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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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is lying and will remember if i really. imagine miley was in iraq controlling this slimy contras and he's sad that people are only 2 kinds or 2 of time. either brothers or real counterparts so what we do understand is a quality this is a presence that believes in the equality and in the. principles. today is a missing so many troubles and so many problems particularly. in this paul because the acceptance of diversity is not that likely due to terrorism and violence and hatred and the.
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pretty texts that have nothing to do with the religions that we need to be safe in our future and we have to work hard to follow its extreme measurement and to the ready kates terrorism and to support the principle of diversity and the existence of the coexistence because we need to be solid on our feet as this is quite important in the world of today this will be a great gift to be given but future or generations for decades and decades our country our plans were victim to oppression and the. tough part of. sas in asia as the killings of the future and fates of millions
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of the rock is our unknown dictatorship he was using in highlights that. are dangerous weapons and the mass of bombs that we have seen in the middle and south of iraq we have seen so much of these policies. their environment. it has been hit and during the last 20 years we have seen the biggest war against terrorism a citizen have been destroyed the economy has been hit. churches and mosques have been the straw yet. when well thought of been stolen and that is what this is violates is a been committed against the is
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a desire to menace the. other places we have seen massacres when muslims and the christians and others. hate and do it. so is mercy on in the victims and we remember. the lost the lives for the freedom watch monsters. from the photos is from the police from the priest. also civilians who have lost their lives for the sake of this people for the sake of humanity these are the catastrophic is that we have seen but we also need not to forget the sufferings of. christian brothers who left their country who left their homes and this was
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a bit. of the main sufferings of the christians these were tough times and tough year is the challenges. that we need to overcome these challenges and then we need our citizens to see the reforms in our policies and we need our citizens to know this to see the social justice. and what do you people to see the chances of any work need generations to know the better future. in our region now there are countries losing chances in development and rebuilding zinger there are. losing money because of these black ok yes the only solution is.
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for the sake of the citizens for the usual security and for the rights of our citizens. yes healing. the wounds this is the tate everyone to be quite keen to accept compromise and to accept cooperation we need not all regional country to be seen of fivepence we need iraq to be end dependent with full sovereignty and we need iraq to be an important part of the regional system that is based on existence cooperation in the field of a comic and peaceful situation the christians in the east the christians in iran. the people of this line and they stood. firm in support of their older brothers and their
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participation has been great and important and they were working through their gether with the other members of the society to have worked we have from different types of good luck traditions and values. in the sufferings of the christians which are must come to on their end. and that. other religious and always social components that have to be involved so was lost to face the stuff time actually of the big divided we need to live together we could not see the east with i would listen no such says cut will be achieved and with that displaced people
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coming back to the law into their homes this necessitates hard work to bring peace and good economy to the region to create and vironment that the displaced and the emigrants and on top of whom comes the christians and the izzy designer the others. we have as well to stress that the situation now under covered. this is it takes. work hard work that it costs ration you can get away from any problems in order to achieve the progress that will be for the sake of the many human beings today to. holiness is here great guest so it's
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a historic chaunced to have this visit i should push for a cornerstone in building peace in christian corporations in. increasing the tolerance and understanding amongst all the components of the society these values will help a lot in a cheap. your message that we are the grown sons of. the followers religion's from iraq is and then iraq is and we will never accept that terrorism and extremism to be practiced under the name of religion in iraq is deserve more than what they have now in their country that has been the great situation that it was and this should
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make iraq a station in their cornerstone for peace and development and their region as a whole deserves better through that cooperation of the good paper in the good leaders of the region and be able to achieve that or your heart honest hope and in this context of your visit to iraq to follow rules. and then they should like to have the other grammarian. committee who. are the supervision of a presented from the vatican and there just is a tuner and other big religious centers that examine and study the tradition of the entire region and the culture of the entire
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region your hollowness here we are trying to heal our ones are. you. with us your hollowness so thank you very much for your a historical visit thank you very much for you efforts for the sake of humanity. to invite you to told to this gathering and of from here to all that iraq is. flowing. well you've just been listening there to iraqi president barham saleh making remarks on the presidential palace in baghdad after
