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bomb. bomb. bomb bomb. we say to america help is on the way. the $1.00 trillion dollar covert $1000.00 relief bill passes its final hurdle in the u.s. offering financial boost to millions of americans. don't know about this and this is all to syria live from doha also coming up memos military is accused of using battle tactics as it intensifies its crackdown on anti crude protesters. 10 years on japan remembers the thousands of victims of its
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devastating earthquake and tsunami. i'm going to see in human infants chile a country that is now leading the world in 1000 inoculations and yet the number of infections is escalating. it's a stimulus plan the u.s. president joe biden says will give millions of americans a fighting chance the house of representatives has approved his $1.00 trillion dollars covert 19 belief bill that includes funding for more vaccines and extends unemployment benefits alan fisher has more from washington d.c. . thank you cheers and applause the house delivered joe biden has twice the significant victory as president a 1.9 trillion dollar call good relief bill and all done without a single republican vote in support. this is
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a momentous day in the history of our country because we have passed historic consequential and transformative legislation thanks goes to the senators who are standing here are great committee chairs and all of our senators who pulled together as one unit beating back killer amendments making sure the bill was as strong as possible the bill has overwhelming support across the country 61 percent approval but republicans claim it spends far too much and delivers far too little we are here today mr speaker because democrats made a choice. i choice to put their own partisan political ambitions ahead of the needs of the working class the deal delivers $1400.00
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stimulus checks to every qualifying american targeted mainly at lower incomes there's 350000000000 dollars for states cities and tribal governments 130000000000 for schools 40000000000 for further education and 50000000000 in relief for small businesses the package was a big pre-election promise from biden he wanted to do it with republican support but was happy to push on without it. everything in the american rescue plan addresses a real need including investments to fund our entire vaccination effort more vaccines more vaccinate tours and more vaccination sites millions more americans will get tested including home testing schools will soon have the funding and resources to reopen safely a national imperative biden is expected to sign the bill when it hits his desk on friday the administration says the 1st checks could start going out soon with many
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people receiving their money before the end of the month alan fischer al-jazeera washington economist claudia som has been part of the white house council of economic advisors and she's a senior fellow at the jane family institute she says the package is a huge moment for the u.s. . when president biden signs us into law on friday it will be historic it is absolutely needed it is one year ago from tomorrow march 11th that the bottom fell out the united states tragically we are still in a pandemic we are still losing loved ones every day and we are 9 and a half 1000000 jobs short of where we were last february before cove it came this is another 2 trillion dollars after 4 trillion dollars last year this is real money and it makes sense that we are having a robust debate and yet what we have learned what the democrats have learned is
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that going too small can be disastrous this relief package is the kind of forceful push to a real recovery for everyone that we needed in 20122013 we didn't get it and yes there are risks yes the economy could we could really push it and we might see some inflation but it's really really harmful if it takes years for people to get back to work get their families back on track and to no fault of their own that this pandemic showed up the by the minister's announced plans for its 1st high level face to face talks with china secretary of state i'm sorry blinken says he'll be laying out his concerns on a range of issues at next week's meeting in alaska being cleared the enforcement of a controversial security law in hong kong and china's treatment of ethnic minorities. i think it would be very important if china claims that there is
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nothing going on that it give access to the international community to the united nations if they have nothing to hide show it to us show show the world and so we'll be calling for that and then i think there are series of practical things that are very very important for example we should make sure that we are not exporting and others are not exporting to china any products that can be used for the repression of their people and their minority similarly we shouldn't be bringing into this country products that are created by forced labor including from changing the u.s. is imposing sanctions on to children of myanmar as military leader and you know line over violence against anti coup protesters washington has frozen their assets and blocked the state's 6 companies they control it comes as protesters continue to defy the military these images were taken in the past few hours in the city of daraa way but crowds are smaller than in recent days the u.n. says at least 67 people have been killed since the military seized power last month . after days of wrangling the u.n.
