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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm +03

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0 miami florida have been chaotic scenes in rio de janeiro as thousands of elderly brazilians lined up for hours for covert vaccines many had queued overnight after a city mayor said jobs would be given to people over 60 but only a fraction of the doses needed are available lines of people and vehicles stretched for several kilometers. world health organization has urged brazil to adopt more rigorous measures to combat the coronavirus after president john or boston are all criticized new restrictions in some states the w.h.o. says it's concerned the whole of latin america could be affected and has warned all countries against letting down their guard i really am very concerned that all of us governments and individuals alike think in some way psychologically i understand what's driving this we think we're through this we're not and countries are going
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to lurch back in 3rd and 4th surges if we're not careful it to be the party pooper here but that's unfortunately the way i see it and we should not waste the hope that vaccines bring we should not waste the precious gift of vaccines will bring by dropping our guard in other areas it's really really important. south africa's plan to vaccinate most of its people by the end of the year is running into problems one major challenge is getting the vaccines to rural areas where a 3rd of the population lives for me the miller reports from question when the tao where some say they're being left behind. buried her brother behind a family home into about 2 by inquisition a toll just months ago she says he died from cove in 1000 well she says a family's been devastated by his and the death of 2 other relatives they're not
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convinced the vaccine will protect them and say that no it's not clear. vaccine to be take him because it can continue killing and they can say that if it really airbags that it can continue maybe you are going to die more after and he's likely to end as either lives in the village of some killer which is nearly 200 kilometers from the city of durban the main clinic years already under pressure it's limited resources have been further strained by the call the 1000 pandemic a much i don't exist now or we have many challenges we have fewer nurses and not doctors. in its 1st phase of the vaccine rollout south africa's government has vaccinated tens of thousands of health care workers across the country here in cousin a tell fewer than 2000 have received the jab so far only after all health care workers are immunized willet vaccinate essential workers the elderly and the vulnerable more than
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a 3rd of south africans live in rural areas that are often difficult to get to and have poor infrastructure well tens of thousands of health workers in urban areas have been vaccinated it's unclear how the government plans to inoculate those who haven't been and others in areas like this one. in addition to its current supply of johnson and johnson vaccines the government is expecting $20000000.00 doses of the pfizer job later this year but it requires storage at minus 70 degrees and that's unlikely in rural areas with facilities a limited our population is going down arc but for now we can't just arrived in our process because we will create an expectation not will not be 4 feet if mr in now get the votes needed then they would say when and then we are not read the with specifics because we are still lives that we've only $10.00 in
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a bowl term falls in. the government expects more vaccines every 2 weeks and it's increasing the number of vaccination sites but as time does heal as family mourns their loss and fear becoming sick themselves their faith in the vaccine and when it will come remains uncertain for me to miller al-jazeera was do not tell south africa. still to come on al-jazeera a controversial and drawn out case of witness tampering and no charges against columbia's former president could be dropped. and a small but significant step on mars we'll tell you more about trademarks left when the red planet. it's time for the perfect gentleman the weather sponsored point qatar airways
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cold weather has returned to central and eastern europe it's on its way south this is sort of frontal system here doesn't look amazing active does it and it probably won't be by the time it gets down to the black sea it's a more or less fizzle out that's roughly where it isn't the moment but there is more to come that looks innocent enough at the moment but it really isn't that's a developing winter storm a significant snow for most of scandinavia eventually will come down further south into baton rouge poland the baltic states the same time the colder the 1st tranche of this the late winter is going to cross the black seas it's affecting north and turkey the modes it will affect the weather in istanbul today behind it all mostly it's colder but largely sudden some fog around a bitterly night frosts it's warm enough for proper rain showers in most parts rain in some parts of spain and indeed portugal so bucharest so cold on saturday slowly warms up so it's not going to continuation of this cold air place i said it
