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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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be the hero world leader right. this is al jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. house is set to vote on a covert 1000 relief package worth nearly 2 trillion dollars good job biden a big political win also. a push for equal access to covert 19 vaccine in south africa and india appeal for the suspension of the w a w t o. closer to
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a political comeback former brazilian president lula da silva addresses his supporters after a court ruling boosts his chances of challenging. and libya's rival factions agree on a unity government after suffering years of war. and i'm peter simmons of all the days sports news i.o.c. president thomas buck says he fully expects the delayed turkey remember games to go ahead this july that and more later in the program. welcome to the news the u.s. house of representatives is expected to pass a $1.00 trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill one of the largest in the country's history the bill will provide $1400.00 worth of checks to americans as well as extended unemployment benefits and tax breaks once it's passed it'll then be signed by president joe biden around $10000000.00 people in the u.s.
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a commonly unemployed a number that has risen sharply since the beginning of the pandemic a white house correspondent kelly healthcare to standing by with the very latest kimberly you know we're edging closer and closer to a potential done deal. yes absolutely there's no question about it this this is gone through the house one time it went over to the senate with some slight modifications now it's back in the house for final proof will we expect this is going to go along party lines there's really only one democrat that may not support this and once it is voted on which we know it's imminent the president says that he'll sign it into law so this is looking very good in terms of what the white house is calling one of the most progressive pieces of legislation it's a big campaign promise that joe biden is looking to deliver on of course lots of americans were looking for perhaps to what goes into the bank accounts only 24 hours ago you were telling us here when i'll just it's not going to get them out of
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debt is going to help them come up yeah what this is going to do it's going to stop the bleeding but it's not going to stitch the wound so that is where the controversy comes in this is why we're seeing it under party lines that republicans are saying look at this isn't creating jobs is not the infrastructure package all this is doing is helping people catch up on the bills they haven't been able to pay for the last year due to the pandemic what this is going to do is put direct cash into people's bank accounts so $1400.00 checks if you're a family this could mean thousands of dollars so what the biden administration is banking on is that this will be 10 jubal policy the american public can see but at the same time the argument coming from republicans and this is why they're not supporting it is that they say what we need is not a one time payment but a way to ensure that americans can continue to get paid well of course for the
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biden ministration it goes hand in hand with the covert vaccine rollout getting people back home and getting businesses open these 2 now intrinsically into linked . yeah the list sales pitch is going to start now because what we know is that this legislation is overwhelmingly popular with the american public some 75 percent of american voters support this but once the the money is spent the fear is that people will forget how this is impacting their lives so what we know is that not only are we going to see it's part of this roll out joe biden meeting with vaccine manufacturers today at the white house but he's also making a primetime address on thursday to acknowledge the sacrifices americans have made but also the promises he says will continue under his administration complacency that that course will join you through the day let's bring in journalist and also ray suarez he joins me now live via skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us mr suarez on the program this is
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a huge big tick for the president who said he was going to prioritize the sort of covert pandemic and its effects on the public and business alike and he's done it with the $100.00 days of taking office you know it's easy to forget how close to the edge so many americans are living right. heard it's not climate insurance benefits that was in the bill runs out in a matter of days so yes this is a big splashy win for the biden administration but if it didn't happen it was going to be calamitous were untold numbers of americans local governments that were running out of money to pay for personal protective equipment pay for covert $19.00 tests and pay for administering the vaccine well help is on the way it's in this bill as your correspondent mentioned it's hugely popular and the republicans seem to be straining to find
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a reason to be against it you know if somebody is drowning in the water you can argue on the deck about whether to throw them a life preserver it doesn't help their sinking boat that's true yeah but that may be too much to ask right now indeed i mean this is why there's just about the politics a little bit more ready because the package itself obviously was passed on partisan lines biden knew this was going to happen he said previous experience as vice president under the obama era to understand how this works when you're trying to get something that's a bipartisan bill sent through it didn't happen he knew what was going to happen how does this leave his relationship with those in the senate. i think this is going to be a difficult vote for republicans down the road they will now be on the record having a hole is this bill which is after all. water to be thrown on a fire in an emergency you hat there are technical quibbles that they have some of
