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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations The Hidden Genocide  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2021 4:00am-5:01am +03

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al jazeera. every week. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. each row in the world on al-jazeera. your child is there with me so rob and remind of our top news stories most supporters of senegal's opposition leader have been killed in protests 4 have died in 3 days of demonstrations against osama tsonga's detention nicholas' side has more from the capital dhaka. a march the government tried to ban protesters chant this is our society be brave and strong protect our senegal not just a message to the security forces but for
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a government the queues of stifling dissent thousands indycar in other cities have been demonstrating after police detained opposition leader who spun some go accusing him of both rape and public disturbance to believe. the young people have toyed of the way we're being governed we need to free him some co is everything to us. police fire rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd the military has been deployed to help security forces stop the looting banks gas stations and supermarkets have been attacked so go has repeatedly accused president mikey cell of helping french companies profit from senegal spore. in the distance behind me police are firing water cannons to try to disperse the crowds they're trying to protect a french gas station and supermarket there now so much of this protest is less about the opposition leader response unquote more about this feeling shared among
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many senegalese that they're not getting a fair share of this country's wealth among those protesting our trade or more he's jumps employees he has come out to assess the damage job sees a failure of the state to care for its youth but this is about this is. this is this is not something i'm really proud of my homeland this is terrible and i know. kids angry they model how food to eat that's why they're breaking shops stealing to take home children not going to school properly you know. not being looked after properly among those arrested are many teenagers. the government is restricting access to certain social media sites they say to stop disinformation and public gatherings but so far all it tends to bring calm had failed and the demonstrations
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continue to spread nicholas harkey al-jazeera the car united nations special envoy is urging swift action from the security council against me and miles military the call follows the killing of another and e.q. protests strong friday during a march in the city of mandalay at least 50 people are being killed since the military seized power last month. the head of the roman catholic church has called for tolerance and unity during a historic trip to iraq pope francis is the 1st pontiff to visit the country which was one of the world's oldest christian communities but has been dwindling in recent years because of conflict and persecution. at least 10 people are being killed in the blast near a popular restaurant in somalia's capital mogadishu investigators believe a rickshaw loaded with explosives was detonated another 30 people have been wounded with a nearby building collapsing during rescue efforts the al qaeda linked group has claimed responsibility for the attack a battle over extending federal jobless benefits in the u.s.
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is delaying president joe biden's kroner virus relief bill in the senate the $1.00 trillion dollars package would go toward vaccines emergency payments and help for the unemployed a package of existing relief measures expires in a week also prosecutors in colombia are moving to drop charges of witness tampering against former president of our own rebate or e bay has always denied accusations that he bribed a witness to withdraw allegations linking him to paramilitary groups colombia's public prosecutor says there's no evidence of committed a crime. thousands of palestinian israelis have rallied in northern israel accusing police of failing to tackle a wave of violent crime in their communities $22.00 people have died this year the demonstration of the city of famine is the latest in weeks of protests those are the headlines more news in half an hour with me here on al-jazeera to stay with us .
