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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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'd 'd al-jazeera. hello this is the news hour on al-jazeera i'm fully back to go live in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a decade after an al qaeda massacre kills dozens baghdad's catholic cathedral receives a visit from the pope. security forces in myanmar accused of issuing death threats to protesters on take talk the video sharing app says it's removing content that
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incite violence. 6 street battles in senegal protesters are demanding the release of an opposition leader they say is falsely accused of rape also this hour in the u.s. republicans try to slow down the process but president biden's call this stimulus bill is still moving forward it underscores the next round of south american world cup qualifying is in doubt european clubs a lot richer to release players due to corona virus concerns and corn scene restrictions. thank you very much for joining as pope francis is calling for an end to violence and intolerance in iraq as he begins a historic visit to a country scarred by war and on a virus the head of the roman catholic church was welcomed by. the. presidential
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palace in baghdad the pope is hoping the 3 day visit will boost the morale of iraq's dwindling christian population the number of christians in iraq has job significantly in recent years partly due to them being persecuted by al qaeda and i saw they hope their struggle to survive will get a boost from the pope's visit or speak to some one of 14 in baghdad very shortly but 1st here's her report. 10 years ago louise flynn says a claim is survived one of the deadliest terror attacks on iraq's christian community it cost him his left ear drum $4.00 to $6.00 other christians their lives . the. i thought it was the last seconds in this life very difficult moments you take you should towards the room where we were in one hand grenade exploded that's when i was injured some of the projectiles a stone my head in my chest. lewis and his son the were among more than 100 worshippers trapped inside the lady of salvation church in baghdad as gunmen laid
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siege to the building. claimed responsibility for the attack one of many carried out against iraq's christian minority after the 2003 u.s. led invasion lewis is one of the few survivors of the church attack who stayed on in iraq and. i don't want to leave this is my home. but preserving iraq's dwindling christian population can feel like a lost cause. there's no hope left for the christians and other minorities to reassure them all the political parties and politicians don't care about the citizens' interests they just care about their own interests the denomination's interests and regional interests this is the our lady of salvation church where the 2010 attack took place the concrete blocks to shield it from suicide bombings are now adorned with paintings of pope francis' in anticipation of his visit but the very presence of these protective barriers 10 years on is
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a sign that iraq's christians still don't feel safe the church attacks were a prelude to even darker days ahead. in 2014 eisel swept through the name of our planes in iraq's north forcing another exodus many christians fled abroad or to iraq semi autonomous kurdish region others came to the capital dhaka that this camp for displaced was set up in 2015 and still hosts around 200 christian families who can't decide whether to stay for the sake of preserving the past or leave for a better future. i mean i came here with her son from the village of 100 nia she says there is nothing for her to return to. and now there are no job opportunities and most of the village residents were displaced there's nothing here for us in our street all the houses were destroyed pope francis visit may offer a rare moment of hope for the christian community here but few expect it will bring
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about political change and any guarantees for their safety. and live not to see one of 14 who's outside baghdad cathedral simona the pope's visit to baghdad cathedral certainly one of the highlights of this 4 day visit tell us about what he said so far and what the expectations are in iraq from this. is you can see in fact the convoy of the pope is departing the church as we speak he was here at our lady of salvation church speak to pastors to priests to catechize to speak to them about the really the status of christianity and to encourage them to really preserve their faith and turn to courage them to reach out to the christian community to remain close to them so as to encourage iraq's christians christians to say you saw earlier in my report that many christians have left iraq as a result of the recent violence and in fact one of the the main objectives of pope
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francis' visit here is to encourage the approximately 300000 christians who are still believed to be in the country to remain he did acknowledge the victims of the attack that happened here in 2010 he also acknowledged victims from other ethnic religious minorities such as for example and he did also appeal to the youth he said the young people are a sign of promise and hope and what he's really saying here is that the next generation of christians the young people that they need to remain in iraq we have seen obviously a huge exodus of christians and perhaps some of the older generations they're inclined to stay simply because they have spent most of their lives here they're keen to preserve the past but many of the young people they don't see a future in this country the moment they get a paternity to emigrate of broad so they can really practice and live in peace they take that opportunity and that is one of the things that pope francis is trying to
