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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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filmmakers the world class journalists bring programs to encourage and inspire you each and every one of us in the responsibility to change out there she explains 40 below. 0. 0. 0 this is the news hour on al-jazeera i'm fully back to go live in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes at least 7 on tyco protesters are killed in myanmar as the military announces new charges against on sun sochi. 10 years on japan remembers the devastating earthquake and tsunami that trade get
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the fukushima nuclear disaster also this hour china approves changes to hong kong's democratic election system at the end of its national people's congress. we say to america help is on the way and the nearly 2 trillion dollar covert $900.00 relief bill passes its final hurdle in the u.s. congress offering financial help to millions of americans. and i'm trying to get your scope of the real sports that we know messy all right now that are in the champions league quarter finals for the 1st time since 2005 off the boss loner knocked out by p.s.g. . thank you very much for joining us myanmar's military has announced new charges against deposed leader on sunday as it defends its decision to seize power a military spokesman says she accepted the legal payments worth 600000 dollars
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glass gold while in government meanwhile on tycho demonstrators are continuing to defy the military these images were recorded in the city. di way several deaths were reported during other rallies on 3 state let's get the latest with tony chang who's monitoring the situation in myanmar for his form neighboring thailand tony tell us more for us about what you're hearing as far as what's happened in the city of die away and elsewhere in myanmar today well the purpose nor been. many people on the streets of the previous weeks but it still appears that the military and the police are using very oppressive. techniques to keep them off the streets and we're seeing a rising toll in the central mimo township we understand 7 people being killed a number of those with gunshot wounds in the head shot very much consistent with
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the kinds of wounds that have been mentioned in the report by amnesty international have accused the me among military of using war weapon sniper rifles automatic high caliber weapons we understand one young geology student 19 year old student in mandalay was beaten to death and there's been one more fatality in yangon those are the confirmed fatalities today we understand that there are several more reported but they can't be confirmed at this stage so it does appear that although fewer people are going out and all that we're hearing from the military spokesman in. the they are using as little force as possible we're seeing a lot of the only force being used by the military in the police briefly what about what about these new charges against and son so she what do they mean for a continued detention. well presumably when she
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appears in court again which she's expected to do in about a week's time these extra charges will be leveled against her we know that they've been looking at financial records some of which were taken from an australian academic professor sean turned who was an advisor to the end of the and to the to the government of myanmar he was detained shortly after the coup apparently records to be taken they've also been searching the records of the offices they've they've . broken into since the coup. we assume and please these charges will be level that are in the call they say or in this press conference that they were they've spoken to people they've interviewed they've got all the evidence because very little evidence was presented presented it today's press conference they also maintain that when the president and other cabinet
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ministers were involved in corruption so clearly this is the way they're going to proceed ok tony thank you very much for that update tony chain life are insane. bangkok. we want to bring you now live event happening right now here in doha the qatari foreign minister is holding a news conference with his russian and turkish counterparts after holding talks with them let's listen in the foreign ministers then all up in the floor to questions we begin with the qatari foreign minister in the neighborhood of the mighty the merciful to begin with i would like to extend all thanks and appreciation to the russian. foreign minister and his turkish counterpart for being with us here today for convening this very significant trilateral meeting this meeting comes while the syrian crisis is. direst situation as the
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syrian people have been reading. dire consequences which were exacerbated by the outbreak of the coronavirus during this meeting we intense fire there were talks on the humanitarian suffering of the syrian people and the possibility to deliver relief aid without any impedance we didn't do it rated our commitment to maintaining the territorial integrity of the republic arab republic of syria it syria t. and also it suppressed. our agreement that there is no military solution to the crisis in syria we have no other alternative but to come behind the political process the diplomatic solution and enable the syrian. people and authorities to arrive at a diplomatic resolution and law and with the un and other international solution