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i'm a 2012 western man my. buddhist woman is raped and murdered. the authorities charged 3 muslim men. a week later 10 muslims were murdered in a revenge attack. what happened next was hidden from the outside world. as
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they are on my machine my job. is about. the run down on them as. you know there's only the visit. i am not allowed and i think my. mother nor the nudity month mark is not the one it is what i. thought and why do you. think you know that. this is a story of a people fleeing the land where they were born of a people deprived of citizenship in their homeland it is the story of their western
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my own mom whose very existence as a people is denied all right. is from. just only. some believe it is a deliberate attempt to end the wrecking his existence as a people. denying their history denying the legitimacy of their right to live where they live these are all warning signs that mean that it's not frivolous to envisage the use of the term genocide. for centuries this region of western myin mar was known as ara can it was renamed recurring by the state's largest racial group. there a kind trace their identity to
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a complex of ancient buddhist temples and ministries who. for nearly 4 centuries it served as the capital of an independent rakhine kingdom it was from here that buddhism 1st spread throughout my and. today rakhine state lies on my own miles western coast and its northern tip borders bangladesh around 1000000 but history kind and 800000 muslim or hindu i live here. britain invaded what was then called burma in 824. for half a century it was governed as a province of british india. the colonial administration brought muslims from what is now bangladesh to work in rakhine state many settled and were resented by the british majority. the rakhine consider themselves a distinct race separate from the majority burmese they call the wrecking go
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bengalis and consider them illegal immigrants even those whose forefathers settled here generations ago. you know tar is a prominent monk in the state capital city where. people leave the muslim or are not just a threat to the rakhine but to my own miles buddhist identity. the kind. you know wanting an auntie. was running a kid on. the wrecking go to not accept the naming of rakhine state they call it arab can they claim roots that go back centuries too early muslim settlers in the region for generations the 2 communities have lived parallel lives.
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how about what that. that. the majority i never got out of part of the list. for half a century my own mother lived under various forms of military dictatorship. in 2010 and suci the symbol of resistance to military rule was released after nearly 2 decades of house arrest she won a seat in my and i was politician hollering free and open elections but democracy has not brought universal freedom in rakhine state it's unleashed a new patriotism. or a kind nationalist party became the largest in the state assembly.
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what happened in may 2012 sparked a chain of events that has scarred my on mars nascent democracy. a story begins in a but is town where i had a rarely seen the man must state media reported that 3 muslim men had entered a rakhine neighborhood and raped and murdered a 27 year old british woman the short life of ma was to ignite a tinderbox. on the next morning in the state capital situate the rakhine nationalist party was holding its inaugural conference news of the rape spread through the whole delegates were outraged their party leader dr a monk claimed the assault had political overtones may learn the system up to the warrior. but in general that it was our old. one and it was and it will say now.
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another minute on you changing careers and i don't listen to the other then you kind of are going to doubt me. graphic images of marty corpse circulated on the internet whisper spread among that the rape was part of a plot. seizing i.c.b. the. 200 kilometers to situate near where the rape occurred is a town with a reputation for being fiercely anti muslim.
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people. all. but on sunday evening a bus carrying 10 muslim men did attempt to travel through tunku. the bus was stopped by a mob of around 300 people. but only. my candidate over a sub one and he tell walmart to hold all of on it allow it out of the will new audit only hourly that only opened ecological. lumen to men i'm moving without a little on one on our own lot on rakhine low ahman i've been at will i don't i knew that i got caught up waiting and realize hey
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why then i don't. in the northern town of mommy dog wherever 90 percent of the population is reading that was for boating when they had the news know how i came so close that a market stall full of you know yes i've had that again recently. new mothers are we going to come with out of the money might also be i was going to move some of them might. be deucedly very good. so what would you think. of the monitoring and what are they going to. get out of whole cloth or because they're going to go go to the monastery. it was the 1st friday prayers since the murder of the pilgrims directing their plan
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to protest the rakhine audit mosques to close. a major male lived in a village just outside of moment or. more look normal look a. muslim man knowledgeable. muslim under. no more room. throughout the journey believe. your kind you see many. many a man has ignored the government ordered to close mosques attending prayers at the jew my mosque in moment all was a man mahmoud and. it was a lot of those. was the one that i want to share with you. after prayers hundreds of writing good men gathered in the town center and marched
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toward a recurring district a scene a city watched from a house among those main street. on the net a mother that i. have a whole lot of a lot a lot how do i ask for a mother daughter. the other day that my mother not to be able to look. at a mother when she doesn't would be the one who would you. because when you know that someone does everything. every other nation doesn't. do and you know more than one person and what do you think. it's not clear whether these pictures were taken before the shooting all were a response to it. but some time friday afternoon the anger of the wrecking ball boiled over. i thought of.
