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john. closed the city's footballing legend eric cantor the introductions close your time but one of the special few stood up for their beliefs whatever they call. football rebels on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. i know that well see the news that i'm. coming up in the next 60 minutes arland follows other countries and suspending use of the astra zeneca covert 19 vaccine due to concerns about blood clots and. more and siku protesters are killed in myanmar now the government in hiding is also promising resistance to military
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rule. 'd questions over the contacts of police in the u.k. after they break up a vigil for women whose murders sparked a national i cry and machine guns drawn officers in brazil raids a packed windowless nightclub in the fight against illegal parties feeling corona virus infections and i'm leah harding with all your sports news manchester city have extended their lead at the top of the english premier league argentinian striker sergio aguero scoring his 1st e.p.l. goal in more than a year to help city beat full on 3 male. arlen's has suspended use of the astra zeneca covert 19 vaccine as have other countries here to concerns about blood clotting the move was recommended by
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a government advisory committee after courts were reported an adult seem to have the job in norway the norwegian government's joins denmark and iceland in suspending the vaccine on thursday astra zeneca says its own analysis of safety data shows there's no increased risk of blood clots well let's get the latest night with joanna hall who joins us live from london joyner this is a new ball is it not not just for astra zeneca but for the the e.u. vaccination campaign. what will potentially for the vaccination campaigns everywhere the longer that doubt is allowed to persist about the safety of one vaccine that will only potentially fuel doubt across other vaccines it is a very worrying situation albeit that everyone involved at this point is stressing that there is no conclusive link between the astra zeneca jab and these blood
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clotting events this is a reason today sunday as arlen has become the latest in a string of countries at to call a temporary halt to their road out of the astra zeneca jab itself the deputy chief medical officer of the doctor wrote in berlin in a statement earlier citing a report by the norwegian health authority that for medical workers in norway mental health workers norway had developed blood clotting issues within 14 days of receiving the jab it was temporary halted in norway on thursday also in denmark and in iceland and the ripple effect has taken in most recently bulk area in the e.u. and also much more widely than that thailand has just called a temporary halt to its rollout of the astra zeneca job now as i was saying the irish sure it is very clear in pointing out that there. no conclusive link they're not alleging that at all they have taken this move they say out of an abundance of caution and that as soon as new information by the european medical association can
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establish that there's nothing more than coincidence involved here they will revisit their decision astra zeneca the u.k. based pharmaceutical company that manufactures this job as you said has been very quick to robustly defend its vaccine saying that in data accumulated over the last couple of months they've given us 70000000 doses of the spec seen since earlier in the year they say no evidence has come to light whatsoever of any side effects to do with a woman or a embolism or thrombosis beyond what would ordinarily be expected across a population size of that sort of size unvaccinated in other words 17000000 people who hadn't had the vaccine would be expected to deliver at least they snubber blood clot type events and astra zeneca as defense of the vaccine is echoed by the european medicines and social agency at the moment as well who are also reiterating there is no link they are saying people should continue to get be estrogenic
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a jab countries should continue to roll it out but the benefits far outweigh the negative aspects of it and that has been taken up by big countries including the u.k. germany france as well who have all come out and reassured their citizens about the safety of the astra zeneca vaccine and didn't just join a year in the u.k. has the u.k. government weighed in on this at all because the the astra zeneca vaccine really as been fueling the u.k.'s enormously successful vaccination campaign given they rely so heavily on this. they've waited us all when the developments. well the medicine regulator here has taken very much the same line particularly it's a big issue for the u.k. this is hailed as a u.k. major vaccine if you like manufactured by a u.k. based pharmaceutical company created by british scientists at oxford university and as you say forming the cornerstone of the father
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a successful vaccine rolled out in the u.k. 11000000 of those 17000000 doses have been given out here again as i said the medicines regulator here very keen as are all of them to try and damp down. any possibility of panic spreading throughout the vaccine program making the point again that this is safe as far as they're concerned it see no evidence of a link people should continue to have confidence in this vaccine and continue to take it out. of their prayers the very latest live from london jonah thank you. at least 4 more people have been killed during and process in myanmar earlier the acting leader of myanmar as i said civilian government urged supporters to keep up the pressure on magenta tony chang reports. defiant protesters again marched through the streets of mandalay on sunday in strong voice and in