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also with rated our commitment towards combating terrorism maintaining human rights and the rights of the variance we all to commended the 1st exerted by the u.n. secretary general as his special envoy mr petterson to support the constitutional committee of geneva. turned tense 5. the humanitarian aid to the syrian people in each and every corner of the country without any discrimination. to move forward the political process to was reaching a diplomatic solution including the. permission of. fiji's to return at the same time always supported creating a positive atmosphere and rebuilding confidence among the syrian parties at the end within this context cutter iterates its commitment to words supporting the syrian
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people including effective relief aid. to conclude with herbut this meeting will be convened regularly coordination will be streamlined and all our work is translated until all the objectively sieved will give the floor to the turkish foreign minister. ledges and i mean the woman. started today and the ear consultative. process over there my brother mohamed than my friend was a lover of. would like to. sank the set of qatar and the my friend then brother mohammad the for hostin does here in doha our aim is to look for
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a concerted efforts to a permanent political solution in syria and fortunately however. really the conflict in syria is that in its 10th year now and and little good at their believe the situation has been very negative in the. of the. call for the fulfillment of their legitimate demands of the serbian people is the main reason behind the continuation of this conflict and this conflict cannot really ended without the implementation of resolution one to 254 of the security council to support all international initiatives to based on the terms of friends that france by the international
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community. and as. we worked with the russian side to achieve this objective and we continue our cooperation with qatar to elevate the human suffering suffering and continue the nation in the meeting the visit to the work of the constitutional committee. definitely. this book about the importance of. pressurising the of a g.m. to gay in the some distance the guardian of the status quo and the current political situation we have also discussed their deteriorating humanitarian situation and louis and they are the necessity to consolidate our humanitarian efforts specially when it comes to tackling mitigating the
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aftermath of the car on the pandemic. millions. millions of syrians is now or there's live in. the according to view and estimates of there are. 17.4000000 syrians and needing. more than 5000000. accommodation and food 12400000 at least the face shot to does of the more than 2400000 children deprived from malaria. in. as we have discussed. there others the lives of assists and pick a case terrorist organizations are practicing terror others him we have all saw
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alluded to the importance of fighting this organizations in our meeting. of the good that the bully however. today it. definitely will be what turkey will continue defending the. integrity of the. unity of the air and the fire it against service organizations at the end of the meat into the air of this side the that too is should. we should continue this summit in zone that bases and they have decided to hoss next meeting in turkey than there are now that will be held in the russian. and our friends will in an
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organized manner to establish permanent peace in the air. and to hold these meetings in order to protect these in the region. the man i would like to. add my voice to the except rations of gratitude that a friend's father they're the kind of us with that so in the shiite the holding of this meeting this is the 1st we're more of up to our ministerial level. prior of that the. movie with the experts have set to. prepare the ground for this survey and the cia and he sank all the experts for their excellent prepared and to the work including the final commit joint final
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communique is draft we have confirmed in this meeting in vic lossless of our points of view of the question of syria and i have there to the air to the importance of a political solution in accordance servers aleutian 2254 and the outcomes of the syrian national dialogue over 2 hours or so just the last and hour of joy in the us a based on the fact that all our morals and of the international community's moves to emanate from the protection of the dependence and safeguarding of thin that are thought to have integrity of syria we all say on for size the importance of assistance to syria to help mitigate the pandemic and also to build the civil infrastructure destroyed as
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a result of the will of course of soviet serve that the west and their the e.u. and the latter the western sanctions as against the syrian or servant is and the syrian people and gentle hand that any progress in the. our joint object of elected in the joint communique has to be an abducted and this communique indicates l r k in there is a face to terrorism and of the cause for separation were to harm the integrity of the national debt or to the of serbia and the national security of neighboring companies and really emphasize the importance role by the constitutional committee and doing. the part of a set of gab a bit of a system in order to create the permanent conditions on the track of the
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constitutional drafting process and to benefit from all our efforts in order to make sexy for the next round of the constitutional committee is meeting which is expected to be held before the month of ramadan we also. confound our lead then there is to take part in any effort to make sure that the syrians can the that then safely to their. habit that. we also emphasize our support for their efforts aimed at the releasing detainees and prisoners. we have both.
