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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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no space for sale but only cavity so let's leave simplicity to the headlines join me as i take on the lies dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradiction . i'm mark lamont hill and it's time to get out from right here but how does it. this is al jazeera. you're watching the al-jazeera news our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes dozens of students abducted in northwestern nigeria it's the 4th must school kid and i think since december a year after it became the 1st western country to head down into lockdown it's really prepared to do it all again. this is a global sea it's. a spray instead of
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a shot why researches in the u.k. say a nasal covert $900.00 vaccine will be a low cost alternative for the developing world also. 3. indo-pacific is essential to each of our future leaders of the quad grouping hold talks for the 1st time in what's seen as a bid to present a united front against china. i'm going to get your scalp at the sports african football has a new man in charge is south african billionaire. takes over the presidency of its governing body can. welcome to the new northwestern nigeria they're a government they've raided a college and taken a number of students hostage the armed group targeted the forestry college in could
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do the state later on thursday officials say 180 students were rescued in the early hours of friday but 30 remain unaccounted for now this latest kidnapping comes just days after nearly $300.00 girls were abducted and then released in a neighboring state kidnapping is a tactic commonly used by armed groups and criminal gangs in nigeria mysti international says it's been escalating since january there were 2 mass abductions of school children in february officials say have carried out by bandits loosely formed armed gangs that robbed and kidnapped some money by jiri denies paying ransoms but many believe that regional instability in north western states has allowed kidnapping to become a lucrative source of income. some believe booka rob's well publicized kidnapping of more than 270 schoolgirls in the town of chibok in 2014 prompted more armed
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groups to turn to mass abductions of children and speak to fidel as he joins us now from abuse or quite significant really that older students were not targeted in this latest abduction what more you hearing about the circumstances yeah according to witnesses some of the girls were taking and the the boys were left behind but then the state government which is the community government where these events happened has issued a statement saying that $180.00 students have been rescued and out of the at the said $42.00 female students and 130 mill students we rescued alongside 8 star treatment not street we got to where we will rescue how do we rescue. those who are taking warm body at armed bandits where do we do been able to look it where the. students to go now with the with the
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details well if they investigate to make sure that we are able to rescue 2 year olds who are. its data seems that not a week goes by really without a case of kidnapping certainly in nigeria. of school children and the range of issues as to why they're being kidnapped but what is the government what are the local authorities doing about this. there disses the fast trying death and groups are targeting it and used to teach and of higher learning to surely get gelsen asked. to do. almost every day do spin kidnapping across nigeria there have been kidnappings of people who are commercial buses people can get homes and towns and villages the government has been making efforts to contain this but in recent months since specially since december there's been an increase in it not
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people would be replacements of military troops and generally because the minute the president mohamed a good hard place the top tips of army friends never of. the navy and also the airports but death are not to mean with. crowds to stop beings and remain if people are worried that it's going to situation it's merely getting out of her for their pay thanks very much i correspond the fidelis above and up which i thank you. well italy is planning to impose another nation wide lockdown over the easter weekend in april the government is trying to control a surge in corona virus cases and hospital admissions people will be ordered to stay home from between april the 3rd to april 5th from monday restaurants and bars will close in low risk areas and movement between towns will be severely limited but at the end of january last year italy became the 1st country in europe to take
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measures against covert 19 suspending flights to china and declaring a 6 month state of emergency on march the 9th it also became the 1st to declare a national quarantine as hospitals in lombardy reached a breaking point restrictions were lifted in may as new cases started to go down but the virus regained strength and by october the 15th schools and universities were closed in companion on november the 4th the country was separated into colored zones red horridge and yellow with red marking the strictest level of lockdown and nationwide curfew was again imposed on monday the number of covert related deaths past 100000 were challenged as monitoring events across europe for us from brighton in southern england so the italian prime minister has spoken within the last hour or so what's he been saying about the lockdown and the vaccine rollout in his country. well i think he's addressed a few concerns he says he's addressed the concerns that of the. risk countries
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in europe about the safety of the astra zeneca vaccine now this vaccine which the u.k. particularly has been rolling out full steam ahead has had a pretty story the recent history in europe were there have been concerns about the amount of vaccine that was available and whether it was actually effective in certain age groups over 65 groups and now after concerns that there have been some adverse reactions serious adverse reactions particular blood clots to people who've been administered the vaccine some countries denmark iceland norway and italy as well have either totally or in part suspended the use of the astra zeneca vaccine so druggy was addressing that he was playing down the concerns about the astra zeneca zeneca vaccine saying that actually this is
