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ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development. 0. other income that al this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes his corruption convictions wiped clean former brazilian president lula da silva prepares to reveal his political plans. were you need to. do the very many. excels cathal and separatists
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n.l.c. you politicians after being exposed to potential prosecution in spain. the largest global study of its kind finds one in 3 women has experienced physical sexual violence. 100 percent full intensive care units in the occupied west bank are overwhelmed by covert 19 patients turning people away. i'm german ash with the sporting creating more imports the japans are set to shut out overseas fans from the olympics this year it comes as yet another test event is canceled in tokyo because of the pandemic details coming up this hour. a day after brazil's former president lula da silva had his convictions overturned he may now also see the evidence against him thrown out by the supreme court. now
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the new twist in this complex legal battle centers on a man called sergio moto he launched the massive anti corruption investigation which became known as operation car wash it would sweep out millions of dollars and several high level figures including looted to silver who was arrested in 2018 or and then oversaw a trial upon conviction he sentenced the former president to 12 years in prison for corruption and money laundering lou his legal team says that sergio morrow wasn't impartial in his investigations the supreme court will vote on this on tuesday for more on the sets go straight to algis there is one who's at rio de janeiro monica i'm assuming that this could have a huge implication for brazil even for latin america because not only has lula had his conviction and old now the evidence could be thrown out altogether. yes exactly this is being decided now as we speak 5 supreme court justices are
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meeting now in brasilia to decide whether there's a moral acted on a political agenda. or impartially and it's tending to be that they will consider that he was not impartial if that happens then all the evidence that was gathered in the investigation against the law would be thrown out like the threw out of a poison tree. so that would be a big big. that is a big change because it's a comeback and it's in a certain way it's what little i have been saying all along that he has been persecuted and that it was all of a political vendetta had to get him out of him and his workers party out of power so yes law is very popular but he's also rejected by a. great amount of resilience people that were very angry with the corruption
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scandal and people that and that explains the table so not a victory in the 2018 years like ssion but i'm also not it wasn't like that on a campaign totally against that now is able to model its faith in a pandemic which he's not handling very well as a matter of fact brazil has a 2nd largest number of coping thank you related stepped up to the united states but now that there's the possibility of that look back and saying it's like it polarizes the political scene again and this can even benefit both some out of because he has a much to show for his government so far but now he can stand up again and say i am the only person that can defeat. in the 2021 election ok i thank you for that update them on a canuck and rio de janeiro we'll be checking back in with you i'm sure. let's go now to college he is a brazil analyst and professor of political economy and public policy at the
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brazilian school of public and business administration he joins us on skype from rio de janeiro thank you for your time can you give us your assessment of how this decision by the supreme court on sojo moto could change things significantly for new law and therefore also for the future of the country. yeah but it might change and they're hardly any cars you know and this is a dangerous case with very polarized a dispute and back and forth so and if lula etter all those years and come back again to the electoral and a rino to the letter race my that my view is that brazil will come to a very far as it will be true and disputed and you know into will be very difficult for the appearance of one tour option because
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ours those 2 polar extremes communities who are in boston are beneath a shocker they don't get fair by revote and up rules to each different groups so this society somehow defied it. and enduring bit and then it is a great portion of holders that voted on how in 2018 decided to hear about it because they got. very bad management with then and as you probably know the rate of there is pretty high here in brazil so lots of voters who voted in favor of course and i did 2080 they decided to go see there are offshoots of my head as to those oldest if they were ready to vote in mosul how during 2022 it again and they said to me they
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didn't want to go suitable only if it would be it is true or so or not. is this us wanting vaulters they be ready to come back to boston. ok. so my knowledge the most what you're saying is that it may not be just a case of you know back in brazilian politics and he's coming back you know extremely popular and ready to take the presidency again i want to ask you what is the backstory between sergio moore and silva because. his team is saying that so you're more a didn't act partially they so he didn't act impartially so is there a back story there. you know it's very tough to impose an judicial opinions piece. or editions you've received it never happened
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before and so all since there is a long trial and the is car wash operation resumed and experience and it is in which our wives and reach businesspeople head to be in prison so a lot of gas there is a operation like car wash and we're beasts really difficult to be implemented without sun and each shoes so all they want is to what extent visually shows ringback this in brazil it will be able to him paulo's and huge cost on corruption will be easily high and so he wore a ruler is exactly this these egypt. this and reach it is