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or thought of special envoy is to accord them their thoughts on this rock i think this kind of fly lateral meeting will be useful at this. killer and there are now though even that according to the as than not the rock once again i would like to repeat my science cut the leaves and please ask your questions and make your request since appointed and without any comments does that act questions really is. trash mr foreign minister this is 1st time i thought draw any turkey and russia for to solve the syrian issue you know why and turkey and russia has military presence
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in syria qatar has not just kind of from on the ground regarding this and this possibility of being on the ground how old you defined the role of qatar can play at suny sure and as a follow on question what would you like to say for regarding timing of foundation of this trilateral. mechanism between qatar turkey and russia thank you. thank you very much. actually 1st of all syria matter is very closely linked to the hearts and minds of the terry people since the start of this crisis and qatar has been very active player since it started 10 years ago and in fact in the humanitarian seen as a major role in editing the needs and the lives of the people there in syria
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and we believe that there are now. urgent need to elevate the life condition of the syrian people over there and we are facing a lot of challenges because of this crisis and the continuation of this crisis adding to it another layer of the call that a crisis and we believe that the cooperation which we used to do bilaterally with with russia or with turkey is very important to be in a coordinated efforts we have seen there is a common ground of agreement it's not necessarily to have to be for the syria matter to be important for us or for any other country to have a military presence of what their syrian is an arab country that closely linked to qatar and the stability of syria and the unity and then tickety of the territory the territories there in syria is very important what i'm told that will continue supporting the syrian people until they reach
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a political resolution over their. second question. as a militant. turkish. question similar to mine but what can we see on the ground in syria practically speaking well lou will be holding joy in patrols with libya providing assistance or what. what was discussed today it was clear that to be assured the support of the. syrian people with the assistance of throughout the other to say they are there will be meetings held by the special envoys of for all 3 countries to make sure to
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have the necessary mechanisms to for help to reach and there will be a follow up in the serial meetings to follow events and developments we hope that this kind of framework or that are the trial law to our level or bilateral love them all to be conducive to helping the syrian people and to the political track to help the strife and the lack of dialogue for the word of course of the constitutional committee which will be held before the holy month of ramadan and the consultation will continue between the set of qatar and russia and turkey and other countries concerned with the situation in syria. very much for that fight for metal jersey other there were your excellent see there were bilateral flyer lateral
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meetings if this early and question has dominated the trilateral meeting what were the most important issues in the bilateral meetings they have you are alluding to other issues especially when there afghanistan issue is going through a lot of diplomatic efforts and what is the why is this call for a meeting in the russia later on is the power level of platforms that are not permanent of track and what have you. the. mineral with thier lives about russians. know that. russian invasion about the. afghan peace process is for your existence he is the invitation is. the interim afghan
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negotiation in doha which was started already in september 2020 and still continued and actually the gunboat is talking about there is a broker is in this. and we heard that there is a russian invitation for a conference in was a gentleman told you not to make any comments just to us. so that we should read this is algeria native bruises or is another step to support that negotiation for his excellency. mom of the not that i'm an abode the main issues the regional and international issues which are already discussed even through in the bilateral talks or the triple talks i think you should. resolve this. issue a separate out of the 2 questions right from the start so that letter there have been cleared out and now i have
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a lot of fellows to this perth aning. dry and clearly important far. of course so out of the you have very important to joy and to enter there so we have investments about cut that number shall we look forward to expanding that we have partnerships all of the russian company but i think in qatar family look forward to improving the economy clearly. and of course let that alarm that our other aspects of corporation as a culture level and. but there should for the world cup finals on the russia as a player made in helping the set of qatar and preparing for the $22.00 world cup finals of course there wasn't that opportunities to discuss it is another issue is whether. the level of the decision after the communique we discussed the situation in libya and afghanistan including the continued call of the nation
