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you can mount just about any kind of animal and these can take a year to make this if they could that's a buffalo in power and here is a water park everything is recorded with legal documentation this includes government approved legal paperwork to export the hunts are regulated and only a certain number of animals can be killed each year taxidermy and trophy hunting is criticized by some animal rights groups. but advocates say money from the hunts supports conservation efforts the industry also creates jobs in a country with very high unemployment. but in order to keep operating work is hearsay the world needs to open up again and soon. al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines pope francis is in northern iraq for
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the 3rd day of his historic visit here dressed people in the town of car of course a major center for christians in iraq earlier he held a prayer service in mosul for fixin's of war pope francis has used the trip to appeal for tolerance and unity among religious groups you know. it's a matter of conversion of the hearts reconciliation and putting aside our differences we must all work together for the future for turn all of which recognizes a common humanity and together build a dialogue and forgive. a prominent muslim politician has reportedly died in myanmar after being arrested overnight by security forces his cause of death is unknown police have used tear gas and live fire to disperse anti could protesters in several cities see it turned out despite the escalation in violence to only chain has more from bangkok in their brain thailand clearly they have
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a target list of people there are many people who know they're on those target lists that have gone into hiding but the other role that these night raids seeks to achieve this is just intimidate people when they're in their homes under curfew in residential areas and they know that there are gangs of securities forces that roaming the neighborhoods ferial for weapons and seizing anyone that gets in their path. and china says exports have grown see its highest level in more than 2 decades compared to this time a year ago there's been an over 60 percent increase in exports electronics and textiles like masks contributed to the higher than expected figures and that's year to date keep it here on al-jazeera inside story is next.
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and acts of violence extremism and intolerance the message from pope francis on his 1st visit to iraq but in a country deeply divided along sectarian lines will anyone listening can this visit appease the concerns of iraq's christians this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter now welcomed by cheering crowds and security lining the roads pope francis is the 1st head of the roman catholic church to travel to iraq at the start of his 3 day landmark trip the catholic leaders appealed for common ground among religious groups he was speaking at
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a meeting between peoples of different faiths in the ancient city of or a significant site for christians muslims and jews earlier he met iraq's top shia muslim cleric and not just the pope's visit is meant to spotlight the heavy toll that years of war repression and instability have taken on the country's not diminished christian communities but some have questioned why he's choosing to make the trip now asshole as covert 19 and security fears make this the riskiest trip yet for any pope iraq is of course overwhelmingly muslim but host several christian communities the number of christians in iraq is estimated to be roughly about 250000 compared to around 1500000 before the u.s. led invasion in. $2314.00 christian groups are officially recognized in iraq about 80 percent belong to the child in catholic church syria acts make up about 10 percent of christians in iraq they include catholics who form the majority and
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orthodox christians as well another 5 percent are members of the assyrian church believed to be the oldest in iraq. ok let's get going let's bring in our guests in iraq his father. a chaldean catholic priest in london we have christopher lamb room correspondent for the tablet he's also the author of the outsider pope francis and his battle to reform the church and in baghdad we have the director of the think tank the house of iraqi expertise foundation gentlemen thank you all for joining us akhmed rushdie in baghdad coming to you 1st why is this trip happening now well according to the data that have been discovered by the vatican is that it's a story visit that the pope wants to do a real important message is that humanity. is one humanity can be
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united rather than to be divided and also to have some sort of mass it from the iraqi politicians to say it's enough you kind of just. a high pressure on the people especially the christians who are actually in the eighty's or under the previous century was i quote 1240000 now it's only 200 or 300 thousands so you've got to imagine how much pressure on christian people iraqi christians now in iraq that it was done to look outside iraq so all these messages need to be not need to be managed and need to be said face to face to all iraqi politicians and also to save society. innovate what does iraq get out of this visit. after supplant thank you for this invitation this visit has many many significant.
