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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2021 7:00am-7:31am +03

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instead of the mosque she chains one a one east returns to christ to find out how those most deeply affected are caping . surviving a massacre on al-jazeera. a record settlement in the george floyd lawsuit the city of minneapolis agrees to pay his family $27000000.00. no amount of money can cure this pain this already normality money. can bring him back to be here for his children. follow him down jordan this is al jazeera lawyer from doha also coming up calls for urgent action in brazil the surgeon coronavirus cases these hospitals over well on
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the death toll passes 275000. the u.s. offers temporary refuge to people from the in ma stranded by last month's military coup. more in algeria just as call for a complete overhaul of the government. his death in police custody spark global outrage on one of the biggest protest movements in u.s. history now the city of minneapolis is agreed to pay a $27000000.00 settlement to the family of george floyd he was killed last may when a policeman knelt on his neck for nearly 9 minutes floyd's family says the payout is just one step on the road to justice john hendren reports. the city of minneapolis his put a price on just how much black lives matter in the case of george floyd $27.00 moon
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in dollars that's the amount the city has agreed to pay in a civil settlement with floyd's family in the racially charged case of a black man who died beneath a white police officers knee i thank the state of minnesota for getting that settlement taken care of. but even though my brother is not here he's here with me in my heart because if i could give you my back i would give all that is bad the settlement is the largest ever in a minneapolis police shooting it also eclipses the $12000000.00 the kentucky city of louisville paid recently in the death of briana taylor gunned down in her own home by police one year ago friday a floyd family lawyer says the beneficiaries go beyond one family the financial compensation most directly impact george floor and his family their
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future of their family but it is tough to see ripped the ems down to fix all of us other cities will think twice he says before allowing police to use chokeholds no knock warrants and other controversial tactics because in cases like this one as george floyd's family reacted to this settlement the man who knelt on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds was less than a mile away he has spent the week in a minneapolis courtroom where the court is selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder derek chauvelin faces 2nd in 3rd degree murder and manslaughter charges and the risk of decades in prison the other 3 officers will face charges later this year of aiding and abetting him those officers will be held accountable. there is a prosecution team that actually cares and is fighting. and if you need a reminder just think of the george to it case and that if you don't get policing
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correct if you don't make these changes if you don't fix the policies that are happening then you'll be seamless again despite the settlement the floyd family insists just because we won't be served until that happens john hendren chicago move there but i've been bates as a defense attorney and former prosecutor he explained the next steps in the floyd criminal case there are 2 parts right now the criminal parts of the part so the symbols or should've been taken care of $17000000.00 to make sure that his children is taken care of well as as his brother said it doesn't bring them back so now the next r. is here is the lesson and then surely the problem far off if you're a city in minneapolis you want to ensure that hopefully that there are no more rides no more unrest let's say that your he says that it's not guilt are what will the family say some bad hand you're going to say hey you know what maybe this is
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a big community understand that this city wants to do the right thing that the city is acknowledging that the police department has a stomach issue the city is understanding that we are in charge of the police department the city is taking responsibility so you do see some change $27000000000.00 is a large amount of money if i'm not mistaken it may be the largest the largest settlement for war and cost the police dept well it's going to go to their state family i'm sure i'm sorry but they're not into the lawyers if there's orson as well so large now i'm sure they decided what what happen this status if they will be the ones who make the decision about what they do with it if the 1000000 projects whether they're and sure that educational means made or buys children to us children their trust or their future abs their decision because now it's their money. a car bomb targeting a police station afghanistan's herat province has killed at least 8 people and