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between the set of qatar on lashkar to gardening the afghan the. x.l. and c 7 here allows me to explain the point of view of qatar regarding to the proper was the meeting in moscow of that of guns than we continually caught then i think with our friends in the russia there was no we don't see any competition in the meeting sort of pause. to be held the. competition the meetings held in doha we expect them to be supportive of the peace brought on going process in. and out of the laotians with the russian. balance in or last the. value greatly the support for
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the da how to rock and there with them all saw with sacco and russian friends of the invited to the set of qatar to have a present at the meeting and this highlights. zebedee's 6 of the fact that the work being done in doha is the basic track for peace making in afghanistan and everywhere the head the support the concept. yes. my friend then called he has said that he will do we are all keen on quickly putting an end to the suffering in afghanistan and that is another example of supplant the democracy similarly there were 2 issy and they have
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access to the libya we are not in competition with cut nor with any other country or for that matter that on their position is not confined to any competition or this competition i want to remind everybody that before that there had to lock there was the mascot the rock on this. rock and the nobody thought of. a leveling again the accusations out of qatar the friends when they started to this this process called competition we followed through with keen interest in the. process that we do not share with you that up in the end that there was a positive movement because there there's still a number of outstanding issues and the hope to help or to live this. negotiation and move each side to
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a more positive and constructive positions this is the purpose behind the mask or meeting and then this sort of came from that a public of the say it's and then ash the striker will be meeting with the participation of present that are from pakistan and invitations to the afghani part this is not done of the shelf for a mark by any means and it's not based on then the international. well there's allusions about the we want to have an exchange there frank a dialogue to move all of this towards a more positive engagement and therefore i can only support the what they accept and see the cut that is foreign minister has said.
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and i have a blessin. who are certain now as in the last sermon and notes of that acted to the turkish 30 of them on the says regarding the air so far 100 the defense missile defense system is clear as. to. the 2nd. wave of their support on the system despite the sanctions that question to the cut that a minister is not how to try to buy their support $100.00 system is there and the clatter out of there and they understand these are that our 2nd question you said the sly lateral framework will be. legal what there's a difference between their stand that track and this track and there's the simians out there sand the track is a military one and the door how and as
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a humanitarian one thank you. thank you very much question. there definitely needs to protect. and. there was a place and the. birth to the systems to achieve that but. and for some not clear the nato alliance did not that did it with others on this issue. before out of that we had the path to the system in. there with the rule of the pad their system and we could not use it afterwards or
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we. are going to do with the last. 2. 400. we bought the system definitely. there was a need the for protecting go. and. this is not could definitely. we have the. book and with our friends in nato to guarding this issue. unfortunately there are. if you are trying to end. their kids their ability to buy anything that fulfills the needs or father to
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protect the skies whether sort of means of military industrialization or other me and so therefore let's not try to. speak about that because we were frank light from the start and definitely. there are needs here and. who will secure the sneer. from whatever comes to the that can provide the and fulfill these needs for. regarding the air search for 100 the in qatar we continually work to develop. a military capabilities of our armed forces there as a on going prague around. the set of cutters looking at all the
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necessary equipment from whatever we can to the. as long as it's compatible with the infrastructure we have in the set of cut that i'm concerned our purposes and for this equipment to fulfill our needs so far as the lateral framework is the pattern of little rock to. as a humanitarian through lack we think that and the efforts should be see the. a use we will be complementing the efforts of the special envoy of the new united nations and tracks like. to the settlement of the serbian sewage just to. emphasize that there's a joy and the standing between this of the country is something that can be built
