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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations Stealing Paradise  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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the boys i mean when i was a child my that's never be afraid to put a hand up not a question and i think that's what i've certainly done he asked the question to people he should be accountable and also get people to give their view of what's going on. i'm challenger in london the top stories on al-jazeera the un human rights investigator on me and says the country's military has mudded at least 70 people seizing power and perpetrated offenses that may constitute crimes against humanity the rights expert is calling for multilateral sanctions against military leadership the military has rejected the report credible reports indicate it may have security forces that murdered at least 70 people is a horrible truth that as soon as they issue a report the number of murders and arbitrary detentions and made more become
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outdated. detaining doesn't sometimes hundreds every day stop the flow of revenue into the illegal who. is going to happen at once to action sanctions should be imposed on both sheen you're going to leaders and their major sources of revenue including military owned and controlled enterprises and mean more oil and gas at a price a foreign ministry official says that actions have been necessary to maintain order . in the reason these authorities concern have been being a dancer and maintaining law and order in the country authorities have been. more than restraint to deal with their violent borders said fiore that bodies in boards especially awful 4 of the criminal procedure which prohibits gathering are fired on more people in public places in $146.00 shipped where violent protests and riot have created disturbances to their budget or and the rule of law diplomatic editor
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james bay says that the united nations with more on statement from him as foreign affairs ministry he was very subdued he seemed to be mumbling he seemed to be nervous it's worth telling you that this gentleman chung a is a veteran foreign ministry official of myanmar he is the permanent secretary at the foreign ministry but it's also worth reminding you that who used to be in charge in the foreign ministry because one of the jobs of the state counselor was the foreign minister and that was a young son suchi so this is someone who used to work very closely with one song suchi who now is defending the military crackdown and so your thought is of the exercise the most restraint to deal with the violent protests which clearly goes against everything that we've seen on our screens since the coup on the 1st of february and it does beg the question is he speaking totally freely or is he in
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fear of the current situation is inferior in fear of any sort of reprisals against him. the un has held a special session on the rising threat of hunger especially in yemen and ethiopia's tikrit region where food supplies are running dangerously low the world food program is seeking private donations for an extra 600 $1000.00 to provide aid to yemen for the next 6 months a recent donor conference failed to raise even harder the $4000000000.00 needed to avert a famine there it's a horrific situation it really years i worked through on what would be the best hospital. room to room to room with our structural to literally. destroy the lucky ones that actually get into the hospital what caught the doctor or how many years you had or hear it he said 25 are still what do you do with the word that you know that term that you don't have room for should we stop them or so
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what happens to. us president joe biden has signed his $1.00 trillion dollar covert relief bill into law the massive economic aid plan passed the house of representatives on wednesday most americans will now receive a one off direct payment of $1400.00 the payments are expected to begin in the next few days the e.u.'s drug regulator has approved the use of johnson and johnson single dose coded 19 vaccine is the 4th vaccine to be approved for use in the european union the shot could help boost the block struggling vaccination campaign infection rates on the rise across the continent with italy's increasing by 50 percent in the past 2 weeks germany has recorded its largest daily increase in more than a month those are the top stories stay with us al-jazeera investigation stealing paradise is next.
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he speaks in the former. president soon the order to take the cash. will take something. to these distance. most of their lives if you didn't do. you this in. the months to leave you know money i mean. most believe.
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that useless. being where he used to live. al-jazeera is investigative unit has obtained secretly recorded confessions and a major data leak. i've attended bytes of documents photos and messages. they tell the story of the president of the maldives . ya mean abdul gayoom. it is a tale of corruption thuggery and international money laundering. what words would you use to. reclusive brutal corrupt authoritarian
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bicycle when he started politics. but now he's a billionaire he is the mafia head he presents himself as he behaves like back to. the day to drive leads to singapore and a plot to launder up to $1500000000.00 through the moldy central bank i just. i'll be $55.00 i've seen you picture we have tracked down the man behind the deal men who moved billions of dollars in cash stacked on pilots very precious you. probably have to take. seriously. my question for. a journalist who criticized the government disappeared. the television station torched.