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dozens of are trying to houses were targeted in such a blaze. but what happened next was not simply a clash between 2 s.t. groups one side was armed with guns by late afternoon the policy of the security forces was to shoot to kill. but what about either would have. had been had that about a had the number of deaths is difficult to verify bodies were removed by the authorities. when they let out with. the violence soon spread from. in a village about 20 kilometers away so he'd alymer i'm the only store in the market he sent his son to get supplies in scituate and was alone in the shop.
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under his. i've got. a mother. i mean. i welcome i was a knockout a car doesn't. look at the lacy about it about the money the money. money you know you would i think manish. dog i don't like. something that. alan had taken refuge in a mosque near his shop then a platoon of border guards arrived they are known by the acronym nasa. the nasa carrier feared military detachment that was set up to control the wrecking they opened fire so there are rather shy lot of guys about it always in the will is a lesson. in the police. or to me to god in their will is
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a lesson or 2 when you have been able to sell as a lot of logical of what he has money that i think it is to most of the bus tickets to. the authorities began to detain large numbers of wrecking gunmen. they were there thought about that along with the money for you my that the mom had been that immigrated from the world. in the morning jannat hour was tending her crops. to grow out of drama and then when they heard of one of the. when this little boy you hated when he. knew you. and then said about that i knew that i said. you know you can lie to god gave their telly or thought of that i think they're going to hear. oh i.
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added the edge of a hoodie. i think i'd rather not. i also rather play the. devil's without a mother anywhere that. according to medical records was raped by more than 20 men. by friday night news of the offensive mom door spread to the state capital situate. mohammed is his wife and warren and their extended family were living in a village on the outskirts of town as tensions rose family members got together including mohammed's brother and his 12 year old daughter. are not a. bad law until most a mother. had out of
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a bar and i was among those among the most what are you going to do when you hear i always hear. they're occurring say writing good men were congregating in order to confront them. also got. hold of the owners or. the gun. range or if. you knowingly moved to learning or by their own agent. you know. i mean by waving it out. over the next few days or face to instead strewn citrate township. going to the.
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mall and mother lassana. shot at that in effect all about a lawyer and got a mother's court order file and then the bottom would be as able to tell out there on another level if i had thought about it along with a lot animality law though i thought ok a lot of animal would have known most of them up out of the school. mohammed islam and local wrecking gunmen had spent the night in a tense standoff with a group of a car and then nasser border guards arrived and brad the most it was a specialist almost special military. areas highly of course out of the money out of an e.f. was a loaded gun and he will review it out as a molehill cause migaloo can we didn't in the. morning there was a denali either and i'm of the samurai there are none in there as it there and i
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would do it in a drama out of the rain thought i got out of the hole yet i agree that there are other way that they are going to do that. was with her cousins in the chaos they couldn't find their parents. running on a. day that i got them we have a lot of what they can and dan among. them will run a monk i want to dance around his arms and let arianna. donna do you do or did you write it out of. my last on the end i mean making what i can a 100 and it are there among girls wanted to die. and then i saw in. my mind. was.
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more moral than money. under a 1000000 more when my no one. thought of either lark and then what i said at the mother. that i thought i'm not a well i got the want of a. bad idea. for the life i said what i would do that i. had of the god up either the. meanwhile and warez husband mohammed islam had fled the massacre in the mosque. will you go there will you go a day or a woman or they're. going to have are on my way or. the you were going on with her around that the most you are and i have to be. for the soul of whom someone said that i live at the fire by hate is that my. world became believe that
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it would become my 2 articles and one of my general motors we're going to go out of work i do not include to you moving in the middle. of the shadow and i'm actually really to earth. and water i was with his 3 brothers as the flames advanced on their house i love to do better i think yeah but a lot of us here the very good well how do you think they're well. thought of the careful border going to look at their budget a little more but well as i said the genocide out of about tens have run it down. do you mean that out of have did you money to them or you. are human who said to you that i had to do the due out there that magically. fastened on my daily. files by for you and i have by 5 and that i would do we do. live them i do. believe that they're going to do really really. really.