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them quite legitimate but the bill was sweet and one of the most 100 virtual aspects of it was an expansion of the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour it was going to give trouble to legislators on both sides of the aisle they took that out they put a cap in for those $1400.00 checks so that high income households wouldn't be getting the checks that did not louer one republican across the aisle to vote for it that's something they're going to have to explain you know our election cycles are such that some of them will be running for reelection again in just a few months and this is something they're going to have that justify to their own voters and they didn't joe biden knows this as we come to the sort of mid terms in the next few months as well because he's reinforcing the success that we're going to see later on on wednesday by winning the hearts and minds of people across the u.s. by going to the public in a t.v. address on firstly to explain his position and explain how important this bill is
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how important is the message on thursday and what you think the message is going to be from biden moving forward to the public who are really hanging on every word when it comes to getting themselves back home on track again he can win on the policy and the politics this time around explain. ok we see we seem to be having problems with that connection with ray suarez obviously a little bit difficult on skype up the moment we'll try to get back to mature through the evening but you got a general gist of what is pending over the next year as we following events of course or for washington d.c. with our correspondents and with our guests let's move over to south africa and india who are both leading a push at the world trade organization to drop patent restrictions on covert $900.00 axioms more than $100.00 countries say that would allow greater access to vaccines for developing nations according to
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a campaign group called one richer countries are hoarding excess doses preventing poor nations from getting them now it's estimated the surplus of doses who would be enough to vaccinate the entire population of africa johns hopkins university found nearly half of those who've been fully vaccinated so far were in the united states and only 10 countries have been able to vaccinate 75 percent of their populations and the u.n. secretary general until you get terrorist says the inequality of the vaccine distribution is widely uneven and unfair for me to miller has more from johannesburg. he said it was hot there it's been a year since the 1st cove in 1000 infection was identified in south africa since then more than 50000 people have died here and 1500000 have been infected well richard nations rolled out vaccines the program in south africa's been much slower .
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quarter. it's. south african india leading a movement to suspend the world trade organizations agreement on intellectual property rights for covert 1000 vaccines but many high income countries including the united states and those in the european union have rejected the idea they say waiving the peyton's would put off private investors and slow down scientific innovation and existing regulations allow drug manufacturers to make their own deals with generic manufacturers while some developing nations that garner ivory coast in the suit to have begun receiving their 1st doses to the u.n. back to vaccine sharing scheme known as kovacs many others in africa are being left behind. there is
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a capacity for mr companies to produce things like i said in medical school. it is essential that the wealthy states stop blocking or putting in legal barriers and delaying essential kozel ahead. of the world trade organization according to the united nations 3 quarters of all covert 1000 vaccines have been secured by just 10 countries all of them wealthy 130 countries that's about 2500000000 people have not received a single dose this is not the 1st public health emergency that south africa is facing it has one of the highest hiv aids rates in the world in the 1990 s. millions of people in this country and other developing nations died without access to the drugs they needed simply because they were too expensive so africa is once again calling for access to cheaper drugs to save lives with some arguing that despite covert 1000 vaccines been tested in africa many nations on the continent
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still remain at the back of the queue for me to al-jazeera johannesburg. chile assert to extend its coronavirus state of emergency making it the world's longest running curfew now the government says the measures which have already been in place for a year are necessary to contain the spread of the virus but critics argue it's ineffective and gives health officials too much power but the country is registering around a new $1000.00 new cases every week that's despite it having given at most a vaccine globally per capita. brazil has recorded its highest number of deaths incredible was in a single day 2000 fatalities were registered on shoes day the country has had more than 11000000 cases and is facing the worst phase of the pandemic yet pushing its health care system to the brink of collapse brazil's for president luis in our salute to silver is speaking at his 1st news conference since a corruption charges against him was overturned told his supporters that he always
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knew that he'd be vindicated monday's decision by a supreme court judge to overturn a corruption charge duces chances of making a political comeback the conviction in 2017 saw him serve 18 months in jail and barred him from running for office he could become president also or as main left wing rival in next year's election has been critical of president ball sonora in his address our correspondent mother yannick of joins me now from rio de janeiro listening in to what the former president had to say what was he saying well i even need she was saying basically bad that you were then president and justly and. the mention of the charges is proof that that happened although it comes late he always believed in the system that while he was in jail he at least
