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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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and promote sustainable development. the all the way. al-jazeera. this is a news hour on al-jazeera fully back to go live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes opposition supporters in senegal battle police for a 3rd day in the country's worst violence in. the repression must stop the u.n. envoy to myanmar warns the security council to be resolute and coherent in putting the military on notice also this hour calling for an end to violence in iraq pope francis visits baghdad's cathedral a decade after an al qaeda massacre kills dozens and in the u.s.
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republicans try to slow down the process about president biden's covert stimulus bill is still moving forward. in school manchester city manager says no suppliers travelling to south america going to flow through into real movement welcome but they're not going to flood the next round of south american world cup qualifying is in doubt jutes a quarantine restrictions. thank you very much for joining us it's been a 3rd day of violence on the streets of capital protestors have been fighting with police after a core decided that opposition politician goal should remain in custody violence 1st broke out 2 days ago when song call was arrested for taking part in an unauthorized rally demonstrations are now spreading. around the country with people
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now calling for coronavirus restrictions to be eased as school straight to our correspondent in senegal nicholas haiku is into cod tell us about the situation where you wind technique and what else you're hearing about what's happening in the rest of the country. well we're just a few hours away from the curfew where people are supposed to be stay indoors but look at the road right now there's no sign that people want to stay indoors in fact they have been protesting since this morning you've got security forces here we've seen some of them injured coming out and we also have the military that have been deployed in key strategic locations specifically those that lead to the presidential palace the challenge ahead for the security forces is to prevent any type of looting the looting that we saw late last night where protesters attacked supermarkets gas station and also a.t.m. machine trying to get cash out but look at the state of this road and this is very
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much a case all across the capital where we see roads like this filled with protesters and here they are again we come out sporadically chanting coming forward. and throwing rocks at the security forces and the security forces have been responding so far by just firing rounds of cheers above us our helicopters and a plane from. the police force here keeping tabs on what's happening and so far fully the response from the government itself has been muted just a statement saying and telling people to stay indoors and to follow the rules and regulations instilled by the government but look at the protests behind me here this is a defiant crowd. that seems to be unwilling to listen.
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to the government's advice. we're going to move back yes the car seems to be moving towards you now make do you do you get a sense of where they want to go i know you're not far from the presidential palace what they want so they want to get towards the march that is ahead of us where they are the opposition archer's and civil societies that have gathered together together have called on this march against the government and also calling for the liberation of response are they don't you can see their security forces have successfully tried to stop them and prevent them going towards that direction and that's what we're seeing for the last few hours where they're trying to contain the crowd inside alleys but it has been very difficult. they're chanting. go which means sancho that is the rial rallying cry of bongos protesters and you can see there they're very young loosely men
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this is a neighborhood where you have a daily that have been really suffering through the current of the current virus pandemic the economic fallout of the economic of the current of hours and i mean right it's certainly very unusual to see the scenes on the streets of duck on a side road there yet you told us that they're trying to head to another march certainly very unusual to see this on the streets of the car knots of young people and police tending by looks rather peaceful way you are but i understand that there's been violence in other parts of senegal like in in the south. that's right also in certainly we especially because of spence and co is originally from the gaza most area from the from the southern regions but what's interesting to see here unlike other protests that we've seen in west africa there is a level of restraint from security forces like you soldiers here trying to block them but they're not going in and trying to arrest them they're using only tear gas
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there's no use of rubber bullets or even live ammunition but trying to contain the crowd i mean the government is so much under such heavy criticism for their handling of the fallout of the arrest that was months long ago that the security forces want to handle this as carefully as possible but perhaps what's difficult is the hours to come when night falls these these crowds are going to be much more difficult to contain fully thank you nic for that update nicholas hotline forests in the car and do stay safe nic let's discuss the situation in senegal a bit more now with who's amnesty international's west africa researcher he's via skype from the comics a general thank you very much for talking to us on al-jazeera as i was saying to nic it's quite unusual to see such scenes in senegal in the car which is the most stable country it has to be said in this region the demonstrations started off with being about the arrest of last month's uncle but it seems to be about much more
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than that now. thank you very much for having me on the actually and you're absolutely right the demonstrations started after the arabs to to leave. but it's certainly up are much more and there have been an economic. need to the rest to consent to the. measure state and to contain the cup in $1000.00 on the mic in saigon social security and the us and the year restrictions to access to markets and to and to and gatherings of more than 50 people but there have been i shouldn't go to a year current situation is due to a lot of how just that's happened over the past. many children is she she lost pretty bull opposition leader in senate young after the arrest and conviction of the trial i mean of that your hunch was not into the 17 and afterwards but running up to the 2019 are political actions joiners the government and the ruling
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majority a few months ago so it didn't need to turn to context where you have the economic fallout need to the us could be in 1000 bunker meat products or to iraq grievances that were already existing programs such as the sidelining of course of the opposition leaders that the era of who to either go or led to their spontaneous demonstrations and raids all over the country indeed the president has been accused of trying to silence the opposition of trying to sideline the opposition we've also seen anger mr johnno directed towards france and french companies that are established in senegal like total for instance can you explain this to us france of course used to be the former colonial power what role and why are the protesters directing some of the anger towards france. to you know there have been a lot of anger against france because of some of the civil society groups and