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large numbers they were clearly on by the violence of the day before that's when the security services shot dead at least 6 people in a crackdown in myanmar 2nd city and injured many more but with the death toll rising a call for revolution from the former vice president now leading a civilian administration in hiding. this is the darkest moment of the nation and the moment when the dawn is close this is the time for us citizens to test their resistance against the dark moments speaking of a new federal democracy the message was clearly aimed at bringing diverse ethnic groups together to overcome the army and their coup. when forming a resistance unity plays a vital role despite our differences in the past this is the time we must grip our hands together to end the dictatorship for good. these diverse ethnic groups are scattered across myanmar's borderlands divided they don't represent
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a significant threat to the military who've been fighting them for decades united they could be a considerable obstacle. but there's long been distrust between these groups and the n l d the national league for democracy bringing them together would be no small task. in peaceful defiance protesters break the curfew to honor the dead in candlelit vigils across the country. we come out on the street to show that we are against military dictatorship by breaking the curfew order imposed by do. reveal continue fighting but as the military continues with its brutal tactics on the streets calls for a revolution that's not so peaceful may gain increasing support tony ching al-jazeera . a british iranian woman detained in iran since 2016 has appeared in courts less
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than is ago radcliffe is facing a new charge of propaganda against the system where she was released from detention just a week ago after serving 5 years for a separate conviction for human rights charity has written to the u.k. government saying zakaria ratcliffe needs urgent treatments for her mental health well in a blunt statement the u.k. foreign minister dominic rob says it is unacceptable and unjustifiable as iran has chosen to continue with the 2nd holy arbitrary case against nazanin zakaria ratcliffe the arena and government has deliberately put her through a cruel and inhumane ordeal nazanin must be allowed to return to her family in the u.k. without further delay. let's take you back go to our top story arlen suspending use of the astra zeneca covert 1000 vaccine at all to dominic wilkinson is director of medical ethics at the university of oxford center for practical ethics and joins
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us now from oxford thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera to discuss this i guess the 1st question is a many of our viewers and listeners will want to know this is this astra zeneca vaccine safe. well i think the base statements that we have from the very large trials that the specs you know and others of being true is that the vaccine is highly and is say like many neck scenes and many treatments after the vaccine is being used in a wider population sometimes there are a range of problems that come up and there's a very important to know about what we don't know at this stage is whether these reports of blood clots and just the blood clots that we would expect to see naturally in the population or whether there's an increased rates because of the fact and so if. if if this says i said an abundance of caution
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which is what the irish medical authorities are saying that they're suspending this at how should people who are in countries where it has been authorized and it's being bold isom thank you of course about the u.k. but other countries as well i mean why should people be taking this needs well i think. it's important to look at the based information that's available at this stage that the world health organization and and the respect of the authorities are saying. that those knowing creased risk of who are in believes and. even if there is somewhat of an increased risk for most people the risk of code that is going to be prime greater than the potential smooth increased risk of of pulmonary embolus we're all at risk of pulmonary embolus or blood clots all the time there's about a one in a 1000 chance the year of getting of blood clots in the lungs and if that were
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increased by a small amounts that would be something important to know about this scene but we do know this vaccine reduces to a very significant degree the risk of hospitalization and rico that and that for many people is going to be a much bigger risk do you think this is an overreaction on the parts of. the medical agencies and for example norway iceland arland do you think they're panicking by recommending but the fact single at the start i think they recognize even that public confidence in vaccine safety is really important and of course if they ignore information they threaten public confidence if they overreact they also threaten public confidence i don't have a sister the information that they do and so i don't know whether this is an overreaction it's important to be cautious but it's also important that we get
