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this thing is to say that it's time for a different approach so let's leave them quickly to the headline joining me as our take on the lies dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions are marc lamont hill and it's time to get up for. opposition supporters in senegal battle police for a 3rd day in the country's worst violence in years. we'll be live in a car very shortly i'm fully back to watching al-jazeera also ahead the repression must stop the u.n. envoy to myanmar warns the security council to be resolute and coherent in putting the military on notice calling for an end to violence in iraq paul francis visits
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baghdad's cathedral a decade after an al qaeda massacre killed thousands and tightening its grip on hong kong china is to expand its veto power in deciding who can run for elections. thank you for joining us there's been a 3rd day of violence on the streets of senegalese capital protestors have been fighting with police after a court decided that opposition politician uncle should remain in custody the violence 1st broke out 2 days ago when some cole was arrested for taking part in an unauthorized rally but the demonstrations are now growing with people also calling for coronavirus restrictions to be eased that speaks to nicholas correspondent in the car he joins us live from the streets there of the senegalese capital tell us about what's been happening in these past few hours nic. well the fighting
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continues the protesting continues as you can see behind me there are protesters hunt about 100 meters away with riot police trying to push them away they've set the street on fire you've got also the military deployed at specific location to try to ensure the security strategic location we're not far from the presidential palace so they're there to ensure that the protesters don't come any further and then you have right police here the capital in at least in the city center there's you recall all the shops are shut down the gas stations are closed the schools are closed and the protest is spreading not just into car but in other major city in the south in chess in sound we people there protesting asking for some code to be freed so we are a few hours into it before the curfew to their current of ours curfew is in place but there's a sense that during night time that's when the protests gets even more violent last
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night they attacked this total gas station they've looted a fair amount of banks stations shopping malls really something that is unusual fully that we haven't seen protests like this at least in the last decade here in senegal foley indeed very unusual in the 5 set the protests have spread to other cities now. in the south would seem to signal that it's not just about the rest. no there is really a sense especially from young people of injustice the scene the arrest of. a sense of injustice that ordinary people are facing now is because over the last year the coronavirus pandemic has meant that the government has put restrictive measures in place including curfew now that it's very difficult for many people who live in
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this neighborhood work daily liberal or delete laborers who manned stalls who depend on their daily income to get by 4 and you know over the last year the government of senegal did something unusual it started to distribute food aid to the population to deal with the economic fallout of the coronavirus the country hasn't been greatly affected by the virus itself but the economic fallout of it has been very severe for many people and there's a sense of frustration especially among young people here fully there's a frustration make the economic concerns but also the political concerns with president markey accused of trying to silence the opposition. that's right i mean we've seen this repeatedly in the past the opposition that have come out to protest and actually the march that was banned is actually taking place in another neighborhood the plus to the release here and among those that are protesting are members of opposition parties including the one of the former
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president of july what remember a couple of years ago fully his son karim wad was charged with corruption and then was rendered not able to run for the presidential election of 2019 the opposition accuse prison maki cell of using the courts to eliminate his political rival we've seen it just a few years ago again with the former mayor of the court khalifa cell that was again charged with corruption and now with this case this case of alleged rape over we've done some good while he's quick to say that it is politically motivated the government on the other hand said it is a private matter it has to be dealt with with the courts and some go earlier today met with the judge now he's wanted for 2 he suspected to be charged for 2 cases one is for this involvement in this rape case but also for the protests that you're seeing here today for causing public disturbance and for these protests that are frankly spreading despite the presence of police and security forces on the ground
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fully nic thank you very much for that update nic and as hockey's our correspondent keeping an eye on the situation in senegal forests. in other world news there reports that at least one person has been killed in myanmar 2nd city of mandalay after protesters clashed with police on friday many of in defying a crackdown and marching to demand an end to the military takeover activists were out in a number of cities 38 people were killed on wednesday at social spot international condemnation chinese video sharing app tiktaalik says it has removed videos of apparent death threats from your members of myanmar's military to untie cool protesters digital rights who yanmar i.c.t. for development has found more than 800 such clips have been recorded and posted on social media since cemetery cool last month some videos show armed men aiming by falls at cameras telling protesters they'll be shot in the head now a closed door un security council meeting on the situation in myanmar is just
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wrapping up a diplomatic editor james space has more from the united nations. al-jazeera is in touch with diplomats who are in that meeting so we have a very good idea of what is going on as you say christina sean christine seana bergen to the u.n. envoy has been briefing and basters about the situation i have obtained a copy of her remarks that she's just delivered and she tells the security council the hope that the people have placed in the united nations and its membership is waning and i have heard directly that desperate pleas for internet action international action to reverse a clear assault on the will of the people she estimates that around 50 people have been killed in just the last week she says we cannot allow these serious human rights abuses the repression must stop allow me to reiterate the international community should not lend legitimacy or recognition to this regime that's been
