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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2021 12:00am-1:00am +03

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al-jazeera. al-jazeera. tale of this is the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up the u.s. and e.u. impose sanctions on russian individuals and entities of the poisoning of opposition leader and me. 279 nigerian schoolgirls limped to safety as their freed days after their kidnapping in some far a state. concern for me in my neighbors but no plans to intervene
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as police again open fire to disperse anti cooper testers. and cafe and restaurant owners in the netherlands open the outdoor terraces in defiance of the crude lock down i'm john nash with the sports not have the latest on the so-called boss a gay scandal oscillators former president josep bazza may oppose his 1st selfie after being released from custody. begin with news that u.s. president joe biden has made his 1st major move against russia over the poisoning of opposition leader alexei navalny the white house has announced sanctions against 7 senior russian officials they include the heads of russia's f.s.b. security service the prison service and the prosecutor general is also targeting the 14 companies or agencies associated with chemical agent production. now here's
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the most prominent critic of president vladimir putin fell seriously ill last august the u.s. accuses the kremlin of poisoning him with a nerve agent something it denies him and he was jailed last month on his return to russia for violating parole last being treated in germany the european union is also imposing sanctions on 4 officials close to president putin russia's foreign minister says his country will respond to the sanctions he cast doubt on an extended bonnie's poisoning but didn't mention the kremlin critic by name. we will let you when all those who treated him thoroughly hide all the facts which could help to understand what happened and in parallel instead of honest collaboration and not hiding they start to punish us this doesn't bring any credit to those who take decisions and will surely respond. that's just rosen and jordan who's at the state department in washington d.c. in roseland why now. well essentially the state department as well
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as other u.s. agencies are saying that they are trying to bring u.s. policy regarding russia in line with that of the european union writ large the e.u. as our viewers might recall it lobbied similar sanctions back in october and the u.s. actions on tuesday essentially are matching those actions there's also the question of accountability this is net price the state department spokesperson. it is clear that russian officials targeted mr have only for his activism and his efforts to reveal uncomfortable truths about russian officials corruption and to give voice to russian citizens legitimate grievances with their government and its policies we are exercising our authorities to send a clear signal that russia's use of chemical weapons and human rights abuses have severe consequences any use of chemical weapons anywhere at any time by anyone
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under any circumstance is unacceptable and it contravenes international norms what will this mean for relations between russia and the biden an administration well there was a background call early on tuesday morning for reporters here in washington and the officials on that call took great pains to stress that there is no reset coming between washington and moscow that there isn't going to be any sort of recalibration or certainly any sort of warming of relations the u.s. policy concerning russia is that it is engaging in a lot of behaviors that the u.s. does not approve of and that the u.s. considers many of those actions to be a threat not just to the united states but to its allies and partners and so what was being signaled during this call on tuesday morning is that the u.s. is going to be taking a very different tack toward moscow versus that one that was taken by the previous
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trumpet ministration which is much harder much more critical much more focused on accountability legally and otherwise than we saw with the trumpet ministration over in jordan thank you very much for joining us now by skype from new york is michael weiss he's had director of special investigations at the free russia foundation thanks so much for being with us how significant do you think these new sanctions will be on russia. well unfortunately not very if you're looking at for a kind of material response so this is not really going to change putin's calculations with respect to how he treats civil society or opposition figures it's not really going to affect russian foreign policy so far as i can tell i mean most of these sanctions are symbolic in the sense that people that have been named don't really travel frequently to the united states and best far as i can see don't really have assets in the united states that the exception here would be on there but mccall who is the head of the f.s.b. which is the domestic intelligence service the successor one of the successors of
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the the old k.g.b. in the soviet era he came to the united states as recently as 2018 or rather odd counterterrorism con fab with u.s. officials under the then trumpet ministration but other than that nobody in this list that i can tell. frequents the united states or sends their kids to school here or invest money here there was a list in fact that alexina vali himself and his anticorruption foundation put out before vali went back to moscow where he was arrested and is now incarcerated that list i think would have been much more effective in sending a signal to moscow because that list consisted of various all of darks who kind of act in a plenty potentially role on behalf of mr putin and do business in the west engage with western enterprise and western governments all the time that list unfortunately is not what the u.s. government has decided to prioritize them and never has said that russia will retaliate coming in and you are he already said that about you sanctions what kind
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of action do you expect as a result of this from the russians. well the nice thing about the russian government is that they like to get their retaliation in 1st i don't think they need an excuse to behave aggressively with respect to any western institutions i mean you know in the united states here for the last several months we've been in atomizing meet the so-called solar winds hack which was a massive data breach and data collection campaign run by the s.v.r. that is russia's foreign intelligence service they were sitting in hundreds of computer systems for many months stealing god knows what kind of information now that was a kind of unwanted at of cyber espionage in terms of their retaliation i think you can expect again very pro forma sanctions levied against u.s. officials possibly in the current white house they love to go after rather hawkish congresspeople and senators that the late john mccain had been sanctioned under by the russian government at one point which he once quipped something like well there goes my chance to visit come as no daughter i mean so these things again have more symbolic value than they do substantive value at least in the current form and also
