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running but chile's complex electoral system has been designed to favor the country's mainstream political blocs which have long resisted calls for profound reforms to guarantee basic social rights. the biggest danger is that unless this process is viewed as credible the social crisis and uprising that led to calls for a new constitution will get worse to see a human al-jazeera painted. the old. the a. ok again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera gunmen have kidnapped students in northern nigeria is the 1st time a high institution of learning has been targeted officials say 180 students were rescued early on friday about 30 s. tell and i counted 4 fidelis by has this update from a butcher. government has confirmed the attack. investigating to find
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out the circumstances that led to be abduction of people students witnesses say that when we go in when they come to school we only talk with them he male students . which is actually worrying signal currents the last people who just days ago and there would be a really now. u.s. president joe biden says a free and open indo-pacific region is essential has been addressing leaders of australia india and japan a group collectively known as the quad it's the 1st time the leaders of the 4 nations are holding talks the group is seen as an effort to counter china's growing influence running to impose another nation wide lockdown over easter weekend in april the government is trying to control a surge in corona virus cases and hospital admissions people will be ordered to stay home from april 3rd to april 5th the restrictions will stop coming into place
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on monday the world health organisation is rejecting concerns in europe and asia about the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine saying it is safe time and enrolled kerry 'd are the latest countries to delay its roll out after reports of cases of blood clotting. a u.k. court has ruled that ship break is in south asia consume british ship owners over deaths or injuries suffered on the job hundreds of vessels are demolished by ship break is in bangladesh india and pakistan every year the landmark ruling says the british shipping companies or legal duty of care. those are the headlines on al-jazeera my colleague so rahman will be with you in under 30 minutes with the news hour next it's a story what should americans be thinking right now you should be a bad idea they don't care about their work is all they care about is making money china is not going to be left out of the calling for the bloated defense budget to
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be the bottom line on u.s. politics and policies america fact of the world is iran. ok and you're watching the stream china is preparing to host the winter olympics in 2022 but should it be allowed to a growing number of groups are saying no they all concerned about the country's human rights record especially beijing's treatment of its minority weak up muslim population what are your thoughts you can share them and i live chat and be part of today's discussion. the united nations says that at least $1000000.00 we have been detained in mass prison camps in the region in recent years activists say that prisoners have been subjected to torture forced labor and of mass sterilization and
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a new independent report has found china to be in breach of all 5 acts of genocide as defined by united nations despite growing evidence china has denied any wrongdoing in changing the country's foreign minister recently said that beijing's treatment of week as was a shining example of china's human rights progress and this week a former minister spokes person criticize boycott schools. even when they are do good some western parliaments have even gone so far as to pass bills about. the absurd farce the tories with practice slanders and smears trying are shorter and dumping damage in their own reputation and making themselves the laughing stock. and now more countries are starting to openly challenge china's narrative top officials in at least 3 countries the united states canada and the netherlands have recently condemned beijing's treatment of the weaker people as genocide rights
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groups and now mean politicians corporate sponsors and athletes to boycott the olympics joining us to discuss this is moment john jr he is the deputy director of radio free asia is weak as service and us art is an attorney and advocate and sophie richardson is china director of human rights watch all 3 guests are based in washington d.c. welcome to i guess i have to say that we also asked chinese government officials to join us they declined but they responded immediately they sent us quotes from the foreign ministry or spokespeople who have ready made quotes and comments in different news articles it is really good to see you again this is a difficult topic for us to have to wrestle with because why why we still talking about this year's. years later let me show you one china government official's response to a lot of the increased knowledge about what is happening to the weak as in china
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picture number one wake up people as seen by the general public in their daily lives in china picking up a 2 week of people inching jiang while china by the western media amid the intensifying saunders' against china but not jumping to number one what do you say hey this is supposed to rely think china well what are you saying here that the great picture by the way but whenever we look at the chinese media training leaders and the people traders dancing all the time look at the pier you see people dancing we say to people have not seen my leg you know inform people get it right this is where this is how holding camp you know this is how the west according to china say is the way to people and these are the some of the people who are in canada australia and turkey these people have relatives in the camps who have lost
