election that's something that the joint to does not believe and so when you come to the table to least do some type of negotiation there's a massive gap that has to be crossed before you can even really start anything that could possibly be productive one thing that's interesting you're seeing a couple of nations really take charge of this in singapore and indonesia when you look at the 10 nation bloc those are the most democratic if you will so it makes sense that they are pushing for this to be at least discussed do expect a big announcement after this video conference today probably not but again it's
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good to emphasize that this is the 1st step down that path mainly because when dealing with these 10 nations they deal with each other much better than they deal directly with the outside world the international community so it could be looked at could be viewed that if there's going to be any leverage that possibly can work against the joint in myanmar it will have to come from inside the region even though it could be influence from outside that hi scott thank you so much for that update from. president joe biden's administration has sidestepped any direct action against the saudi arabian crown prince mohammed bin said a man that's despite a u.s. intelligence report on friday revealing his involvement in the murder of journalist . al-jazeera state department correspondent rosalind jordan reports. 3 days after the bike ministration declassified an intelligence report on the murder of journalist jamal 2 officials say they're taking a hard line regarding the mastermind named in the report saudi arabia's crown
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prince and de facto ruler mohammed bin solomon we have also conveyed very clearly and candidly through diplomatic channels that this absolutely can never happen again that our relationship will be different from what it has been in the past and that we are going to be of course hold the option of holding saudi arabia to to their commitment to to take reforms in place and make progress moving forward but critics aren't buying it they say the u.s. should have imposed the same punishment on the crown prince that it has imposed on $76.00 saudi individuals whom the u.s. believes have sought to threaten dissidents overseas including those implicated in these murder at the state department spokesperson argued the u.s. considers king solomon not his son to be the country's ruler and that officials are trying to preserve a critical relationship in the middle east it's important to u.s.
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interests and it requires continued progress in reforms to ensure that this important partnership rests on strong fundamentals and continues to advance our shared objectives in the middle east we seek to accomplish a great deal with the saudis to end the war in yemen and ease yemen's humanitarian crisis. ending that civil war is one of president joe biden's top foreign policy priorities he's already taken a harder line with riyadh by cutting all future of fence of weapon sales the saudis have long been accused of using u.s. provided bombs to kill again many civilians on monday washington announced at an aid conference for yemen that it would give a. other $170000000.00 in humanitarian relief still not enough said aid workers to help the people suffering from 4 years of who are they need to lift the blockade on
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the blockade preventing food medicine and essential goods including fuel from getting into yemen that she needs to be changed so it's inclusive fair and just by the administration specifically needs to stop linking the iran negotiation with peace negotiations. meantime another human rights question has been left unanswered whether in light of the national intelligence community's report the u.s. will ever give crown prince mohammed bin solomon and his family a waiver to visit the u.s. congress passed a law banning all foreign officials in their relatives from the u.s. if they were involved in cases of major corruption or a gross violation of human rights which many would argue includes. murder rosalind jordan al jazeera saudi arabia civil defense says 5 people have been injured as a result of a whole theme missile attack on its territory a rocket fired from yemen had
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a town in the border region of just on monday attacks have increased the last 3 weeks as fighting intensifies and yemen's met a breach and and the united nations secretary general says he's disappointed by the outcome of a global donor conference for yemen roughly one point $7000000000.00 was raised but that's less than half the $3500000000.00 target and u.n. says the money is urgently needed to avoid a famine. still ahead on al-jazeera. security forces in charge there excused of killing an opposition leader as mother and son reigniting protests a month before a presidential election a new deadline looms for argentina to deal with its largest debt the government says it won't be rushed.