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encourage a few speech for these people to really remain a part of the christian community here in iraq and to stay. right a 4 day visit simona that comes amid some real concerns not just about the coronavirus pandemic but also the security situation in iraq the most important moment of this trip is likely to come tomorrow on saturday when the pope meets the most important character in iraq. and much is and about that conversation with the ayatollah ali al sistani how is that being perceived in iraq this meeting between the pope and. so this has been brought to the wellcome by really all sides in iraq even some of the more hardline shia groups have have welcomed the pope they have 6 they have encouraged czerny and this meeting between him and sister and so there has generally been a lot of support in these 2 men in fact are quite close in terms of their
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philosophy you might want to say this is the grand ayatollah he is of course the most senior religious authority of shia islam here in the country he was somebody who came out very strongly in support of anti-government protesters he was very much a proponent of justice of good services of really delivering the rights of the youth and there are certainly a lot of parallels between what we just thought he was advocating and what what pope francis is calling for not just for christians but for all of iraqis so those 2 men will meet in which is around 3 hours south of baghdad it will be the meeting will last around 45 minutes and it is of course hugely important in terms of significance we're not sure it if there is going to be a concrete joint statement that will come out of it but certainly just the fact that these 2 men are meeting to emphasize the commonalities between the face to really emphasize the importance of peace and religious quota systems that in itself
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is hugely important simona i think you see one of 14 outside guys cathedral for us there's discuss the pope's visit further now with christopher lamb who is the rome correspondent of the tablets the catholic news weekly and author of the outsider pope francis and his battle to reform the church is rise kai from london thank you very much mr lamb for being with us. the pope is traveling at a time when other global figures are staying put and this trip has been described as the most complicated of francis's papacy what message is the vatican trying to send here and why did they pick iraq. well part of france's has wanted to go to iraq for for some time and john paul the 2nd is pretty one of his predecessors also wanted to go so this is something the vatican have wanted to see happen for many years but i think there was a sense of urgency about this chip because of the state and the plight of the of christians in iraq and also that pope francis wants to get traveling again he's
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been in the vatican grounded for 15 months due to the pandemic of course that were concerns about covalent and the impact a trip could have on the spread of infections but the iraqi authorities did stressed about 2nd that. that it was a safe trip to the that could take place and so those are the reasons i think. as to why he wants to do it and i think the pope does feel that he wants to prioritize the countries that are suffering the most and when he when he travels that this is the important message they want to get across he's going to najaf on saturday to see. this tiny the shia leader in iraq he's also going to iraqi kurdistan what should we read into the choices of light in every. well it's a very packed itinerary i think going to 7 cities in just a 3 days i think what we should read into it is that the pilot want to get across
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as much of the country as he possibly can that meeting with ayatollah sistani using incredibly important is the 1st time a pipe has ever met that the leader of course of study rarely receives foreign dignitaries so this is a trip or this is a visit i should say that that has been a long time in in the making and i think we also should point out that the pope is going to be taking part into religious gathering in or the place of abraham etc how fully a symbolic encounter given the day perhaps is the father of monotheistic all monotheistic faiths yeah he has indeed the pope tried to reach out to authorities in other religion since he became pope what difference has that made has it been successful and how is that being viewed by the vatican establishment. well so far the pope's visits to new muslim countries have been lost to sunni majority
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countries and he has made a lot of steps forward in building bridges across the islamic world you may remember that during the pontificate of benedict 16th relations was strange following a controversial speech that benedict gave regensburg about is last linking islam to violence pope francis has really shifted the relationship between the church and. and so far he has built bridges with the islamic countries of the sunni majority this is the 1st to a shia majority country and what he is trying to do is is build relationships with muslim leaders through that on this idea of human for tennessee a very important document was signed between the pope and the ground the mount of olives up in abu dhabi in 2019 that has that led to other initiatives i think we can see further initiatives in the back of this trip thank you very much for
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talking to us about all this christopher lamb our own correspondent for the tablet thank you for joining us on the news out thank you. a now the world news there are reports at least one person has died in myanmar 2nd city of mandalay after protesters clashed with police many have been defying a crackdown and marching to demand an end to the military takeover activists were out in a number of cities on friday 38 people were killed wednesday and that's social sponte international condemnation and a new video has emerged showing hundreds of protesters being detained by police say myanmar's largest city young gone on wednesday the protesters some of them monks can be seen queuing with their hands behind their heads before being put into military trucks witnesses say more than 300 protesters were detained the chinese video sharing app says it has removed videos of apparent death threats from members of myanmar's military to untie coup protesters digital rice school and more i.c.t.