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on the same reason president biden and the e.u. he does have called for the release of an exciting how would you think that will be and in terms of russia do they think this keeping him in of on the in prison time in 10 years into a big a figure than than he would necessarily be otherwise. well i think they're hoping that in the 2 and a half years he's meant to spend in what is essentially a labor camp that his star will do him a bit people will stop referring to him he certainly won't be on a one of the new york times every day the way he has been in the last several weeks more menacing to me is the fact that they're going after his entire network of campaigners and activists and anticorruption figures people whose name whose names are not familiar to western audiences and this is going to be done very still fully very steadily over the course of the next few weeks and months and again it's going to be done in a sub rosa fashion where there's not going to be a western response to it not only was an outsized figure deeply charismatic his videos have more varied realty on the internet i use that term and in that sense of
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being frequented than certain music videos do so there had to be an american response to his political plight unfortunately i don't think there's going to be an american response to the political plights of all the other people who basically created the base of the pyramid of the not all need political project if you like my thoughts thank you very much and jeff attain to talk to us thank you joy. you know his stance is also sanctioned to the who he revels in yemen that is to procuring weapons from iran and organizing attacks on his days off to the u.s. state department stripped of a terrorist designation imposed by donald trump's administration on his last full day in office it was reversed. would stop aid getting through i think sasa right yemen's humanitarian crisis. why don't i say sions in yemen say that programs will be severely cut after a u.n. appeal for funding fell well short of its goal the global data conference on monday
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raised less than half its 3.8 $5000000000.00 target he is a convict and entrenched poverty have left more than $2300000.00 children under 5 at risk of acute money. the u.n. says more money is agent we needed to stop the country tipping into famine. i think the 1st impact yesterday's locating figure will literally be exponential increase in the risk of famine in the spread of diseases and as your nations easily international n.g.o.s basically have to cut back their support to yemen and its worst moment in crisis with the pledges made yesterday there is perhaps a few more months that have been gained but the prospects for a severe cut food supplies is emitted britain's foreign secretary has defended the u.k. government offer it came in for heavy criticism the cutting its aid to yemen the u.k. has pledged $121000000.00 down from 279000002 years ago. in the last 5
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years in relation to yemen including the 2021 we've been between the 3rd and 5th time status we will keep up that effort we provide moving the 1000000000 pounds of funding to the humanitarian crisis in yemen since the conflict began and of course we fully support martin griffith u.n. special envoys efforts to find peace there. coming up on this news hour from london more media workers targeted in afghanistan with 3 women killed in the latest attacks. assault on the u.s. capitol while the head of the f.b.i. believes the riot was an act of domestic terrorism. and the women's rugby world cup is likely to be delayed because of a coronavirus and make. 279 schoolgirls kidnapped last week from a government run boarding school in northern nigeria have been freed the students said their doctors had beaten them and threatened to shoot them as they were
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marched into a forest and released 4 hours 4 days of tense negotiations after there was amended race was there as the girls arrived and go south the capital of zamfara state and said this report. they arrived at dawn limits their way into the office of the governor exhausted and some too sick to watch. their serve meals in an office where normally cabinet meetings are held. with their 1st decent meals in days they gathered the strength to tell us what happened see it doesn't yet i was now at the ouster now words they drove us like animals some of us were falling and getting injured they made us trek for 2 to 3 hours and spent the 1st 2 days in the camp they pushed us forward threatening to kill anyone who refused to move despite the blisters on our feet they forced us to walk further into we reached the 2nd and then the 3rd camp. the 279 students i kidnapped while
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they were sleeping in their boarding school dormitories in the town of john gave in circumstances similar to the book quote i'm kidnapping of more than 270 goes into broke into into 14 this man a former bandage says he left several others to help bring the ghost back to put them out of we met and told them we came in peace to leave with the girls who for no fault of theirs found themselves in such a situation they also spoke about their grievances and why they took the girls it was a long difficult process full of tension but we also came ready and prepared for the unforeseen the goes have now been taken to a secure location for medical examinations before they have reunited with their families but that hasn't stopped excited parents like the one who's managed to get close to where they are. my joy is indescribable i called my wife to tell her the girls are back i haven't seen my daughter but i'm relieved she's back the past 4
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days will traumatic now we can afford to eat sleep and smile the governor was in for a state has offered amnesty to gunmen who sought and insists dialogue with the bandits will continue despite the pitfalls. that we are now fighting. and the repentant ones can force the government. so we're going to continue with the truth because not all of them that. we used to. leave will be thursday. night because nobody can be able to get the kidnapping of these goes on friday came i was before the release of another set of students kidnapped in central nigeria. there's an for attack is a 6 school kidnapping in northern nigeria in recent years for the girls barrack attention is now shifting to the future of education with schools continuously being targeted especially in northern part of nigeria there are fears that the