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a pretty good vaccine he was essentially echoing stains that have been made by the w. h. o. the world health organization by the european medical agency by other countries as well as actually saying that this is a good vaccine we shouldn't stop the use of it even though there are some concerns i can read you a statement from the e.u.'s medical agency saying that the vaccines benefits continue to outweigh its risks and the vaccine can continue to be administered while investigation of cases of thromboembolism vents is ongoing so this particular vaccine astra zeneca vaccine i think is being seen as key to getting coated behind these countries because it's cheap and it's easy to use but there have been so many worries about its use over the last few weeks in some countries that i think this is a matter that's come to the head in recent days for the update thanks very much for
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a challenge for us in brighton in southern england of course over to him. we were. lovers a journalist ingle italian language daily newspaper. part my telly and pronunciation there are so good have you with us via skype from a tree asked it's obviously the 1st country to experience lock down nearly a year ago now it seems have come full circle i mean generally for the people you're speaking to what's a reaction of the government's proposals a lot faster to marry 1st of all and laurie also because we started east nightmare when you know exactly one year ago we 1st talked about that and now again you know now the rock that our trade song and all and. people are very proud of for that and i think. what we make a lot of mistakes particularly european union make a lot of mistakes in the contract that big pharma provide is probably best seen
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and we need then met a lot of morning. but i think we can get your any guarantee that they believe they're at their right number that are seen as we agree this is that moment right now we go into meltdown and we have a mess for 50 percent of the people who need their plan for the glow of. india i'm sure they'll be a lot of frustration across italy with this news but again the announcement also suggests that easter will be affected for italy and they'll be a lot down around this very important religious holiday and a deeply catholic nation how do you think that's going to go down so you not just with the catholic church but also with the public at large. yeah like christmas you know the same story like last month so yes that is very important if a look people go to holy day people want we're going to accept people who want to go to see her like the defense council and i'm afraid that we cannot do
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anything to get like like more or less increased muscle because. there are ways that the virus and the fracture we create it's bound to you can make that. again in the same situation like when we are you know again the same situation like last an egypt or quality christmas but you can change indeed i mean there is a different prime minister now at the helm of a tally in politics but what's the perception of from the public counts to whether the government really does know what it's doing considering there is a slow rollout of the vaccination of the immunization process. if you know the broad immediately that we have too many governments in which change government who often and now we have a new government and we hope in the new go over to the 1st step or by probably nice
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of course i mean the big question actually playing the still not working but there was not a working since the beginning of this fault of the big pharma leader although it was not seen but working. things this year has been who are going to. control and they're going to the question is your plan in general there are many and we will meet it very ken very sort of you know the problem will really. all. we will see what happens. joining us there from tristen italy thanks very much for your time sir. now research is in the united kingdom say they're developing a new covert $900.00 vaccine that could replace injections with a nasal spray and it could make it more available to populations in remote parts of the world and as there is andrew symonds has been given access to the board freeze that bristol university where the vaccine is being developed what's going on here
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could bring a new dimension to the fight against covert 19 research as a developing a new vaccine that will focus on saliva rather than the bloodstream and they're saying it will be cheap to produce and won't need to be kept at low temperature this is a global vaccine it's actually about thing for all in particular they hope to bring a solution to parts of the developing world remote countries and places with extreme temperatures there will be no need for refrigeration and it will be a vaccine that's easier to transport simple to use and cheaper to buy. what's going on here is very different for a start the vaccine comes in the form of a nasal spray it's aimed at inducing antibodies which will protect the person and also stop the virus from spreading all in one powerful blood the man behind it believes the immune responses will be much bigger than in the present vaccines is an entirely new way of making
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a vaccine and we've already done work in animals in mice and we've shown that we can induce immune responses importantly we can induce these mucosal immune responses if we give the vaccine to these mice into the nose rather than as an injection the bristol project is one of many globally the world health organization puts the figure of more than $200.00 a 2nd generation of vaccines another u.k. project is hoping for a breakthrough with protection against a much broader range of covariance researches in nottingham university and develop a scanned cell say the vaccine doesn't just target the spike protein on the surface of the corona virus it also concentrates on another area known as the end protein the vaccine is being prepared for medical trials by manufacturers that killed university in staffordshire is one of the makers of the astra zeneca vaccine and it's now managing 6 different projects we seem to be working in