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security council has condemned the military crackdown diplomats have told al jazeera the key parts of the text including references to a coup were removed because of opposition from china russia india and vietnam the u.n. chief says he hopes the military will now recognize it's time to step aside i hope that we days statement. will be any increasing conscious in the military in myanmar that it is absolutely essential to release all prisoners it is absolutely essential to respect the result of the elections and to a low for. a situation in reach we move back to a democratic transition. honestly international says an analysis of more than 50 videos shows me a lot as military is engaging in premeditated killings and deploying battlefield weaponry let me give you
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a warning some people might find lot about his report disturbing. neon most military is using increasingly beaten tactics and weapons normally seen on the battlefield its target protesters and bystanders across the country that's according to new research from amnesty international. the rights group verified dozens of videos like this one and says they confirm security forces are engaged in what he calls systematic and premeditated killings it was around the 28th and every we started seeing action more lethal force people being shot with live rounds and being killed and a person this earlier on there had been a mixed use of life bullets and rubber bullets but and now what we're seeing is a and mounting death toll. in this video recorded on march the 2nd in young gone on
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the sea international says a commander can be seen standing over an officer on an operating a sniper rifle and appears to be giving him his to direct aspire to with specific protests as. well. since last month's military coup thousands of held daily protests across the country. an increasingly bloody crackdown by security forces has so far led to dozens of deaths. according to the u.n. at least 61 people have been killed activists believe the death toll is high and. in another development i'm a senior national report some soldiers deployed to me on my 2nd son. mandalay belong to the 33rd light infantry division that's the division which has been accused of war crimes against the muslim or hang in the west some reckon state in 2017 days per night into injury divisions that have been responsible said
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heinous crimes elsewhere in the country that are now well out in the streets shooting people in the videos analyzed by amnesty also appear to show civilians being beaten at the hands of security guards but the demonstrators say they're undeterred to. be showcasing their was brilliant to military rule by continuously adapting their tactics no matter how much they. grew up as a money out of. brazil has seen the highest number of deaths from corona virus and one day since the pandemic began more than 2001 says figure it takes the overall toll to more than 270000 where countries struggling to deal with a surge in cases that's pushed many hospitals close to breaking point health experts say it's being filled by more contagious strains of the virus. in march
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telling seeing a rise in cases despite leading the world in vaccinations in america at its embassy in yemen reports from santiago. 75 year old lida his wife and his granddaughter arrive to get their 2nd jab at this and vaccination center. all of us medical students are being inoculated so that we can help out in this pandemic. i'm thankful to lose my fear of the pandemic to recover somewhat of a normal life thanks to the vaccine. chile has now surpassed israel as the country with the largest percentage of citizens to be inoculated but it will be months before 80 percent of the population is vaccinated and in the meantime a new aggressive wave of covert 19 is forcing authorities to impose more lock downs it seems pretty clear that a dose of overconfidence mixed with pandemic fatigue are making many people take
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unnecessary risks new data shows that while the vaccine is helping to keep the elderly out of intensive care units hospitals here in chile are receiving record numbers of patients under the age of 40. brazil it's the worst of both worlds not enough vaccines a few precautions and now record numbers of people dying nearly $2300.00 on wednesday alone in sao paolo a family mourns one of the latest victims to be taken by the virus you're going to miss the kidney now more than ever people have to understand the seriousness of this unfortunately every family is paying for the irresponsibility of others. in order to state capitals 80 percent of intensive care units are occupied in brazil's largest cities there are 90 percent full medical experts warn that many city health systems risk total collapse the arguments that are so on but while the president jaden walsall not
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a. has called those who complain crybabies have forgotten all about their club. by contrast chile's president has just obtained congressional approval to extend the world's longest curfew as part of a state of sanitary emergency declared exactly one year ago critics question whether the real motive for such a long curfew is to maintain crowd control and use the army to patrol in rest of areas of south central chile the government insists is indispensable to combat the epidemic but as an occupation is continued full speed ahead the biggest challenge as we come to convince people not to lower their guard at the end of the pandemic may be closer but it's still far away. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. brazil's former president sleuth and i feel a little a disservice says the country government's handling of the pandemic has been moronic and it was speaking for the 1st time since the supreme court overturned
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corruption convictions against him on monday the decision paves the way for him to challenge president zedillo sonata next tuesday election but the law hasn't confirmed whether he'll get one so ahead on al-jazeera bunking down at the border we look at why the number of lie groups time to get into the u.s. is growing plus. protesters in argentina demanding answers over the death of football star diego maradona. there we got some rather active weather moving across the middle east at the moment rain snow and wind will be a feature for many as we go on through the next couple of days lots of cloud pushing across to case some snow there once again over the higher ground south of
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that generally drive a quite a brisk wind if the dust and sand here into southern parts of iraq as we go on through thursday night as a system continues to move a little further south with an ace was the winds stay pick up just around that northeastern corner saudi arabia here in concert as well look at the temperatures 34 celsius for drawing in some warm air once again as we go on through the next couple days not quite so warm in iran cohen office no actually there will be a fair bit of rain on the southern flank of this particular system but some very active weather as i said coming in behind things do turn some aquatic and prices behind quite and dry weather across the whole of africa at present we do have some showers just around lake victoria charity the shot was going to be a southern parts of tanzania into northern areas of madagascar joining up with showers that we have into nor the madagascar mozambique pushing across san b.-a right across into the gulf of guinea but a bit of wet weather today for the far south of south africa but clearing through
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for friday. one in 3 brazilian women is a victim of domestic abuse it seems every day a woman dies and it just becomes a statistic but some have broken away from the cycle of violence it's not easy to leave you have to ask for help and inspired others to turn their lives around i call the strong help program the dream program my life changed after the course it gave me opportunities for my business women make change on al-jazeera.