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associations and the opposition there have been. reinstatement of economic and commercial. influence in senegal following the election of my son and into a nurse and few years ago when mainly a retail company that had been attacked yesterday by some r.t. demonstrators and writers all shock which is its name open in new york a retail outlet in so they go there were a lot of complaints for a national in the economy. for national economic and commercial autonomy from telling our. particularly dug into not only yesterday and the day before but also. in the demonstrations that the cure a few nukes ago and this is the same thing that have happened with sales of. oil company trash company which have been that attacked by some of the demonstrators
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not only in the car but also in several incidents right ed that the anger has been building up then for a number of reasons you say the facts that were the protest spread to other cities like the gas shall we how concerning is that can this still be contained by the government or are we heading towards unknown territory here for senate out. if there is no new year's resolution from the government and from the. coalition to the difficult for the protest we are certainly heading in unknown territory because at the hands of the court those have been increasing since when state and did it differently in a manner that is different from the usual partisan sake it's not limited to the cows we have found and it was the one station in town week after the announcement of the iris of his muscle who when she was director said you're just competition but i'm still in bin you're not which is the main amateur based on some cool we're
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ok we could be sure when she complained. against mr strong who became public and so i asked him where are you by the judiciary do i really didn't instructions and i think i get. private and public property you know him do you want to so we don't have any explanations which not yet released. and. the realization of some of the t.v. stations that chance been suspended yes that they do to their coverage of the demonstrations where you certainly are heading into a very dangerous and on mount mr general thank you so very much for talking to us and making the situation in senegal so clear to us and helping our international audience understand what's going on there. is amnesty international's west africa researcher joining us there from the car we appreciate your time and insight thank you very much. and other world news they are reports that at least one person has
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died in myanmar 2nd city of mandalay after protesters clashed with police on friday many have been defying a crackdown and marching to demand an end to the military takeover activists were out in a number of cities on friday 38 people were killed on wednesday and that's also sparked international condemnation a un security council meeting on the situation in myanmar has just ended when i speak to our diplomatic as a jane space who is live for us at the united nations so james what's come out of the meeting what have you heard. nothing so far out of this meeting we've certainly spoken to one of the ambassadors the british ambassador and it appears that they are working on some sort of statement but no action as yet at this stage the meeting took place behind closed doors so we don't know exactly what was said but we do know that christina strand of bergen who is the u.n. special envoy brief the security council i've seen a copy of her remarks she said that the people in myanmar their hope in the u.n.
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was whining she said that the repression must stop and one other quote from what she told us that is there is an urgency for collective action how much more can we allow the myanmar military to get away with but as i say doesn't look like any collective action at this stage is likely it looks like another statement remember the security council surprised people by finding unity a month ago on the 4th of february with a statement where it said it was very unhappy about the situation and called for the release of all of the politicians including and son suchi the key question i think is what russia and china will do and as i say negotiations go on among members of the security council about a statement and about any other possible action the chinese have put out a short time ago statement of their position they say we don't want to see
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instability even chaos in myanmar the military and various political parties all members of the me and my family that the statement does not serve the key question of what action china will support james thank you for that spacelab for us at the u.n. . meanwhile the chinese video sharing app take says it has removed videos of apparent death threats from members of myanmar's military to anti cool protesters the digital rights school myanmar i.c.t. for development has found more than 800 such clips have been recorded and posted on social media since the military coup last month some videos show armed men aiming wife falls at camors telling protesters they'll be shot in the head early i spoke to who is a broadcast journalists who was based in nan muffin nearly a decade and left the country just yesterday she says the military's brutal tactics are escalating fast. the atmosphere has totally changed there is. a
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huge amount of fear and because we've seen lethal force by the military and not just nickel flows but also immense cruelty almost sadism coming from some of the security forces like brutal attacks on innocent medics the sweeping up of almost anyone in the street that doesn't have to be a protester it doesn't have to be a journalist just anyone who's out on the streets they're trying to sow fear they're trying to get send the message that this is not acceptable that people can't be on the streets protesting or anything else they're trying to make people hide in their homes that they're also shooting into people's homes it's been absolutely terrifying and the atmosphere is hugely changed but we've seen a slightly different way of organizing themselves a lot more pretty protective equipment people going out with makeshift shields some of them have been made out of metal or other materials some have seen people holding satellite dishes that they using this shields and many who are helmets and
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they're in smaller groups and they spread out differently they tend to communicate through social media there is a reasonable amount of coordination but it is it's a long folding quite quickly so at the moment it does feel a little messy still i think in the coming days perhaps we will see a little more organization from the protesters and it's difficult to tell but they're obviously not big cutoff that anger and that defiance is still that in an already outraged nation. there's lots more ahead on this news hour including tightening its grip on hong kong china has to expand its veto power in deciding who can run elections past how the sputnik vaccine against kobe $1000.00 has become central to a russian charm offensive in latin america and sport we'll hear from the australian cricketer who is himself into the record books.