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possible to go to impose a loss and there is a huge part of the population who are supporters who is they are and how your life can vary i just know he's a character or equally that has the balls or political either although that and the supreme court is also affected by is both of you know pressure so will is not only a man off and before he all are but there is no legal issue behind the supremest court decision up of that are shia and also who was my guess whatever way the call vote it's going to have a very big impact we'll have to leave it there for time callous but at it there brazil analyst we appreciate it ok thanks. a judge in the u.s. city of minneapolis is starting the process of selecting a jury in the trial of a white police officer charged with killing george floyd 3 weeks have been set
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aside to choose 12 jurors in a case which caused a global outcry the process was due to start on monday but was delayed while lawyers for the officer pushed last minute appeals for lloyd died in may after derrick show of an kneeled on his neck for nearly 9 minutes and john hendren is in minneapolis and joins us now live so john what's happening there today what's the process and also what's the timeline. with the city's bracing right now for this trial you may notice that there aren't any protesters around me and that's because we're just in jury selection right now this trial has yet to really go get underway could be 3 weeks of jury selection but on the 29th of march is when they expect to actually have testimony in the court behind me and you can see they've erected prisons style fences if you listen very carefully you may occasionally be able to hear a saw from across the street where they're boarding up the buildings one behind the
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camera. and this trial could go on for about a month it's all about whether derrick show ven this one police officer who is being tried separately from the other 3 officers who will be tried later it's all about whether he murdered george floyd and they have several charges against him right now they got 2nd degree murder which means it was intentional but not premeditated and then they've got a manslaughter charge which is a significantly lower charge more or less reckless endangerment of human life but they they're waiting this afternoon they've stopped going through jury selection so that they can try to get a response from the appeals court as to whether they should be charged with 2nd degree murder that's really just an opportunity for the prosecution to have 3 chances to convict this officer of course his lawyers don't want that charge to be included because they basically want to go for all or nothing they're hoping to get him through this with the lowest possible charge if any at all if they can't get
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him off meanwhile this is a city that went up in flames when george floyd was originally declared dead after that encounter with police and after spending 9 minutes under the knee of this police officer derrick show been so we do expect people to get motivated around this in the real concern is if there is an acquittal in this case if this officer gets off free then. the city could have the same kinds of riots and disruption and worsen that they had last may and june when this initially happened so this is a very important trial but it's not up to the judge it's in the hands of 12 jurors that's why they're so careful about selecting him and racial makeup will be a key issue in the city of minneapolis is about 20 percent black but they're drawing the jury pool from the surrounding county which is about 10 percent black and you can bet that the prosecution is going to want to make sure that this is a diverse jury because they're going to want people to have some understanding for
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what african-americans in the united states go through when they encounter police so you've got a 2 to 3 more weeks left to go with jury selection perhaps a month long trial so this could last a while but the stakes are enormous all right thank you for that update john hendren there in minneapolis the european parliament has stripped the immunity of kassam money is former president and 2 of his former ministers they fled abroad after declaring independence in 2017 and now sits in the e.u. parliament and possible in fairy courts could now start considering spain's extradition requests that the barber reports. it's a move that's rekindling the debate over the future of spain's catalonia region and its independence movements the results of the voting session of monday th of march the european parliament has removed the immunity of colors which demands for a catalogue presidents and to associates all of whom have seats in the assembly they fled abroad in 2017 following an independence referendum and subsequent
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declaration of independence which the spanish government do you deal eagle it is a sad day for european parliament. we have lost our immunity but the rupee and berryman has lost more than that. and it's a regime which european democracy to. this is a clear case of political persecution. the decision could help madrid's bid to extradite the trio colors put them on tony come in and color ponce said he had been charged with sedition in spain which to monton kamin are also accused of misusing public funds but ponce 30 who's based in scotland told our jazeera they're confident of winning an appeal we will go guest this evening of the media and do them justice because. it means that these are the go persecution and as such. should not have believed that. they sometimes. don't go home
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and struck hopes that we were on the heel the 2017 independence referendum stoked major tensions between the spanish government and the leaders of catalonia an autonomous region of 7 and a half 1000000 people the bitterness of the debate has diminished since socialist prime minister peddle sanchez came to power in madrid in 28 team. but in last month's regional elections separatist parties gained for additional seats in the catalan parliament the independent these parties who come from the right to attend the left so there are all kind of political opinions in the independent the party if they want this majority or couple in parliament so this proves that we still have their bellies fun in the home meanwhile a belgian court recently rejected spain's request to extradite another former catalan cabinet member and it's far from clear how authorities here and in scotland
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will cooperate with madrid now the barber al jazeera wants more to come including. security forces a man march again crackdown on protesters who defied a nationwide curfew also had a report from our that in america said the same human in chile. these cherry orchard may look innocent enough but they're part of a mounting debate here in chile over china's investment and possible can. troll over this country's most important and strategic industries. quit coming. to ivory coast now where president. has taken 100. to 255 seats.