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forcefully imposed and impose nothing but chaos since since it's could do and then there's another line which i think is important she says there's an urgency for collective action how much more can we allow the myanmar military to get away with so a very clear message i think from the special envoy who speaks for the secretary general she's his representative that the security council needs to take action of course now the question is will the security council take action they've had one meeting before on me and mark they had a reasonably strong statement in which they said all of those detained should be released and they they were very concerned about the situation will there be another tougher statement or would there even be any action could there be sanctions could there be as human rights want groups want an arms embargo all of these are questions but i think there'll be some suggestions that russia and china
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which are permanent members of the council will not want to go much further than the statement that they've already agreed to when the council met the 1st time we'll have to wait and see. pope francis is calling for an end to violence and intolerance in iraq as he begins a historic visit to a country's conned by war and now coronavirus the head of the roman catholic church was welcomed by rahm sally at the presidential palace in baghdad the pope is hoping the 3 day visit will boost the morale of iraq's dwindling christian population in a speech to those gathered at the palace to pope iraq's political leaders to strengthen justice and transparency in order to foster a sense of hope among the youth. the police the politicians need to promote the spirit of fraternal solidarity there is corruption abuse of power this not the way at the same time you need to think of justice transparency to strengthen certain values that's how credibility can grow so everyone especially the young people can
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have hope for the future. and simona 14 has this update from outside the cathedral in baghdad. he was here at our lady of salvation church to speak to pastors to priests to catechize to speak to them about the really the status of christianity and to encourage them to really preserve their faith to encourage them to reach out to the christian community to remain close to them so as to encourage iraq's christians christians to stay many christians have left iraq as a result of the recent violence and in fact one of the main objectives of pope francis visit here is to encourage the approximately 300000 christians who are still believed to be in the country to remain he did acknowledge the victims of the attack that happened here in 2010 he also acknowledged victims from other ethnic religious minorities such as the for example and he did also appeal to the youth he
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said the young people are a sign of promise and hope and what he's really saying here is that the next generation of christians the young people that they need to remain in iraq we have seen obviously a huge exodus of christians and perhaps some of the older generations they're inclined to stay simply because they've spent most of their lives here they're keen to preserve the past but many of the young people they don't see a future in this country the moment they get in a paternity to emigrate abroad so they can really practice and live in peace they take that opportunity and that is one of the things that with pope francis is trying to encourage a few speech for these people to really remain a part of the christian community here in iraq and to stay. china has unveiled plans to overhaul comes electoral system allowing beijing veto power over who can run for the legislative council the announcement was made during the national people's congress the country's biggest annual political gathering catherine
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katrina your reports from beijing. chinese president xi jinping was among the few who entered beijing's great hall of the people not wearing a mask the leader presided over the opening of china's national people's congress keen to present an image of strength and 53 victory over the core of a 1000 outbreak and the economic stagnation it caused we used as yet china was a world's only major economy to achieve growth we attained a complete victory in the fight against poverty and we scored the size of achievement in securing a full victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects a g.d.p. target of 6 percent was announced that this year beijing is aiming to boost domestic consumption and encourage more self-reliance and midwestern ties with the us this is congress is taking place in the face of rising international criticism of attorneys was read as the plot of virus outbreak forms. one of the last
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discussed of the next 7 days will drastically overhaul the territories political system india and out of work to democracy to. beijing is looking to reduce the number of electoral states given to representatives directly voted in by the public and increased dollars allocated to poor beijing industry and social groups beijing backed chief executive kerry lamb and her team will also be given new powers to vet legislators some said the low crushes the democratic rights promised to the territory during its handover from britain to china in the 1997 and over. and over this is taking. ageing basically no more opposition. prompted by those. just for you that you know up to 2000000 people one point or groups just became increasingly violent recently yes mainland china. last month dozens of organizers of the primary vote to choose democrat candidates
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for legislative elections were arrested under a national security law unveiled at last year's congress. says it's preserving hong kong stability by ensuring those holding public office a loyal to the chinese government analysts say she didn't ping is sending a message to the international community and what hesitate to flex china's military muscle. when it comes through china's borders the south china sea taiwan and hong kong we see his hard line he looks to the future and the wants to beauty is political and the minatory achievements. beijing considers taiwan chinese province has warned it won't accept any move toward independence but the island's leaders say they will continue to defend its democracy and freedom. al-jazeera aging. still ahead on the program u.s. president biden's 970 spell is still moving forward in the senate despite
