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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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footballing legend eric cantona introduces cloud your tambourine one of a special few who stood up for their beliefs whatever their cause. football rebels on al-jazeera. 0. hello i'm maryam namazie you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes italy ramps up its coded restrictions to stop a new wave of infections most of the country will be under tough new measures for monday. situation critical in brazil as rising kovac cases there leave hospitals around the country overwhelmed gunmen abducted 30 students from
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a forestry college in nigeria's had to misstate a 4th mass school kidnapping since december and a record settlement in the george floyd lawsuit minneapolis agrees to pay his family $27000000.00 i'm german ash with sports is the head of the olympics and says it makes no sense to boycott the beijing winter games and christine are now they reportedly lines up a move back to around the dress after event as we're not out of the champions league. and i welcome to the news hour coronavirus restrictions of being ramped up across italy to stem a steady rise in covert cases from monday 10 regions will become red zones including the capital rome and italy's financial center melanne it means most of the population will be under the toughest measures with schools nonessential shops
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and restaurants all closed the government has also just announced a 3 day nationwide lockdown over the easter weekend for a challenge as our ports. at a vaccination center a few maci know airports it's a nice prime minister mario draghi acknowledged the discomfort his country is about to go through. so. i'm aware that today's measures will have consequences for the education of children for the economy and also for the psychological state of all of us the president of the red cross reminded me of the psychological difficulty that some people have suffered especially the elderly but i think it is the same for everybody especially for people who live alone who today feel even more aligned it's difficult for them to see the people who they love these measures are necessary to avoid a deterioration that would make even more stringent measures inevitable and of the
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easter weekend national lockdown hates regions including the capital rome and one autonomous province to bring in the restrictions from monday corona virus infections rose by 10 percent this week and officials have warned the situation is worsening with new more infectious variants gaining ground in recent days more places have become red zones the highest here of localized lockdown one of them is frozen noni in the let's hear region some areas have infection rates of 23 percent of those tested higher than seen earlier in the pandemic. i am worried my 14 year old daughter is being told their children she's losing her best years of adolescence like these from morning to night she's inside the house. italy is one of several european countries to have a least partially restricted use of the astra zeneca vaccine while reports of blood clots are investigated but the prime minister insisted the inoculation campaign
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would carry on luggage in the european medicines agency is reviewing the suspected cases but it's also advised that the faxing should continue to be used. for italy as elsewhere widespread vaccinations are seen as essential for a return to normality. how to 0. to francesco jam by turning a journalist based in milan it's only the people in italy and more concerned about the country's access to vaccines than to the changes and restrictions if the public opinion in this moment is not very concerned about the italy's logistics but on why europe is not delivering what they said they would have done so that the pace is very slow in the last week less than 220-0000 those it's been day were giving to 2 italians were 6 the
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1000000 people here so that the prime minister mario draghi said these numbers will tribal in x. weeks but. if if the dozes will not come. this this won't won't happen so i this is very concerning for people more more than the red zones at the moment well in all the developments the world health organization is saying there's no reason to stop using the coronavirus vaccine manufactured by astra zeneca thailand bulgaria in the democratic republic of congo become the latest countries to delay their all out of the job this comes a day after denmark norway and iceland suspended their use of the vaccine while investigating reported cases of blood clots doublet juries are aware that some countries have suspended the use of force or is in a car vaccines based on reports of blood clots in some people who receive those of
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the vaccine from 2 bikes. this measure was taken as a precaution while a full investigation is finalised. it's important to note that the european medicines agency house say there is no indication of a link between the vaccine blood clots and that the vaccine can continue to be used while its investigation is ongoing. well world health organization is also saying that brazil is not moving in a good direction with health officials warning that major hospitals are almost full brazil's daily death toll exceeded 2000 for the 2nd day in a row on thursday another 75000 new daily cases or also confirmed intensive care units in more than half of state capitals are at 90 percent capacity but brazil's president has played down the threat earlier this week he told people to stop whining well monica gana care of joins us now from rio