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which the. reports from. the last contentious. seat. just a few minutes ago. by the election officials and the seats for you. so from indications now the president of. the seats in parliament in fact the projections that he party has. been. to the other political parties now this is the official statement so far. and we expect a formal statement from the election commission to tell us how about this so it's almost settled now. by the respective.
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projects. because. the opposition to the presidential election is. on its performance in subsequent elections and this is what the. right across are because. devastation devastatingly pervasive and made worse by the pandemic that's the dire assessment from the biggest reported to violence against women which has just been released the world health organization says one in 3 is subjected to physical or sexual violence in their lifetime as 736000000 women and girls worldwide a quarter of young women who've been in a relationship will suffer violence at the hands of a partner by their mid twenty's the highest rates of violence are in the poorest countries with nearly 40 percent of women are affected co that 19 is increased women's exposure to violence because of lock downs and disruptions to support
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services let's make now to talk to the moreno in geneva she is the unit head addressing the needs of vulnerable populations and the world health organizations department of sexual and reproductive health thank you so much for your time you work with vulnerable populations dr according to this report the most vulnerable a women also sad about this is women themselves may not even be they're shocked about these numbers how do you feel when you read this report. well i think that sadly it's not surprising but it's still very shocking to see that these figures remain so persistently high and that we still have so many countries that have rates that go even a bar global average really see that it starts as you mentioned in early ages already women adolescent girls 15 to 19 year olds are experiencing
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abuse physical or sexual in the hands of partners and we really need to act with more urgency i think that's the main message that this report you know these numbers should really shock us into more urgent action more investment more prevention. and really challenging the gender inequality and accept ability of this violence i want to jump on something you mentioned young women are very much affected by this and partner violence intimate partner violence is so prevalent why is that. well i think the limits is not mean there's no single cause it is really the result of a deep set as a factor as you know from individual experiences of having grown up with violence or being abused as a child to the social context in which this violence is normalized and seen as
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acceptable and women themselves. sometimes accept these normality of of these issue. i think we see at the same time on the positive side we do see a growing awareness and we do see more young people. talking about consent and talking about you know new challenging some of the gender state students and we definitely need more action and more urgency we need to have school based programs that are addressing these issues. we need to have you know stronger economic opportunities and educational opportunities for women in girls and more conversation really about some of these power imbalances at the community level at the family level the discussion that we often have here when we're tackling the
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topic of violence against women is where is the focus go to address this should it be on largely men who are perpetrating this violence should we try to be trying to educate them should it be on women to encourage them to stand up you know to speak out that this is not ok or is it both is it even more than all of that. i think it's both for sure i think we need men and women and boys and girls to be working in tandem and we need also social policies and laws that are our. as a minimum not fostering some of the discrimination that we see. and but we really believe that both more men and boys and girls and women and society as a whole communities need to be working together to address this issue because really a problem that is not a women's problem it's a problem of society it's a problem that impacts everyone and it has a konami social and human cost. as well as obviously health. and
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well being impacts really are costly and all of them thank you so much for your time dr claudia garcia moreno there in geneva thank you. buckingham palace has broken its silence over the allegations of racism and bullying by prince harry and his wife meghan markle in an interview with oprah winfrey they spoke at length about why they stood aside from that royalties and split from the well family megan said should face questions about how about her then unborn son rather about how dark his skin color would be a statement released on behalf of queen elizabeth says the whole family 8 is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for harry and meg the issues raised particularly that of race are concerning while some recollections may vary they're taken very seriously will be addressed by the
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family privately harry megan and archie will always be much loved family member. a surge in coronavirus cases in jordan is focusing forcing rather the government to roll out new restrictions a nighttime curfew will be extended and some businesses will have to shut other measures including school closures had a total lockdown on fridays are already in place more than 7000 covered 19 cases were reported on monday and by the spread of the more contagious u.k. variant. palestinian prime minister mohammad she says the territory is going through a challenging 3rd wave of infections it's pushed intensive care occupancy rates to 100 percent in several hospitals he's also asked for countries to send the vaccine doses the promised as soon as possible as more from ramallah we're standing here in one of the main governments of the hospitals dealing with 900 patients and the