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i'm wise mother and 2 remaining brothers were now back at the house the youngest ben insisted on going out to fight. each other out of what i would idea would have been a kangaroo i didn't want but the idea. that a long visit what i did when i said i want my limo they. would do a lot about that but that's when i read a bang. i hope they don't be on the moon and. the only money they're willing. to down out of that guy would be a live action of this you very glad you live there. i am out of my i don't have it my. mother in law deluded me month mark.
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twain is a scarred town. most wrecking who once made up half the population are no longer here. thousands of homes were destroyed while the overwhelming majority were many recurring were also made homeless. rakhine nationalists claim the wrecking go were responsible not only for burning ricardian houses but also for destroying their own districts. throughout the ordeal korea. throughout the city of. need here we're. going. to live. soberly now. they're in. their qaeda by the law.
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in mom dog the clamp down after the wrecking the rioting was brutal. jannat arris or a kind civilians joining the security forces on a rampage got ready really. one of what i developed. were all little whiner over all around me a line of the lovely when i read it. in a while on a journal and. there are a lot of awful lot. nur hi keim had gone into hiding. another minute. the hall of commons on the plane you think you might get through or do you think you. think. he took refuge in an empty house and it overlooked a bridge and from there he could see a small outpost manned by security forces. do so i don't think it indicates came
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forth. minus $600.00 to be thought of. over the next 3 days he observed the outpost too afraid to flee and got it to military and moon being limited to the lamarckian needle so giddy. about what he did or didn't because. they had a guide to indicate how followed b.d.'s on he said i think it would have had to go to that it was my life headed that had anything i should like to know the entertainment could do what he did. and he could take it out of any given. 'd quarter last. night. a diplomatic feud between
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a straddle you're in china is threatening one of the asia pacific smy successful tripods. one on one a speaks close quarter in the middle. on al-jazeera. you're. your children there with me so raman in doha a reminder of our top news stories rights groups are raising concerns over the handling of protests in senegal against the arrest of a prominent opposition leader amnesty international points to a wave of arrests and the use of live weapons and a partial t.v. and internet blackout 4 people have died in 3 days of demonstrations against a small and some kids detention nicholas haq has more from the capital. the response from the government itself has been muted just
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a statement saying and telling people to stay indoors and to follow the rules and regulations instilled by the government but look at the protests behind me here this is a defiant crowd the. law that seems to be unwilling to listen to the government advice so they want to get towards that march that is ahead of us where they are the opposition actors and civil societies that have gathered together together that have called on this march against the government and also calling for the liberation movement. in other news a united nations special envoy surging swift action from the security council against me and miles military the cold follows the killing of another anti coup protest on friday during a march in the city of mandalay at least 50 people have been killed since the military seize power last month the head of the roman catholic church has called for tolerance and unity during
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a historic trip to iraq pope francis is the 1st pontiff to visit the country which has one of the world's oldest christian communities. thousands of palestinian israelis a valley there in northern israel they accuse police of failing to tackle a wave of violent crime in their communities has killed $22.00 people this year at least 10 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a blast near a popular restaurant in somalia's capital mogadishu the al qaeda linked group has claimed responsibility for the attack democrats have broken their block with the republicans in the u.s. senate over part of president joe biden's coronavirus relief bill they say they've reached a compromise on tax breaks and extending federal jobless benefits under a $1.00 trillion dollars package a package of existing relief measures expires in a week you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com back with more news in half an hour to stay with us.
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by late afternoon several members of the islam family had fled to the coastal village of big idea just outside scituate mohammed told his niece that they should leave for bangladesh. now. that.