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message sort of for all day and i keep people it's very important in this time because also is the 1st. visit i thought of them in so when when the holy father about what foad about to go for the 1st. christians in iraq it to iraqi people because you know very well because he always prayed for our sport about 4 of them but of this contrary he's a he choose to come on board with this this can 3 to say that and you know if you will that i pray i pray that luck for you will and now i want to play with you from your country. to the peace and to the fact there are many and. value human human values crystalline in london sounds to me like this is not just a religious trip it's also a political trip bops we've got an instance of an unstable country we've got the
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security situation in play constantly of course in iraq and we've got covert 19 in play as well how risky is this trip for the pontiff. well i think it's a very risky trip and there were some people in the vatican he suggested to the pope that he should postpone or delay it in some way but pope francis has always prioritized the countries of the suffering the most for his travels and so he is not concerned about the risks to his personal security i think what he was most concerned about was visit spreading kovac 90. vents that would be around the visit that would would cause that but the iraqi authorities they quite clear that the visit could be carried out safely in those terms but look i think this trip is extremely powerful from the a both a symbolic level theological level and political level the meeting. this morning
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prin the pope and ayatollah sistani's historic never before has a pope met the grand ayatollah in iraq and i thought our system is such a crucial figure for post invasion iraq but i think really at the heart of that encounter and at the heart of the pope's visit is this. point that he wants to make that religion can never be used for violence that religion is there to serve peace and in iraq which is such a diverse country of different religions this is a very very important and powerful message that is going out to the world because which other head of state has been able to travel iraq in this way so i think we really see although despite this visit being very risky a very very strong impact which is going to have reverberations for some time to come at me coming back to you would you say this is primarily
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a religious trip or is it primarily a political trip because if we look at those pictures again of the pontiff meeting the grand ayatollah. alsa stanny clearly in the meeting room nobody wanted to put a foot of supply base it was that big a deal well actually you dad really religion is religion actually has a huge impact on the people of the luck of the peoples like in iraq so that's why it is a religion a religious action in a way to broaden political pressure which which just as i said it's i think the pope said clearly to to the grand ayatollah is that you're sure making lots of pressure to stop then the new separateness of the people of the iraqi people not only christian iraqis because eventually it will help to improve the people's life now that does not get the main message is that iraq richard has is actually
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in its diversity in a way to improve. the lack of the people in iraq and there's that's all good also that we have the most patients in australia which which if you can images from new or were. dumped so you can imagine it's doubt it has yes a religious it is a religious action but it also has a political impact on i absolutely system and also on the iraq glocks because eventually it will say we are seeing you you're still corrupted you're still doing nothing to the people yet the christians iraqi christians it's also actually stop and go are you there are about 400-5000 families migrated from maine about to baghdad. just to get away from the slaughters of don't dash of isis so all those problems actually corruption unemployment. lack of services all those major
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problems actually within 17 years nothing's happened so i think the doctor is it it is it is historic ok also it has some sort of a soft power to have the pressure on all those subjects or all those doctors that are making that the decision makers it's also from that come from those ok that's interesting use the phrase soft power there. in innovate when it comes to soft power if the message from the pope to alsa stanny is you can't carry on treating minorities in this country in the way they've been treated clearly the optics here we're talking about christians in iraq how long until al psystar me could or should start signaling to the militia who are going after the christians still in iraq you've got to stop doing that. in there we don't
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know must what a lot what the what they are what they talked about. the house i'd like to sunny but sure they where they were talking a lot about how to make and break up peace between the people of all the religion i feel like because it's not about just them he said it is and the mentality of a lot of people it's. then want to change because of the people they know that christianity it's a sin and to now. he's not a tour of the legion so i think it's there is a lot of message that i love of things that that it. i think it's going to be discussed in this meeting but also to say for sort of all for all the. people that they believe in
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a lot of latin and just i mean that's when they leave that oh. it's. the mosque important to go in in iraq it's sort of a like you she cheated in iraq and so when the leader has met our what pope and i what spiritual father it's mean that there is no problem between this through religion but the simple people they had they had to know this since they had to know that there is no difference between we shouldn't we shouldn't kill each other but we should respect when i want to lead out of a disabled child that when they speak up of the peace so also all the people have to do this things if they believe this leaders crystal i'm in london how much of a productive potentially overlap is there between the 2 religions if we view the 2 religions through the. the prism of these 2 individual men i mean they've both got
