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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2021 2:00am-2:30am +03

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taking a stake in a company that produces side of back like some of its neighbors thailand is ordering vaccines from other companies as well. saudi arabia's biggest oil port comes under attack from yemen suit the rebels riyadh says the attempt was for sale with minimal damage. blown down jordan this is down to 0 alive from doe are also coming up at least 15 people were killed and hundreds injured in equitorial guinea after 4 large explosions at a military base in the city of data. after 5 years in custody british iranian aid worker not the names of gary ratliff was released in iran but now faces another trial. on the highly anticipated interview with prince harry and his wife meghan where they explained reasons for their split from the royal family.
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saudi arabia has confirmed another attack on its energy facilities by who 3 rebels in yemen the government says a ballistic missile was fired at old facilities in iran but was intercepted and destroyed when earlier a drone hit the raster new report it's one of the world's largest oil shipping ports riyadh says there was minimal damage in both attacks but who the rebels however say it was much bigger. was the last word joel was say all the artillery and drone divisions were able to conduct a wide offensive in the depths of saudi arabia with 14 drones and 8 ballistic missiles we targeted around co in ras port and other military facilities in the mom more military sites were targeted in assyria and resign and the strike was precise. well the saudi led coalition responded by launching air strikes on yemen's
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capital sana'a mom of the time has more now from the yemeni capital. we can see columns of small comfort still raising up in the sky of the capital sanaa the saudi fighter jets bombed a military compound that is under the control of the whole these in the north west of the capital it is called the maintenance military compound there are no casualties that have been reported so far but the. spread toran fear among the civilians in this area people still remember the carbons of the saudi bombing the city of sana'a. according to some observations and also i would was over 5 a race have been carried out on this military compound and also on the another
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military side or military position to the south of the capital sanaa there are more than 15 aires have been carried out in the matter but specially in the region of mughal where they hold these are trying to advance towards the city of marjah they believe that the world can take control of the city in order to gain the supply of gas and fuel they say that the saudi royal it quality has father tightened their instructions on the floor fueling gaz to area under their control so let's bring in our senior political analyst marwan bashara he joins us live now from doha my ones are humans who the rebels say they fired near must drones and missiles at saudi cities the saudis say they responded with their own air strikes how significant is this latest escalation and why now. and there were certainly significant why now it's the whole thing is our concern
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and it's been going on for 6 years in terms of the saudi. coalition invading their country and the way they put it and that they have been trying to respond and to resist for thor the past 6 years but yes there has been escalation the last few days and clearly the whole thing is are trying to make a very strong point now that there is more international pressure coming from both the united nations and the united states in order to resolve this issue and end the war the worst it humanitarian disaster so that healthy is are doing a number of things one they are improving their strategic position ahead of whatever a deal is going to be offered or what then that they're able to they are creating some sort of a balance of terror with saudi arabia in the united arab emirates if you like that
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guess we're going to attack you if you're going to terrorize our country we're going to terrorize your country and i think that is not tenable for saudi arabia in the long term even if no so would the. installation also would you say when the end is hurt the fact that it could be under such threats is of course not tenable in the long term and 3rd and last i think it's important for them to improve their position because they'll be able to get the most out of diplomacy if the united states pushes forward yet and ma when it was just a few weeks ago wasn't that the by the administration took the who thing off their designated terrorist because of what they say was the worsening humanitarian situation how much is that move by washington do you think embolden the who these increase their attacks on saudi arabia. well certainly revoking that this ignition of the host is as a terrorist organization is a hero huge psychological push no doubt that within is you know want
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a blessing from the united states but they realize that the united states is the only party that's able to pressure uncontained saudi arabia and the united states and that's why it is certainly an important psychological and strategic advantage to the house keys and that does in some way also explain their escalation i think they're improving their position clearly and their patrons and koran if one can call them that are certainly also using that front in yemen against saudi arabia and if you will it's bitter in the united states in order to improve its own meaning iran's position ok in the negotiation with the united states already lifting the sanctions and over other issues in the region that's an important point to make my one because the trump ministration saw the yemen war as a proxy battleground as you say between iran and saudi arabia how do you see the biden administration shaping its policy over yemen to maintain pressure on iran but