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their parents. even children to the camps they're searching for their relatives actually and they are given voices and these are media actually on the contrary trying i didn't give any voice any permission for them to speak to the relatives even make it one call so these other people portrayed and given the space under vested media actually where had you have been on the strain if at sophia you've all been on the stream over the years you've been telling us increasingly how the situation for the winter people is coming was what is different right now in terms of the information we know right. well 1st i just want to jump in on the last comment you know that is not the proper representation of the general public if anything my family as a general public and i'm looking for my brother and my pin straight now like i mean
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i can't imagine excruciating. or parents still looking for a girl missing son for almost 5 years and if you look at that picture it really show this chinese government's very anti muslim narrative yes and the picture on the right one they selectively presented pictures a more conservative or you get people against the pictures on the left you know like community have been used as community say once when he jabber in the 2nd picture. i mean any messaging there seems like and shows you know racism and islamophobia anti muslim. sentiment of the chinese government so let's be clear on the facts because you know people like me like who are basically still looking for their family members and that is the community but i just feel like i need to jump in on that you know make this a pitch at
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a picture says a 1000 wasn't there so much debt and that picture again let me just go back to this so where are we right now there were not allegations a lot and you were telling us about festival people just disappearing and i know you have personal stories ran you've got personal stories so for you a look at this from a human rights position what has changed where we are right now in 2021. well i think some of the newest even though we've got about the extent of forced labor. that people who are arbitrarily detained are also now being made to work through things like labor transfer programs but the scope. of it all camps one dimensional we would talk to them until recently with the skyrocket. you know we think as opposed to the numbers of people who are simply being put in
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arbitrary detention facilities and it's hard to tell what exactly has driven mad but we're extremely concerned because not only will these people not of have fair trials but also the sentences that people are getting are horrific on the average has gone from about 5 years on baseless charges now to upwards of a decade baseless charges and i think that you know largely speaks to the chinese government's agenda of keeping people silent and not reachable and breaking apart families and you know. i don't think china breach an every article in the genocide convention says illegal report on weakest right hand go ahead yeah in fact i'm actually part of the team that presented the world it's clear and convincing evidence that china actually be responsible for committing on going genocide in breach of the genocide convention and the clear and convincing.
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evidence that it is a pretty high stress hold for me and for those of you your audience who don't understand the legal standard and that's what this report does you know we came together more than 50 independent legal experts as well as regional experts and that is a fact and aren't i think so free mention a really good point right now b.c. internment camps are being turned into premier prison camps hoping larch members are that innocent where you good people and you know i just found out and recently that my brother is actually since january 2019 as being held in solitary confinement just think about a for a 2nd when a young man who walks into these internment camps and after more than 2 and a half years there holding solitary confinement what does that do to your physical
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and mental health you know i can imagine like what what kind of life he's living he looked like a ghost in a few minutes we deal that the chinese government showed and it's absolutely despicable it's considered to be torture under the international norms what the tennis game is doing to my own brother and millions of innocent people who and this is a very basic question but the people who are just trying to understand why will china do this why with a holiday why we're such a terrible state he said he was skin and bones when you go lots to and you caught him on a video can you explain just just. why would china do this look i think at the end of the day the hate actually became a state policy there's so much deeply rooted racism against people if the fact in fact if i could quote a chinese official what he said is that we're trying to turn weaker people to
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normal people. who speaks like that. like when you are targeting and make group and say look we're turning them to normal so our we have normal is that the statement my brother is like a very successful entrepreneur who's going to use it by the chinese government and milky came to the united states on a state department sponsored program then he they labeled him as the enemy of the state so the leaked official documents off the chinese government surveilled that people could be targeted for many reasons one being obviously ethnic group it could be religious persecution as well as just being young and one truly devastating aspect of this intellectuals the finest the weaker society is the prime her target for these prison camps and when you target the best of the society the shippers and