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felt of the support of people in brazil who would be calling his name outside the prison door but also he thanked world leaders. hope and also bernie sanders who ran for president in the united states and other world leaders like. the former year of y. and president. he also was very critical of the judiciary of the judiciary specifically of judge satchel mortal who was the one that convicted him many said he was only able to do that because he time the corruption charges against the law which have to do with allegedly buying an apartment and. receiving a plot of land. he chided that to the carwash scandal which was investigated and he was very very critical of the media but he's been pretty moderate except for this
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very harsh criticism of special moral of the media and he also criticized of course president also not a saying that he does not understand the plight of the brazilians which are going through a very hard time right now not only the pandemic but a 14 percent unemployment rate. one of the things that. one has done in this press conference was keeping playing his cards very close to his chest because he still has some legal hurdles to jump before he can officially declare if he wants to that he's going to possibly fight the next presidential election problems to see face in the next few weeks. well the general prosecutor can appeal the decision of this one supreme court judge these charges they were not on a sort of a technicality saying that he had been tried in the wrong court and he had been
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tried in the wrong court which is in the southern city of chiba because this judge several more wanted to tie it to the carwash scandal so he said no it's not tied to that so he would have to be retried in brasilia so it's not that he's totally he he wasn't considered innocent of all charges he he just was tried in the wrong place for allegedly political reasons but anyway in the wrong place so he can be retried so that's one hurdle that he has to pass the other thing was that the supreme court should have decided yesterday whether a special more had been an impartial when he tried. the rule of law or not and it ended up in a tie with 2 supreme court justices saying very in phatic lead that yes he had been impartial that was the biggest scandal and brazilian history in the judiciary
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system to others that said that he was he had been impartial and one that said well i haven't made up my mind yet i'm new to the supreme court i have to think this time could last a week it can last also years there's no time limit for that so there's also that. certainly what happens in the coming days so that i'm a thanks for sending additional ever. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news our other girls opposition leader blames the government for days of violence that's what dhaka last week and a new step in to reconcile with its colonial past france is to declassify secret documents related to algeria as war of independence and sailings america's cup gets underway peter will have the best of the action from day one that's coming up unschooled.
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libya's parliament has approved a new interim unity government turns part of a un back deal now it'll be responsible for holding elections later this year libya has been divided between 2 rival administration supported by armed groups and foreign governments there's been unrest since the uprising toppled by gadhafi in 2011 let's cross over to our correspondent malik trainer who is in misrata libya finally gets a unity government malik it took intense negotiations to get to this position how did the vote. well that's right it's been a very long and difficult road to bring the m.p.'s libya's members of parliament together they've been divided pretty much since they were elected in 20141 of course the tobruk based parliament with these headed by i get a solid base in the east while
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a rival parliament is based in tripoli and he's began this rival parliament one leaf after began a military operation to take control of the capital of course he failed after 14 months but m.p.'s that were against his campaign came to tripoli they've been divided there have been attempts to bring libya's. peace together $11.00 time failed in october in the city of the dam is another failed attempt happened in the city of so broad but it's a very actual historical day for for libyans for especially for members of parliament who are able to actually come together they came together on monday 132 members of parliament met in the city of sirte they've been negotiating for the last couple of days and today they voted in this new interim government so it's seen here by many as a historical day indeed a historic day perhaps for the hard work is yet to come and that will be appealing
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to the public to go to the polling stations in the months ahead because elections will be fraught with political campaigning. well that's right i mean elections for a for libya to have elections so soon i think many people have concerns that the infrastructure isn't perhaps ready will not be ready in time for these elections of course there are lots of other difficulties including courting to the u.n. support mission there are over 20000 foreign fighters here in libya so this new interim government has a lot of challenges ahead of them forcing for instance these foreign fighters out of the country could perhaps be the most difficult task without doing that it's not and it's not like it will be very difficult for them to hold elections but also there is a divided military so the hope is that now after this new interim government takes
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power they're able to unite the factions but there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered for instance what what's the fate of after what happens it will he be put in a position of power in libya here in western libya they see him as a war criminal so. they won't accept him or at least the people with weapons won't accept them here but in eastern libya he has support so there's a lot of questions that still need to be answered but there is hope and for the most part most libyans or almost all libyans can agree that they want to see elections whether or not that can take place needs to be nice to be seen but the hope is that come december a nationwide election can happen for the update thanks so much money trying to force that in this process. so the girls opposition politician who has accused the president of being responsible for last week's violence sancho serous for taking
