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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm +03

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police are trying very hard to confront the scenario that happened last week when thousands were rioting in cities across the land. after some protesters started throwing stones at letting off fireworks police on horseback moved in to clear the area. at least 7 and he drew protesters are killed. as the military makes new claims against aung san suu kyi. oh there i'm just on the attack of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up . 10 years on japan remembers the devastating earthquake and tsunami that triggered the fukushima nuclear disaster. china approves changes to hong kong's democratic electorate
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system at the end of it c.n.n. national people's congress. and counsels foreign minister hosts his russian and turkish counterpart here in doha the leaders discuss working together to deliver humanitarian aid to syria. as military has leveled new accusations against opposed leader aung san suu kyi as it defends its decision to seize power a military spokesman says she accepted illegal payments worth $600000.00 plus gold while in government and secure demonstrators are continuing to defy the military these images were recorded earlier in the city of galle several deaths were also reported during other rallies on fast day. well japan is commemorating the 10th anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands of
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people the magnitude 9 quake on march 11th 2011 also crippled and u.k. power plants that continues to pose the contamination risk reports it was the biggest earthquake japan has ever recorded creating devastating tsunami waves that crashed into towns and communities along its northeastern coast it left around 20000 people dead or missing and it caused a meltdown at the fukushima nuclear power plant more than 150000 people had to be evacuated from surrounding areas satellite images taken before and after the disaster showed the extent of the destruction and the scale of the task to rebuild the town of minamisanriku was one of the worst hit with almost 2 thirds of the population wiped out food ito survived the rising waters and made it to safety
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he now leads tours of his town recounting to visitors his firsthand experience a name how difficult i want everyone to know that unexpected disasters can happen i think it is our job as people who experienced a tsunami to share that with others all along this coast and you see defenses have been built and the government has turned the reconstruction effort into a symbol of national revival coinciding with the delayed summer olympics the olympic torch relay is jus to start from fukushima later this month carried 1st by noriyuki suzuki whose daughter my died along with 73 other students and 10 teachers at the elementary school. there are many areas affected by disaster in japan and i want the recovery olympics to be for all those areas i want smiles to overflow the country. prayers and services have been held along the affected
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coastline while in tokyo and peru another hito and prime minister yoshi he'd a super led a national service of remembrance. she's like a joining of touch. reconstruction has progressed steadily in disaster stricken areas in the decade since the earthquake weak it's devastation homes have largely been reconstructed and towns have been revived to a great extent. time to reflect on the disaster a decade ago i did legacy japan as a nation will have to deal with for decades to come rob mcbride al-jazeera. well let's get more now on our top story and those reports of more deaths in manaus and tikrit protests as well as new charges against ousted leader aung san suu kyi tony chang is across all of this for us from bangkok in neighboring thailand tony we are talking about at least 6 more deaths today potentially 10 what more do we know. here's another bloody day on the streets. fewer protesters out today but that
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hasn't stopped the authorities cracking down with the brutal force of the past weeks in my own township in central myanmar we understand that there have been 7 fatalities and some of the pictures we've seen suggests that the military have been using sniper rifles and other automatic weapons the same weapons weapons of war that amnesty international have accused them of using in their release overnight in mandalay we understand there was one fatality a crackdown on crowds and another one in yangon but there are reports of more which haven't yet been confirmed but it appears that while the military has been giving this press conference saying that they are not using lethal force well the evidence is clearly to you as well attorney in that press conference they also spoke about these new claims against on science u.g. what do they mean for continued detention as she remains under arrest.