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republican attempts to slow down the process and living and dying for the job new figures show the global pandemic still on frontline health care way. it's time for the perfect gentleman the winter sponsored plan qatar airways. well the last systems gone through from the levant to iran usually when the rain goes this way the following wind is quite a stiff shamali it is a moment it's been a dusty want to ease a little bit later on a friday doha promises 30 degrees i'll be surprised to see that but it is a sunny picture of them for the most part and terms are slowly rising in for example jerusalem about 4 degrees by the time we get to the end of saturday and the skies are clear to iran by this time but they are darkening the colder air in eastern europe not affect some parts of turkey including istanbul with windy wet
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and colder weather this is sunday spot the difference is a bit cooler in doha but the same injuries to maybe take a tumble of a degree or so now sometimes don't they were the day in madagascar the moment the last 24 hours a seen something like $15200.00 millimeters of rain fall in this western side and there is more to come and when rain falls in madagascar it falls pretty heavily so low be flooding around much the rain is welcome but that's where it is and then you can take a line or back through malawi for example northern zimbabwe where the showers are quite prevalent but beyond that is there are a few showers around the city to some parts of south africa otherwise it's sunshine wall to wall. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure is that a fair assessment it would be catastrophic. to weiss. informed opinions
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should we be buying big court ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day school opel headlines inside story on al-jazeera. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera violence on the streets of santa gas capital continues for a 3rd day after a court decided that opposition figure was months on course should remain in custody fighting between protesters and police broke out on wednesday after some call was arrested for taking part in an authorized rally the protests have now
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spread to several senegalese city it's the u.n. special envoy to myanmar has urged the security council to take action to end military repressions on protesters christine scraton bergner says at least 50 people have been killed this week. and both francis has called for an end to violence in iraq as he begins a story visit to the country the pope hopes to provide a boost to more rob will soon run swindling christian population and strengthen interfaith ties. the head of the world health organization is urging companies to wave patterns to help poor countries fight the coronavirus pandemic dr tatar scariest source also says production of vaccines needs to be ramped up many countries with 5 vaccine manufacturing capacity can start producing their own vaccines by waving
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intellectual property rights as provided for in the trip's agreement those provisions are there for use in emergencies if now is not the time to use them then when this is and president times and we believe and doubly to believe that this is a time to trigger that provision and with part and droids we turned south africa and india for their proposal to the world trade organization to waive patents on medical products will give 19 until the end of this unprecedented pandemic meanwhile is his foreign minister says stopping coronavirus vaccines from being sent to australia should not be considered a hostile act it's only stopped a shipment of 250000 astra zeneca doses saying the manufacture had failed to meet
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contracts commitments the money came tells us about the european reaction from by ear. millions more people in germany will soon be able to receive a vaccination that's the news from the health minister yen scran who is speaking to reporters on vaccines but also on many other issues surrounding the pandemic in germany but also around the e.u. one particular theme the decision by authorities in italy to stop a shipment of astra zeneca vaccine to australia is to sean address the topic in general terms this is what he had to say evades if a woman is mundane and the world is interwoven especially when it comes to vaccination production sometimes a vaccine is flown between continents just for bottling because there's no more capacity on one continent sometimes one part of the process leaves germany or europe sometimes though maybe something else comes back i think that with every action we take you have to carefully consider that we might have been in fantasia
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in the short period but we should not create mid-term problems for the supply chain one of the other ministerial mantras here is encouraging as many people as possible to take up the vaccine to to take it when offered it whatever vaccine is happens to be particularly astra zeneca the man in charge of the robert cock institute which is the relevant agency tabulating information but also making recommendations to ministries well he is sent that the astra zeneca vaccine is not only safe but a good option for people to take given the research data that has emerged in the course of the past few months about the effect it has on the body so clearly a double message coming here from ministers and others that there will be many more millions of doses of vaccine available and that all vaccines should be taken up if they are off it. in the u.s. a senate is debating president joe biden's massive coronavirus relief bill the
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$1.00 trillion dollars package would go towards vaccines imagine c. payments and health for the unemployed it natalie passed its 1st hurdle on thursday night but a number of amendments are expected over the coming hours a package of excess existing we need measures expires next weekend and speak to our white house correspondent kimberly how get to the so can he want some of his from that senate session how much progress how they meet well it is inching along but there is still a way to go what's happening right now is that senators are adding their amendments tweaking the bill this is something that's pretty standard but it takes a while so we're seeing a series of votes in fact they call it a vote a rama the latest altering out of this legislation is that when those payments run out those weekly unemployment insurance payments will go from 400 to 300 once this legislation is approved in terms of the money that people will be getting in those checks on a weekly basis so that's one of the changes or modifications another big one is
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your member of the campaign trail were promised $2000.00 in direct payments that's gone down to $1400.00 and many people say they're not too happy about that but that seems to be with the senate's decided it will be better lowly be for people making $80000.00 annually or less so this is something that the white house could respond to were watching as a white house press briefing is being held at this hour this is a key promise for joe biden on the campaign trail that he was to deliver he's delayed his joint address to congress and till this is passed so he can sign it into law and talk about it in his speech but republicans not too keen about this legislation because their argument is this is about more than just covert relief here's what the top republican in the senate had to say not too long ago this is the pound and rescue program. it's a brood of love going pet projects that are ramming through the ramming through