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injured dozens more a hospital spokesman says the blast late on fire and right destroyed several rooms rescue efforts are underway to find people trapped beneath the rubble no one has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing but local officials blamed the taliban. a stark warning for brazil as it struggles to contain coronavirus the world health organization says the country is not moving in a good direction that's from cope with 19 now exceed 275000 it's the 2nd highest number in the world after the united states want to communicate reports from rio de janeiro aside for sore eyes a couple of empty beds waiting for couvade 19 patients and enough professionals to welcome them but the. hospital in the seaside town of medicare is an exception in most of brazil the health care system is on the brink of collapse as the corona
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virus is spreading and claiming lives and in the morning. the suppressive we're seeing an absolute of infections and deaths everywhere partly because people have stopped respecting social distancing last months carnival was cancelled but that didn't keep brazilians from partying without masks. doctors in this intensive care tell us they're admitting a greater number of younger patients than a year ago beds are scarce but so are vaccines in rio de janeiro diana finally had to wait in line to get her mother admitted to a single beso as a spit on there were 5 people ahead of her for she was able to wait but i'm sure that many others were in a more critical condition didn't make it brazil is facing the worst phase of the pandemic since it registered the 1st covert 19 deaths exactly a year ago this week saw a rise in the daily rate of deaths with 2000 people losing their lives every 24
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hours. mass inoculations could have been a light at the end of the tunnel but president jade maddow downplayed the pandemic and delayed the acquisition of vaccines less than 6 percent of the population has received the 1st shot so far as a result governors and mayors have decided to take matters in their own hands the city of medicare for example just announced it will buy 400000 doses of the russian vaccine enough to not relate its entire population thank you we're going to get. more we can't even count on the numbers the federal government gives us at the beginning of march the health ministry said it would buy 48000000 vaccines then it reduced the number to half at this right brazil will finish the 1st round of vaccinations and i pull may next year by then new variants will be circulating
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which maybe i'm into the vaccines we have now poor states and cities with larger populations will have more difficulties in fighting the pandemic on their own but doctors and scientists warn that of no action is taken brazil will represent a threat to itself and others. neighbors many countries in latin america almost all of them except a couple and some countries are doing better in the neighborhood but if the situation in brazil continues to be serious like this then the neighboring countries will be affected and it's not about the neighboring countries but it could go even even even beyond. the fear is that mutations was curt at a much faster rate outpacing the vaccines and spreading to the rest of the world monica i'll just sirrah we addition narrow. italy's government is stepping up its pandemic
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response after surgeons factions from monday much of the country will be under the toughest measures including rome and milan and they'll also be on nationwide lockdown over the easter break starting in 3 weeks is really a challenge at a vaccination center a few michio airports it's a nice prime minister mario draghi acknowledged the discomfort his country is about to go through. so. i'm aware that today's measures will have consequences for the education of children for the economy and also for the psychological state of all of us the president of the red cross reminded me of the psychological difficulty that some people have suffered especially the elderly but i think it is the same for everybody especially for people who live alone who today feel even more alive it's difficult for them to see the people who they love these measures are necessary to avoid a deterioration that would make even more stringent measures inevitable and of the
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easter weekend national lock down and aids regions including the capital rome and one autonomous province are to bring in the restrictions from monday corona virus infections rose by 10 percent this week and officials have warned the situation is worsening with new more infectious variants gaining ground in recent days more places have become red zones the highest here of localized lockdown one of them is frozen noni in the let's hear region some areas have infection rates of 23 percent of those tested higher than seen earlier in the pandemic. seabrook. i am worried my 14 year old daughter is being told there charlie she's losing her best years of adolescence like these from morning to night she's inside the house in her pajamas italy is one of several european countries to have a least partially restricted use of the astra zeneca vaccine while reports of blood clots are investigated but the prime minister insisted the inoculation campaign