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de janeiro so you're saying hospital capacity reaching a critical stage and that includes intensive care units what does that mean for the patients are people now being turned away. well yes people waiting in line. while they're waiting so it depends they're still in several states and cities have decided to take a restriction to make take on their own restriction measures to keep the polls from in spreading the disease more but president has once again said that. these measures these lock downs are curfews they were like putting people under siege like refer to governors and mayors as dictators so there is the this still the struggle between what states and. and cities are doing and what the federal government wants to be done but an additional problem is that there is the rollout
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of the vaccines is very slow here in brazil so all those states and mayors have been taking this issue in their own hands and they're not now thinking of individually buying vaccines for their populations right so there's quite a contrast you describe the scene the president. doesn't like down restrictions he wants people to get out and then you have state officials trying to impose restrictions what does that mean for the daily death toll likely to see many people suffer. yes we've been climbing so on wednesday and on thursday there were 2000 deaths daily deaths it's expected the same thing will happen today just in a couple of hours ahead we will have the official numbers but there were already
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2073. and 2000 i'm sorry 270273000 deaths so far and at the rate of 2 of 2000 deaths every day we're expecting 275000 deaths today by the end of the day all right thanks very much with the latest from rio de janeiro nikki . well in kenya the nationwide veras been extended for another 60 days as the country braces for a 3rd wave of the virus health ministry has reported a surge in new infections with intensive care units in nairobi now at capacity it's forced the government to revise its plans to lift the lockdown kathryn sawyer brings us more now from nairobi. president lula king arthur has extended the national cough you a 5 am to 10 pm ban of the 60 days raising concerns about the number of confirmed
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cases that we are seeing on wednesday the health ministry announced the highest number of confirmed cases since january we're seeing more people being admitted to hospital in i.c.u. use on ventilators and so one the health ministry has said that the country is in the middle of a. wave which appears to be more vicious this week that the health minister also started the back summation come pain. med call off he says health workers are receiving the fast of the astra zeneca vaccine from. this program is going to move onto of elderly people those with underlying conditions before moving on to the general population but people are very worried about the pace of this vaccination the government says that it hopes that by the end of 2 to 23 to have vaccinated 30 percent of the population that's about 9000000 or 50000000 kenyans
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a number that is extremely low a lot of people are saying they're hoping that the government is going to ramp up this exercise acquire more vaccine more vaccines and you know vaccinate more people basically especially now when things seem to be getting worse. to tanzania an official say the president is in good health and working normally after claims he flown abroad in a critical condition with covert 19 john magaw as africa's most prominent coronavirus skeptic and hasn't been seen in public since late february on thursday opposition leader to lose to said mug of food he was in a coma in india with codeine 1000 after being transferred from a hospital in kenya a kenyan newspaper reported that an african leader was being treated in nairobi but didn't specify who the prime minister has blamed the claims on what he called hateful tanzanians living abroad. at the news hour live from london still ahead on the program yemen's hoofy rebels are decked a u.s.
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plan for a nationwide cease fire we'll have that story and also the latest from algeria where protesters are out on the streets to demonstrate against president snap elections calling instead for a complete overhaul of the government. there's a new president of african football have the details coming up in sport with jana. the parents of around 30 students kidnapped in northern nigeria waiting for news of their whereabouts the overnight raid on a forestry college is the 4th mass cool abduction in the volatile region since december the authority said on bandits attacked the school which is located near a military academy in do not state neighbors heard gunshots but fought it was a routine military exercise witnesses say the gang targeted young women in i left
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the male students behind after a distress call the army rescued a $180.00 other students hours after the attack. ok napping is a common tactic used by armed groups and criminal gangs and i ceria last month 279 girls were kidnapped from a government run boarding school in zamfara stay where they were then released several days later this was just over a week after at least 42 people were abducted from a boys' school in ny just stay in december more than 300 boys were kidnapped from a secondary school and can't car in the north and released after 6 days boko haram said it was behind that kidnapping the group also abducted more than $100.00 girls from a boarding school in the northeastern town of data in 20185 of the girls died and most of the others were released after a week some believe book around as well publicized kidnapping of more than 270 schoolgirls in the town of chip book in 2014 probably did more on the courts to then turn to mass abductions of children around $100.00 of them are still missing
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for that us and brings us more on this latest kidnapping this is the 1st find groups that are targeting it to titian of higher learning. else and have asked. to do almost every day has been kidnapping across nigeria even kidnappings of the people who are a commercial buses people india homes and towns and villages big government has been making across the continent is but in recent months since specially since december there's been an increase is it not people would be replacements of military props you can generally. be president mohamed. maybe and also what the. crowds too.
