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buildings universities and monasteries were just some of the many structures that were destroyed in manila during world war 2. but rebuilding a life and a city from scratch has proven difficult and some experts seem manila has never truly recovered. as the security forces meanwhile killed at least 7 more protest as a senior official tells the un they've been exercising the utmost restraint. i'm charlie and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the e.u. approves johnson and johnson's one shot to covert vaccine as infections rise in italy france and germany. zimbabwe eases coded restrictions but it could be some
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time before restaurants are property back in business. and japan mogs 10 years since the massive earthquake and tsunami that killed around 20000 people and triggered a massive nuclear meltdown at fukushima. the un special rapporteur on human rights and says there's growing evidence the military's crackdown on protesters may constitute crimes against humanity including torture and persecution thomas andrews is calling for wide ranging sanctions on senior leaders and oil and gas and to prize. credible reports indicate it means more security forces should murdered at least 70 people is a horrible truth that as soon as they issue a report the number of murders is arbitrary detentions we need more become outdated
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it would reduce the jailing does sometimes hundreds every day stop the flow of revenue into the illegal which is congress is going to happen now what you mention sanctions should be imposed on both she you're going to leaders and your major sources of revenue including military owned and controlled enterprises and more oil and gas in a. minute she has rejected the report by the foreign ministry official saying their actions have been necessary to maintain order in the reason these bodies or sun have been being a dancer to maintaining law and order in the country authorities have been. restraint to deal with the violent protests since a few already that thought it's important to show off all 4 of their criminal procedure which prohibits gathering or fired on more people in public places in 146 dollars shipped where violent protests and riot have created disturbances to the
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public or are in the rule of law well despite those claims of the military showing restraint the ongoing protests becoming increasingly deadly at least 7 more protests as were killed on thursday when the security forces opened fire on them as well as at least 70 people being killed since the fed briefest coup hundreds more have been injured and then add this advocacy group says more than 2000 protesters have been arrested including hundreds of student and media workers our diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations with more on the statement from me i'm us foreign affairs ministry. he was very subdued he seemed to be mumbling he seemed to be nervous it's worth telling you that this gentleman chung a is a veteran foreign ministry official of me and ma he is the permanent secretary at the foreign ministry it's also worth reminding you that who used to be in charge in the foreign ministry because one of the jobs of the state council was the foreign
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minister and that was a young son suchi so this is someone who used to work very closely with young sung sujit who now is defending the military crackdown and saying the authorities have been exercising most restraint to deal with the violent protests which clearly goes against everything that we've seen on our screen since the coup on the 1st of february and it does beg the question is he speaking totally freely or is he in fear of the current situation is inferior in fear of any sort of reprisals against him. as military has leveled new accusations against deposed leaders and a military spokesman says she accepted illegal payments with $600000.00 plus gold while in government has more from bangkok. protesters in myanmar again lean bullets on the streets of yangon live ammunition
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used elsewhere to protesters in several other cities and towns are facing a stepped up violent crackdown and more cases of security forces shooting unarmed protesters in the head we protest peacefully but they cracked down on us while mentally the mahdi cracked a stronger dove revolutionist the happy side of the view continue until we've been in a news conference the military judge to restated its intention of holding on to power only until new elections can be held. election fraud in november's polling was its reason for the power grab yet the generals have provided no evidence of it. they also accuse deposed civilian leader aung sang suu kyi of taking bribes and others in her cabinet of corruption. why did you pull the young gun regional minister peel mean said he gave. himself $600000.00 in cash and 11 kilograms of gold between december of 2017 to march of 2018 so i'm watching the news
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conference at a yangon tea shop call it one sided and question the jump to placing blame on protesters for starting the violence when they have no weapons. and they are saying that the whole country is carrying out acts of violence it's horrible it's hurtful we have given our time we have given our lives that military does not care and say whatever they want. in another movie just a has taken the eric an army off its list of terrorist groups it's one of 2 dozen ethnic armed groups in the country it's been removed from the list according to the joint because they have now stopped attacks in order to help establish peace some of the other ethnic armies have sided with the antic who protesters and across its eastern border thailand is preparing for the possibility of a refugee flow from ian maher those looking to flee the military's crackdown thailand's immigration department is converting a football arena into a processing center with health screening for now there hasn't been a large number of people trying to cross the border but in anticipation the time
