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she hears that the israeli army has a right in the village with a bulldozer resident face it will just give them one minute to do. it took the found me months to build their brick house and less than an hour to see it. tightening its grip china announces plans for major election reforms in hong kong. come about this and this is all just live from doha also coming up a historic trip pope francis heads to iraq to encourage a dwindling christian population and that concerns over security and the coronavirus pandemic.
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street battles in senegal protesters are demanding the release of an opposition leader they say is falsely accused of great. living and dying for the job new figures show the global pandemics told on fun plight in health care workers. china's unveiled plans for a major overhaul of hong kong's electoral system then i spent was made joining the national people's congress the country's biggest annual political gathering the proposed changes would allow a pro china election committee to nominate all candidates to hong kong's legislative council the move will effectively stand out any opposition in hong kong's parliament. in his opening speech premier league make a change says china is against any external interference in hong kong's affairs days ngs under international scrutiny for intensifying its crackdown on political
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dissent in hong kong thank you me we will stay true to the letter and the spirit of the principle of one country 2 systems under which the people of hong kong administer hong kong with a high degree of autonomy we will improve the relevant systems and mechanisms of the special administrative region ensure the enforcement of mechanisms to safeguard national security we will resolutely guard against and deter external forces interference in the affairs of hong kong. bruns live for us in hong kong 1st let's get more from katrina you who's in beijing just talk us through what beijing is proposing for this. well beijing has had 3000 of its most powerful politicians gather there to talk about the plans that china has for the next not only the next year but the next 5 to 15 years and during his work report that was outlined by premier league chan he
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talked about beijing's triumph now the china's china's leaders are very keen to present this image a victory and strength and really have talked about how the party had achieved many things during the past year eradicating extreme poverty conquering the outbreak locally and also achieved economic growth and this message of chinese strength was really. down the route the speech he talked about china's economic target setting that at about 6 percent going forward trying to build on self-reliance and amid worsening ties with the u.s. and also pushing for more green development and reducing china's carbon emissions now as you mentioned all of this is happening amid a time where there is international criticism and rising hostility faced by beijing because of various reasons the car that outbreak the treatment of the weak is and as you mentioned political reforms in hong kong and one of the trial draft laws being discussed over the next 7 days will invade jeanne's words ensure that all
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those holding public office in hong kong a loyal to the chinese communist party so instead of backing down in the face of this international criticism china has indeed hardened its stance and as you mentioned and as we heard earlier leak a charm has said that it will continue to safeguard what it considers its considers its sovereignty in hong kong and do this both in taiwan and in hong kong and we're going to see that more over the next few days as this we have more details about this draft law good to know thanks very much and between you force in the beijing let's go to adrian braun brown who's live for us in hong kong this seems to be the point at which china does finally take over hong kong. yeah rob i mean last year at the last national people's congress we had shock and awe when beijing unveiled its new national security law from hong kong now we've got more of the same today what it means really is what you said in your
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introduction the opposition here is effectively being dismantled and of course that raises serious questions over the credibility of future elections not just for the chief executive but also for the legislative assembly as well as the district councils and it's the district councils that have been worrying beijing keeping the leaders awake at night because 90 percent of those district councils are controlled by the opposition now there are a few other places in the world where district councils would command as much international attention as they are today but that is a measure of just how concerned beijing because people voted overwhelmingly for them in those elections in 2019 and what beijing is now saying is that these candidates who were successful were closely aligned with the protest movement and they're for. not true patriots so if they want to remain in their job they can have to take oaths of allegiance and prove that they have