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people vaccinated as as soon as possible so that we can bring this pandemic to an end absolutely but many people are nervous about taking any vaccine in the 1st instance and i with this news that the astra zeneca vaccine has been held and suspended in several countries what would you recommend people do if they are offered and astra zeneca vaccine. well it personally i would i would take the vaccine i think the large trials show that if you have these banks in your less likely to go into hospital 'd your list likely to die from it and that's a much bigger risk than getting. theoretical increases in your risk of blood clots ok dominic wilkinson joining us from oxford thank you so much for bringing your thoughts and expertise to our viewers at al-jazeera. give you a quick carol look at some of what's coming ahead this hour we'll look at why
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bolivia's former interim president's been arrested over the political crisis in 2019 pass. finding ways to perform high musicians in new york are playing it safe during the pandemic and in sports world champions byron munich have stayed in control of the german title race we'll have all the details in sports. a police investigation and so the wife of syria's president is under way in britain . is accused of inciting and encouraging terrorist acts during the war in syria the case was opened in response to a dossier filed by an international law firm it could lead to her facing prosecution and the loss of her british citizenship that would be 10 years ago this
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month when protests began in syria that would descend into civil war more than 13000000 people are either displaced within the country or sheltering a broad's many are in camps in lebanon's bekaa valley from where saina hotter reports. in the midst of war a generation grew up in exile at least 1000000 children have been born since 2011 when syria's peaceful uprising began before it turned into war home for many has been informal counts like this in neighboring countries in lebanon's bekaa valley life has been one of poverty and uncertainty that actual there are around 200 children under the age of 10 in this camp boys and girls whose lives have been destroyed their future is nothing. more than 13000000 syrians that's half the pre-war population remain displaced inside and outside the country nearly 900000
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are registered in lebanon the highest number in the world relative to its population and as the conflict enters its 2nd decade with no political settlement in sight there could be further displacement. at least. i. drive which is actually. syria's economy is collapsing and international aid organizations are warning it is pushing millions deeper into poverty many are jobless and hungry the united nations says 60 percent or $12400000.00 syrians don't have regular access to enough food. but economic uncertainty is not the only challenge there are those who fear for their safety in the absence of
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a political settlement some are vulnerable where they are and need protection like resettling them in a safe country. about 5 170000. there are other only 9300 refugees for this. country and this is a very large number considering that. despite the battlefield being largely quiet for a year aid agencies say the daily suffering of syrians is worse than it has been at nearly any point throughout the conflict and the hardship has not stopped at syria's borders that hired me for the care our life has been reduced to this in syria they waiting for a box of aid and here we're waiting for our box of aid we lost hope of going back. for those who have already lost so much it may be a long wait for political change in damascus or for humanitarian conditions to
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improve to allow them to return home. because valley eastern lebanon the leader of the the european community in yemen's capital summer is calling for an international investigation into a fire that killed at least 44 people mostly migrants from ethiopia local leaders have blamed the who flees who control the city saying they neglected the migrant processing center the united nations says more than 200 people were injured the facility was holding around 900 people at the time the cause of the fire is still unknown. police in london they're under scrutiny over their handling of an unofficial vigil on a ring a woman who was murdered i release handcuffed several women and pulled them away a judge had ruled that the vigil be called off sheets of pandemic restrictions and organizers complied however hundreds of people still turned up from london and even
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barbara reports. they've been warned not to come but they were defiant this crowd of women and men rallied in south london near where marketing executive sarah ever odd went missing a serving police officers now being charged with her abduction and murder and hurting like every other woman and myself this is a road. this is not that anyone any one of us and it's not about hating people and hating their companies about making changes sara was last seen walking from a friend's apartment in clapham to her home elsewhere in south london a week after she disappeared sarah's body was found in woodland in kent more than 80 kilometers away the cases spoke to social media avalanche of testimony many women detailing how they've spent their whole lives being subjected to abuse and having to be on guard since are everett's disappearance women from all walks of
