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thinking and doing right now you should be about ideas they don't care about their work is all they care about is making money china is not going to be left out of the calling for the bloated defense budget to be high the bottom line on us politics and policies america act on the world just iraq 'd. iraqi christians await the arrival of pope francis as he visits the church of the immaculate conception in the city of car of course. hello there i'm having my here dean and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a tractor and continue with more reports of life fire on crowds in myanmar. millions of
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americans look forward to financial relief after years president joe biden's $1.00 trillion dollar pandemic package is approved by the senate's. and i'm sadam hosts its 1st big music concert since the pandemic began. pope francis is in northern iraq for the 3rd day of his historic visit he's set to speak in a short while in the town of course that's a major center for christians in iraq earlier the pontiff held a prayer service in mosul for victims of war you know celebrates mass later in erbil the for thousands of people pope francis has used the trip so far to. for
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tolerance and unity among religious groups let's cross live now to some wonderful teen she joins us from erbil and has been following the pope's visit so far as one of the waiting for pope francis she to speak in a car of course. that give us a sense of why this is so significant and why the pope is giving this speech here. so current crotchet is a christian chant town east of mosul between mosul and below where we are at the moment and it is part of this area that is called the main there are planes which are prior to isis arrival they're relatively vibrant christian communities not just kind of course there are several other towns that were christian majority towns but of course when i saw i arrived in 2014 all of those christians fled the area some of them emigrated abroad others floats to the bill in the semi autonomous kurdish
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region and a few of them have returned in fact have a coach is one of the christian pounds a little plane but they have seen a steady number of return is the communities have gone back they have felt safe to do so to try to rebuild that community but of course there is still a lot of destruction there the the church of immaculate conception where the the pope will give his speech later was in fact destroyed by isaac and of course there is still a lot of issues in the town and this comes through the services the board from the government to really and able these christian communities to rebuild of course by visiting places like well of course pope francis really wants to draw attention to these communities to the needs that they have and perhaps encourage attention from both the international community as well as the government in g.'s but we're still waiting to see you. hear that speech and hear who runs the school see it oh ritzy
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we're now on day 3 of his visit to iraq what sort of importance who do you see this visit has had so far own iraqis. well in general his presence here has been very well received people are simply excited because iraq is going through many crises not just the health crisis like the rest of the world the fundament but also a very deep economic crisis there are numerous security challenges and they're just not a lot of positive events to really encourage iraqis for internal this has been very well received but it is perhaps important to highlight the difference between northern and southern iraq of course a poll visited southern iraq yesterday and it is today that he visited most of that is going to visit cut across this is an area where people have traditionally felt really marginalized and neglected from the shia led government in baghdad some even criticize that the pope is not spending that much time in mosul he was there for
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less than a while our ears to this commendable that he came at all given the state of most given the destruction that is still in the old city but even some of the fathers the priests that i spoke to so that we wish that he had stayed longer wish that he would give us equal attention as he gave in the south so so many people in those areas around mosul feel that they're not getting enough attention that they're being neglected even when it comes to the pope's visit the whole of course it has given the hope there is the flip to be a silver lining here just just today spoke to the archbishop of and to be alone he said the change has already begun because already different parts of iraq which didn't really know anything about the christian community are now more aware just because of the media coverage that has been going on he mentioned that he went to public school for 12 years and those not a single mention of christianity in iraq in public thanks. well the awareness among
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the broader iraqi population about minority issues about the christians and not just the christians also also other minorities likely you see just for example has been very low so people here hope that even though perhaps the pope cannot really inspire any policy changes to really address the systematic root causes that are leading to the oppression and the decline and minorities it has at least started a conversation it has at least raise awareness and that is perhaps the very 1st step that needed to be taken indeed simona faulty in there appears that over if you from the arab you will leave it there for now and come back to you soon and once we've heard from francis but for now i thank you. so they use that police are using tear gas to try to disperse and seek you protesters in myanmar who turned out in their thousands despite the escalating crackdown.