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a love of the motherland the question is will they also have to demonstrate a love for the communist party that hasn't been clearly defined we don't know whether you know expressing you know love for the motherland is the same as expressing love for the communist party the former leader done shopping once said that people in hong kong wouldn't have to do that after the handover it was just enough to pledge love for the motherland so many questions still to be answered but certainly it does seem that hong kong is moving a step closer to having no political opposition i've just been talking to the leader of what's left of the democratic party here in hong kong and he says they now have much less room much less space to move in and of course the backdrop to what we've heard today is the ongoing trials involving almost the entire leadership of the democratic party so once this is all over they'll be very few leaders very soon few senior figures for the democratic movement left around to talk to they'll
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be in jail hong kong used to lead the list of the world's free years to condoms they did it for about 25 years i think and then in the last couple of years it's been listed with china and it's disappeared off the list completely how worried are people about hong kong's economic future. that's right its name has disappeared from the list given by the heritage foundation a u.s. think tank i think what business is much more worried about is this right they haven't had a clear message from beijing that ounces a number of simple questions are we still welcome here in hong kong do we have a future here in hong kong i think they can just about live with the tinkering that's going on to the constitution at the moment well they're much more worried about is the pressure the young jew pressure that is now being brought to bear on the judiciary and whether the judiciary could eventually be compromised and then of course there is freedom of speech business likes to operate in an environment where
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there is you know free and open speech where the media is free and at the moment there's still a question mark over that here in hong kong adrian thank you very much indeed adrian brown talking to us from hong kong protesters in may and mark continue to defy a crackdown marching again to demand an end to the military coup activists are out in a number of cities despite violence in which $38.00 people were killed on wednesday that's also sparked international condemnation the u.s. has tightened export controls and the u.n. is urging governments to demand more sanctions and a global weapons and boggle against the military. pope francis has just left rome for iraq where he'll fulfill a longstanding promise to become the 1st point of to visit the country the 3 day visits his 1st trip outside italy's since the pandemic began he'll be welcomed by the prime minister in baghdad before meeting president barham salih at the presidential palace the head of the roman catholic church says he's going as
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a pilgrim of peace on the number of christians in iraq has dropped in recent years partly due to them being persecuted by al qaeda and i so i hope this struggle to survive will get a boost from the pope's visit someone halting reports from baghdad. 10 years ago luis francis a claim is survived one of the deadliest terror attacks on iraq's christian community it cost him his left ear drum $4.00 to $6.00 other christians their lives . about and the law that i thought it was the last seconds in this life they were very difficult moments you take a shot towards the room where we were in one hand grenade exploded that's when i was injured some of the project also stone my head and my chest. lewis and his son the were among more than $100.00 worshippers trapped inside the lady of salvation church in baghdad as gunmen laid siege to the building al qaida claimed responsibility for the attack one of many carried out against iraq's christian
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minority after the 2003 u.s. led invasion lewis is one of the few survivors of the church attack who stayed on in iraq and. i don't want to leave this is my home. but preserving iraq's dwindling christian population can feel like a lost cause. there's no hope left for the christians and other minorities to reassure them all the political parties and politicians don't care about the citizens interests they just care about their own interests the denomination's interests and regional interests this is the our lady of salvation church where the 2010 attack took place the concrete blocks to shield it from suicide bombings are now adorned with paintings of pope francis' in anticipation of his visit but the very presence of these protective barriers 10 years on is a sign that iraq's christians still don't feel safe the church attacks were
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a prelude to even darker days ahead. in 2014 eisel swept through the name of our planes in iraq's north forcing another exodus many christians fled abroad or to iraq semi autonomous kurdish region others came to the capital dhaka that this camp for displaced was set up in 2015 and still hosts around 200 christian families who can't decide whether to stay for the sake of preserving the past or leave for a better future. i mean i came here with her son from the village of 100 nia she says there is nothing for her to return to. and now there are no job opportunities and most of the village residents were displaced there's nothing here for us in our street all the houses were destroyed pope francis visit may offer a rare moment of hope for the christian community here but few expect it will bring about political change and any guarantees for their safety see one awful to