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hospital officials have been telling us that they're turning away tens of patients every day who need medical attention we're here in front of the emergency room and we're seeing patients waiting for their turn to get a room inside this hospital. staff told us that she is a priority when there's a vacancy they would need her immediately i know that they're doing their best given the circumstances with him the doctor told us she has to sleep in the hospital but we can't keep waiting in the corridor my mother in law is tired she's 92 years old people's concerns were confirmed by the palestinian prime minister that the hospitals are very full up here pretty even though the government has doubled the i.c.u. since the start of the pandemic me says that this is the government with one of those years and more social distancing and wearing masks but people have been this couple spied with the government they say that not only did this government not
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compensate people for the consecutive closures over the past year but also some of the few 1000 arrived in the occupied west bank have been given to missiles and their families which is raising a lot of concerns among people about the integrity of any future vaccine program on wednesday the u.s. house of representatives is going to vote on a covert 19 relief package worth almost 2 trillion dollars was approved by the senate today it includes $1400.00. the checks to individuals earning less than $80000.00 a year or couples earning less than 160000 the bill has the biggest increase to federal health aid since the obama era affordable care act around 30 $4000000000.00 in subsidies will go to expanding that coverage around $55000000000.00 will be allocated to increasing covert $900.00 testing public health workforce and vaccine distribution while $350000000000.00 will go to state and local governments
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struggling with huge tax revenue shortfalls white house correspondent kimberly harkat is in washington d.c. she reports president biden will use his address to try and boost national morrow. there are a number of things that could help american families that are struggling not only will there be those direct payments of $1400.00 but for a family that going to amount to thousands of dollars but you have to remember given the fact that we've been in this pandemic now a year that what this will allow people to do is catch up but it won't allow them to get ahead and so that's going to be the next task for congress once this is signed into law is looking at some of the things they weren't able to accomplish like raising the federal minimum wage to $15.00 an hour and an infrastructure package that would create jobs and so this is badly needed but certainly this is going to help because a lot of these benefits that were in place run out on the 14th that's this week and so we expect that the u.s. president is eager to sign this we know that from his white house press secretary
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and we are expecting that there will be swift passage in congress there's going to be a tremendous sales pitch and there are a number of reasons why 1st of all the u.s. president wants to boost morale so he'll be making a primetime address on thursday evening here in the united states to sell this plan to talk about the sacrifices that americans have made so far and what can they can expect in the future but there's another reason that he's doing this he was not able to unite democrats and republicans on this bill in fact it's being passed on party lines so it doesn't tick the box for uniting the country but what it does do is give them the opportunity to sell this to the american people and that's what we're going to hear from the president as he speaks on thursday and then use ahead . saddles opposition leader and president call for calm off the days of political violence. by the way all this short of microchips i want to tell is also about a market monopoly. and the race for the oldest trophy in international sport is
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about to get underway china will look ahead to the america's cup. however the weather's looking lousy fought in dry across much of the middle east but there is a change on the way if we look a little further north we got a rather more cloud just around the black sea around the caspian sea one of 2 showers coming in i may have asked the way you can see that some wet weather just easing across grace that will make its way across turkey as we go through thursday in a good part of the seeing some wet weather and that cloud of rain will just strange the fog north of syria iraq will see some showers coming into iran what the weather coming into i mean you know georgia and azerbaijan that just around the caucuses just some rain to ensue afghanistan a couple of around 6 degrees celsius but south of that is 5 and dreidels
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a pleasant sunshine coming through over the next couple of days the sunshine stretches across the whole of africa fondant right here we have got some showers just brewing up once again around lake victoria but the showers not quite as widespread around the tropics as we go on through the next few days you can see this chain of showers there into northern madagascar well in parts of mozambique still a few showers there into zambia well so weather across the gulf of guinea as we go through the next day or so and the same chain of storms continues to go on through thursday for thursday that a bit of wet weather for the southern cape but clearing through by the end of the week. now. we will be teaching a daily struggles with isolation and battles with physical hardship. sacrificing
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their family lives to the education future generations. women in the way on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions with that are unfolding on capitol hill international film makers or moon class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and every one of us in the responsibility to change all thirsty exploits for the little bon al-jazeera. the in the in.