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military has increased its patrols along the area it's got harder al-jazeera. the un has held a special session on the rising threat of hunger especially in yemen and ethiopia's tikker a region where food supplies are running dangerously low the world food program's chief who just returned from yemen is seeking private donations the agency needs an extra $600000.00 to provide aid to yemen for the next 6 months a recent donor conference failed to raise even harf the $4000000000.00 needed to avert a famine there. it's a horrific situation it really years i went to on what would be. the best hospital . room to room to room with our social truth literally. the lucky ones that actually get into the hospital what caught the doctor and i said how many years you had or here it he said 25 or so what do you do with the
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word that you know that term that you don't have room for should we stop the hope so what happens. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has spoken out about the ongoing violence in ethiopia a region linda thomas greenfield called on all sides to reach a solution. the ongoing violence helps prevent it humanitarians from helping the desperately. but bringing you some breaking news now is joe biden in the oval office signing into law the historic covert relief bill let's listen in for those who have made it clear the people out there are very clear very strong support for the american rescue plan yesterday with the final passage of the planet in the house of representatives are their voices were heard every foot reflected everything we have in this bill. and i will leave this is that most people i think do as well this historic legislation. is a bar rebuild the backbone of this country and given the people of this nation
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working people middle class folks people of the country a fighting chance that's of the essence of this and i'm going to have a lot more to say about that tonight in the next couple days and be able to take questions but in the meantime what i would do is sign this bill and make a presentation night. as replaceable opportunities we're going to be on the road only talking about. what i'm talking about tonight is the impact on the virus now in this pandemic. talk all the hallmarks of the bill getting friday saturday through the week so i think you should be. all right thank you all we should. say.
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well let's go live now to alan fischer who's in washington d.c. for us allan biden was meant to sign that into law on friday he brought it forward to head of his address to the nation in 6 hours we had a little bit for him then but we're expecting to hear from him later. well this whole process has been speeded up he's been talking about how you want to get this done as quickly as possible we know that there were no republican votes on either the house or the senate to support this even though 61 percent of american voters are actually behind the idea of this covert support bill that is going out so the whole process went through the house quicker than they expected that meant that essentially it was there for joe biden to sign and he said he would sign it as soon as it made made it to his desk so that is why he moved it up 24 hours and what is
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interesting is that he is going to make this speech in a few hours it's his 1st primetime address as president he's going to what's happened over the last year because of course it is a year since the world health organization announced that there was a global pandemic at that point it was being played don't by donald trump's administration has been almost largely contained he will talk about the sacrifices that the country has made over the last 12 months some of the stories of the people who've died over the last 12 months and the families that no longer feel complete our own the table he will also lay out his plans for the future as far as joe biden is concerned the $1.00 trillion dollar bill was for here and now and will certainly push on into later in the year but he also wants to lay out a much longer recovery because he realizes that this is a year long thing it's going to have to be annoying going process and so he'll lay out what he sees as the goals to achieve over the next year know what is interesting is that since he came into office and it's 50 days today normally there
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would be an address to a joint session of congress it wouldn't be a state of the union address that never happens in the 1st year of the presidency but he would speak to both the house and the senate that hasn't happened but normally after there is a state of address type gathering the president then heads off around the country to spread the message and say look this is. what i'm going to do what joe biden is going to do is fuel up air force one and over the next few weeks he's going to take the plane to various parts of the country which he says will benefit from this below that is high actually gone through congress just in the last 24 hours so a big political success for joe biden he obviously wants to make sure that the message gets out to the country and build on that for a couple of reasons one to make sure that in the years time the economy is roaring back and things are looking much better but also politically in a year's time he looks as if he was justified in pushing for such
