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into the headlights joining me as i take on the law dismantle the misconceptions and give me the contradiction. i'm marc lamont hill and it's time to get out front right here and now does it. warnings of a health catastrophe in brazil authorities call for a nationwide lockdown on the same day the country recalls its highest coronavirus death toll. the whole robin you want your knowledge is there a life my headquarters here in doha also coming up. we're now on track to have enough vaccine supply for every adult in america by the end of may the by the administration says it speeding up production of the johnson and johnson corona
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virus vaccine and i'm seeing an unusual partnership with a rifle drug company. please and me in my even find to disperse anti coup protesters it's just that in time bassett's of the un refuses to step down. and a 7 year old girl caught up in police raids are accused of being heavy handed with chinese indigenous put sheets. welcome to the program the current virus crisis in brazil has reached its bleakest moment yet while the school senior health officials are calling for nationwide lockdown the world's 3rd worst affected country has just recorded its highest number of deaths in one day $1641.00 that's a pass is the grimmest previous mark set 8 months ago now a group of $27.00 states health secretary say more needs to be done to combat the
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worst moment of the pandemic president opposes further restrictions he's threatening to pull funding for any states the go into lockdown well ok yet i care of has more from rio de janeiro here in brazil. states and mayors and governors have you china me to make decisions they are now extremely worried many of them because they're seeing the situation get out of control we're in the summer years so the 2nd wave should have come in what would be the winter which is would be like in june or july and it has started much earlier with the new variant so they have asked for a new nationwide curfew but the president himself has always been against any any sort of measure that he feels will will shut down commerce in any way and he has even said that if anyone takes these measures like lockdowns which are being taken
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by some cities and states which have run out of space and there are intensive care units he has said well you know if people go unemployed and there's no work and they need emergency aid well the federal government won't help them you should face the consequences of what we've started so it's a very difficult situation for united response as a matter of fact this has been the problem since the beginning the lack of unity in fighting this than them. well brazil has the 2nd highest number of crow the virus deaths after the united states with more than a quarter of a 1000000 fatalities roughly 10000000 people have been infected with almost 60000 cases reported on choose day but only 3 percent of its population has been vaccinated despite the government pledging to immunize everyone by the end of the year and scientists say the highly transmissible variant that 1st emerged in brazil
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can reinfect people who recovered from the disease the mutant form of the virus has spread through the amazon jungle city of man hours it's now the dominant variant some carry is a journalist based in brazil he says there's fierce debate over what's the top priority stopping the spread or rescuing the economy. it's a very bleak and scary time here in brazil where i am in sao paolo had a record number of deaths in the state today and this is brazil's richest state one of the neighboring states our partners spent the capital you know there are 220 people at least waiting for intensive care beds at least 5 have died in cuba over the weekend and again that's one of brazil's richest states so what we're seeing here is a absolute health catastrophe and that's exacerbated by the news there and that was 1st detected in man else in january in the amazon state of amazonas it's thought to
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be more infectious and can even reinfect people that have it have already had cause it and then just and us a breakdown in communication in direct threats made by the president who's always been against lockdown measures you know just yesterday we saw in the capital brasilia we saw a commerce association you know creating big crowds protesting outside of the local governments house to not close commerce and that was with one intensive care bed remaining free in the state so very tough times here in brazil across the country exacerbated by the political situation that vaccines and yeah it's a very tough situation altogether but here's president joe biden says he's confident he'll reach his goal of delivery 100000000 covert vaccine doses in his 1st 100 days in office he's also praised a collaboration between 2 pharmaceutical rivals the drug company merck will help make johnson and johnson single shot coronavirus job after its own attempt to
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develop a vaccine failed johnson johnson has also confirmed it will be tested on children and expanded trials biden says that with the increased production every adult should be covered across america when we came into office. the prior administration had contract for not nearly enough vaccine to cover adults in america we rectified that about 3 weeks ago were able to say no have enough vaccine supply for adults by the end of july and i'm pleased to announce today as a consequence of the stepped up process that i've ordered and just outlined this country will have enough vaccine supply a safe again for every adult in america by the end of may the white house correspondent can help get us more this will be championed as an example of
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corporate citizenship you're right these are 2 rival drug companies merck as well as johnson and johnson rarely do you see this type of partnership on such a large scale but there is a little bit of method to the madness and it has to do with the fact that they both need each other right now merck was an able tried and failed to put together its own vaccine johnson and johnson successful getting that f.d.a. approval as of last saturday but not having the production facilities available and so they were unable to meet the requirements under their government contract so this is why the by the ministration stepped in to try and broker this partnership merck is one of the largest vaccine productions and companies in the world and so they have the capacity so what we understand is there will be 2 different facilities in the united states dedicated to getting this johnson and johnson vaccine out one of the merck facilities will be actually producing the vaccine the