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also renew talks on the nuclear deal that you just suggested. i want to say it's 180 degrees a but it certainly. 90 degrees or more 120 degrees change from the trumpet decision look if. the unconditional support saudi arabia is all for the sale of arms including offensive arms that was used in the war in yemen is all over the saudi the united states would continue to support the security of saudi arabia and the and the oil flow from the saudi arabia but as we've heard from the white administration over the. case as well is that there is going to be some reckoning and dems of saudi policy moving forward in terms of us so we get relations forward in general now in terms of iran of course the unites us is
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interested in improving relations with iran moving back to the iran nuclear deal but it is progressing i think because it would like to impose more conditions in iran and then the obama administration everyone learned that there are going to be a non-nuclear doesn't have much popularity it doesn't have a majority even in the senate in the american senate and that's why a budget and recession would like to get more out of iran and that's now that's why now we have this clash of the wills if you will between washington and the her on or what how to go back to the nuclear deal how to court total iran's influence within the region and in a sky as the iranian is concerned how to contain the united states and its allies in the regions in places like yemen and iraq so we have a whole bunch of files in a very important strategic showdown coming between the united states and iran hopefully diplomatically but as we see in yemen as we saw in iraq few days ago it
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could escalate in terms of violence as well other. political analysts mylan thank you. well staying with yemen at least 8 people have been killed in a fire at a migrant detention center in the capital sana'a the un says another 170 people were injured the cause of the blaze isn't yet known the detention centers run by who the rebels who have controlled the capital sana'a since the outbreak of yemen's conflict to equitorial guinea now the government says at least 15 people have died in a series of accidental explosions more than 400 people have been injured in the blast at a military base in battle city president obiang says the explosions were caused by mishandling of dynamite a local t.v. showing people searching through rubble to find survivors people are being urged to donate blood in hospitals in the area are overwhelmed the explosions tore apart houses around the base as it was nicholas hockey is following developments from dakar in senegal nick so just bring us up to date now with the latest on these
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explosions at this military base in battle. well there are some reports that there is still some explosions taking place we've heard from the president saying that these detonations emanate from dynamite that was stored in the barracks and some people are already comparing what we're seeing and but with what we've seen in beirut last year neglect being at the origin of all of this and explosions that have detonated and have because destruction over koloff over a kilometer of radius really apple clip takes scenes on the streets of but scenes that are rarely seen in public because as you know there are you know equitorial giddy is a country that is very isolated it's often compared as the north korea africa with
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its ruler that has been in power for the last 42 years and has really not let the international community or the public inside his country well here he's made it known and announcement saying that he's calling for international help to deal with this crisis. i mean the health workers as you mention have been asking for blood donations but we still believe that there are many hundreds of people that could be stuck in the rebels as we speak because this military complex complex that's just on the outskirts of the capital is on these are on the former capital was one of the biggest barracks in the country it's also a place where families of soldiers live but it's also a place where prisoners are detained and there's a fear that many are stuck in the rebels many detainees that were in prison cells or stuck in the rubble as we speak there in. from dakar senegal nic thank you.
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now both sides of claim victory in ivory coast parliamentary election despite polls showing a win for the ruling party early results show a 58 percent majority for the d.p. party but the main opposition party has also claimed to have won the vote saying the results are riddled with irregularities the win would strengthen president alassane ouattara his position he won a 3rd term in the band in an election month by unrest that killed at least 85 people but it just has this update from abidjan ivory coast largest city what we're hearing from the opposition especially the p. d.c.i. party of the former president horne economy is of the vote was rigged and that the are claiming victory in the legislative elections saying that they have won $128.00 out of the $255.00 seats in parliament which of course the ruling party or the governing party said it's on course to win not only a majority but
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a comfortable majority in parliament according to the p.c.i. the vote was rigged in several areas they have been violence and threats again against opposition voters and supporters in various parts of the country which they said marred the election they also insisted that the tunnel for the vote was not more than 20 percent of the registered voters in this country and they are warning the election commission that they will not accept a situation whereby the election commission is colluding with the governing party to rig this election that's the situation right now and a lot of people this is what a lot of ivorians fear. some kind of instigation or protest or claim of winning or counter claims of winning the election from all political parties just before the election commission and also as a result. thoughts also to come here and al-jazeera including pope francis visits iraqi regions once held by isis and ask christians to forgive and look to the
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future. and president biden's administration is considering a full withdrawal from afghanistan by may 1st and a greater role for turkey in the peace strategy more in that state that. hello there we've got a lovely plume of warm weather across north america now just coming a rod out of the deep south up across the plains and just pushing up into the central part of kind of into atlanta tobar actually can see that the southerly winds that are coming in here and that's been lifting those temperatures up to what 11 celsius there in winnipeg still on the cool side over towards the northeast for a sunday afternoon temperatures no higher than 4 degrees celsius but it's a warming trend as we go through the next couple days successes in new york by monday and we could touch 14 as we go on into cheese i said lots of pleasant
