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tv   Witness Balloons Over Babylon  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2021 9:00am-10:00am +03

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for president joe biden is getting the pandemic under control with exaction of money we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in now while the pandemic has devastated many industries to give it a huge boost to the video game sector counting the cost on al-jazeera. i don't know how the top stories here on al-jazeera and many miles deposed president is facing new charges swimmin is accused of breaching the constitution and violating coronavirus protocols he was arrested along with civilian leader uncensored she and other elected politicians during a military coup last month scott hardly has more now from bangkok. 2 more charges slapped against him this is something similar to what we saw with unsung suchi on monday she had a hearing and then we found out later in the day from her attorney that there are 2
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more charges levied against her when 2 more charges as well and some very general charges one is that breach of constitution didn't get really into the details turney didn't get into the details of what the court said as to why and how he breached the constitution but that is one of those 2 charges against and we know that they can those charges can carry up to 3 years in prison protests is continued to define escalating crackdown to demand an end to the military takeover in the commercial couple of young. in confrontations between security forces and demonstrations at least 21 people have been killed in weeks protests mostly on sunday. brazil has recalled its highest number of deaths from corona virus in a single day 1641 fatalities were rich to choose day post the previous record set in july it comes as health officials appeal for a national look down to help stop sprint the spread of the virus some carry is a journalist based in brazil and he says there's fierce debates over what's the top
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priority stopping the spread over rescuing the economy. it's a very bleak and scary time here in brazil where i am in sao paolo we had a record number of deaths in the state today and this is brazil's richest state one of the neighboring states outposts that the capital you know there are 220 people at least waiting for intensive cabaye that these 5 have died in cuba over the weekend and again that's one of brazil's richest states so what we're seeing here is a absolute health catastrophe and that's exacerbated by the new variant that was 1st detected in men now since january in the amazon states over amazonas that's those to be more infectious and can even reinfect people that have it have already had cause it and then just and us a breakdown in communication in direct threats made by the president who's always been against look down there just you know just yesterday we saw in the capital
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brasilia we saw a comma association you know creating big crowds protesting outside of the local governance house to not close coma and that was with one intensive cab aid remaining free in the state so very tough times in brazil across the country exacerbated by the political situation that the vaccines and yeah it's a very tough situation altogether u.s. president joe biden says he's confident he will reach his goal of delivering 100000000 cleaved vaccine doses in his 1st 100 days in office his praise the drug company may help to rival johnson and johnson produces coronavirus job. when we came into office the prior administration contract for not nearly enough vaccine to cover don't swim or we rectified that most 3 weeks ago we're able to say they will have enough vaccine supply for adults by the end of july. and i'm
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pleased to announce today as a consequence of the stepped up process that i've ordered and just outlined this country will have enough vaccine supply a safe again for every adult in america by the end of may the white house has announced sanctions against 7 senior russian officials over the poisoning of opposition leader alexina include the heads of russia's f.s.b. security service the prison service and the prosecutor general. the director of the f.b.i. has told us senators there is no evidence to support claims that fake trump supporters took part in the siege of the capitol building on january the 6th christopher a describe the attack as domestic terrorism and promised to hold the rights as to account. the headlines more news here on al-jazeera right off to witness for me to claim it's quite an.
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to. to. to. do any good. and. kind. of a skeleton discuss. the new album clues to form an issue for the not. modern era not
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30 minutes of how much fun lesson in that i'm on a diet you could tell the fun from banal into german funny mocking the country. i decided i didn't like all about going to. be nice to see videos of other things play out stuff. like said around the area when my last album the fish they're flying. first time in barbados has 3. first time in your life. this is my dream. and there are not that.
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you're getting their plan is going to be alone to ever sing in a plane and we fly with a whole group to. bug. it in our peoples and different countries who come from whole and some street from holland from germany and then the mantra team. a real organize a bull fights door tells and shows we need. dollars but you know the famous jewel approve all and. to live from i'm saddam as a gift to the people of free here i. played a long time ago what was seen here not the force of paradise. we were going to do but loons who will care about. friendly's flying saucer and bible moon driven by the remains that does a symbol. drove those.