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part in an authorized rally triggered days of demonstrations 2 people were killed in confrontations between protesters and police who is also facing rape charges heated noisy accusation which he says is part of a plot to bar him from standing in the actions in 2024 nicholas time because more from dhaka he wants to capitalize on the unprecedented movement that we've seen the last couple of days where we saw protesters demonstrators taking to the street not just here in the capital the car but throughout the country was quick to condemn the looting and the violence saying that he is not looting in the violence towards french supermarkets he's saying that he's not and he french but he wants to rebalance the relationship with the former colonial power in favor not big corporate french corporations but in favor of the senegalese people he also said that the government and the people need to listen to the word on the streets
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and this call from people they have really taken on mass on the streets to express themselves he says he is not responsible though for the violence that has taken place that has resulted and scores of people injured and at least at least according to him dozens of people killed. we are absolutely not responsible for the violence that happened and we're not responsible for what might happen next because senegal has a lot of problems right now and we will not profit from destabilizing the country further i'm calling on everybody for calm but to remain mobilized. now the owners he says is on president to answer to this call from the people on the streets there are more protests planned this saturday because this new movement called the movement to defend democracy well they say that at least 400 people are currently in detention people that have been detained and that were arrested during the
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protest movement that we've seen recently so a lot more protests at least a demonstration planned on saturday and for months uncle he's seen this as a moment for the country to unite and to get together behind his movement french president manuel bankrolls says his government will speed up the declassification of secret documents from its colonial era the decision will make it easier to access information relating to the algerian war of independence but critics say the blocking of thousands of what's public document shows there's still a long way to go in january a truth commission was set up to look into france's colonial history historians have called for victims testimonies to be clued algeria's war of independence lasted from 154-2962 and was one of the world's bloody as conflicts with various as more than 1000000 of its people were killed you said is professor of political science a cattle university he says france has not made an apology for the atrocities
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committed and is unlikely to. i think the police in these documents and the archives will get a long way toward start let's not forget gotten reports by benjamin should just to make available in the archives but he also who doesn't want a protein i believe that marco has made significant studs but to apologize for france's behavior in nigeria would not be the would not be good for his electoral campaign leave the. until he inside has not been called in for that. the public day because the underlings have not made so much effort in these demands and also there are so many deep people in florence who do not necessarily believe the reason was
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a bad thing they believe that the french adventure in on julia was to civilise there was some veges if flounced out created a jury of its finance the big infrastructure in algeria and therefore they have nothing to apologize for the if that is in opposing it should come from the un julien's terrorists who committed that there was of course cities. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour long term exposure 10 years old from the fukushima nuclear accident to one residents will feel the effects for decades to come. also off limits we look at the impact be creative i was part of that because having old one of christianity's most sacred songs. barcelona look to overturn a 41 deficit one day visit p.s.g. to champions league peace and love that story here in sports so don't go away.
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hello the weather set fire across much of the middle east but no one piles will see some cloud and rain over the next couple days and some snowfall could measure say some snow fall recently into the northeast. more where it's windy at a time as wintry weather just around the caucuses and this area cloud right becomes a little more expansive as we go through thursday said well why spread rang coming in as we go on through the course of the day a little bit lifted thus the sand into southern parts of iraq and increasing winds just pushing through here and that increasing wind just starting to fade as well of course the eastern side of saudi arabia so again lifted dust and sand to watch out for a breezy day on friday here in doha temperatures around $34.00 celsius for the north that will be that wetter weather coming out of to keep pushing across northern parts of iraq pushing into the northwest of iran southern parts of the caspian but to the south of that is generally fine and dry and the dry weather stretches across
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the whole of africa still a few showers just around southern parts of uganda but the majority of the showers really coming from a line from northern madagascar northern mozambique right up into the gulf of guinea sweater weather coming through here but a bit breezy is pushing into the eastern side of the cape for time but we east. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure is that a fair assessment it would be a catastrophic failure to twice valuable backseat informed opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on out 0.