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a massive bailout 1.9 trillion that is benefiting people all across the country and that will make it much easier for democrats to campaign come to 2022 midterm elections or be following that address on al-jazeera until then alan fischer in washington d.c. thank you for your insights. it's exactly a year since the world health organization declared the corona virus outbreak a pandemic every country has been touched by the virus but with the introduction of vaccine some nations are beginning to see hope others are increasingly desperate according to bloomberg more than 326000000 vaccine doses have been administered globally nearly 100000000 of them have been given in the u.s. more than 2000000 a day now and the 7 day average number of deaths his heart since january when it recorded more than 4000 new deaths on sundays in brazil though it's
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a different story about 12000000 vaccination doses have been administered but on wednesday the country suffered its worst day the covert related deaths recording more than 2000 for the 1st time and it looks like a 3rd wave could be sweeping large areas of the e.u. just 44000000 vaccine doses have been given across the block and infections have risen 50 percent in italy in the past 2 weeks. well germany has recorded its largest daily increase in corona virus cases in more than a month on in france the health minister says the situation in the greater paris region is especially worrying and new measures may be needed if the situation continues to worsen also there is a nucleus behold it calls for. we are already preparing large transfers of patients to other regions which could take place as old this weekend when i say large i mean that we are talking about dozens even hundreds of patients who could be evacuated from the great to paris region to other hospitals in other regions of the country
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the e.u. now has 4 current or a virus vaccines that can use with its regular 2 body approving johnson and johnson single shot medication the block is trying to increase the speed of its sluggish immunization campaign which has been marred by production delays affecting its other vaccines the e.u. has awarded 200000000 doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine with supplies due to begin delivery in the next 2nd quarter but the company has warned it's also experiencing supply issues denmark norway and iceland have temporarily suspended use of the astra zeneca vaccine after several cases of blood clots including one death the danish health agency says it's not a stoppage to link between clots and the vaccine but it will stop using the job for 2 weeks to investigate austria has stopped using vaccines from the same batch after women died soon after receiving the shots the stoney and lithuania luxembourg and love via of course use of the same badge and italy has been drawn another batch of the vaccine after 2 men died in sicily there no link has been established between
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the vaccine and the deaths. well let's get more from paul brennan so good news on one vaccine that will not such good news over the other what impact is this going to have on the relatively slow vaccine rollout. well i don't think it's going to speed it up that's for sure i mean the johnson and johnson vaccine on the face of it is a big step forward a couple of reasons for that 1st of all it can be stored for up to 3 months or fridge temperature it doesn't have to have that super low temperature that other vaccines such as the pfizer vaccine for example need that is minus 70 minus 80 degrees celsius the other thing about the johnson and johnson vaccine as well is it's effective after just one jab so there isn't a need for a 2nd reinforcing injection and that is good news however as you said in the introduction that it's not going to be available until the 2nd quarter of 2021 1st delivery is expected somewhere around april the 1st some doubts as to whether they
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will even start on april the 1st and then walk kind of numbers yes the europeans have ordered 200000000 with the option for an extra 200000000 whether they'll get those in the early stages of the contract very doubtful indeed and then moving on to the issues in scandinavia that have emerged during the course of today it is worrying on the basis that 1st of all yes there have been some blood clots but the danish the norwegians and the iceland and the icelanders who've decided to suspend the use of the astra zeneca vaccine all together are effectively going against the advice of the european medicines agency which is saying that far as they're concerned the number of blood clots related to those people who've had the vaccines are not out of the ordinary for the normal. what you would normally expect in a general population they've reported some $22.00 events strongbow and balik events out of the $3000000.00 people who've been vaccinated up to march the night so there