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were the little susie since monday to hear that. we are just receiving information we didn't get before. you just write a response oh god has gone for a much bigger problem then before the senior bowl and sun does not face bloom one knows what happens next. maybe if we can see them now because we plan to go on the fly now was this information which we need to we should and should. god think.
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in general the morning times are seen cloth that. i mean our boss i mean. look. how fast. well more pleased i got than with a lot of the while the hard judgment in a. sentence sometimes i mean it was some of. the bombed out folk i'm so dumb. to know who or what the fuck you know are doing with us live but legally you know we're coming up on it with this one but i want to. get out of being saw that ahead of our shot of islam and the decision. not like i don't know.
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we arrived in london and 1989 i was in high school but i wasn't welcome in the high school. i was the 1st one with my complection and the high school. so i was always picked on. i would pretend to go to school instead of facing the parts. i want on the trains going get around london walking wasting time. so i lost 2 years of the mother. but what hurts me more so i still go back home with bruises and blood all my clothes my the things i need to fight so he hits me on the same bruises. let's say that many years later i got my 1st job in london m
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b c it's called middle east broadcast something. you sort of stuck to see how it's done the work especially the news there's other than the media is a number one. media account what's up in the kitchen and it's position or take him out so it's media and put everybody's following media was major combat operations in iraq have ended. and the united states and around my affirmation. was before the fall of saddam hussein there was no media allowed to come into iraq and then when this happens 2003 all the media have named the iraqis as looters this is the worst word you can use for someone stealing. money and believe that iraq is one of the best.
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2004 they came back again. and i see something of course different than what i've seen in the media. like is not just a country full of war and killing and massacre was slothful also there was a sort of people that love life and they love the peace. movement that. i want to reflect a new image of a different image and not a made up form an existing one. but to do that they have to make something that makes an impact. and then the idea just clicked in my mind. not longer. songs on the young would have none. of them.
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and. look. like a boss a concert with. a dot com model to give to fix the. budget if you killed action in iraq. first of all that it is a war in iraq problems a pool of terrorists so maybe the soldier or people will shoot out so. much of that. maybe.
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i'm good overall small and i am an individual who likes this freedom and i have never in the street to go for a new boss in my life and i think you're going to go there. first cause all of the world's so for about 3. 3 and a half 1000 flights. and about 30 countries that ever i think i don't know we're checking out. ok everybody somebody in iraq and his name is more thought i. also of all 3 are able to organize a balloon meeting in iraq so we had joe do you think that something in the year especially balloons would be fairly peaceful to show the world. dr strange possible in iraq. oh great everybody who is reeling to join me here and to go to you.
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when you think of iraq you think of bombs and this things but i know that it's a very beautiful landscape you know iraq for me when i'm not you know i go into the world and i've never been there and just the old codger seems interesting to me i would love to go there and i would really love to go. salix of looks. so you must feel so on the edge of the ghoulish helos of it as this time we had. $100.00 news so we have one hour see him on the sonnets and i'm really. it was then for the last thing that me out of my down stuff from ash to. obviously want to just. let her know that.
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i find nothing but even i said he could but he wouldn't then why scream of one of them. but you have to post to cover and we need some budget to cover all the costs like the cost of the hotels meals tosswill things tents and the visas for everybody . stuff uses and they'd need to leave. you know you hear such a. problem she. was just. looking we don't wish i could get up for a product i just. want to invest all my time so that's why instead of sleeping gods home on sleeping on the train and wake up in the morning than i did for me to mr. hale and not write. a
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book about a monster. the man i thought jean love i love you need to see him and i had me on here alone that dodginess yeah i know him and still love me on the show and how so of course every state will think. yeah. yeah i mean we're going to do that even if then we have money on seeing. a lot of mud to. die michael harley and for that other connect on china that i'm done that had more folks like manu is it enough. even. song shuffle that i'm with this and what i did was a whole lot and the way i said i was going up and. so much you're selling yourself to me totally on that before you feel i'm going to be used to. it when you will be. in. a mental.