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a brief meeting with pope francis that has the pipes 1st trip out of italy since the coronavirus pandemic began significantly or so the 1st trip for a catholic pontiff to iraq and it's been decades in the making while president saleh there was addressing the threat of terrorism as a way to divide communities and really spoke of the importance of embracing diversity and now we're hearing from pope francis that let's let an end of the government to the diplomatic corps. represented to your community ladies and gentlemen. to me because i am grateful to have this opportunity to be here this. was a long time desire. and. this. will choose the cradle of civilization. and. numerous
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foods and a long tradition literally me of. the religion and i express my grateful i'm so grateful to have been invited to and for the kind. and welcome and gentleman that you have given me in the name of the orange is the not your people on behalf of your people of the diplomatic corps for the hood to. be i agree with affection the bishops in the. from it believe me i come as a pilgrim. carriage. with and stare at me. and give hope. to the people about the mirai i think i
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also agree. the christian represent communities and other communities and representatives and i'm not in it and i wish to work together to convince your favorite singer and their. ritual for work together at the end in spite of you to me there in this on this journey towards peace and to be able to live together. there when i visit static is at the times when the word. is going through and that big that which has not only hit my health. but also because your cause is to be the cause problems social economic problems as
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. resource instability or seek to warn me that of course it means common effort that the person has to move forward. on different sides as animals must be fed and that is not enough to not know that repentance this is a crisis is a core stance to understand the meaning of our life our existence of them 'd broke and me your it's the time of tests because and to return to how we were biffle who went to humans. it's a question and we have to see how much unites us and there's far more that unites us than divides us. and in this way so for the men that we you know have. to move forward.
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you can't have this fundamentalism you have and these different ethnic groups you need to you're being too careful. and of course. be able to be done for i understand she said i live and think we thought of the wounds. and how many people have been affected and so many if we. so many have some verge. and of course. with us from a victim who was innocent victims. of people who have been persecuted was filler even with regard to religion that the us. bible better sort of. work. if we are in a look against insiders and look at how it's different since one but as with
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younger members of the same human family you have equal foods you all we. want to have to leave you in some better world for the future generation worse the diversity and this runs it with me different yet at religion the nomination mazin and. 'd society. in the us that it is. important to overcome in a certain 100 years if your mother mr area. and its and maybe maybe at the same time it is unsecure that understand being live in different terms you know and cooperate together in harmony to the course if things have. turned north korea coexistence name is allowed to haitians. and
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go to court justice respect each other it's not an easy task at all. but everyone must take a hard and make this effort. diligent and. going with to the core of it. in both worth of means you go and on the basis of things it just says that there is a way out of that of the matter of inviting all the tools of furniture involved is to be to think about this respected protests so i praise and. i remember who. they were in this respect i join with a few of my employees and i ask invites to hope that good will never move
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forward. and. that's within the growth of the room for. society which has this evil it. has to be solidarity from which means looking at each other understanding each other system and order to help us to move concretely review and understand the most memorable or the most needy because you and. i refer to the family and to combat terrorism and. my pencil are 2 letters in the i think that there are all those people who struggle every single day the rhythm of
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a question or there's the problem of poverty unemployment. the bravery and orton's of. must in an effort. to do something from us your economic point of view and social point of view affects our. and to reach that common goal number after a crisis it's not just a matter of rebuilding but more the completely course and 2 won't be able to reach spent those years you dignity and you when you come out of a crisis you won't come out the way you were before and since you were but of course there are those who are responsible and the politician was with us. before and made
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to promote that spirit of fraternal solidarity. is corruption abuse of power. that's not the way or if you are at the same time you need to think. that justice is transparency to strengthen certain values in such a way it's you that's have an opportunity credibility about when you can grow and so that everybody is the especially young people whenever you can have hope for the future you know president if you mr president. and those aren't his dignitaries being comic been i come here the. penitence as if he's asking for a pardon. and human community of you know the. i and
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a pilgrim of peace means in the name of christ the prince of peace. and that we have prayed so much in the last a political time is during these years it also john john paul the 2nd we have been praying with for a long time the u.s. . the u.s. and canada listens he always listens come at him in this way he to walk with him. danny. who you are all safe here and. everywhere as he is one must. be a leper for another in peace people have been thinking about the lucky local population