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since its inception in 1961 the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over 100 countries by funding projects in an array of sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development. rule. oh. oh oh. oh back you watching al-jazeera is news hour with me so robin a reminder of our top stories the u.s. house of representatives has begun debating
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a covert $900.00 relief package with almost 2 trillion dollars it affects direct cash payments funding for covert $900.00 testing and vaccination distribution would be as parliament has approved a new interim unity government as part of a u.n. backed deal it'll be responsible for holding elections later this year the country has been divided between 2 rival administrations. brazil's former president luis in a salute to silva who's speaking at his 1st news conference since the corruption charges against him was overturned lula told his supporters the t. always knew he'd be vindicated. japan is marking 10 years since the devastating earthquake and tsunami kill thousands of people it also severely damaged a nuclear power plant that continues to pose a contamination risk but what pride has more. it was the biggest quake japan has ever recorded. creating devastating tsunami waves that crashed into towns and
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communities along its northeastern coast it left around $20000.00 people dead or missing and it caused a meltdown at the fukushima nuclear power plant that led to more than 150000 people being evacuated from surrounding areas 10 years on and just 10 kilometers from the plant the town of tommy yoker still hasn't recovered u.-turn was just 14 when he was evacuated with his family residents were allowed to return only 4 years ago but parts of the town are still off limits and strewn with bags of radioactive soil like another 30 they used to hold a teddy blossom festival here and this lordly filled with food stars and people further along the coastline away from the contaminated areas lives have been rebuilt and sea defenses strengthened the government has turned the reconstruction effort into
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a symbol of national revival coinciding with the delayed summer olympics but the games remain in doubt and the decommissioning of the reactors poses a challenge for years to come. as of now i think we should keep our current plan to decommission within the next 30 years more than a 1000000 tonnes of contaminated water has now built up at the site amid speculation it might be released into the sea there is widespread opposition in spite of government assurances that the water has been treated during or hanging on they're going to go in and i'm concerned about what will happen to the fishing industry in the next 10 years there is talk of releasing the water and i'm very worried for many this anniversary will be a time to reflect on a natural disaster that took so much from this part of japan. and that is still dealing with the legacy of it some precedented force rob mcbride al-jazeera. russia
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has restricted access to twitter accusing the social media platform of failing to remove banned content now the country's communications watchdog says it slowed down the website speed and they've warned it could be blocked entirely unless action is taken on tuesday russian authorities announced lawsuits against 5 social media platforms for post related to opposition protests according to the interfax news agency 18 white is the founder and president of the ethical journalism that's work joins me now via skype from london good to have you with us mr white on the program and we are seeing some countries not just russia but india over far both protests over a military coup in recent weeks that have challenged the role of social media and it sort of roll over free speech over a range of issues what's your reaction to what russia is trying to do. well i'm i mean i agree with you we've seen in many countries in recent times sometimes on the cover or 'd action around 19 in the pandemic we've seen governments introducing new
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restrictions on the press and the media which of course is dangerous for press freedom the actions in russia of the continuation of a process that's been going on for some years which is. on the part of the authorities to constrain 'd criticism and internal dissent to cutely when it's leading to criticism of the government and we've seen this in particular the way that social networks have been very important in terms of support for election in the valley and i think the irritated governments and the authorities in russia and i think me is perhaps one of the reasons to explain this latest action that's been taken against twitter i mean your opinion what options do twitter have is it to comply because resistance is futile. well there their options are limited i mean the problem is twitter and some of the other social net networks have not exactly cover themselves in glory in recent times we saw the actions of
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the social networks in the united states around the attack on the capital which led to. politicians calling for restrictions on social networks and and there has been concern in europe about our slow social networks like twitter and facebook are in taking down abusive commentary so they become in some ways that sort of. a soft target however it's important to bear in mind that twitter is by no means a significant player in the social networks but russia it's smaller than the internal social networks and lots more other than facebook but it there's no doubt at all that this latest action shows that the use of twitter is getting under the skin of the authorities and there's not much they can do but there is one silver lining if that we can call it that and that's a technical one it's very very difficult for the authorities to slow down and
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completely stop the distribution of social networks like twitter so that's a technical challenge which is very difficult for them to carry out so it's not certain yet that the authorities will be as successful as they'd like to be but social media platforms do want to increase their reach even countries like russia which has a strong internal sort of social network business but facebook for example wouldn't be targeted according to google it but he's a ruling party deputy the lower house of parliament and sits on the information policy committee because facebook engaged with the all thora t. so do we read the sort of facebook wall what we what do we read in terms of facebook policy when it comes to calling russia routes on issues that pertain to sort of freedom of speech or freedom of politics than thought. i think one of the i think one of the strong hints that comes from that statement is that it's it's a good idea for social networks to try to engage with the authorities to try to reach
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agreements to try to overcome obstacles before they're suddenly presented to it to have an age in the same way that facebook has and i think it would be well they'd be well advised to do so facebook aren't exactly. the pioneers in this area we saw in their controversial exchange with the australian government only very recently that their failure to properly engage can get them into trouble so i think the lesson here is that twitter do need to talk to the authorities but it's a difficult conversation to have because none of the social networks 'd want to get in the business of trading all the free speech rights of their users and i think that they have to be very careful when they get into these talks my final question may be open both of us out for another half an hour chit chat program we have got a time unfortunately but do we really have the right to free speech anymore is it just a myth that there are things we come in contact about in the world that seems to be
