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a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without a hand back will he be given the arms struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war. on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm so robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha also coming up in the next 60 minutes a year after it became the 1st western country to head into lockdown italy prepares to do it all over again and. also the world health organization says there's no reason to stop using astra zeneca as covert 19 back to several countries suspended over fears of blood clots. and dozens of students abducted in northwestern nigeria
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is the 4th mass school kidnapping since december. 3 open in the pacific is essential to each of our future leaders of the quad grouping hold talks for the 1st time in what's seen as a bid to present a united front against china. match with sponsors japan turned down the other vaccines from china and christiane and how they reported the lines of families back to around madrid after eventis were knocked out of the champions league. complete welcome to the new italy's capital and the wider region will be placed into lockdown from monday as coronavirus cases rise as a nationwide lockdown will be imposed over the easter weekend in april now the
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government is trying to control a surging coronavirus cases and hospital admissions from monday restaurants and bars will close in low risk areas and movement between tiles will be severely limited at the end of january last year it only became a. first country in europe to take measures against covert 19 suspending flights to china and declaring a 6 month state of emergency on that march the night it also became the 1st to declare a national quarantine as hospitals in lombardy reach breaking point restrictions were lifted in may as new cases started going down but the virus regained strength so by october the 15th schools and universities were closed in companion on nov 4th the country was separated into colored zones red horridge and yellow with red marking the strictest level of lockdown nationwide curfew was then imposed again so on monday the number of covert related deaths past 100000 meanwhile the world
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health organization says there's no reason to stop using the astra zeneca vaccine thailand and bulgaria are the latest countries to delay its rollout on thursday denmark norway license suspended use of the job after several reported cases of blood clots including one death but the w.h.o. says it's not commonly concerned about the reports and in fact they see them as a positive side astra zeneca it is an excellent arm a vaccine as are the other vaccines that are being used and as i said we've reviewed the data on deaths there has been no don't to date preventive because by vaccination so it's very important to understand that yes we should continue using yesterday any given axiom in their work we're looking at is what we all are it's not that any safety signal must be investigated in fact it's very important that we hearing safety signals kenyan if you want to quote
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a virus curfew is also being extended the government has been stepping up its efforts to curb the spread of the virus after seeing a sudden rise in infections catherine soy has the latest from nairobi. president or king arthur has extended the national car few or 5 am to 10 pm bell of the 60 days raising concerns about the number of confirmed cases that we're seeing on wednesday the health ministry announced the highest number of confirmed cases since january we are seeing more people being admitted to hospital in i.c.u. on ventilators and so one the health ministry has said that the country is in the middle of a 3rd wave which appears to be more vicious this week that the health minister also started a back summation campaign. medic all officers health workers are receiving a fast dose of the astra zeneca vaccine from. this program is going to move on to
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elderly people those with underlying conditions before moving on to the general population but people are very worried about the pace of this vaccination the government says that it hopes that by the end of 223 to have vaccinated 30 percent of the population that's about 9000000 or 50000000 kenyans a number that is extremely low a lot of people are saying they're hoping that the government is going to ramp up this exercise acquire more vaccine more vaccines and you know vaccinate more people basically especially now when things seem to be getting worse. brazil's most populous states polo has announced tougher restrictions they include a 2 week overnight curfew and a suspension of religious gatherings and sporting events and nationwide surgeon cases is being partly blamed on a highly contagious variant of covert 19 1st detected in the amazon city of one ounce more research is in the u.k. so they're developing a new covert 19 vaccine that could replace injections with
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a nasal spray and it could make it more available to populations in remote parts of the world was there was andrew simmons has been given access to the board trains at bristol university where the vaccine is being developed. what's going on here could bring a new dimension to the fight against covert 19 research as a developing a new vaccine that will focus on saliva rather than the bloodstream and they're saying it will be cheap to produce and won't need to be kept at low temperature. the label box a potentially a bad thing for all in particular they hope to bring a solution to parts of the developing world remote countries and places with extreme temperatures they'll be no need for refrigeration and it will be a vaccine that's easier to transport simple to use and cheaper to buy. what's going on here is very different for a start the vaccine comes in the form of a nasal spray it's aimed at inducing antibodies which will protect the person and