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they have been considered. a listen this you have to think of peaceable call. who wish to work but lives and pray in thousands of me's but you're not. in tolerance to teach. your order and this is for own citizens who wish to build the country together and have a dialogue with everybody pena pointed your name for a nickel towards reconsideration of common good job. and. true common interests a circuit to the poor device the poor house which it out there in this period and it has been in some effort to want to. make the democracy towards your pieces better but this informs every party people
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all dignitaries autoroute is religious. that. the 2nd that. nobody is a 2nd class citizen with the. courage people to go forward along his journey that. analysts were ready to reach an agreement or the international community has a road with them for peace on america business and everywhere the us. that we know what has been happening in neighboring syria in their house and your i mean. the whole human family has has to move forward and work together. to get rid of him in inequality. with there and to reach
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stability. to be stuck in iraq i thank. god i assume that every war since you're there for a really assistance before 3 of us for that building and helping the refugee means you guys are in there just and i'm people to return to their own homes. but which is allowing them to have a quarter of a portable accommodation because we as you are whatever they need to feel and. of course i insist on conciliation or as the time there's of course i cannot forget it or so. organizations who have committed themselves to help they sense for
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the return home to those people who have been essential if you have basic needs. we need justice and to go towards peace you know that michael this of the. different course was the i. see us whenever the people were not iraqi. sense and have for being the police. where king towards this and to go forward. and of course. if that african religion has to be at the surface a piece try to turn a t. if you know the name of god to the is and has to be only if you look at it he used in a certain way it is not the shoreline terrorism it is the has to
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be true justice or order and of course you need to. thank you for a couple of that they see the kindness of me the catholic church is a friend of the everybody and through the will this is your it tries to be constructive and communicate and and work together with other essential religions and denominations effect. in this city or to the land where we have seen how they have contributed towards the life of this country since the. and will continue to do so. the teacher and the of course help the citizens who have rights is yours it's me and we know that there are different faiths and. denominations
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this is to work in harmony together geoff friend. or. i wish to excell francis great gratitude for everything you have done that's watching you and continue to do. to assume that this should turn no community to her society wouldn't you know and that common service which is a noble 2 homes. and such for the. us and i mean by that everybody. go to aunt sue for truth who divorce with them and each one of you and each family. must and the whole lot of people believe you are barack's. you may think reach.
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to get them. well you've just been listening there to pope francis giving an address in the presidential palace in baghdad after meeting with iraqi president for himself and this is the 1st trip for a catholic pontiff to iraq and the pope says he comes as a pilgrim to give hope to the people of iraq sending his greetings to various religious communities and asking them to walk together on a journey towards peace and also for the country to come back the sketch of corruption and justice he's also the pope's 1st trip out of italy since the coronavirus pandemic began any also spoke of the challenges that the pandemic have brought in not just health but also economic difficulties and broader instability and he spoke of the need to work together in order to move forward but our correspondents are mona fulton is just outside the presidential palace in baghdad and joins us now on the phone samina we also heard from president saleh he's also
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been very vocal about his support for minority groups really a call here for unity from both gentlemen. indeed it was very much a message of reconciliation and a call for unity among the different peoples of iraq and barham salih he is of course the one who very much pushed for the pope to be able to visit iraq he was the one who invited him when he visited the vatican himself one year ago and it is of course him that really is pushing this this narrative of reconciliation of truth telling of peaceful coexistence between these different religious groups and he mentioned that diversity is. a core value of iraqis that this is something that they really need to seek to preserve he also mentioned that they have to work together to fight terrorism which of course
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alludes to the recent war against i which lasted for almost for over 4 years in fact and he also commemorated the security forces who gave their lives to to rebel liberate iraq from i hope so it was it was quite 'd it was a speech as you would have expected from him very much a oversizing diversity very much the sizing of unity but he did also allude to the problems that iraq faces in achieving that he mentioned that the institution still needs to be strengthened he mentioned that iraq needed sovereignty and independence which of course alludes to foreign interference both by neighboring iran as well as of course other nations like the united states many iraqis feel that the problems that it 5 faces is largely because of outside interference so he emphasized the importance of sovereignty the fortunes of independence and what is