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a consulting men vironment so it's not just ourselves we're a number of other organizations competitors as well we're all working in conjunction trying to solve the same problem effectively and that continues whether it's 1st generation 2nd generation or even 3rd generation probably had a strong current change would indicate a positive reaction back in bristol that project may be some way of preparing for medical trials but if and when it's proven to be safe it could take covert vaccines to another level andrew symonds out 0 bristol. well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including from the beach to the building site how the people of bali are trying to broaden their horizons after the collapse of global tourism. also south korea says it's banning all sex polls to be about as the military should turn is accused of torturing and persecuting and t.q. protesters and british cycling finds itself at the center of a topeka scandal after one of its former top doctors is found guilty of ordering
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testosterone that's coming up with cho in sports. finance coronavirus is far from over that's the warning to americans from joe biden in his 1st primetime address since becoming u.s. president and he's urging people to get vaccinated keep social distancing and continue to wear masks on official has more from washington d.c. from the east room in the white house joe biden's 1st national presidential address good evening my fellow americans when you're on from the global pandemic being declared the president took time to consider the human cost the growing number of deaths the families torn apart the lives left to be rebuilt we all lost something a collective suffering a collective sacrifice a year feel with the loss of life and the loss of liberty for all of us.
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but in the last we saw how much there was to gain an appreciation respect and gratitude biden was somber but also hard to provide hope coming he believes in the form of the american rescue plan the massive 1.9 trillion dollars act he signed into law just hours before the plan to give hope to people struggling to kick start an economy to expand a vaccination program so desperately needed i'm announcing that i'll direct all states tribes and territories to make all adults people 18 and over. eligible to be vaccinated no later than may 1 we do this together by july the 4th there's a good chance you your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate independence day there is overwhelming support across the country for the relief plan even among republican voters but republican politicians
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think it's not targeted and it's too expensive this isn't a relief well it's pretty much a payoff for palosi as political allies and it will be the american people paying the bill we can't let our guard down by can appealed for unity for americans to work together we don't want to go back he said and the arch people to wear masks as the man who became the face of the u.s. covert response has lamented how much politics got in the way of doing the right thing we had such divisiveness in our country that even simple common sense public health measures took on a political connotation i look forward to seeing the president will fuel up your force one and start tuning parts of the country to take the benefits of his 1st major legislative success it is essentially a victory lap and he hopes the country will start looking more normal by july 4th more like the america everyone know its and hasn't seen for a year alan fischer al-jazeera washington brazil's most populous states are pollard
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has announced tougher restrictions they include a 2 week overnight curfew and a suspension of religious gatherings of sporting events a nationwide surge in cases is being partly blamed on a highly contagious variant of covert 91st detected in the amazon city of my mouse . well the indonesian island of bali has one of asia's most popular tourist destinations but the pandemic because falls dozens of hotels to close leaving thousands of people unemployed and what would the cation of when tories might return some say bali needs to diversify its economy jessica washington has the story. this is bali's kuta beach once packed with foreign tourists now almost completely empty. nearby many restaurants and stores are closed hotel owner debbie yet though says she had no choice but to temporarily shut her resort and lay off staff yeah it's how they set their form there's nothing i can do
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except maybe some 500. most of the visitors are gone and the people who call bali home have had to have done it come on swati can have been a tour guide for 17 years he's now working in construction. but he tried to survive with what little we have you sold the jewellery and some of our belongings to. he's registered to get vaccinated and is anticipating the return of foreign travelers to bali. but he says authorities should learn from the pandemic. economy when i was in a financial sense it is really bad and painful but this is a lesson for me to be stronger mentally it's also listen forward in the future we shouldn't rely only on one thing. the indonesian tourism ministry hopes bali can welcome back to us soon but doesn't know exactly when we're very optimistic. really
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. short period of time we will be able to are you open the borders. of tourism going to. around 80 percent of the population in bali work in tourism and many turned to agriculture when they lost their jobs the indonesian government is trying to encourage domestic tourism and says it is discussing the possibility of trouble corridos with other countries but it will be months before the border can safely reopen and community groups say reverting back to mastery of them will make the population vulnerable in the future. environmental groups advocate for a more balanced economy with more opportunities in farming fishing and other industries as well as tourism. the indonesian form for the environment says mass tourism in bali has resulted in polluted beaches uncontrolled development and water
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scarcity because of hotel consumption. health experts say bali is still a long way from being ready to reopen its borders before the 6000000 those up by the by no it cannot cannot by many people in bali and now not just hoping for a return to the way things were but had their sights on an even better future jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. south korea has announced it suspending defense exchanges and banning arms exports to be in this the latest country to cut ties with the military after the military coup of that period the 1st security forces are accused of torture of persecution and their response to peaceful protests a un special report says the military's claims that they are using utmost restraint perhaps scotland is monitoring developments from bangkok if they bring time out. it's a mostly symbolic move by south korea to sever the ties and to prevent export of