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region highest rate of poverty may fall even farther behind it's not clear if this goes will have the courage to return to school or even if their parents allow them to return but for now they're happy to enjoy their freedom hoping the government will do more to protect them with greece. was a large area. to speak to david autor an international defense and security consultant who specializes in african political instability conflicts terrorism radicalization and organized crime thanks so much for being with us so the local government says no ransom was offered to get the girls back but the state government says the captors have been offered amnesty that that position or that approach has come in for criticism hasn't it. if something is coming to a true criticism because of course the whole idea will be runs has a counterproductive impact we've seen if this is the 6 month skewed number
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we have about these used in chibok that cheat you have become corrupt become governor and now the get it could not be so people are complaining that but it's been giving runs full doing the same thing all of my day so it's almost like an except this industry but if you want a victim and you are a parent you would want your child to be free to respect your oath with iran's own spirit or not what is important is that the goes a release and as long as the government or the security agencies love this kind of musky nothing to happen you know what the logistics started takes then i would outright that you know to do with it my kicks to release them including being a ransom i mean prison bury a party disagrees with with the approach of the state governor and his party ordered a military deployment. how helpful effective do you think that would be. to prevent
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its kind of thing happening if you try me. if the president has also declared a no fly zone what is happening now is almost like the pot is trying to be the whole the the states you know. kind of you know vying for control of the security which of course is in the record of the federal government i think that these you know kind of. attacks and kidnappings that are happening in the northwest and northeast of nigeria but also to no single a kid to treasonable offense you know because you know it takes a whole lot of logistics and you know for a complete blind side of security services for these kind of tick nothing to happen so the president has to you know to stand very tall unpressed on the governors of the state you know to actually do something about these and this is becoming an
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bratton and you know it would be ridiculous that these kind of much nothing is happening in this day and age and nobody really saying anything about it so there is a complete city which the president really needs to address what about the effect that this will have meaning is it your impression that parents were they starting to be reluctant to send their children to school. i really want to send my child to a school of that within that region if these kind of attacks are happening is not front to education it goes back to the whole not received but who her own preaches of course these could not be we have to make it very clear that he had nothing to do with who are around but the fact that you have an organization or terrorist group that talks about which the occasion is for b.b. and you have you know men who have not been children left right and set up not just jewelry i mean this is just the ones that we hear about because you know of the
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enormity of of these if you cannot be so i think you know at least a lot of parents are worried and rightly so that you know it's impossible to send your children in school where i received no protection the basic principle of the social contract between the state and the people is broken and that needs to be fixed david thank you very much indeed geoff your thoughts i'm sorry thank you 3 media workers have been shot dead in eastern afghan city of jalalabad government officials say the women were all employed by local television station and cast t.v. they were on their way home from work when they were killed in 2 separate attacks the shootings are the latest in a wave of attacks targeting journalists activists and civil service workers in recent months in the past when i've been a part of one unfortunately 3 of our sisters were martyred and 2 other civilians were injured more him with a terrorist named chari pacy who led the attack has been arrested. security forces
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a man mob continuing to crackdown on protesters 2 days after the country's bloodiest day since the military coup there are reports that live rounds were fired in the northwestern town of kalak well this is foreign ministers from the regional bloc held talks with a man ma military representative in indonesia and said all parties should refrain from instigating violence jessica washington reports from jakarta. mistreats of hand gone peaceful protest says remain determined even in the face of force. plenty of them were hard hats and tried to protect themselves with makeshift barricades. occupying the streets to fight against military rule. this footage shows police firing it on a demonstrator. in the country's north west several people were injured
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when police used water cannon and tear gas. as the attacks on peaceful demonstrations continue in most neighborhoods in southeast asia held their 1st meeting since the military coup. the talks were held virtually and behind closed doors indonesia is the largest democracy in southeast asia and has been at the forefront of the push for to help resolve the crisis in me and indonesia's foreign minister acknowledges that while noninterference isn't shined in the charter so too is a commitment to peace stability and good god in. the indonesian foreign minister said her country is very concerned about the violence in me and. how it can it's worrisome because an increasing number of civilians have lost their lives or injured. singapore's prime minister joined those calling for the release of me and
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most of the democratically elected leaders do i rest though on songs flukey yes well that's the ministers and the president. and charge them with all walkie talkie offenses and things like that i don't think that's going to help solve the problem malaysia's foreign ministry said the resolution to what it called a political deadlock must be a domestic led process experts say on theone must come up with a plan rather than reflecting on whether it should or should not be part of the solution as they are. expected to. must in the center of all. plays the democratic and we. must be at the. un member states trying to decide what they can do to resolve this crisis a battle with highest stakes is playing out on the streets just to washington