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it was in the coastal village your book idea that anwar i finally found her husband . i didn't want to be a little you know there are a lot of good living now i want to do with. my. knee but i don't hold the highlighted in you more you. either are or that i did you don't know that either are very hard and i thought i would be more unique. i don't doubt. that a lot but you have they were they did it out about their sort of get. along on when everybody solid you as soon as you know any point you're kind of up the row. you know came out to be solid you know to me know me.
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it was incredible. how many jamil had remained in his house since friday then a unit of massacred border guards arrived at his door. in the top $42.00 by the tell us another lawyer pirtle ross and we're almost out of mikey. catalyzer tom i did all 40 but they are doing my thing my theory run of. the border what i feel much of particle much. on the nearly as i recall that there was very. after begging for his life he was thrown into an open yard. then nobody would. know it one
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of my dear. will hear their here. near by your mom dorothy. was forced to leave the town's hospital to do the arm rest relatives told her to flee to a better equipped facility across the border. didn't they say. they'd been on. the internet. and i was already bottom of the year and i had. my own mar and bangladesh's separated at the southernmost border by the now for ever. the headquarters of the rakhine border forces the nasa lies on its banks.
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it within a month thousands of refugees crossed here mostly during the night. the refugees bribed the nasa cut border guards who are then prepared to allow the wrecking good to flee to bangladesh. people smugglers ensure they avoid bangladesh border guards. the islam family had not paid smugglers and faced the perils of the sea. they reached the bangladeshi coastal village of zinser but border guards caught them. there other. than at the time i was there. other one i thought it sounded by law they are here but what i heard about a place in the. yet there aren't a leader who's going to there are body can already get there. we had to have but it
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can really end when you die and asked me when that in the in my machine. in rakhine state a curfew was imposed and the security forces began the arbitrary detention of young working gunmen. a man mahmoud was in bed when paramilitaries burst into his room. through the red the other nearly out of me realized they were do the work so they don't know the male over here because not many will it is identical to the mother but she is not going to be sure i didn't go to with it are going to. warn you hunger by the regime i know that i would in any other you know why did you decide well of my of them when i decide about national and we're going to are going to talk of the monitor nearly you know the. sakhi diallo and his family were at home trying to contact their son who'd been to
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6 way to pick up supplies for the family shop. a friend then telephoned he'd had word from zahid son. hour by workable law there a mother grab szabo or pick a bulgarian. child as though there was a great are going there at this hour right here going to thank you their god they're going to take our quote of it to be just me i will get up. i want to work with the world i'm. a man mahmoud had spent the night in a police cell in mumbai or the vision my local arsinoe dumas to go to doing little good without a good name and you know just you know one of the reasons you know to reach out me to be you know i'm an. artist was born to be. in the image of the remote to do what i would you know to be a. it's not the one it isn't what i wanted a lot of the money in their lives we were doing. a lot like you know money.
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for me jamil was still recovering from his injuries and staying with friends in a village near his home but it offered no sanctuary on monday afternoon massacre border guards and police arrived at my give you for the year or what they. give you. but i want to look politically the. job i think would you tell your local. villagers fled to what a nearby creek. would i want to buy so-called. how. are you going to show how much you. love my money. good. bye she had all he. could hear
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i will do that among the later he. is calling maybe you're. hard to work with i don't want my she started any time you know defeat either here. or you see. a man mahmoud would soon be released after family members paid a bribe others less fortunate. than we did us all in one nation one of the sub getting money and one of them what i want to know you more than a year later he knew her knew it. one of the fellow. did it in the can you who know. why do they. think. she wanted. to meet jamil had witnessed the deaths of those 35 people
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they were buried secretly that night. by. law. they're going to. the. market. news about the. we cannot independently verify everything they're reading or refugees told al-jazeera we were unable to work freely or into parts of rakhine state but their testimony is detailed and compelling. after the violence in june many of those who didn't flee abroad are now in camps on the outskirts of scituate
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their movement is restricted they have become refugees in their own country. in this village north of 6 way must not go beyond the nearby road. men are not allowed to work in fields or women shop in the markets. are not. going to. go so i will do what i want to say about all of them. to know. they are not back yet you know no night no night out. in anybody i mean that's i've you know and. in situ a only one enclave remain for a cold or mingle are. they are fenced in and cannot leave.