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anything that the military might need quite honestly it's more symbolic than anything because they're not big trading partners but what it does is it kind of adds to that growing chorus international chorus of condemnation of what's happening by the military on the streets of myanmar so that's that's where it might not be that much money that the joint is not going to be getting but it's definitely symbolic that another country has severed ties you know we've seen other countries do similar things in the region also you know the united states hasn't even has gone as far as to freeze some accounts personal banking accounts tied directly to the top leadership so though all these things kind of add up and obviously are building the international condemnation but the voices we really they the international community is really waiting for are those of china russia and india they're the big players they're the big traders with myanmar but they have not taken the step nor do we really expect that to happen take the step that we see like south korea and other nations but those are the nations that really
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need to be focused on because that's where the military gets most of their material from. russia says it's in favor of afghanistan forming an interim government including members of the taliban moscow is set to host a conference on afghanistan next week and says it will not rival previous negotiations in doha the u.s. has drafted a peace plan calling for an interim administration until a new constitution is agreed and elections are held turkey is also planning to host peace talks in april while turkey says the meeting is not an alternative to the qatar talks and will be held in coordination with doha those talks resumed in january after almost a month long break and to go she has diplomats say there has been little progress since then the taliban accuse the afghan government of not living up to its end of last year's peace agreement the priority for the afghan government u.s. and nato is a serious reduction in violence that could lead to a cease fire. human rights lawyers in the philippines say thanks for their lives
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and demanding protection from the government dozens of been killed since present rodrigo to turkey took office 5 years ago a warning the viewers may find some of the images in general and report disturbing . angelot carla gilliam is a human rights lawyer who was stabbed in the head in pan island in illusion the province a week ago even in the philippines long accustomed to violence the images were a shock to many police say this may have been a case of attempted to grab a ring but billions colleagues say it was a deliberate attempt to kill a lawyer who has been representing 16 indigenous farmers including 9 who were killed in last year's raid by state forces the farmers were accused of having links with communist rebels and is recovering in hospital but not all lawyers who were attacked survived benjamin ramos a prominent human rights lawyer in negras province was shot dead in 2018 his death
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was a blow to marginalized communities including the farmers he represented for decades but 2 years on his killers remain at large. it was not elected since president or agree go to their took office in 2016 at least 54 lawyers have been killed and some of those who died were government prosecutors and judges others were likely in lawyers representing activists journalists and indigenous people from impoverished communities these lawyers have also been exposed to what's called red tagging the once accused by the government of being communists or you. know you may call it the interest of serving or are in danger or boys. well. well. in our society
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there are you. know what we're. what we've. all but the justice department says investigations are proving difficult because most of the attacks were carefully planned and committed by professionals but many years say it is simply not enough and the fear that the killings will continue unabated government data shows that only 5 out of the $54.00 killings actually reached the courts this is why critics say the government should not be surprised if believe in due process in the country is at an all time low this is expected they say specially when those who are mandated to administer justice are themselves killed jamelle in dogon al-jazeera manila. still ahead here on al-jazeera south africa's elu king the most influential traditional ruler goodwills
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with a feeling dies at the age of 72 ship breakers working in unsafe conditions in bangladesh when the right to sue british owners for deaths or injuries and its owners even after the 2nd day's racing sailings america's cup joe will have that story in sport straight after the break. yet more very active weather is on its way through turkey significant snow is likely now by john in northern parts of iran and down the mountains for the west all part of a system which as the un winds tends to produce a strong wind out of iraq through kuwait and then towards qatar for example with this indication of the potential dust or sandstorm on the forward edge head of it doha is very warm this is today's weather 37 degrees to off the record well above
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the average hot and dusty then the wind changed to a northerly we got the shamar for a couple days temperatures really drop these sand all the dust fans out into the empty quarter and you end up with clear skies with the breeze strong wind and look at the change for example in terror on the sun's back at temperatures dropped in turkmenistan it's still snowing in nashville about that a 4 degrees here but turkey is loving it and if you go a day beyond that it gets cooler in doha the wind still blowing but the dust is more or less settled now in southern africa we're seeing a change of season which for the time being been rather less in the way of rain there is a band of showers running up through northern parts of south acrid botswana but the real heavy stuff is further north not as well as it was about a gasket was still raining in northern mozambique. an act of youthful defiance an embroidered on earth turn next hour also on the
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school will the arrest of neil toward 4 in the morning was electric shock treatment or worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was very beginning the armed struggle with syria. the boy who started the syrian war. on al jazeera. since its inception in 1961 the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over 100 countries by funding projects in an array of sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development.