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during dinner and carry this some good news relatively good news when it comes to jobs yeah there are some good news when it comes to jobs and that is that. things are a little better than expected you have to remember there are millions of americans unemployed and so the goal is full employment and there's still a long way to go when it comes to that but in february $379000.00 jobs were added that means the unemployment rate the united states now 6.2 percent but at the same time still a long way to go so the treasury secretary janet yellen will be here to meet with joe biden the u.s. president in the coming hours one of the things that they say is going to get full employ it which may not even happen this year but in terms of accelerating that timeline is getting this american rescue package through congress and into law they believe this is the secret to getting people back to work and as you mentioned off the top folly they don't have
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a whole lot of time march 14th is the deadline for when a lot of these benefits people count on right out so that's why they're in a hurry to get this done all right kimberly thank you for that committee how can live in washington 9 francaise been an upsurge in youth violence on the outskirts of paris and over 1000 measures came into effect last year in recent weeks 3 teenagers died in separate incidents in the french capital ashutosh about reports on the paris suburb of bondi. flowers for iman a 15 year old boy shot dead in this hole during school holiday activities last week in the paris suburb of bondi his father who had arrived to pick him up saw the shooting 2 brothers age 17 and 27 of turned themselves into police a man was a talented kick boxer who'd recently won a regional championship some of his classmates are still in shock over now i can't believe it i can't imagine never seeing him again it was someone who loved making
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us all laugh we're all affected our teachers too we all are eyewitnesses said iman in the brothers had been arguing earlier in the day but at this remembrance walk few people understand how a dispute could end so tragically india as engineers young people here need to feel they can grow up safely i mean with ambitious sporty his death is an injustice there's been a certain teenage violence in recent weeks in the paris suburbs and some here say that covert restrictions are playing a role by feeling boredom and frustration and exacerbating existing problems. iman's boxing coach says the government should consider reopening sports facilities but. there's been a big impact on kids they don't know what to do with them so it's as if their case they need to do some sport of course there's a health crisis but we have to find solutions because kids are getting into trouble they don't know what they're doing less than 2 weeks before i am and skilling to 14 year olds was stabbed to death in separate fights between teenage gang south of
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paris the mayor where one of the killings took place says covert restrictions have made the situation more fragile but violence between teenage gangs is a decades old problem often made worse by poverty or marginalization. when a child like this we have filled collectively as adults we have to work to avoid that happening again we have to educate in schools so the little ones of 6. mine don't become the future perpetrators of france's interior minister has sent police reinforcements to some neighborhoods and promises to do more to stop youth violence but many young people in suburbs like this say the government ignores them and their aspirations for months of restrictions compounding a sense of alienation for those here iman isn't only a symbol of vulnerable use but also a generation could be lost. at least
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17000 frontline health workers have now died worldwide because of this international report of the figures and it's calling on governments to speed up vaccinations for health care professionals it says cleaners and social care workers are often ignored in inoculation drives and should also be given priority eric franz warthe is the vice president of the council of the americas he says health workers need more support. this is a real tragedy and it's particularly amplified because the people who are trying to address it who are literally on the frontlines of addressing it are the ones who are being the families affected the most i mean and that makes sense because they're the ones who are exposed to it are there working in the worst conditions in developing countries around the world it's really a bad situation and yet they don't seem to have priority in the context of having access to vaccines so it's really desperate situation for many people it's a really difficult conundrum because literally there's 'd only so much money that
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can go around it particularly again if you're dealing with developing markets who may not have a lot of access financial space in the 1st place they really don't have a whole lot of excess liquidity to be able to devote to either vaccines or p.t.e. and then if you put on top of that the fact that several of these countries 'd around the world are already have significant debt load that will be difficult to service many are reluctant to add on top of that so there really is going to have to be international assistance both financial and also access to vaccines and access to p.p.a. we're seeing some of that through the kovacs facility and through some direct contributions of things like that but the real answer to this is 'd getting enough supply produced so that it can be distributed not just to developed countries but to developing markets like i think that's the ultimate answer but it does take time and there are no simple solutions here germany national airline of tundra has
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reported an 8000000000 dollar not for 2020 like most airlines have on the roster of contract i soon found him to find cancellations and restrictions because of the pandemic had on european governments have propped the company up with more than $10000000000.00 in support. people in iceland are bracing themselves for a potential volcanic eruption scientists say tremors show strong signs of activity at mount threat economic as southeast of the capital wake shake the volcano has been dormant for about 800. to a again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera there's been a 3rd day of violence on the streets of senegal capital these are live pictures from the collar protesters have been fighting with police after a court decided that opposition politician.


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