6:38 pm
sort of ever wall authoritarian no i mean i mean i think we certainly do have a right to free speech that that right is underpinned in international law both at european level and at the international level of the united nations it's absolutely essential that we have free speech without it unfortunately the world will become a very dark and ignorant place so we have to preserve it and we have to push back against the current movement among some governments to try to restrain free speech right if we lose those free speech rights. i think it's a very dark day for democracy and for the defense of human rights in general a white from the ethical journalism network in london thanks so much for joining us via skype thank you thank you. now the dismissal of armenia's army chief of staff has come into force 2 weeks after the prime minister fired when they called bashir an accuse the military of attempting a coup last month after it demanded he resign but the sacking was blocked by the
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president army leaders have reiterated their calls for position to step down while some in the army say the prime minister's mishandled last year's war with azerbaijan thousands of armenians were killed in the 6 week conflict in the go to her robin forestay walker reports of the capital yerevan on the challenges for some of the wars most seriously injured voters that is a veteran from recent war with azerbaijan he is adjusting to his new life a life without arms viruses that lost his arms rescuing his own brother who'd been wounded in the leg it's almost too much for their mother leanna to remember that day. virus that was with his brother in the ambulance when the shell struck that biomarker despite his pain my brother came to help me the medic and driver also wounded the interior was on fire the mattresses were burning but we drove on while
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my brother tried to put out the fire. officially 9094 armenian soldiers were wounded in the 6 week war over nagorno-karabakh thought to treat some of the most seriously injured at this rehabilitation center in central yerevan. a summoning to get back to something you never get used to all of this it's very difficult to see these young soldiers and many of them are helpless as a doctor it's terribly difficult for me to tell some of them that they will never walk again that burden is on me. physiotherapy and dry needling is helping hikes depan year with the pain in his stumps he tells me the prospect of returning to sport keeps him motivated. height is one of 300 patients at this center receiving therapy therapy that wouldn't be
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possible without the support of charitable funding because the state here is simply not in a position to cope with the sheer scale of the problem that's a little bit too short the center will soon have a prosthetics workshop paid for by a dutch armenian charity there are a lot of empty ated people they are waiting for prosthesis in a short time and that's a big challenge but i think it's a big plus that they are generally healthy and de are very motivated to do to walk with percy says armenian taxpayers also make mandatory payments into a soldier's insurance fund but voters that needs advanced prosthetics costing tens of thousands of euros the kind that would enable him to hold his own cup of coffee again or mission they've told us these kind of prosthesis is beyond our
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reach. maybe this is a huge amount of money and people like us can't afford these types of artificial limbs but what does that say about us if we can't afford it who can if the home land was worth sacrificing my arms for why should new ones be beyond my reach. but as that hasn't wasted time since his injuries he go to engaged to his go from. there's still hope that he lives in independence life began moving for instilled into 0 year of. jury selection is considering for the trial of a white policeman accused of killing george floyd in the u.s. city of minneapolis. he was on top. 3 jurors have been chosen they weighed few to nicole grey about their identities have not been revealed for direct show is facing charges of 2nd degree murder and
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manslaughter the court set aside 3 weeks to choose the 12 jurors john 100 possible from minneapolis. the delicate process of jury selection continues in the racially charged case of former minneapolis police officer derrick chauvin chauvet is accused of murdering george floyd after kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes that encounter was captured by bystanders on video and it went viral on the internet those pictures set off protests across the united states in the riots here in minneapolis and elsewhere it is rare that a police officer is even charged with murder and rarer still that one is convicted so the concern here in minneapolis is that if there are children is not convicted of a crime those riots and protests that were set off when this incident happened in may and continued through the summer would recur so there is high security there's a high fence a barricade erected around the courthouse national guard and police inside and very
6:44 pm
few people allowed in to see the proceedings so far the jury selection period of the trial is on pace to wrap up in the allotted 3 weeks so that oral arguments can begin at the end of march. the f.b.i. has released new security footage of a suspect accused of planting explosives outside the democratic and republican party headquarters near capitol hill the f.b.i. says 2 pipe bombs were placed the night before the capitol hill attacks on january the 6th they were discovered and diffused the next day or automation leading to the arrest of the suspect stands at $100000.00 the chinese government is being accused of breaching every single act of the u.n. genocide convention and its treatment of week is in changing a report by more than 50 global human rights experts say there's clear evidence that china is responsible for committing genocide against the muslim week is it's believed around a 1000000 have been imprisoned in camps in recent years mostly in this in general china denies allegations of human rights abuses israel has partially reopened as
6:45 pm
airport to foreign arrivals but only those granted special exemptions tourism remains off limits and that includes a religious pilgrimage is so important to life in the old city of jerusalem how the force it turns be into the church of the holy sepulture to see the impact of the pandemic one of christianity's holiest places. jerusalem's catholic patriarch leads a lent a procession down the ancient steps to the church of the holy sepulcher normally the priest would process through throngs of tourists and pilgrims but now the square like the church behind stands all but empty. first dedicated as a church by constantine in the 4th century on the site where jesus is believed to have been crucified and buried it's shared by 4 christian denominations and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. to a set situation that they're not here at all i hope the corona will be.