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basically the same kind of belief system at one level and the same kind of personality is that they're both humble men alsa stanny is paid for out of contributions from the diaspora of shia islam around the world he rents the house he lives in and he pays the rent from donations and he we understand like the pope absolutely believes in the separation of religion from the state and that's the difference between shia islam and what goes on across the border in iran which of course is a theocracy you know i think that's a very important point because of course the catholic church shares that that position about the separation between church and state but of course has only had that position since the 2nd vatican council and in the in the mid 1960 s. it was the great reforming council of the church and so what we're seeing i think is this this new relationship between the church and islam and
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in particular more moderate thinkers but of course leading figures within the the different faiths and i think that clearly. when we see the pope and are standing together there is there is a kind of a meeting of minds here and that's why i think this visit and this that that meeting that that the 2 had is so. vitally important and opens up a new era for christian muslim relations in a way that the we haven't seen before and i think also that we have to remember that. when it comes to that the church is relationship with with islam there are particularly when it comes to the pope and also stunning there are a number of similarities in the sense that the pope and a both. or 40 figures have strong base
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a strong following and they both have a message that they can get out to their to their people and that's where the impact will will i think come through midrash t. in baghdad we're hearing positive noises from the iraqi president directly off the back of this day one into day 2 heading towards day 3 of this trip by by the pope is iraq at a presidential prime ministerial security services level very keen to be seen to be handling this properly and it goes off glitch free no problems at all because it's kind of like a a watershed moment for iraq that it can do this because it's been such a dangerous country before there were 2 people visits planned in the past and they were canceled because somebody at the vatican said no it is simply not safe it's not going to happen. well in
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a pragmatic way yes and the the alliance between solid and probably the president and the prime minister actually they weren't worse hearts who made a successful visit for his holiness in to iraq it's obvious and to send a message to the west is that this alliance between the president and the prime minister can be stronger can be more stronger or let's say can be the most strongest alliance in iraq in a way to say to the to the west is that we can do something in iraq and none of it and that is another message is that it's away from the political blocs we out away from the militia well away from the corrupted persons so that show you how much the president and the prime minister some try harder to to send those messages because you know we all know that we have elections in clover. maybe it was going to i don't want actually but it sure dug this alliance working hard to send those
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messages to say we haven't we can't meet the future of iraq that we can make the future of the relationship between iraq and the west iraq as our multi-religious country what the of that to can can survive if we stay on power except political message it can be understood and it can be understood in that way and i think it was a very successful visit from the iraqi side while it was very good but a gracious happened and the president and the prime minister actually where the successful of the shelves. in of a clearly everyone involved in the planning of the trip everyone involved in the filming of the trip the broadcasting of the trip the reporting of the trip wants it to be seen as a success but the historical context of this goes back hundreds and hundreds
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and hundreds of years christians in iraq have always been at an angle at a tangent to the mainstream of religious belief and religion in that part of the world and that aspect of christianity in iraq is not going to change overnight is it if course the presence of christianity in this country it's very very old and we are here from the fair stance or in a fair scottish century. we are we are we where about the 1st charitable are by china and 3 to. some for our foreign presence here it's that it's very important. this visit it's about support this and this there is. and that would be. the christianity also to tell him to call the well that's the christianity here
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it has this this roots and it should be continued to be to be here but of course really we need the pope as. the. dialogue between the religion itself discounts faith supported by the know it supported by the. equality and all this they say it will help the christianity in this this fancy it's on t.v. or. course there's a lot of media has showed that this is a beauty of the waves coming up when the pope when he's out i mean buying for these was very very beautiful images i can see has turned then to those although all that's when is this this heart of money between all the snakes in this
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country. includes of course the christians of the record all the people of this country on the things of this country we will see the beauty of this country and we hope this visit not just to be. this change of mentality not just to the man entire 40 so i was very beautiful in manger but we want this image whole hog money and also. go around all the country all the mentality of the people. to be deceived and this hard money ok crystal i'm in london on my idea of hominy is this actually in real terms and in real time i guess international recognition of iraq as a country as a sovereign state but on top of that the iraq. school of islam as opposed to. islam across the border in iran which clearly