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they too cannot work or buy food their future is uncertain. on when like most here was born and brought up in scituate. this is called. well no matter. where you can go a lot of the day here really people. are kind nationalists dispute the writing goes claims of abuse. they have another explanation as to why so many thousands have left their homes and possessions and fled to camps. there is a common belief amongst the rakhine that the outside world has been tricked by wrecking the refugees. who are. inaudible who you know you. can always pay them anyway.
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gricar a nationalist claim the wrecking get have concocted a massive deception in order to discredit the rakhine and ultimately seize power. to pump it up. to north america huge it already as you might you know generally. on the move don't move we'll give you an entire summer. i don't know which aren't. you will it's huge and it's been able to visit the day that shipped them into the pentagon i used his sheer torture to reduce our. views of the wrecked car and have been shaped by generations of conflict between the 2 groups but in the late 1980 s. the government began a project of institutional discrimination following demands made by rakhine nationalists in
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a secret memorandum written in 1908 and obtained by al-jazeera rakhine national history up detailed plans to undermine the ability of the right to live in my own mother included restricting their movement. limiting educational opportunities. and also try to control their birthrate. others are there. a one way or war the whole of that has and. that has it's quite unlikely. the height of the dead there. by. my on mars military government then sealed off to northern townships where about 90 percent of the population is writing. for nearly 2 decades this area has been cut
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off from the outside world. that it is. the people of a district the. decisions the citizens are more at than it people of. the oval the travel as should be restricted. 3 months after the rioting al-jazeera range for a concealed camera to be taken into a moment or township the streets a quiet. schools remain shut and mosques were closed under it imagine see law no more than 5 people are allowed to congregate even to pray when a man was ordered to lock his compound. or monitor them or hypercritical.
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a monk had just visited his constituency of beauty dome. people are full of fear. so i guess where you are you have fear. almost all people as the to me so they will know when they will be ls to by the police any temp police can arrests is that when homes are bunnie when their muslim come up as a put his shot the. own when believes the crisis has been triggered by the rakhine nationalist party they are n.d.p. and their leader dr a monk. is the only one person who because he is the leader of that aren't you fucking you look to call out all out of the people remember from your column go round they already get it here and they started to kill him he is responsible for
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the yes he is the only one of us in foreign giving us regular people. tuning in from every presidency is i didn't movie. then long lines of water who will take you may be carried by due to the war i love life you walk in july dr a monk on the r. and d. p. released a statement demanding that bengali people should be relocated to suitable places in order not to reside or mix with recordings. are generally the middle ground general kind known as. the media municipal mods and what to say not always ya know moved easily give me a good is out did i come in. i want to call my mom to jump over it was on it i'll give out the name used on that and already i made it out of me which i did when she was on a diet she knew my music at the dental and i see laurie. again reggie and. punted
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we would love it dividing me. when i interview with the people in scituate in mobile they told me is that these oil companies are led by these i need to be a party members. so when everybody say like that. so. that could be. the man mark government has set up a commission of inquiry to examine the cause of the violence in june there are no writing their representatives but one of the investigate his is dr a monk. as the country opens to the outside world after decades of isolation the icon of my own miles democracy on sand suchi has refused to support the right of the writing go to citizenship and has remained
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quiet about their plight. as a union of more than 100 ethnic groups 3 decades ago a lower restricted citizenship to group said lived here before the british invasion that excluded there whose ancestors mostly arrived during colonial rule. at a conference in the capital yangon on delegates met to discuss what it means to be a citizen of newly democratic myin modern. dr a chan is a recurring historian and democracy activist who was forced into exile by the military john to that. i we can all share that you know for years. i am not and he will but people are free. country australia.