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your geology is there a reminder of our top stories this hour brazil's supreme court has thrown out the criminal convictions of former president lewis and also let the silver the ruling paves the way for lula to run in next year's election. the e.u. parliament has stripped 3 x. of catalan separatists politicians of immunity from prosecution they're wanted in spain for organizing an illegal independence referendum and 2017. a judge in the u.s. city of minneapolis is starting the process of selecting a jury in the trial of a white police officer charged with killing george for 3 weeks have been set aside to choose 12 jurors in a case which caused a global outcry. military leaders have recalled their country's ambassador to the u.k. after he publicly denounced the coup this comes as a 2nd official with aung san suu g.'s political party darkies after being arrested
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overnight by me and my security forces zalmay out aaron's cause of death isn't on the spot another night of violence demonstrators have once again turned out scott hartley reports. the campaign of intimidation reaches new levels in yangon hundreds of young protesters were trapped after they were surrounded by police and myanmar's military in the city's ascent chowed district threatening door to door searches they fired guns and use stun grenades as they patrolled warning that anyone hiding protesters would also be punished but. it lasted all night the protesters were finally able to leave in the early morning hours after the security forces pulled out in a rare and risky nighttime gathering protesters in yangon broke curfew went to the streets calling for the release of the others there were reports at least 2 dozen were arrested overnight. unfazed by the heavy hand of the security forces across the country protesters came out and faced the continued crackdown just
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a few hours after the trapped protesters in yangon were finally able to leave. since the february 1st coup and advocacy group estimates 800 people have been detained several lawyers have stationed themselves in front of insane prison helping relatives of those arrested find out if they are inside and if they need a lawyer they say they are dedicated to serving those who have been detained free of charge but also getting information to the families. we are not afraid of people threatening us because we are doing this in accordance with the local and if they do this illegal we are prepared to carry out until the end. in nearby malaysia a court has given rights groups amnesty international and asylum access the right to challenge the deportation of myanmar nationals a big step in the country because its laws often make it difficult to challenge immigration decisions in court. 1086 citizens were sent back to me and mar on
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february 23rd it's unlikely they will return to malaysia but it will prevent more than 100 others from being deported the next hearing is in 2 weeks. while it's clear myanmar security forces plan to continue their crackdown the protesters are also not backing down on the streets. coming out to continue putting pressure on the jointer. al-jazeera. senegalese opposition leader urging supporters to keep their protests peaceful at least 10 people died during demonstrations against his arrest on rape charges says a politically motivated president marcus salis also appealing for calm at last hark reports from the car. a night of celebration after days of protests i there he is released on bail and some go addresses that the nation in this press conference by his side are leading figures of senegal's opposition.
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the people are sending us politicians a message no matter our convictions or beliefs we have a responsibility to unite the show and bring back politics to its noble cause presenting the people. several people died in scores were injured after he was arrested over rape charges his supporters believe the case is politically motivated . the presence of the military did not deter demonstrators nor did the tear gas nor the police dressed in civilian clothes will the baseball that restricting the internet to did not stop the hash tag 3 senegal from trending. hundreds if not thousands of people are gathering here still the flying the security forces who are far teargassed there's a sense among supporters. that when the end detention it's a victory for them and a reminder to the government that they're accountable not to big business in
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corporations but to the people. demonstrators looted supermarkets accusing president mikey cell of failing the country's poor by protecting big business interests. after days of protests he finally addressed the nation realizing that the demonstrations were not just about was months ago but about many senegalese feeling disenfranchised. their generation faced with so many hardships its verses on happiness is quite understandable to me at the same time let's avoid participating in anything that the laser's in the quest for a better future. when you're insecure business when you would take the goods of others you don't create jobs you destroy them you don't reduce poverty you make it worse. the president extended the coronavirus curfew until midnight to allow small shop owners longer business hours but for many the protests are not just
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about the economic crisis or politics but about defending senegal's a long standing tradition of democracy and freedom values protesters say a worth fighting for their lives hawke algis the right to car u.s. a climate envoy john kerry is in brussels where he's pushing the european union and united states to revive their joint efforts on emissions and laying groundwork for a un climate summit in the event. i come here to renew conversations with our friends in europe over our cooperation on climate which was extraordinary as we lead up to paris it will have to even be stronger now we phrase extraordinary crisis because the science is screaming out of the evidence grown by the year last year again hottest year in history and you go