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talk about watching out is there is news are with me so ho robin a reminder of our top stories gunman have kidnapped students in northern nigeria from a forestry college the 1st time a high institution of learning has been targeted officials say 190 students were rescued early on friday but 30 students are also unaccounted for italy is planning to impose another nationwide lockdown over the easter weekend april and that follows a surge in coronavirus cases and hospital admissions people will be ordered to stay home between april the 3rd and the 5th. south korea is suspending defense exchanges
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that batting objects balls to miramar is the latest country to scale down ties after last month's military coup a un special rapporteur says the military's claims that they were using utmost restraint is absurd. for the 1st time the leaders of the us japan australia and india are known as the quad holding talks the timing is quite significant china has in a trade war with the us it's engaged in a diplomatic war with australia there's been tension with india over that border in the north of the country and there are ongoing south china sea disputes with several states within the region the court was initially formed in the aftermath of the 2004 indian ocean earthquake and tsunami the concerns from australia and india over how much to push china without impacting bilateral ties but it all fell apart however it never brought all 4 nations held military drills china has accused the quad of undermining its legitimate rai's as an asian powerhouse in his opening
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remarks u.s. president joe biden stressed the need for cooperation and stability in the region. free and open window pacific is essential to each of our futures countries the united states is committed to working with you our partners or i was in the region to achieve stability and this is a group of particularly important because it's dedicated to the practical solutions and concrete results. a white house correspondent joins me now from washington d.c. so quickly i mean what is washington really hoping to get from the summit. well 1st of all cooperation but on the agenda in terms of what the quad will be talking about it really comes down to what has been referred to as the 3 cs china of course climate change but also kovac and with respect to cope it one of the big concerns is the fact that while wealthy nations around the world are vaccinated including
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the united states at record pace many developing nations have not even started so we know there is a discussion underway potentially to see about some ramping up of production of manufacturing in india so we're watching carefully for that the goal about a 1000000000 doses by 2022 with respect to climate change making sure that nations are living up to their commitments with respect to the paris climate accord and of course china is the big topic really what people are concerned about and clued in the united states as you've touched on a little bit already is the issue of how it is growing in influence not just militarily but also economically disrupting the global system in a way that the united states says isn't just a threat to the united states but to the globe. we'll leave it there of course monitor what's happening thanks so much could help at the white house correspondent let's continue this with mark kimmitt a former u.s. assistant secretary of state and also a retired u.s.
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army general joining me now via skype from washington d.c. mr kimmitt nice to have you on the program again. full does a quick quiz spots mechanism to react to natural disasters as we've just mentioned it sort of pivoting now to deal with china at a time where china is exerting its muscle in the region how important does the u.s. feel that this alliance with these other 3 nations really is well i think if you listen to what kimberly said she talked about the 3 cs really comes down to one the see it's china and the other 2 issues covertly climate change i think we're fillers on the agenda there is a significant concern about china in the united states but even more so in the region and the quiet is the right way to address the large nations of india and australia and the influential nation of japan so this will be overwhelmed by discussions about china because of the great concern all 4 nations have on the
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growing military influence political influence and diplomatic influence as china continues to have all the attention monic aspirations around the world the deputy secretary of state stephen bagan said on monday and he raised the possibility of formalizing the quad down the line with stress that there was a need to make sure that everybody was moving at the same speed he was sort of nuancing the fact that the 4 countries aren't quite there but they could be there will still reading into that statement. well i think when steve made that statement he should have compared to nato i think that the united states certainly sees this alliance to stop the growing influence of china if not contain china is not dissimilar to the nato organization which was started in 1947 to stop the increasing influence of military threat that was coming from the soviet
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union. china is a major threat on many dimensions not only to the united states but to the region and the fact remains is those 4 countries probably have the most to worry about and that's why this alliance is not a temporary one and as a result the quads will not be a walk on off but this should be and probably will be as frequent as the nato meetings or indeed i mean kimberly and she just mentioned as well and touched upon the fact that we're keeping very close sod all what is said about vaccine production certainly from india because you might say medicinal diplomacy is very important at this moment in time with the sign novak vaccine being made by china the group will want to reduce the influence of china's you might say it influences in the medical field because obviously you know that the vaccine for the pandemic is sorta especially in some asian countries and across africa.