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many people are worried the situation is really getting out of. well the us city of minneapolis has agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement over the death of george floyd council members voted unanimously to pay his family $27000000.00 george floyd's death at the hands of a police officer sparked a public outcry in may the officer involved derrick jovan is facing murder charges jury selection in his trial began this week the lead lawyer for floyd's family says this is a landmark ruling it was a watershed moment for america it was one of the most regis and shock and documentations of an american citizen been tortured to death by a police officer for having his knee oh his neck for 8 minutes and
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46 seconds one of the worst ever witnessed in history or john hendren has been following developments on this story from chicago . as we understand it the entire city council of minneapolis voted unanimously to award the family or the estate of george floyd $27000000.00 that is a huge civil rights settlement by comparison the family of brianna taylor who a black woman who was sleeping in her house when police raided it looking for drugs from someone else did not find it and ended up killing her that family was paid $12000000.00 so this is really one of the largest settlement you could find but the family says that they're not just looking for a monetary settlement that family all along has been calling for a guilty verdict in the case of derek chauvelin and the other 3 officers involved
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now show ven is already on trial the jury selection is ongoing in that case and the issue there is trying to ensure that jury has some minority red representation and it does so far there's been at least 6 jurors picked including one african-american and hispanic as well the hope is that they would have some understanding for what minorities in the united states face when they are confronted by police officers in challenging situations like the one involving george floyd when he died last may 25th of course that set off riots in the streets in protests across the united states want to bring you more on the situation in 1000 and now where around a few students were kidnapped and had to misstate. as a campaign a from the bring back our girls movement and joins us by skype from. northwest
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nigeria has been unstable for years but are we seeing a sort of growing industry now based on kidnapping. well sadly as that is what with saying bad just want to make a bit of clarification to say that this is not the 1st time that there are these that college of higher learning in 2010 the college of agriculture good in your best state was actually attacked and over 40 people were killed in 2004 to september 2014 also a college of teachers training was at tact in congo and over 15 people were killed by a recent times who have seen a lot of schools being attacked and of course there is incentive for the for the kid for the $10.00 to keep up duct in people because i did end of the it seems as if around some is actually change and time and then they're getting they're getting more emboldened to continue to do it to abduct people from school what is most instructive is that in this case we're told that ted his judas were abducted by the
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minute to it which will rescue a 180 so that tells all that the terrorists have and none of our citizens india hands. is it just purely ransom and extortion that is motivating the kidnappers are there any underlying causes to these abductions or would you completely exclude anything to do with grievances against the state or ideology. well i think there's a lot of do it ideology in the sense that we know the terrorists basically do not want people to go to school and saw him putting all of this out it's ensure that a lot of people begin to doubt send in the children to school we've seen a lot of abduction to have happen where the terrorists tell the students that they should not come to school again so it's what we have got into a place where parents are actually out straight to get children to school so you have to weigh in that keeping their children safe or getting children educated and
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also it seems as if it's we're so baffled right now as citizens and we are really scared as citizens of nigeria because it's incisive it's free for all and then people are just mean up doctor left right and center and it's almost as if it's an economic business it's a business. so who specifically engages with these criminal gangs to secure the release of these students obviously it's positive that the kids have been released but who how how does the negotiation part work. well basically what we are saying in all the states has been the this did gus knows this is the government you know trying to get our citizens and then sort of like even da da da now officially that this nick will say show that it is extant offer us some but we do get to hear that that actually happens and there for example we saw the man just the governor where students were abducted saying that he was left on his or in the
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case of could do nasty to the cartoonist the government has gone my tools got to go to college at the end not going to live should we terrorise they're not going to appear and so on and so so far we have had there has been rescue hours after the abduction less than 24 hours after the abduction but what is also most instructive unfair is carried out by the code nested abduction is the fact that the place where the school where this quiz look at it is actually about 15 kilometers away from the nigerian defense akademi and also less than about 50 kilometers away from from an air force base outside the terrorists or have the impunity to at it s.-s. a lot about how they perceive the the security of our nation yeah they appear to be becoming more in boulder and thank you very much i she is to have a joining us on this story for a bit appreciate your thoughts on that thank you so much mayor for having me