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interesting that the pope himself he. he mostly focused on the spiritual side of things he did speak a lot about what religion religion really should mean the values that it should promote but he did also hint at some governance issues he mentioned corruption he mentioned he mentioned the lack of justice so he did tackle some of these issues that are of great concern especially to iraq in minorities like the christians but he didn't really go into specifics there 'd really demanding that specific policy the reforms be instituted because of course that is not the purpose of his trip it's very much here to inspire hope to really foster. peaceful coexistence between christians and muslims and. that was also the focus of his speech someone even though this is a papal visit this isn't all say only about religion and we've also seen
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a huge amount of pomp and ceremony today by watching the 2 men now on the red carpet just outside that chain that mean this is clearly also an opportunity for iraq to reassess its stability i guess and trying to show just how it's it's recovering and the people so keen to try to support that. yes and simply feeling the pope actually arrives in iraq it is quite an extraordinary picture i think many people did not expect for this journey to actually materialized there were a lot of concerns from many sides with regard to the many crises that iraq is facing not just the make but also it is a deep financial crisis it is facing many different security challenges so up until the very last moment there was a doubt whether the pope would actually arrive and to see him actually touch down in but got to see him meets the prime minister the president president to actually walk in baghdad a city that is associated with wars and instability suicide bombings a touch of that if it is it is
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a very significant moment for iraq is it will hurt certainly give a lot of hope not just to christians but also to the rest of the population who are just 6 marred in one crisis after another and they see the pope's arrival and get the lety of the iraqi government to pull off this visit and try to secure to cope as really quite quite an achievement and that is something that will certainly give 6 leave a lot of positive impact the credit question is will that that can be transformed into actual political momentum and not a fall to now correspondent in baghdad being just just outside the presidential palace thanks so much tamara well i'd like now to bring in elena robson she's the head of the history department at university college london she joins us now from cambridge in the u.k. eleanor as a recession i mean this is very much a historic visit this really has been decades in the making so why has it been just so important for pontiff to actually visit iraq. iraq has been
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excluded from ne international community for so very long to dictatorship through international sanctions against iraq throughout the 1990 s. which really cut it off completely from the modern world of technology then of course the 2003 war and devastating ottomar that ripple on to so long culminating in the terrible years of the occupation of northern iraq and i served in 2015 onwards so finally here is the chance to present iraq to the world in a very different way this is the last of the ip who arrives in iraq not to discuss how to conduct war not to discuss how to extract oil but to help iraq regain its can't get don'ts remember both it's still reality. and i think to. show me what's very interesting is that it really helps the president barham
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salih. reinforce his agenda of unity and i think the pope spoke very powerfully about curbing corruption and nepotism and that's quite a direct message to many iraqi politicians who have actually fostered quite a hostile unpleasant environment to put it mildly for many iraqis and so it's really calling them to account and inviting them to strongly to to rethink their politics to help iraq will or won't when terms of a commentary on what's happening in iraq i think the pope in his speech he also called for more christian participation in public life in iraq and so many christians have fled the country and we've also seen with a the rise of al qaeda and i still can you talk us through a little of the history here especially of that minority persecution just has significant these comments around that. absolutely. being christian significant question communities in iraq since the early days of
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christianity perhaps in the 3rd century a.d. on words initially not in the iraq but all over iraq owes over there are christian churches in every major iraqi town and city but since that 2003 or since the fall of saddam when every iraqi was seriously. under under the threat of persecution and we iraq has moved a very heavy handed regime to one in which there has been almost no power in law and that has enabled extremist terrorist factions to really drive out of the country many communities who didn't conform to those terrorists very narrow view of what acceptable religious behavior wants to see bombings in churches. and i says occupation in and around mosul churches have been taken over and be used for beheadings and all sorts of awful. acts of desecration. and
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so communities really really shrunk and searched for many of them it's the faith leaders remain in a very few families around there. that have been in northern iraq to stay afloat since being i.d.p. camps for me around christian religious and towns around mosul so there's a lot of shows that call damage being done where those emotional damage and i think that hope so powerfully about and also the president about the environmental damage done by war. it is not just me building communities we've done there's a lot of physical rebuilding as well i want to pick up on that you know eleanor because i want to move on to where the pope is headed right now after leaving the presidential palace his 2nd stop today after having given that speech is the our lady of salvation church in the capital baghdad and that's obviously a very emotive location can you very briefly remind us of what happened there in