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well presumably in the next week when she has another court appearance there will be more charges brought against the current ones. importing illegal telecoms equipment are not very strong and presumably if they were pushed through they wouldn't lead to very long periods of detention these ones would the accusation that she took $600000.00 and a significant amount of gold potentially to which the military could use to keep her out of politics and detained for a long period in addition to the level charges against women the president and other cabinet ministers saying they were corrupt and they tried to influence the election commission not to investigate the charges of election failings that the military had leveled again all of these things the military have accused. the
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members of they failed to provide any evidence at all that they said they had investigated these charges and they would be providing evidence at this stage we don't know what their evidence is we do know they've been raiding n.l. the offices around the country and high profile economic advisor and he's straight in name professor sean turn all records were taken when he was detained that may make up some of their supposed evidence but at this stage they haven't presented anything at all nonetheless it does seem clear that despite their claims and they said today that the international community had no should have no concerns about what's going on in myanmar there are deep concerns we've seen the un security council unified with china and russia condemning what's going on at the moment the thai government here in bangkok today also held
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a press conference saying they were hoping there would be no further. violence on the streets and yet at the same time we're seeing the military and the police cracking down with the kind of brutality those that characterize their oppression of the protesters for the past week or so tony chang there with all the latest for us from bangkok thank you so much jane when our china has approved changes to limit democratic participation and hong kong's elections and saniel national people's congress passed new laws to veto and screen candidates and follows mass protests in the semi autonomous territory and 2900 calling for greater freedoms promised at likud charles says the reform would ensure that hong kong is governed by what he calls patriots. why the meeting made the decision of improving the election system of their own constitutional administrative region all delegates highly agreed and have expressed to the strong determination of the people of all ethnic groups in
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the country including holcombe patry it's to safeguard national sovereignty security and development interests and maintain the hong kong's constitutional order well that's now get the perspective from hong kong adrian brown is there for us adrian we all knew this was coming but now it's actually been passed so how is this going over is there a future for the pro-democracy movement going forward. i think the future for the pro-democracy movement is very grim indeed according to the few commentators still prepared to speak out here they say that democracy has now been in their words extinguished here in hong kong in fact even one of the kerry lambs key advisors bernard chan who's one of her closest advisors has said in many ways hong kong has gone back to the situation it was in in the eighty's when hong kong of course was still a british colony and he says that you know that's how bad the situation is you know what little democracy hong kong has had has now gone and remember this was
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a system that in many ways was already rigged in china's favor so in many ways it's also academic as to why china has had to do this because almost the entire leadership of the pro-democracy bloc is now either arrested or have fled the country now china has made clear as you heard there in that clip from the premier that only patriots in future will rule hong kong or indeed hold positions of authority of power here in hong kong and just a few days ago we got a definition from a senior chinese official here as to exactly what a patriot was he says it's loving china under the leadership of the chinese communist party so in other words loving the country equals loving the party the question now is whether big business is going to buy this because do they feel that the rule of law has now been compromised in hong kong do they feel that freedom of speech has now been compromised in hong kong to they believe that hong kong still
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has a free media those are all things that the big corporations want which is why they remain in hong kong the question of course is whether they will and in the meantime you know people are continuing to leave i went after dinner on monday night with a young family who were leaving hong kong for britain next week and i said to them why go to britain you know code that is worse than it is in hong kong the economy's in bad shape unemployment is rising and they said well they would still prefer that than to remain here. adrian brown there with all the reaction from hong kong for us thanks so much. so ahead here on al-jazeera we say to america help is on the way they nearly 2 trillion $1.10 relief bill passes its final hurdle in the u.s. congress offering financial help to millions of americans. and the environmental effects of private 19 white activists in the u.k.
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people to switch from displays of mosques to reuse of old face coverings. for the perfect. sponsored plan qatar airways how i would have some fire to dry weather across japan recently but that is all set to change we got an area close pushing out of eastern china it'll make its way towards japan as we go through the next couple days at the moment got a big area of high pressure keeping it settled and sunny it will just get nudged out of the way so wetter weather coming in across the korean peninsula pushing into q 2 into much of honshu by the really going downhill as we go through friday add on into saturday where that rain will set and it will be very heavy at times that could lead to some localized flooding much of honshu seeing some big downpours then and that western weather is pushing into the far south of hokkaido parts guys come
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back into high temperatures recover to around 4015 celsius was present sunshine some shops i was considering for southern parts of china still got a few showers into the south of india as we go on through the next day or so but by far the more unsettled weather will be further north you have a westerly disturbance rolling across pakistan into northern parts of india significant snowfall on this it will increase the avalanche risk here could cause some disruption as we go on through the next couple of days further south that is generally fine and dry temperatures once again into the mid thirty's celsius. qatar airways. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a cash a strong the moral failure is that a fair assessment you can be catastrophic. to why you. informed opinions should we be buying big court ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who
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are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day school open headlines the inside story on al-jazeera. the. hello again i'm starting a tender heart let's remind you of our top stories this hour myanmar's military has leveled a new charges against deposed leader aung san suu kyi a military spokesman says she accepted illegal payments worth 6 $100000.00 plus gold while in government. china has approved changes to limit democratic participation in hong kong elections its annual national people's congress passed