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i want to turn to yemen now a spokesman for the rebels is saying that they have rejected a u.s. plan for a nationwide cease fire because it represents saudi and u.n. views the u.s. envoy for yemen said that he's appeared to be prioritizing a military offensive to take the region of marriage and warn the country will spiral into even greater conflict without a whole tool of fighting to mend it can also said the u.s. has restored humanitarian assistance funding to north yemen let's go live to my canner in washington so mike what's been the reaction to the huge the rejection of this cease fire. well tim linda king who's the u.s. special envoy for yemen has said that the ceasefire has been presented to the duty leadership he spent the last 2 weeks in the region negotiating exactly such a settlement which does appear to be based on a ceasefire both among hutus and among the saudi arabian forces but this is now
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turned down at that stage it would appear by the hutus obviously the u.s. deeply disappointed in this has been no direct reaction from the special envoy at this particular point but understanding what he is attempting to do is forge the settlement to get negotiations going with the u.s. and importantly under the auspices of the united nations to 1st of all get a cease fire in place to be able to ramp up humanitarian aid but at this stage it appears a stumbling block there you've got the leadership saying that the proposal that's been presented to it is a saudi and a u.s. one it does not represent hooty interest so a little bit of a log jam in the situation here while the biden administration may be getting a little bit more impatient than it has been in recent months and of course we know that it is already in the world's worst humanitarian crisis it could be about to get much worse mike because there's a lot of focus on this region of moderate where there could be could cause really
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a great deal more displacement. well to give you some scale of the pending humanitarian disaster an existing one it affects 80000000 people in the region who the u.n. says are suffering hunger even at the specific point now part of the issue or part of the problem would appear in and according to once again to the u.s. envoy is that it appears that the duty leadership is focusing on taking that area around marie big government held town rather than return to negotiations not many had been hoping for a reset of the u.s. position with the change in administration and at 1st it appears there was the biden administration very quick to lift the terrorist appellation that then president trump had placed on the tootie leadership he also insisted that the u.s. would not be supporting saudi arabia in active operations against the hutu rebels however within the last week or so and the ministration the treasury department has
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slapped sanctions on 2 leadership sense wire said there might be a sense of impatience creeping in but bottom line what the bite in the ministration needs to do and wants to do is to get some kind of cease fire in the region remembering the why game here and the wider game involves saudi arabia and iran for whom many would argue what is going on in yemen is in effect a proxy war the u.s. and its long term interest is well aware that unless there's some kind of ceasefire in yemen any thought of some kind of negotiated going forward with iran is just not possible thank you very much for now mike hanna in washington. well the u.s. migration agency is saying that it fears dozens of migrants might have died in a weekend fire in an overcrowded holding facility in yemen the international organization for migration says there are estimates that as many as 60 people might
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have been killed during the blaze in the capital it's not known what triggered the fire which ended and injured more than 170 people as well the i.o.m. is calling on the who thieves who control sana to allow health workers to access those who have been injured. thousands of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets of several cities in algeria to reject early elections in the capital algiers they chanted slogans rejecting president adamant he to move to hold those elections on thursday to dissolve parliament and announce that a vote would be held in june but demonstrators are continuing their calls for a complete overhaul of the government to a researcher at the london school of economics an associate fellow for the middle east and north africa program at the chatham house think tank and says the protests are likely to continue even in the face of the corona virus pandemic. during much of 2020 protests had gone to
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a halt because of the pond and how of the mismanagement of the crisis as wells that he continues to practice says of the algerian regime gang were crash n r s's political activists but also the deteriorating economic situation meant that a lot of people took to the streets in recent weeks and on during seem very much to chatham and to consider protesting until meaningful political changes exceed so paula we're seeing is the regime gauge and except of course music we want all ain to every new the regime without actually. getting into meaningful political change so we're still very much following the roadmap that was set out by former general ahmed. in 29 teams and this road map consisted of organizing presidential elections and these were how in the summer 29 teams and then coming up with a new constitution that was
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a referendum that took place in november 2020 and now they do the final step of this roadmap is legislative elections. so i had for you on this news hour from london weeks after election a valley's pollution palace video angered russians the duma gives initial approval to a bill said to legalize corruption fair officials and politicians. also in 1901 hero is course up in a modern day battle a santiago statue is removed for its own protection. and its own is even after the 2nd day's racing in the americas cup general have the details on that in sports. well the spring thaw is well underway for most parts spring weather actually wet