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for development has found more than 800 such clips have been recorded and posted on social media since the military coup last month some videos show armed men aiming y. falls at the cameras telling protesters they'll be shot in the head our correspondent scott hyder has more on this from bangkok. the tick-tock postings i think a one of many different types of intimidation that the military is using you know there's probably a department within the tatmadaw that's the military myanmar that is specifically designed to do that to intimidate psychological warfare right now when you look at the streets in myanmar you can look at as the their battle lines so the military is deploying whatever they have learned over the years or tried to use over the years against their enemies and now they see the protesters as their enemy so yes they are using any type of intimidation they can if that is you know the facebook pages the you tube channels were much more official and organized by the military still
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spreading disinformation still spreading rumors stoking fear now the tick tock it's interesting it's difficult to tell i guess at this stage to see if that was actually orchestrated by someone within the military and in a leadership position or just encouraging soldiers and saying go out there intimidate as much as you can the protesters and to talk is one of the platforms to use but tick-tock has announced that they're going to monitor much more closely and that they have taken down some of these images that are direct threats to the protesters meanwhile the u.n. security council will hold its 2nd session on myanmar shortly it comes to myanmar's u.n. ambassador made a dramatic plea to world leaders to take all means necessary to oppose a military coup diplomatic editor james space has more from the united nations. this 2nd security council meeting on the situation in myanmar is being held one week after a dramatic general assembly session where the me and more ambassadors join more turns spoke out against those currently in control of his country the security
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council session will be closed and that means the ambassador will not be allowed to address is the current president of the security council is the united states. the united states is gravely concerned about the coup and the blood shit that has followed there instead of demonstrating respect for the rule of law pursuing dialogue and restraining from violence the military history of magically celebrated violence against the people of burma previously the council issued a statement expressing its deep concern and calling for the release of and son suchi and the other detained political leaders it's not clear whether russia and china both permanent members will now support tougher action let's speak to any file who is a broadcast journalist who was based in myanmar for the last 9 years and left there yesterday she joins us via skype from outside edinburgh. very good to have you on
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al-jazeera again you and i were on air when the military coup happened on february 1st a month on how has it in the protest movement evolved in myanmar tell us about the changes he saw when you were there. well there's been a huge number of changes obviously when we 1st spoke it was mostly tension fear people worried about coming to the streets going out on the streets and making. that objection to the military coup known but in the weeks following that we saw this huge movement tens of thousands coming out all together across the country and almost every city across the country every time we salute you know a real unified billing of defiance and there was a lot suppose a titchy for so long but in the last week that has been completely devastated the atmosphere has totally changed and there is a huge amount of fear and we because we've seen lethal force by the military and not just meikle falls but also immense cruelty almost sadism coming from some of
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the security forces like brutal attacks on innocent medics the sweeping up of almost anyone in the street that doesn't have to be a protester it doesn't have to be a journalist just anyone who's out on the streets they're trying to sow fear they're trying to get send the message that this is not acceptable that people come on the streets protesting or anything else they're trying to make people hide in the homes that are also shooting into people's homes it's been absolutely terrifying and the atmosphere has hugely changed the protests are continuing right but there is a very different feeling on the streets as different people and over the yes. because i want to pick up on that a different feeling and yet we're seeing people still coming out despite the fear that you talk about and the intimidation and the brutal tactics by the military how are they able to organize themselves how coordinated is a protest movement and how united is it most importantly perhaps. well i do think
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it's changing quickly so there is we're seeing a lot more strategy in the last few days the numbers have decreased of course because the fear is so high so lots of ordinary people ny reluctant to go arts and streets will to go out with their families as we saw before but that the youth sesame is still going out but we've seen a slightly different way of wilderness it sounds a lot more pretty protective equipment people going out with makeshift shields some of them have been made out of metal or other materials some have seen people holding such like dishes that they using as shields many people wearing helmets and they're in smaller groups and they spread out differently they tend to communicate through social media there is a reasonable amount of coordination but it is it's a lot of folding quite quickly so at the moment it does feel a little messy still i think in the coming days perhaps we will see a little more organizations from the protesters and it's difficult to tell but
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they're obviously not big cutoff that right and that the finance is still that in an already outraged nation and i'm on phone for from the coup what is it that these protesters want today do they want to return to the situation before as they were asking in the early days with civilian leaders including hands on sochi being released and so on or is that not enough anymore. well increasingly we are hearing that it's not enough we've always known and people in on the ground in myanmar although the n l d has been extremely popular the system has always been known to a float it keeps the current constitution keeps the military in power it gives them the ability to to hand the power of its the military and. at any point they keep maintain a huge section of the top of the column and 25 of the poems 3 major ministries are
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still run by them they have control of all the police and security forces so there are it's a it's a fluid system and when i'm seeing the results of that of the you know what can happen the consequences of that so now there is increasingly people are saying you know we cannot go back to the 2008 constitution has to be demolished we want to see a federal democracy there is also though a more political resistance being seen and from the n.l. the side with the the creation of this alternative government which is the committee of the representatives of the p 3 let's all right which is the people's parliament and so they are. having a more political strategy it's slightly separate from the the protest led movement and then that basically said we are the true government where the people who have voted did ok but of course if that big seems a legitimate government that would be under the old system so that there is a divide in society about which one. is going to be the most effective way and ford