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back and trace of all many other indicators. workers are pumping oil out of the chinese fishing boats that ran aground off the coast of mauritius the vessel was carrying $130.00 tons of oil in ahead of coral reef now the capital on sunday there was a small spill at 1st but the hole remained intact it should take 5 days to empty and todashev away it's the 2nd ship wreck and in less than a year in july a tanker ran aground and spilled 1000 tons of fuel. chinese state owned companies are getting a bigger foothold in chile it's an investment bonanza but not everyone is sure it's a good thing and some politicians are proposing ways to put the brakes on latin america editor of the c n human reports from timber offer. from the $1000000000.00 acquisition of one of the world's largest salmon companies to the purchase of copper in lithium mines
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to wineries and fruit fields. china has set its sights on chile it may be a small country but it has a very long and strategic pacific coastline and lots of resources that the agent giant needs but that's not the only attraction the most important thing for china is. window shop in. the region. to say. you know here we are in. america but while chile's economic growth a great deal to china members of congress are warning of an aggressive investment defensive not from private capital but from the chinese state yes you're not right we're lucky if you don't regulate the participation of reforms light in your economy that economy could be nationalized not by around country but rather by a foreign state that's what we've presented a bipartisan bill to level the playing field for everyone because we're facing an
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offensive by the chinese state the wants to take over strategic. sectors of the economy the congressman has called drafted a proposal that seeks to regulate foreign state ownership in strategic and geopolitical sectors of the economy on the top of his list is the chinese state's majority control of electricity distribution in chile cherry orchard like the one you see here may not seem to fit that description but chinese companies are increasingly buying more and more agricultural land like this farm to produce one of chile's prime exports fruit especially cherries and that's raising concerns that china may be moving towards producing packing and exporting its own fruit eventual eliminating the chilean entrepreneur altogether. 6 weeks ago at the height of peak season $1000000000.00 cherry exports to china ground to an abrupt halt.
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it's very suspicious exactly when we started buying this bill in congress who social networks in china who are controlled by the slight became denouncing that out sherri's had traces of coke at 19. chiles foreign ministry refuses to entertain the notion of foul play at least publicly but is not alone in suspecting that china was sending a veiled message that there's a high price to pay if chile decides to limit china's economic influence on human al-jazeera. saying it chinese official says plans to change hong kong electoral system will protect its international role the legislation effectively dismantles hong kong's opposition by giving a beijing appointed committee control of who can run for office the national people's congress is expected to approve it on thursday. even with the years though especially since the tour is over the proposed let's elect of amendments in 2019
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and you china to troublemakers in the city have colluded with external host by a process openly advocated hungama independence and the so the trouble in hong kong and china that march by exploiting. exploratory elections because this electoral system of the one has they are a global shortage of semiconductor chips is hurting the high tech industries from the makers of game consols to cars auto plants are reporting production delays of up to 1000000 vehicles and the problem is highlighted the dominance of 2 of the world's leading chip makers taiwan and south korea on the bride's reports from salt . between them south korea and taiwan have a near monopoly on the world's production of processing and memory chips it's a dominance in a strategic commodity that's been developing over years but now making itself felt
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as the world becomes increasingly technology driven but from here on out it's going to broader considerately to egypt with everything modern fighter. it's not. your electric vehicle if you cars can have it you can retrieve it it's getting old like other car makers this general motors plant outside seoul has been experiencing delays because of a global shortage of chips it's been a wake up call for many world leaders but the investment of time and money needed to become a chip maker means south korea and taiwan will maintain their lead for years to come it's a global shortage that's been made worse by the pandemic when car factories ramped up production again late last year it coincided with a surge in demand for consumer goods also needing chips and a move towards online activities requiring greater data processing that needs
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yes ever more chips frank wiring is the founder of one of taiwan's chip manufacturers whose business has grown as the island has come to dominate the sector this is a burning portal with a one continual sub why a bell in the porch opinion of the state and other your country on this so buying toys in the 2nd largest processor if we have a problem the war or have a problem it's this indispensable that work well right now taiwan's chips are also indispensable to mainland china providing it with the so-called silicon shield against beijing's expansion in the region but also raising the stakes in the increasing comp. tition between china and the u.s. semiconductor is strong taiwan is strong but it's becoming so strong and so we need to be careful so is the better to keep it neutral because if semiconductor all
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silicon shield you know distress is being used as a weapon taiwan will get involved it will that was the conflict between us the and china and that is the dangerous there is to protect you if you actually get it increased action great let's go. through to renegotiate your time try hard conflict your competition south korea's and taiwanese production mastery of a tiny component that makes any potential conflict in east asia a matter of global concern rob mcbride al jazeera so. coming up in sports christiana rinaldo and his team of what to do if they're to reach the quarter finals of the champions league final look at their chances. and there are few signs of a new chapter in u.s. around relations i'll tell you why that's not stopping an american book titles final 10 pounds shelves.