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on because there's a crisis looming in the horizon threatening the syrian people and the and and their efforts to solve the problem and elevate the suffering of this brotherly syrian people who will we will make any evidence. i have assured to. give you with the words to try a lateral track and one of the 1st question is why did we meet to the meeting that has not stopped the. this track is more than a few months of we have previously held the fleet meetings that the level of high level of shell's with discuss the how can we. continue dealing with this survey and the process of course think of it wanted to 50 for
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a solution this is not a competition to the ass than now. to lack all the flak has provided us to fulfill all of the our votes for all the efforts whether the $20.00 to $50.00 for a resolution of the national dialogue conference or that the lack is there to cater to all aspects mentions of the said in questions including the political and humanitarian ones we welcome all of that initiatives this is our natural desire out of them by qatar to support brotherly come to the asphalt of the joy into patrols. the final communique of the mutual understanding did not stipulate that joy in the but rather and caught of the into then the standings of between president the gun and putin the of
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ed live there was that requirement to separate the 2 in the model that. there was an understanding of joined put logs of out of the m for a highway and we discuss that with minister. i can only come. desire to provide conditions to bypass this city and a question to share how much bribe the man and the importance of the participation of other come to this to make sure the progress can be achieved in there for the afghan the peace the definitely the current and. meetings being held. cut the there's an international interests in the meetings themselves and interests in the settlement between the
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guy and the counter parts of there has been a conflict and more going on in that country for over 40 years and there have been many formidable challenges and dewey in qatar with our afghani brothers exam think their 1st to solve this problem there's been made a many other efforts where that by the united states of the united nations and russia and the next the troika meeting. there are many other initiatives to compliment and the consolidate of this track we hope to reach a political solution as soon as possible until it's an understanding between the guy and his themselves because they see their commitment which was signed by the united states and the taliban was only
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a 1st step on the track of peacemaking in afghanistan peace will not be achieved the unless they have the understanding between all of that and his relief the end of this press conference we sank that excellences we are now out of time thank you venomous 3 thank their excellences emily thank you for attending so. you can. scream in the. us. to tourists to go out there is one russian. there's a real. change in the position. to use for serbia. for the membership believe. if you're just joining us on our judges there are we've been watching a news conference between the qatari foreign minister mohammad bin abdul rahman al
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funny the turkish foreign minister. and russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov both the russian foreign minister and turkey's foreign minister visiting doha today this news conference being held after the 3 of them held talks in doha today talks from what we understand that are focused mostly on the syrian crisis the qatari foreign minister saying the syrian crisis is at its most dire situation and retreating that qatar is committed to support the syrian people turkey's foreign minister also talking about the syrian conflict said it cannot end without the implementation of international initiative initiatives he talked about the importance of fighting for what he called fighting against what he called terrorist organisations and saying that turkey will continue to fight for the territorial integrity integrity of syria and russia's foreign minister for his part retreating the importance of
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a political solution to the syrian conflict the 3 foreign ministers agreeing to hold more of these talks more discussions on syria in the next few months their next meeting they say will be in turkey and then in russia let's bring in our senior political analyst marwan bashar has also been listening to this news conference with us so marwan quite significant 1st of all to see the russian and turkish foreign ministers at the same time here in doha discussing the syrian crisis what did you make of what we heard and what should we read into the timing and the context of this meeting. well in terms of the timing it's been 10 years as we've heard in the press conference since the civil war started in syria and clearly since the russians got involved militarily in 2015 things might have stabilized in favor of the assad regime and his russian patrons but
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russia has ended up with a major crisis on its hand. as most international humanitarian organization would tell you there are some 600000 dead syrians today after 10 years of conflict 600000 there are 6000000 refugees and 10000000 people lack food security so clearly after 10 years of conflict of civil war this issue needs to be resolved and while other issues like afghanistan and yemen have their own processes the process that took place in geneva has not succeeded yet the so-called constitutional process because of the stubbornness of the assad regime so clearly if russia needs a solution turkey and qatar and others are interested in helping out but the elephant in the room folly is of course the absent american because hardly anyone can provide help without america 1st 15 at sanctions as one of the journalists