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there defying the military to call for a return to democracy this follows a night of reads for security forces stormed houses and rounded up people including politicians and journalists days of live fire tear gas stun grenades and at least 60 civilian deaths have failed to stop the daily protests tony chain is monitoring developments from bangkok and they bring thailand's we've certainly seen an increase in the number of roads that are going on at night and this sort of level of violence that the security services are bringing will bring with them last night there were reports not just in yangon but in mandalay other cities across myanmar to the security services went out some cases they were searching for people deemed members student leaders people who had been associated with the civil disobedience movement and dragging them away in other places it seemed just to be a process of intimidation the footage of soldiers firing live rounds
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stun grenades into houses fairly randomly smashing the windows of cars and other bits of private property they get in the way it does appear that there is this blanket process going on on the streets in the daytime or the security services seem to be doing is using the opportunity of darkness and of the curfew that's been imposed across the country to reassert control in the dark. here is president joe biden has achieved his 1st major legislative victory the senate has passed a $1.00 trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill by the narrowest of margins the fulfillments of biden's campaign promise will provide one of payments $1400.00 to most americans the bill now goes back to the democratic controlled house for approval mike hanna reports from washington d.c. go is asked. the bull was finally passed in the process
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tagged a vote a rama it was the longest senate vote in recent memory approval coming more than 24 hours after the role of members was called this bill will deliver more help to more people than anything the federal government has done in decades we could all work together. but our democratic colleagues voted. their top priority one pandemic relief it was their washer and wish wish. the whole process began as it would largely continue with the deciding vote by the vice president kaamelott harrah's to accept the ball for debate breaking a 5050 dead log along party lines. the 1st major delay was among democrats with senator joe manchin holding on for more than 10 hours before reaching a compromise to president biden on unemployment payments i asked at republican
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insistence the whole ball was read out in the chamber a highly unusual measure that in itself took some 11 hours and then came dozens of amendments introduced by republicans the vice president's vote not needed or many as a republican senator from alaska had to return home for a family funeral or not agree to the amendments were rejected by 50 votes to 49 unfortunately my friends on the other side have used the link tactics after the link tactics obstruction of structured obstruction some senators raising the issues as part of the abstraction should taxpayer money be set $1400.00 to every illegal alien in america provoking a heated response the statement of the senator from texas is just playing force force let me be clear the ball will go back to the house for approval and president
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biden is likely to get his victory now is unlikely i said will really get the government out of the business of badly known twitter and back in the business of delivering for the american people making a difference in their lives could be everyone achieves a fighting chance but made very clear is that any legislative process depends on a razor thin majority one that could be threatened should any single democratic senator go against the party line my kind of al-jazeera washington. senegalese opposition party and civil society groups are calling for 3 days of nationwide protests starting on monday they say the arrest of opposition leader go on charges against him are politically motivated they're also denouncing heavy handed tactics by security forces to crush the growing process nicholas ports from
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dakar. in decors an affluent neighborhood this is what is left of a french supermarket following another night of riots and lost for words i have tears in my eyes laments this cashier as she watches people including young children take away what they can a bag of passed out for door and unemployed carpenter who in the looting saw an opportunity to find a meal for his family tonight but it's not just about shooting from sun. or suffering we are jobless countless people have lost their jobs we need a little something to get by and feed our families. protesters at the supermarket on fire following days of nationwide demonstrations it all started after the detention of opposition leader was months last wednesday he's accused of rape inciting and authorized protest and public insurrection but his supporters say
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these charges are politically motivated spence and co described himself as the anti establishment politician has been very critical of the relationship of big corporations with the state and the government specifically the president himself accusing him of corruption the government wants to see an end to the violence with the interior ministry warning the looters they will face arrest several local t.v. stations have been taken off air for inciting violence while journalists perceived as supporting the government have come under attack. the government calls on all the nation citizens and forces for calm and serene outi. while internet monitor net block says social media messaging apps are being restricted supporters of song go civil society activists and the opposition have joined forces taking the protest both to the streets and online with a hash tag free senegal one to defend our democracy because we are really outraged
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to see how our government and our allies are unified only things that senegalese people our young people have been organizing fighting in the streets standing up to say enough is enough. they believe people are looting because they're hungry and are calling for more peaceful demonstrations across the country starting monday in what appears to be not the end but the beginning of a movement nicholas hawk al-jazeera the car. still to come on al-jazeera sri lanka's catholics were black improved chance that a lack of justice for the victims of the 29 team mr ball might use. and with covert infections on the rise some latin american countries return to unpopular long times.