6:38 pm
well i think it's not just code that and the code vaccine i think those of us that work in the middle east as i do continue to see the growing influence of china on many fronts not simply the medical front but the economic front the joke is you can't swing a dead cat in the middle east without hitting a chinese businessman who candidly is working not only for his own self-interest but for the interests of this country so if there's a way to push back on this growing influence of the region in areas such as covert vaccine that's good but it has to be broadly 8 more than just medical flosi it has to be economic diplomacy and push back on the markets that the chinese are trying to absorb. in the region and in fact in the world in reality when full nations get together to try and find common ground it is quite difficult because we're seeing
6:39 pm
obviously that india has a problem with a land border australia has a problem with trade the u.s. obviously. sides china see japan about and see incursions whereas the happy medium do you think where do you think the starting point will be full these full countries and i think the starting point for the 4 countries will be on the military bases so look the united states has 18 submarines the australians have an os aspiration for 12 submarines the indians have a very large ground force the japanese have significant technological advantage of those so i think the military is what brings them all together as the start point because of the common military threat and that's a basis from which you can expand the economic integration as well as the diplomatic integration so that they send days single voice that china will be a neighbor but will not be a threat in the region so it's good to get your insight commit the former u.s.
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assistant secretary of state thanks for joining us from washington d.c. . thanks al. people in chile will head to the polls next month for the historic election they'll choose delegates for a congress that's writing a new constitution but while there is pressure to elect many independent candidates that's competing on an even playing field from p. they are latin america does a b. c. and d. but has more. constitutional congress candidate comedian or viral organizers her husband her toddler and a group of supporters as they set off on another day of campaigning this time at a popular market in the rural municipality of planing on the outskirts of chile's capital. she's no stranger here the 25 year old has been an activist for as long as she can remember especially for water rights in this area hard hit by drought and i think we want the new constitution to guarantee our social rights
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a dignified life and to protect our environment. you know about who is an independent candidate which means she gets practically no campaign financing or television airtime from the state as do candidates from established political parties. we've had to scratch for money from friends and family face masks were donated by my sister in law we had to gather thousands of signatures to qualify to run as an independent. she isn't alone. at another food and vegetable market benito but enda who is well known for his work with the homeless is campaigning in lapin bana and low income area. and i'm pleased and i'm an independent he boasts 90 percent of chili inch don't belong to the country's highly discredited political party. last year the majority voted in a referendum to rewrite their constitution and next month they'll head to the polls
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again to elect the $155.00 member body that will draft it the referendum confirmed that 80 percent of chileans didn't want members of congress to have that privilege but it's still an uneven playing field for those pushing for citizens representation. we also allow to form a law that says all pacts with the of a political forces which the political parties can the but the parties who wrote the rules. despite there are enormous disadvantages independents are actually hoping to capitalize on one until now has been an extremely high abstention rate and apathy on the part of voters this time their bet here is that millions of chileans will actually come out and vote for anyone that doesn't represent the status quo when it comes to writing their new constitution. your insolence will is one of them you would think would be good for you in all my 52 years of living voted but now i will for an independent who is one of us. hundreds of independents
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are running but chile's complex electoral system has been designed to favor the country's mainstream political blocs which have long resisted calls for profound reforms to guarantee basic social right. the biggest danger is that unless this process is viewed as credible the social crisis and uprising that led to calls for a new constitution will get worse you see in human al-jazeera by an aging lawyers for russian opposition figure alexina valley's say that he's been moved from prison to an unknown location the valley was preparing to travel to people commonly to serve a 2 year prison sentence he was found guilty of parole violations linked to an embezzlement case last month the kremlin critics lawyers say that they went to visit him only to find that he's been shifted from the prison. the u.k. court has rulership breakers in south asia can sue british ship owners over deaths
6:44 pm