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thank you ali for talking to us about all this on the phone joining us there from edinburgh. as last more head on this al jazeera news hour including the european union threatens legal action against the u.k. over its trade policies in northern ireland tightening its grip on hong kong china is to expand its veto power in deciding who can run for elections in sports liverpool's delish for merely title defense it's a new low details coming out with. andy. to senegal 1st where noirs for opposition leader some cola say he's been placed in custody after a court appearance some clothes arrest 2 days ago for taking part in an unauthorized rani triggered 2 days of battles between protesters and police
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separately the opposition taker is facing rape charges he says the accusation is part of a prop to block him from running for president in 2024 as spring in our correspondent in dakar senegal nicholas hike nicholas's a ban on protests today in the caught tell us 1st about the situation right now on the streets of santa monica. well. that's rightfully there's a ban on protests at the government says to avoid the spread of the current virus but as you can see behind me. police are having a hard time to keep people indoors hundreds of people came in rushing in. really the police had to retreat right behind me and they're so overwhelmed that you can see behind me that called the military reinforcement they're being attacked and all corners just now we've seen right police trying to fight back those protesters in the back so you know the situation right now is a newly tense. after following the arrest of opposition leader months local and
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there's a feeling that the government was caught off guard given the amount of protests that were there not just here in downtown. the car but across various cities in the country well what do we know about the whereabouts. he's actually further down the road he's back in police detention after having seen a judge he's refused to talk to the judge now he's both wanted over his alleged involvement. with the rape but he's also wanted and is going to be charged at least the next 72 hours for what you're seeing right behind you which is civil disobedience organizing a protest now because you legislation put in place by president he was able to bring out the military that you see right behind me without having to go
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through the parliament or the national assembly but what about what were happening what's what's happening here is that this protest is not just about the amount of anger from the young people when you speak to them you can sense that it is more about this this feeling that they are being left out by this bouvier economy that senegal has been joining since present like you saw has come into power and it's been particularly difficult for these young people since the coronavirus pandemic in the restrictive measures that the government has put in place like the ban and public gathering the curfew we've seen mass protests when the curfew was put in place and so there's a sense from the support from the people down the street that they feel frustrated with their government a lot of people here are day to day laborers they have to go out on the streets in order to make an income in the months once they're out of protesting so there's a lot of grievances at play here so the challenge for the government is try to
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answer to those grievances as well as maintaining calm and order whilst pursuing what the government says is a private matter this case of over allegation. of rape involving the opposition leader has been some go certainly some unusually 10 scenes say on the streets of the conic and i will keep a close eye on the situation with you because our correspondent in senegal. police in northern ireland have downplayed reports of threats of violence by irish by military groups against workers carrying out customs checks they say it's a political move on thursday a group of loyalists organizations that support northern ireland staying in the u.k. said they were temporarily suspending their role in the 1900 good friday agreement because a back sets join a hole is in belfast in northern ireland with more on what this could mean for the agreement. a move like this the withdrawal of support by some loyalist paramilitary groups for the 998 good friday agreement does of course raise
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a number of questions not least what sort of power and influence these groups may still have largely disbanded disarmed of course under the 1998 accord and consequently what sort of threat is there for posed to peace in northern ireland and the agreement itself well on the face of it they do seem to be some sinister elements at work threats last month for instance to workers carrying out brand new customs checks between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. these were of course one economic entity until brics it and the much disliked northern ireland protocol came about and more recently than that alleged threats towards politicians seen as supportive of the protocol well according to the police service of northern ireland they do not believe at this point that loyalist paramilitaries are preparing or wish for a return to violence chief called constable simon byrne said last night initial assessment is that this is a political move
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a political move in other words aimed at appeasing perhaps more hardline opinion among loyalist showing that something is being done to defend loyalist interests and in particular the. the perception among loyalists that their rights have been breached under the good friday agreement in that this new economic arrangement between northern ireland and the u.k. has come about without their consent what of the overall threat to the good friday agreement itself will bear in mind this is an agreement underpinned by public support not necessarily the wishes of any individual group but of course a unilateral move like this is bound to have some sort of a destabilizing effect and particularly on the delicate balance of power sharing politics in northern ireland. still ahead on al-jazeera denied its doses why australia is missing out on a quarter of a 1000000 of these vaccines have a sputnik vivax seen against covered 9 has become less said he it has become central to russian charm offensive in latin america in support more hear from the
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australian cricketer has himself into the back and says. it's time for the perfect jan and the weather sponsored play qatar airways. well the last systems gone through from the levant to iran usually when the rain goes this way the following wind is quite a stiff shamali it is a moment has been a dusty want to ease a little bit later on a friday doha promises 30 degrees i'll be surprised to see that but it is a sunny picture of them for the most part and terms are slowly rising in for example jerusalem by 4 degrees for it's hard to get to the end of saturday and the skies are clear to iran by this time but they are darkening the colder air in eastern europe not affect some parts of turkey including istanbul with windy wet
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and colder weather this is sunday spot the difference is a bit cooler in doha but the same injuries to maybe take a tumble of a degree or so. now i sometimes don't they were the day in madagascar the moment the last 24 hours a scene something like 15200 millimeters of rain fall in this western side and there is more to come and when rain falls in madagascar it falls pretty heavily so they'll be flooding around much the rain is welcome but that's where it is and then you can take a line or back through malawi for example northern zimbabwe where the showers are quite prevalent but beyond that is there are a few showers around the city to some parts of south africa otherwise it's sunshine was a war. sponsored paul qatar airways. and counting the cost of rising seas a threat for millions but where's the money to build the fence. big investors hand out billions to startups about women and ethnic minorities are missing out plus
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rich americans are moving to florida to avoid high taxes. counting the cost on al-jazeera. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with the eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought.