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george or does it remind of our top stories this hour the u.s. house of representatives has approved a $1.00 trillion dollars pandemic relief bill it's going to provide stimulus checks for millions of americans as well as extend unemployment benefits and tax breaks. international pressure is mounting on me and mars military over its crackdown on anti crude protesters the u.s. is imposing sanctions on 2 adult children and the country's military leader while the un security council has condemned the violence. the number of daily covered 19 deaths in brazil has exceeded 2000 for the 1st time one sees figures pushes the total death toll to more than 270000 health experts say the surge is being fueled by more contagious strains of the virus. japan is marking 10 years since a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated its northeastern coast and triggered meltdowns at
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a nuclear power plant nearly 816000 people were killed in the 2011 disaster the tsunami smashed into the focus sima daiichi nuclear plant destroying its cooling systems during the next 3 weeks of 3 of the plants reactors exploded and hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes or robert burns joining us live from seoul in south korea japan planning to mark this terrible moment in its history. a number of events are being planned for this day 10 years on since what is considered to be a national tragedy in japan obviously it was the north east coast that bore the brunt of this awful tsunami 3 prefectures in particular one of them being fukushima of course but there will be ceremonies taking place in the northeast in fukushima itself they do to start within the next half hour or so of course families and communities there have also been holding their own private remembrances memorials
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people since 1st light been attending the prayers on beaches and so on and then in tokyo itself again within the next half hour or so we're due to see an official remembrance attended by the hito and also your shahidi suga the prime minister that will be staged of course in the run up to $246.00 local time in the afternoon that was the moment at which 10 years ago on the afternoon of the 11th of march 2011 the earthquake struck a magnitude 9 point one it is the largest earthquake japan has ever recorded in fact is one of the 5 most powerful earthquakes ever recorded on earth that is when it struck and of course in the next hour or so after that that is when the tsunami waves started coming ashore with such devastating effect rob just as we've been talking to as we've been seeing again the pictures of that extraordinary day and
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they are still extraordinary even though 10 years down the line the cleanup operation i know is still going on what is the long term impact of what was happening on that day. it is a very fraught it continues to be a subject of controversy in japan and also amongst japan's neighbors here in north east asia of course the center of all of this is the power plant itself at fukushima which is remain crippled all of these years as attempts continue to be made to decommission it now it is made worse of course because inside the reactors you have tons of highly radioactive material that has to be dealt with they have teams the company concerned tepco has had over the years teams of people working on on this but it is going to be a long term process they reckon possibly another 30 years before it is finally decommissioned and all this time of course there are some areas closest to the plant that remain off limits that are simply too radioactive for people to return
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to and in addition to that you have the problem of the millions of tons 1250000 tons of water now stored on the site this is water that is used for cooling of those reactors other waters which have come in as groundwater have become contaminated and which remain radioactive now the government of the authorities say once you treat this water you can release it into the open sea but that has communities all along the northeast coast of japan and in neighboring countries extremely worried about the impact of that so that the rebuild has continued over the past 10 years many communities have rebuilt more successfully than others but it continues to be a legacy that's going to be felt for decades to come rob thanks very much indeed robert wright talking to us from seoul south korea of the united nations says that a rising concerns about unexploded devices after a series of explosions ripped through a military barracks in equitorial guinea more than 100 people were killed in the
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blast at the arming site in basra on sunday hundreds were injured the president says the blast was caused by mishandled dynamite. poland's government says new restrictions could be announced this week after the country saw its highest daily number of corona virus infections since november more than 17000 cases were registered on wednesday around 1800000 infections have been recorded since the start of the pandemic but its health care workers are warning of industrial action unless their work during the covert 19 pandemic is rewarded with an appropriate pay rise the government's recommended that n.h.s. workers be given out one percent increase with ministers saying the country can't afford to pay any more but after a year in which nurses and doctors have been hailed as heroes there's been a wave of public outrage at the offer paul brennan reports. covert 19 has meant
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a harrowing 13 months for the state run national health service it's placed extraordinary stress and emotional strain on the system and those who work in it and a 2 point one percent pay rise have been promised and expected now the government says it can only afford a one percent increase so this year has been a really tough year for us for intensive care nurses such as becky smith that's insulting and demoralizing feeling valued helps to look after patients better it helps us to put more into our jobs that helps us to appreciate to educate each other to men to reach out to to work stronger together because we feel happier at work we feel valued at work we feel that the work that we're doing is important to not be valued by the government i mean in some cases the public is really difficult and it is really challenging and it does make you want to give up the actual payoff will be decided by an independent pay review body but the government's stance saw boris johnson come under sustained attack for the weekly session of prime minister's questions 2 years ago he made a promise to the n.h.s.
