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get in genocide on al-jazeera. this kind of behavior is not acceptable we will not countenance it we will not tolerate it the u.s. and the european union impose sanctions on russia for the poisoning of the opposition leader and let's see the valley. civil rob marciano's their allies my headquarters here in doha hole so coming up warnings of a health catastrophe in brazil solti's call for a nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus. we're now on track to
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have enough vaccine supply for every adult in america by the end of may and the bottom ministrations says it speeding up production of the johnson and johnson corona virus vaccine announcing an unusual partnership with every drug company. also please made by open fire to disperse and to queue protesters as it's dissident to bassett or to the un refuses to step down. welcome to the program the new u.s. president has slapped sanctions on top brushing officials for the poisoning of opposition leader alexina valley it's joe biden's 1st big move against vladimir putin's government since taking office nearly 6 weeks ago now the 7 people targeted include the heads of russia's f.s.b. security. service the prison service and the prosecutor general the u.s.
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is also targeting 14 companies or agencies associated with producing chemical agents in the valley is the most prominent critic of food in advance seriously ill last august the u.s. accuses the kremlin of poisoning him with a nerve agent which it denies the valley was jailed last month after returning to russia for violating parole or being treated in germany the european union is also imposing sanctions on 4 officials close to putin russia's vying to hit back against sanctions its foreign minister cast doubt on the valley's poisoning without mentioning the kremlin critic by name. we will eat you when all those who treated him thoroughly had all the facts which could help to understand what happened and in parallel instead of honest collaboration and not hide and they start to punish us this doesn't bring any credit to those who take decisions and will surely respond doesn't jordan is following events force washington d.c.
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what more do we know about sort of who's on the list and will these sanctions really have the desired effect considering the u.s. is working very closely with its european colleagues. well it is noteworthy that the speed the successor to the k.g.b. as well as the g.r.u. are all on this sanctions list but it's and it's also worth noting that a number of top military leaders are on the list and there's one person who works inside the problems he's someone who deals with policy who has also been named but is it going to be enough well that's certainly what the bike administration would like people to believe and they certainly are stressing that this is mark capps the 1st of many steps dealing with fallout from the nearest house nation as well as the arrest and imprisonment of a lot scene of ali this is matt price a big department person speaking earlier on tuesday. it is clear that russian
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officials targeted mr have only for his activism and his efforts to reveal uncomfortable truths about russian officials corruption and to give voice to russian citizens legitimate grievances with their government and its policies we are exercising our authorities to send a clear signal that russia's use of chemical weapons and human rights abuses have severe consequences any use of chemical weapons anywhere at any time by anyone under any circumstance is unacceptable and it contravenes international norms so rules the rule thought now will be what what does this really mean in terms of the long term relationship in the communication between the usa and russia. well certainly when you consider that the previous administration the trumpet ministration tried to foster a very close relationship some suggested to close relationship with moscow this is
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perhaps a 180 degree turn but it's also worth pointing out that with the biden ministration is doing is not doing that what happened when joe biden was the vice president under president barack obama trying to establish a reset in the relationship between russia and the united states this is a tougher talk and some believe one that would be followed up with top action this is the 1st of a series of sanctions that have been hinted out by the biden ministration and what officials told reporters in a conference call on tuesday morning is that they while they see some areas of cooperation particularly when it comes to dealing with weapons proliferation or dealing with the spread of terrorism and trying to occur tail it they say that they see more threats coming from the kremlin then they see cooperation and that the united states has an obligation to engage appropriately ross thanks so much for the
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update rose jordan for is that in washington d.c. . michael weiss is the director of full special investigations of the free russia foundation and he doesn't expect sanctions to have much of an effect. this is not really going to change putin's calculations with respect to how he treats civil society or opposition figures it's not really going to affect russian foreign policy so far as i can tell i mean most of these sanctions are symbolic in the sense that the people that have been named don't really travel frequently to the united states and as far as i can see don't really have assets in the united states that the exception here would be on there but mccall who is the head of the f.s.b. which is the domestic intelligence service the successor one of the successors of the the old k.g.b. in the soviet era he came to the united states as recently as 2018 or rather odd counterterrorism con fab with u.s. officials under the then trumpet ministration but other than that nobody in this list that i can tell. frequents the united states or sends their kids to school