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has responsibility to protect his. people. as rakhine nationalism group boulder a body of literature emerged that try to deny the existence of the right as an ethnic group. dr a chan described the migration of ancestors of the writing it to a kind state as a virus. professor william sure bass is one of the foremost legal experts on genocide. rather occasionally fortunately so we encounter situations where actually the persecution goes beyond simply racist oppression but is is aimed at the extermination of the group the destruction is the word that's used in article 2 of the genocide convention so what you're looking for is not simply that the acts
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themselves such as killing were carried out intentionally which is not usually very difficult to establish but that they were also carried out with a with a special or specific intent which was to destroy the group. there are 400000 writing get languishing in bangladesh for more than 3 decades waves of refugees have fled myin ma. they receive little aid and only a small number are officially recognized as refugees by bangladesh. for decades human rights groups have chronicled abuses committed by the regime in my own ma but al-jazeera as investigation suggests that the treatment of the writing could extend to the most serious crime under international law genocide i'm always cautious about about sort of cavalier use of the term because it it does suffer from a great deal of rather extravagant use of the term precisely because of its potential as a word to get people's attention. but i don't think that there's much difficulty in
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in asserting that in the case of the rohingya that we're moving into a zone where we where the word can be used when you see measures preventing bursts trying to deny the identity of a people hoping to see that they really are eventually that they no longer exist denying their denying their history denying the legitimacy of their right to live where they live these are all warning signs that mean that it's not frivolous to envisage the use of the term genocide. so what do you want to do with 800000 if you know what to do with. this lady that was the very problem i know everybody has a right she was the. last question right but sometimes we have to realize that the constitution and national sovereignty
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some backlash with humor. in late 2012 u.s. president barack obama traveled to my and now to meet his counterpart and sen following reforms in the release of political prisoners man man has been praised for its newfound respect for human rights it has been largely overlooked that president 10 sent considers most illegal immigrants who should be deported. but i feel that all through and i mean does it. mean the motive will get him. the why they would rather than. everybody ending are. you meaning your binning are you going to win and it will be like. it took 4 days on the open sea from a hammett islam and his family to reach bangladesh they found sanctuary but left
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behind their homes livelihood and loved ones i said i thought oh really i tell about. it i live it. got it to. the all the. the big idea but how does one of. the bangladesh government considers the illegal immigrants as does the government of my grandma. they have no legal rights and no way to go. menorahs father is losing hope. that this is. not. just one of those little bit that not much. and this is.
4:57 am
just not fair as friends had raised enough money to send her to bangladesh. she was taken to chittagong the country 2nd city. as a result of her rape she contract a kidney disease an aborted a pregnancy. show that adequately added. the lawyer but yet i thought that i want to get on without it it wasn't on monday. the nice new music and yet and yet it that was for the good. the one who had a can return the easy. way. so he dallam's family never found his son's body. could heal but mother says no but. i've. fallen just on what i would pull triggers are. so dreaded
4:58 am
as they get over to do good good. i mean good yoga louer said well by we i mean he was a little oh do you wait a. little bit or degree go a bit with of course took those. whom. heavy rain in the river for example this is the threat.
4:59 am
and there's no more rain to come in fact. particularly in florida. the northeast the u.s. and particularly eastern. and then into washington oregon and california significant in the not system. by the. frosty. when to sort of left. right now in the caribbean things are quiet but because we are exporting. from the u.s. . the same is true for. the. day . into. as an example
5:00 am
in south america the significant rain is only traditional seasonal band. up towards some big. the u.s. considers action against china over its plans to reform hong kong's electoral system calling it an attack on the territories autonomy. the whole robert you're watching i was there life my headquarters here in doha are also coming up. protesters inside the girl continue to demand the release of an opposition leader last month soccer's lawyer.


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