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every evolution in human history has big debate because scientists determination similarly duggan al-jazeera. hotel in northeast china featuring live polar bears in central enclosure is fully booked on its 1st day of business guest rooms at the 21 room theme park overlook a polar bear pit fitted with fake ice but has been sharply criticized by conservationists they say it's cruel to polar bears which are active for 18 hours a day and should be roaming. so it is out there these are the top stories and at least 6 protesters have been shot dead in the latest and e.q. demonstrations in miramar police are reported to have fired on protesters in mandalay on saturday overnight security forces using live ammunition on crowds and young gone. 7 patients being treated for corona virus have died at
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a hospital in jordan after the oxygen supply they were on ran out loved ones of the victims have gathered outside the hospital the prime minister says the health minister has been fired and the national medical emergency has been declared witnesses say when the austin ran out they were forced to do research the patient on their own family members. my father and mother were in the coronavirus isolation zone inside the hospital and i was by coincidence inside when suddenly the oxygen was cut and we our stuff they said we ran out of oxygen and that they were waiting for an oxygen truck to resupply the hospital we received assistance from the civil defense some of them were inside the hospital and they provided oxygen cylinders and they started to resuscitate patients among them my parents a car bomb in afghanistan's harrop province was killed at least 8 people and injured dozens hospital spokesman says the explosion late on friday night destroyed several nearby homes local officials have blamed the taliban. sri lanka's
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government is banning full face coverings in closing more than a 1000 islamic schools on national security grounds critics argue it's the latest measure by the sri lankan government to marginalize the muslim community. bolivia's former interim president janine 9 years has been arrested after allegations of a coup against her predecessor you for moralists and years is facing charges of terrorism sedition and conspiracy theory turned off to his movement for socialism party one selection party members claim one years and her former cabinet promoted the overthrow she denies vigil to on a british woman has been cancelled because of coronavirus restrictions a police officer has been charged with kidnapping and killing sarah ever offered a body was found on wednesday the killing has ignited an international conversation about women's safety all right you're up to date with the headlines here in al-jazeera got more news coming up right after inside story after.
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the quad assembles to counter china the summit between the u.s. india japan and australia is held in the shadow of beijing's growing influence so what can they achieve and can for nations with very different priorities really work together this isn't side story. hello and welcome to the program i'm ted you navigate a free and open indo-pacific that was the promise after the 1st summit between the
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leaders of the us india japan and australia the so-called quad group agreed to cooperate on the pandemic on climate change and security although china wasn't mentioned in the final communique it became clear that beijing's growing influence in the asia pacific was driving the discussions well the summit voiced support for the rule of law democratic values and a region unconstrained by coersion will bring in our guests at a moment but 1st this report by our white house correspondent kimberly hocket. a virtual meeting with his indian australian and japanese counterparts a group also known as the quad us president joe biden told the group free and open indo-pacific is essential to each of our future the quad was formed to cope with the devastation following the 2004 indian ocean earthquake and tsunami but now it's set its sights on a new threat the rising military and economic might of china the quiet is
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concerned about china's growing assertiveness in the asia pacific region and the world the united states certainly sees this alliance to stop the growing influence of china if not contain china it is not dissimilar to the nato organization which was started 947 to stop the increasing influence in military threat that was coming from the soviet union as the world battles the covert 19 pandemic that originated in china the group also announcing on friday a new initiative to manufacture and produce u.s. vaccines in india financed by japan and the united states and supported by australia the quad committed to delivering up to 1000000000 doses to ozzy on the indo-pacific and beyond by the end of 2022 climate change is the other big
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challenge the group must confront how to push global nations to live up to the commitments made in the paris climate agreement overall china admits almost double the c o 2 of the united states but per capita the us takes the lead china responded to the meeting of the quad saying exchanges between governments should be to create understanding not target 3rd parties the meeting of the quad comes just days before the us secretary. state and national security adviser will meet with their chinese counterparts in alaska that meeting is expected to be more forceful as the united states confronts china over issues of economics security and human rights kimberley health at al-jazeera the white house. well let's bring in our panel joining us from atlanta georgia is failing lang's