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al-jazeera but at. a campaign to free senegal's leading opposition figure has turned violent at least 2 protesters have been killed in battles with police the deaths of the 1st since the arrest of austin song called 2 days ago because hockey has more from dakar. supporters of opposition leader months on ko shelter inside to cars to shake up university they chant free song and call president mikey selling a dictator. police respond by firing tear gas but the crowd is defiant. outside the police station where sankoh is held for questioning security forces struggle to control the situation. people are tired and the dupes we are being manipulated by the government they say songkhla is creating public disorder this is all an excuse to arrest the political opponents of the president's real stand by song called in early february sancho was accused of rape he denies any wrongdoing
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saying the case is politically motivated followed by his supporters song go was arrested on his way to meet the judge sparking nationwide protests. mr sankoh has not committed any act with a view to disturbing public order he was on throwing the summons of the court and you will all witnesses to that. song co a former bureaucrat turned politician was the youngest candidate in the 200-1000 presidential election where he finished 3rd he describes himself as an anti establishment politician accusing the political elite including president mikey sell of corruption he has denounced french corporations saying they make profits off the back of force in italy's following his arrest demonstrators looted french supermarkets and gas stations with several officers injured swat teams were dispatched to stop the riots now protesters are throwing stones in this area of the
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university and right behind me for the last 2 days the security forces. failed to enter the premise is that the university and demonstrators say don't continue this protest movement. is free to. the military has called in reinforcements to protect strategic sites the government says these demonstrations are on authorised to television stations were taken off air for broadcasting the riots public gatherings have been banned to prevent the spread of the current virus but these protesters see the government measures a ploy to silence them and in the court case against some co an attempt by president mikey cell to eliminate a popular political opponent defying the political system nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car and still ahead on al-jazeera the un and us call for other trained forces to leave ethiopia's tikrit region following accusations of crimes against humanity . denied its dozes why is truly a is missing out on a quarter of
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a 1000000 of these vaccines. that deep winter maybe over we still got temperatures going up and down quite wildly this is another active cold front on its way down through europe the temperatures there for will drop behind it on the front itself will be rain or snow and it will head right down eventually towards the eastern mediterranean now behind it the sun is out the temperatures just are rather low than they were it doesn't necessarily feel bad but that 3 degrees after the snow go through more so you maintain 3 and 70 by night the cold will reach book orest that have to remain here by saturday that's quite a big drop in temperature as the front goes through brings it is lethal snow with
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it even in bordeaux in western france will be a feeling as a temp drops from what it currently is 20 down to about 10 degrees little wind so this is the picture then for saturday a lot of sunshine significant temperatures proper snow in finland maybe again the baltic states and norway otherwise not much precipitation apart from the rain that's been hanging around in portugal's heading slowly size and it still shows itself in northern turkey and that will eventually bring a temperature drop so the current right and then in the algarve is a circulating low bringing some showers all right even as far into the atlas mountains as to drop stuff the showers area. 9 years ago al jazeera was the last major network to find evidence of genocide i mean. when the tragedy of the ruling was mostly
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unknown. will. it in genocide on al-jazeera. what you want to see it a reminder of our top stories this hour china's unveiled plans for a major overhaul of hong kong's electoral system to ensure only patriots are in charge a probation election committee will now nominate all candidates to the self-governing territories legislative council. pope francis has just left rome for iraq where
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he'll become the 1st pontiff to visit the country the 3 day trip comes amid fears about the coronavirus pandemic and security. 2 protesters have been killed in fighting between police and supporters of senegal's opposition leader and the deaths of the 1st since there was a restaurant 2 days ago. killings torture sexual violence and ethnic cleansing of reportedly being carried out every day in ethiopia's t. grave region the un human rights chief wants monitors to be allowed in saying allegations of war crimes need to be investigated aid groups journalists and investigators are all struggling for access that says federal troops and at a trained forces are fighting soldiers from the regions former ruling party. and these are the people caught in the middle ethnic to gain say they're being wiped out by soldiers who act with impunity they say they're being forced from their homes and worse more than 136 cases of rape are reported in tikrit hospitals