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there pointed out in one of the questions this is the 1st time that qatar is joining a meeting between turkey and russia on syria qatar doesn't have any military presence in syria but it seems they want to be playing a bigger role perhaps in solving regional crisis whether it's also the iran nuclear issue which have talked about increasing mean recent weeks and months what difference can qatar make what progress can be made from here then what's happened in or geneva. what we've heard thus far the tone of this so-called consultative body the doha round if you will of this new trilateral meeting is meant to be more diplomatic perhaps less categorical for example i haven't heard anything today that says something about assad must go right or certain things have to have been by certain time so it is certainly
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a diplomatic. process that's meant to make a point not scored a point about syria not about qatar and its role look at that has at least since the crisis with its neighbors but certainly over the last number of years has played a number of roles it has lost like 3 hats i had number one is that over the past 10 years cut that was a major supporter of the arab spring movement towards change democracy justice freedom and so so forth so cut that played a major role in that and that towards that end could continues on the question of syria libya and so on so forth it continues to support a movement towards more democracy and justice and so on but also cut that has had a major role as a forum for diplomacy it's almost like as you need in the gulf in the sense that it's hosting now with the afghan talks that contrary to what mr lavrov says seems
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to have made a good not a good amount of progress but also it's been a forum for others whether there were so the nie is or palestinians older than he is or others and last but not least it is an important in the ship power and it does have certain surplus that it has been more than happy to help other nations whether it was in libya syria yemen and other places but a stimulus notably and the libyan needs help with the aid the relief is the cut the foreign minister said thank you very much for that marwan bashar is our senior political analyst. let's turn our attention now to other world news and china has approved changes to limit democratic participation in hong kong's elections its annual national people's congress passed new laws to veto and screen candidates is follows mass protests in the semi-autonomous territory in 2019 calling for greater freedoms.
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when the meeting made a decision of improving the election system of the on constitutional administrative region all delegates highly agreed and have expressed to the strong determination of the people of all ethnic groups of the country including hochul compactly its to safeguard national sovereignty security and development interests and maintain the hong kong's constitutional. let's bring in katrina you in beijing for us katrina so the congress has come to a close what are the main takeaways what new laws have been passed that indicate the direction that china is heading towards. high following all the national people's congress for context is mostly a ceremonial event a chance for about 3000 communist party members to pass an approved policies and bills which have largely been decided and confirmed ahead of time so this afternoon in beijing's great hall of the people they voted on about 10 different items one
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was the budget for the year going forward another was the 5 year plan and the 15 year plan and of course the one that the international community was really waiting to hear about was this reform on hong kong's electoral system now when it came to this vote we had 2895 officials vote to approve the bill there were so the euro who voted against it and there's only one abstention so no surprises there was confirmed by the chinese communist party now we've had so we some more details about what this law entails it was released by chinese state media shin well but essentially the changes can be broken up into 2 hobs the 1st is that hong kong's legislative council it's many parliament which elects hong kong's leader is going to undergo a huge restructuring they'll be more seats added but most of the seats will be given to probate groups that's industry groups and social groups and the other thing is that the seats that will be given to directly elected officials by the
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public will be shrunk the 2nd half of that change is there is going to be a committee created that will veto all of those who were holding public office in hong kong essentially what will be decided by this committee is that only patriots will be able to be legislative council is so only those who are loyal to the chinese communist party now beijing for its part has said that these changes are crucial for hong kong's stability for its security especially after those $29000.00 protests that we saw that many in hong kong activists and also many people abroad including many other governments are hugely critical of these changes saying that crushes many of those democratic freedoms. promised to the territory let's find out more about how people feel about this in hong kong china thank you we're going to speak to adrian brown now who's there so adrian what will this new election law mean for hong kong and the pro-democracy movement there how are people reacting.