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other will be packaging it into the vials. the u.s. states of texas and mississippi are lifting almost all of their crow virus restrictions despite warnings from health officials from next week all businesses will be able to fully reopen and no one will be required to wear a mask now this week the head of the centers for disease control warned against such a rollback saying it could lead to a surge and infections the numbers of cases in the u.s. has been slowly declining which many attribute to tighter restrictions. the new u.s. president has slapped sanctions on top of russian officials for the poisoning of opposition leader alexina valley as joe biden's 1st big move against vladimir putin's government since taking office nearly 6 weeks ago the measures followed similar sanctions imposed by the european union as mike hanna reports is the. book as in the case of the e.u. the us sanctions are aimed at some very senior officials in the putin administration these include a federal service director victor was
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a lot of listening here to his president the russian prosecutor general eagle class north and the head of the russian investigative committee alexander by streakin. the buy didn't ministration also non-sentient sent to the us chemical and biological weapons control and warfare elimination act against at least 13 russian companies with the threat of more sanctions to follow there is an ongoing review there we reserve the right to take any additional actions at the conclusion of that review and just reiterating that the tone and the tenor and the type of relationship that this president intends to have with president putin will be quite different from the last administration earlier the russian foreign minister was dismissive of the imposition of sanctions just go to somebody sure moves a little there isn't much to comment on and so we have numerously expressed our position in regards to illegitimate unilateral sanctions that with or without
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reason actually mostly always with reason are used by our colleagues from the united states and those who take an example from them the european union and the view from the u.s. state department is that the coordinated action with the e.u. sends in itself a message to russia that things have changed together they sent an unambiguous signal that the united states is working closely with our closest allies and partners in europe to make clear that this kind of behavior is not acceptable we will not countenance it we will not tolerate it and there will be penalties going forward the previous u.s. president appeared eager to accept the words of his russian counterpart over those of the americans european allies as well these sanctions signaled that the president incumbent will not and that his administration is beginning to restore
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a more conventional approach to foreign policy plan. mike hanna al jazeera washington. security forces me about her continuing to crackdown on protesters with reports that live rounds were fired in the southwestern town of color foreign ministers from the regional bloc assy and have urged the gym to seize power last month to stop using lethal force just to washington ripples. in the streets of handgun peaceful protest says remain determined even in the face of force. many of them were hard hats and tried to protect themselves with makeshift barricades feel ok pious streets to fight against our trailing feel. this what it shows police firing at on demonstrators. in the country's north
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west several people were injured when police used water cannon and tear gas. as the attacks on peaceful demonstrations continue and most neighbors in southeast asia held their 1st meeting since the military carried. the talks were held virtually and behind closed doors indonesia is the largest democracy in southeast asia and has been at the forefront of the push for asio to help resolve the crisis in me and indonesia's foreign minister acknowledges that while noninterference isn't shunned in the us the un charter so too is a commitment to peace stability and good governance. the indonesian foreign minister said her country is very concerned about the violence in man. it's worrisome because an increasing number of civilians have lost their lives or injured. singapore's prime minister joined those calling for the release of me and
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most of the democratically elected leaders to i rest go on songs flukey as well as our ministers and the president. and charge them with or walkie talkie or fences and things like that i don't think that's going to help solve the problem malaysia's foreign ministry said the resolution to what it called a political deadlock must be a domestic led process experts say on the on must come up with a plan rather than reflecting on whether it should or should not be part of the solution as they are. expected must in the center of the oil be placed the democratic and we. must be at the. well at the un member states trying to decide what they can do to resolve this crisis a battle with higher stakes is playing out on the streets jessica washington
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al-jazeera jakarta may miles u.n. ambassador insists that he will continue in his role despite being fired by the military genter sure was dismissed following a speech at the un general assembly on friday in his address c urged the international community to use any means necessary to restore democracy the u.k. has requested a security council meeting to discuss the situation. well still ahead here on al-jazeera we've in jordan speakable horror as the victims of war crimes committed by multiple forces in northern mozambique also. today donald trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol the f.b.i. chief calls it an appalling act of domestic terrorism those stories after the break here on just.