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new laws to veto and screen canada it's. and japan is marking it 10 years since a devastating earthquake and tsunami has its northeastern coast and triggered meltdowns at a new care power plant 16000 people were killed 2500 are still missing. well let's take into this with tom burke he's the chairman of the 3 g. a climate change think tank and he joins us now from london tom japan still clearly grappling with the aftermath of that disaster but it's also a country that's very committed to expanding its nuclear program and i see the editor energy minister is saying that it's indispensable what do you make of that. well 1st of all i think it was a great tragedy for the people of japan that cost them an enormous amount of money as well as the consequences that they're finding it increasingly to deal with still 10 years on got no strategy for keeping the mess up and it's quite clear the
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japanese people don't agree with their minister they've continued to resist efforts to reopen all the other nuclear reactors in japan that for shutdown and i think any case he's quite wrong it's really clear that the world doesn't need nuclear power either to meet its energy needs or to deal with climate change well i want to speak to you about that because when it comes to combating climate change a number of governments around the while the saying that nuclear is a critical pos of moving away from fossil fuels i see even the i.p.c.c. the intergovernmental panel on climate change all of their scenarios i believe include nuclear power are all there really any truly viable alternatives here. oh yes there are lots and lots of viable alternatives but also very simple arithmetic which shows you that you actually count is nuclear power to deal with climate change whatever other purposes you may have for it there are about 400 out reactors around the country most of them are about 40 years old or more you simply could not
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build enough nuclear reactors in time to replace the ones that are going to go offline let alone build new ones in order to drive fossil fuels out of the power mix so it's simply very bad arithmetic to suggest you need nuclear power to deal with climate change the existing nuclear power stations all of the current ones will one way or another close down over the next 20 years which means nuclear will continue to play a role i don't see any reason why we should change that but it's not part of the future if you like a future technology whose time has passed. tom how other wealth power is approaching this i see at the national people's congress in china it's just wrapping up and beijing china publicly stated it actually wants to expand its new capacity here. and it's true it's very china is probably the only country in the world that's got a really consistent program of actually building reactors are supposed to talking
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about building reactors going forward but even in china with all its engineering skills it's actually not been able to keep pace with what its original plans were because it's so expensive to do with to build new nuclear power stations and the engineering and concrete and steel requirements is so large but china is i think a country that will probably do more to use no air power but then if you live in a well thought of tearing government you cry from the mistakes that other governments make you can't learn from your own mistakes so i think that's often just a feature of the politics of china more than anything else and tom you talked about the economics of new camp happensis just not really where king not just the infrastructure but also managing the waste you say there are viable alternatives in terms of transitioning away from fossil fuels what are they. they're real the alternatives the ones we already know about knoebels wind and
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a solar power whose cost to continue to fall through the floor and also 100th but the really important point to remember is that you need a different kind of electricity system one that makes use of much more sophisticated technology with sensors and data management so you get better use of and can deal with the problems of the variability of. the solar and wind power which you know don't blow all the time but that's a problem that the industry is quite used to do with so the electricity industry is of course you know how you design your system more smaller that which technology to choose to use and there's loads of evidence that it's perfectly possible for us to do that and to go 100 percent renewable tom back there the chairman of 3 g. a climate change think tank great to get your insights here on out there thanks so much for being with us tom thanks dr.
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now moving on to the krajina virus pandemic and denmark has temporarily halted the use of the covered 1000 vaccine manufactured by astra zeneca that was off to a small number of cases of blood clots a cat however denmark's health ministry said it wasn't yet whether the cuts were actually linked to the vaccine and that not only approved the astra zeneca vaccine 6 days ago for use and of a 65 year olds. well speaking of vaccines rich members of the world trade organization have blocked an effort to waive passon rights to increase the production of vaccines the proposal by south africa and india is backed by dozens of mainly developing countries at the w t o but several wealthier nations including the united states and the u.k. have rejected that idea they say waiving the patents would deter private investors and slow scientific innovation well
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a year now after the global pandemic was declared the u.s. house of representatives has approved president joe biden's $1.00 trillion $1.10 relief plan it's one of the largest spending plans in america's history that package includes funding for more vaccines and also extends unemployment benefits alan fischer has more now from washington d.c. thank you can applaud the host deliver joe biden's 1st significant victory as president i want point 9 trillion dollars covert relief bill and all done without a single republican vote in support this is a momentous day in the history of our country because we have passed historic consequential and transformative legislation thanks goes to the senators who are standing here or great committee chairs and all of our senators who pulled together as one unit beating back killer amendments making sure the bill was as strong
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as possible the bill has overwhelming support across the country 61 percent approval but republicans claim it spends far too much and delivers far too little we are here today mr speaker because democrats made a choice. i choice to put their own partisan political ambitions ahead of the needs of the working class the deal delivers $1400.00 stimulus checks to every qualifying american targeted mainly of lower incomes there's 350000000000 dollars for states cities and tribal governments 130000000000 for schools 40000000000 for further education and 50000000000 in relief for small businesses the package was a big pre-election promise from biden he wanted to do it with republican support but was happy to push on without it. everything in the american rescue plan