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would carry on luggage. the european medicines agency is reviewing the suspected cases but it's also advised that the faxing should continue to be used. for italy as elsewhere widespread vaccinations are seen as essential for a return to normality buri talents how does. the world health organization says there's no reason to stop using the coronavirus vaccine made by astra zeneca thailand bulgaria and democratic republic of congo become the latest countries to delay their rollout of the job on thursday denmark norway and iceland suspended their use of the vaccine when investigating reports of blood clots astra zeneca it has is an excellent. vaccine as are the other vaccines that are being used and as i said we've reviewed the data on deaths there has been no deaths to date prevent or have been caused by vaccination so it's very important to
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understand that yes we should continue using the astra zeneca vaccine. we're looking at is what we always look at any safety signal must be investigated in fact it's very important that we hearing safety signals. austria's chancellor has called for more transparency in the way vaccines are distributed to e.u. member nations sebastien cut says some countries are receiving more than the. e.u. leaders initially agreed to distribute doses on a capital basis but cut says some countries have made deals with drug companies that undermine that principle dr shaw has benjamin's from the american public health association he says the only way to end the pandemic as a wealthier nations to help poor countries get vaccines through we have these outbreaks that have gone down in the u.s. and israel but there are big outbreaks are going up in places like brazil and italy you know we have 7800000000 people on the planet only about 119000000 of them that
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we know of have been infected we've only vaccinate about 335000000 people so there's lots of people that can get infected and we have these new variants out there which are much more infectious that wealthier nations got to step up to the plate and really begin to focus on these nations that are not able to you know vaccinate themselves who don't have the resources to buy the vaccine we've promised and we're going to help we really need to begin sharing of actually you know a vaccine right now think of this as a global problem and this vaccine nationalism is a bad idea in other words what we're protecting ourselves and not recognizing that we have to share as a global community what our goal question united states is to make sure we get everybody who wants a vaccine vaccinated by may 1st hopefully by july but that's going to take a lot more work we're going to you know we've increased dramatically the number of vaccinations that we give pre-date we're over $2000000.00 per day but we're going
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to have to get in that $3.00 to $4000000.00 pre-date range of vaccinations if we're going to get everybody vaccinated that needs to get to get us to herd immunity. lots more to come here on al-jazeera including a warning the war in yemen could get worse after whom theory rebels projects a plan to end the fighting. and back in the game the out that's helping sports fans feel safe and secure again in the bigger more that stay with us. it's time for the perfect jenny the weather sponsored point qatar airways it is likely to snow substantially in turkey azerbaijan and northern parts of iran then turkmenistan over the next 24 to 36 hours and once that's gone through the sun comes out it will quietens down but usually these lows expand and bring a pharaoh breeze the shamar out of iraq dance you kuwait down through bahrain to
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qatar and the u.a.e. and that's case at the moment saturday's temperature of 28 in their hours but average it was near record high on friday 37 or thereabouts but the sand has declined as you see this is like light brown light is still hot ahead muskrats 41 is pretty hard compared with the area you go down to thirty's with turns around to the northwest as well as lasting from sunday into monday it becomes lighter and then the weather reverts to normal for most of time which is quite without much breeze and a great deal of sunshine the rain in southern africa has become lesser and lighter for the most part there are a few showers in south africa but as you can see it's $29.00 important visit both for the breeze of the interior not so lucky in cape town $24.00 dropped to $22.00 the heavy rains moved towards northern mozambique malawi and probably zambia.
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sponsored by qatar airways. told to al-jazeera we are can you tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we did not sell the fence material to any country during the iraq conflict in yemen we meet with the global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. sneeze and hero. welcome back a quick recap our top stories here at this hour the family of george florida receive a $27000000.00 settlement from the u.s.