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2010 yes so that was that that was the site of a terrorist attack against the question. it was just a really shocking about a many. and there. was a real signal to christian communities that they weren't welcome. and so here we are 10 years later more than 10 years later. only really visible. time to change in iraq and so this message is as much for iraqi christians who fled the country as well as for iraqi christians don't own the country but things are i differ and now it's safer although you know we've been talking a lot today about the that those local security risks but compared to a few years ago it's a world. and i'll be bringing a trip live that that 2nd part of the visit today for the pope here on out as there
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are now eleanor thanks so much eleanor robson there the head of the history department at university college london thanks for joining us again. moving on to some other stories around the world that and china's biggest political gathering of the year has opened in beijing in the face of rising international criticism of the country's leaders have outlines their economic and environmental goals for the next 5 years but the proceedings have been overshadowed by the announcement of laws to overhaul hong kong's electoral system katrina new reports out from beijing. chinese president xi jinping was among the few who entered beijing's great hall of the people not wearing a mask the leader presided over the opening of china's national people's congress key to present an image of strength and 53 victory over the core of a 1000 outbreak and the economic stagnation it calls we used as yet china was
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a world only major economy to achieve growth we attain a complete rig 3 in the fight against poverty and we scored the size of achievement in securing a full victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects a g.d.p. target of 6 percent it was announced that this year beijing is aiming to boost domestic consumption and encourage more self-reliance amid worsening ties with the us this is congress is taking place in the face of rising international criticism over trends in opposing regas the one virus outbreak and forms. one of the roles being discussed over the next 7 days will dramatically overflow the territories political system india and out of work to democracy to the states beijing is looking to reduce the number of electoral seats given to representatives directly voted in by the public and increase dollars allocated to poor beijing industry and social groups beijing backed chief executive kerry lamb and her team will also be
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given new powers to vet legislators some say the low crushes the democratic rights promised to the territory during its handover from britain to. you know the one thing maybe 2nd hand over to china and all over this is take. basically no more opposition out on call prompted by those. just where you have you know up to 2000000 people one point or groups those protests became increasingly violent recently yes mainland china last month dozens of organizers of the primary vote to choose democratic candidates for legislative elections were arrested under a national security law unveiled at last year's congress beijing says it's preserving hong kong stability by ensuring those holding public office a loyal to the chinese government analysts say she didn't think is sending a message to the international community and what hesitate to flex china's military
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muscle and then. when it comes to china's borders the south china sea of taiwan and hong kong what we see his heart lawn tennis he looks to the future and the wants to beauty his political and the minatory achievements like an emperor of beijing considers taiwan a road chinese province has want it won't accept any move toward independence but the island's leaders say they will continue to defend its democracy and freedom. al-jazeera aging. now there are reports that at least one person has died in myanmar city of mandalay after protesters there clashed with police many have been defying a crackdown and marching to demand an end to the military coup activists are out in a number of cities 38 people were killed on wednesday and that sparked international condemnation a new video has also a match showing hundreds of protesters being detained by police in the largest city
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young gone all also on wednesday now those protesters what you're looking at some of them monks can be seen cheering with their hands behind their heads before then being placed in military trucks witnesses say more than $300.00 protesters were detained. chinese video sharing up to talk says it has removed videos of apparent death threats from members of mammals military to those anti coup protesters digital rights group i.c.t. for development has found more than 800 such clips have been recorded and pressed on social media since the military coup last month and as you can see some of those videos show armed men aiming rifles at protesters telling them that they will be shot in the head. well moving on now to senegal as government has banned a gathering of opposition and civil society groups it's due in the capital on friday afternoon that's off to supporters of money sunk a leading opposition figure fought with police at university campus in dhaka sancho was arrested 2 days ago for holding an unauthorised rally before
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a court appearance to face rape charges he says that accusation is all part of a plot to prevent him from taking part in elections in 2024 well that's now speech nicholas hockey's on the ground there in dhaka for us every time we speak it seems there are more people and more security forces out on the streets where you are. that's right next to it right now we're in one of the most major arteries of the capital that leads to the courthouse where it was earlier on we're told that he has gone back into detention and he will meet with the judge on monday meanwhile the news spread that he's still in detention and the violence is just getting worse right now the police have backed up and it's a special security force ahead of us that's trying to clear the road and around me or it's unclear whether they're hard muscle or the police in civilian pickups trying to clear the debris and trying to move forward to try to push the protesters