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anyone and everyone who expres different opinion in some they have been punished. everybody is afraid. to the outside world the maldives is a picture of paradise but the local people don't live on luxury resorts. for them it's either the cramped capital or underdeveloped islands. their paradise has not just been lost it has been stolen.
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what's happening in the moment it's out it's. about. we didn't say well what $300000000.00 have gone missing. and there's a. lot. of. i'm will jordan i lived and worked in the maldives as a journalist a decade ago i returned to investigate the country's ruler after obtaining an extraordinary day to drop. the information provides hard proof of long held suspicions. i didn't realize that they were using the state for all sorts of criminal activity has been heard rule was but i mean up until now we hadn't seen any proof. the leak is the contents of 3 mobile phones everything from secret documents to selfies.
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taken together they tell a story of corruption. the man on the phone. the country's youngest vice president to just 33. in his phone messages president to deep portrays himself as more than just a politician. i am boss of all gangs in the motifs. they all operate as a fleet i took them over in the last election. deep swapped football for politics becoming tourism minister in 2013. the tourism minister is known as the. because that's what brings in revenue for the government . it was quite amazing his transformation from 2012 to last year.
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he was just so far. and it was also all the bling bling ring the hair the. the car as it was. referred to himself and his friends his brother and the system became known as the bro economy he was just flaunting his wealth and he always had a group of other bros. and there were also. a lot of his former football player friends got elected to parliament in there were all the same. messages reveal how he and his boss president stole paradise. he took. the money. that knocked down prices to international hotel chains. he was selling our nation
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from. there where. this building houses the maldives marketing and p.r. corp it was the cash machine and they illegally withdrew millions. ablow ziad was appointed director and regularly receive texts from vice president to deep to arrange their deals. 3 checks 13w1w1w bro gifts also in that broke don't worry. he gave a free reign to of those yet his accomplice at them n.p.r. seems to just had it out islands and all these deals it was so clear that from day one they never intended for this money to actually be used for the public good. the scam begins when unwitting tourism tycoons pay
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a fee for an island say $5000000.00 they would make out the check to the mole leaves marketing and p.r. corp but rewrote the rules to allow checks to be diverted it would put his signature and stamp on the back and it would be paid into another account cashed out and embezzling. these 2 checks total over $5000000.00 u.s. dollars the checks were paid from the government corporation to companies controlled by a deep uncle. the day to show how vice president to deep lead the theft of nearly $80000000.00 of state funds. better make it casual something because we don't want anyone to know any details of ideals but. ok.
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the government is even planning a special tax free zone for investors vice president to deep joked about the opportunities it would offer. he will make zone deals not only islands. the untouchables. being on touchable can be expensive. we have obtained secretly filmed confessions given by men who worked closely with the vice president and his boss. they describe how stolen money was used to buy influence. since he came to. the lady and is the judge of this the lawyers. if you will this the whole system is fucked. the president's money men are on the run in the u.k.
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the maldives government has put them under international arrest warrants the men say the government wants them back because they know too much about president. i think that the president is scared they didn't know. all the information. each man describes how he rode around on a moped delivering bribes. money stolen from the people and given to the maldives most influential. safina make some c.e.o.'s and boast i just didn't get the 1st. issue of who is go so. they still be on the up and this is just going to be. the plan was not just to use the money to buy politicians but judges as well. like ali hamid at the supreme court. the
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phone messages expose him in receipt of stolen money. last night you gave ali homemade $4000.00. yes. ok good thing to those and 12 there were audio clips and radios that were leaked that just appeared to show a man that sounded and looked like on the homemade having 6 or 3 different women in a colombo hotel room. and also all of a conversation had had with a local businessman where he said i am a young man. the messages show that for a fee judge for me was a young. patrician fees for 2 of his children abroad and jobs for his brother and cousin loyalty. until the next election.