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well i think the prospects are grim what little democracy hong kong had has now been completely extinguished in the view of the few commentators who are still prepared to talk out here this vetting committee has sensually means that members of the democratic party will not in future be able to stand in elections china as katrina said once only patriots to stand in elections in the future and just a few days ago we heard from china's one of its most senior officials here in the former british colony who gave his definition of what a patriot is he says loving china under the leadership of the communist party so loving the country equals loving the party we've also been hearing from bernard chan now what he had to say is interesting because he's actually a government advisor here in hong kong and he says that this decision means that hong kong's electoral system has in effect gone backwards we are back to where we were under british colonial rule in the mid eighty's when hong kong had less
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democracy than it does now i think beijing though feels that this is a price worth paying if it means we're not going to see a return of the sort of violence that hong kong witnessed in 2019 the question is where the big business thinks it's going to be a price worth going to remain here because we now have big question marks over whether the rule of law has been compromised we have a question mark over whether hong kong still enjoys free speech and whether we still have a free media and the idea fully finally of sort of you know saying only patriots could could run in the future is in a way academic because most of the leadership of the pro-democracy movement has been arrested or they fled the or they fled this territory. adrian thank you very much for that adrian brown live for us there in hong kong. japan is marking 10 years since emanuel 9.0 earthquake and tsunami devastated its northeastern coast
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entry get meltdowns at a nuclear power plant nearly 16000 people were killed in the 27 disaster 2 and a half 1000 others remain missing the tsunami smashed into the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant 3 reactors exploded and the clean up but the fukushima plant is far from complete more than 1000 metal tanks containing nearly 1250000 tons of radioactive cooling water is stored at the facility the tokyo electric power company which operates a plant says the water contains type 2 am and naturally occurring either top of hydrogen and traces of carbon 14 a radioactive material in 2018 the firm also said 70 percent of the water contains a radioactive substance known as strong 90 which can cause cancer and speak to shaun burnie about all this he's a senior nuclear specialist at greenpeace and he's joining us from castle doctrine in the u.k. thank you very much for being with us and for your patience 10 years on 1st of all
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big picture how much safer is japan from the damage at the fukushima nuclear plant . unfortunately the threat from the fukushima daiichi plant continues to this day the nuclear emergency remains officially by the germans and for good reason the nuclear site itself is a major threat so the environment because of the amount of the reader activity that remains at the site and off site we hope it's many areas of returning to normal but we also have highly contaminated areas was the japanese don't know it's not able to deal with because you can't be contaminated mountainous forests right so the nuclear emergency unfortunately is continuing right there the president of the tokyo electric power company which operates focus shamus said recently they're making efforts in the decommissioning work and hope to achieve economic stability in no way does he also promise to get rid of the nuclear reactors that are crippled but why is it taking 10 years why is it taking so long what kind of work is
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involved in these efforts i'm afraid 10 years is not very long 'd when it comes to emission new nuclear facilities. basically you're looking at decades for normal nuclear plants but this is a unique situation where 3 reactors of suffered the most complete meltdown of the fuel so we were expecting not decades but actually centuries before this site maysan never he returns to be able to for people to live because it's so highly contaminated and how much progress has been made to keep the public safe from contaminated water. well as you said there is 0 in 2000 tanks or 1200000 cubic meters of nuclear waste water jennings government really wants to discharge this as the pacific ocean but is strongly or caused by communities particular fishing communities but also why that wider japanese or collation and by countries such as so and china the generals government really is not like interest
1:53 pm
in public health and protecting the public they're interested in promoting their nuclear energy policy and so basically fukushima is a constant reminder to people of japan of the threat of nuclear power that's the major challenge for the japanese government now has to finally finally acknowledge that there's a disaster that will teach decades and centuries deal with right and where should all the contaminates heads no claim material go unfortunately there isn't anywhere for it to go and that's part of the problem of the decommissioning clan of the japanese government which says by 2040 to 2050 everything at fukushima dai ichi will be removed from the from the region from which prefecture and we've somewhere else and you can that's just delusional fantasy it's not going anywhere most of the nuclear fuel the molten fuel need be up to 1100 metric tons that's there's no chance of removing that in the coming decades so really this is the cockroach the exercise by the japanese government to say that we can recover from