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pope francis is calling for an end to violence and intolerance in iraq as he begins a historic visit to a country's caused by war and coronavirus the head of the roman catholic church was welcomed by bombs at the presidential palace in baghdad the pope is hoping the 3 day visit will boost the morale of iraq's dwindling christian population in a speech to those guys gathered at the palace the pope the rocks political leaders to strengthen justice and transparency to foster a sense of hope among the earth or responsibility for leaking the politicians need to promote the spirit of fraternal solidarity there is corruption abuse of power this not the way at the same time you need to think of justice transparency to strengthen certain values that's how credibility can grow so everyone especially the young people can have hope for the future similar 14 has this update from outside baghdad cathedral. he was here at our lady of salvation churches speak to
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pastors to priests to catholic is to speak to them about the really the status of christianity and to encourage them to really preserve their faith and to encourage them to reach out to the christian community to remain close to them so as to encourage iraq's christians christians to say many christians have left iraq as a result of the recent violence and in fact one of the main objectives of pope francis' visit here is to encourage the approximately 300000 christians who are still believed to be in the country to remain he did acknowledge the victims of the attack that happened here in 2010 he also acknowledged victims from other ethnic religious minorities such as the for example and he did also appeal to the youth he said the young people are a sign of promise and hope and what he's really saying here is that the next
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generation of christians the young people that they need to remain in iraq we have seen obviously a huge exodus of christians and perhaps some of the older generations they're inclined to stay simply because they have spent most of their lives here they're keen to preserve the past but many of the young people they don't see a future in this country the moment they get in a paternity to emigrate abroad so they can really practice and live in peace they take that opportunity and that is one of the things that pope francis is trying to encourage with the speech for these people to really remain a part of the christian community here in iraq and to stay. christopher lamb is rome correspondent for the tablet the catholic news weekly explains why the pope insisted on taking this trip. so far the pope's visits to muslim countries have been lost to sunni majority countries and he has made a lot of steps forward in building bridges across the islamic world you may
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remember that during the pontificate of benedict 16th relations was strained following a controversial speech that benedict gave in regensburg about is lat linking islam to violence francis has really shifted the relationship between the church and. and so far he has built bridges with islamic countries of the sunni majority this is the 1st to a shia majority country what he is trying to do is is build relationships with muslim leaders through that on this idea of human fatality a very important document was signed between the pope and the grand scheme of all his art in abu dhabi in 2019 that has then led to other initiatives i think we could see further initiatives in the back of this trip the meeting with ayatollah sistani using incredibly important it's the 1st time a pope has ever met the leader of course to study rarely receives
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foreign dignitaries so this is a trip or this is a visit i should say that it's been a long time in the making and i think we also should point out that the pope is going to be taking part into religious gathering in or the birthplace of abraham that's a powerfully symbolic encounter given the day perhaps is the father of monotheistic all monotheistic faiths. some breaking news and explosions have been heard in northern syria near the border with turkey syrian state television says the attack hit or oil refineries near the towns of. bob it says the refineries are held by turkish backed fighters will have more on this when there's more information available and is spin a launch blast near a prison in mogadishu somalia capital reports say it was in the vicinity of a restaurant in central mogadishu there's no word yet on any casualties there early at least 2 people were killed in a separate attack on
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a prison in the city of mosul. to the u.s. now where the senate is debating president joe biden's massive coronavirus relief bill the $1.00 trillion dollars package would go towards vaccines emergency payments and help for the unemployed and now he passed its 1st hurdle on thursday night but a number of amendments are expected over the coming hours a package of existing relief measures expires next weekend that speak to our white house correspondent kimberly hockett so can really what's the latest from this senate session how much progress have they made on this bill. well there has been progress made certainly it has already been passed in the house being debated in terms of those amendments you mentioned in the senate and the expectation is it will be passed likely sometime this week and potentially early saturday morning now in terms of those amendments how there have been a few changes as you remember the campaign trail joe biden was promising 2000 dollar relief payments or direct payments to americans that's been whittled down to