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life have come forward with their own accounts of how they've been harassed followed assaulted great a many of them saying that it's men that need to change their attitudes because every single woman knows the feeling of being frightened whose responsibility is it it's everyone's responsibility the problem is that women shouted most of that burden up until now and now men need to step up every single man needs to be a role model to our boys i need to be a conscience to make to their friends to their colleagues to their brothers and most of all they need to go on i tunes. study commissioned by campaign group of un women u.k. reflects the disturbing reality over 70 percent of women of all ages have experienced some form of sexual harassment in public places the figures were high as for the youngest respondents with 97 percent of 18 to 24 year olds experiencing sexual harassment in public and despite all that many women didn't think it was worth
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reporting incidents noted 95 percent of the respondents said that across the spectrum of incidents that experience they had not reported or the incidents that they'd been through and when it happened to them it's a very few people are reporting. and 90 to speculate behaviors from what you might describe as milder sexual harassment such as cat rolling in and will whistling but also a more serious old raping being followed or coerced into sexual activity without consent such as a series of nationwide vigils was counselled after london police said this event couldn't go ahead because of covered 19 guidelines in some places people marked the event on their doorsteps instead but they all sent the same message asking those in power to take their abuse seriously and asking men to challenge each other deemed by the al-jazeera london. thousands of people in the us have marched in memory of briana taylor who was shot dead a year ago in a boat police raid her name has become
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a rallying cry for the black clothes master movement mike hanna reports. protesters once again gather in jefferson square park just as they did a year ago following the police shooting of briana taylor among them a mother still grieving every day still my shit back to. the anger no less than it was in the wake of the shooting but for me it would sound really like for me to matter to me the palm i get the fact and it matters what looks like just as a mind i am raising i. am not a brown girl ok let me let me know the. no i think you get away with it 6. after his investigation in kentucky attorney general had this to say about 2 of the 3 police officers involved in the shooting for him to be taught you law use of
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force by mattingly in cars were told 'd was justified to protect themselves this justification for such pursuing criminal charges in this reality which then. the 2 officers were fired from the police department and the 3rd bread tank concern was also fired after being found guilty of firing blindly into the apartment brianna taylor's killing sparked off a nationwide protest and govern eyes the black lives matter movement as it became a major force in forging an ongoing debate about how to curb extralegal police action president biden has marked the anniversary by tweeting out his condolences briana taylor's death was a tragedy he says a blow to her family her community and america as we continue to mourn her we must press ahead to pass meaningful police reform in congress i remain committed to
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signing a landmark reform bill into law. the reform goal is still being discussed in congress but has substantial opposition from republican members in particular mike hanna al-jazeera washington sam for a quick check on the weather his efforts in. however that was say some violent storms into the u.s. recently this big bowls of cloud brought some very heavy rainfall into parts of utah into parts of colorado as well as and a number of tornadoes as well on this cold front as it made its way across the deep south that's going to continue pushing some very heavy rain a severe storm still likely a possibility of a few more tornadoes as we go on through monday it is a weakening feature but it's there nevertheless snow still out across the northern flank of that system monday into tuesday it topples a little ace woods will see some what weather coming through here in the city still seeing some heavier pulses of friends that system as he makes his way in up to us
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and all things not particularly warm new york just 3 celsius terrans out about 3 celsius as well as is the case to into casper as will be more snow just rolling in across the rockies as we go on into the middle part of the way further south it is generally dry and fine as is the case across the good parts of central america we've got a few showers along the spells of rain just making their way into the eastern side of the caribbean i think all the way up across while much of the wind with seeing some showers as we go through monday gras you see in them is across the leeward says well meanwhile for the greater antilles fine and sunny. now the future of the falkland islands is being discussed again after they were excluded from trade deals between the u.k. and the e.u. the british overseas territory want reports of any commercial tax or customs agreements and their stories a ball reports argentina's government seize an opportunity. the
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falklands islands in the southern atlantic also known as melina's for people in latin america are considered part of the overseas territories of the united kingdom but 2 days after finalizing the brics it agreement the european union and oust that it would stop recognizing overseas territories under british rule and the benefits that came along the decision came as a surprise for residents of the islands of the other surgeries were allowed to vote in the referendum even though. we respect that decision after it was quite a bit of a shock i think when the when the result. hadn't really expected that relationship changed that next piece of the puzzle does need to be addressed because. you need a relationship at the cape. as well 4 years industries here have benefited from being a member state until now jane wallace is concerned about what's coming next i find