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and windy and this cold front is actually bringing the wet and windy so it's pushing cold air out of the way that junction always brings snow not snow is going to really push into western russia the temperature in moscow significantly to 0 briefly making it cold in the southeast of you but it's not really a very active front after that point temps will start to rise in the sunshine then the following band of wind the rain is a little bit cooler just by a few degrees but for example in zurich you'll see it's 13 on saturday in the windy wet weather that goes down to 5 then drops further and sleet or even snow the billows wet snow i think for the north and now least and temperature drop by and data single figures in places like burton still 10 in london warm sunshine in spain and portugal still warm censuring greece and returning to turkey but with some significant wet snow in some of the high ground there in the balkans would be martha across anywhere there is action south of that rain is fairly quiet look at this band of cloud here in central our jiri that is likely to develop into
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a proper little area of low pressure its most active feature probably is the wind picking up dust running up to the north coast including sudden. on counting the cost of the perfect storm a pandemic drought and china's demands food prices hit 6 year highs argentine beef soaring inflation sounds demand to its lowest since the 1950 s. last ethiopia 6 help was at that burden becomes too much. counting the cost on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. sneeze and euro. jump into the street there is a lot going on in this and julia global community when i don't have all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are and where it be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always
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a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you and each week be part of today's discussion and for this stream on out is there a. little. bit. welcome back a look at the top stories now coronavirus restrictions of being ramped up in several regions in italy most of the population will be put under the country's most severe measures from monday including the cities of rome and milan. the world health organization says brazil is not to moving in
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a good direction with health officials warning that major hospitals are almost full brazil's dady death toll exceeded 2000 for the 2nd day in a row on thursday and the parents of around 30 students kidnapped in northern nigeria waiting for news of their whereabouts the overnight raid on a forestry college is the 4th mass school abduction in the volatile region since december. for the 1st time the leaders of the u.s. japan australia and india a group known as the quad have held talks summit was held by video link to address security challenges across the entire pacific as well as climate change and the spread of covert 19 in the region our white house correspondent kimberly how kits has more. of a virtual meeting with his indian australian edge appen east counterparts group also known as the quad us president joe biden told the group free
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open because essential to our future the quad was formed to cope with the devastation following the 2004 indian ocean earthquake and tsunami but now it's set its sights on a new threat the rising military and economic might of china. the quote is concerned about china's growing assertiveness in the asia pacific region and the world the united states certainly sees this alliance to stop the growing influence of china if not contain china it is not dissimilar to the nato organization which was started $947.00 to stop the increasing influence of military threat that was coming from the soviet union as the world battles the covert 19 pandemic that originated in china the group also announcing on friday a new initiative to manufacture and produce u.s. vaccines in india financed by japan and the united states and supported by
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australia the quad committed to delivering a 21000000000 doses to ozzy on the indo-pacific and beyond by the end of 2022 climate change is the other big challenge the group must confront how to push global nations to live up to the commitments made in the paris private agreement overall china admits almost double the c o 2 of the united states but per capita the us takes believe china responded to the meeting of the quad saying exchanges between governments should be to create understanding not target 3rd parties the meeting of the quad comes just days before the u.s. secretary of state and national security advisor will meet with their chinese counterparts in alaska that meeting is expected to be more forceful as the united states confronts china over issues of economics security and human rights kimberly
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health at al-jazeera the white house. now to me and ma protests have been continuing despite at least 10 people being killed during rallies on thursday riot police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators inyanga on while thousands marched in the streets of mandalay calling for democracy to be restored and civilian leaders released a court has extended the detention of 6 journalists who were arrested last month while covering protests against the military. of south korea has announced that it suspended defense exchanges and banning and is banning exports to me and mom it's also reconsidering its a payments following last month's military takeover scott hyla is monitoring those developments for us from bangkok it's a mostly symbolic move by south korea to sever the ties and to prevent export of anything that the military might need quite honestly it's more symbolic than anything because they're not big trading partners but what it does is it kind of
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adds to that growing chorus international chorus of condemnation of what's happening by the military on the streets of myanmar so that's that's where it might not be that much money that the joint is not going to be getting but it's definitely symbolic that another country has severed ties you know we've seen other countries do similar things in the region also you know the united states hasn't even has gone as far as to freeze some accounts personal banking accounts tied directly to the top leadership so the all these things kind of add up and obviously are building the international condemnation but the voices we really they the international community is really waiting for are those of china russia and india they're the big players they're the big traders with myanmar but they have not taken the step nor do we really expect that to happen take the step that we see like south korea and other nations but those are the nations that really need to be focused on because that's where the military gets most of their material from.