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$1400.00 and now another amendment this just crossed is that those weekly unemployment benefits that have been $400.00 a week are now going to $300.00 a week but they will be extended was passed into law until september so white house press secretary joe psaki talking about this in her briefing that is ongoing in the briefing room behind me and she is praising this saying the american rescue plan that the white house is convinced is the solution to lifting americans out of the economic crisis that currently faces them as a result of covert 19 in fact she says that it will add $7500000.00 jobs and also bring a full employment in the united states one year faster and that's something americans are looking for currently the unemployment rate according to the numbers today 6.2 percent and welfare very added a few jobs still a long way to go given millions of americans are still out of work and so i was
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wondering kimberly how do americans feel about this spill especially republican voters given that a republican lawmaker is the ones to be somewhat opposed to wait are they on the same page as the vote. divided america divided political parties on the left and the right this case it's the right though we're talking about the american rescue plan and. you're right absolutely that the american conservatives that is the voters who put republicans up on capitol hill they seem pretty keen about this plan because they're the ones out of work looking for some help but republicans on capitol hill for the most part are expected to vote against this legislation even as we expect it will be passed into law because of democrats majority in the senate narrow that but the issue seems to be that for republicans they say look at we're not opposed to covert relief well riposte sure
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all the other things that are tucked inside this bill here's what mitch mcconnell had to say about of the top republican in the u.s. senate this isn't a pound and rescue package it's a parade of love lying pet projects that are ramming through the ramming through during. a to be fair all parties seem to tuck things into legislation this time republicans making a big deal about it but there isn't much time left these benefits run out march 14th so the white house hoping they can sign this new legislation into law by that date thank you very much for that company hawkins his all white house correspondent . now the u.s. and european union have decided to end a 16 year dispute and drop tariffs related to airplane subsidies u.s. based boeing and europe's are at the center of the dispute washington put a record 7.5 $1000000000.00 tariffs on european goods brussels responded with a $4000000000.00 tariff on u.s.
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products european commission president or some have on demand says the decision which lasts for 4 months initially was made in a call with president joe biden. china's biggest political gathering of the year has opened in beijing by the proceedings have been overshadowed by the announcement of laws to overhaul hong kong's electoral system. chinese president xi jinping was among the few who entered beijing's great hall of the people not wearing a mask the leader presided over the opening of china's national people's congress key to present an image of strength and 53 victory over the course of $1000.00 outbreak and economic stagnation it closed. china was a world's only major economy to achieve growth we attained complete with 3 in the fight against poverty and we scored decisive achievement in securing a full victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects a g.d.p.
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target of 6 percent was announced that this year beijing is aiming to boost domestic consumption and encourage more self-reliance amid worsening ties with the us this is congress is taking place in the face of rising international criticism of the trends in the business week as the one virus outbreak and the recent. one of the worst being discussed over the next 7 days due to massive overflow of the territories political system india and out of work to democracy to the states beijing is looking to reduce the number of electoral seats given to representatives directly voted in by the public and increase dollars allocated to poor beijing industry and social groups. beijing backed chief executive carrie lamb and head team will also be given new powers to vet legislators some said the low crushes the democratic rights promised to the territory during its handover from britain to china in the 1997 and over. and over this is.