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it's time for the perfect gentlemen to winter sponsored point qatar airways hello the weather's looking a little changeable for japan over the next couple of days you've had rain sleet the snow sweeping through on this bank of cloud quite a brisk northerly wind coming in there will see temperatures that will be some valleys at around 13 celsius for take but at least it will be fine and dry thought is right to across northern parts of china central areas southern parts we'll see increasing cloud on the right pushing up towards the east as we go through thursday and that will just make its way across south korea southern parts of japan this stage the winds picking up move an easterly direction to temperatures starting to rise and they will continue to lift as we make our way into the weekend we've seen some very heavy showers recently across northern parts of the philippines more showers coming in here as you go on through wednesday and then a plethora of showers across indochina showers there into vietnam with the sweater
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weather moving through cambodia will see cloud of gray coming into a good part of thailand and then elsewhere across the reason see usual seasonal showers coming through not too many showers meanwhile across south asia at present here it is fine and dry absolute want to see wintry flurries across the foothills of the himalayas but for the most part it's fine and dry with temperatures well in the thirty's. sponsored by qatar airways when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish and the state line becomes the default media namely to looking for images that leak that led to these guys and just how did he create a nuisance makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening
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post on a. book about what you know is there with me so robin a reminder of our top stories brazil has recorded its highest number of deaths from corona virus in a single day 1641 fatalities were registered on tuesday it's a passing the previous record set last july also u.s. president joe biden says he's confident hill reach his goal of delivering 100000000 cope with that doses in his 1st 100 days in office he's also praised the drug companies for helping rival johnson and johnson produced its coronavirus. and the president also made his 1st move against russia for the poisoning of opposition
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leader alexei devoutly the white house announced the sanctions against 7 c. the russian officials. and listing international says government forces armed groups and mercenaries all committed war crimes in a 3 year long conflict in northern mozambique a report from the rights group documents hundreds of deaths and other atrocities the warning you might find some of the. report disturbing. hundreds of people have been killed in a conflict in cabo delgado province in northern mozambique. government forces are fighting an armed group known locally as al shabaab more than half a 1000000 people have fled their homes many are now living in camps and the short of food rights group amnesty international says in a report that all the forces involved are responsible for widespread rights abuses against civilians including war crimes on the one side you have insurgents who are
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committing atrocities beheading people burning their villages looting their property abducting women and girls you have also the muslim you know government forces that are involved in extrajudicial killings and you have also a south african military company that is shooting indiscriminately from their. person rees from the dyke advisory group support the government forces with attack helicopters seen here leaving their air base in the city of pemba amnesty's report documents dozens of witnesses who say they fired machine guns and grenades indiscriminately into crowds of people the company's founder lionel dyke responded saying the company would hire outside lawyers to look into its activities in mozambique. this video analyzed and verified by amnesty last year appears to show
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members of mozambican armed forces killing a woman. just one of what amnesty says a widespread abuses by government forces become and hasn't responded to requests for comment in the past it's blamed the armed group when it's been accused of atrocities none of its soldiers have been held to account everyone is acting really a really imperial mean each diamond barry is. all asian or human rights there is the involved should be in. the armed group pledged allegiance to the islamic state 2 years ago it's not clear if it received much foreign support but the local grievances behind the conflict are clear the people of cabo delgado have been neglected for generations long before the conflict began investments to extract millions of dollars of nearby offshore natural gas haven't helped local communities adding to discontent and amnesty says rampant
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rights abuses will only make the situation worse malcolm webb al-jazeera. 3 media workers have been shot dead in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad government officials say the women were all employed by a local television station in a cast television they were on their way home from work when they were killed in 2 separate attacks now the shootings are the latest in a wave of killings targeting journalists activists and civil service workers in recent months a state of siege could be declared by chile's government in the region home to the indigenous people presence sebastian pinera is seeking approval for tougher anti terrorist legislation to cover the central southern area called. he says it's to help deal with of the groups carrying out attacks are latin america lucien newman has more. these images show some more than $800.00
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police intelligence officers carrying out an unprecedented rate in south central chile in an area dominated by indigenous mup which is. on this farm police searching for marijuana were attacked by an identified gunman one of the officers was killed. although his death dominated national news it wasn't the only violence that took place that day these photos show police operatives using what human rights experts call illegitimate use of force and abuse against minors here the target was the 7 year old daughter of my poochie activist comedic at the young guy he was killed 2 years ago by special forces police her mother and grandmother were also thrown face down to the ground and detained if the mr me dream in the film was for me this is not an exceptional or isolated case it's part of institutional violence practiced against the people in which children are also victims police