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you're watching the news are on al-jazeera with me. a reminder of our main stories full francis has called for an end to violence in iraq as he begins a historic visit to the country the pope hopes will provide a more raw boost to iraq's dwindling christian population and strengthen him to face ties there are reports of at least one person being killed in myanmar 2nd city of mandalay after protesters clashed with police many have been defying a crackdown and marching to demand an end to the military takeover 38 people died during protests on wednesday. and live pictures from senegal the car where opposition leader. is been placed in custody these are his supporters still protesting on the streets of dakar demanding his release uncle was arrested 2
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days ago for taking part in an unauthorized triggered which triggered battles in the streets between police and protesters and that situation is ongoing right now in senegal despite a police ban against protests. to the u.s. now where the senate is debating president joe biden's massive coronavirus relief bail the $1.00 trillion dollars package would go towards vaccines emergency payments and help for the unemployed naturally passed its 1st hurdle on thursday night but a number of amendments are expected over the coming hours a package of existing relief measures expires next wednesday at speak to our white house correspondent kimberly how about this she's live from washington so how's this bill progressing kimberly in congress. well it's already passed in the house and now as you mentioned it's in the senate where in fact that debate is underway and there are going to be
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a series of amendments so we expect that the earliest it could be passed could well be late friday this evening or even into the early hours of saturday so we're watching carefully as it is this white house the american rescue plan as joe biden calls it is a key campaign promise that he hopes to deliver on what it would include or direct payments to americans not quite the 2000 that was promised on the campaign trail a little bit of a downgrading there now 1400 dollars and it's been tailored even down further in the senate in terms of who will be eligible now it will be just americans making $80000.00 or less in terms of the individual tax filers so this is something that is highly anticipated and facts so much so that joe biden has delayed his 1st joint address to the u.s. congress until after this is passed so that he can talk about the success and it's something that's really needed right now we've got the latest jobs numbers out
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friday and well they are better than expected they're still showing that it's far from full employment in the united states in fact the treasury secretary will be here in the coming hours to talk about that she says the american rescue plan is really the only way to accelerate getting americans back to work this seems to be a spade can be between republican officeholders and republican votes is about the spill. absolutely and that's often the case is that those making the laws are not very in touch with those that are on the ground to put those people in congress and this is a really good example of that when it comes to republicans position on capitol hill versus republican voters out in middle america and around the united states basically this is a relatively popular bill but republicans are opposing it calling this in some cases a partisan wishless on the part of democrats they say tucked inside were all of
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these sort of special interest requests in addition to the covert relief that is being provided as a result we had one republican senator demand the entire bill be read out it's more than $600.00 pages long and usually this is a process that has skipped this took 10 hours and really delayed what democrats say is badly needed relief for american so a lot of controversy but ultimately it's democrats who control the u.s. congress so this will pass in the senate to go back to the house quickly for another look and then joe biden says he is eager to sign it into law committee thank you for that committee how could lie for a stay at the white house. they are in a virus pandemic now an increasing number of countries across latin america are announcing plans to purchase russia's sputnik vaccine against the cove of 19 it presents an opportunity for the kremlin which is taking full advantage of vaccine diplomacy to grow its influence in the region there is a ball reports from. a plane from argentina's national airline carrying
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thousands of doses of russia's sputnik of the vaccine the event was shown in most major television networks in the country mostly roguery from the running of the restaurant was we have signed a contract with the russian federation what does that contract say what that contract says is that we will be able to have enough doses to vaccinate 10000000 argentinean's between january and february. even though that deadline has passed and $10000000.00 doses are yet to arrive in argentina russia has become a crucial vaccine supplier for latin america last year as developed nations close deals with large laboratories for vaccines countries in the region turn to russia through fear of being left behind i think you know one of the 1st in the region and that delegate mark brown made it out of the document they've ever been
6:38 pm
in the senate in order to get the vaccine up. but it made it known that information with other countries in latin america like mexico and bolivia at the beginning people here in argentina looked at the button it could be back feed with doubt now they're waiting in line to get inoculated. bolivia was hard hit by the pandemic almost 12000 people lost their lives in what is considered one of the region's poorest countries or thirty's in the country say russia sputnik of the vaccine was the only resource available. a real ability in the world as be annoyed very very low most the companies a. reading the contract they can or didn't deliver their promised so it would be very unlikely that believe every be able to access the facts in the 1st half of the intervention of our own president who has contact the president of russia by for this contract was achieved. russia was the 1st country to register a covert vaccine last year and since then sputnik v.