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al-jazeera jakarta and mars ambassador to the u.n. insists he will carry on in his role despite being fired by the military joined to show moton was dismissed after he gave an emotional speech at the un general assembly on friday i diplomatic editor james bass has more. last friday in the u.n. general assembly jaw more toward the ambassador of myanmar to the u.n. who gave an impassioned speech condemning the events inside his country one day later the military authorities said that he'd been fired from his job and on sunday this letter was sent to all of the countries in the u.n. all the 192 other countries saying that he'd been replaced by the deputy ambassador who would now be the acting ambassador however on the 1st of march another letter was sent this time from george more torn saying he was still the ambassador both
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letters have the same letter head of this building which is the myanmar mission to the u.n. effectively the country's embassy it's a big problem for the u.n. there's a very long procedure a credentials committee of the general assembly which was meet to decide who is the legitimate representative the problem for now is the fact that both have passes to the u.n. both are allowed in the building so who is going to be recognized as the ambassador i can confirm that we've received 2 letters they're currently under review this is a meeting is it who gets to the seat 1st currently as they both have active u.n. classic we are well both can come into. both come into to the building. who is recognized. by the president of which every meeting is going on that will be an issue of for for member states we are i mean let's be honest here we're in
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a very unique. situation we have not seen in a long time right now no one's arguing the door of this building but this is likely to be a protracted fight and an important one the generals know that diplomatic representation is key to the legitimacy of their rule f.b.i. director says there's no evidence to support right wing claims that fake trump supporters took part in the january 6th capitol hill riot christopher a was being questioned by a senate committee of the storming of the capitol building is labeled the riots an act of domestic terrorism and vowed to hold the perpetrators accountable but certainly we're all were equal opportunity and looking for extreme ism of any of any ideology we have not to date seen any evidence of anarchist violent extremists or people subscribing to m.t.v.
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. in connection with the sex that doesn't mean we're not looking and will continue to look but at the moment we have not seen that and fisher has been following the harry. what christopher de ray did do was the bunk a number of conspiracy theories that have been pushed by republican senators and also supporters of donald trump 1st of all he said there were no fake trump supporters involved in what happened here on january 6th certainly no evidence that they have seen anything of and there is also the issue of whether or not there was a problem with voter fraud in the 2020 election he agreed with former attorney general bill barr that there was no evidence that there was widespread voter fraud and certainly not enough to change the result of the election christopher ray you'll remember was appointed to become director of the f.b.i. in 2017 after donald trump fired jim comey he says since he's taken up his position he's seen a tripling essentially in the number of cases involving white supremacists he said
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the number of cases involving self identified anarchists has increased as well domestic terrorism he said is flowing across the country but what is that issue here for many senators is why the f.b.i. didn't seem to know what was going to happen on january the 6th and therefore why the f.b.i. senators and lawmakers at risk when they gathered to affirm the results of the 2020 presidential election. there's growing pressure on new york governor andrew cuomo to resign after a 3rd woman accused him of inappropriate behavior and iraq worked in the white house during the obama administration she says cuomo touched her face and back and asked to kiss her after meeting at a wedding reception isn't was photographed by a friend of hers 2 other women have already accused him of sexual harassment. there's also more still to come this hour including reinforcements sent in as mexico tackles the violence believed to be linked to the country's deadliest drug cartel. or the u.k.
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is planning a new coal mine at the same time as it prepares to host a major climate change conference. at a sport for me to one world champion lewis hamilton talks about how the drive for diversity inspires him for the new season. hello there the weather remains fine and model for a good part of europe at the moment lots of subtle weather around big area of high pressure so large the clear skies early warning folks who were think of but nothing too much of the truth be know we have got the system this area of high pressure just not a little further east for say over the next couple days so there will be something of change coming in to western parts of here but the moment we got showers state snow just pushing across western russia some unsettled weather coming through here that makes its way through as you go on through wednesday still a few showers around the eastern side of the black sea parts of turkey there add
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also into that eastern side of the mediterranean so some lively storms a possibility just around cyprus pushing over towards the levant over the next day or 2 with some strong winds got a few shows that in place across the eastern half of spain as well but some west of weather just making its way in from the atlantic so northern parts of france will see increasing rains to get up to 17 celsius in paris to also says there for london as it clouds over what the weather coming in across southern parts of england that a good part of wales look how it cools off as we go on into thursday winds coming in from a northerly direction wetter weather easing across germany pushing a little further east was and by this stage is fine and dry for the med. it pays well and doesn't require diplomas. and that's why so many in macau work for
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the casinos. but for those like g.e. on whose struggle it school. dropping out has become the lesser evil perseverance greater gamble. future gamble part of the viewfinder asia series unnoticed.