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different to the north of that this is screaming when this edging slowly says even into northern germany so the forecast the warsaw in poland is 3 degrees and dropping with the wind stronger to 1st and then when it comes out there was still inherently cold and frosty. sponsored poll qatar airways. 9 years ago outta 0 was the 1st major network to find evidence of genocide and me. when the tragedy of the routing was mostly unknown. force. it in genocide on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera quote either all of the top stories this hour pope francis is in the ancient iraqi city of all will he will address an interfaith meeting us or sessions where they are he met say iraq's top shia muslim cleric on the 2nd day of his historic visit as the 1st catholic pope to travel to the country and has pledged to deepen his dialogue with other religions security forces have used tear gas and stun grenades to break up another day of anti q protests in myanmar the u.n. special envoy has urged the security council to take swift action to stop an increasingly violent crackdown. and the u.s. has condemned new veto powers proposed by china on home console action over
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election candidates beijing revealed the legislation on friday at the opening of its largest political meeting the national people's congress. thousands of palestinian israelis have rallied again in northern israel they accuse the police of failing to tackle a wave of violent crime in their communities has killed 22 people so far this year the demonstration in the city of whom are far has the latest in weeks of protests. and algeria there were nationwide protests against the country's political and military leaders thousands of demonstrators have been calling for an end see the old political system and for the army to quit politics the pro-democracy rallies 1st began 2 years ago but were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. so to say at least 3 people have been killed and others injured after
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a missile strikes in northern syria they hit a markets and all refineries in the city of child abuse near the turkish border some also landed in our bob both areas controlled by turkish backed fighters the british based syrian observatory for human rights says some missiles were launched from russian warships and others were fired by syrian government forces. prosecutors in colombia are moving to drop charges of witness tampering against from the presidents of. ruby has always denied accusations that he bribes a witness to withdraw allegations and king him to paramilitary groups colombia's public prosecutor is now asking a judge to end criminal proceedings saying there's no evidence the former president committed a crime. and other sound. reports from bogota. that only general's office had until friday to decide if it was going to formally charge
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former president. in a case that has deeply divided the colombians this decision now to request to shelve their investigation could be the end of a case that started back in 2008 dean at the time the country's supreme court was investigating even placing him under house arrest for 2 months that is until decided to resign is senate seat forcing the case to be moved to the attorney general's office under colombian law. for months or even as critics have alleged that they would have favored duty with the attorney general is a close ally of current president even ducat and what he brought to the chief prosecutor in the case said in a statement on friday that after a comprehensive evaluation of the evidence there was no proof that only we had committed any crime or who had insisted he is in this it treated tank. god for this positive step the lefty senator events of prayer that whoever falsely accused of
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being behind a conspiracy to connect him to paramilitary groups said that he together with the lawyers of the witnesses in the case will appeal the decision and sue the lead prosecutor for malfeasance accusing him of invalidating evidence and this missing the investigation of the supreme court which is my no no there are. morning we witnessed the most shameful spectacle ever in the history of the attorney general's office the surrender of a criminal investigation under a broken unscrupulous power. the announcement risks further tarnishing columbia's view of their legal system which many see as a bias in favor of the powerful a judge will have to decide if the case willing deed be shelved in coming weeks in a public hearing the promises to keep colombians on edge. process over the paraguayan government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic turned violent on
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friday night. the. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at hundreds of people as many broke into shops and set fire to cars in the capital a sense your own people are outraged over record numbers of infections that have pushed hospitals close to collapse earlier on friday paraguayans health minister became the latest official to resign under public pressure. was covered $1000.00 vaccinations roll out around the world books claiming inoculations are dangerous to becoming increasingly popular online prompting calls for health warnings own advertisements the bestselling book amazon's children's vaccination and immunization section is anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying one of the sections top 10 books of 5 claims expose the dangers of vaccines and one criticizes what it calls misconceptions and misreporting on
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medical issues well amazon says it urges customers to read official government sources and removes products that breaches guidelines but the firm says it recognizes there are different views on freedom of expression jonathan berman is the author of anti faxes how to challenge a misinformed movement he says amazon should be doing more to tackle misinformation i wouldn't say amazon should get rid of the books. but. bookstores have always done a degree of curation you walk into any bookstore and they've selected which books to carry and shelves and amazon is trying to be their database of all of the books that are available. but they choose which ones to put in front of you and that's based on their algorithm and i think this is a case where there's a strong argument that the algorithm isn't enough that there should be