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it very concerning that the situation is that at the moment any fish or squid the ricks port in europe are trucked a tariff of between 6 and 18 percent i mean to give you an idea in terms of the conservative view based on our recent financial performance that 6 percent represents 30 percent on average of our profits over the last 5 years so as extremely disturbing the decision by the e.u.'s perceived as a victory for argentina which has been demanding before cannes or maybe now silence the south georgia and the south sandwich islands belongs to them. the thought printed dispute over the islands led to a war between britain and argentina in 1982 it lasted for 74 days and left almost 1000 that in spite of losing the war argentina continues to demand that the islands are part of their territory inherited from the spanish colonial wars. females who is in charge of the mill venus issue in argentina says he's
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government is going to continue pushing for a negotiation for the most rudimentary we're still in the early stages of the brics it but europe has signaled a change in its position on the islands there was a similar case of the un when the child was archipelago the u.k. lost 114-2686 months to return the island to marie shifts the only e.u. country to vote for the u.k. was hungry. on the islands argentina's ambitions are perceived as a threat that's why people here are hoping their needs from now on one being annoyed. when a site is. much more still to come on this new sir including the elections looming far right parties in them that the loans capitalize on lockdown and anger also point germany's busy election years opening with a tough test for angle americans party. and of this english going 1st just one step
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away from his 1st p.g.a. title in over a decade we'll have all the action from the players' championship coming up in sports. and then i would point out more is very much our culture has been very harmful to the economy and the lives of many people on challenging traditional attitudes how narrowing the gender gap is helping women in whom the camargue was escape poverty and focus that we're trying to break these barriers of machismo by giving women access to resources need to women leading the way. women make change on al-jazeera. just news as it breaks with schools continuously being targeted just pressured in northern part of nigeria very obvious that the region to translate highest rates of poverty before it will fall behind with detail coverage
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of this scenario the inoculation campaign was temporarily suspended because there weren't enough taxi from around the world these volunteers well be routinely tested instead they'll be getting regular blood samples. all. this is just. a quick reminder of the top stories this hour arlen's has become the latest country to suspend use of the astra zeneca cope with 19 vaccine officials made the call after norway's health authorities concerned about blood clots at least 4 more protesters have been killed during and c.q.
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demonstrations in myanmar earlier the action leader of. government urged protesters to keep up the pressure on the. police in london have been criticized over the handling of an unofficial vigil honoring a woman. several women and the mayor of london called the police response unacceptable. that protesters people rather are gathering in the netherlands for another protest against coronavirus restrictions huge numbers are already out in the hague as you can see from these live pictures behind the demonstration a rally support ahead over lections on where to stay well let's get more now from stat fastened she's live from the hague where protesters are already gathering in significant numbers. absolutely
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police only has allowed to 200 protesters here today they have tried to stop others from coming and that actually led to a short clash but then they sort of gave up but now hundreds and hundreds of more people are gathering here in the hague to protest against the lockdown there has been increasing frustration here in the netherlands about this lockdown especially about the nighttime curfew of 9 pm you can see here concerned citizens who are worried that their businesses are going bankrupt but also. and also people from the far right are basically tapping into these sentiments it's 3 days before the parliamentary elections here in the netherlands and you can actually see. 2 things happening prime minister mark rowsthorn and his conservative liberal party is really gaining also from this so-called within that make because it seems many people don't want change and they trust him as the manager who can take the people here through this crisis but on the other hand you get actually see the far right