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among of the top stories here not just here the united states is now on sanctions on russia over the poisoning of opposition leader and explain about me 7 senior russian officials and 14 agencies associated with chemical agent production have been targeted the e.u. has also not sanctions on 4 top officials. but 279 schoolgirls kidnapped last week from a boarding school in northern nigeria have been freed they said her abductors beat them and threatened to shoot them as they were marched into a forest. and there are reports that live rounds were fired to disperse protesters in the northwestern town of kalak that's despite pharmacist's regional bloc r.c.m. meeting with the military representative and urging all parties to refrain from
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instigating violence following last month's crude. $47.00 pro-democracy activists in hong kong will appear in court for a 3rd day on wednesday in american bail hearing the 1st day on monday lasted 15 hours and had to be adjourned when one of the defendants fainted and was taken to hospital the activists are facing charges under a controversial chinese national security law there queues of participating in an unofficial election primary for the territories legislature scattered protests are broken out across lebanon as the country's pound hit a record low against the dollar on the black market protesters in beirut were seen setting tires on fire and using rubbish bins to block roads the dollar is trading at $9975.00 lebanese pounds while the official price remains at $1520.00 pounds to the dollar antigovernment protests began in october 29 teams but the anger has been compounded by the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and
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a deadly blast in beirut support last august. exodus president says he's ordered the deployment of additional national guard troops to go state in response to a weekend of violence that left 13 dead and they suggest tax and believed to be linked to the high school a new generation cartel incident a definite deadliest in mexico and the rapper reports from mexico city. another bloody crime scene in her state 11 construction workers shot dead in it's the latest in what has become a seemingly endless cycle of senseless violence. in the north from detroit ject area the projectiles in which numbered more than 70 between short and long arms it can be seen that the people were sitting on a bench apparently waiting to be paid for the week's work when suddenly to the calls arrived says one of the. last weekend's attack was followed by another shooting 30 kilometers away in lomas the pentagon killing at least 2 people in at
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least go even authorities admit the security situation has grown out of control yesterday 13 people lost their lives into multiple homesites all signs point to organized crime. and a long as the. when it was a day in response to the increase in violent criminal activity in states like her leask or want to what do any gun mexico's president announced the deployment of additional troops from the national guard. ok but is is there already is a presence we will reinforce the presence of the national guard the army in the marines and the armed forces of the states i've instructed this i gave was order a month ago and more elements are already being mobilized. in holy school state experts link the worsening violence to the new generation cartel or c j n g believed to rival the cinna lower cartel as mexico's dominant drug gang and in
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recent years violence linked to the legal cartel has spread to new. parts of the country the announcement of more national guard troops being sent to hell east coast state is consistent with mexico's national security strategy a strategy that has been largely unchanged since the start of the country's militarized war on drugs 15 years ago. according to government statistics since 2006 mexico has recorded more than 300000 violent deaths nationwide most of which are believed to be tied to criminal activity madrid upolu al jazeera mexico city. amnesty international says war crimes are being committed in mozambique's northern capital gado province hundreds of people have been killed in the conflict that's been raging there since 2017 and amnesty says many parties are responsible artist known locally as al-shabaab but who are not linked to the armed group in somalia have beheaded civilians and burnt villages their state security forces are also
12:36 am
accused of rights violations in an effort to crush the rebellion and the city says government troops arbitrarily arrested civilians tortured detainees and carried out extrajudicial killings it also says messner is formed from a south african security firm hired by mozambique's government have shot at civilians the company says it will look into the allegations how can web reports hundreds of people have been killed in a conflict in kabul delgado province in northern mozambique. government forces are fighting an armed group known locally as al shabaab more than half a 1000000 people have fled their homes many are now living in camps and the short of food. rights group amnesty international says in a report that all the forces involved are responsible for widespread rights abuses against civilians including war crimes on the one side you have insurgents who are committing atrocities beheading people burning their villages looting their
12:37 am
property abducting women and girls you have also the muslim become you know government forces that are involved in extrajudicial killings and you have also a south african military company that is shooting indiscriminately from their. person rees from the dyke advisory group support the government forces with attack helicopters seen here leaving their air base in the city of pemba amnesty's report documents dozens of witnesses who say they fired machine guns and grenades indiscriminately into crowds of people the company's founder lionel dyke responded saying the company would hire outside lawyers to look into its activities in mozambique. this video analyzed and verified by amnesty last year appears to show members of mozambican armed forces killing a woman. just one of what amnesty says
12:38 am
a widespread abuses by government forces become and hasn't responded to requests for comment in the past it's blamed the armed group when it's been accused of atrocities none of its soldiers have been held to account everyone is acting. to imbue i mean the each time there is a report or asian or human rights there is the involved should be. the armed group pledged allegiance to the islamic state 2 years ago it's not clear if it receives much foreign support but the local grievances behind the conflict are clear the people of cabo delgado have been neglected for generations since long before the conflict began investments to extract billions of dollars of nearby offshore natural gas haven't helped local communities adding to discontent and amnesty says rampant rights abuses will only make the situation
12:39 am
worse malcolm web al-jazeera. nigeria has received its 1st vaccines through the global kovacs sharing scheme close to 4000000 astra zeneca jobs arrived in the capital abuja on tuesday vaccines were also due in angola cambodia and the democratic republic of congo health care and frontline workers will be the 1st to be inoculated nigeria's the 3rd west african country to benefit from the u.n. sponsored program and expects to receive 16000000 doses through kovacs w.h.o. said 142 countries should get 237000000 doses by the end of may. yes president joe biden says he's confident he'll reach his goal of delivering 100000000 vaccine doses in his 1st 100 days in office this as he hailed a collaboration between 2 pharmaceutical rivals the drug company meg will help make johnson and johnson's single shot corona virus vaccine after its own vaccine candidate failed johnson and johnson's vaccines the fed to be approved by u.s.