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is the sense in some quarters that janet denmark norway and iceland there are being rather over cautious and that is not going to help when you're trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible and despite you know downs curfews and vaccinations infection numbers are still rising in a number of european countries do we know what is behind this. it's very much a patchwork i mean you look at central europe czech republic hungary slovakia very much at the top of the league table at the moment u.k. of course because of its extended vaccination program and the extent of its vaccination program rapidly dropping down the list of those infection rates i have to say it's a very much patchwork of measures the vaccine rollout as we mentioned has been very slow across mainland europe and different measures are taking place in different areas in germany for example in parts of germany it's possible for 2 families now
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to meet in private together 5 adults plus children now clearly that is not allowed in other parts so these lock downs are not exactly watertight and i was talking to a friend of mine in madrid couple of days ago and he was saying that the bars are open on the road relatively busy so you can see that the measures that some countries are taking in order to prevent people socializing and to try and keep social distancing in place are rather patchwork as you look across the continent so it's it's no wonder frankly that infection rates in different countries are different but the causes of those different infection rates are also going to be different as well paul brennan thank you for that update tanzania as opposition leader says the country's coronavirus denying president is in a coma in india after not being seen for almost 2 weeks lisa says john mcafee really is being treated for covert 19 up to being transferred from a hospital in kenya but hasn't provided any evidence on wednesday
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a kenyan nice paper reported that an african leader was being treated in nairobi but didn't say who 2 senior officials recently died in tanzania including the vice president of that of the cove in 1000 was confirmed as the course of his death. zimbabwe has ease its coronavirus lockdown an overnight curfew which were imposed in january businesses are now allowed to reopen after the rate of new infections slowed but health officials are warning of a 3rd wave if the rules aren't followed and as harry me tasso reports many business owners say they can't afford another knocked out. tasty girl burgers some chicken and anything else on the menu will soon be ready but not for a sits down meal cloven 1000 mr jones in zimbabwe don't allow that for now it's only takeaways part of the government's plan to bring down infection rates for restaurants and fast food outlets also known as quick service restaurants or. this
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is not good for business as you can see now we're in an empty restaurant will only be able to trade till 7 pm and even then we might have a few people who will come through but restaurants are not primarily catered for takeaway business and even if you look at some of the logic us our businesses there are only still operating in 50 percent because they have designed themselves to allow saddam patrons so it's a significant impact in the business and going forward significant impact and we're looking at job losses and companies closing other businesses have fully reopened as a country tries to recover from a 2nd wave of corona virus infections lockdowns in 2020 and early this year back to the already struggling economy we certainly are past the worst in terms of quality 19 and unfortunately are the beginning of the 1st return of the lot. and what really looking forward to is when. we started coming in the box we may not
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have to resort to lock downs i. should see you know performance in profile for companies. that zimbabweans are taking advantage of being able to move around without restrictions this high unemployment most people here live hand to mouth this isn't. day one of the oldest and busiest open air markets in the capital harare in. a way muslim practice social distancing but not everyone is a. threat as winter approaches in this region health officials are warning of a 3rd way is called 9000 regulations on. business onus on the brink of closure say the concert for what. al-jazeera. the u.s. house of representatives has voted in favor of legislation making background checks mandatory for all. the bill will now go to the senate if pos the new us would tighten current regulations that allow gun sales to proceed without
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a background check if 3 business days have passed speaker of the house nancy pelosi has members of the congress to pass the legislation it's hard to imagine legislation being more popular than the rescue plan 75 percent whatever this legislation background checks closer to 90 percent bipartisan support across the country receiving the support of gun owners hunters and the rest they've all had to do a background check why shouldn't others and as i say about the members of congress there is no if you are afraid to vote for gun violence prevention because of your political survival understand the political survival. is more important than the survival of our children. a u.s. judge is reinstated a 3rd degree murder charge against the former policeman accused of killing george