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also stop the virus from spreading all in one powerful blood the man behind it believes the immune responses will be much bigger than in the present vaccines it's an entirely new way of making a vaccine and we've already done work in animals in mice and we've shown that we can induce immune responses importantly we can induce these mucosal immune responses if we give the vaccine to these mice into the nose rather than as an injection the bristol project is one of many globally the world health organization puts the figure of more than $200.00 a 2nd generation of vaccines another u.k. project is hoping for a breakthrough with protection against a much broader range of covariance research as in nottingham university and develop a scanned cell say the vaccine doesn't just target the spike protein on the surface of the corona virus it also concentrates on another area known as the end protein
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the vaccine is being prepared for medical trials by manufacturers that killed universities staffordshire is one of the makers of the astra zeneca vaccine and it's now managing 6 different projects we seem to be working in a console team environment so it's not just ourselves we're a number of other organizations competitors as well we're all working in conjunction trying to solve the same problem effectively and that continues whether it's 1st generation 2nd generation or even 3rd generation probably had a strong undertakings would indicate a positive reaction back in bristol that project may be some way of preparing for medical trials but if and when it's proven to be safe it could take covert vaccines to another level andrew symonds out 0 bristol. well let's get more on our top story now the announcement that parts of italy will remain locked down as soon as monday with a lockdown and further lockdown to follow in april of course developing news really challenge our correspondent for us in southern england rory we knew that italy was
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going to go into a lockdown over the easter period but this news has come quite suddenly. well i think it was trailed that although there is a national lockdown that's going to be implemented over the easter weekend that's april the 3rd to april the 5th there are other parts of the country that are going into what are known as red zones before that now there's a tiered system of coronavirus restrictions in italy has been in place in some form or other for months and months and months and the highest tier of that is is a red zone there are parts of the country that are already under red zone and we have just found out that there are 8 returning regions that are going to be going into the red zone classification as of monday including seo where the
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capital row is now there's a particular. method market really for how there is a designated as a red zone and that's where the when they have $250.00 infections per 100000 inhabitants so if that money marker is part and effectively it's automatic you go into the red zone classification so clearly the situation in italy is getting worse in the moments and mario draghi the prime minister when he was speaking earlier on was saying that he acknowledged that this was going to be tough for the country that going into a national lockdown even if it's just for a few days over these to period will still have an effect on you know the education of children it will have an effect on the psych psychological wellbeing of inhabitants and it will have an effect on the economy in these regions that are going into lockdown for longer than that easter weekend will be experiencing those
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effects for longer still so he knows that this is not something that italians are going to be welcoming but he says it's inevitable it's in the. it has to be done to stop even stricter restrictions and an even worse situation of course is harking back to what happened in many parts of italy a year ago when it was the 1st western country to really be hit hard by coronavirus for that update those who are sure a challenge for us in los in southern england now the u.s. and 30 other western countries are calling for egypt to end the prosecution of activists journalists and political opponents the joint statement made at the u.n. calls for those held under counter-terrorism laws to be unconditionally released her as foreign ministry responded to the statement expressing great surprise and disapproval egypt has been a close ally of the u.s. but president joe biden has vowed to speak out against human rights violations. turkey's foreign minister says ankara and egypt restarted diplomatic level contacts
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after years of disrupted ties the 2 countries have sparred over a range of issues including the war in libya where they backed rival sides ties deteriorated in 2013 after the then president mohammed morsi was overthrown in the military coup led by a bullet and sisi morsi is government was supported by a supplier birdland ruling party. al jazeera has obtained exclusive video from northwest province there intense battles in the a bus district between government troops and who the rebels follows reports that the yemeni army shot down a drone and says it made advances after a surprise attack the began yesterday evening meanwhile the u.s. envoy for yemen is urging you the rebels to respond to a cease fire plan to melinda king says the rebels are prioritizing an offensive to take the city of lot of arab the u.s. envoy warns that yemen will spiral into greater conflict without
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a cease fire is intensifying in the saudi backed government's last stronghold in northern yemen. the head of the u.n. world food program says a cease fire would mean the u.s. can help to stabilize yemen's economy this comes as the u.s. moves to restore funding for humanitarian aid in the north and yemen a cease fire would have tremendous positive effect at all to the truth. that 2 days ago about that if all parties could move for a cease fire it would truly. reduce extraordinary amount of pressure so that we can move for we can dish. biometrics at a significant way which will allow us to call it quickly into the arab league which would rather result than a back up which will allow food prices stabilize for all the state become much more possible if you have
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a cease fire or we have greater access greater stability in the middle koreas a former u.s. diplomat and former deputy chief of mission in yemen he says the u.n. security council should take a tougher stance on the rival sides the leadership. is insisting on lifting the siege. and stopping the aerial bombardment from saudi arabia 1st before they stop that seems to that's unrealistic and it seems like they are just biding for time so that they can finish taking over matter in their own media channels they are talking about a victory they feel victorians i think this is very on realistic and very unfortunate the u.n. security council should take a tougher stand but that has been disappointing as well as this goes on regardless of which side wins matter it will only cause the war to continue and the suffering