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parties really also gaining support and we were following one of them it's a forum for democracy it's the only party actually complaining during this girl time and we saw them and i watched them during a campaign rally in the east of the country. and of her friends who have remarked that his style has been compared with former us president donald trump ignoring covert restrictions the leader of the anti immigration populist party. is trying to attract voters by calling covert 19 a common flu and blaming international conspiracies for being behind the pandemic. under-served people at the moment are in the hospital right suffering from corona many people in an island have died more than 15000 so it's a serious issue here that's a normal number for a series flu we've had that for thousands of years everyone does have complained to hospitals are full they can't cope with the workflow. well those stories are highly
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disputed would as part of became the largest just 2 years ago but fell apart after racist anti-semitic messages will make public now is stepping in to a growing sentiment against a lockdown with an american style campaign based on conspiracy theories and the tax on the media. sentiment in the netherlands against lockdowns has grown especially after a nighttime curfew was introduced in january riots broke out in several cities and covert testing facilities were attacked far right parties like form for democracy appeared to be benefiting from this anger economy and the stuff i can go anywhere i want to and even if i didn't go out i should have freedom that has been taken away from us and that is horrible. i like what he says about freedom i want schools to reopen i'm a 1st year student and i can barely follow my studies because it's all online license. deaths party is falling around 3 percent of the vote another
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anti immigration party the freedom party of wilderness is predicted to win around 20 percent and become the 2nd largest like it did 4 years ago the 1st time it's not about immigration or islam it's about corona yeah it is and i will take a. responsible viewed as well as a people because we're really in for. public health as well and making that a big issue not a problem for you that's not about immigration well if you look at the polls it's not i think a responsible few that we will benefit from it but it's not it's not like you want to benefit from a pandemic i'm just doing my job his chances to become part of the government are slim since nobody wants to govern with him because of his views on immigration and islam conversant writer of a book about willis says that even though around one 5th of the dutch electorate voted for far right parties their influence remains limited in the netherlands i sometimes call this the middle finger vote so people who stick your middle finger
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to the political establishment and want to shock the establishment and how can you shocked us by choosing somebody who is always shocking. their politicians in the debates and that is what will this does the main question is how successful a complete soley based on covert restrictions will be and many in the netherlands are fed up there's also a large group to take the fight against a virus seriously. large banners here for form for democracy as well at this rally and as you can probably see there's no social distancing here at all and also nobody is wearing any mask it's going to be a question what police will do there's a large police force out here and also 3 days before the elections it's the infractions are up again the largest group of infractions number of infections since january or counted yesterday so there's also some concern although they have
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taken a lot of matches to make these elections as safe as possible about what the risk will be on wednesday when the elections will take place. rather live from the hague step thank you very much indeed. people's frustrations with locked and sand restrictions is colliding with government's efforts to stop breaks or at least bring them under control our police in brazil stormed this south polo nightclub where 600 people were crowded into a windowless room more people died from corbin 1000 in the past week in brazil than any other country u.s. university students are enjoying spring break in coastal cities like miami but many have ignored compulsory rules to wear masks and there are no such restrictions in texas where the government has declared masks and limits on gatherings to be no longer necessary president joe biden has described this as
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a big mistake liz let's explore this a bit further with psychologist katherine harris c. she joins us now from cork in arlen's it's great to have you with us on the news hour it's been iran's a year alone for the people have been 1st the 1st taste of what if you like and people start saying quite rigidly at the starts given that we're now a year on i mean can you blame people for wanting to get out and see their friends and live a little. you know i think there are so many factors that are combining to contribute to many people experiencing grace frustration so in the very early days the so new and there were so many terrifying scenes coincidence and other countries that people many people were able to easily buy into the restrictions and is particularly because we always feel these restrictions were for short periods
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however now we are one year on and people's motivation is flagging people's belief is flying and i think one of the biggest issues is that there is no end in sight there is no if i just hold on for one more week one more month will or season and then life can return to normal so because there is no end in sight that is greatly country missing 2 peoples that teach and people's desire to reengage with normal life have all their normal support structures back and that's and that's very understandable but it seems like some people are slipping too far in the opposite direction we've just been showing our viewers pictures of hundreds of people cramped and saw an underground illegal dance party which you know would be dangerous in the best of times let alone in the middle of a global pandemic how do you explain this rebinds in the opposite direction to be quite dangerous conditions. well if you look at spring break last year there were