or injuries suffered on the job hundreds of vessels are damaged demolished by ship breakers a bangladesh india pakistan every year a landmark ruling says the british ship companies a legal duty of care. he there's a spokesman for young people in social action which is a nonprofit organization for sustainable development he says ship owners have taken advantage of the situation for far too long. the shipping company who are selling their ships to dismantle their ships in such a countries like bangladesh and india or other countries i mean there should be responsible that they are seen seems are going to dismantle you know very safe and environmentally friendly manner and because it's densely because they're shipped it but their responsibilities of polluter paid us i mean they have to take the responsibility. when the workers are dying it's that it means that the shipping
6:45 pm
company was dark when concern where was was was was not giving any care that their ships are going to this battle in a very safe manner or not so they cannot avoid the others on civility so that's why we will come to. the court and this will bring some positive change we hope it's going to rule in can make changes because. when the rules on principles are imposed of course it can make some changes and it's going to reduce or not only for sure be cycling any any other big deal which is you know destroying human lives or environment and bring some positive change. a human rights organization in colombia says it's outraged by reports that up to 12 children want to be killed in an army bombing against far dissidents the don't see
6:46 pm
how sparked further anger aimed at the defense minister who's called the miners machines of war. has more from. the start a few available pictures of the march 2nd bombing by the colombian army of a dissident faction of fark rebels in southwest colombia in which human rights groups say up to 12 miners could have been killed one teenager is known to have died in. the government acknowledges there were young people at the rebel camp but not their children were among those killed defense minister added to public outrage saying that any young victim should be regarded as a machine of war while insisting the operation followed international protocols. it's clear under international law that recruited minors of victims but after being trained to prepare they become young competence the attitude and disposition of affecting life in generating terror against the population we can't afford that
6:47 pm
many criminals who started as guerillas at 13 and committed all sorts of crimes. you know that's what opposition politicians say that if confirmed the killings are shameful and that the minister should resign. throwing bombs over defenseless children victims of force or couldn't who are sleeping in a camp is a clear violation of the principle of proportionality is not a military triumph it's a failure of the state. this is not the 1st time the government of president has been criticized for its use of force in its effort to thwart dissident rebels in drug trafficking groups in 2019 then defense minister guillermo but there was forced to resign after several children were killed in a similar strike and so. it's like this one were often the norm during the worst years of civil conflict with that even our miners considered collateral damage but
6:48 pm
since the signing of a peace deal in 2006 thing colombians have become less prone to accept. a recent report shows that more than 200 miners were recruited last year alone political analysts said hugh guzmán says public outreach is important but will not be enough to prevent this from happening again the structural problem is the lack of state presence in rural areas on top of the pandemic and the closure of public schools so it's important to recognize that the recruitment of these child miners is a crime against humanity but also the state has been has done a huge disservice to them if confirmed these deaths promised to weeknight accusations of human rights abuses in a country still reeling from decades of war alison the. tributes are being paid to south africa's zulu king who's died at the age of $72.00
6:49 pm
the zulu nation says goodwill. had been in hospital for weeks to treat diabetes when his health took a turn for the worst the king was the leader of south africa's largest trying he served as a model for 5 decades for me has the latest from johannesburg. the king goodwills in italy had been ill for more than a month admitted to hospital for treatment related to diabetes so south africans have known for some weeks that he has been ill but i think he's passing has been met with shock and mourning for many south africans the zulu nation specifically there are at least 11000000 zulus in south africa many of them in causal in a towel and we also heard from the former deputy president in south africa who spoke about the point of pride that the king had in the hearts of many south africans and what he represented in terms of the unity created amongst many people specifically impossible to tell but also particularly within the
6:50 pm
a party to during the apartheid regime in there to united people against that kind of repression at the time we have heard from. from the prime minister of the zilla nation that his body world will be held in state for a few days and that this is an opportunity for many to bid farewell to the king this is somebody whose role was largely ceremonial or symbolic but i don't think it can be ignored that he did have political influence in a couple of instances during the gauche ations to in the part 8 there were many tensions between people of different ethnic groups and at that time former president nelson mandela approached the king to try and quell tensions between zulu people largely aligned to the cart of carter freedom party of the political party and the a.n.c. at that time. well sports up next here all made news and it's a testing time for formula one champions the sadie's as they hit the trunk before
6:51 pm
the opening rites of the season.