6:39 pm
has become a diplomatic resource between moscow and latin america analysts here say it's part of a plan. the relationship with russia house we do with an objective of russia's foreign ministry with putin of projecting his presence in the region occupying areas where the united states is missing but also as a veiled to compensate the presence of the u.s. at the border with russia in ukraine the western presence in a way it means being in the united states backyard there's also the economic aspect local reports indicate moscow is already eyeing future contracts in argentina that include a nuclear power plant and a training vacuum one of the an area that's believed to have some of the largest reserves of shale oil and gas in the world. but for now there is a pandemic and for many countries in the region the sputnik v. is the only chance to prevent further loss of life. one of us
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italy's foreign minister says stopping coronavirus vaccines from being sent to australia should not be considered a hostile act the country stopped a shipment of 250000 astra zeneca doses saying the manufacturer had failed to meet contracts commitments domini cain has more on the european reaction from berlin. millions more people in germany will soon be able to receive the vaccination that's the news from the health minister yen scran who is speaking to reporters on vaccines but also on many other issues surrounding the pandemic in germany but also around the e.u. one particular theme the decision by authorities in italy to stop the shipment of astra zeneca vaccine to australia is to sean address the topic in general terms this is what he had to say evades if a woman is mundane and the world is interwoven especially when it comes to vaccination production sometimes a vaccine is flown between continents just for bottle because there's no more
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capacity on one continent and sometimes one part of the process leaves germany or europe sometimes though maybe something else comes back i think that with every action we take we have to carefully consider that we might happen in vantage in the short period but we should not create mid-term problems for the supply chain one of the other ministerial mantras here is encouraging as many people as possible to take up the vaccine to take it when offered it whatever vaccine is happens to be particularly astra zeneca the man in charge of the robert cock institute which is the relevance agency tabulating information but also making recommendations to ministries well he is sent that the astra zeneca vaccine is not only safe but a good option for people to take given the research data that has emerged in the course of the past few months about the effect it has on the body so clearly a double message coming here from ministers and others that there will be many more
6:42 pm
millions of doses of vaccine available and that all vaccines should be taken up if they are off it. south africa has received its 2nd batch of 800000 vaccines donated by johnson and johnson it's part of a clinical trial and to which tens of thousands of health care workers will be inoculated in. coming weeks family military force from johannesburg. south africa's government began vaccinating its health workers in mid february with 80000 receiving the jab so far for some like dr faisal saleman the rollouts been slower than expected he runs a private practice in promise you outside durban he says his registered to be vaccinated but his appointments been cancelled it has been tough working it's not easy working in a closed environment being for having people you know all day we do our own swapping here we've been treating patients directly and telephonically soto been produced stressful particularly when you go home and pass this thing on to your
6:43 pm
family which which i've done there more than 67000 health care workers in puzzle natal province alone of which fewer than 2000 have been vaccinated thing the problem here. may be our location because we were given something like 10000 but i nor they are here practitioners especially doctors who are in there we're looking at it as lot but since been rescheduled i didn't you there's been a learning process but many health care workers are still waiting as they continue to work in high risk environments scientists say it's important to vaccinate people as quickly as possible but johnson and johnson's donation of its vaccines in batches of $80000.00 doses every 2 weeks has worried critics what also questioning if this is indeed a rollout or nothing more than a clinical trial by the us pharmaceutical giant the government says it's part of an
6:44 pm
early access and monitoring program and it has to investigate how effective the johnson and johnson vaccine is against the new more contagious strain identified here in south africa later end of may we must have the needed 1200000 health care workers now if. that is the case then it means then that the slow roll out that we are doing now is really small we should be vaccinating 80002100000 people a day instead of a board 5000 to whatever $10000.00 millions more doses from other companies like pfizer are expected to arrive possibly from april to expand the rollout well south africa is now at the end of a 2nd wave of infections there are concerns of another wave as soon as april and a slow rollout and the winter months ahead have experts worried for me tamala al-jazeera johannesburg south africa to france now where there's been an upsurge in
6:45 pm