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we will remain soldiers till the mission is over in 28. we will never let them destroy our president and his team's achievement. after the sex tapes judge me came under investigation. 6 months later vice president of deep managed to close the inquiry. read the news i have saved up patriot alley hammy 6 months work. my dear brother hugh and his excellency the president did more than enough for me and my family i would always be grateful so. now for the good you know he was appointed esther chief of contrition association that's the mortars don't you know. we're talking about a man who was caught on camera having sex with 3 different women in
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a country where women get regularly flogged for having sex outside of marriage. with the judges and that pocket vice president of d. been president ya mean could act with impunity. several media organizations were attacked. rajai t.v. was torched in october 23rd teen shown he is the head of the english department there with almost burned down everything all they could mention is in here it was all burned down. but they started 10 hours later and then. undeterred the channel continued to broadcast a year later. the vice president also police to repeat the attack but the chief of
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police suggested intimidating the channel's investors instead. lost it again. no i guess better control sponsors. he ok give me the list. journalist ahmed rwanda vanished over 2 years ago he was a reporter from old leaves independent. so you know rashid is the editor. on august 10th when he didn't show up for work we thought ok he's hibernating. monday he didn't turn up for work tuesdays when his family said we haven't been able to reach him and that's when we got worried. they began retracing his final journey. they found c.c.t.v. footage of him at the ferry terminal. and they believe he was being watched.
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it took the 1 o'clock ferry. when real one got off the ferry he didn't get on the bus but he walked home it's sometimes i wonder you know like why did he walk home. we've all received death threats if we'd just gone home earlier he would be here today he might be here today. this is a. cyst change so much so he lived on that apartment of the. on the top so. between my 30 and paul plus this saw him like a man being forced into a car at knife point. in the car driving off really fast the college of so fast the people in the car didn't have time to close the door. 2 weeks after a real one went missing police had few leads the case had become high profile but
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the president was not concerned. instructed the home affairs minister to take it easy on the investigation. no need to be overwhelmed by real one case. ok noted. at the very least it implies a massive cover up by the government worst it implies that the president i love vice president were involved and ordered his abduction. we lobbied every single government body or state body that we could think of i mean we knocked on every single door and none of these places responded. real ones family suspect he was investigating corrupt oil and deals. it's a corrupted place. where only the people who
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says yes without questioning will get the benefits of everything. but since jimmy keyboard questioning. it wasn't just the abduction but it was also the fact that the entire state failed that i think that was the one heart of the realisation that when something happens to you the people who are entrusted with your safety don't care i think that was even harder. the government has sold islands cheaply over the maldives. today in the greater mali asshole there isn't a single left to develop. all to the i was informed more than 60 items for. i give them out it's not on the audience.
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or the mauritius everything has been sold. one of the murkiest deals was for the oil and of mago. the fleet is. going to. model itself it could easily fix $10000000.00 this to us if you put into the proper tendering process. the new 2500000 was just seemed to the government. the boy was new mood resorts led by italian gian andrea tulsi according to a report by the maldives order to general the deal because there was no open bidding. forged documents also emerged surrounding the deal involved companies links to the vice president's on call we've shown our evidence to an anti corruption analyst. the money ended up in an account controlled by a company and was involved with a family member of the tourism minister again and that's really classic case of
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corruption where you mix business family members politics and money goes missing they basically designed these transitions to look normal but in fact these transfixed designed to steal public funds. deeps phone messages show the deal involved a moldavian gangster known as t.c. dave weeks after the deal was done the details came out. a diva asked t.c. dave if he was behind the leak. broke tasse or your guys are giving this him 1st. no i don't think so if you know we made a deal but figures and transactions. the auditor general's report suspected corruption despite that workers are building 99 villas a resort is due to open in 2017 under the banner of italian hotel chain likely only . the government is selling these islands on behalf of the people of the moldings