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the or the only. time that sport has gemma thank you kim is looking more and more likely that there will be no overseas fans to take your lympics as organized as it looks a cup at the spread of corona virus one japanese newspaper said last week the government had already made up its mind and that's now also being reported by the country's a news agency as well as organizers it will hold a meeting with officials from the international olympic committee this week a formal decision on foreign fans is expected before the torch relay which is set to stop behind closed doors on march the 25th it's also been announced that
9:49 pm
a genetics a test event in tokyo has been canceled because of 19 travel restrictions it was opposed to sort of may the 4th and feature athletes from around the out instead it will now be replaced by a local event with any japanese gymnasts the subject of fans will be discussed on the international olympic committee meets on wednesday and that's also when i.o.c. president to thomas back is set to be reelected unopposed this is him is taking a vote from asia growth in 2013 and till now stay in charge until 2025. british swimmer adam p.c. is one of the top of gold medal prospects to take you he's the defending champion and world record holder in the 100 meters breaststroke paty is aiming to go faster than ever in japan and he disagrees with 23 time gold medalist michael phelps who says the pandemic disruption will result in fewer world records some countries have been able to train some haven't so much been offered of so we're going to really
9:50 pm
see if we are going to see huge kind of difference or i think you see lives as well so the impacts are dealing with the fact. i think some people just find a form it's they my walk will definitely no doubt you will recall very many after 15 years in charge of germany's world cup winning national football coach your team of will step down after the european championship this summer took over the job after the 2006 world cup and lead the germans it to the 2014 title along the way he's also won the fifa confederations cup and reached at least the semifinals in 4 other major tournaments fiore suggest a place in june and july germany's most prominent manager yogen club has declared himself unavailable for the job the 53 year old has been in charge of livable since 2015 won the premier league last season but the current on a terrible run of form with 6 home defeats in a right if i wait
9:51 pm
a bit for the job or for the benefit of coach of the german national team because i won't know somebody else will do the job and i'm pretty sure with the amount of free to good german managers in the moment that john f. able find a good solution. clubs form a side door and will be hoping to make it into the champions league quarter finals this evening they take a 3 to late into the 2nd leg of their last 16 tie against severe in the other game of the night eventis will try to overturn a $21.00 of 1st leg deficit against porter and porto's coach expects his players to be more than a match for you they despite the big financial differences between the sides is really. limited field only cost eventis $85000000.00 but compare that with what we spend here it's 4 times more than it's just one player it shows how powerful and strong they are sufficient for but that's not what goes out on the pitch at the end of the day it's 11 players against 11 players.