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in yemen has already reached beyond any limits that we know off in this current international environment the yemeni population is being starved and this needs to and then and there are gently. thousands of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets of several cities knowledge area to reject early elections on thursday president born in aus that elections would be held in june to dissolve in his parliament demonstrators are continuing their calls for a complete government overhaul. to nigeria now where government have raided a college and taken a number of students hostage the armed group targeted the forestry college and couldn't stay late on thursday officials say 180 students were rescued in the early hours of friday but 30 remain unaccounted for school attacks in the north of the country are becoming more frequent for ransom kidnapping is a tactic commonly used by armed groups in criminal gangs in the country misty
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international says it's been escalating since january there were 2 mass abductions of school children in february officials say they are carried out by bandits loosely formed armed groups that rob and kidnap for money nigeria denies paying ransoms but many believe regional instability in north western states has allowed kidnapping to become a lucrative source of income some believe that boko robs a well publicized kidnapping of more than 270 schoolgirls in the town of juke box in 2014 prompted more armed groups to turn to mass abduction of children. phyllis some of his it a budget he has more on the latest government statement about the kidnapping. the statement did not street. where we were rescue how do we rescue and those who were taking by the armed bandits ate where do we to be able to make it where the bandits to get students to so we're now with the with the details
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what they say we're investigating to make sure that we're able to rescue the girls were quickly with this is the 1st time that and groups are targeting him at least additional prior lending specially gelsen have asked the institution. almost every day there's been kidnapping across nigeria they've been kidnappings of people who are commercial buses people in their homes and towns and villages the government has been making efforts to contain this but in recent months since specially since december there's been an increase not even would the replacements of military top chiefs in general. be president mohamed. replaced the subjects of army friends never. be navy and also what
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the. rights to beings and many people are worried the situation is really getting out of her. touch him or had her on the al-jazeera news hour including south korea says it's banning arms exports to me and now as a military gender is accused of torturing and persecuting antic you protesters the whole so britain's prime minister visits no violent amid mounting political tensions and there's a new president african football those details coming up with gemma so take away. was there. striving for a region that is free healthy and unconstrained by coercion that's the promise made her after a historic 1st meeting between the so-called quad countries the u.s. japan australia and india and the timing of their meeting is quite significant
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because china is in a trade war with the u.s. it's also engaged in a diplomatic war with australia there's tension with india over the northern attack border and there are ongoing south china sea disputes with several states within the region now the court was initially formed in the aftermath of the 2004 indian ocean earthquake and tsunami but concerns from australia and india over how to push china without impacting bilateral ties but that it all fell apart however in november last year all 4 nations held military drills china has accused the court of undermining its legitimate rights as an asian powerhouse while it is aiding remarks u.s. president joe biden stressed the need for cooperation and stability in the region free and open indo-pacific is essential to each of our future countries the united states is committed to working with you our partners all our allies in the region to achieve stability and this is a group of particularly important because it's dedicated to the practical solutions
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in concrete results well india's foreign secretary has celebrated the meeting saying it was an important chance for the leaders to build a stronger working relationship. that the 4 countries have obviated the court conversation to the apex level is by itself the most significant outcome for. the importance of international cooperation to address the challenges at the summit the leaders sought to string to the morning for peace stability and wellbeing among the people of the indoor pacific and in the global community their discussions also extended to the post pandemic recovery is an interplay jeans and valid game security committee held guitar white house correspondent standing by for us in washington d.c. with the very latest kimberly it all sounded very upbeat but was it window dressing or was a real substance to this meeting. there was real substance in fact there was
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a big announcement made on one of the challenges that was identified by the quad and that is the course of global pandemic but what these 4 nations working together can do to contribute to how those around the world particularly when it comes to that gap in vaccinations between wealthy countries and those that are less so an announcement made that through the partnership of the united states supplying the vaccines manufacturing being done in india as financing through the united states and japan as well as support from australia there is a hope that they will produce 1000000000 vaccines by 2022 so that was some of the major news out of it but there's no question that this alliance as you pointed out that was 1st formed after 2 sell 2004 sees a strong future ahead particularly as they continue to confront the threats from