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away but in the distance you can still see them you see tires burning and they're chanting free some grow they want to see the opposition figure free they see that the case is politically motivated but what's interesting in what's happening right now is that it seems that this demonstration is less about some group but more about young people trying to get their voices heard young people angry with the government and state authorities especially with the heavy handedness that these protests are being claimed by the security forces. given that mr song has been placed in custody presumably we're likely to see more protests in the coming days is there a preparation being put in place for that by the government. it's interesting because the government has in been very outspoken since the beginning of this they say that this court case is a private matter remember mr soames who is being held over
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a rape charges on top of them want he's being held because of the unrest that's been created since his arrest they say that he's in breach. of the government decree a government decree that is banning public gatherings during the coronavirus and so for the government it's unclear what they're going to do next what's interesting to note is that religious leaders have been involved we know that there is negotiations in place talks between the president and with various lawyers to try to find a way out of this solution because it seems to many here in senegal that this this case of this opposition leader was fun song is really garnering a lot of attention a lot of protests across the country protests that we are not accustomed to seeing here in senegal in the car really have we seen people out here. out on the streets protesting and most importantly seeing the security forces overwhelmed there's been
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the military that has been deployed in specific locations to try to to to secure a strategic locations of importance but also what's interesting during these protests is that the protesters are not just targeting the security forces they're targeting also companies french owned companies like french gas stations french supermarkets now one of the issues for some go he has been an outspoken critic of the government and its relationship with france and french corporation so we're seeing a lot of destruction targeted towards foreign owned specifically french owned companies but with with. still in detention there's a sense that there's going to be more protests to come and. does sound like things they're getting even more tense thanks very much for that update nick had there on the streets of downtown for us and please do stay safe. italy's government has blocked the export of an astronomical coronavirus vaccine shipment to astray
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canberra has now asked the european commission to review that decision over concerns that it could encourage a more protectionist approach to vaccine supplies nickel gauge reports. a story as cope at 19 vaccination program began just under a fortnight ago but it's already behind sched chill and is now eternally supported by the european commission has bob the planned export of 250000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine to. this signal from europe is very. out of that magic that is of those that times and many many companies in the world will be replying on. that saying it's the 1st thing to bench an of its current design to crack down on big pharmaceutical companies that fail to deliver on promises applies astra zeneca reduced its pledge doses to hear opinion earlier this year and italy has blamed its decision to block the astronomy and bound vaccines on
4:49 pm
supply problems saying is it in a stronger position with a few cold 19 cases australia has rightist the issue with the european commission through multiple channels and in particular we have asked the european commission to review this decision the government says the block shipment want to effect its vaccine program a locally manufactured beijing of astra zeneca made by company c s n l is said to be available right at this month with the aim of producing $1000000.00 doses each week it's a very serious with under $30000.00 deaths a nation in the 1st 5 days of the program. as we did access. saves with. lots of that save and we start that. absolutely if you like general practices and found the 6 locally produced doses will provide the backbone
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of the strategy is inoculation program which officials hope to complete by october straightly has also. muted to hoping that's night it's night in the pacific we can gauge 0. now tens of thousands of people in new zealand fled to their homes on friday after a series of earthquakes triggered a tsunami alert there many of them have now returned home but as wayne hay reports from toronto others are still worrying. around many parts of new zealand a peaceful friday morning was interrupted by tsunami sirens the calm waters provided an eerie backdrop to the warning about the danger that could have been on its way people in coastal communities in the north will most at risk and we're told to head to higher ground where some captured a tsunami arriving from an 8 point one magnitude earthquake hundreds of kilometers away near the kermadec islands but we are asking people as to try and stay calm
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touch price of people make you love our check on the people that you know might be most at risk and to really just listen to the advice that is coming through for some this was the 2nd tsunami evacuation in hours early on friday morning another large quake struck much closer to new zealand and was felt strongly around much of the country by our jumped out of bed and start in the doorway and the house was up as well as our question wrong and it took forever to start the quakes and tsunami alerts came less than 2 weeks after new zealand is marked teen years since a new quake in christchurch that killed 185 people new zealand's location in the pacific ring of fire means that to an extent people here are used to earthquakes and because it's an island nation many people live on or near the coast and live with the constant threat of a tsunami in the in the tsunami was minor and the alert was lifted after a few hours allowing people to return home as aftershocks continues meaning many
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will be nervous about what the next few days might bring wayne hay al-jazeera told on a new zealand. well still ahead here on al-jazeera and sports and back from premier league champions liverpool slumped to a near are all the details coming up in a cirrhotic in the shack.