youth violence on the outskirts of paris since covered 1000 measures came into effect last week in recent weeks 3 teenagers died in separate incidents near the french capital natasha but there are reports on the paris suburb of bondi. flowers for iman a 15 year old boy shot dead in this hall during school holiday activities last week in the paris suburb of bondi his father who had arrived to pick him up saw the shooting 2 brothers age 17 and 27 have turned themselves into police a man was a talented kick boxer who'd recently won a regional championship some of his classmates are still in shock over now i can't believe it i can't imagine never seeing him again it was someone who loved making us all laugh we're all affected our teachers too we all are eyewitnesses said iman in the brothers had been arguing earlier in the day but at this remembrance walk few people understand how a dispute could end so tragically india has engineers young people here need to
6:46 pm
feel they can grow up safely i mean with ambitious sporty his death is an injustice there's been a certain teenage violence in recent weeks in the paris suburbs and some here say that covert restrictions are playing a role by sealing boredom and frustration and exacerbating existing problems. by means boxing coach says the government should consider reopening sports facilities brought back 3 years ago maybe there's been a big impact on kids they don't know what to do with them so it's as if their case they need to do some sport of course there's a health crisis but we have to find solutions because kids are getting into trouble they don't know what they're doing less than 2 weeks before i am and skilling to 14 year olds was stabbed to death in separate fights between teenage gang south of paris the mayor where one of the killings took place says covert restrictions have made the situation more fragile but violence between teenage gangs is a decades old problem often made worse by poverty or marginalization. when
6:47 pm
a child does like this we have filled collectively as adults we have to work to avoid that happening again we have to educate in schools so the little ones of 6th so. of an 89 don't become the future perpetrators france's interior minister has sent police reinforcements to some neighborhoods and promises to do more to stop youth violence but many young people in suburbs like this say the government ignores them and their aspirations for months of restrictions compounding a sense of alienation for those here iman isn't only a symbol of vulnerable use but also of a generation that could be lost for such a butler al-jazeera bondi. china's biggest political gathering of the year has opened in beijing but the proceedings have been overshadowed by the announcement of lost over hong kong's electoral system. from beijing. chinese
6:48 pm
president xi jinping was among the few who entered beijing's great hall of the people not wearing a mask the leader presided over the opening of china's national people's congress keen to present an image of strength and 53 victory over the core of a $1000.00 outbreak and economic stagnation it calls we used this year china was a world only major economy to achieve growth we attained a complete with 3 in the fight against poverty and we scored decisive achievement in securing a full victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects a g.d.p. target of 6 percent was announced that this year beijing is aiming to boost domestic consumption and encourage more self-reliance amid worsening ties with the us this is congress is taking place in the face of rising international criticism over china's trade in opposing regas the one virus outbreak and forms. one of the wars being discussed over the next 7 days will dramatically overhaul the
6:49 pm
territories political system india and out of the world to democracy activists beijing is looking to reduce the number of electoral seats given to representatives directly voted in by the public and increased or is allocated to poor. beijing industry and social groups beijing backed chief executive carrie lamb and her team will also be given new powers to vet legislators some said the low crushes the democratic rights promised to the territory during its handover from britain to china in the 1997 and over to china and over this is table they've basically decided they want 'd no more opposition on call prompted by those why don't you just leave that you know up to $2000000.00 people one point or groups those protests became increasingly violent recently yes mainland china last month dozens of organizers of the primary vote to choose democratic candidates for legislative elections were arrested under
6:50 pm
a national security law unveiled at last year's congress beijing says it's preserving hong kong stability by ensuring those holding public office a loyal to the chinese government analysts say she didn't ping is sending a message to the international community and what hesitate to flex china's military muscle and then. when it comes to china's borders the south china sea taiwan and hong kong what we see his hard lawn tennis he looks to the future and the wants to beauty his political and the minatory achievements like in. beijing considers taiwan a road chinese province has want it won't accept any move toward independence but the island's leaders say they will continue to defend its democracy and freedom. al-jazeera aging. i said ahead in. the french tennis player losing his cool and his match at the open and he's here with that story to say it's.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
time for sports thank you so much folly while the next round of south american world cup qualifiers is in the concerns of a coronavirus and corn scene restrictions european clubs are unlikely to release players for this month's international break if they have to coron say on their return a new fee for rules actually allow clubs to do this if plies it's any more than $5.00 days south american couples governing body meeting right now to discuss the situation. it doesn't make sense if you lose your player for 10 days isolation of
6:53 pm