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you need to really look at the basis of those deals and start questioning if it's a fair transaction have the people at the multi got the deal that they should have done. all those companies will go to this island do not have the right to get this out in the 1st place. so the government of more is should. take the 2nd and it's. likely only hotels say they were not aware of any corruption in the island deal humid resorts and torso you deny any involvement in the corruption and say they did not take any documents or transactions. you would it's a general report concluded that money was stolen from a total of at least $59.00 island deals. that i wanted money involved in this is which without realizing the corruption went right to the top the auditor general
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submitted his report to the president and when i personally informed who basically ignored everything. they can just change the law and then the original was towards from so face it was me. follow up a new question of this report you know members of my family received death threats . they weren't idle threats corrupt police officers informed vice president a deep of the audit and they conspired to silence another voice. you guys need to focus on this auditor general. now or. maybe we need to light up his office as he has continuously making trouble for us. we check that place lots of cameras everywhere. ok that you need to
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blasted any cost. sure let's do it. but we need to blast it at any cost oh my god. oh my god. things sky swan trying to blow off east with 200. crazy state sponsored terrorism against its own people and institutions. how could they do this. such a dirty government i never imagined. let's do it but this is coming from as so police. that. i think the reason why this thing was going on as i warned them i'm going to publish the report so they try to stop us
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from publishing this report and there were no that was actually organized. and in mauritius police service is supposed to be there to protect him sawhorse would be behind these things. and we deal. in part to president means impunity grows and so do the deals we confront men involved in using them old leaves to shift up to $1500000000.00 so do you help people on the money might put up can you even see that seared in my feet how can you even see that $1500000000.00 of physical cash palette. it's something from a james bond film. once 62 alice. now posted to
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a movie in. follows the journeys of we women teachers daily struggles with isolation and battles with physical hardship. sacrificing their lives for the education of future generations women in the way an al-jazeera. for a goalkeeper from one is a. whole world cup was what dreams what might. happen i rested told him on our team has been the johnson. post obscene footballing legend eric cantona introduces cloud your time but each one of a special few who stood up for their beliefs whatever they call. football rebels on helgi zebra. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound. some amount i want to see out is
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iraq will bring you the news and current fantasies that matter. how does iraq. war. i'm charlie and in london the top stories on al-jazeera the un human rights investigator on me and says the country's military has mudded at least 70 people since seizing power and perpetrated offenses that may constitute crimes against humanity the right sex but is calling for multilateral sanctions against military leadership the military has rejected the report credible reports indicate it means more security forces should murdered at least 70 people it is a horrible truth that as soon as a key issue
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a report the number of murders an arbitrary detentions and made more become outdated 100 years detaining doesn't sometimes hundreds every day stop the flow of revenue into the illegal which is congress is going to happen that want to latin sanctions should be imposed on both sheen you're going to leaders and a major source of revenue including military owned and controlled enterprises and mean more oil and gas. the u.n. has how the special session on the rising threat of hunger especially in yemen any therapist a region where food supplies are running dangerously low the world food program is seeking private donations for an extra 600 $1000.00 to provide aid to yemen for the next 6 months it's a horrific situation it really years i went to what would be the best hospital. room to room to room with our social group literally. destroy the lucky ones that
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actually get into the hospital what called the doctor and i said how many years you had or here and he said 20 tyrus or what do you do with the word that you know that term that you don't have room for should we start them or so what happens to. us president joe biden has signed his $1.00 trillion dollar covert really fell into law the massive economic aid and passed the house of representatives on wednesday most americans will now receive a one off direct payment of $1400.00 the payments are expected to be rolled out in the next few days the drug regulator has approved the use of johnson and johnson single dose coated 19 vaccine is the 4th vaccine to be approved for use in the european union the shot could help boost the block struggling vaccination campaign as an infection rates rise across the continent those are the top stories stay with us our desire investigation stealing paradise continues now.