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image of the only place in the thought of the mahdi was enough in. my 100 and now that i might have done was not good enough. so i. won't does it to keep. yes. yeah. gov call them in some time spots on the list of transport from us to new to me them
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. and this is what i'm waiting for you know as plain hotels would this things would be easier for me so it's a big deal so they believe it can be done. yes that it does that those are the bits that are. not lost on the. i'm sorry because i said the the cost of the load up so good so kind of messed up my. excellent. ok the old. copenhagen their books so tony and the others are ready to go running just. stuck to.
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what mr latest situation. in the nigerian bluefish plant feel better feeling. than i did looking at. my sister's rapidly morphed into the world's most dangerous jihad as organization its methods so extreme al qaeda itself has disavowed any relationship with. me i just receiving information we didn't get before. when you see balloons and you have a lot of press over there you can make your party.
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we've come a darker in a way that each few fly the. most minute song we are now. counting who's coming not only for. the woman oh my own wish to overlook all the ugly my own wrist and now it's the size of 5 minutes or i want to think that. we have to think about it. as a good thing you don't have time that. all swedish been in all the american values have constructive trips. and it is very very sad.
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but that's it. we work. with. these balloons should have been flying over a maze of the drama at its rating just to go to iraq. for. going ahead and. search through. the run. like. i says iraq's. aim is to people to terrorize people. but what have they done this morning to get him to leave well. they're not
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criminals and not. killers and nobody they get came and. doing this is against peace and the country and the world is threatening the whole world knows that not just us. but the whole thing he said on iraq. had the businessman not been like on a. mug that i'm not. from him of the headline $100.00 m. a few 100 more would. explain the tradition. john have to try to. just. ringback listen to it well we will start 1st of all to do it in areas that's more secure so we could be starting in cities
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like the south. this is. not my money. my my. child. shall be anime honeymoon child we aren't even. thinking she's just so maybe not even funny and i mean fish if. i see this is not all about. i don't hear any terrorist activities from bob dylan. so certainly it is secured.
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for the reason. i go because i think it's ok. i really hope that a kid could be the problem book to get all the shit crazy people enough. i'm relaxed. this happens sometimes. i am not that by our governments i am not led by i need party and i don't walk on that any political agenda in iraq but there has to be
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a change in my country and just like any one of you. i would like to see is going to be one of the best countries in the world so mike i want to do that and surely i cannot do it alone we would have to show the world yes we can do it together send the message of peace and love from iraq to all the world all of us we can fight terrorism and then destroy them and then we'll do the event and we show to the world we done it's ok. and. brings them out. and vote on. just streaming red or. now on this moment in the morning tomorrow morning would be very nice to be flying had been winning because of the program before 5 nights
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a preferred to morrow evening flying perfect so the next morning for certain evening for. the film on one hand it's. first of all. this year's events. tony was mr martin from the gaza strip and even then my. oldest son became because of the way things were rusts him to in airports copenhagen airport the cargo 1st and not put a name or just a hole so for security reasons they said no you guys are not going to have 6 witnesses. and not a peep for. talks and then the thing here on the whole thing off box not going. to balloons got stuck because to. know basically everybody there's
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a set so i have to leave because them again. this look like i'm telling them give them promises me going to let them don't. have to stand sometimes there's a reason for it. beyond your. ability. was going to have a heart of a lady. the politics of division have pushed india into the grip of a historical reckoning i am afraid to because i am no longer minorities in the trade where do these ideas come from tragedy but more lives at home want to be tried to such a close. to school a happy family motor home to join me on to you on the final part of my journey when
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i want to become a target of the hindu 1st policy in search of india's sole knowledge is 0. 9 years ago now to 0 was the 1st major network to find evidence of genocide and. when the tragedy of the ruling was mostly unknown. own. pigeon genocide on al-jazeera. i was going to have a song working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own stories in a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the gracious challenges that humanity and edit faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and come from the highest because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together