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city of minneapolis floyd died last may after a white police officer knelt on his neck and it in 9 minutes. a car bomb blast at a police station in afghanistan's herat province has killed at least 8 people and injured dozens rescuers are trying to find people trapped in the rubble of destroyed buildings no one has yet claimed responsibility. and coronavirus deaths in brazil that exceeded 275000 the 2nd highest number in the world after the united states the world health organization has worn the country is not moving in a good direction hospitals at 10 minutes. a spokesman for the who the rebels in yemen says they have rejected a u.s. plan for a nationwide cease fire they insisted on he represents the views of saudi arabia and the united nations' jabatan see as more. of the u.s. backed bombing of yemen by saudi arabia and its allies has already created the world's worst humanitarian crisis now as who the rebels attempt to solidify their
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position in the north the united nations is warning of even worse to come the violence has forced up to 50000 people to flee since early february roughly 60 percent of them are reportedly residing in informal settlements and crowded sites where services are overstretched more than 20000000 people 20.7 to be more exact need humanitarian assistance many of them are at the brink of starvation speaking in washington the us is only 4 and timlin the king says the saudis support what he calls his sound plan for a ceasefire but feels the who to use up prioritizing taking the government's last area of control in the name of the province of maryland we urged the movies to. our that's why i was in the region for these last 2 weeks and i will return immediately women who these are. the world food program agrees a ceasefire is key to get this shale up. by one measure each other significant way
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which will allow us the liquidity into the economy which will wrap the real value back up which will allow food prices stabilize or that the who thing you say the ceasefire proposal fails to address the economic blockade that led to such hardship whenever you have a kind of how he and his mom the american proposal does not stop the seats or the fighting however it represent cosmetic understanding to bring back the seat what the american envoy presented is a conspiracy to put yemen in a more dangerous state than the current one. and the u.n. reports that in fact the siege is tightening last month no commercial fuel imports were allowed through her day to port that's 0 in recent years more than half of commercial fuel imports had been coming through her data this is the 1st time since the escalation of the conflict in 2015 that we've seen the level drop to 0 and this is driving shortages and price rises the biden administration is however placing
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the blame for the impasse on the duties and the u.s. military is reported to be increasing its assistance to the saudis claiming such hope is defensive and opens and they can she have a chance the i'll just do. 2 more protest as a been shot dead in anti coup demonstrations in manama local media say police fired on people gathered outside a police station and young gone had been demanding the release of protest as in detention and the us announced people from in mosque founded in the us will be allowed to stay 5 least another 18 months washington says because they'll face brutal violence if they were 10. well as a member him as a director at the newlines institute he says the extension will apply to diplomats from me and the broken with the military joint a. very important to look to north because it's denying division legitimacy is all that those diplomats still have diplomatic protection they can stay in the us and
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they can operate. almost like a shadow government of myanmar and the united states so i think that's one of the key elements is to deny the legitimacy of to the military jumped up and did not recognize them on the international stage this is a program place to all myanmar citizens are currently and the united states and i think it is indicative that they us no regular mazie that the violence is not going to be abating any team soon over 70 people have been killed in the code test and over 2 of those and have been arrested to do through those are both 1500 have been charged the military seems to have completely miscalculated the extent of the protests and has no choice but to escalate the violence trying to bring it to an end and i think the u.s. is simply don't amazing that the conditions are not going to be improving anytime soon or to send people back the military in myanmar who are now in control of clearly indicated out of the are willing to wear their daily sanctions and even the
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military duty military chief recently said that the myanmar will just simply have to learn to walk with little cranes and there's a leading period for international a solution and there's options are relatively quite limited by i think the key things that the west can do is to look at more targeted sanctions sanctions against military companies that enjoy it enjoy and control large swaths of the economy. well tomorrow is observing 3 days of national mourning for 16 migrants found dead in northeastern mexico the president made the declaration as their remains arrived home their bodies were discovered along with 3 others in a burnt out vehicle in january the number of crossings by undocumented migrants at the us mexico border has increased since the by the ministration took office what amala says is working with the u.s. and mexico to crack down on people smuggling thousands of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets of several cities in algeria to reject early elections on thursday the president called for