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here in black and white his document it commits to a minimum pay rise of 2 point one percent it is thanks to the investment made by this government that there are $49000.00 more people in the n.h.s. this year than last year 10600 more nurses helping to relieve the burden on our hard pressed not as the current 3 n.h.s. pay deal finishes at the end of this month but the pay review body isn't due to submit its recommendations until may and that means it could be the summer before staff find out whether they're going to get the rise that they want and that many people feel they deserve the unions say their members have seen their pay cut by between 7 percent and 20 percent in the past decade in real terms and enough is enough none of us want to take industrial action lightly we are. at risk by undermining our action just so just months. they might pass on to the
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actual steps so what's been a really really huge metal outburst on a chair start because of everything you've gone through and then after all that to be told all of the effort all of that skill and complexity you know because they should be shown to be offered you know one percent which amounts to real terms is though it's very very insulting and it's understandable many of them feel so angry about it. for 13 months frontline n.h.s. staff would describe deservedly as heroes and the public applauded them in the streets but with an end to the pandemic seemingly in sight the question of how to reward that heroism hasn't yet been answered paul brennan al jazeera london the number of migrants trying to cross into the u.s. from mexico is at its highest level in almost 2 years here as customs officials say they encountered 29000 families or unaccompanied minors in february that's up by nearly a 3rd on the previous month it's challenging president joe biden's attempts to undo the trumpet ministrations restrictive immigration policies the government's
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reopened controversial temporary shelters to help deal with the numbers and then fresco was deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration at the u.s. department of justice during the obama administration he says biden could face an even bigger immigration challenge going forward. this is the challenge that the biden and minister asian has to overcome is how do you process i mean creasing number of individuals on the southern border in a manner that is both humanitarian and orderly but also in a manner that ultimately is unjust and over the course of time to have consular processing centers outside of the united states so that you tell people if you want to enter the united states these are the legal processes you can use outside of the united states the claimed refugee status and they will be orderly and acceptable so that you don't have to present yourself at the border the challenge right now is
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that those processes are nowhere near coming to fruition and so there's a few months ahead where the biden and ministration doesn't want to be completely turning people away the biden ministration continues to try to ramp up its processing facilities by having more inspectors more agents more facilities to hold people in faster background check process you don't know if that extra capacity is ever going to be enough for increased demand that that extra capacity might cause because it's one thing if you say we might have enough to manage a crisis of central american migration but if you start seeing people from all over the world on the southern border which has happened in the past then that becomes a scenario of a totally different magnitude. fans are demanding justice for one of the world's greatest footballers. the 60 year old died of
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a heart attack in november weeks after having brain surgery supporters believe his death was caused by medical negligence there is a bold reports. that you might have known that did not die he was killed chanted hundreds of his followers in the center of one a site is. whenever one has daughters attended the rally and joined his fans in the call for justice got up to. his entourage used him were with him for money they let him die they gave him weed beer if you love someone you don't do that they have to pay if it's not in jail there has to be social condemnation. of people blog to one of the main avenues of argentina's capital they want a full investigation into what happened to their idols. and it was a god like figure in argentina who struggled on alcohol and drug abuse he had a poor health but still the ministry of justice in argentina appointed
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a medical committee to investigate medical enough that it is expected to take 2 to 3 weeks to issue its findings to. a documentary by in full by local media company revealed all your recording said to be between one of the next lawyers doctors and caretakers in them prosecutors say there is enough evidence to prosecute modern us doctor and 6 others. the documentary reveals how his daughters wanted to hospitalize him after his brain surgery but it's alleged his end to rush wanted to take him to a private home so they wouldn't lose control over him and the profits he generated as well i don't know. but what we expect is that the detectives can have access to all of the documentation that the public prosecutor has been gathering very meticulously to. reconstruct this great puzzle that is the events at the end of armando maraton his life so what we expect is that each of the detectives will
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issue an expert opinion one of his biographers says what's happening is a legal battle. i feel it's a battle between lawyers between his descendants dear good heart problems lung problems addictions all sorts of problems what's extraordinary is that he made into a 60 years old. man i know now was a man who generated passion when he was alive and continues to do so now that he is dead. and when a scientist. this is all just over these are the top stories the u.s. house of representatives has approved a $1.00 trillion dollars pandemic relief bill it's going to provide stimulus checks for millions of americans as well as extend unemployment benefits and.


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