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a degree of curation of what it shows you as its 1st result ochs of the data is that it has been growing significantly over the last year or. quite a bit and it seems to have have emerged with the anti mask movement so what the entire mass movement gets is the expertise of people who've been doing anti public health work for decades and what their axes get is a new large audience that sings here and there in the outskirts of the french capital seen an increase in youth violence since pandemic restrictions 1st came into force last year in the past fortnight 3 teenagers have died in separate incidents the tasha butler reports from the paris suburb of bondi. flowers for iman a 15 year old boy shot dead in this hole during school holiday activities last week in the paris suburb of bondi his father who had arrived to pick him up saw the
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shooting 2 brothers age 17 and 27 have turned themselves into police a man was a talented kick boxer who recently won a regional championship some of his classmates a still in shock one of them over now i can't believe it i can't imagine never seeing him again it was someone who loved making us all laugh we're all affected our teachers too we all are eyewitnesses said iman and the brothers had been arguing earlier in the day but if this remembrance walk few people understand how to speak. it could end so tragically in jail as engineers young people here need to feel they can grow up safely a man was ambitious sporty his death is an injustice there's been a certain teenage violence in recent weeks in the paris suburbs and some here say that covert restrictions are playing a role by feeling boredom and frustration and exacerbating existing problems. iman's boxing coach says the government should consider reopening sports facilities
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back to the lead there's been a big impact on kids they don't know what to do with them such as of their case they need to do some sport of course there's a health crisis but we have to find solutions because kids are getting into trouble they don't know what they're doing less than 2 weeks before i am and skilling to 14 year olds was stabbed to death in separate fights between teenage gang south of paris the mayor where one of the killings took place says covert restrictions have made the situation more fragile but violence between teenage gangs is a decades old problem often made worse by poverty or marginalization. when a child does like this we have filled collectively as adults we have to work to avoid that happening again we have to educate in schools so the little ones of 6789 don't become the future perpetrators frank says interior minister has sent police reinforcements to some neighborhoods and promises to do more to stop youth violence but many young people in suburbs like this say the government ignores them and
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their aspirations for months of restrictions compounding a sense of alienation for those here iman isn't only a symbol of vulnerable youth but also of a generation that could be lost. or al jazeera. still to come on al-jazeera we'll take you to the iraqi city of moore where pope francis is set to address and insert a meeting back coming up after. the break. a diplomatic feud between australia and china is threatening one of the asia pacific most successful trade partners. when i won a speech close was in the middle. on al-jazeera. it's one of the biggest clubs in south america. but its greatest rival is just
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a few blocks away. a mutual dislike between funds pulled from a class divide sustained over generations. most book a junior supporters are born into these club colors. in an epic feud of rich versus poor the fans who make football on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs right. washing.
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those test drives go off it's literally out of this world's the mars rover perseverance has travelled its 1st few metres since landing last month and the u.s. space agency nasa says all systems are go rob reynolds reports. making tracks on mars the perseverance rover went for a spin 2 weeks after landing on the red planet this is just a huge milestone for the mission and the mobility team like we've driven on earth but driving on mars really is the ultimate goal and. so many people like khalid and powell work toward the ferry moment here and it wasn't a long trip just over 6 metres in total nor was it a fast drive the whole exercise took 30 minutes and almost 0.02 kilometers per hour but so far perseverance is working perfectly we haven't had
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any hardware issues you know everything i've been working that we've been checking out. and so it's actually been amazingly smooth and that respect and what here in this picture of a rock formation near the landing site you can clearly see stratification or layers of rock they may be made of sediment washed down billions of years ago when mars was rich with surface water either executive or air grokked are likely to populate by rivers flowing into the engine right hander out and perseverence has been flexing its robotic arms with the instruments named sherlock and watson mechanical detectives searching for signs of ancient life within weeks the rover will deploy its mini helicopter ingenuity for a test flight scientists have named the landing area in honor of the late octavia