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china which were identified as being both military as well as economic of course vis countries all individually strategic and economic ties with china so this whole issue about how much how much they actually push china is an issue through all of that they go to find common ground where they can all work together on this. common ground but at the same time the timing of this meeting significant given the fact that next week the united states national security advisor the secretary of state will be meeting on u.s. soil in alaska face to face with counterparts from china and we expect that well there is some neutral ground that might have to be found there are going to be some tough conversations that will also be odd given the fact that the united states has made very clear that it has a grave concerns when it comes to not only areas of military insecure security and also economic but human rights and so we have heard from the national security
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adviser that there will be a very frank conversation and with respect to the concerns the u.s. president has centrally said that they identify this is one of the greatest geopolitical threats that sort of a growing assertiveness of china if you will so the national security adviser saying that when it comes to competition with china that they believe that they will prevail and that competition and that the united states is better now that joe biden has taken office than they were when donald trump left office so this is certainly something that is a turning of the page in terms of u.s. strategy towards china but again the approach of this administration is to get the input of allies and that's what this quad meeting was about in advance of that face to face meeting in alaska for that day thanks very much can we talk about a white house correspondents people message because how people jacob is an associate professor at the center for international politics organization and disarmament jawaharlal nehru university in new tell you know he says the quote
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countries are eager to develop the group. i think that has been their feeling separately. for some time now about that the importance of modern time strategy and the court and sophie dawson began to walk that has been some concern in the recent past whether the new administration you have a station wait for all the policy followed by trump beside the china water and b. because i think i think the fact that you have. that there are several important statements coming from washington d.c. all quiet and on the positive even gentle is short that there is a 7 amount of enthusiasm in washington that is equal or more involved if it was just if you believe in the week of course or even if we stop if you get china in the summer of last year and the chinese assertion the gentry think that he did so i think all of the all of the 4 officers in this sort of group big realize the for for for standing up to china in some way or one way or the other although none of
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the statements i say all you know or should be given out by these governments have mention of china it is it is portrayed as an inclusive sort of outage meant and yet i think the subtext is basically it is time focused but i bet you don't find that has consistently argued that you know you have to have a poll by. economic relationship educator measures or by that this summit meeting makes it to great if you don't abundantly clear that you can deal with china economically yet even economically but i have for the same guy you need to look after your own security and strategic interests in the us if we didn't for that you need to have other friendships retired u.s. army general luck kimmitt says beijing's recent sanctions are the main driver for this meeting. it really comes down to one the see it's china and the other 2 issues kovac the climate change i think we're fillers on the agenda there is a significant concern about china in the united states but even more so in the
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region and the quiet is the right way to address the large nations of india and australia and the influential nation of japan so this will be overwhelmed by discussions about china because of the great concern all 4 nations have on the growing military influence political influence and diplomatic influence as china continues to have always had to monic aspirations around the world i think that the united states certainly sees this alliance to stop the growing influence of china if not contain china is not dissimilar to the nato organization which was started in 1947 to stop the increasing influence in the military threat that was coming from the soviet union look china is a major threat on many dimensions not only to the united states but to the region and the fact remains is those 4 countries probably have the most to worry
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about and that's why this alliance is not a temporary one and as a result the quads will not be a walk on off should be and probably really will be as frequent as the nato meetings are south korea has announced that suspending defense exchanges and banning all expose to me and well is the latest country to downgrade time is after the military coup on february the 1st security forces are accused of torture and persecution and the response to peaceful protests a un special rapporteur says the military's claim that they are using up most restraint is absurd. is monitoring developments from buying coal can they bring thailand. it's a mostly symbolic move by south korea to sever the ties and to prevent export of anything that the military might need quite honestly it's more symbolic than anything because they're not big trading partners but what it does is it kind of adds to that growing chorus international chorus of condemnation of what's