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a professor of international affairs at georgia institute of technology in new delhi we have job and jacob who is an associate professor in this apartment of international relations and governance studies that shift now is our university over in beijing and sumach is a senior research fellow at the center for china and globalization thanks very much for your time gentlemen thanks for joining us failing i'll start with you over in atlanta in a white house press conference following that summit by the quad the u.s. national security advisor noted that each of the 4 leaders presidents had described the meeting as being historic is that how you see it's yes i agree i think it's a historic and not in a sense that this meeting created a quad it is a historic in the sense that the quad arrangement has being upgraded to have the 1st summit meeting of the 4 nations and also produce some concrete action plans with regard to the fight against the crowed coronaviruses and also we see regard to
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climate change and international laws governing many time space and also implied in that is that more coordination more consult taishan more cooperation will come. follow it in the areas that i mentioned and also we see the potential to address regional security and also the protection of the members interest as well as the interest. of the existing countries in the region of india pacific so i see this is a giant step forward to reconfigure it international order into a pacific region more or less in the same direction but it has gained bipartisan support in the united states ok here you go back you know we stand right so china right ok and we're going to get into china in a moment but 1st on the issue of the final communique of failing you mentioned some
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of the issues that were outlined and i'll just add on to those looking at the final statement they also said that they'll battle issues such as cyberspace critical technologies counterterrorism infrastructure investments in a some would say this is a really broadly defined statements is that would you agree with that and what do you think the message is that the quote is sending out yet the message i think is rather clear even though you said deliberately to be broad because now the quad now seems to be getting the mission or mandate to address of right of the shoots in a whole region of into pacific rather than just naturally to deal with china it's like a reorganize the structure of the order in the region to address and writer things by putting together the soup called likeminded countries so therefore they can focus on a number for you shoes sort of provide that leadership leadership is kind of
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lacking in the region because in the previous 4 years the united states was going quite a lateral in many ways so in that it will pin in that a way i think this is quite a start article step forward ok to sort of reestablish leadership in the region job and jacob is that how you see things and some also would say look this these countries and the quad has been hindered in the past because it didn't really have a clear and functional agenda have things train. this time around what do you think its purposes well i think the 1st issue is that this is not only about china i mean china is important but china is not that important also and we have to remember that. together in the wake of the tsunami so what the set of issues that we see that all countries are talking about are essentially public goods the provision of public goods provision of backseats if you get up to date
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issue and so security issues and so on so there is a lack of the provision of these public goods and i think it's that it's a good thing that beautiful country landed stand limitations and have decided to work together yes it's true you know they have sort of dance floor are a sort of drop the last several times in the past but i think now will turn level of convergence between these 4 countries or among these 4 countries on multiple issues is now sustained and sustainable what do you make of the fact that a joint statement was quite blunt when it came to the issue of maritime security. it spelled out that it's collaborating collaboration including in maritime security is to meet challenges to the rules based maritime order in the east and south china seas what's the message being sent out there a job in. so certainly maintaining regional security and order is
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a public good is a lot of public good and let's also not i mean it's not the cave that china is not driving this particular group inc but it's up to china then to actually respond to this remember also that each of these countries out there about lateral agendas which i know bilateral channels of communication which as you just mentioned as everybody just mentioned the u.s. and chinese officials are meeting in anchorage soon india had his own town with china fund the bric summit they're rushing to china trilateral organizations all of these i don't know when with the train out in order to reassure the country in the quite ok the problem has been china has not been able to reassure and therefore you cannot really. it's give the conclusion that the country also see dealing with china as a common course ok let's cross over to beijing and to mark what is the real point
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of all of. china the elephant in the room why i think this is a very good question if he statement pat thanks value i think this is certainly a. dialogue but certainly only of course that he words that i would focus on is inclusive and if indeed countries are focused on the issues that were identified including your parents who. were. how can. any progress be paid without major purchase of the given the size of china's economy. etc but if he perhaps a less positive look at this and say that this is these are just perhaps they are a big move there. this really is meant to. target china or
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contain china but i think this is historic but we're not the reason in that if we understand these 4 countries one way we could look at this is that australia can for historic reasons have been very close. states and in some respects you can think of him as have very little autonomy when it comes to . political issues in the region and so the big question more has india in india of course is meant more neutral stance and whether that's changing not think the main scene but from a historic perspective can pass interpret this as the last desperate effort by the us to stop china if indeed this is the purpose of the quad but does this mean we're going to china i don't mean china as