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that's why there are so important we make those connections. this is all just there i'm dating obligato with a check on your world headlines man mars the post president is facing new charges when man is accused of breaching the constitution and violating coronavirus protocols he was arrested along with the civilian leader on sun suchi and other elected politicians during a military coup last month scott had lawyer has more from by call 2 more charges a slap against him this is something similar to what we saw with unsung suchi on monday she had a hearing and then we found out later in the day from her attorney that there are 2 more charges levied against her when 2 more charges as well and some very general
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charges one is that breach of constitution they didn't get really into the details of it turney didn't get into the details of what the court said as to why and how he breached the constitution but that is one of those 2 charges against and we know that they can those charges can carry up to 3 years in prison or protesters continue to defy an escalating crackdown to demand an end to the military takeover in the commercial capital yangon tear gas has been fired in confrontations between security forces and demonstrators. brazil has recorded its highest number of deaths from corona virus in a single day 1641 fatalities were registered on tuesday surpassing the previous record set in july it comes as health officials appeal for a national lockdown to help stop the spread of the virus us president joe biden says he's confident he will reach his goal of delivering 100000000 covert vaccine doses in his 1st 100 days in office but warned americans against letting down their
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guard he praised the drug company merck for helping rival johnson and johnson produce its coronavirus job kenyans become the latest african country to receive covert 1000 vaccines through kovacs more than a 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine arrived early on wednesday the white house has announced sanctions against 7 senior russian officials over the poisoning of opposition leader i'd like saying of all the they include the heads of the f.s.b. security service the prison service and the prosecutor general the director of the f.b.i. has told us senators there is no evidence to support claims that fake trump supporters took part in the seeds of the capitol building on january the 6 christopher ray described the attack as domestic terrorism and promised to hold the risers to accounts it's back to witness next. so she's mental disease because 50 percent of the deaths of children.
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staff. that's. lacking it's a bad childhood education that. she. used . to. try. to. cease.
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the equipment is enough. and stayed that 48 hours without sleeping. the government. promised to help them and didn't see. me just just a few is not that anymore. making a change in iraq is something really complicated. one c. plus one obstacle begets another one. so you could have of me getting shot on and getting other problems come into my hands. i'm expecting the.
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slowest to be on that really. caught. her. up no one would want the holy city of god but i played the piece 10 dogs and leaving over 2 dozen others injured. it was all reserved. about 500 meters or a full sail reached. it was going to leave it it was so cold and damp for the shoots. do you use your group together all the time isn't meant to be for the t.v. was meant to be forced to marry me and go to. the overall security situation in
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iraq has sharply deteriorate in. the meantime the 100 meters you're going to do we really hope all is ice for everything given you guys in those times once we when we get there we're coming always in time and was missing the smallest the team are there relaxed somewhere having breakfast so there's a kind of respect that we we all feel like sheeps and. that's just us very but we really open his eyes for everything. it's given you guys and.
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it's the 1st time this is happening in iraq so definitely there would be mistakes biggest surprises you know and some things like calculate the counts got to late and that's messes up our organizing i be patient for all this by i see these things this is not nothing to do with the government or the school team so i decided that yesterday and i almost thought to have been involved in breakfast then alcohol will have a life the life you like i'll just rexall briefing resistant reaching at 10 o'clock i don't have a feeling to promise he made a promise you have to do it it's a story how do you know this he is to say sure that's what he got from me notions i don't this kind of discussion make new friends at all please respect great great great great i like to know i like to tell you 1st the next day we're must remember riyad and iraq and we are not in the next counting who. it's gone very different. works really who's the asshole off he can be trying really bad people want to make
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it hard ok we don't want this person to cause this problem we don't want to split with one of the i. word or sky. and. the missing the ship disappeared. totally saw i think. yeah everybody has that to realize that. we never would fly but. this. has to be a much better organized time. ringback
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goes to stressful stuff. to neck and this is. just don't want to keep everyone waiting. they will be so annoyed with me i don't blame them because i don't know all things are here. and don't always go what i'm going to throw. you off because i know. i
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should be the one that takes the distances.