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intelligence director actually spinosa denies that the child was detained and insists the chilean police don't mistreat minors but all of the little oh i wonder why that was. but this recording of them approach a teenager reportedly being grabbed by police suggests otherwise you can hear the girl being told children killed if she doesn't shut up. the prosecutor is now investigating charges of alleged police abuse against minors on the day of the massive grade but with the government now under strong pressure to declare a state of siege in the rest of region a lot of people are afraid that things will get worse in fact the army has already been given the go ahead to carry out their roles in the area alongside special forces police. you know. the situation today's of uncertainty and fear for the safety of the children. honestly 1000000 killers says the violation of my putting
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children's human rights is an intergenerational problem in the media the children all yesterday experience violence from the state of the parents of the children experiencing it today so the job of ripper ation and reconciliation is very complex . sharp increase in attacks by an identified ime to prove its claim to fight for which a land right has taken the conflict in southern chile to a new level. and with no solution in sight a new generation of children is growing up with violence fear and anger you see in human al-jazeera santiago. the french president has told his iranian counterpart that must make clear and immediate gestures to allow talks on the stalled 2050 nuclear deal to restart france also announced it's lodging a protest with the un's nuclear watchdog of iran's decision to reduce its cooperation with the agency last week iran began restructuring unannounced site
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inspections the move is aimed at pressuring the u.s. to lift sanctions. and the united states f.b.i. director says there's no evidence to support right wing claims of fake trump supporters took part in the january 6 capitol hill riots christopher ray was being questioned over the storming of the capitol by a senate committee he's labeled to the riots an act of domestic terrorism and promised to hold the rioters to account certainly worthwhile were equal opportunity and looking for extreme islam of any of any ideology we have not to date see any evidence of anarchist violent extremists or people subscribing to m.t.v. or in connection with the sex that doesn't mean we're not looking and will continue to look but at the moment we have not seen that the u.s. will require anyone returning from the democratic republic of congo guinea to fly
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to one of 6 poles to prevent the spread of a new a bowl outbreak guinea has laws a vaccination campaign to control a virus that resurfaced in february for the 1st time since 2016 at least 5 people have died in the latest outbreak 3 new cases of also been confirmed in the d.l.c. . kenya has become the latest african country to receive covert 19 vaccines through the kovacs program more than a 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine arrived at humor in the outer international airport early on wednesday kovacs scheme aims to provide vaccine to less wealthy countries kenya has recalled more than 106000 confirmed cases the u.k. finance minister is expected to set out his plan for economic recovery or wednesday . says that the nation's finances are under enormous strain after supporting millions of people through the pandemic journal reports now from manchester. the
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economic damage caused by the pandemic is written in britain's deserted city centers shuttered restaurants boarded up shops not everything will emerge intact and nor will the country's region's bounce back at the same pace and last year was a really challenging year for a lot of people. but what it really showed was any inequalities that we had in our regions they've just widened and worse since joining the pandemic so for example in the north child poverty levels are the highest one in 3 northern children are in poverty right now and unemployment it's the highest levels that we've seen since 1904. chef and restaurant owner mary ellen mcteague could only clean norma's the pandemic ripped through the hospitality sector it's an industry where it's difficult to make money it's difficult to stay flow anyway there are so many hospitality business is even less of a healthy economic environment every struggle to keep going so it's applied isn't
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really doing it just isn't it felt like the end i think for a lot of people and i'm constantly surprised that we still head she now prepares meals for a local food bank helping those who have suffered far more than herself mary ellen is fortunate to have weathered the covert storm many businesses have and survived and here in the north of england as elsewhere attention begins to turn to recovery in a post pandemic era and whether the government keeps its promise of leveling up bridging the divide between north and south after a decade of austerity and under investment we cannot continue the way that we go we might now be qualities will concede to widen we have a lot of challenges in the north and right now failure is not an option but failure is reality for many of the economic victims of covert 19 normally 12 families using our service at the moment about 3435 a week on average people are in debt but they've got men through as people have got
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commitments of their votes for the loss of jobs so they can't keep those commitments financial hardships going to really mean it is going to be on the increase no doubt about that what the government does next calls for ever greater financial help or hiking taxes to pay the all back will determine how britain rebuilds and whether prime minister boris johnson has promised it builds back better jonah how al-jazeera manchester. scattered protests have broken out across lebanon as the countries pounded a record low against the dollar on the black market protestors in beirut said tires the lies and use rubbish bins to block roads antigovernment protests began in october 2900 and i grew as grown of the handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the devastating blast at beirut's airport last august. $47.00 pro-democracy activists along kong will appear in court for a 3rd day on wednesday in the mouth and bail hearing monday and tuesday hearings
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lasted at least 14 hours and had to be adjourned when some defendants became wealthy the activists are facing charges of drug controversial chinese national security law now they are accused of participating in an unofficial election primary for the territories ledges of sure 6 books by a beloved children's author and illustrator dr seuss will no longer be published because they contain racist stereotypes dr seuss is a state says the books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong it made the decision after months of consultation with teachers and other experts of the rush to buy the books after the announcement with the titles rocketing up the amazon best seller list. is there with me as a whole rather a reminder of our top stories brazil has rick.


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