6:52 pm
i didn't say i would support sale thank you very much south african mining billionaire patrice mitt seppi has been elected as the new president of the african football confederation but set by who is the owner of mamelodi sundowns football club stood unopposed at the general assembly meeting in morocco he succeeds madagascar's ahmed who was banned from all football related activities for 2 years because of financial misconduct working together we believe that he jimmy
6:53 pm
everything involved by jesse the family but be among the best in the. african football journalist says that fans across the continent can be hopeful of a new dawn under a man untainted by political corruption odiously with. the standards we're really you know. going the chaotic 4 years that he was in charge we're talking about a bigger national we expect a truce separate to. change the face of african football especially from a business point of view and wrong this organization as a businessman and by that i mean bring together you know companies and investors from the private sector we have not seen back markets in the last that the so all over of our. meanwhile asian football teams will get 8 tubs for their well cup
6:54 pm
qualifying games which have been delayed because the current a virus pandemic one team in each 5 nation group will stage the remaining games they've been pushed back from march to june for example 2022 host nation cats are will hold all remaining group games china saudi arabia and japan some of the other nations have been chosen. with mencia city 14 points clear at the top of the english premier league it's no wonder their manager pep guardiola has won the manager of the month award for a 2nd straight time when asked what was behind his success is what the spaniard had to say i'm going to do to tell you secret maybe the no the manager of the month is because we win games in the blue of the month normally it's because we win games so no more secrets than that we're british cycling has found itself at the center of a doping storm one of its former team doctors has been found guilty of altering
6:55 pm
testosterone to administer to a rider richard freeman who is also the chief doctor team sky ordered the banned hormone in 2011 medical tribunals ruled on friday that he knew or believed it would be administered to an athlete to improve their performance freeman also admitted to destroying a laptop before giving it to forensic experts conducting a doping investigation red bull sergio perez and for ariz color science have accepted bahrain's offer of a covert 19 vaccine making the 1st 4 no one drivers to do so the country is currently hosting 3 days of pre-season testing out of the opening race in 2 weeks time mclaren's daniel ricardo set the pace in a sandstorm of champions was sadie's only manage 6 laps in the early session because of a gearbox problem friday also saw return to the track for the sheer american named nick who is the son of 7 time world champion michael schumacher will make his f one
6:56 pm
day before haas 30 years after his father 1st trophy in the series. japan's olympic minister says her country's athletes will not take the chinese current virus vaccines that have been offered ahead of this year's tokyo games the international olympic committee and nouns it has struck a deal with china for the vaccines to be given to participants at the next 2 games but that took tokyo games organized by surprise and japan has not yet approved the chinese vaccines he didn't use the more we are taking comprehensive anti infection measures including activity management and testing so that people can feel secure about participating in the tokyo games even without a vaccination since we're continuing to consider these measures there's no change we're proceeding on the assumption of people not getting vaccinations one famous name 'd who could appear those lympics his basketball star le bron james the los angeles lakers forward has been named on a short list of 57 players for team usa the 36 year old has already won 2 gold
6:57 pm
medals with his country in the past james is open to it but says it will come down to the n.b.a. schedule oh obviously you know to play more about it or you know how you feel and you know where my family is going to go as far as that is the things that there's a lot of. you know a lot of players you know golden. but i'm happy to be a part of the finalists it was always an honor and honor for years and years and years as you know us they represent a country to sailing now in america's cup challenges luna rossa are defying expectations after the 2nd day of racing the italian team once again much defending champions team new zealand they took me on as in the early race in light winds off the coast of clint winning by 37 seconds to new zealand rallied back in the 2nd race of the day winning it by just over a minute to level the best of 13 series at 22. and that is all useful for now gemma will have more later tales thanks very much jerry and i will be back with more news
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on the other side on the break going to laugh in jamie on the news out thanks very much for your time and your company. on counting the cost of the perfect storm pandemic drought and china's demands food prices hit 6 year highs argentine beef soaring inflation sounds demands would slow as is the 1950 s. plus if your p.s.a. is help wasn't that burden becomes too much. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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