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basically no more opposition. prompted by those. just where you have you know. those protests became increasingly violent recently yes mainland china last month dozens of organizers of the primary vote to choose democratic candidates for legislative elections were arrested under a national security law unveiled at last year's congress beijing says it's preserving hong kong stability by ensuring those holding public office a loyal to the chinese government analysts say she didn't think is sending a message to the international community and what hesitate to flex china's military muscle and then. when it comes to china's borders the south china sea taiwan and hong kong what we see his hard lawn tennis he looks to the future and the wants to beauty his political and the minatory achievements like an emperor of beijing
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considers taiwan a road chinese province has warned it won't accept any move toward independence but the island's leaders say they will continue to defend its democracy and freedom. al-jazeera aging. still ahead on the news hour denied it's dulces why australia is missing out on a quarter of a 1000000 else these vaccines the european union translated action against the u.k. over its trade policies in northern ireland in support liverpool's english premier league title defense heads a new no details coming out on. the . well the last systems gone through from the levant to iran usually when the rain goes this way the following wind is quite a stiff shamali it is a moment it's been
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a dusty want to ease a little bit later on a friday doha promises 30 degrees i'll be surprised to see that but it is a sunny picture of them for the most part in terms of slowly rising it for example jerusalem about 4 degrees votes hard to get to the end of saturday and the skies are clear to iran by this time but they are darkening the colder air in eastern europe not affect some parts of turkey including istanbul with windy wet and colder weather this is sunday spot the difference is a bit cooler in doha but the same injuries to maybe take a tumble of a degree or so now sometimes don't they were the day in madagascar the moment the last 24 hours a seen something like $15200.00 millimeters of rain fall in this western side and there is more to come and when rain falls in madagascar it falls pretty heavily so they'll be flooding around much the rain is welcome but that's where it is and then you can take a line or back through malawi for example northern zimbabwe where the showers are quite prevalent but beyond that is there are
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a few showers around the city to some parts of south africa otherwise it's sunshine wall to wall. are counting the cost of a rising seen as a threat to millions but where is the money to go to france's big investors hand out billions to startups about women and ethnic minorities are missing out rich americans are moving to florida to avoid. counting the costs on al-jazeera. march on al-jazeera studio b. unscripted 2 special guests and called the station exploring ideas and finding common solutions 10 years on from the tsunami that struck japan al-jazeera revisits the people most affected by the disaster football grapplers eric cantor presented you see reason about iconic players whose influence is being as great off the pitch
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as. israel's fault election in 2 years after the government's failure to pass a national budget upfront smocked lamont hill to the headlines to challenge conventional wisdom. munch on al-jazeera. welcome back a reminder our top stories on this news hour violence in senegal is spreading across the country as bad 3rd day of unrest after a court decided that opposition figure should remain in custody the protesters now also want coronavirus restrictions needs the u.n. special envoy to myanmar has urged the u.n. security council to take action to end military repression against protesters
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christine struck now bergner says at least shift. people have been killed this week alone and pope francis has called for an end to violence in iraq as he begins a story visit to the country the pope hopes are providing more our voice to iraq's wendling christian population and strengthen interfaith ties. the head of the world health organization is urging companies to waive patents on rights for vaccines drugs and technologies during the pandemic dr tatar scariest source also says production of vaccines needs to be ramped up many countries with 5 bucks in manufacturing capacity can start producing their own vaccines by waiving intellectual property rights as provided for in the trip's agreement those provisions are there for use in emergencies if now is not the
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time to use them then when this is unprecedented times and we believe and doubly to believe that this is a time to trigger that provision and with part and drugs we turn south africa and india for their proposal to the world trade organization to waive patent on medical products will give 19 until the end of this unprecedented pandemic. italy's government has brought the export of an astronomical coronavirus vaccine shipment to australia and now australia is fighting back its ask the european commission to review the decision over concerns of a trend towards a protectionist approach to vaccine supply now going to gauge reports. a story is coke at 19 vaccination program began just under a fortnight ago but it's already behind sched chill it's now italy supported by the
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european commission has bought the plant export of 250000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine to. this signalling from europe is very. out of the magic that is of this that times and many many countries in the world why on europe . it's the 1st intervention of its current design to crack down on big pharmaceutical companies that fail to deliver on promise supplies astra zeneca reduced its pledge doses to european union earlier this year and italy has blamed its decision to block the astronomy and bound vaccines on supply problems saying its trial ia is in a stronger position with few code 19 caissons australia has rightist the issue with the european commission through multiple channels and in particular we have asked the european commission to review this decision the government says