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i'm not trying. just need to move my oh. and if you choose the guys in the market or is near farms. to get a. very nice gentleman being kind to me on if we stay one more day in this hotel the team will follow parts. so we are moving everybody it's about being on. something that might. be. right. now.
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in. oregon. oh i. don't i. think the one i don't get i'm sorry we're going to meet the governor now it's going to meet all of us so let's so i am forced him where's the flowers. my. dad maybe he's done some very nice governor's welcome and everybody is thanking everybody for coming here as well. you know all of the famous gardens from murdoch are gone and we've brought in a small parcel of from any form i'm sure i'm visiting to start and going to give to the new future has to confront poverty on this so this is the years i've gone
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through the games i've been here stammering i've heard about them are the feedback is why don't you because it would mean 100 d.m. and i'd never get behind those and i just think you've been a month's time to be around for this phone can i have the good of the no let up a bit and out and then i'm up and i'm in the woods and i'll say often what i said in the house of my dad told me i'll see him up i want to make sure that i don't. monkey didn't house itself minute deals on my own plan another jeff oneself in our communities in our city and we shall not dispose of. somebody's going to start. doing something. what was going to solicit all of our laws are going to enjoy the idea that my son is shown to the contrary it was we have the government of bob dylan and we have the vice minister of posts and their radio upsets the world what
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is happening and they want to solve the problem had to hand it be it's a 100 meter 100 kind of hours. until. we waiting for the balloon and there should be coming. i world see them. then i'm really. maybe just truck coming to fix. i don't believe anymore nice wanna see it myself. yeah like you. talked.
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last hour is probably. not going to have a legal. ruling elite it will be a good lesson. and it will. all of you are. going to last. like a child is born i'm sorry. i'm having a bit of what i have and maybe tomorrow that i am having a moment meeting i got a letter or a mazing. dollar machine or. i . am getting the last in the gut.
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just. you know the body was always doing the morning. look at the sky. and they do it several times a day. off the. cool. cool. classical. music see this one time at least one time before we fly and then they would show to everybody that this can happen. nothing not too much not thanks to all the. stuff that.
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my son. yes are starting. to plan for tonight fish that we're going to do a show in front of the famous bobbing on great. goods we'll be the half mast our 4 string sets of course there's a very beautiful moment sun is sinking over wagner on and then the moon stayed off so that should be a magic shot and it should go wrong to girls that's what are you hope to go for does it go to. school and cannot come out on
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t.v. most economical today. monte you can include holly and. no kind of quantity of money anything if you leave miley it cannot it cannot be time again to any as i am not. i'm. not proud of and i think i know i'm cruel. i must be going the wrong reason all the people whose newcomers oppress and procreating this is the official site and then suddenly. i'm of all the time i don't know i don't. know if i'd never heard of all the time i don't like living i don't get my shit was out in the living at the. coolest of the shop nobody wanted to go take. a look at what you got the good it do you still have all your real still most are just looking for that sense ok i don't know
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oracles i want to supply just came from out on grass or gas or that i should look for the wind is still whole day at the stage i'll be going to blow my mind the high harmonic by the way it was not what i know you say we feel to the gospel but if you don't know debts and 10 day the idea of butler and. walked off the following night . i could be up to find out who is to see flutes and most importantly guy. go out running along so many that i don't know not anymore in schools. ok we know we know the bottom ministry not sure we die hoppers or god there will be no one who reads this and through us be as they want our time there must be everything here otherwise it is no show i told him no one thought i do. and this is really serious and i deal. with have a quite a number of people here who have nothing to so. this is going to is not
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a smear look seriously. i don't know because the shock didn't go. tomorrow the living god god god god of love. i'm going to put out a call for it i don't want to get to the gas we should treat. my. little cottage almost one hour before dawn. just one thing very sure that the sun is on time and. the sun won't wait. until. a little hand contest and a look at how the course she'd lost her mobile phone was and he are going to go with us and. be mommy mode with our numbers are within our bullpen and if i was lucky i didn't need to start them from about another other than the ministers the
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men cannot believe i was hostile in the joy of monumental things mechanical for the conductor not constantly not getting beat up until i was tiny part of are not in the media in my mind and the can easily beat me on the left side no height of muscular. actually. i'm not surprised by anything so. i'm still fine. son assigning and. the food is so tasty. and pasting up the gases coming they feel they don't hear. little yet. ok people are. calling my mind and on the last moment you know it's gotten from the fines. i
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don't use one of your passion about the business is to win. let. let me.