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i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast a cup more lively showers across malaysia and indonesia a few showers coming into the philippines but on the way of sunshine and showers then a little lot of showers that just outs of central parts of vietnam sliding down towards the gulf of thailand as we go on through or choose day they keep the majority the showers in a similar area say borneo seeing more break down poles in the heat of the day and more of those showers just rattling on through a good part of indonesia so for the flooding problems there for java for example you see some heavy showers to even see parts of australia where this weather is going to be just around the eastern side of the country is that go through the next couple of days just off show you to say how tropical cycle own making its way away from new caledonia now so things quietly down here it will fizzle out there we go
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with those showers across that eastern side of australia still getting up to 30 celsius in brisbane maybe 31 there for sydney not quite as warm down into the southeastern corner but getting up to around 2122 for melbourne over the next couple of days show us a continuous we go on into choose day for me fewer and further between but if you show was up towards the top end we will gradually see some wet weather making its way to new zealand. but. it pays well and doesn't require diplomas. that's why so many in macau work for the casinos. but for those like jion who struggle it school. dropping out has become the lesser evil perseverance greater gamble. mchale's future gamble part of the viewfinder asia's series on notice era.
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my. this is al jazeera a quick reminder of our top stories this hour pope francis is in northern iraq for the 3rd day of his historic visit he set to speak in a short while in the town of car a coalition a major center for christians in iraq francis has used the trip to appeal for tolerance and unity among religious groups. police are using tear gas to try to disperse and if you test is in myanmar it turns out in their thousands despite the escalating crackdown it follows allies of raids where security forces
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stormed houses and rounded people out and pleading politicians and journalists. and the u.s. senate's has narrowly passed a $1.00 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package the bill includes one of payments of $1400.00 to most americans emergency unemployment benefits and billions of dollars for increased vaccine distribution. well stay with our top story our bring you live pictures now from car of course where pope francis is meeting crowds as he travels to see the location we'll hear gave that speech. as we wait for the pope to give his speeches bring you more now on the town of mosul which was once homes or vibrance christian community before the city was destroyed by ice or faces efforts are now underway to rebuild the city small of 14 princes more. stone by stone
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morsels christian heritage is being restored but will it be enough to make the city's christians come back this complex of 4 churches was partly destroyed during the war rift i saw 4 years ago now unesco workers are collecting the fragments which will be used to rebuild what's left of the assyrian catholic church the nave of the church. to a line of. longs for. the goal is to restore it to its original design. a message to people to come rebuild it again so they can do with their prayers and muslims as well i saw used our church as the court and the adjacent armenian church as a prison the graffiti on this wall reads and transfer a bit and on the orders of the islamic state it's
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a chilling reminder of iceland which sought to wipe out morsels religious diversity the rehabilitation of the structures and just aim to restore the city's heritage it's also part of an effort to nurture reconciliation between the sunni muslim majority and the christian minority before i sold to control of the city in 2014 around 1000 christian families lived in mosul only a few dozen have returned this is the only church in mosul that has really opened its doors father hopes that pope francis visit to iraq will usher in more outside support to help rebuild mosul. we need the moral support of the pope to influence the international point of view to mobilize if it's to reform was devastated city not just in terms of infrastructure but also on the human side. but the rifts will take a long time to mend a christian from mosul works as a guard at ulta had
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a church his family fled the city when i sell to control and has yet to come back from here on the most important thing is security people are afraid to come back there is no stability to foster religious coexistence but the same unesco project includes plans to restore the great mosque of nori this is where i saw declared the establishment of its caliphate in 2017 as security forces closed in the armed group blew up the city's beloved leaning minaret a symbol of mosul's identity or. the one who built the manor it was christian and the one who'd rebuilt the story was christian we lived all as one and we wish that our relations return to what they were now christians and muslims once again to work side by side to restore what has been lost so that one day the sound of church bells can once again ring out alongside the call to prayer simona fulton
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al jazeera in muscles. saudi arabia says it has destroyed a missile fired from yemen reports say an explosion was heard over and iran go all facility near the city of jeddah saudi arabia says it syria defenses also intercepted an attack headed towards the city of homs it is the 2nd time the kingdom's all facilities have been targeted in less than a week. woman catholic worshippers in sri lanka are demanding justice for the victims of the 2019 used to sunday bombings they're wearing black to church on the religious leaders have declared black sunday catholic churches criticizing a government report for not revealing who was behind the bombings more than 260 people died in the coordinated attacks. has more from. the catholic church came together. this sunday as
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a cry for justice basically believe in churches throughout the island all attended the morning mass in full black most of them essentially feeding their leaders cause to use this as an opportunity to call form a government for justice to do all exactly who the mastermind was behind that 2019 easter sunday bombing now here in ca to apia the church you see behind me it's where the largest number of believers killed in one of those bombings again the church leaders you know called on believers essentially to steer with this campaign that they are fed up of 2 years down the road on to justice is served this said they would remain silent no longer that today was just a 1st step the services went off as usual however the sermons in the pulpits talked
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about essentially the need for justice the need that this call for justice was a call for all sri lankans to ignore who was behind these dusted the acts that claimed so many lives now after to day we will see according to what the church is planning this campaign continuing with just a few weeks away from the 2 year anniversary of those by. and what actually seems of precipitated this is that just a few weeks ago now the presidential commission of inquiry which was appointed to look into the easter bombings handed over its report to present go to rajapaksa that report was then handed on to parliament a copy to the. archbishop but according to what the church leaders see the report falls way short of finding those who masterminded the attack.