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the block shipment want to affect its vaccine program a locally manufactured astra zeneca made by company c s n l is set to be available light this month with the aim of producing $1000000.00 doses each week it's a very serious with. nation 1st 5 days. as we did access. with. if you like. the locally produced doses will provide the backbone of this trial is inoculation program which officials hope to complete by october straightly has also committed to helping vaccinate its night is in the pacific nickel gauge 0 while its ace foreign minister says stopping coronavirus vaccines
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from being sent to australia should not be considered a hostile act the country stopped a shipment of 250000 astra zeneca doses saying the manufacturer had failed to meet contract commitments that mccain has more on the european reaction. millions more people in germany will soon be able to receive a vaccination that's the news from the health minister yen scran who is speaking to reporters on vaccines but also on many other issues surrounding the pandemic in germany but also around the e.u. one particular theme the decision by authorities in italy to stop a shipment of astra zeneca vaccine to australia is to sean address the topic in general terms this is what he had to say evades if a woman is mundane and the world is interwoven especially when it comes to vaccination production sometimes a vaccine is flown between continents just for bottle because there's no more capacity on one continent and sometimes one part of the process leaves germany or
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europe sometimes though maybe something else comes back i think that with every action we take you have to carefully consider that we might happen in fantasia in a short period but we should not create mid-term problems for the supply chain one of the other ministerial mantras here is encouraging as many people as possible to take up the vaccine to take it when offered it whatever vaccine is happens to be particularly astra zeneca the man in charge of the robert cock institute which is the relevant agency tabulating information but also making recommendations to ministries well he is sent that the astra zeneca vaccine is not only safe but a good option for people to take given the research data that has emerged in the course of the past few months about the effect it has on the body so clearly a double message coming here from ministers and others is that there will be many more millions of doses of vaccine available and that all vaccines should be taken
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up if they are off it. now an increasing number of countries across latin america are announcing plans to purchase russia's sputnik vaccine against the 19 it presents an opportunity for the kremlin which is taking full advantage of vaccine diplomacy to grow its influence in the region traceable reports from buenos ayres. a plane from argentina's national airline carrying thousands of doses of russia's sputnik of the vaccine the event was shown in most major television networks in the country mostly from the running of the restaurant was we have signed a contract with the russian federation what does that contract say what that contract says is that we will be able to have enough doses to vaccinate 10000000 argentinean's between january and february. even though that deadline has passed and $10000000.00 doses are yet to arrive in argentina russia has become
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a crucial vaccine supplier for latin america last year as developed nations close deals with large laboratories for vaccines countries in the region turn to russia through fear of being left behind martin you know one of the 1st country in the region and that delegate. translated talent document they've never been in the senate in order to get the vaccine up at the ready made on that information with other countries in latin america like mexico and bolivia at the beginning people here in argentina look at that button it could be back feed with doubt now they're waiting in line to get inoculated. bolivia was hard hit by the pandemic almost 12000 people lost their lives in what is considered one of the region's poorest countries or thirty's in the country say russia sputnik of the vaccine was the only resource available. reality in the world as being noisy
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very very low most the companies are breeding the contacts. they can or didn't deliver their promised so it would be very unlikely that believe everybody back for the back in the 1st half of the intervention of our own president who has contact the president before this contract was achieved. russia was the 1st country to register a covert vaccine last year and since then sputnik v. has become a diplomatic resource between moscow and latin america analysts here say it's part of a plan. the relationship with russia house we do with an objective of russia's foreign ministry with putin of projecting his presence in the region occupying areas where the united states is missing but also as a verb to compensate the presence of the u.s. at the border with russia in ukraine the western presence in a way it means being in the united states backyard there's also the economic aspect local reports indicate moscow is already eyeing future contracts in argentina that
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include a nuclear power plant and a training vacuum what about an area that's believed to have some of the largest reserves of shale oil and gas in the world. but for now there is a pandemic and for many countries in the region the sputnik v. is the only chance to prevent further loss of life. when a site is thousands of people have rallied against the government ongoing coronavirus restrictions in algeria the demonstrations happened even as the country's president promised reforms just days ago geria has recorded around 122000 over 1000 restriction infections anti-government protests were initially launched by students 2 years ago calling for the current political system to be dissolved. south africa has received a 2nd batch of $80000.00 taxis donated by johnson and johnson it's part of a clinical trial under which tens of thousands of health care workers will be
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inoculated in the coming weeks funny to me larry for some janissary. sub africa's government began vaccinating its health workers in mid february with 80000 receiving the jab so far for some like dr faisal saleman the rollouts been slower than expected he runs a private practice in promise you outside durban he says has registered to be vaccinated but his appointments been cancelled it has been tough working it's not easy working in a closed environment being for having people you know all day we do our own swapping here we've been treating patients directly and telephonically soto been produced stressful particularly when you go home and pass this thing on to your family which which i've done there more than 67000 health care workers in puzzle natal province alone of which fewer than 2000 have been vaccinated during the problem here. maybe our location because we were given something like 10000