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a lot of the rest of the world does have a problem with not least at the moment the united states and that idea of the overlap between religion and state fear ocracy. well i think it the church and obviously our other actors would like to see islam develop in the way that you point out to have that separation between religion and state ridge the authority in state of course from the from the catholic churches point of view that's also something that they are pushing but it's also something that's relatively recent you know it's only in the last few decades at the catholic church has come to to that position so it's obviously going to take time but one of the things that that the pope and the vatican have repeatedly called for. when it comes to christians in the middle east and in muslim majority countries is for christians to be recognized as citizens not just to be protected or to be have their security looked after but to be full citizens because as we know christians in iraq have
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been there from the very beginning the christians in iraq also mentioned in the bible and in the acts of the apostles that the christians of mesopotamia witnessed the 1st pentecost so. there is from the vatican in the churches point of view a push to have muslim countries recognize that christians are citizens and that they can be part of the coexistence the healthy pluralism of of a country and of course it works both ways and when pope francis signed a very important document on human fraternity in 2019 in abu dabi. that document contains a paragraph saying that the that both minorities in the east and the west with a muslim or christian must be recognized as citizens and so it works both ways and
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the vatican is pushing for the jurisprudence within islam to recognize minorities as citizens and that's something that can. we draw out from the muslim tradition ok christiane i'm going to put it there because we are heading rapidly towards the end of the program. very very briefly is iraq in effect through the vessel of religion overtaking other countries in the region because it seems to me recognizing religion can be used as a stepping stone into some properly grown up very high powered diplomacy it can really happen if we have the good and the right intentions rounding carrick's especially in niger and eventually we our full 'd impact on the iraqi government on the political blogs to have some sort of reforms that can be have been if not just what a lot of question only political and i'm sure is that if not jeff will say oh no
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they will they will end up well with the bad stories that. they did ok last night i'm going to pause you there as well because i do want to put the last point to cure i'm sure musher in of a at the heart of the story karrar in 30 seconds for me please point presidents and prime ministers meet each other they generally extend a reciprocal invitation what are the chances that the pope has asked alsa stanny to visit him in the vatican do you think and might that actually happen not this year maybe next year or the year after. and then i don't know if he's healthy to help him but they already have a and they are open and. this is yeah. i think they already started and they suggested to the start of that they are like commission i will or something like that to start with then with no job it's also a very important 'd point that it's there it's one of the fruit it's already it's
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already done. from this visit is that too often bush this dialogue between niger i bet you get it's already done. back to pan into it about the visit of course and about the counties it's always open but all the village and all waste everybody it's when you come to a county by the can they not but if the band. if they if they can and can't ok gentleman the clock has beaten us as i have on inside story thank you all very much they were our guests today father christopher lamb and i thank you too for watching you can see the show again any time to the website dot com full further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also follow the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story for me peter tell me and everyone on the team here in doha thanks for watching we will see you very soon for the moment.
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they captured the hearts of sounds around the world but they did for bulldoze but unlike most of those they full of holiday. time put themselves in the minds of something more important than the beautiful game footballing legendary considine introduces fivefold of players who bucked the trend and stood up for what they believed in that's the way. the new season of football rivals coming soon on al-jazeera told to own their own we. are in a case where us stop being compensated severely as we listen to the only music you
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hear is the only the most beautiful music in the world is silence we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that although just 0. 9 years ago out to 0 it was the 1st major network to find evidence of genocide and made. when the tragedy of the ruling was mostly unknown. move. it in genocide on al-jazeera. we know what's happening i read and we know how to get the date that others and all i want done but only dear god by the putting people on 1st but the fires and then i'm going i'm going to do for. good. of my mind. the way that you cal death story
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isn't what can make a difference. hello there i'm just in doha with the headlines for you here on al-jazeera pope francis on his 3rd day of his 1st visit to iraq has been sending a message of hope healing and unity to the victims of war the pontiff has addressed the christian community in the town of car cost which was overrun by eisel back in 2014 there he visited iraq's largest church which was partly destroyed by eisel fice and you know. it's a matter of conversion of the hearts reconciliation and putting aside our differences we must all work together for the future of perturb all of which recognizes a common humanity and together build a dialogue and forgive well.


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