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d'orsel will identified as having been negligent must be brought to book but overall. is that the real hand. essential even the operation from behind the curtain is what some of the banners put up today they want to know who that is and essentially the truth is what they called for. a surgeon coronavirus cases is causing chaos across parts of latin america in peril the president has asked the cabinet to resign after protests turned into riots argentina's government has been condemned by human rights groups over police violence and in brazil tighter restrictions have been imposed into the 2 most populous states and the central ram purity reports that the. clashes broke out on friday for a border city in northern argentina following the imposition of new coronavirus
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lockdown restrictions police officers used tear gas and rubber bullets against a crowd injuring dozens for most is one of argentina's force provinces who have already been hit hard by an economic recession before your rival of the virus a year ago many protesters were informal vendors demanding to be allowed to work for human rights groups have denounced what they say was indiscriminate use of force by the police but oh tory teasing sister. the protestors were responsible for the violence no. nothing justifies these violent actions we call for reflection and invite you all to make your claims in a peaceful manner. similar scenes on the same day across the border and put away his capital s. and where thousands of angry demonstrators confronted police throughout the night protesters burned road blocks around congress demanding president beneath this
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resigned. resign. earlier in the day the country's health minister was the latest official in the region to give up his post but that wasn't enough to quell people's anger over the government's handling of the global health crisis but why is experiencing record numbers of cases with hospitals on the brink of collapse and few vaccine doses available. despite moving fast and vaccine distribution cases or on the rise in chile as well for a 2nd day the country registered more than $5000.00 new cases the highest infection rate in 9 months 2 thirds of the capital santiago is under strict lockdown as are a number of other regions. in brazil the worst hit country in south america local authorities. have adopted new restrictions and a curfew to try to control the brutal 2nd wave shops and stalls are shut as police
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patrol the streets this by president. told citizens to stop whining and move on as he continues to downplay depend. going through an extremely grave situation that could be catastrophic in some parts the result of a policy of denial and scientific platform and a contempt for human life. the latest restrictions are expected to last here until march 11. but many were out on the beach in rio on saturday the find the experts alison the m.p.'s al-jazeera. amsterdam has also witness widespread anger against coronavirus restrictions bonce this weekend's one of europe's best known party sports came alive with a concert attended by over a fence and people sat fasten was among them and a warning her reports contains flash photography. an explosion of energy was
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released after hundreds of the trustable fans returned to the dance arena after a year of absence and with no social distancing i was just having a party again oh yeah the to be rid of let me drown it was loud it might hear was the love that was. all it was so amazing i'm still alive it's like drilling is still my body but i loved every 2nd the people went crazy so really amazing organizers divided 1300 people in 6 different bubbles and which different rules apply with sense of they gather data about their behavior after one is asked to get tested afterwords but researchers say the results are not needed for the experiments to work and not interested in the real infections it's it's a mess magical prediction model what we are actually doing isn't that strange because that's the best proof you can get right if it's safe or not yeah but then
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people really become guinea pigs and i don't think that's the idea it's it's not set. before the event and 11 people pass a faceted with covert 19 they were not allowed to enter. was not the like. oh it was. similar experiments will be held in the next few weeks if successful organizers are hoping. they could reopen soon we have . a we have the euro. in june and we want to build up the capacity. in order to have a summer with. much will be found on a possible 3rd wave of infections many in the netherlands have urged the government to ease down which is one of the strictest in the region last tuesday an explosion
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took place at one of the testing facilities. but in fact.


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