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a state owned media has dismissed the group it's call that an empty talk club and describe the framework as flimsy and some balik that would ultimately come to nothing and also we know that when it was 1st put together in 2007 the quad that is that was disbanded of course after months because of pressure from china. sure and again i think to go back to when we go on this is that we can see this is more marketing packaging in old wine and bottles and there's really not why i knew your belief in ship between australia and here. you know as is well known the question is you know is india. changing its answer i think that means the scene changes reaction i think who's been very clear as you said. i think in terms of heat ability yes there's not much new here but we also
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know that in the world the national relations that it's both the tensions and the quest for more think that will mean for the question that remains to be answered is what is indeed the purpose of now that's not what we're trying to get down to but as we've been hearing the quad summit happened less than a week before the u.s. and chinese diplomats hold their 1st meeting in alaska both sides are saying that it's a chance to reset their relationship let's listen this is an important opportunity for us to lay out in very frank terms. the many concerns that we have with beijing's actions and behavior that are challenging the security prosperity the values of the united states and our partners and allies. do you know that sense of china will also make clear opposition in this dialogue both sides should accurately cross each other's policy intentions in hans mutual understanding control differences and problems and push sino u.s.
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relations back on the right track failing how does the quad fit into the u.s. as indo-pacific strategy and what does this meeting tell us about president biden's foreign policy when it comes to the region i think the summit of the quad is a giant step for in my opinion i think we all agree it is kind of historical in many ways but we may not agree what kind of impact it will have on a sign of american to relationship i think this represents a new effort to review vital lights the multilateral effort that started by the bush administration and continued through obama administration so i think this will be part of the overall strategy washington is trying to apply to the case of dealing with china so i think this can be positive in the sense to sort of a convince beijing that what it has been doing recently a year has literally put all these countries together in opposition to itself in
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other words historically we study it based on my own study that beijing has been trying to play tokyo against new delhi and vice versa but this is a very rare for new delhi and tokyo joined the same group sort of you know for regional stability and so on but we still of course the implied target at beijing so this is a kind of a big change i think at the anchorage meeting probably would come up with is very little concrete achievement i'm just guessing here but i don't know it depends how they sort of a talk but i do not sync and major breakthrough would come through this sort of a returning to the old track is probably which for thinking right now because time has passed. so much has happened right even though u.s. accusations and so on i do not see some major broker but you know it's always good to talk ok let's and let's cross over to jacko because after the president u.s.
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president biden's. election there were reports that china was pressuring new delhi to oppose the forum and the quad what does india get out of this seeing as india has traditionally played a non aligned approach when it comes to regional issues yet we know it does share a long border with china and there have been skirmishes along that border well the 1st point let me say it's a mistake it's a fundamental mistake to reduce the quality of your son lot of us generalisations the indians the japanese the australian that all evaluated their days with the chinese have been you know have come to the only independent conclusions country do not get together except because of self-interest and it certainly was at the end of the wives coming together and i've said before that. i think a lot of miss those days are precisely because of each of these countries that
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earlier that ship with china and not having you know most of that action so that these remember i mean you mention is gone which is what actually the early the conflict between india and china over the last year has been one of the most serious 11 tickets and i think it's fundamentally changes in each other and then a lot of this chip between get in china so they're not getting away from that. and china actually you know refused from the indian perspective refused to actually admit its mistake of used to accept that it was in the wrong and therefore india will take actions and would see sicked it's an important to understand that each of these other members of the board india japan and australia also have it. it was a bit of chinese media last 20 states will last only one will suit the shills to act and dog as if the us is the only one in the room and that the japanese or the
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australians are subservient in some manner to the united states that's not true at all ok well so what you're saying is security is important for india and the mark let me ask you this then if you know you have 4 different members in the quad obviously they have diverging interests and they're going to prioritize different areas that are important to each one of them so the few things that bind them together isn't strong enough to keep this group going. well i would say that this is been one of the challenges i think for the united states in trying to build a coalition against china and that clearly i would say that japan and australia are very closely aligned i would not say they have no agency but certainly in certain areas very little strategic watan we props the best we put it might think with india certainly the border is is