course it does and we're the ones paying the players. from what i understand. that's the rule the feet of given the rules that don't have to be. released so i would think that months that's going to be a hard hard call to make to let them go and play in red list countries when their last match day squads former world champions argentina and brazil had 19 european based players somewhat when as year ago they had 11 players making a trip across the atlantic other countries there will be less affected perri for instance and had a full squad members playing their club football in europe we've been talking to football writer gavin hamilton he says the concerns clubs have are understandable. the big issue is is the issue of coron seen in players when they return from world cup qualifiers and clubs are rightly worried that some of the best players will miss crucial games at
6:54 pm
a crucial stage of the season the champions league quarter finals 1st leg kick off a week after these international matches so players could conceivably miss some of the most important games at the club season they'll have to be some sort of compromise maybe a compensation deal will be offered by fee for and combo but i think clubs want to restrict their players playing for their countries and i think what will happen is that come up all have to reschedule the games and some stage that's going to prove difficult because come a bowl of already delayed and canceled games in their merit and world cup qualifying schedule each country has to pay $18.00 games over the course of the campaign so there will be the schedule be squeezed even more now have to find some sort of time in this schedule over the next year to fulfill the qualification fixture list i think they'll manage to get them there in the end it will take some arguments some some very heated discussions between the federal confederations and the federations and the clubs but i think the schedule it will have to be
6:55 pm
restructured in some way friendly matches will go by the wayside i would think and countries will have to find a way to fill the fixture list. liverpool manager young club says he's got no problems with star striker mohammed silas i was substituted during liverpool's latest loss on thursday when emily champion's beat in one male by chelsea their 5th straight defeat in the league at anfield which is their worst hung running club history nice amount coming up with a goal chelsea their records of 4th place liverpool are down in 7th. we are 10 down that makes no play how do you go off you going to react how you react in different ways because you are not happy about the general game on top of that to go up to your striker who you think you should see on the pitch that's all completely clear and not an issue it's just normal life australis and french has become his country's highest score in c. 20 cricket french hitting a number 8 in 79 as australia's got 156 to 6 in the 4th much of their series
6:56 pm
against new zealand on the hard seymour bowled out for just 165 match series now a level that suits you this much taking place in wellington where 3 earthquake struck off the coast in the hours building up to the game. i know already what happened when i woke up at 230 i think i got to 29 and the my room was shaken i thought i was having a dream there no i got up i stood up and i didn't really know what to do and. i think a couple of god's motives ran straight to the fire exit and straight into reception . but it was just one of those things that they have everyone runs so from well now the 2nd run of the arnold palmer invitational is just getting under way in florida 2018 champion rory mcilroy here he has a share of the lead after the 1st round. and an irishman sinking 7 birdies including 5 in iraq during this 6 under par round of 66 micro lights revealing he's
6:57 pm
been taking some notes from 15 psi major one to tiger woods on how best to take on this course. the toughest thing about this course is that part 3 is and i played in the 300 today so that was a bonus but. you know i've watched tiger enough here over the years and the way he played this course was played very conservatively it's a care of the par fives and that was usually good enough to get the job done so sort of take a little bit of a leaf out of his good and french tennis player ben will pass something the meltdown of the argentina i've been on being one of them when i was saying was that i. had a series of arguments with the umpire before and after being doctor point for spitting on the colts he then appeared to give up in his final service going there and he went on so lose this 2nd round match. of the stuff that will be more for me in a couple of hours time i suppose looking funny andy thank you very much for that
6:58 pm
that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us we've got plenty more wild news coming out very shortly including the latest on those protests in senegal from dot com thanks so much. they captured the hearts of sounds around the world these 4 bulldoze but unlike most elders they fold hard games and put themselves in the minds of something more important than the beautiful game footballing legendary considine introduces a form of players who bucked the trend and stood up for what they believed in let's
6:59 pm
do it. and huge season of football rivals. coming soon on al-jazeera. too often on the streets of india. are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady cops. on. a diplomatic feud between the straddle you're in china is threatening one of the asia pacific most successful tripod. when i want to speak good news for the middle. teaching you could watch al-jazeera english streaming live on you she channel. plus thousands of our
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programs will be winning documentaries and in depth news reports. subscribe to you choose forward slash al-jazeera english. her. opposition supporters instead of battle police for a 3rd day in the country's worst violence in years. i'm fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead the repression must stop the un envoy to myanmar warns the security council to be resolute and go here and in putting the military on notice.


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