12:40 am
regulators. president biden says he's confident increased production means they'll be seen data facts and supply to cover every american adult when we came in office the prior administration had contract it for not nearly enough vaccine to cover adults in america we rectified that about 3 weeks ago we were able to say that we have enough vaccine supply for adults by the end of july and i'm pleased to announce today as a consequence of the stepped up process that i've ordered and just outlined this country will have enough vaccine supply a safe again for every adult in america by the end of may which goes live to mike hanna in washington d.c. and mike is quite an unusual collaboration isn't it between johnson and johnson and mouth. a very unusual collaboration indeed these 2 giant pharmaceutical companies have always been intense competitors now the biden
12:41 am
administration has arbitrated between them and got them working together a century what's going to happen is that the johnson and johnson single shot vaccine will be continue to be developed at 2 massive merck facilities now what president biden has also done is invoke the national defense procure untacked in terms of which it will open up supply lines for the provisions for all these vaccines to be produced he will also involve the military in the logistics in terms of supplying or moving the vaccines to the request needed areas once said gets underway so it's a massive operation and certainly unprecedented that 2 pharmaceutical giants like this are working together to pump out the vaccine now this is means that there's now a 3rd viable vaccine on the market essentially we heard the president biden saying that by the end of may every adult in america will be ready to be vaccinated he
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said that there's still the just tickle issues there will be enough vaccine the issue is going to be getting the vaccine to those tens of millions of americans who need it but a massive operation one that president biden likened to the wartime effort particularly involving now the pretty education of the defense program intact so a massive step forward once again president biden saying that there will be enough exene in the united states for every american adult by the end of may and in the meantime that texas is decided to turn away on restrictions tell us about that. well this is the flip side of the korean president biden in that statement as well made very clear that this crisis is far from over and pleaded with people to continue to take mitigating measures texas has now announced the governor of texas has announced that those measures are going to be dropped to the 5th from wednesday he hasn't made clear exactly which measures he's referring to there have been
12:43 am
mitigating measures in place in texas since last july however they have not always been tied very seriously certainly the mosque mandate has now gone texas becoming the 1st major state to drop a mosque a mandate a mandate that was largely not observed in texas however health officials had been warning that it is too soon for people to drop their guard despite the development of the vaccines despite the rollout of the vaccines health officials have been pleading to the people to continue to exercise mitigating measures texas of going way ahead of the ball here the other issue of course with texas lifting all these measures is the fact that has just been through a major humanitarian crisis and health officials are predicting that that massive freeze in texas which led to the loss of a large number of lives could see a common current increase in the number of infections in the weeks ahead so this is
12:44 am
not the time say health officials for all these measures to be lifted the texas governor going ahead and doing so mike hanna thank you very much indeed italy has ordered all schools in areas where hit by cave 19 to close and has extended restrictions on businesses and movement until after easter it's in response to new highly contagious variants of the virus italy is seeing about $15000.00 new current virus cases each day officials warn the health system is coming under growing strain the new rules will be in place for at least a month from saturday. in the netherlands thousands of restaurant cafe owners into southern cities of open their outdoor terraces in defiance of a lockdown pubs and restaurants have been closed since october since then the dutch government has imposed more restrictions to control the spread of a new more contagious variant steadfast and has spoken to frustrated business owners in the 2 cities. as if there's no covert plan that makes people have been
12:45 am
gathering here in the city of this is a part of the south of holland where during the 1st wave of the covert pandemic there were a lot of infections and also many people have died here people and especially business owners are fed up with the lock down with the covert restrictions so they decided to go fight government regulations and just simply open up their terrace has there been serving drinks here until police came to a lot of people gathering police ordered them to leave but they're still defiant you got nothing to lose. each it's finished really nothing to do anymore after 6 months close. last year to have. probably have to pay 4000 euros fine so in the u.k. they said this is going to open then this is going to. be for the whole of it stays quiet this is still a city in the south of the novel and known for its cafes bars and restaurants