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happening by the military on the streets of myanmar so that's that's where it might not be that much money that the joint is not going to be getting but it's definitely symbolic that another country has severed ties you know we've seen other countries do similar things in the region also you know the united states hasn't even has gone as far as to freeze some accounts personal banking accounts tied directly to the top leadership so though all these things kind of add up and obviously are building the international condemnation but the voices we really they the international community is really waiting for are those of china russia and india they're the big players they're the big traders with myanmar but they have not taken the step nor do we really expect that to happen take the step that we see like south korea and other nations but those are the nations that really need to be focused on because that's where the military gets most of their material from. well still ahead here on al-jazeera ship breaker's working on say conditions
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in bangladesh with the right to sue british owners for deaths or injuries. from the beach to the building site how the people of bali are trying to broaden their horizons up to the collapse of global tourism and its owners even after the 2nd day's racing of the americas cup in germany we'll have the details in sport we'll see you after the break. yet more very active weather is on its way through turkey significant snow as likely as a by john in northern parts of iran and down the mountains for the west all part of a system which as the un winds tends to produce a strong wind out of iraq through kuwait and then towards qatar for example with this indication of the potential dust or sandstorm on the forward edge head of it doha is very warm this is today's weather 37 degrees to off the record well above
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the average hot and dusty then the wind changed to a northerly we got the shamar for a couple days temperatures really drop these sand all the dust fans out into the empty quarter and you end up clear skies with the breeze strong wind and look at the change for example in terra on the sun's back at temperatures dropped in turkmenistan it's still snowing in nashville that are 4 degrees here but turkey is loving it and if you go a day beyond that it gets cooler in doha the winds still blowing but the dust has more or less settled now in southern africa we're seeing a change of season which for the time being been rather less in the way of rain there is a band of showers running up through northern parts of south acrid botswana but the real heavy stuff is further north not as well as it was about a gasket was still raining in northern mozambique. on counting the cost of the perfect storm
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a pandemic of drought and china's demands to prices hit 6 year highs argentine beef soaring inflation sounds demand to what's lowest since the 1950 s. last ethiopia seeks help as its debt burden becomes too much. counting the cost on al-jazeera. lebanon is grappling with its worst economic crisis in generations. exasperated by the coronavirus pandemic and then this. one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history shine a light on a nation already in economic and political freefall people in power travels across the country to find out what's next for the trouble state lebannon the state of collapse on al-jazeera. we understand the differences on this in terms of cultures across the world so no matter what you see the news in kind of for that matter to you. all.
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oh. oh oh. welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour with me celeron a reminder of our top stories regions around italy's capital roman are among those being placed into lockdown for monday coronavirus cases rise in addition a nationwide lockdown will be imposed over the easter weekend in april. also got the have kidnapped students in northern nigeria from a forestry college the 1st time a high institution of learning has been targeted officials say 190 students were rescued early on friday about 30 more unaccounted for and u.s. president joe biden says a free and open in the pacific region is essential he's addressing leaders of the
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australia india and japan collectively known as the quad the group is seen as an effort to counter china's growing influence. british prime minister boys johnson is visiting northern ireland amid mounting political tensions over brics that withdraw . all arrangements his trip to inspect credit iris facilities has been overshadowed by his government's plan to further delay e.u. customs checks the u.k. agreed to a customs border between north mile and the mainland in the e.u. withdrawal bill angering unionists there but the u.k. has altered its implementation date prompting the e.u. to call for legal action well boris johnson says he wants to ensure that all ireland protocol is backed by both the nationalists and the union as communities in keeping with the peace process i think the most important thing about the protocol is that it should guarantee that the peace process in the in the good friday
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agreement which we all believe in everybody. in our land in the u.k. has enormous under worked so hard to achieve and there's got to be a balance and symmetry in that and what we want to ensure is that the protocol up holds the wishes of communities of both communities and has the consent of both so there's got to be an east west consent to what's going on as well as north-south. is a journalist historian and author who joins me now live from belfast via skype good to have you with us mr malley on the program i mean what did the prime minister hope to achieve really from this visit considering the issues of the trade across the irish border are still rocky and there's political courters over the relationship between the province and london. well in a sentence i doubt if he has gained very much because the turn struck by arlene foster the 1st minister of not arlen
9:35 pm
a leader of the democratic party seems to be very much as before she essentially and no party won the political scratch killed off completely know it's part of an international agreement between europe and forest johnson he signed it so the possibility of his own doing it seems to me rather remote because it would cause such aki evil and border anyplace else on the island of violent would have posed merely just problems potentially and that's why the british government and europe agreed to have the checks at the port of larnaca i mean it's not a known m.r. for our international audience that we're really though so much about the intricacies of how the breaks at negotiations were agreed upon between the e.u. and the u.k. or was he there's a potential border between the u.k.