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lawyers for russian opposition figure alex in a valley say he's being moved from prison to an unknown location the kremlin critic was preparing to travel to a penal colony colony to serve a 2 and a half year prison sentence is lawyers say they went to visit him only to find he'd been moved the valley was found guilty of parole violations linked to an embezzlement case last month he returned to russia in january after recovering in germany from a suspected poisoning which lasco is suspected of orchestrating well in all the developments the russian duma has approved the 1st reading of the law which critics say is legalizing corruption for state officials and parliamentarians they would escape penalties for corruption in an extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances including natural disasters at the demick and terrorist acts on the current anti corruption laws civil servants misfiled regular financial and property declarations and regional governors can't have foreign bank accounts if the proposal passes they
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won't face any sanctions yet circumstances prevent them from fulfilling those requirements it will apply as representatives of all branches of government including judges politicians and civil servants as well as employees of state owned companies and military personnel led to a show called his the executive director of election a valley's anti corruption foundation and joins us now from london what do you make of the timing of this legislation. well there this year we'll see the elections to the parliament in september so i i think this may be a ball on that is drawn to officials in the parliament in the government that they can turn a blind eye towards the end to corruption regulation so there that they are more you know all willing to lobby for the kennesaw party of power that's one
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explain it's really it's difficult to understand not that many people understand what this law is really about in most countries it would be the subject of a satirical show where and parliamentarians they're not entire show with people you know adopt laws that focus just on their needs but what's interesting it does cover a wide range of circumstances right talking about natural disasters 5 epidemics i mean these are things that that you couldn't necessarily anticipate or avoid. do you need a separate lot to cover the fact that you will be late in filing your property or income or car and looked up interest rates and if there is a log or if there's a typhoon or something then it's really strange and it's true that parliament in
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russia is really detail from people the halting is rape is difficult or impossible for independent candidates to get on the ballots and the authorities have all the legislative power all the law enforcement all the unlimited financial power and there that ensures that this fight the ratings of mr putin of united russia the party of power that go lower and lower it still controls their legislative. organ what you expect to see in the country in the run up to those elections in september that i think the government will try to use its learned jess due to increased oil prices to you know share a little bit of this wealth with the people i think i'm not sure if well. in and the run up to the elections we have
12:41 am
a system of so-called smart working where we encourage people who don't like what's going on in our country to a halt not what a party of power can is but what is 2nd best regardless of ideology so that we undermine their control of the parliament and it has been successful for independent candidates in regional elections and this year will try it on the national level thank you thank you very much for joining us there from london. now you know the stories of following u.k. exports to the e.u. plummeted more than 40 percent in january the 1st month boris johnson's breaks a trade deal kicked in the office for national statistics says that that amounts to more than 7 and a half $1000000000.00 imports also dropped by almost 29 percent or $9000000000.00
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experts also blame measures imposed a mess to clean overseas to slow the spread of covert 19 these figures marked the largest decline since records began in 1997 now like the lincoln memorial in washington or for the to triumph in paris she lays by and get done a monument in santiago has been a key landmark for nearly a century but it's just been removed to save it from further attacks you see in yemen has our ports. under the cover of darkness chile's national monuments authority began removing the statue of general manuel back in the no from the plaza that bears his name to. it's a major landmark of santiago but when it became the epicenter of constant social protest 16 months ago the battle for back of them was. the rule of the city here it was painted written and dressed up by protesting the name of the area dignity
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plaza i know among the special forces the police water cannons well tear gas could preserve his dignity if you know you are indeed this is symbolic between the old and the new order that is a rose more than a year ago with a social uprising you know that. was in the last 6 months and his steam had been painted the color of the rainbow by day just to be repainted a dignified black by night by authorities there's something else very significant about this exact spot and that is that it represents an invisible dividing line between uptown and downtown something between of the wealthier and the poor and rightly or wrongly many people seem to see general back to the north as a symbol of someone who was trying to defend that division. but when he was set on fire last week and almost had his leg sawn off authorities decided he had to be
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removed sparking a fierce political controversy and. we've just witnessed a capitulation to the german represents but the government has decided to remove him to the families can continue to storing a civic center. using his statue to fly the indigenous my put a flag has even been described as heresy but many others see it as an act of historic justice roofing. you know they will he's a symbol of terrorism here that's a kid with a poker in southern chile just have a bucket dano occupying this what i see is the violent going to. the national monuments council says the 2 time statue is being taken away for repairs for at least a year an image that represents general back of the animals whose need to defeat or at the very least a tactical victory you see in you made some doubt. stood out for you on the program all the way to sport with gemma formula one drivers try out
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a new cause in as. as testing begins for the new season. and we're looking at the problem that had the helpdesk baffled for 100 year is engineers solve the mystery of an ancient greek computer.