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sunshine also fine and dry weather coming through over the next day or so for monday doesn't like a lousy dry day north of the border we have some snow just pulling out of ontario into quebec making its way further east was see that drifting off as we go on into choose day clear skies coming in behind but again a little bank of snow just making its way through the mountains day snow in place for the prairie's and easing over towards that eastern side of canada meanwhile some wet and windy weather just rattling into the west coast of the u.s. the snow coming in over the high ground little bit of wet weather meanwhile into southern parts of mexico over the next cubicle to see some of that wet weather as well showers for the great french it is but dry for the east. some people marry for love others it can be a commercial transaction. i mean it's worth 3700 euro payment just for the march
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going to al-jazeera world needs men and women using marriage as an illegal passport to europe you know historical your attitude in for a time going to organize a sham marriage and a financial and emotional cost and he left me for a woman 33 years older than him marriage for sale on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here at this hour saudi arabia has confirmed another attack on its energy facilities by goofy rebels in yemen the government says a ballistic missile was fired at all to cities induct around earlier a drone hit rust on a report one of the world's biggest oil shipping ports. the government in
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equitorial guinea sense at least 15 people have died in accidental explosions at a military base more than 400 people have been injured president says the blasts were caused by the mishandling of dynamite. and both sides of claim victory in ivory coast's parliamentary election despite polls showing a win for the ruling party the win would strengthen president alassane ouattara his position he won a 3rd term in november in an election marred by violence. the u.k. prime minister is demanding the permanent release of a british iranian woman who was jailed in tehran on spying charges the guardian radcliffe's 5 year sentence has ended she spent the final year of her term under house arrest and uncle tag has now been removed but her lawyer says she's been summoned to court next week on another charge as a big reports from tehran after 4 years in prison and one year under house arrest now as an insult very radcliffe's ordeal looks like it's almost over on sunday her
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electronic ankle tag was removed but she's not yet completely free her lawyer said he doesn't know if she will be allowed to leave iran while welcoming the developments the british prime minister criticized iran's treatment of her. nazanin holds a jewel in reining in british citizenship she'd gone to iran with her young daughter in april 2016 to visit her parents on the day she was meant to travel back to the u.k. she was apprehended by members of the iranian revolutionary guard at the airport she was sentenced to 5 years for plotting to overthrow the iranian government evidence against nazanin has never been made public a trial was held behind closed doors and she's always maintained her innocence the lack of transparency around her case has led some to believe that iran may have other motives holding on to. people who are in the uranium regime are absolutely. west about america about you know big states and little states some folks think we
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will stop at nothing until there is regime change and it is frankly i'm very very hard to get them to trust us and so that is the challenge of trying to deal with iran once the u.k. to return money it paid for tanks purchased in 1986 but never received iran denies that nazanin case is linked to the ongoing dispute all of the sensitivities around . the media interest in this case. or getting. all russia certainly on britain in order to get more. now than has been summoned to court on march 14th to face further charges of spreading propaganda against iran her husband richard has led her campaign for release from the start and throughout it all the daughter gabriela has been counting the days until her mother is freed said baik al jazeera the arab
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. the u.s. secretary of state has written to afghanistan's president outlining the biden administration's strategy to end the conflict and the blinken has made several proposals one of which involves a leading role for turkey as our diplomatic editor james bates. some of the american troops now serving in afghanistan weren't even born when the u.s. 1st went to war there in 2001 the united states currently has 2500 troops serving in the country under a deal negotiated in doha between the trumpet ministration and the taliban they're all supposed to leave by the 1st of may last week zalmay holyfield's that the u.s. special envoy appointed by president trump but retained by president biden was in kabul for meetings with officials including with the afghan president ashraf ghani the u.s. secretary of state antony blinken has now written to president garny outlining
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a new fast track diplomatic process he says we will loss the government of turkey to host a senior level meeting of both sides in the coming weeks to finalize a peace agreement we are considering the full withdrawal of our forces by may the 1st as we consider other options even with the continuation of financial assistance from the united states after an american military withdrawal i am concerned the security situation could worsen and that the taliban could make rapid territorial gains i'm making this clear to you so you understand the urgency of my tone by not taking them a the 1st date off the table the u.s. is clearly trying to kick start a very fast diplomatic process it says it will come up with its own proposals on a ceasefire and a negotiated political settlement which it will circulate to the taliban and to the afghan government it's also asking the u.n.