1:54 pm
a trickle reactor meltdown there is no recovery from such a thing thank you so much for talking to us about this thank you for your insight sean bernie joining us there from castle that mess in the u.k. . our time now for some sports his joe farley thank you very much spanish super club barcelona have been eliminated from the champions league in the last 16 after a 11 draw against paris such a month bossa were 41 down up to the 1st leg they gave p.s.g. the lead on the night before lena messi equalized with a penalty this is the earliest barcelona have exited the champions league in 14 years it also means for the 1st time since 20042005 there will be no messi or christian or an elder in the quarterfinals season and i thought. we were not rewarded for the way we played in the 1st half we should have scored one or 2 more goals we should have had a bigger advantage at half time considering the match we played we took risks we put pressure on them we dominated our opponents and we had created enough chances
1:55 pm
but we've been able to take advantage of that single percentage in the minute those 52 of the 180 minutes i am very happy we are through to the quarter finals i am incredibly happy to be in the quarters of the 2 months here in paris is spatially after all 41 win in barcelona. 19 champions liverpool are through to the quarterfinals mohamed salah and study of money were on the scoresheet in a to no win over abi like stake in neutral budapest the ball winning 4 nil on gets . an england man says here moving closer towards reclaiming the premier league title on wednesday city crushed southampton $52.00 in a dominant display riyad mara's and kevin de bruyne are both scoring twice for pep guardiola side german midfield it. was also on the scoresheet on the night city an out 14 points clear of their nearest rivals elice than things. they had in the
1:56 pm
international and it committee has said they're prepared to wait before making a decision on allowing fans to attend the games thomas barr was reelected as president on wednesday and promised to deliver a safe and secure tokyo elim pics reports in japan say the government has already decided not to allow funds from abroad to curb the spread of coronavirus the local organizers won a decision before the torch relay later this month but bus says the final word could come as late as june. was over more. this is a decision which will have to be taken as late as possible we need to leave the door open in order to take into account all developments that may take place even a mail june there are several stages regarding this decision taking. well roger federer wants to compete tokyo 2020 before that though he's back in action at the quarterfinals of the cats are open later the 39 year old swiss made his comeback in doha after recovering from a double knee surgery that kept him out for 405 days if not played since last
1:57 pm
year's australian open and he was up against britain's number one dan evans and he took the opening set on a tie break. evans won the 2nd set to level things up but it was federer that came through in the decider take it 7 games to fight much the light of the socially distance crowd who were happy to see the 20 time grand slam champion back home courts face nicolas. really on thursday she spent a long and tough road for me. i enjoyed it though you know i must say it's been a huge challenge of mine in my tennis career and to come back at my age is not something that's very simple but i've had my wonderful team around myself that always supported me throughout and that made it much easier it's great fun and thank you to people to come out that was. all right that is all yours but for now i have wolf we later polly and i thank you very much for that
1:58 pm
that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us he's with you next with more of the day's stakes which. when afghan filmmaker has done fuzzily catches the taliban's attention a bounty on his head forces him to flee with his family desperately seeking sanctuary they journey across continents chronicling them multi-year saga on their phones. the midnight traveler an odyssey of hope resilience and
1:59 pm
ultimately one family's love for each other and witness on algis there. an act of youthful defiance. rooted on earth turks are also in the school will. hold for the morning. or worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all which became a battle without and was really beginning beyond struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war. on al-jazeera. the protests started cheerfully in front of the x. museum in amsterdam hundreds of protesters gathered to demand the government use lockdown with strict chanson lift a curfew the 1st in the country since world war 2 the threat is that we use our freedoms to protesters who are not following social distancing rules or repeatedly order to disperse by police but police are trying very hard to pull friend to
2:00 pm
scenario that happened last week when thousands were rioting in cities across the ladder. after some protesters started throwing stones at letting off fireworks police on horseback moved in to clear the area. at least 7 and he drew protests as a killed. as the military makes new claims against aung san suu kyi. her there i'm just on the attack this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. 10 years on japan remembers the devastating earthquake and tsunami that triggered the fukushima new.


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