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or great britain and northern ireland which is all part of the u.k. and then there's this land border between the republic of ireland and a northern ireland that they don't really want any border checks they're visible part of a much larger jigsaw puzzle that hasn't really been sorted out because the e.u. wants implementation and it seems that london is saying it doesn't want it quite yet. it was you know your. thesis is very very good and very accurate to judge silly we had a land border here between the republicans and not the dollars. the bottom line is the republic of oz is within the european community and in the e.u. . u.k. has left europe. europe does not want any perishable part of its meat products sausages livestock coming into knowledge on and from great britain and
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potentially moving across that into the irish republic of those products being fully checked and tested for their progress down there it's and that is the long and the short of it now the journey of this protestant community they are that to differentiate between northern ireland and great britain in any way in terms of at least 6 inspections of food products coming in is a violation of the notion of the use of the union of northern ireland britain scotland and wales and that's what really annoying them their contention is the status of not enough it has been changed by boris johnson he said it would happen he said no crime minister no british prime minister could stand over such
9:38 pm
a development and that he agreed it with europe and there in the hands that is still is it today i think probably hasn't achieved very much the bottom line is that boris johnson is very concerned about the tension of break up of the union on his watch scotland potentially could have a referendum on independence recently there was a vote and way in those polling rant wills about edgy just status of wheels you know that is in the firing line and so that's why bar is just in this here i think where are you today if i could be seen to be doing so indeed he doesn't want the split up of the united kingdom on his watch but if he just for with you in the seat in belfast to talk about what it feels like at the moment in north by le. it was a part of the u.k. that voted to want to stay in the european union right now what are those what are
9:39 pm
the sentiments about this talk of a united ireland or of northern ireland breaking off of the tension emerging back with the republic of ireland is this a reality in the future is this a debate that's going to you might say increase with steam. well i think what is in reality should just gotten have a referendum on independence and should that referendum succeed i think they will get for they've really across to no they're not and that will escalate the campaign is not about that for a referendum in terms of a vote of poll here to decide for the people of northern ireland want to become part of the of the united are that you know at the end of the did it in terms of the new fighting remount it's to put is the secretary of state of knowledge not of the british government as secretary of state a representative in all that out and who actually decides that he believes
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that the sufficient support for it both opposed to to test they have they've political status of no the docket now within the good friday agreement a 50 plus one percent is the acid test and any board opposed so 50 plus one percent would change the status and all the no i suspect that the british government would be they reticent to go gov that road because although it would be their desire to get shot i think of northern ireland but i've just come completed my memoirs and i found evidence that a very confidential private letter reading documents a conversation between prime ministers of senior civil servants but the real problem for the british government is that they are terrified of the really a better does of violence on the streets of northern arc so this is what it is
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they're trying to push curtly but we'll see what does happen certainly in the coming days for the moment a minority thank you so much for joining us from belfast thank you thank you. p. diddy's nanda bali is one of asia's most popular tourism destinations but the pandemic has forced dozens of hotels to close leaving thousands of people unemployed and with no indication of when tours might return some say bali's diversify its economy just like a washington reports. this is bali's kuta beach once packed with foreign tourists now almost completely empty. nearby many restaurants and stores are closed hotel owner debbie yet though says she had no choice but to temporarily shut her resort and lay off staff yeah it's how they set their form there's nothing i can do except maybe some 501 but. most of the visitors are gone and the people who call
9:42 pm
bali home have had to have done it's. called months when he can have been a tour guide for 17 years he's now working in construction. but he tried to survive with what little we have you sold the jewelry and some of our belongings to . he's registered to get vaccinated and is anticipating the return of foreign travelers to bali. but he says authorities should learn from the pandemic. economy when i was in a financial sense it is really bad and painful but this is a lesson for me to be stronger mentally it's also listen forward in the future we shouldn't rely only on one thing. the indonesian tourism ministry hopes bali can welcome back to us soon but doesn't know exactly when we're very optimistic. we. short a period of time we will be able to are you open the borders. of
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tourism going to. around 80 percent of the population in bali work in tourism and many turned to agriculture when they lost their job. the indonesian government is trying to encourage domestic tourism and says it is discussing the possibility of trouble corridos with other countries but it will be months before the board can safely reopen and community groups say reverting back to mass tourism will make the population bulmer in the future. environmental groups advocate for a more balanced economy with more opportunities in farming fishing and all the industries as well as tourism. the indonesian form for the environment says mass tourism in bali has resulted in polluted beaches uncontrolled development and water scarcity because of hotel consumption and. health experts say bali is still
9:44 pm
a long way from being ready to reopen its border with before the 6000000 those up by the well not going to not. many people in bali are now not just hoping for a return to the way things were but had their sights on an even better future jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. the u.k. causes rulership breakers in south asia can super to shipowners over deaths or injuries suffered on the job hundreds of our souls are demolished by ship breakers in bangladesh india and pakistan every year the landmark ruling says that british shipping companies a legal duty of care well the breaking down of these 300000 ton ships is mostly done by hand thousands of workers in the dangerous situations work in intense heat cutting and tearing away salvageable pieces of metal hundreds of people mostly with no contracts die or injured every good explosions and accidents it's led to heavy pollution to littering the coast with oils are space stocks and dangerous chemicals
9:45 pm