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butler a novelist who was the 1st african-american woman to win top prizes in science fiction and a macarthur fellowship for her books including parable of the sower with the help of a spacecraft orbiting mars scientists are plotting possible routes for perseverance to reach its goal an ancient river delta that may hold signs of long extinct microbial life forms if found such signs would be evidence that life perhaps even intelligent life exists in abundance beyond earth throughout the vastness of space rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. it's lee has said it's been cern france has champagne no ukraine has applied for borscht to be awarded unesco world heritage status ukraine insists it created the suit like this and move is an attempt to resolve a wider disputes with poland and russia who also claim it's as their own
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a typical borscht contains carrots beets peppers alongside a mix of oil fat garlic and breads but the definition of borscht is hard to find because each region of ukraine has its own unique recipe that actually that's what i was a thought a reason to apply to unesco is really for ukrainians to make them love ukrainian cuisine to revive it and to let the world know about the great meal that borscht is maybe they know minestrone heard about hobo or even try to con a carny but i want everybody in the world to know borscht to taste it and to know that borscht is a ukrainian meal. there were take bring you live pictures now from the city of in iraq where pope francis is attending an interfaith meeting once the pope speaks we will of course bring you that speech live so far
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we've been hearing prayers from different religious groups are represented at this meeting. we've also been hearing testimony from some children who have been addressing the crowds at this meeting of course a place of importance historic importance to both christians and muslims once the pope speaks of course we'll come back to you but let's join our guests who can give us a sense of the significance of the whole meeting because this is a 4 day visit mansoor joining us from london this is a 4 day visit to iraq or a very important visit for not just the christians in iraq but for iraq is over or how important would you say this this message of interfaith dialogue is for iraqi people. i mean on iraq you know iraqi people especially
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you know because it's such a young population they've grown up knowing only conflict and knowing not just any couple but conflict that is based on sectarianism once a new british era or ethnicity curd dresses are up they've grown up in a political system since 2003 that has identified differences in religion and insect and in ethnicity so they've been sort of forced into a world where your identity matters where identity politics is the name of the game and so for now you know in terms of symbolism or messaging to say that there shouldn't be fighting based on identity is important but i think it's also important to note that iraqis have a history of living together iraq is you know known for the different ethnicities sex religions people who live in the same space i mean where the pope is today in all is where abraham and i was an abraham as
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a core someone who is respected and as as a prophet for many of the of the abrahamic religions so in so far as that is the case iraqis themselves do want i mean it's good to have a reminder that it's not our identity politics but the question to me is whether the political leaders will listen because it's really the politically kemah freights ran out 8 of well i'm afraid we'll have to cut you off the pope has started speaking let's listen in. where the history changed. and that trip. was. and is now i know he came to heaven. and. when they and his descendants. are now.
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christians moms and swear together. it's and on. and. had to move forward like. but. some of them were don't want you now let's look at them. i don't really miss you missed it and it's not on the same star city. now but in the summer it was somewhat of a gentle and. where. i miss some of the north looks over us some. with all that and i'm sure. we must do. what we have to
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share with. other you as a scrub and us. then. we descendants of abraham but so what and i'm not a granny and. this. is where we all are brothers and sisters that's how our brain what in our own together suddenly in the summer. what do we have how did our son so we. just get. another one and i have. my real. and in the world you must be 100 are ok i don't listen to god's. and go along with
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this journey. believe me i'm going out in the summer and in this way. you know just like sonny we. are here to listen we must listen to god and he pushes us towards love to love each other. loved one's neighbor but someone on our up. and this is even tragic but believe there's a chance. look up to. and now is our harbor forget the goodwills and i'm one of the human being us from here peace is messages and messages
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of pvc much from here now you might believe. that our from here on here from the 3rd straight from the land of father. and. because. we believe is a strong element that unifies us terrorism and extremism has nothing to do with religion. and. terrorism exploits religion and it's up to us to find you if you want to solutions and it's up to us to face and deal with those who betrayed those religions.
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the sky will be all who is with us this is you. this is you land and we have seen. during the time of war. how massive. the sufferings of so many people have lost their lives so many people by so many people have been oppressed so many women and children have been oppressed and. violence physical violence was there. but we will pray for years and years we have prayed for years and years.


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