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here or invest money here there was a list in fact that alexina vali himself at his anticorruption foundation put out before not only went back to moscow where he was arrested and is now incarcerated that list i think would have been much more effective in sending a signal to moscow because that list consisted of various all of darks who kind of act in a plenty potentially role on behalf of mr putin and do business in the west in gauge with western enterprise and western governments all the time that list unfortunately is not what the u.s. government has decided to prioritize them. health officials of brazil senator nationwide logged on as needed to stop the spread of the corona virus which is killing more than a 1000 people a day the group of 27 states health secretary says the country is going through its worst moment since the pandemic began more than a quarter of
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a 1000000 people have died but president john bolton are strongly opposes further restrictions threatening to pull funding for any states that go into lockdown let's get more on this while correspondent munna want to joins us now live from rio de janeiro we are hearing officials in rio asking the government for a nationwide curfew i mean is that the possibility this might happen. well it's very difficult because here in brazil. states and and and mayors and governors have the autonomy to make decisions they are now extremely worried many of them because they're seeing the situation get out of control we are in the summer here so the 2nd wave should have come in what would be the winter which is would be like in june or july and it has started much earlier with the new variant so they have asked for a net nationwide curfew but the president himself has always been against any any
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sort of measure that he feels. will shut down commerce and anyway and he has even said that if anyone takes these measures like lockdowns which are being taken by some cities and states which have run out of space and there are intensive care units he has said well he's. so unemployed and there's no work and they need emergency aid while the federal government won't help them you should face the consequences of what we've started so it's a very difficult situation for united was sponsored as a matter of fact this has been the problem since the beginning the lack of unity in fighting this pandemic and of course we have seen a slow rollout of the vaccine in brazil how is that progressing because it's a huge task for a country that's been devastated by the virus. it's
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it's a huge task but not an impossible one as a matter of fact there's still has been in the past the success story in mass vaccination it has a scientist that has the doctors and has the labs to produce the vaccines and it has the whole structure it's news to doing this in the past it's backs and it had enormous success with other back mass vaccination campaigns nothis time because of the life of unity because of the lack of leadership you don't have a campaign even in basic things like wearing a mask for example or washing your hands or meant deigning social distance the president has. made a point of not following these very basic steps. since the beginning of the pandemic he's also said that he himself would not be vaccinated so and he's criticized some vaccines so he sends out very mixed messages very messages that are
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completely against what the scientists are saying what the doctors are saying and we can't forget that one 3rd of brazil follows and he has the support of 30 percent of the population so we're hearing 2 different messages it's difficult to get a mass vaccination campaign going thank you. in rio de janeiro. well security forces me and barak intending to crackdown on protesters with reports that live rounds were fired in the northwestern town of cali foreign ministers from the regional bloc assy on the have urged the but seized power last month to stop using lethal force jessica washington has more. on the streets of handgun peaceful protesters remain determined even in the face of force. many of them were hard hats and tried to protect themselves
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with makeshift barricades feel ok hi astri it's to fight against military rule. but this what it shows police firing at on demonstrators. in the country's north west several people were injured when police used water cannon and tear gas. as the attacks on peaceful demonstrations continue and most neighbors in southeast asia held their 1st meeting since the military carried. the talks were held virtually and behind closed doors indonesia is the largest democracy in southeast asia and has been at the forefront of the push for all the un to help resolve the crisis in may and indonesia's foreign minister acknowledges that while noninterference isn't shunned in the us the un charter so too is a commitment to peace stability and good governance. the indonesian foreign
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minister said her country is very concerned about the violence in manama. manchaca it's worrisome because an increasing number of civilians have lost their lives or injured. singapore's prime minister joined those calling for the release of man was a democratically elected leader to a rest go on songs flukey as well as a minister and the president. and charge them with. walkie talkie offenses and things like that i don't think that's going to help solve the problem malaysia's foreign ministry said the resolution to what it called a political deadlock must be a domestic led process experts say on theone must come up with a plan rather than reflecting on whether it should or should not be part of the solution as they are.
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expected. must start their own. place the democratic and we. must be at the. un member states trying to decide what they can do to resolve this crisis a battle with highest stakes is playing out on the streets just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. well newman's u.n. ambassador and says he'll continue it is wrong despite being fired by the military junta. wouldn't turn or was dismissed following a speech at the un general assembly on friday it is address urge the international community to use any means necessary to restore democracy the u.k. has requested a security council meeting to discuss the situation. while still ahead here on al-jazeera. the day donald trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol the f.b.i.