9:52 pm
speaking of those big money players a new face most expensive signing christiania are now days is expected to start this evening having been a substitute in saturday's league win over last ca the forward will be hoping to add to the 4 goals he's already scored in this season's competition and his coach says he fired up for this one motivation to be and it was the speed and good use of the matches he loves to play he's proved it over all these years used charged up he managed to rest a bit these past few days we had planned his workload after the match against both syria and he works very well and when there are matches like this he just can't wait to play for barcelona in action on wednesday night with a very tough job ahead of them a little messy and his team mates need to overturn a 41 defeat by paris in the 1st leg if they're to progress the 2nd leg is in paris but boss the coach rather came and is convinced his side have the ability to bounce back. but i would be that we're still alive we're team that always tries to win
9:53 pm
regardless of where we play and we always create chances to school so if we manage to be clinical nothing is impossible. the race for the oldest trophy in international sport finally gets underway later in new zealand as sailings america's cup begins racing was delayed by 4 days because of a coronavirus lockdown in auckland but now defending champions a team new zealand will go up against challenges luna rossa in the best of 13 contest team new zealand skipper believes it will be a tight competition between the 2 teams you know it's been a pretty incredible campaign you know obviously it is been a lot of supposed changes going along especially with the kind of environment you know not being out of the warm up of your mix touched on you know on a lot of different. situations getting thrown at us but you know i think at the end of the day you know we're now on to mars the day we're you know it's exciting and you know we actually get to go right in front of a room we know are there for us because we see like is there more than 2 months ago
9:54 pm
and we see and we saw them during the. few weeks ago is the american and english but. are there no i don't i think is too is to a live for me i don't know the crystal ball in the n.f.l. the dallas cowboys have agreed the richest contracting club history with quarterback that prescott's the 4 year contract features a guaranteed a $126000000.00 and the n.f.l. record $66000000.00 signing bonus this makes the 27 year old the 2nd highest paid quarterback in the league behind patrick. that is all your sport for me for now are be back with more later thanks for gemma a tension between the u.s. and iran doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon that doesn't mean iranians aren't interested in reading about the lives of u.s. presidents and 1st ladies iran is a member of the universal copyright convention so the books are being translated
9:55 pm
into farsi and published without the author's consent as a babe reports from tehran. book lovers students and avid readers all come to centers to rant to look for the latest releases and it's here in a quite back street where one publisher translates western titles he's just finished his 5th edition of former u.s. presidents barack obama's promised land we do this. you know there are severe sanctions laws big american publishers don't get themselves involved in a situation that can be dangerous for them getting involved with the run and risking the sale of millions of copies of their books they say they can't get involved with the reigning publishes we can't have cultural relations with americans or a financial relationship not even to receive a simple permission stuff here say obama's book was sold out in 2 days people don't like to know about everything that is going on in the world and of course america is one of the important ones so people are interested to know outside on the
9:56 pm
streets there's an appetite for western titles. i've read hemingway's old man and the sea and now i'm reading tolstoy's resurrection this famous iranian bookstore has western titles in both english and farsi the books are printed inside the country and not authorized by the original authors or publishes the exception is american academic norm chomsky who iranian publishers say gave permission for his works to be translated and printed you can find books on u.s. president joe biden here michelle obama's becoming and the book and former u.s. president donald trump and fury all in farsi consumed by iranians but there is a downside to an authorized publishing especially for authors trying to make a living. british author nick a shocker found out his book the good immigrant had been translated and published after a google that i thought is great has an international reach amazing thing for.
9:57 pm
what i originally envisaged as a small project but i also thought. that the writers should be compensated because you know these are all writers who got paid money for the original book and that's kind of the shame of this that we didn't have any so we didn't have any we don't have any say on how it's been translated house remarked the publishers we've spoken to say they'd like to be a part of the copyright convention it would increase translation standards and reduce the number of publishers allowed to print a book but u.s. sanctions mean many companies don't want to engage with iran missing out on reaching a country with a population of more than 18000000 people as big al jazeera. that's news here on al-jazeera that's it for me and a team here in doha up next is barbara sara has much more news for you from london
9:58 pm
to see you next time about that. jump into the story there is a lot going on in this one julian global community when i don't have all the misinformation i think we all want to feed the hungry and be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are who would love to hear from you in each week be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there. an act of
9:59 pm
youthful defiance going to maroochydore turn next all the rules of the school will be arrested no toilet for in the morning was electric shock treatment or worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all which became a battle without and will be giving up beyond struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war. on al-jazeera. i'm mad no moved out of his parents' house after he got me he says he found more space to begin discussing after a run of eating it last year it's now his home along with his wife to turn and help but it's really government said to keep was be constructed to be tempting permits and issued at the militia in order last month our interview will cut short as he hears that the israeli army has arrived in the village with the bulldozer residents say soldiers give them one minute to do. it took the found me months to build their
10:00 pm
brick house and less than an hour to see it get demolished. the. jury selection begins in the trial of the former policeman facing charges for his role in the death of george floyd. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up the legal technicality that's paved the way for brazil's a new lead to stage a political comeback stripped of immunity from prosecution catalonians former president.


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