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as the u.s. looks to revive its economy meant the pandemic some states are trying out technology used abroad to help society open up quickly and safely sports venues in
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new york are among those trying out a new app which is meant to verify if the holder is free of the coronavirus kristen serial ports from the big apple. for basketball fans it's game on extremely excited to go to a game. a huge bastable they'll do whatever it takes to see their favorite team including taking a covert test we got tested and it turns out when we got tested it wasn't that so now we have to get retested here or in this case a retest not quite the crowd you'd expect here for a game night attendance has been limited to 10 percent capacity and you have to have a negative p.c.r. cohabit task on your phone and order to get inside sports venues in new york are testing out a new app meant to verify the holders coded free it's a digital record what some are likening to passports allowing access to countries or night clubs currently being used to verify vaccination in places like israel and
12:48 am
china leading new york mayoral candidate andrew yang believes there should be more of this technology on the local level in shops and workplaces so this to me is going to be a vital element of getting the city back on its feet for people to be able to quickly convey their vaccination information and this is something the city needs to invest in paul meyer runs a technology foundation called the commons project that's been working with the airlines to develop a system that's not only secure but also internationally recognised people are showing up at the airport waving pieces of paper that are easily fores if you think about it from countries perspective countries want to open up they want to allow troubled resume to get our economies going but their 1st responsibility is to protect their populations health but the slow roll out of vaccination efforts made clear that lack of digital access remains a problem among the most vulnerable americans and critics worry implementing this on a local level will just increase and equalities to date one in 5 americans don't have
12:49 am
access to a smartphone and that number is much higher when you look at those over 65 so we're potentially. talking about a form of digital segregation that wall off millions of new yorkers from every day life at this stage of the reopening game access for sun appears to be winning over access to all in the rush to jumpstart the economy kristen salumi al-jazeera new york ok sport now with gemma thank you mariam the head of the international olympic committee at thomas' back says boycotting next year's winter games in beijing would make no sense there are growing calls for athletes not to compete in china in china due to their treatment of muslims which the american canadian and dutch governments have or described as genocide beijing denies the accusations as they get ready to host the winter olympics in february 2022 i.o.c. president back claims that history shows boycotts achieve nothing why would you
12:50 am
punish the athletes from your own country if you have a dispute with the government from another country. these just you know makes no makes no makes no real sense and the athletes are would be the ones who are suffering and one of the key principles enshrined in the olympic charter is of the political your trail ity of the i.o.c. we are not as super world government no not as un security council no. no cheese 70 g 20 has solutions of the seas. in the room it's off politics. bax comments come a day after the i.o.c. signed a deal with china who will provide covert $900.00 jobs for athletes around the world preparing for the tokyo and beijing games but japan says his athletes will
12:51 am
not take the chinese vaccine is being reported at the christiania another is lining up a potential return to around madrid just a few days after his event his side were dumped out of the champions league according to those reports in spain his agent mendez has had an informal discussion with rare where and out of a spent 9 a successful seasons the 36 year old left for italian side eventis back in 2018 and despite winning 2 syriac titles and scoring $92.00 goals he said to miss his old team as for madrid they're preparing for their next game against out head coaches and it seems that and was asked about those without a remus. to sell his book is you know what christiane i was for real madrid he's a player that's due to his all what he did here is magnificent but he's doing well eventis i can't tell you anything about what's being reported because there's so many things the most important thing is that he is a you venters player and i have to respect that south african mining billionaire
12:52 am
patrice mazeppa has been elected as the new president of the african football confederation was f a he is the owner of the mamelodi sundowns football club stood unopposed at the general assembly meeting in morocco he succeeds madagascar's ahmed ahmed he was banned from all football related activities for 2 years because of financial misconduct working together we believe he to me everything. i just knew that someone would be i mean this in the. african football journalist show come again says that fans across the continent can be hopeful of a new dawn under a man whose untainted by political corruption. odiously with marge from madagascar the standards were really low for doing that chaotic for years that he was in charge and we're talking about a bigger name and so we expect a trace separate to. change the face of african football especially from
12:53 am