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yes. this. sickness. i find on the side of. 2 your ear. plug. beautiful to see. so many people here.
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in the office and at least the people at me like. you are in. my family glad that we can give this new impression on the iraq. that you didn't actually see the. light of it i think it is you live in the let it . hurt. your. world.
9:55 am
and i see the people as well smiling the faces ever was just smiling look at them you can. even though i was dull i guess. they couldn't help themselves spite of. people who got those we look at the people and be good to make something together and i hope there'll be something good out of. that's my trip back. as us collishaw our journey. good go. ahead a dream and i try to realize his dream. and at last mr exceed it was
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not too big and so long as we expected good and hell we did it and a lot of people said before you can't arrange that there induct continuity changes are you all wrong and got those nice. was 6. i think go to bed. i think go to south africa. i think. and to my country. to my home. that's about seeing something wrong and trying to correct. making good relations and make good friends work together. and then they can understand. is what i'm hoping for.
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for the last 100 like the one just but those are worth more than that still other monotonic dornier on the floor. and the reboost the the new tower on the mobile or your car we see of so no real. 'd i saw her last night you betcha but 'd. they had the bus so i got down off of our from the spot guys that developed at least allow us to take the. 'd myths to struction and despair
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a group of friends resist. rescuing books from the rubble they built a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. to witness. a library under bombs on al-jazeera. how i once again got lucky dry weather fine weather across much of the middle east this place is a fair weather cloud just around kuwait pushing across into iran but we have got some showers moving in across the levant so lebanon syria will see some wet weather have some showers this season the way into northern parts of jordan that what the weather will make its way across northern parts of iraq possibly see some snow over the high ground but to the south of that it should be lost if i am dry over the next couple of days a brisk wind if he doesn't sand there coming out of saudi arabia into southern
9:59 am
parts of iraq over the next day or 2 to the south of that it is generally dry but want to see showers around the southern end of the red sea the civil area cad could produce a few showers in c.s. and for parts of ethiopia to the west the weather will be down towards the rift valley some heavy showers there interwar and into were in the ten's and they're seeing some heavy showers as well but the really wet weather is going to be around the most and be channel we got a little circulation developing here that may well develop into something a little more ominous is because through the next day or so initially the wetter weather will be across the eastern side of mozambique but as this system but it gets its act together we'll see very heavy rain with the risk of flooding for western parts of madagascar. what should americans be doing right now it should be a bad idea they don't care about their work is all they care about is making money
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china is not going to be left out of the calling for the bloated defense budget to be the bottom line on us politics and policies america fact of the world. and to cooper testers and me and maher use smoke grenades to escape a police crackdown as more charges are laid against the deposed president. you're watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters and. also coming up warnings of a health catastrophe in brazil forties call for a nationwide lockdown on the same day the nation recorded its highest cope with 19 death toll.


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