shipping companies have been able to avoid responsibility by quickly changing ownership of the vessels and using tax havens and middlemen mohammed ali shaheed is a spokesman for the young people in social action group which is a nonprofit organization for sustainable development but he says ship owners have taken advantage of the situation for far too long. the shipping company who are selling their ships to dismantle their ships in such a countries like bangladesh and india or other countries i mean there should be irresponsible that they are she seems are going to dismantle you know very safe and environmentally friendly manner and because it's dash it was your ship it was their responsibility it's a polluter paid us i mean you have to take the responsibility. when the workers are dying it's that it means that shipping company was dark going concern well was was was not giving any care that their ships are going to this battle in
9:46 pm
a very safe manner or not so they cannot afford the others. so that's why we will come clean and this big some 'd change we hope it's going to rule in can't make changes because. when their own principles are imposed of course it can make some changes and it's going to root not only for should be cycling any any other big debut which is you know destroying human lives or. change. europe's largest volcano erupted for the 12th time in less than a month fountains of love were seen the erupting several kilometers high for about half of the italian island of sicily is the 1st time for searches of say the volcano scientists since 1998 but they say it poses no risk for residents who live
9:47 pm
around the area. well still ahead here on al-jazeera south africa's looking the most influential traditional ruler dies at the age of $72.00 and it's a testing time for formula one champions mercedes some say try out the new car that is coming up with gemma in sports.
9:48 pm
talk about talk to support his job. thanks let's start with the reports that
9:49 pm
christiane the announcer is lining up a potential return to around madrid just a few days after his event aside were dumped out of the champions league according to those reports in spain his agent george mendez's had an informal discussion with rel i went out i spent 9 successful seasons the 36 year old left for italian side eventis back in 2018 and despite winning 2 assyria titles and scoring 92 goals he said to miss his old team eventis were knocked out of the champions league by porto in the last 16 as for madrid they're preparing for their next vanish league game against a head coach is it is that adam was asked about the run are they really has. to sell his book is you know what christiane i was for real madrid he's a player that's due to his all what he did here is magnificent but he's doing well eventis i can't tell you anything about what's being reported because there's so many things the most important thing is that he is a you ventus player and i have to respect that. south african mining billionaire
9:50 pm
patrice mazeppa is being elected as the new president of the african football club confederation was ever a he was the owner of the mamelodi sundowns football club stood unopposed at the general assembly meeting in morocco he succeeds madagascar's ahmed ahmed who was banned from also correlates activities that c. is because of financial misconduct working together we believe he jimmy everything. was just through the summer but the army base in the. african football journalist i should come again says that fans across the continent can be hopeful of a new dawn under a man whose untainted by political corruption. oh the asli be that from madagascar just on that's where we need to know and for allowing the chaotic 4 years that he was in charge and we're talking about a bigger national we expect a trace much at that to. change the face of african football especially from
9:51 pm
a business point of view and running this organization as a businessman and by that i mean and bring together you know companies and investors from the private sector we have not seen that much in the last that the so all of. the asian football confederation has announced a new strategy to keep world cup qualifying on track amid the disruption caused by the pandemic 2022 host nation will stage or remaining grouping games for example and china saudi arabia and japan some of the other nations that will also host matches to help complete the current group stage the games it was supposed to be out in march but have been pushed back to june japan's and then pick minister says her country's athletes will not take the chinese coronavirus vaccines that have been offered at of this year's tokyo games the international olympic committee announced it has struck a deal with china for the vaccines to be given to participants at this summer's
9:52 pm
games and the winter olympics next year but japan has not yet approved the chinese vaccines he didn't use them or we are taking comprehensive anti infection measures including activity management and testing so that people can feel secure about participating in the tokyo games even without a vaccination since we're continuing to consider these measures there's no change we're proceeding on the assumption of people not getting vaccinations british cycling team in your screen it is says and none of us riders sought to use the testosterone ordered by former team dr richard freeman a medical tribunal on friday found him guilty of ordering of the band hormone knowing it would be used to prefer a ride as athletic performance freeman a work for any of us informally team sky am british cycling between 200920178 was a period of great success which included multiple we're told france titles and then picked gold medals. until it's all cleared up and everyone in british cycling has
9:53 pm
a tro remember it's shocking because his brain want to talk sports for decades and everyone who loves school loves the olympics and most of all the achievement that we saw extreme at the olympics will be really disappointed with our formula one pre-season testing has begun in bahrain but the conditions were far from ideal the drivers had to take their new cars for a spin in the middle of a sandstorm metals and max a step and it was fastest on friday which is the 1st of 3 days of testing before the season begins at the same track on march the 28th defending champion and lewis hamilton was 10th quickest after reliability issues restricted less eighty's time on track. england's a cricketers have comfortably won the 1st t 20 international against india where the top 2 sides in this form of the game and this was the 1st of 5 matches in ahmedabad just 3 wickets as india limited it to $124.00 in that innings and england easily got there with david maraniss securing
9:54 pm
the 8 wicket victory with a 6. roger federer has withdrawn from next week's dubai tennis championships the 20 time a grand slam champion made his comeback at the cattle right down this week when he was knocked out in the quarter finals federer was out for over a year after having double knee surgery and has decided he needs more time to train spain's reverse how about history again has beaten the defending champion andre riba in the semifinals in capsule this is read loads of 1st match of the tournament off the 2 will create this and perhaps his lack of match time show huge artistic you won this title in 2090 will play an explosive really in the final and just at the right age of the qatar masters gopher is taking place on the european tour jeff winter is the leader of the half way stage the danish shot a $67.00 for the 2nd day in a row finish up on 8 under par is 2 shots clear of 5 players including this man.