a business point of view and wrong this organization as a businessman and by that i mean bring together you know companies and investors from the private sector we have not seen that much in the last 30 years or so or over of our. british cycling team any else going today is says none of it's right as a sorties the testosterone ordered by former team docs have richard freeman and medical tribunals on friday found him guilty of ordering the banned home and knowing it would be used to improve a ride as athletic performance freeman what 20 also formally a team sky i am british cycling between 200920178 was a period of great success which included multiple tours of front cycles and then pick gold medals until it's all cleared up and everyone in british cycling has a tro remember is shocking because it has been one of our top team sports for decades and and everyone who loves school loves the olympics and loves all the
12:54 am
achievement but we aim so extreme at the olympics will be really disappointed at our form and one pre-season testing has begun in bahrain but the conditions were far from ideal the drivers had to take many cars for a spin in the middle of a sandstorm metals at max a stop and it was quickest on friday which is the 1st of 3 days of testing before the season begins at the same track defending champion it knows how much it was tense quickest after reliability issues restricted in the sadie's time on track. very warm wind and of course we noted that relation around here is quite hard so it's not easy to of course do a lot of laps in a rule book isn't happy with today i mean we don't need to speak about pace or whatever we just did our programme because the film i should draw which often is always. england's cricketers have comfortably won the 1st t 20 international against india there the top 2 sides in this format of the game and this was the 1st of 5 matches in ahmedabad took 3 wickets as india limited it
12:55 am
to $124.00 in their ratings and england easily go there with david miller securing the 8 would give it 3 with a 6 defending champion andrea is out of the cats are open tennis tournament the number 3 seed went into the semi final in spain to reverse a bout instigate having not played a single match of the event after a buy in to crave is lost in straight sets to the 2019 champion about his who play the man who knocked out roger federer and they will also bust elash feeling in the final just at the right of the qatar masters golf is taking place on the european tour jeff winter is the leader of the halfway stage the danish player shot a 67 for the 2nd day in a row to finish up on a time to call these 2 shots clear of 5 players including this man. the american holdout from the bunker on the 1st. the prize championship is happening in florida right now english players leave westwood and matt fitzpatrick lead on 8 under par
12:56 am
american denny mccarthy they right in the mix thanks to a hole in one of the past 3 3rd is 2 shots off the pace at 6 on. the biggest name in n.f.l. tom brady has signed a contract extension with the tampa bay buccaneers brady led the books to victory in the super bowl in his 1st season away from the new england patriots it was his 7th title a rule and in sailing america's cup challenges there were also a defying expectations after the 2nd day of racing the italian team once again match defending champions team new zealand they took on this in the early race in light winds off the coast of oakland team new zealand rallied back in the 2nd race of the day winning it to level the best of 13 series at 2 will and that is all useful for me thank you so much thank you. well now a 2000 year old i.t. problem that's like is fine even cracked and the help desk didn't even have to turn on the computer off and on again that's always my solution the answer get there are mechanisms recovered from a shipwreck off grace more than
12:57 am
a century ago and it's confused engineers at the sense it's an ass it's an astronomical calculator and at 2 millennia perhaps the world's oldest computer searches in london now say they've sold a major piece of the puzzle behind the ancient device and created a new theoretical model which should help them understand its full capabilities i think it is a major step. major routes in are on the stand. because it it recreates what we believe was how to make you actually looked and it's it's just stunning representation of the concert since it's just the planets are i'm sure concept so when the same. members clinches for some. little sphere that shoots space. records most of predicted says that's it and that's it for the news out policy in
12:58 am
a couple of minutes with another full plate and. in malaysia schooling is a luxury for children of rocking or muslim refugees but. every child deserves an opportunity for faith and creativity the arms them with the skills to overcome any hurdle and seize the threat to his school's existence as a test of his faith. caution school of hard parts of the viewfinder asia series
12:59 am
on al-jazeera. i think i would put out more in my take is very much our culture has been very harmful to the economy and the lives of many people on challenging traditional attitudes how narrowing the gender gap is helping women in whom the camargue was a few poverty for example we're trying to break these barriers of machismo by giving women access to resources need the women leading the way. women make change on al-jazeera. a mad no moved out of his parents' house after he got married he says he found more space living in this case after a run of eating it last year it's now his home along with his wife daughter and health but there's really governments at the cables to be constructed we've gotten permits and issued at the militia in order last month our interview were cut short
1:00 am
as he hears that the israeli army has arrived in the village with the bulldozer residents say soldiers gave them one minute to their home it took the found me months to build their brick house and less than an hour to see it get demolished. her dorm room. a record settlement in the george floyd lawsuit minneapolis agrees to pay his family $27000000.00. below i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program italy ramps up its covert restrictions to stop a new wave of infections most of the country will be under tough new measures from monday. situation critical.


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