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to convene a meeting of foreign ministers in envoys from russia china india pakistan iran and the us james al-jazeera at the united nations. now from the ruins of churches in northern iraq where i still once ruled pope francis has called on christians to forgive the injustices committed against them the leader of the roman catholic church was met by large crowds in mosul and the town of caracas they're located in the dwindling christian communities heartland so manifold in reports now from ever built. amid the rubble of mosul's old city a prayer for the victims of war. and in a nearby christian town striving to recover from isis to your occupation and appeal to forgive and look to the future. it's a matter of conversion of the hearts reconciliation and putting aside our differences we must all work together for the future opportunity love which
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recognizes a common humanity and together build a dialogue and forgive on his 3rd and final day in iraq pope francis traveled to the northern end of a plains to highlight the plight of communities damaged by a war and then courage to shrinking christian minority to stay in their ancient homeland eisel may have been defeated here 4 years ago but the fear it spread still lingers to feel safe church leaders say minorities need to be empowered to govern and protect themselves we could form local police christian muslims together and train them together and they will know exactly who are there they know all the people there very well and that's an awful jobs and also security and at the same time try to bring the trust of the people in their land again because they would feel that they are responsible in protecting this land yet i would i would urge the
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government to take these steps. thousands of christians who fled the name of a plains remain in the semi autonomous kurdish region and eagerly flocked to see pope francis hold mass in the capital at a beetle. god willing it will be good and bring blessings for all of iraq we're in crisis i'm 60 years old and all of my life is being war may god and these were. the pope's visit to iraq was a rare moment of hope and inspiration for christians and muslims alike and the break from the divisive politics that have fueled many cycles of violence diversity coexistence and forgiveness and those were the main themes of the pope's thurmond's while the seeds for a new way of thinking may have been planted in the course of this is correct visit seeing it come to fruition will require political change and reform they want to hold the al-jazeera to be. at least 18 people have been killed into law in the
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syrian province of hama dozens more were injured in the blasts the syrian observatory for human rights says the victims were farmers exposes left in fields along roads and buildings have killed hundreds of civilians in syria's decade long conflict. china has rejected claims that its treatment of ethnic minorities in june jang amounts to genocide the government's facing mounting criticism over the detention of more than a 1000000 muslims and what it calls reeducation camps its foreign minister says the complaints are baseless and politically motivated. the claim that there is genocide and could not be more absurd is just a rumor febreze catered with ulterior motives and it's a complete lie. some western politicians choose to believe in the lies made by a few instead of listening to the voices of $25000000.00 changing residents of various ethnic groups they would rather cooperate with the clumsy performances of
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a few anti china forces rather than face up to the basic facts of development and progress and enjoying this can only prove that they don't care about the truth but a keen on political manipulation now a year after prince harry and his wife meggan step back from royal duties the world is about to hear the back story to their split from britain's monarchy and an interview with the us broadcaster oprah winfrey the couple are expected to reveal more about what they previously described as racism and bullying me bug reports from london. i just want to make it clear to everybody as you know subject that's off limits free from the confines of the crown they can markel isn't pulling any punches accusing the british royals nickname the firm of a smear campaign i don't know how they critics that but after all of this time we would still be silent if there is an actor that the firm is playing in perpetuating falsehoods about us with my wife when the full interview as expected huge audience
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is massive ad revenues and lots of shouting at the television. these are wrong comfortable topics for the royals from the death of princess diana to racism my biggest concern was history repeating itself. back in britain a swirl of rumors surrounds the royal palaces with 12 staff members reportedly queuing up to take part in a palace investigation into accusations make it mistreated her former aides something she denies but royal watchers say there's no palace conspiracy to take megan down ahead of the interview discounted staff it's claimed of fueling the fallout they are low paid loyal servants of the crown who work away and expect in return for their duty is to be treated with a a level of respect they feel clearly from what's been said they want to call it that respect they also felt the palace and swept back complaints under the carpet.
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meanwhile the royal family has activated a tried and tested tactic say nothing. a strategy used after the explosive tell all with prince harry's mother princess diana in 1995 when she revealed details about her and prince charles's marital affairs and her eating disorder decided not. to say absolutely not not regularly not. continue the discussion. 2 years later pursued by paparazzi diana was killed in a paris underpass and the boy princes aged 15 and 12 followed their mother's body through the streets of london. there's a tension between the royal family's public persona as representatives of the 1200 year old monarchy and their private lives the tabloid media often argues that all the attention they get is completely warranted because they are public figures and like celebrities station just simply deal with it they also receive
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a huge chunk of money $93000000.00 a year from british taxpayers meaning every aspect of their lives their joys their woes and indiscretions are in the spotlight. parallels have been drawn between meghan and harry and the abdication crisis of ed with the 8th who gave up the throne in 1936 to marry american divorcée wallis simpson. into the popularity of the netflix series the crown has fueled people's appetite for the real royal drama now unfolding on both sides of the atlantic with many of the us coming down firmly in support of team meghan. especially after the scandal surrounding prince andrew's questionable ties with convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein no palace investigation for that despite 99 year old prince philip harry's grandfather recovering in hospital after heart surgery there are no plans to delay airing the interview behind palace walls the royals are bracing for
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impact leave barca al-jazeera london. time for a quick check of the top stories here saudi arabia has confirmed another attack on its energy facilities by a few rebels in yemen the government says a ballistic missile was fired at all facilities and iran earlier a drone hit rust and a report on the world's biggest oil shipping facilities riyadh says there was minimal damage in both attacks but who the rebels say it was much bigger was heard joe it was say all the artillery and drone divisions were able to conduct a wide offensive in the depths of saudi arabia with 14 drones.


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