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movers of that society then you would lay the foundation to commit genocide much and i would love it will help here as a journalist because you are personally connected to what is happening in china for your own family members but you also reporting the story so here on my laptop was knighted nations genocide convention as a journalist can you just go for one to 5 killing members of the group evidence of that please mama done yes. because the fishermen rights groups and according to some new news confirmation that we complained in the local areas and if they come. indicate that actually some reports in one camp we confirmed $150.00 people died in it and it's short time period so and some some people are died
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after they were being released so even though we cannot confirm mass mass deaths in the camps but after happening that that's for sure and at this moment like we talked about the 50500000 kids are being kept rated from their families they're still held in the government that's number 5 for simply just transferring children of the going to a novel yet causing same assassinate a mental harm to members of the people we heard about and i had a brother that that's number 2 number 3 in fact inflicting conditions calculated to bring about the pope's physical destruction in holland pot this is huge what is that you know i'm hot. well much of that is resemble that could be we can say that. there are some subjected to mental and physical torture in the camps and outside the camps they're subjected to brainwashing. they're
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subjected to abolish their. their cultural identity for example and their living space is living freedom and from every aspect of being kind of restricted and china and many many chinese officials to stay with the weakest family to monitor them and we get women is forcefully sterilized and natural birth rate is plummeted for example in cost there alone 60 percent from 2015 to 2019 so when they were forced to this kind of oppression i believe that that that that would cause physical and mental harm to their body so now we are calling the situation what it is genocide. is a situation that's coming up which is the olympics coming up in 2020 tunes and this is something to often who we spoke to is thinking about now is what or what is
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happening right now to we the people also miss thinking about the olympics and how what data strategize around the olympics i will have a listen. the chinese regime at the moment is simply incapable in unwilling to address its treatment of the illegal population and when i mean treatment i mean the genocide that is happening in the 21st century because for far too long countries and governments have a peace china both politically and economically china one day became this democratic liberal and free nation but there simply hasn't happened so far it has gotten worse. now the beijing 2022 olympics is right around the corner it is a chance for individuals organizations companies countries and governments to take a stance and say china we do not support your genocide games but the question is how much are those entities willing to give up how much influence power and money
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are the are they willing to give up the soft power that china offers them sophia's knotting i'm going to put this to sophie but not before i read out the statement from the i say the international olympic committee recognizes the whole human rights but has neither the mandate nor the capability to change the laws of the political system of a self or a country that's what the i.o.c. says so what do you say. about the i.o.c. has the power to swear games are out and about sounds and i think it was a real mistake to to another round of kings in china to have any clear. path to list for human rights abuses overturns authorities did not live up to the promises that they made beating or going to get both games in the 1st place and the reality of the 12 years later. the chinese government is committing human rights
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violations of a scope and scale that we haven't seen since the 1989 and that's where massacre. so the idea that it can host. if feel good event which the human spirit is celebrated well carrying around her violations. really i think strong community and it's going to be an obvious rallying point i think not just for the human community and we're on target most of the opera but i think it can be very interesting to see how athletes who are very outspoken risk. to having to compete in this environment but john i'm just looking hannah i know you don't mind me showing you real provest story your brother still missing is a tweet you said he's punished because of your wealth that radar from asia he's innocent in china knows it should be released unconditionally what difference does an upcoming olympics make to stories like yours and other people is it enough with
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china little can you get lashed international attention with china baseplate in any way. like i said my brother my judgment was a high school teacher and writer. his taken away in 2070 and in recent news indicates that he might have been sentenced and he didn't commit any any any crimes at all like many other innocent leaders who are in the camps and or turn to to to to to the prisons later so like sophia mentioned in 2018 many international communities argue that olympics would encourage china to improve their human rights records but china didn't. honor any promises that china gave coming it promises they gave to the international
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community at the time and told late years later we are witnessing genocide according to their reports equating to the us government and i don't know yet if it brings any change to that to the chinese society even writes why but people would say that politicizing olympics is not right but olympics is a politics for china when it's coming it's regime they use that. value or opportunity to legitimize its illegal regime so we try to set it because of that we've made china it world state country while this chicago was not permitted to hold the olympics beijing is given this opportunity to hold on to the 1st night and to hold. a winter olympics was an extraordinary let me share some of the comments on you going to ask you to do a very efficient very brief response as each of us i appreciate your questions safwan i think governments especially with the muslim majority populations should