6:46 pm
ghana with at least minimize it if they get to the population and they will start coming this is the holy places as usual as they did before between 20162800 more than half of all foreign tourists to occupied east jerusalem came here the old city's most visited site now in the run up to easter its giant doors are officially open again but israel's main airport is still partially closed only handfuls of specially permitted foreign nationals are allowed in a far cry from the more than a 1000000 christian tourists who would enter in a normal year living interest from this is a place i've been to pretty frequently and when it's full of devoted pilgrims from around the world it has a real emotional power but on a day like this when it's all but empty in some ways the ancient nature and beauty of this place a more fully revealed those who are here now we found a mix of foreign workers academics and locals have the place almost to themselves
6:47 pm
no competing for snatched moments in revered spaces details that might have been lost amid camera clicks and excited shouts now gleam quietly undisturbed but this period of quiet comes at a cost in the form of missing religious donations and struggling shops in the alleyways outside merchants say 95 percent of their business has simply disappeared . adeeb judaize family has held the keys to the church for nearly a 1000 years even in that context he says these last 12 months have been extraordinary. it's been a year that we're suffering and the old city is the most affected and within the old city it's the tourist reliant businesses and places of worship. there is shared hope among priests and shopkeepers but the talk of a vaccine driven return to international travel will indeed soon materialize and this place will once again welcome the world back through its doors are a force it occupied east jerusalem. well still ahead here on the news hour
6:48 pm
a tennis great returns to the colts for the 1st time in over a year. roof
6:49 pm
. of the times but not his peter thank you so the delay 2020 tokyo olympic games well go ahead safely that's according to i.o.c. president thomas buck the german says he fully expects the opening ceremony to take place on july 23 although the decision has not been made yet it is expected that
6:50 pm
organizers will announce later this month that no international fans will be allowed to travel to japan for the games on wednesday was re-elected unopposed for a 2nd term as the head of the olympics movement. the i.o.c. is standing shoulder to shoulder the side of our japanese partners and friends without any kind of reservation talking remains the best prepared olympic city ever and this moment we have no reason to doubt that the opening ceremony will take place and 23rd of july. tennis great roger federer is back on court in competition for the 1st time in more than a year. welcome back. jeffrey i. the source is playing here in doha qatar open seated 2nd at this tournament and up
6:51 pm
against british player dan evans as we speak it's currently going with serve in the opening set. earlier but topsy donnelly team played surprise australian open semifinalist aslam cut outs of of russia team lost the 1st set 76 but 4 back to take the next 2 sets 63 and 62 the austrian plays roberto bolton a good suit. and over in dubai lightning is struck twice for unseated american jessica bigler last week in doha she eliminated world number 6 catalina and this week she's done it again reaching the quarter finals at the debiting his championships with a dominant 6 love 62 win. in the last couple of hours the most famous name in motor sport ferrari have revealed a new car for the upcoming formula one season verse says the a safe 21 which has a completely new engine front wheel and those compared to last year's car and
6:52 pm
that's probably a good thing because ferrari looking to bounce back after they were season in 40 years didn't win a race and finished 6th in the constructors' table change their drivers lineup to with color signs coming in to replace the bastion vettel alongside the clear speaking of bouncing back barcelona have a huge job on their hands later in the champions league the 5 time winners need to overturn a $41.00 deficit by paris and demand in the 1st leg if they are to progress if they turned it would mean no messi or an elbow in the quarter final for the 1st time since 20045 or now those events were knocked out by porto on tuesday. be that we're still alive we're team that always tries to win regardless of where we play and we always create chances to school so if we manage to be clinical nothing is impossible to get in most class if you've got we want to qualify and we want to do it by winning the match knowing that we face
6:53 pm
a barcelona side which have great players and a great coach we have the maximum respect for our opponents but we know it is going to be a very tough match and that we have to produce a performance as good if not better than the one we produced in barcelona if we want to get through to the next round. will host the 2022 world cup next year at the grassroots level the country is working to improve access to the game for disabled players to joanna gash has the story. jasim is 22 years old and like many young men his age enjoys football he's autistic and his mother says playing the sport in a safe environment has improved his life over the last 2 years and better and after finishing school just some of those like him had no child to take part in any activities so he stayed home and most this time doing nothing but now they come here free themselves of any negative energy or aggressiveness they wait impatiently