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a challenge 3500 kilometers i think it's an issue that on civilians there is some real lack clarity there that it might not be resolved and can only be managed but i think when we look at india as leaders that this is an issue of course but the india china relationship it's much more than you know it's also almost a $100000000000.00 u.s. dollars in trade there are many other opportunities. to work together as well so i think that certainly this is then challenges in the last year but also there's also potential norma's up saw as well now so you think on the issue of trade in particular and should they be worried countries such as india australia and japan that china will retaliate economically because they're saying i mean
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that they have enormous trade between them is that a worry for them well i think that's a worry for any country with any other country we need to remember that diplomacy is carrots and sticks you know and that it's effective diplomacy involves the false that all of tools available so i don't think. if we say that like in the war australia or to hear even the united states. year economic return we've seen from trainer and this is really every country looks after its own interests from an economic as well those from other perspectives as well failing over in georgia the the the quad may sarah sarah concerned about china and you know we heard in their statements that they need to uphold the rules based order but moving forward i am lacking
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a consensus on how to do so it is always a great question for a group like there's ways even though in likeminded countries so to speak because they share some fundamental political values together and that they are functional democracies so therefore they're always kind of a question about how long and how far this group can go with is on state that but everybody knew kind of a strict if you go of opposing china we always have to see i don't really i don't obviously tries to see some ups and downs in the how the quad react to china but i want to remind the audience that it's quite interesting for country like india who is a long sort of a leader of a number 9 moment and a kind of declared a neutral power in the world has been taking quite a few quite some leadership in doing it was china for example india is not only country but has
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a band right all chinese made in the net hundreds of them and chinese of which india has been quite a bit at a leading even the united states in pushing back against the chinese growing influence in the region and of course into as a lot of what border issues with china as well right so i actually would see this is a create change of history in the sense that india is take the leadership disregard the chinese kind of frustrated me tabi asia ok take a. jacob minix is here would you like to weigh in on that you know i don't i totally agree and i didn't mention that this if they don't the last year have actually meant a fundamental change in india china diets everyone on the question of the you know what was going to be economically dilution the fact is that such was a massive trade deficit with china so they were actually better looking than the chinese go and certainly you know with a given that india is the major importer so there it is there in that community as well and on the banning of maps of course you get actually for the longest
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mentioned you know that you take the lead and it's a lead that would be followed by other countries yeah ok now speaking of other countries and other countries in the region in southeast asia will they welcomed us closer cooperation among the quad members to balance against china my understanding is that most other countries what we're looking at south east or other parts. really want to move weight has made that situation kind of polarization where they might be forced to choose so i think that given their druthers that they you know would have their preference and. it would be more chinese mall where different countries are moving to get out there promoting use the building of shared future that doesn't happen based on shared values but i think it's important to point out here that if we do interpret the quad as
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a response or it's not it's to not minor ones it is for the pop 4 areas. and these like minds in countries that have shared values it really is a client of a wonderful neanderthal because we've seen from the financial crisis to code it which would all systems respond. and if this. is the and mention. you know perhaps it will also go down in history as neanderthals all right we'll leave it there thank you so much for joining us a failing rang job and jacob in and the mock thanks so much thanks for watching you can see the program and all our previous episodes again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter where
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a story for myself and a whole team here in doha thanks for watching by. in malaysia schooling is a luxury for children of rocking or muslim refugees but for husham custom every child deserves an opportunity for faith and creativity arms them with the skills to overcome any hurdle and seize the threat to his schools existence as a test of his faith. caution school of hard part of the viewfinder asia series
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infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development. this is al jazeera. television o'clock this is the news hour life from doha coming up the next 60 minutes at least 6 people are killed in the ongoing violent crackdown against anti cute protesters in middle.


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