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chief calls it an appalling acts of domestic terrorism. also they've endured unspeakable horrors the victims of war crimes committed by multiple forces in northern bows are big stories after the break. how i once again following on from the flooding that we've seen around the tennessee valley into kentucky into where west virginia we will see slightly dry weather coming in across the deep south over the next color days but still some very heavy rain easing across the carolinas as we go through a web of state by the end of white as they should be lousy fire and dry chance for the clear up operate to get under way then following on from the flooding further north as you can see pretty much dry all the way up into canada central and western parts of canada largely dry until we get over towards british columbia where we got
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strong winds rattling in there will be re-instated the snow coming in here over the next couple of days and just notice a little further south that's a wet weather coming into southern parts of california for good measure as well that will slide its way across the rockies a fair bit of snow at this stage is a maze over the high ground back up into the pacific northwest turning increasingly unsettled will raise sleet and snow there into basi as we go on through thursday elsewhere as you can. see it is lousy fighting tribes and good sunny spells gets on a spell stay with cross the caravan losey settled and file here over the next couple of days just want to say shadows to watch out for but many the majority of the show is going to be across the western side of the region all the way up into mexico. from. the politics of division have pushed india into the grip of a historical reckoning i'm afraid because i know on the 119 having
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a pretty good where do these ideas come from the tragedy of what human lives how much we've tried to sanitize getting it was poor a happy family on the court and join me on fishtown feet on the final part of my journey when i jus become a target of the hindu fust policy in search of india's soul on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera means a whole robin a reminder of our top stories u.s. president joe biden has made his 1st move against russia for the poisoning of opposition leader elect see the valley the white house is an outside sions a gate 7 senior russian officials senior health officials in brazil say an urgent
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nationwide lockdown is needed to slow the spread of coronavirus more than a 1000 people are dying nationwide every day but president ribal sonora is strongly opposing further restrictions. bastard to the un and says he'll continue in his role despite being fired by the military judge or chairman turn was dismissed after urging the u.n. general assembly to use any means necessary to restore democracy. u.s. president joe biden says he's confident till reach his goal of delivering 100000000 covert vaccine doses in his 1st 100 days in office he's also praised a collaboration between suitable rivals the drug company who will help make johnson and johnson single shot krone virus jab after its own attempt to develop a vaccine failed johnson and johnson has also confirmed it will be tested on children in expanded trials biden says that with the increased production every
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american adult should be covered when we came in office the prior administration contract it for not nearly enough vaccine to cover adults in america we rectified about 3 weeks ago we were able to say that we have enough vaccine supply for adults by the end of july. i'm pleased to announce today as a consequence of the stepped up process that i've ordered and just outlined this country will have enough vaccine supply a safe again for every adult in america by the end of may well a white house correspondent kelly health that has more this will be championed as an example of corporate citizenship you're right these are 2 rival drug companies merck as well as johnson and johnson rarely do you see this type of partnership on such a large scale but there is
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a little bit of method to the madness and it has to do with the fact that they both need each other right now merck was an able tried and failed to put together its own vaccine johnson and johnson successful getting that f.d.a. approval as of last saturday but not having the production facilities available and so they were unable to meet the requirements under their government contract so this is why the by the administration stepped in to try and broker this partnership merck is one of the largest vaccine production companies in the world and so they have the capacity so what we understand is there will be 2 different facilities in the united states dedicated to getting this johnson and johnson vaccine out one of the merck facilities will be actually producing the vaccine the other will be packaging it into the vials well let's speak to really sullivan he's a former pharmaceutical industry executive and is currently the chief executive officer of the accreditation council for medical affairs and joins me via skype
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from new york talking with us on the program it seems the 2 rivals working together at the behest of the president i mean how much of this is for the greater good of the nation and how much is it about the president saying let's do it and let's do it now. i think it sends an important message that the pharmaceutical industry giants tie ins like bird johnson and johnson are willing to collaborate together to bring the vaccine to the masses i mean this really is a historic partnership in many ways and i think it sends an important message you know from the biden administration as well about the prioritization of making sure that we're going to reach the goal that president biden stating getting every american vaccinated so i think that's very very important and i think it sends an important message oh yes lee you know. that you just heard kimberly talking about capacity well said it really full is it just about capacity or is it really about
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working together prestige in full person possibly long term benefits in terms of the reputation of working together with johnson and johnson yeah i think that's certainly part of it you know merck has a long history of producing vaccines for moms measles and rubella they obviously have gardasil they just recently 2019 not the approval by the f.d.a. for the ebola virus so they add that history they have that experience and the vaccine production like the correspondent just mentioned they were able to get a cold vaccine that was successfully launched and produced so i think it keeps them in the game it keeps them relevant to the vaccine production and i think it's a board right in the perspective of merck you know from a legacy standpoint historically and looking back it's all they've played to try to you know do their part in curbing and this this partnership is certainly a game changer in the way the vaccine will be produced and delivered to the american american public at large but can you give our international audience an