6:54 pm
for this day every week this program really grants them their inherent right to life and i hope it will run forever. justin is benefiting from a sports program here in doha teaching those with special needs several sports including football the ability friendly football program is a relatively new initiative but it's already got the backing of the cattle 20 turns to welcome organizers and one of their most famous ambassadors form a straight captain tim cahill does a lot of work with the world cup social legacy division generation amazing comes part and parcel with who i am as a person i've had a great career but one of the most magical things is to be able to share. my wealth of knowledge to have fun with the kids according to britain's national to 6 society physical activity can improve social skills communication and anxiety it creates a sense of belonging and it creates an environment where anyone can just quite simply be together and play through that process of having fun and engaging that
6:55 pm
like you see a genuine growth in people's ability to communicate and desire to communicate as well. cattles world cup organizes the aiming to make next year's tournament the most accessible ever as well as providing dedicated areas for those with physical disabilities stadiums will host sensory rooms for autistic people to have a quiet space where they can enjoy the matches it's all about inclusiveness we talk about inspiring the next generation and this is the next generation and as an ambassador and also as a father i want to be a part of this and then now at the moment i hope more attention is paid to this slice of our youth simply because autistic people are very intelligent and enjoy many of the talents their talents wouldn't come to light unless they're given the choice to interact with the surroundings. with just over 20 months to go until the tournament kicks off the hard work continues to get cattle ready to host the world
6:56 pm
cup. also making it a welcoming environment for all joining as your oscar al-jazeera don't. want them. the biggest tournament of the golf season so far tees off on thursday that's the players' championship it's known as the 4th major and played on the famous t.p.c. sawgrass course in florida with one of the most iconic holds the island power 317th they will be one noticeable absence the 15 time major champion tiger woods who is still recovering after a car crash last month tiger won the players twice including back in 2001 when he did the verse it's 20 years since he hold to his incredible part of the 17th on his way to a one shot victory one of the most famous shots in the game's history but it seems like some of getting sick of watching it including the current will number one dustin johnson. tiger to part with a player like every 5 seconds. of the gods the
6:57 pm
arms of shirt is just worried about the r. r. . it's all square after the 1st day of racing at sailings america's cup defending champions team new zealand took in the opening race the best of 13 match against challenges a lunar. team skippered by olympic champion peta burning won it by 31 seconds after their opponents fluffed at the start in all clint but the italians fought back in the 2nd race to win by 7 seconds they competing for the oldest trophy in international sports. that'll leave it for now more sports news on the way again later thanks very much peter and you have been watching the al-jazeera news you can follow all of those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com subjective throughout the day but with more news save a few moments to stay with us and to learn from me and peter thanks for watching.
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$100000000.00 gone missing embedded in such a small place where everyone always everyone it's great easy to corrupt the system . really. brilliant so. it's a film that helped bring down corrupt governments and led to the jailing of the former president. al jazeera investigates stealing paradise. all coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of every time i travel when i see
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still western people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate our country and our focus is not just on their suffering. also on a more happy lifting and inspiring story people trust our just here to tell them what's happening in your communities in a clear and unbiased and as an african i couldn't be more proud to be heartily. in malaysia schooling is a luxury for children of running a muslim refugees. person every child deserves an opportunity through faith and creativity the arms them with the skills to overcome any hurdle and seize the threat to his schools existence as a test of his faith. school of hope part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs.
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washing. the u.s. house is set to vote on a covert military relief package worth nearly 2 trillion dollars and give joe biden a big political with. club zorobabel watching al-jazeera life by headquarters here in doha also coming up . after. a push for equal access to covert 900 by.


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