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in december and january but it's believed there are many more washington's an ambassador to the united nations has echoed the un's call to end fighting in t.v. she says the humanitarian crisis must be urgently addressed. be honest to prevent further atrocities and human suffering oh squarely on the ethiopian government shoulder we urge the ethiopian government to support any immediate end to the fighting in tikrit and to that end the prompt withdrawal of eritrean forces and horror regional forces from iraq to grave are essential steps and we urge the broader region to work fast libya's taking a key step towards unifying the country the prime minister submitted his choices for government posts to the parliament for the prove all the house of representatives is expected to vote on a proposal on monday the formation of a cabinet as part of a un backed plan that includes holding national elections by the end of this year
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the war torn country has been divided between 2 administrations supported by on groups and foreign governments. after days of record coronavirus deaths across brazil its 2nd largest city has announced the toughest measures yet to curb the spread of covert 19 from friday restaurants and bars in rio de janeiro will close at 5 pm and an overnight curfew will be imposed and follows a decision by south palos government to shut non-essential businesses for 2 weeks from saturday brazil is facing its worst phase of the epidemic yet pushing its hospital system to the brink of collapse. italy's government has blocked the export of an astros anika corona virus vaccine shipment to a strain lia was the 1st time the e.u. country has made use of new regulations designed to hold big pharmaceutical companies to the contracts there's been widespread frustration over astra zeneca
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slow delivery of vaccines the firm reduced its plagues doses to the e.u. earlier this year citing supply problems they were gauges in canberra and she says the hold up is it expected to have much of an impact on the strain is vaccine rollout. these showing government has been quick to try to alight public concerns about what this decision a coup to maine for its back saying roll out of course if we tried to have the block reversed but it does rise wider questions about the issue of astra zeneca failing to meet some of its back same targets the telly in government has said the reason behind this decision is because if that shortage of astra zeneca doses in europe and the close it doesn't see a strike me as i vulnerable nation because of the lawyer number of quoted montane cases here about this all came about because of the shortage of doses in europe
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whereby european based vaccine manufacturers need to seek approval from national governments if it wants to export vials outside of europe we understand that the italian government did inform the european commission office decision to block the shipment to a strata it could have skipped gene but it didn't nonetheless stylee is that saying the rollout program is under white we're only just seeing the 1st doses of astra zeneca vax aims being rolled out and more manufacturing all of that vaccine is expected to begin at lyta this month at the same time we have the finds a vaccine being rolled in a strategy so at this stage the government doesn't believe that this decision by easily to block 250000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine will affect its rollout program in the strength. and the 17000 frontline health workers have
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now died worldwide juta coronavirus i missed the international reports of the figures and it's calling on governments to speed up vaccinations for health care professionals and says cleaners and social care workers are often ignored in an occupation drives i should also be given priority funds with his vice president at the council of the americas he says health workers need more support this is a real tragedy and it's particularly amplified because the people who are trying to address it who are literally on the frontlines of addressing it are the ones who are being info as affected the most i mean and that makes sense because they're the ones who are exposed to it there are the they're working in the worst conditions in developing countries around the world it's really a bad situation and yet they don't seem to have priority in the context of having access to actually and so it's a real desperate situation for many people it's a really difficult conundrum because literally there's 'd only so much money that can go around and particularly again if you're dealing with developing markets who
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may not have a lot of access financial space in the 1st place they really don't have a whole lot of excess liquidity to be able to devote to either vaccines or pete and that if you put on top of that the fact that several of these countries 'd around the world are already have significant debt loads that will be difficult to service many are reluctant to add on top of that so there really is going to have to be international assistance both financial and also access to vaccines and access to p.p.a. we're seeing some of that through the kovacs facility and through some direct contributions and things like that but the real answer to this is 'd getting enough supply produced so that it can be distributed not just to developed countries but to developing markets like i think that's the ultimate answer but it does take time and there are no simple solution here. south africa's received its 2nd batch of $80000.00 vaccines donated by johnson and johnson it's part of