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in part one we discovered how president ya mean up to has turned the maldives into a mafia state. men biking bags of cash around the capital for the president and his cronies. but he has conquered the whole system. later a plot to move up to $1500000000.00 in cash we reveal the asian businessmen involved much of the seed money that i didn't deal with and got to. a decade ago the mole leaves was a place of optimism and reform. 30 years of one party rule had ended. mohamed nasheed became the country's 1st democratically elected president in 2008. with stunts like an underwater cabinet meeting he cultivated
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a global profile as climate campaigner. if more lives can be saved to be we do not feel that the ease of much of protons for davis to develop . in the sheets future was to be shaped by events in one of asia's major financial centers. his officials detected a massive fraud. it started in singapore but it would end in the molding. that was a very big scandal and the amounts involved in those transactions and that corruption is also very very big. it concerned the singapore branch of the maldives the state's trading organization from the ninety's until 2005. yeah i mean was in charge young was the chand steel he formed and only company registered
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in singapore this company was setting. but. it had the hallmarks of fraud so moldings police worked with singapore and offices to investigate machines government launched a court case which would soon implicate yeah. we have obtained 2000 pages of legal papers they lay out the president means roll your ledged fraud adds up to over $140000000.00. yes t.-o. imported oil to the moldy ya mean allegedly helped divert some of it to me in miles military jointer. an additional secret company was set up yes t.o. invoiced me and my so did the secret company. its profits were embezzled. this is why i have siphoning off money to me for their own in richmond when you
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control lots of the needs of government you can please those neighbors by profiting from from the money that the government is taking in. by 2012 machines officials had the evidence in place to charge ya mean with. they were ready to take the case to trial. and then at home a mutiny. mohammed nasheed was ousted marched out of the president's office. on the day of the cool the they just about to announce some of the details on that case. i was attacked i was the person and i was forced to resign i. most certainly i mean himself was. away from the unrest to the new
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government stopped the investigation the case was quickly closed and the paperwork locked away. in had got away with it. a year later he was president and his 1st target his old adversary. mohamed nasheed was arrested in february 23rd street. a month later sentenced to 13 years in prison. attend the tables on machine. already didn't suggest president personally chose the leg of machine sentence the vice president's driver describes in secretly filmed video how it was done. you need to go need to.
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do to. be destroyed it was into. this you you. you it's not the book you get if you believe it's not easy to get. the pieces and she. sort of pays a little sentence of 30 years terrorism was awarded directly by the person. well it's sad but. not not only because. unlawfully and could be held for so long that my family's been uprooted from my home i had to leave the molders all of these politically motivated sentences of the diet by president jiang been told of the same but you will cause proven it beyond
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doubt that the sentence is all dished out by the president himself so if i was arrested tomorrow and i'm old it was free and. what if you would know immediately to think that telling to the existing pala escaped a score then you are done and you're going to jail then you can think that. this is an independent judiciary to its judiciary hijacked by the executive by the president it's probably the most corrupt institution in the current. in power and with the arrival in prison the maltese became a playground for president and his deputy are deep. they stepped up the scale of their ambitions phone messages photos documents and e-mails revealing new plot. to bring $1000000000.00 u.s. dollars for a project. the total soon rose to 1500000000 it was hard currency.
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$1500000000.00 of physical cash. that a lot of. physical cash. red flag all money laundering vice president to deep worked on the project with 3 of the president's closest aides including his nephew they laid out an oil and investment plan to a group of secretive businessmen. the tourism ministry said lagune coordinates they outlined the resort investment scheme for an implausible large $1500000000.00 but it was a ruse to make the plot appear legitimate. the government is making a cover story of giving us a project development but that the phones will be brought. the middleman was singaporean. he replied to ministers spelling out the details of the scheme.