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floyd it's in addition to 2nd degree murder and manslaughter charges the trial is due to start in the minneapolis court later this month derek chauvin has accused of killing george floyd by kneeling on his neck for nearly 9 minutes floyd's death sparked global protests calling for racial justice and an end to police brutality. israel's prime minister has canceled what would have been an historic visit to the united arab emirates benjamin netanyahu was due to arrive on thursday but a statement from the premier's office said the trip had been postponed after a disagreement with jordan over flying through space a planned visit by jordan's crown prince to the al aqsa mosque in occupied east jerusalem has also been canceled netanyahu said he would visit the very shortly. japan has been marking 10 years since a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated its northeastern coast killing around 20000 people it triggered meltdowns at the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant forcing
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entire communities to flee some residents have since returned but the full recovery is far from over. the may reports from futaba in fukushima prefecture. the port of ok though is just 5 kilometers from the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant it would be easy from here to mistake the boat's masts for the water cooling towers and the cranes on that he actors office it was only a year ago 9 years after the disaster the port was allowed to be used again as the 11 over the asian had gone down to what are termed normal limits. it was something the fishermen were waiting for but today they are not in the most what fishing. they want to mourn all those lost in the tsunami. because we hear a lot and i would like his photographs of the additional celebrations in the town of soma the birthplace of somewhere i want years to provide inspiration
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haiti is not going into favor one night i mean what i don't know maybe no one will come to see my photos but if somebody does i hope they inspire them with courage to overcome the challenges ahead. japan has undergone a massive reconstruction project since 2011 that are building homes and ports repairing ships and building hundreds of kilometers of falls along its coastline in case of another tsunami. but when you travel along route 6 which she is just 3 kilometers from the fukushima plant you realize there are signs showing the amount of for the asian in the air. the fukushima plant has 6 reactors 3 of them to be removed. that could take at least 10 years then there is another 30 years for the cleanup of the entire sites but there are
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also other challenges the 1st is getting rid of radioactive water more than 1000000 tons of it and there is no space to store more next year. you know we have no possibility of building new reserve was to conserve contaminated water we are awaiting the government's decision after consideration of the situation. but there is also the matter of contaminated waste 14000000 cubic meters of it the contaminated waste is temporarily stored for future disposal in warehouses like here in whatever 1000 just the 30 kilometers away from the nuclear plant but on to know no one knows how or when that will happen fred he said i mean i just put up a prince william has denied accusations the british royal family is racist while visiting a school in london it follows prince harry and his wife megan's explosive interview
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with oprah winfrey this week and at the duchess of sussex revealed a member of the family had asked how dark their unborn child skin might be. so have you both of you spoken to your brother to see interview. thank you i will and can you just let me know we start the race. very 1st off. the european broadcasting union has rejected better races entry for this year is your vision song contest saying the nominated song question the competition's nonpolitical nature. let. them work the entry was by a band known for songs mocking protest against president alexander lukashenko the song features the lyrics such as i will teach you to toe the line it received tens of thousands of dislikes on the eurovision you choose page and has now been taken down the entry spot backlash from opposition figures and even field calls for better to be suspended from the contest the e.b.u.
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says the country risks being disqualified if it does not change its entry we used to say that sports it's not politics and music it's not politics but when it comes to benares sport it's politics music ace politics the state t.v. channel east's the propaganda that megaphone for the dictatorship for. the president of the state of t.v. company if dissensions least for crimes or for human rights so it's to involve them in such an event east to make politics. a porsche owned by the late argentinian football legend diego maradona has sold for more than $577000.00 at an auction in belgium just 4 months after he died maraton i would often drive porsches to and from stadiums when playing for spanish cups of
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the f.c. is 992 silver and 11 spent 20 years with a no no in new york before it was passed through the hands of several french collectors the car has now sold for 3 times the estimated price of $180.00 to $240000.00. well you can find much more on our web sites on all those stories and others the address for that is al-jazeera dot com. top stories on al-jazeera the un human rights investigator on me and maher says the country's military has murdered at least 70 people since seizing power and perpetuated offenses that may constitute crimes against humanity the rights expert is calling for multilateral sanctions against military leadership the military has rejected the report create a group.


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