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a clinical trial in which tens of thousands of health care workers will be vaccinated but there are concerns the roll out is going slower than expected family reports. south africa's government began vaccinating its health workers in material with 80000 receiving the job so far for some like dr faisal saleman the rollouts been slower than expected he runs a private practice import outside durban he says has registered to be vaccinated but his appointments been cancelled it has been tough working it's not easy working in a closed environment being having people you know all day we do our own swapping here we've been treating patients directly and telephonically so it has been produced stressful particularly when you go home and pass this thing on to your family which i've done there more than 67000 health care workers in puzzle natal province alone of which fewer than 2000 have been vaccinated during the problem here have been up
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won't maybe be our location because we were given something like 10000 but i nor that they are here practitioners especially doctors who are in there we're looking into it it's not but since been at least get i think it has been a learning process but many health care workers are still waiting as they continue to work in high risk environments scientists say it's important to vaccinate people as quickly as possible but johnson and johnson's donation of its vaccines in batches of 80000 doses every 2 weeks has worried critics will also questioning if this is indeed a rollout or nothing wrong than a clinical trial by the us pharmaceutical giant the government says it's part of an early access and monitoring program and it has to investigate how effective the johnson and johnson backs. scene is against the new more contagious strain identified here in south africa later as by end of may we must have fascinated
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1200000 health care workers now if that is the case then it means then that slower a lot but we are doing now it's really slow we should be vaccinating 80002100000 people a day instead of a board 5000 whatever 10000000000 small doses from other companies like pfizer are expected to arrive possibly from april to expand the rollout while south africa is now at the end of a 2nd wave of infections there are concerns of another wave as soon as april. and a slow rollout and the winter months ahead have experts worried for me tamala al-jazeera johannesburg south africa germany's national airline has reported an $8000000000.00 loss for 2020 like most airlines around the world love to answer has seen thousands of flights cancellations and restrictions due to the pandemic
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several european governments are propped the company up with more than $10000000000.00 in support people in iceland are bracing themselves for a potential volcanic eruption scientists say tremors show strong signs of activity at mt kili a 30 kilometers southeast of the capital is like a big but is have shut roads around the mountain although the area is uninhabited the main airport and a fishing port are just a few kilometers away the volcano has been dormant for about 800 years. tens of thousands of people in new zealand fled their homes on friday after a series of earthquakes triggered a tsunami alert the strongest was a magnitude 8 point one centered near the kemah dark islands that's a 1000 kilometers northeast of the country but as wayne hear reports from toronto many are still anxious. around many parts of new zealand a peaceful friday morning was interrupted by tsunami sirens the calm waters provided an eerie backdrop to the warning about the danger that could have been on
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its way people in coastal communities in the north will most at risk and we're told to head to higher ground where some captured a tsunami arriving from an 8 point one magnitude earthquake hundreds of kilometers away near the comedic islands but we are asking people is to try and stay calm touch price of people make you love or check on the people that you know might be most at risk and really just listen to the advice that is coming through for some this was the 2nd tsunami evacuation in hours early on friday morning another large quake struck much closer to new zealand and was felt strongly around much of the country by our jumped out of it and stuck in the doorway and my staff was up as wildstar this question wrong and it took forever to start the quakes and tsunami alerts came less than 2 weeks after new zealand is marked teen years since a news quake in christchurch that killed 185 people new zealand's location in the
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pacific ring of fire means that to an extent people here are used to earthquakes and because it's an island nation many people live on or near the coast and live with the constant threat of a tsunami in the end the tsunami was minor and the alert was lifted after a few hours allowing people to return home as aftershocks continues meaning many will be nervous about what the next few days might bring wayne hay al-jazeera told on a new zealand. this is all it is either of these of the top stories china has unveiled plans for a major overhaul of hong kong's electoral system to ensure only what it calls patriots are in charge a probation election committee will now nominate all candidates to the territories legislative cancel it jim brown has more from hong kong on the significance of this move by china the opposition is affected.


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