9:44 pm
but i nor that they are here practitioners especially doctors who are in there we're looking into it as lot but since been rescheduled i didn't you there's been a learning process but many health care workers are still waiting as they continue to work in high risk environments scientists say it's important to vaccinate people as quickly as possible but johnson and johnson's donation of its vaccines in batches of $80000.00 doses every 2 weeks has worried critics will also questioning if this is indeed a rollout or nothing more than a clinical trial by the us pharmaceutical giant the government says it's part of an early access and monitoring program and it has to investigate how effective the johnson and johnson vaccine is. against a new more contagious strain identified here in south africa latest by end of may we must have vaccinated one for him to. have to work less. if that is the
9:45 pm
case then it means then that lorillard that we are doing now is really small we should be vaccinating 80002100000 people a day instead of about 5000 through whatever 10000 millions more doses from other companies like pfizer are expected to arrive possibly from april to expand the rollout well south africa is now at the end of a 2nd wave of infections there are concerns of another wave as soon as april and a slow rollout and the winter months ahead have experts worried for me tamala al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. in france says been an upsurge in youth violence on the outskirts of paris since covered $1000.00 measures came into effect last year in recent weeks 3 teenagers died in separate incidents they had a french capital but now reports from the suburb of. flowers for iman a 15 year old boys shot dating this whole during school holiday activities last week
9:46 pm
in the paris suburb of bondi his father who had arrived to pick him up saw the shooting 2 brothers age 17 and 27 have turned themselves into police a man was a talented kick boxer who'd recently won a regional championship some of his classmates are still in shock almost over now i can't believe it i can't imagine never seeing him again it was someone who loved making us all laugh we're all affected our teachers too we all are eyewitnesses said iman in the brothers had been arguing earlier in the day but at this remembrance walk few people understand how a dispute could end so tragically in just a generous young people here need to feel they can grow up safely i mean with ambitious sporty his death is an injustice there's been a certain teenage violence in recent weeks in the paris suburbs and some here say that covert restrictions are playing a role by fueling boredom and frustration and exacerbating existing problems.
9:47 pm
iman's boxing coach says the government should consider reopening sports facilities scott but. there's been a big impact on kids they don't know what to do with them so it's as if their case they need to do some sport of course there's a health crisis but we have to find solutions because kids are getting into trouble they don't know what they're doing less than 2 weeks before i am and skilling to 14 year olds was stabbed to death in separate fights between teenage gang south of paris the mayor where one of the killings took place says covert restrictions have made the situation more fragile but violence between teenage girl. is a decades old problem often made worse by poverty or marginalization called this awful normalcy when a child dies like this we have filled collectively as adults we have to work to avoid that happening again we have to educate in schools so the little ones of 6789 don't become the future perpetrators of france's interior minister has sent police
9:48 pm
reinforcements to some neighborhoods and promises to do more to stop youth violence but many young people in suburbs like this say the government ignores them and their aspirations for months of restrictions compounding a sense of alienation for those here iman isn't only a symbol of vulnerable youth but also of a generation that could be lost to touch a butler al-jazeera. and update now on the explosions in northern syria any of the turkish border that we reported about earlier medical sources say at least 3 people have died and 10 more are injured after what are being reported as missiles hit oil refineries near the towns of jobless and bob the refineries are held by turkish back to fight. now police in northern ireland have downplayed reports of threats of violence by paramilitary groups on thursday a group of organizations that support northern ireland staying in the u.k.
9:49 pm
said they were temporarily suspending their role in the 1900 good friday agreement drawn a whole has more from belfast. a move like this a withdrawal of support by some loyalist paramilitary groups for the 998 good friday agreement does of course raise a number of questions not least what sort of power and influence these groups may still have largely disbanded disarmed of course under the 1998 accord and consequently want to destroy it is there for posed to peace in northern ireland and the agreement itself well on the face of it they do seem to be some sinister elements at work. it's last month for instance 2 workers carrying out brand new customs checks between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. these were of course one economic entity until brics it and the much disliked northern ireland protocol came about and more recently than that alleged threats towards politicians seen as supportive of the protocol but according to the police
9:50 pm
service of northern ireland they do not believe at this point that loyalist paramilitaries are preparing or wish for a return to violence chief constable simon byrne said last night our initial assessment is that this is a political move a political move in other words aimed at appeasing perhaps more hardline opinion among loyalists showing that something is being done to defend loyalist interests and in particular the perception among loyalists that their rights have been breached under the good friday agreement in that this new economic arrangement between northern ireland and the u.k. has come about without their consent the overall threat to the good friday agreement itself will bear in mind this is an agreement underpinned by public support not necessarily the wishes of any individual group but of course a unilateral move like this is bound to have some sort of a destabilizing effect and particularly on the delicate balance of power sharing
9:51 pm
politics in northern ireland thin ahead on. the french losing his cool and his match. and that's telling us.