9:55 pm
the american i hold out from the bunker the 1st one of 6 buddies in his 2 under par round on the p.g.a. told the players' championship is happening right now in florida sergio garcia he was the overnight leader just one shot behind him is denny mccarthy no doubts about the highlight of his 2nd round hole in one of the part 3 the americans in a tie for 2nd at 6 under par the biggest name in n.f.l. tom brady has signed a contract extension with the tampa bay buccaneers brady led the bucs to victory in the super bowl in his 1st season away from the new england patriots and sailing america's cup challenges luna rossa defying expectations after the 2nd day of racing the italian team once again match the defending champions team new zealand they took the honors in the early race in light winds of the coast of oakland team new zealand they rallied back in the 2nd race of the day winning it by just over a minute to level at the best of 13 series at 2. that is all you'll score from
9:56 pm
a finale back with more later. thanks so much gemma well tributes are being paid to south africa's zulu king who's died at the age of 72 zulu nation says that goodwill teenie had been in hospital for weeks 2 for treatment for diabetes when his health took a turn for the worst the king was the leader of south africa's largest try he served as a model for 5 decades for me to miller has more from johannesburg. the king goodwills in a t.v. had been ill for more than a month admitted to hospital for treatment related to diabetes a source of africans have known for some weeks that he has been ill but i think he's passing has been met with shock and mourning for many south africans the zulu nation specifically there are at least 11000000 zulus in south africa many of them in cause to natal and we also heard from the former deputy president in south africa who spoke about the point of pride that the king had in the hearts of many
9:57 pm
south africans and what he represented in terms of the unity created amongst many people specifically impossible to tell but also particularly within the apartheid or during the apartheid regime in that he united people against that kind of repression at the time we have heard 1 from. from the prime minister of the zulu nation that his body world will be in held in state for a few days and that this is an opportunity for many to bid farewell to the king this is somebody whose role was largely ceremonial or symbolic but i don't think it can be ignored that he did have political influence in a couple of instances during the gauche ations to in the part 8 there were many tensions between people of different ethnic groups and at that time former president nelson mandela approached the king to try and quell tensions between zulu people largely aligned to the cart of carter freedom party of the political party
9:58 pm
and the a.n.c. at that time and that's news and with me said. something to him from me of the tape that switch on at your company. this thing is a set and it's time for a different approach one that is going to challenge the way you think i'm asking the questions now is the new host of the next season of the show that's got no space for sound bites only top of the list leave simplicity to the headlines join me as i take on the law dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradiction.
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i'm marc lamont hill and it's time to get out front right here on out. the rhythm our inflows through the coldest reaches of kyrgyzstan temperatures here could drop to 20 degrees below 0 this time of year but the driving snow and bitter winter conditions on the enough to keep these men from working on the ice and in the freezing water because the river nari contains gold men from villages along the river be kind in for gold in d.c. area for centuries the best time of year to do it is the winter because the river is low the jury in the summer months these tiny little yellow flanks you can see on don't look much they were around $50.00 a gram. to take over a 1000000 miles just to kill some districts one and one east is on the ground investigating was it means for the future of the southeast asia. announces the.
10:00 pm
more regions go into lockdown in italy including the capital rome to stop a new wave of covert infections while the world health organization says there's no reason to stop using astra zeneca as covert vaccine. how i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program gunmen dug 30 students from a foreign.


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