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welcome back it is now time for sports and have fun thank you very much that's as it were the governing body of south american football called the ball is expected to meet late on friday to discuss what to do about the continent's upcoming world
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cup qualifies him odds which are currently in doubt she has a pull to the aussie body to delay. called fires for qatar 2022 since european clubs are unlikely to release players due to corn a virus concerns or teams have the right to refuse since fief extended this pandemic ruling last month allows clubs to block players if they must quarantine for at least 5 days upon return or if the countries there and don't have rules exempting up pro athletes have from border restrictions well teams have already spoken out on the issue. while liverpool manchester united are for instance they don't want to release players that because they face 10 days of coroutine upon their return a spare u.k. rules for south america's 10 countries this phone and games however could cause a major problem in the south america still have has a 14 rounds of matches to play along with the corporate america this summer
4:55 pm
exchange schedule is so congested because of the start of calm of all call firing had been delayed to from last march to october 2 to the pandemic what we've been speaking to international football journalists gavin hamilton who believes european clubs are rightfully concerned. the big issue is is the issue of coron seeming players when they return from work and clubs are rightly worried that some of the best players will miss crucial games at a crucial stage of the season the champions league quarter finals 1st leg kick off a week after these international matches so players could conceivably miss some of the most important games at the club season they'll have to be some sort of compromise maybe a compensation deal will be offered by fee for and combo but i think clubs want to restrict their players playing for their countries and i think what will happen is that come about will have to reschedule the games and some stage that's going to prove difficult because come of all of already delayed and canceled games in their
4:56 pm
merits and world cup qualifying schedule each country has to pay $18.00 games over the course of the campaign so there will be the schedule be squeezed even more now have to find some sort of time in this schedule over the next year to fulfill the qualification fixture that's i think they'll manage to get them there in the end it will take some arguments some some very heated discussions between the federal confederations and the federations and the clubs but i think the schedule it will have to be restructured in some way friendly matches will go by the wayside i would think and countries will have to find a way to fill the fictions. news of food disastrous defense of their english premier league title has hits and you know on thursday they were beaten one nil by chelsea is the 5th straight loss at anfield to end the league which is their worst run the home and club history mason mond got the crucial goal for chelsea move into 4th place liverpool however are down in 7th 2018 champion roy macor says
4:57 pm
a one shot lead off of the 1st randall the arnold palmer invitational in florida northern irishman put in a great performance firing 7 birdies including 5 in a row and one bogey in his 6 on the par opening round 66 he shows the lead with canada's corey kaunas a heading into the 2nd round mcroy revealed that he has taken some notes from 15 time major winner tiger woods to navigate the course the toughest thing about this course is the part threes and i played in the 300 today so that was a bonus but. you know i've watched tiger enough here over the years and the way you played this course was played very conservatively it's a care of the par fives and that was usually good enough to get the job done so sort of take a little bit of a leaf out of his book and that's it for me in a special thanks so much sana well that's it for this news hour but don't go away i'll be back in a moment with more live coverage of pope francis visit to iraq right here on out of there.
4:58 pm
frank assessments the world is on the brink i guess a strong the models say we have is that a fair assessment of the catastrophic damage to white guy you will backseat informed opinions should we be buying because ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the dates global headlines the inside story on which is iraq. the stage is set and it's time for a different approach one that is going to challenge the way you think on asking the questions now as a new host on the next season of the show that's got no space for sound bites only comedy so let's leave simplicity to the headlines join me as i take on the lies dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradiction. of marc lamont hill and
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it's time to get out front right here on al-jazeera. mocked on al-jazeera studio b. unscripted brings you to special guests in called the citation exploring ideas and finding common solutions 10 years on from the tsunami that struck japan al-jazeera revisits the people most affected by the disaster football redlands eric cantona presents a u.c. reason about iconic players whose influence has been as great off the page as on its israel's 4th election in 2 years after the unity government's failure to pass the national budget up front smocked lamont hill cuts through that lines to challenge conventional wisdom. minds on al-jazeera. play an important role. ringback.
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calling for an end to violence in iraq pope francis seeks to galvanize one of the world's oldest and most persecuted christian communities during a historic visit. hello again i'm just as you take this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up tightening its grip on hong kong and china is to expand its veto power in deciding who can run for election.


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