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be seen as they condemn china full 8th ethnic genocide and also call for more independent investigations into the weekend camps so if you take that one just a quick response back to step one i couldn't agree with that person or it's incredibly important to hear this government speak up and we think that an independent investigation is the obvious next step that's what the world does in the face of human rights crises this is but this is terrible i'm going to give this one to you ray this is terrible how can we let this go on and it's 2021 this is modern day holocaust right again. yes reluctance go on because we remain as biased that many countries are doing so so your line of this genocide report i would like to see serious diplomatic accountability i'm part of every country especially bill simon majority only doing so then we could prevent that we
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could deter the chinese government from continuing to destroy this group as a whole or in part as the genocide commercial laid out so it's time to take action be a part of change couple of ideas hey mama jan i'm going to ask you to just respond very quickly and more spoiled stock about inefficient trade blockade a little bit of what happened to south africa with apartheid to try and force apartheid and lead to more says the l.t.a. sion alone is not enough financial pressure will welcome back to my much on financial pressure with that well with china some companies have tried it and they've sucked but the food tough situation for many country for example because we use that is that 2nd biggest economy in the world but economy is the big thing big issue for the chinese regime to stay in power so if they regain suffers from a kind of italy it might change its behavior but it depends on the big companies
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based on the united states and around the world that played a role in holding chinese government accountable for the atrocity committing against leaders and human rights violations as well as genocide when we talk about genocide i'm asking it beginning what. has changed what's different now from the many conversations we've had over the last week as one of the things i have noticed as a journalist at the stream is notice is that there's more a way in s. we spoke to a number of different people who wanted to continent sasso it's to this discussion and this is what i told us have a listen have a lump. perforations aren't really challenging the chinese government on this matter for the olympics seems like lots of corporations are turning a blind eye on the. page 2022 is a point of pride for the regime but what we need to do is create a diplomatic one to show the women that we were governments around the world who
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have the power to send a strong message to beijing saying that they will not accept the genocide against we were use the repression against the battens hungers mainland chinese people i'm just thinking sophie rahab john at the very end of the show so a single thought about now what happens next we know we have evidence we know what is happening for the most part of the week that people now want sophie human rights perspective it's absolutely imperative that there be an independent investigation that that makes recommendations. for her. or her project and his government sense of impunity now right and i had you know i was the chinese official said if people in she and john are living such a happy like and give us unfettered access to the region and secondly the mission
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of the olympics build a better world a lobbying and perpetuate a genocide to host this wonderful sports event would only allow us to be complicit in this genocide it's time for us to boycott. john i ran i always really appreciate you because you bring your own personal pain in you share it with us and you continue to campaign. now what it is. it's a very tough question actually. so weak we should keep fighting keep pounding the ground. and like and on and this will be mentioned that unfettered access should be given to see and investigate their region and they not only handpicked journalists by the chain of government but other journalists including us should be given permission to go and investigate what happened and compare the veracity of
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the chinese government statement not like always cutting us from access into the region and holding our relatives as part of the pocket because they got us and to stop us fine and so if this does not really helpful to us to the cheney well right and so forth. extended gas has always come back and update us on what is happening with the people in china. that for us again today i love. you very much for watching i'll take you at my. my.
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my. usually.
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it's one of the biggest clubs in south america. but its greatest rival is just a few blocks away. a mutual dislike between funds formed from a class divide sustained over generations. most boca juniors supporters opponents of these club colors. in an epic feud of rich versus poor the fans who make football on al-jazeera. to say just say and it's time for a different approach one that is going to challenge the way you think on asking the questions now is the new host of the next season of the show that's got no space for sound bites only comedy so let's leave simplicity into the headlines join me as i take on the lies dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradiction. marc
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lamont hill and it's time to get up front right here on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes dozens of students abducted in northwestern nigeria it's the 4th mass school kidnapping since december a year after it became the 1st western country to head down into lockdown italy prepares to do it all again and this is.


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