12:46 am
people like to go out here and if you look from a distance it may look like it's crowded here at this terrace but in reality the business owner didn't want to risk a large fine of 4000 euros and decided to put my dolls here a symbolic protest against the fact that the government decided to reopen some businesses like massage salons and hear brussels but restaurants cafes and bars remain shocked. if you keep off closed for medical reasons on a percentage or give us a chance to prove again and again that we can do it in a safe word yes. these protests have not only been taking place here in the south of the nablus but also an outer town's shops are opened also to defy government regulations mayors have been putting pressure on the government ministers to be more lenient to give businesses more opportunities but the government insists that this lockdown is still needed that also this evening curfew will be maintained on till infractions will go down the former french president nicolas sarkozy says
12:47 am
he'll go all the way to the european court of human rights to prove his innocence after being found guilty of corruption and influence peddling sarkozy was sentenced to 3 years in prison 2 of them suspended and his 1st public comments since the conviction he told a figure or newspaper that he was appealing the decision and may have to go to the e.u. court he said it would be painful to get his own country condemned but it would be the price of democracy. international energy agency says global carbon emissions were 2 percent higher in december 2020 than a year earlier despite a reduction in industrial output and air travel during the pandemic emissions slumped from most to 2020 due to the worldwide lock downs but the since been a resurgence in economic activity china has driven the increase it was the only major country whose emissions group compared to 2019 as produced by the 2nd highest producing nation the united states fell by 10 percent britain is facing accusations
12:48 am
of double standards it's currently preparing to host the un climate change conference in glasgow in november but it rules it's also planning to build its 1st deep coal mine in 30 years under simmons reports from its proposed site the town of white haven in northwest england. a coastal town in northern england who would want a coal mine built next door the answer nearly everyone living here what else is going on their. employment just think you know it's about what we need rounding up you know papers losing their jobs and. it's not the can right overlooking white haven a disused pit it is a reminder of what was once the lifeblood of this area generations of miners and their families dependent on coal now comes this futuristic looking plan a promotional video here for a project promising $500.00 new jobs here and an estimated 2000 more in the supply
12:49 am
chain west cumbria mining says its coal wouldn't be fueling power stations it would be for steel production and steel will be in big demand for the planned green infrastructure. the green energy projects going forward be sure when we have nuclear are all going to need stale not to produce stale at the moment we're importing call from all around the world you know from places as far to where as australia however protesters say the company's p.r. campaign and the mayor's views are flawed jobs are a good thing but jobs in a coal mine producing coking coal for a steel industry that is moving away from coking coal that is moving towards electric out furnace is away from blast furnace is moving to hydrogen away from coking coal that's not a good thing that's not going to deliver permanent jobs for our local people people
12:50 am
in the town have been told by the government that plans for a mine are local matter and the local decision but it's hardly a local issue it's a national war and with the u.k. hosting the cop 26 climate change conference in november aides are telling boris johnson the prime minister but it could all be an international embarrassment but now the local authority has agreed to review the plan could it be off to all the deep mining in the u.k. stays as it was 30 years ago confined to the history books and drew simmons al-jazeera white haven cumbria. still ahead this news hour that's your turn up for an italian league match and there's no sign of their opponents gemma has the details in sport and. looking to reassure people in indonesia the government lifestream present joko
12:51 am
widodo getting the country's 1st chinese scene of that cold in 1000 vaccine the 1st nations outside of china to grant emergency use thailand malaysia singapore and the philippines have all placed orders this despite a wide range of data on its efficacy from the early trials of the vaccine some southeast asia countries have not yet approved the jab this has led to some questions about the vaccine stemming from the lack of transparency and data the chinese regulators do not want to give up the control if the submit there. would give up a certain amount of control thailand is looking to start vaccinating high priority people with the see the back jab some here feel as though the lack of transparency around the vaccine is not limited to trial data you have a major type of c.p. group taking a stake in a company that produces a side of back like some of its neighbors thailand is ordering vaccines from other companies as well.