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coming on the top stories on al-jazeera this hour 279 schoolgirls kidnapped in the northwestern nigerian citizen fara have been released gunmen took them from a state run school on friday it's the latest in a series of abductions in the region the u.s. state department is threatening for their sanctions against me and mines military for its crackdown on protesters there were street battles between security forces an anti demonstrators in cities across the country on tuesday. the biden administration is defending its decision not to sanction saudi crown prince bahama been so mad for the killing of journalist dramatic fashion it says it wants to recalibrate not rupture the relationship with. amnesty international says war
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crimes are being committed in mozambique's couple though gado province in a new report the rights group says hundreds of people have been killed since 2017 it's documented extra judicial executions human rights violations and indiscriminate attacks the u.n. says the violence has forced more than 500000 people to leave their homes while the amnesty report says many parties are responsible for the killings fighters have beheaded civilians and burned villages state security forces have also been accuse the rights violations in an effort to crush the rebellion the report says government troops arbitrarily arrested civilians torture detainees on committed extrajudicial executions it also accuses the government of recruiting south african mercenaries to help in its military operations david michie fine is a researcher for a southern africa at amnesty international he says the rights group has been documenting civilian suffering since the conflict began. we are talking about
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people who are caught in a triple bind of violence on the one side you have insurgents who are committing atrocities beheading people burning their villages looting their property abducting women and girls forcing them. to marriages basically so we have sexual physical and emotional violence again against women and girls now you have also the muslim rikan you know government forces that are involved in extrajudicial killings. imprisonment and torture of those that they are accused of providing aid and comfort to the insurgents and you have also a south african military company that was hired by the most american government to assist in the conflict that is shooting indiscriminately from air using machine
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guns and grenades without being able to distinguish between civilian and military targets. phone lines and internet have been cut off in chad's cops all on sunday security forces stormed the home of the opposition leader and presidential candidates yeah dello they've been accused of killing his mother and son our correspondent nicholas hock has more. defiant and no longer afraid supporters of opposition leader yeah do you know attempt to block a tank from the presidential guard from moving closer to his home says elite forces killed his elderly mother an 11 year old son in an attempt to arrest him on sunday he spoke to his supporters from his home police officers game without a warrant and fired on my relatives killing my mother and others it shows the nature of president davey's regime we need to continue our movement so that we can
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get a democracy and justice chaldeans deserve i will not be intimidated after this declaration deal though a candidate in april's presidential election escaped from his house undetected despite the heavy security presence in 2005 dealer mounted a failed armed rebellion against president idriss deby who has been in power for the last 31 years and is running for a 6th term in office last april published this video where you queues is debbie's family of corruption and miss appropriation of public money a case was filed against yellow which prompted this operation. went in and turned it off. and spent the child. in. child.
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despite the accusations of rights violation france has been backing these governments since 1990 and germany is home to a major french military base with charging troops providing support in the fight against armed groups in this a hell regional stability is important but opposition protestors say so is the call for freedom from the increasing voices of dissent nicholas harking al-jazeera. the former french president nicolas sarkozy has been found guilty of corruption isn't sentenced to 3 years in jail although 2 years were suspended and if the conviction is upheld on appeal he may serve his sentence under house arrest but as natasha butler reports from paris it's made a political comeback unlikely nicolas sarkozy arrived at courts in paris for the verdict in his trial a judge found the former french president guilty of corruption and influence
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peddling he was given a 3 year jail sentence with 2 years suspended he left the call to that comment but it's always later said that he would appeal so cozy was convicted of trying to influence a magistrate in 2014 to obtain information about another legal case against him during the trial he denied the accusations but the judge said that sarkozy and his 2 kohak used knew exactly what they would doing the judge told the court he took advantage of his status and the relationships he had made since being voted out of office in 2012 sarkozy has sought. political comeback even ran for the presidency again in 2017 but the guilty verdict in this trial is likely to deal a devastating blow to his ambitions some in france his conservative party had hoped that sarkozy would run in makes use election a lot of his face will within his own party remain hopeful that he could stage
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a comeback today that these over and that is over particularly because even the party faithful will still adore nicolas sarkozy's the kind of charismatic political leader that commands this kind of control within the country there's no way you can have a president with such an educational case behind him as president sarkozy projected an image of a tough talking conservative with a taste for luxury now he's become the 1st former french president to be handed a jail term and with at least 2 more corruption trial is expected it's clear that sarkozy's legal problems are far from over. all just 0 powers. el salvador's president is set to secure an overall majority in parliament president now has claimed victory for his party in legislative elections color has been accused of being off oratory and if confirmed they win would give him sweeping new powers including the appointment of judges to the supreme court they are gentlemen