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idea of what the situation is like right now and what sort of impact this movie is going to have in the weeks and months ahead. so you know by my having this collaboration we are enough back potentially going to double the amount of vaccines that are going to be available to the population so not only are we going to be able to get to the u.s. population but i think the worldwide because of the mill way in which the johnson and johnson vaccine can be delivered a single shot does not require a 1st generation and this is also going to mean that logistically in the supply chain perspective we're going to be able to get it out to international audiences but i would say in addition to that you know what this also tells us is that the information that goes out to health care providers when it comes to educating them on the clinical trial data about the vaccines whether it's johnson and johnson the dirty buys or accept that's also going to be import as well because remember you
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have a lot of people approximate i think based on the latest study in our i report i just saw in new england journal of medicine about 40 percent of the population is still ahead of that to take the vaccine so you know you have production right as an issue collaboration is going to help that you have information the information that goes out to curb a lot of the anxiety and fear and i think that's going to be critical as well to make sure that people actually take the vaccine so very briefly mr sullivan what's mr biden president by going to have to do in terms of fulfilling his wish which is to try to get all americans vaccinated by may if there is a substantial number of americans who are as you say unsure about taking the vaccine. i think we're going to need to work hard to ensure that we have the trust of the american people i think that's going to be very important coming on the heels of the opioid crisis in the united states and of course the
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fact that the coal that vaccine with the bill very quickly remember a cold back the vaccine in general takes about 10 years and it all up on average kolb actually deliberate back so i think making sure that the american people they can trust pharmaceutical industry process the farmers it will initiate guidelines that they're complying with what's necessary that's going to be very important mr sullivan thanks so much for joining us on al-jazeera and for staying with us from new york thanks. thank you. direct to hell the f.b.i. has told us senate since there's no evidence to support right wing claims that fake trump supporters took part in the siege of the capitol building on january the 6th christopher a describe the attack as domestic terrorism and promise to hold the rises to account on a vicious has more from washington d.c. here for this is the 1st time christopher reeve has testified before a senate committee since the insurrection at the u.s. capitol 8 weeks ago i was appalled like you at the violence and destruction
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that we saw that there was appalled that you our country's elected leaders were victimized right here in these very halls that attack. that siege was criminal behavior plain and simple as behavior that we the f.b.i. view is domestic terrorism. some republican senators have claimed among those who stormed the capitol and to trump agitators supporters bent on causing trouble and idea dismissed under questioning by directory based on your investigation so far do you have any evidence that the capitol of terror was organized by quote fake trump protesters we have not seen evidence of that at this stage certainly christopher ray has been director of the f.b.i. since 2017 he was a donald trump appointee after he fired james komi he says in his time in office he's seen a tripling in the number of cases involving white supremacy that has been the most deadly area of attacks domestically in the past 10 years he also says there's been
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a dramatic increase in the number of arrests of people who self identify as anarchists. the big question for rape was the january 6th attack an intelligence failure by the f.b.i. he pointed to a report sent by a local field office on january the 5th it was as you noted raw unverified uncorroborated information that had been posted online and my understanding was that that information was quickly as in within an hour. disseminated and communicated with our partners including the u.s. capitol police including metro p.d. not one not 2 but 3 different ways. directory says an internal investigation is underway to see if the f.b.i. could have done more should have been more proactive in protecting lawmakers from threats that were being widely circulated before the attack alan fischer al-jazeera
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on capitol hill. amnesty international says government forces armed groups and mercenaries have all committed war crimes in a 3 year conflict in northern mozambique a report from the rights group documents hundreds of deaths and other atrocities welcomed web reports hundreds of people have been killed in a conflict in cabo delgado province in northern mozambique. government forces are fighting an armed group known locally as al shabaab more than half a 1000000 people have fled their homes many are now living in camps and the short of food rights group amnesty international says in a report that all the forces involved are responsible for widespread rights abuses against civilians including war crimes on the one side you have insurgents who are committing atrocities beheading people burning their villages looting their property ducting women and girls you have also. you know government forces
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that are involved in extrajudicial killings and you have also a south african military company that is shooting indiscriminately from their. person rees from the dyke advisory group support the government forces with attack helicopters seen here leaving their air base in the city of pemba amnesty's report documents dozens of witnesses who say they fired machine guns and grenades indiscriminately into crowds of people the company's founder lionel dyke responded saying the company would hire outside lawyers to look into its activities in mozambique. this video analyzed and verified by amnesty last year appears to show members of mozambican armed forces killing a woman. just one of what amnesty says a widespread abuses by government forces become and hasn't responded to requests
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for comment in the past it's blamed the armed group when it's been accused of atrocities none of its soldiers have been held to account everyone is acting. really impunity each time he is very poor. human rights there is the involved should be. the armed group pledged allegiance to the islamic state 2 years ago it's not clear if it receives much foreign support but the local grievances behind the conflict are clear the people of capital gado have been neglected for generations long before the conflict began investments to extract millions of dollars of nearby offshore natural gas haven't helped local communities adding to discontent and amnesty says rampant rights abuses only make the situation worse malcolm webb al-jazeera.


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