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when the physical fandom rides in modell we need support from the motives monetary authority to secure the fund from the premise is for verification counting and ensuring media credit to our bank account. was the equivalent of 12 pallets piled with $100.00 bills the plan was to fly it into the maldives. soldiers then escorted to a vault where it is verified and counted the maldives sent. then credits a private bank account then the money looks clean and can be transferred out bit by bit. after the account is credited $10000000.00 u.s. dollars will be telegraphed transferred to singapore hong kong the balance will stay if i can find suitable usage after 6 months the money will be telegraphed transferred out. flying in 5000000000 dollars in hard
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cash saying that guy for development and moving this amount of money and in physical cash i think it's quite i haven't seen any example of this amount of cash being laundered through a central bank before it's something from a james bond film. vice president of deep gave one possible explanation of where the money was coming from and the central bank governor said it could be done. it's so fly capital people want to move here mostly since indonesian elections a lot of offshore oil trade money. if they can provide the details of the source of the funds. we can find a way. it seems is. at the very top of the government were involved in this suppose a deal to need this money there are examples of lots of countries where the
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government is effectively run by crooks. e-mails and text messages show tank when you was representing secretive finance he is a mysterious boss referred to only as mr hans. a mining and energy investor indonesian rossi hunter. a british educated indonesian runs annoying all mine abdulhakim heidi. here he's pictured with the malaysian architect of the deal fide zone has done. he spun the web a front companies. through which the money would be laundered. finds on facebook account shows he was in iran in early 2015 the time of the plot and this e-mail from tom kline you suggest the cash came not from indonesia but iran.
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we caught up with mystified zan in a luxury mall in the malaysian capital. his toys among his will jordan from al-jazeera is vested if you don't want to talk to you tell them oldies about cash flying into the mold under your company city trust administrator you know anything about them as well as well so you know the time when you dump on you i've. heard you one. time when you from singapore oh yes come to me claudia 5 ton star i thought i thought i met him before dumped on how come how did i come out here suppose the way you want your relationship with him he says he's he comes to the office. and. hope i've met him before he needs you guys so we have evidence of
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close to floyd and. hundreds of millions up to $1500000000.00 in cash flow i think i'm always. that's a lot of money and transfer it to the state bank of india home and from state to an account under the name of city trust an administrator and there's a lot of money and it looks like money laundering why would anyone want to move not going to get out we when would i want to do i hear you trying to make cash into the moment i think i've been doing this business for 35 years and i didn't do such things so do you help people want of money my good how can you even. see that. says the mighty how can you even see that. you are 1st service in which i can bring large amounts of cash to you and you will clean us all. no you. absolutely not absolutely not. but that's not what mystified zone had told our undercover reporter minutes earlier i just i said how are you i'll be ready to be 5 i've seen your
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picture. he met mystified zan under the guise of being an investment executive with a number of very wealthy clients. so there's a time for you to take note if not you know. we basically look after high net worth individuals we told him our clients were looking to move large amounts of cash and political connections and wanted total secrecy this strongly suggests corruption and should raise red flags but for mystified zone it was business as usual some of these leaders have very substantial sums. some of that similarly some of it's in cash and i know that might be an issue no no ok i see i was reading that the businessman appeared well connected but it isn't as though i know how he's a noble but there's no. mystified outlined what he could and what he couldn't do
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for us. this evening. even though you knew. you we're. actually one of the good they don't sell arms microchips the conversation turned to money laundering how do you get around the issue of cash i mean if we have looked very large quantities of cash i would present you well it's pretty sizable to have that kind of an. ache that's what we've got seriously that's a physical i'm not physical transaction this is. achievable wow what current woes here is would be your reason stirring. because you're dollars can be quite tricky because of your social contacts you. can see coming out of the queue. is it. much easier you know so much you really he had one concern that the deal was so large it would disrupt the euro currency
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market a lot of us. police weren't really you know it's fast because market cannot stop so yes. you can be. the deal involved absolute secrecy hiding our names behind several shell companies. that's previously i believe some of the structure who was serving me. really. so seriously. but this is a huge success or 7 doors which you have to go is really cool to get the identity of you if you could if you can read it don't you think it's actually a fun to shoot the movie. why did you become great leaders and. so you know in the sec you. write. still. the dirty money would go through a central bank in the region you come to. so i can see people now.