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presidents alberto fernandez says he will not rush into a new deal will be international monetary fund there is concern argentina may miss and may deadline with the i.m.f. to agree on how to repay of loan of more than $40000000000.00 to raise about reports from want to sirens and want to find them this went to congress on monday to present his plan on how to help the country recover from the pandemic. he spoke about plans to reactivate the economy industrialize canaries and investigate the loans granted to argentina by the i.m.f. creditable no most being. last i didn't do it on me but it got out by to put an end to the adventures of indebting a country it is necessary that doing so isn't free and they cannot walk around and teach about how they carry out these debts that's why i have to initiate an investigation into those who took part in the biggest fraudulent administration
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then our memory can recall. the president is hoping to investigate former president . and some of his closest allies in $2800.00 former president mauricio muggeridge argentina was granted the largest lending hasn't a real well the international monetary fund over $40000000000.00 the argentine and the i.m.f. are currently in the legal medical association of how to pay. what internet economic troubles have been exacerbated by the pandemic and that's why the net ministration of president. is one thing that we did it with the loan that was granted during the previous administration. argentina is struggling with a rise in poverty unemployment and a drop in economic activity the government is also having to do damage control after it emerged that several politicians and their relatives jumped a queue and got vaccinated folk over 1000. this scandal has raised questions about
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the government's credibility and angered many people who took to the streets last saturday in protest. but monosyllable data says he voted for freedom and this and hopes he will do what's necessary to help millions of argentinians recover from the ongoing crisis. i voted for him because i believe he can help us the government gave us some money to survive these past months but it's not enough i'm still living on the streets i'm waiting for a pinch and that will help me survive. one of the demands by the i.m.f. is to cut down government spending for man the center left peronist administration faces mid-term elections in october and is unlikely to impose austerity measures that will hurt him politically but economy saying the i.m.f. may prove to be more flexible but in the past on the move very slowly giving him a chance to get i.m.f.
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knows that there is no chance i didn't do not be used alone in a timely manner this structuring has to happen the thing is it has to be in good terms and with an accord the agreement may happen because of the pandemic and it maybe the i.m.f. should be more flexible this. is the i.m.f. largest sovereign borrower and that's why ideally is crucial to help the country recover they said well and to see what a sight is peru is easing its coronavirus restrictions but some health experts warn it's too soon as cases surge large crowds have been seen on the streets of its capital as businesses reopen on monday thousands of new infections are being recorded every day with more than 40000 diagnosed in the past week or president francisco sagacity says people need the economy to reopen in order to survive. the head of the world health organization is warning global coronavirus cases are on the increase again for the 1st time in 7 weeks ted rall scarcer says it's
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disappointing but not surprising some of it appears to be due to a relaxing of public of measures continued circulation of violence and people letting down their guard vaccines will help to save lives but if countries relies solely on vaccines they are making a mistake. basic public measures remain the foundation of their response and the philippines has reported its 1st cases of the more contagious covert 1000 variant that was 1st detected in south africa the discovery could complicate its recovery efforts just a day after it began rolling out its vaccination program its 1st batch of $600000.00 as arrived from china on sunday schools in indian administered kashmir are reopening
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a year after the pandemic forced them to close but even before that students were already confined to their homes because if a military crackdown. has more. students in indian administered kashmir are once again back in school this is the worst it's the 1st time they've been in a classroom in nearly a year after schools were shut down at the height of the pandemic things are different now and students are readjusting to life under covert 19 to be honest i had gone have a choice of staying at my home now or coming out of my room but then the news came out that the schools are reopening and i was quite reluctant to come to the school but then. when i wore the uniform and when i stepped in the school i had a different feeling but even before the pandemic the students were already forced to study at home when india revoked kashmir's autonomy in august 29th teen the move led to more unrest in the disputed territory and it also led to
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a log down in the area such we're told look at me again for the last 2 years kashmiri children have not been to schools the kashmir valley was going through a cycle of lockdowns after it samee autonomy was revoked then came the pandemic for the rest of the world the lockdown has been for a year but here in kashmir it's basically been 2 parents who worry their children will fall behind with so many gaps in their education but there's also fear of the long term effects of social isolation i would certainly get depressed because again the courage of getting out of the home again and then being shot in the home again that that takes out of a person its moral and everything. india is expanding its vaccination drive and some are questioning of politics and longstanding tension in the region will eventually cool down to the education system students have already been the biggest victims i think there are on the education their perspective will be dormant if the
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situation doesn't improve the students say their day to day priority is not about politics but rather getting an education katia lopez. al-jazeera. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera 279 schoolgirls kidnapped in the northwest the nigerian satans on far have been released gunmen took them from a state run school on friday it's the latest in a series of abductions in the region. has more from the scene and farmers think the government no one is left in captivity no one was killed the 279 in fact all the girls.


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