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addresses a real need including investments to fund our entire vaccination effort more vaccines more vaccinate tours and more vaccination sites millions more americans will get tested including home testing schools will soon have the funding and resources to reopen safely a national imperative biden is expected to sign the bill when it hits his desk on friday the administration says the 1st checks could start going out soon with many people receiving their money before the end of the month alan fischer al-jazeera washington. now the crisis in syria has been the focus of 3 way talks here in doha qatar as foreign minister hosted his russian turkish counterparts to discuss ways to deliver aid to russia and turkey back opposing sides in syria's war now in its tense yeah we're talking is foreign minister expressed hope for a breakthrough job rather than a cut because the we are contributing without efforts for
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a sustainable political stability for syria of course unfortunately the conflict has been going on for 10 years and we have witnessed many unfortunate events our wish is to see that syria's legitimate request will find a result within the criteria of the united nations and turkey while that speaking out about its methods following that visit for us here and but in syria clearly one the main subjects what exactly did they talk about. well we're 10 years on from those 1st and the acid protests in syria and we're 4 years on from the russian led a start the process is bringing together russia iran and turkey to try and find a political solution to the crisis in that country but we seem to be no further on survey lavrov russian's foreign russia's foreign minister said today that this meeting between the 3 countries was or was another way of trying to achieve a political solution but this start a process if the russians have their way would ultimately lead probably with the
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assad regime staying in charge we have the m.r.i. artes yesterday or earlier this week calling for syria to be real out reintroduced into the arab league the capturers when asked about but weren't interested in seeing syria at this stage back in the arab league and turkey which of course is not in the arab league but it's a soul of the foreign minister of turkey said that the syrian regime wants a military solution it doesn't believe in a political solution so despite these 3 countries getting together no indication that there are any closer than they ever have been to finding a political solution to what's happening in syria also on the agenda was afghanistan talks started here in september peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban they've been off in this very hotel since then they haven't achieved very much the u.s. last week sending a letter to the afghan president saying they want to find a new political solution to afghanistan so they can withdraw their troops and now
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the russians saying that next week in moscow they're going to have a meeting to try and find is another way forward for afghanistan but they were keen to point out that that was not taking away from the talks that are happening here in doha. we are constantly coordinating with our counterparts in russia and that's why we do not see any bilateral meetings as. to the diplomatic process all the efforts at peace all the bilateral meetings are supportive in other words they are meant mainly to support the collective efforts towards lasting peace and they are all belt of transparency between qatar and russia and with fully appreciate the support provided by the russian 2 words the doha efforts with respect to the afghanis issue. with all the very latest from that 2nd half thank you so
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much fam. all right turning now to the corona virus pandemic and viral mental campaign as an bresson a warning of the impact of disposable mosques they say most people don't realize that the cheapest masks are actually plastic and they end up and waste dumps or discarded in nature and has no. clue facemasks a common sight in city centers around britain apparently only essential shops are open but as lock downs a loosens people will still be wearing masks for months or even years to come and that means an ongoing nightmare for the environment because this us all over their religion on the lodger's this video shows staff at a wildlife hospital helping a bird that's been caught up in discarded litter it's a face mask one of the disposable surgical face coverings made of plastic. campaign good keep britain tidy have found disposable masks and gloves at 14 percent of sites they've surveyed since last summer they say such discarded items are now even
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more common than plastic bags were before a compulsory charge for the bags came in more than 100000000 disposable face masks like this get thrown away across the u.k. every single week that's enough to cover more than 230 soccer pitches now a recent survey found 70 percent of people using disposable marse didn't realize they were using single use plastics and nearly one in 5 thought they could be recycled which isn't the case i know it's going to be waste but these are the quickest and most easiest ones to use put on take out go again you know i mean with these cuts to our god they're not water but they're not really usable so you have the bible where you put up notice a lot more in the mind of people discard them i haven't given any of your for us what happens to them afterwards the problem with single use plastic mask is they'll end up in a landfill site like this in an incinerator or simply discarded researches at university college london say if every person in the u.k.
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used one disposable mask every day for a year it would create $124.00 fan. 1000 tons of waste half of which would be on recyclable contaminated plastic when we use it in health care they're classed as clinical waste so then health care workers will put it in state the yellow bins say ban like they are separated from general general waste and then take it into incineration for the public domain there isn't actually this system yet but this factory they're trying to provide an alternative their mosques are based on specifications of old a children's hospital in liverpool which gets a percentage of the sales they have an antiviral coated unlike other such mosques can be washed in ri you just had to be something that was always practical comfortable. and happy produced locally so the the mask and the design that we've come up with is ethical sustainable and entirely made in the u.k.
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it looks like face masks will be part of many people's lives at least in the short term whatever coming to where they are being urged to consider where it comes from and where it will end up. his era london. every costs prime minister hammered back or your call has died marking the 2nd time in a year one of the nation's leaders has died in office 2 years illness but her yoko was seen as a possible successor to president alassane ouattara he was flown to france for medical treatment last month and then to germany. that is al-jazeera these are the headlines myanmar's military has leveled new claims against deposed leader aung sun suu cim a military spokesman says she accepted illegal payments with $600000.00 plus gold while in government china has approved changes to limit democratic participation in
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hong kong elections its annual national people's congress passed a new laws to veto and screen candidates japan is marking tenure.


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