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and i'm sure each with central bank. mystified san told us we have misunderstood his comments and taken them out of context. time when you heard he and ross. deny any wrongdoing in the plan to transport cash and say no money was moved. we have discovered from secretly filmed confessions how men on mopeds delivered stolen money bags of cash to a corrupt political class. will see the people that don't have them and you will get. movers of the school. he was part of the front company used to steal government money to the most see you do ecstasy had to slow them and they still be on the up and all you see is going to be mohammed latif
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aka moho ram the front company. president. wilson. points in this playing in slip the name has been blacked out but it can still be recognized. off a $1000000.00 to president. to his account at the mall leaves islamic bank check number 2 for 7 mo hope aged 10. to. check to. transsexuals. all the faster. to. be an illegal risky. hussein mohammed.
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was vice president a deep driver he delivered the president's money on a moped huge sums of cash in black sports bags the vice president made the arrangements. do you do you believe do you need money to do the loot you who are using you really pleased him to do this. look you used to deceive. i don't tell young to do this it's me most people here i knew so little of it was new comers and so it will do wonders to be as if he did you know i mean you know he instilled in. student money he was new and you know it's who you can you can you meet new he's going to begin your community whose name you can do now.
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by me 2015 vice president to deep it accumulated money power and $3.00 gold i phones. he traveled all over the world meeting leaders like china's premier. his plan was coming together. he had installed a friend as prosecutor general affectively placing himself above the law. after that my power is complete. the deep even tried to get a gun and 2 dozen bullets. broke what you have now 9 millimeter silencer how many bullets. how many do you want. 24.
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ok. delete all the messages bro for safety for both. i will. but the vice president had risen too far too fast. you know tobie 2015 blocks to the president's yacht. the 1st lady was her. president ya mean blamed a deep. voice president was sentenced for terrorism. but mostly behind the last. we have obtained these previously unseen forensic reports. lacking expertise the government called in american f.b.i. investigators and saudi specialists both found no conclusive evidence that there
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was a bomb they suggested it was an accident which in turn suggests the president used the blast as an excuse to remove his closest rival. we have seen him in operation we have seen him. pledging his own government he is it just. to 3 of his own my specific. a number of his own ministries. anyone and everyone who expres different opinion. in some they have been punished. now there's there's no exception to you. before vice president a deep could be arrested he handed his phones to an ally to sneak them out of the mold as a source copy the contents to us. the
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phone leak documents and recordings of revealed a paradise com could corrupted. and stolen. the system has completely failed i mean in such a small place where everyone knows everyone it's very easy to corrupt the entire system. it's like a game or putting. at the top before. president obama is in want policing the world central bank in world parliament in world and traditionally what. is no future for the country. so there's no future for us.
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everybody is afraid. the more lives is being sold out by these few people who are making money out of the beauty of that country. the country has been stolen by pete. has come into power he has this need to go off the country and collect money. i would say to him that you do not have the right to stay in power and you have lost legitimacy. in my opening one of the most corrupt incapable. or to protect the leader we can.
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welcome to down from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax join the break in your journey. and when you leave with a smile we know latte's work is down cats are always welcome to our home. how we got a fair bit of what weather into australia over the next couple of days is saying
11:59 pm
some very heavy rain recently just around brace been 55 millimeters of rain coming down in one hour and one of our reporting stations in solemn brace been still quite a few showers there just around the eastern side of oz as we go on through the next couple of days and what's the weather to still hugging that east coast there of new south wales and rolling across the mountains and i've it's was the pill brother northwest seeing some rather wet weather over the next day or 2 southwest is lousy fought a dry perth around 27 celsius with more sunshine coming through that sunshine pushes the right across south australia will see some wet weather grassy making its way into victoria as we go on into saturday russia is for many a little further north the northern territory into queensland. added to new zealand you notice lossie fada dry temperatures here at around 19 celsius with some pleasant sunshine little bit of fat whether cloud clouds in the process of making its way across south korea pushing across into japan over the next couple of days
12:00 am
some really heavy rain on this one actually in fact it will turn to snow over the high ground possibility has some localized flooding heading towards tokyo on sas day as that rain makes its way further north. this is 0. hello i'm charlie and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. as security forces in myanmar can at least 7 more protest as a senior official tells the un they've been exercising the utmost restraint. a year after the coup that outbreak was declared a panda.


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