9:52 pm
text was his andy thank you so much folly will manchester city manager pep guardiola says he won't be allowing his players to travel to south america for world cup qualifying games due to concerns over coronavirus and quarantine restrictions south american countries have 2 world cup qualifiers coming up at the end of this month european bass players face 10 days of corn seed on their return
9:53 pm
it means this run of games ahead of qatar 2022 may have to be parsed by there's no sense to go in there not to be 10 days no training session be our home 10 more days one more week when we play. we play for the leak it just in case jesse rules through for chambers league quarter final chambers league it we're not play with this place the annoying fly where we're into illinois is going to happen but they're not going to fly for sure. well in their last match they scored former world champions argentina and brazil had 19 european bass players time welcome when is 11 players making the trip across the atlantic other countries may be less affected by peripheral instance only had 4 squad members playing their club football in europe while football right to govern house and says the concerns european clubs have are understandable. the big issue is is the issue of coron seeding players when they return from work and clubs are rightly worried that some
9:54 pm
of the best players will miss crucial games at a crucial stage of the season the champions league quarter finals 1st leg kick off a week after these international matches so players could conceivably miss some of the most important games of the club season they'll have to be some sort of compromise maybe a compensation deal will be offered by fee for and combo but i think clubs want to restrict their players playing for their countries and i think what will happen is that commodore have to reschedule the games and some stage that's going to prove difficult because come a bowl of already delayed and canceled games in their merit and world cup qualifying schedule each country has to pay $18.00 games over the course of the campaign so there will be the schedule be squeezed even more now have to find some sort of time in this schedule over the next year to fulfill the qualification fixtures i think they'll manage to get them there in the end it will take some arguments some some very heated discussions between the federal confederations and
9:55 pm
the federations and the clubs but i think the schedule list will have to be restructured in some way friendly matches will go by the wayside i would think and countries will have to find a way to fill the fixture list. now liverpool manager you're going club says he's got no problems with star striker mohamed salah salah was substituted during the pools latest loss on thursday the premier league champions bateson one nil by chelsea it's their 5th straight defeat in the league at anfield which is their worst home run in club history meissen mts coming out with a go ahead chelsea up into 4th place liverpool for their down in 7th we are $10.00 down that makes you go off you can to react how you react in different ways because you are a general game on top of that to go to ups your strike you think you should see on the pitch that's all completely clear and not an issue it's just normal life well one of the world's top resource trends good knowledge has been banned for 6 months after being pictured sitting on
9:56 pm
a dead horse this cropped image shows the 40 year old irish when making a phone call or sitting on one of its animals which had died from a heart attack in training our shores racing boys just found him guilty of bringing the sport into disrepute why chaco has become the 1st black female official in n.f.l. history track and had previously referee at college level and she's the 2nd woman to become an elephant official after sarah thomas in a statement she said i'm honored to be selected as an n.f.l. official but this moment is bigger than a personal accomplishment it's an accomplishment for women my community and my culture. australia is aaron finch has become the country's highest score in c. 20 cricket it's an unbeaten $79.00 is australia scored $156.00 to $6.00 in the 4th much of the series against new zealand the home simulator bowled out for just $165.00 match series. it is now level 2.
9:57 pm
coming up the trick of it so they will play god in the final of the cuts are open check number 4 seek if it's a beating american call if i had just go through a 646 full of spain advancing to the final without hitting a ball when her opponent picked so as a rank and withdrew from a semi due to a back injury commits her into this title decider for the 3rd time in 4 years on french tennis but suffered something of a meltdown at the argentina. i did had a series of arguments for the impala before and after being docked a point for spitting on the court he then appeared to give up in his final service going as he went on salute this 2nd round match. all right more from in a couple of hours that is how the sport's looking i'm going to thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera coming for you back to buy now home team in doha thanks for watching when live from london max with mary and i.
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are counting the cost of a rising seas threaten millions but where's the money to build defenses big investors hand out billions to startups about women and ethnic minorities are missing out plus rich americans are moving to florida to avoid months and. counting the costs on al-jazeera. and it's time for a different approach one that is going to challenge the way you think i'm asking the questions now always do hold for the next season of the show that's got no place for sale but only target the let's leave simplicity to the headlines join me as i take on the lies dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradiction. i'm marc lamont hill and it's time to get out from right here.
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it begs well and doesn't require diplomas. that's why so many in macau work for the casinos. in but for those who struggle it school. dropping out has become the less evil in perseverance the greed to gamble. future gamble part of the viewfinder asia series the notice era. joggers in new delhi take advantage of the relatively clear air after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including harvard say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and nowhere in india is the situation worse than daddy the number of records were a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of pollution across 5 north of the state's health experts and bob mentioned it's been warning for months that the easing of
10:00 pm
the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on dogs because the 19. an opposition leader in jail in anger over continued coronavirus restrictions 2 issues collide on the streets of senegal. although i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program a crisis in man ma where the military's battle against the protest movement is now being fought online. as a story.


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