12:52 am
underscored his general thank you lauren the former barcelona president joyce at bottom a has been released a day after being arrested over corruption allegations bizarrely is he left custody he stopped outside the court to pose with a fan the 58 year old has spent the night in jail before a judge agreed to his provisional release bottom a he resigned as president last year was one of 4 people detained in relation to the so-called bossa gate scandal it's alleged the club hired a company 6 times the market value to run a social media smear campaign against players who were critical of his regime including lena lassie while messi tried and failed to leave boss at the end of last season and the message for that was part of the reason
12:53 am
a bottom may step down he and his team mates were out on the training pitch on tuesday trying their best not to let the controversy affect them they're preparing for the 2nd leg of their cup what are a semi final against of it do you see so little truly when the news came out i was angry because i know parts of my own os could grow very well i feel bad for them for me bottom a i was always been an exceptional person so i think it's not a good image for the club but we have to wait and see what happens i wasn't here at the time so i can't talk about it we just have to focus on our job on the pitch. the president of the spanish league agrees with kim and the situation is damaging to the club's reputation and that of league. it's called reputation problem it's not good what happened to the f.c. barcelona or to the league or i don't like to see the kind of things that happened yesterday. manchester city are on the edge of that 21st win
12:54 am
in the right you know competitions that's because they are beating for one in the premier league it was one all into a couple days uses scored their 2nd on 80 minutes and got to 10 minutes later city have now gone 41 up because they got a 2nd in that one so you said you're going to go 15 points clear at the top with an 11 games remaining say one hand on the trophy one would think over in italy there were fossil scenes as last year tunde up for the syria match despite opponents to being stuck in quarantine more than 600 kilometers away in a bizarre repeat of events is abandoned clash with napoli earlier this season a mix up between the local health authority and the league body resulted in that sewer arriving at the study with him because i don't need to wait around for 45 minutes before the match was officially abandoned too and it was how to isolate until midnight on choose day because 8 players and 2 stuff and this tested positive for corona virus that scare were awarded
12:55 am
a 3 no win the 2021 women's rugby world cup is set to be postponed until next year following a recommendation from world rugby the tournament supposed to take place in new zealand in september and october but it now looks like it will be delayed until 2022 due to the uncertain and challenging global crave of 19 landscape a final decision on this is expected next week. probably look up 2021. more. words to. all of this well it's on to next year grocery store to get you to do green simply due to the ongoing challenges learned there is to do it through to get our city preparation story through it seems it is also there right now news even though i'm sure that story and using the current of ours pandemic has also affected the pakistan safely cricket tournament with 2 more prayers and a staff member testing positive this comes after
12:56 am
a game on monday had to be postponed by a day after islamabad a foul at ahmed tested positive the pakistani cricket board says the 2 other players are both overseas cricketers but their names have not been revealed horse racing's image has taken a further bly after a video has emerged of a jockey straddling a dead horse which had just suffered a heart attack we won't show you the video but this is rob james who writes for irish trayner gordon elliott seen here on the right elliot himself has been temporarily banned from racing in britain after this image emerged showing him sitting on another dead horse and making a phone call both men have apologized and are being investigated terry here is a limb pick organizing committee is planning to added 12 new female directors to its board this follows the appointment of seiko hashimoto's the committee's president last month she replaced yoshiro mori who quit over a sexist remarks and she vowed to raise the ratio of women to 40 percent the new members set to be announced on wednesday will make it 42 percent 7 time world
12:57 am
champion lewis hamilton says increasing diversity in formula one is as important as winning of the title this season i want to was speaking at the launch of miss a t s new car which for the 2nd year running will have a black livery for that reason. the main priority for 2021. in the past it was about just winning championships but now it's really pushing for for make it real you know last year there was a lot of discussion about. equality and. inclusion and i think there's a lot of talk this year is all about pushing for for diversity and really making sure that action is taken as a confab at the full time whistle has gone at manchester city beach involved for one so they've extended their winning run to 21 games very impressive isn't it 21 games winning 21 games and i mean quite achievement after city and that is ultimately awful for me thanks so much indeed and that's it for me for women in few
12:58 am
minutes with an awful run out of boston. and. the population growth in poland is increasing the most pregnancies a woman puts itself a priest of a myth and the damned introducing the family planning into a petri our whole culture is a challenging task one of the fire resistance tissue to come through men when a woman can decide for her blood and how many children she wants it actually in policy but one woman's perseverance is transforming her community women make change
12:59 am
on al-jazeera. there is no channel of coverage of world news like we do the scale of this count is like nothing you've ever seen at all carol what we want to know is how do these things affect people we revisit places and stay even when there are no international headlines al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. too often on the streets of india. are victims but a new force is at play a. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady cops. on disease.
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if you want to help save the world's. good. news and your own. i. should be u.s. and e.u. impose sanctions on russian individuals and entities over the poisoning of opposition leader me. and our entire lives is al-jazeera live from london also coming up to 279 nigerian schoolgirls limped to safety as their freed days after that kidnap.


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