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a vote in june after dissolving parliament last month demonstrators see the election as an attempt to maintain the political status quo which they've been rallying against for 2 years demanding a complete overhaul of the government. from the london school of economics should explain why many of germans continue to protest. continues practices of the algerian regime where crash an r.s.s. little activists but also the deteriorating economic situation meant a lot of people took to the streets in recent weeks and on during seem very much determined to continue protesting until meaningful political changes exceed to so call a we're seeing the regime in gauge and it said it cosmetic we want all a need to i renew the regime without actually. getting into meaningful political change so we're still very much following their growth math that was set out by
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a former general. in 29 team and this roadmap consistent organizing presidential elections in these warehouses in the summer 2019 and then coming up with a new constitution that was a referendum that took place in november 2020 and now the the final step of this road map is legislative elections and yesterday president of the images of born announced that these elections will take place in june of this year however a lot of this is very custom it that the regime and the army particular the true power holders in algeria still pulled an upper hand on the whole process and we haven't seen any meaningful changes whether that is in the new constitution which still gives a lot of authority to the president and has not really engaging in redistributing power to other institutions but also in daily political practices. a mass
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funeral has been held in equitorial guinea for the victims of a series of explosions that leveled much of the city of batter soldiers carry each coffin in the city's sports stadium where the service was held at least 105 people were killed in multiple blasts elimination zeppo on sunday president obiang has blamed the explosions on the mishandling of dynamite stored at the base and fires set by farmers living nearby human rights watch is calling for an independent inquiry. the u.k. prime minister abbas johnston is visiting northern ireland the mid rising political tension a bit status after brags that its trip to inspect vaccination facilities has been overshadowed by his government's plan to further delay e.u. customs checks the u.k. agreed to a customs border between northern ireland and the mainland in the e.u. was drawn billed angering unionists but the u.k.'s altered its implementation date prompting the e.u. to call for legal action. i think the most appropriate about the protocol is that
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it should guarantee the peace process in the in the good friday agreement which we all believe in the everybody. in the u.k. zenobia and has worked so hard to achieve and there's going to be a balance and symmetry in that and what we want to ensure is that the protocol holds the wishes of communities of both communities and has the consent of both sides go to be an east west consent to what's going on as well as north south poles are growing the for new york governor andrew cuomo to resign and of a sexual misconduct allegations u.s. senate majority leader chuck schumer is the latest to demand that he quit but cuomo is refusing more than half of new york's democratic congressional members and most of the state legislature want to mount several sexual assault and harassment allegations have been made against going up. now sports venues in america's biggest
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city are trying out a new app to ensure fans can safely return to big games the good 1000 possible is verified the holder is infected or not christensen reports from new york. for basketball fans it's game on extremely excited to go to a game. with huge basketball they'll do whatever it takes to see their favorite team including taking a covert test we got tested and it turns out when we got tested it wasn't. so now we have to get retested here or in this case a retest not quite the crowd you'd expect here for a game night attendance is being limited to 10 percent capacity and you have to have a negative p.c.r. cohabit task on your phone and order to get inside sports venues in new york are testing out a new app meant to verify the holders coded free it's a digital record what some are likening to passports allowing access to countries or night clubs currently being used to verify vaccination and places like israel
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and china leading new york mayoral candidate andrew yang believes there should be more of this technology on the local level in shops and workplaces so this to me is going to be a vital element of getting the city back on its feet for people to be able to quickly convey their vaccination information and this is something the city needs to invest in paul meyer runs a technology foundation called the commons project that's been working with the airlines to develop a system that's not only secure but also internationally recognised people are showing up at the airport waving pieces of paper that are easily forged if you think about it from a country perspective countries want to open up they want to allow troubled resume to get her economies going but their 1st responsibility is to protect their populations health but the slow roll out of vaccination efforts made clear that lack of digital access remains a problem among the most vulnerable americans and critic. worry implementing this on
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a local level will just increase and equalities today one in 5 americans don't have access to a smartphone and that number is much higher when you look at those over 65 so we're potentially talking about a form of digital segregation the wall off millions of new yorkers from every day life at this stage of the reopening game access for sun appears to be winning over access to all in the rush to jumpstart the economy kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. times a quick check of the headlines here on the al-jazeera the family of george florida received a $27000000.00 settlement from the u.s. city of minneapolis floyd died last may off to a white police officer knelt on his neck but in the 9 minutes his death prompted will lie protests calling for racial justice the officers deescalate the situation were.


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