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similar scenes then and it's important to look at the age profiles of people who are in g. change in these activities so for a young people afraid young adults and adolescents they are not impacted by it cools it in the same way so the risk for them is you know are there also at a time in their lives for and they are highly motivated by being together gathering together in g. string in now collectively seems so you've got the company of lower risk higher now t.c. feeling at last this behavior on top of that hit the crisis city that many of us are experiencing so on the outside it seems crazy but for the people in there it appears very logical to them they have it that he reset the risk and determines that that reward which weighs that risk for them do you think it's unreasonable for
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governments to expect people to lock themselves up at home for these extended periods of time. i think that's an extremely difficult question to answer i think that there are huge unintended consequences for this there is a very significant mental health intact we've got huge increases in anxiety in disorders and just ordinary loneliness so we have to weigh everything and and i think that the governments and are using the best available science to make these decisions however nobody has all of the answers they are making i suppose their best guess as to trying to weigh and the whole of the public's health and i don't think it's neither reasonable not only reasonable is just their best guess as to how to keep people safe i think it's much more
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helpful to focus on how we can engage in sex care how we can continue to have social contact by maintaining sissoko distance and really make sure that the public shuts message your own house he care such really take care of your mental and physical health in this time so that people can insure so that people can sustain this effort for islam as it's needed to get this under control ok i've very difficult situation and days but we're grateful to you catherine how safe of a as your analysis and your expertise thank you thank you. germany's busy election year is opening with a tough pandemic tests for the party of chancellor angela merkel voters are choosing new regional legislatures in virgin births that's seen as an economic paradise in southwestern germany and in neighboring iran felts polls point to weak results for america's christian democratic union 6 months before
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a national votes that will determine who succeeds or well let's get more from dominic came he joins us now from carolyn dominic he is unusual that we tend to talk about these reach you know actions but they are quite significant so the not just talk a story the significance of this was. the point to make 1st of all is that it's a test for all the main political parties in germany specifically in these 2 states because the christian democratic union does not govern at all has no presence whatsoever in the government of the state of ohio and 1st the rhineland paletta nates to cause in english and it only has the c.d.u. only has a junior role in the coalition that governs environ virgin barrack the green party governs there so this is a test for all the big parties now the other thing to say is that in those 2 states you have 2 prime ministers who are particularly prominent whose prominence
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transcends the regional level who have taken on a national significance in this year of pandemic that revolving going through remember that in germany in the federal structure the prime ministers of the states well they play an important role nationally every month or so there is a conference that decides what happens in terms of the corona measures that are in place and each prime minister has an important role in voting through what can be agreed upon and what can't that's why these people being elected today are very important and in each state you have a competitive race but it is worth repeating that the christian democratic union does not or certainly not in the last 10 years has not done particularly well in these 2 states which explains why they haven't really had a powerful role in government and there's one much more thought to throw into this equation that there has been a bit of a scandal that has grown up over the course of the past few weeks regarding
4:45 pm
individual members of the federal parliament here in berlin from the christian democratic union and from the christian social union it's prevaricated conservative allies of angle americal regarding mosques for covert and deals that have been done or may not have been done regarding these individual members a scandal that has grown up around them the question will be whether that scandal is enough in the minds of voters to sway how they cast their ballots today ok dominic a there live from berlin dominic thank you. but livia's former president several morales is backing a crackdown against politicians accused of conspiring to push him of power former these are janine on yes was arrested on saturday just staging a coup she says the charges are baseless kathy lopez hadia reports. 4 months ago janine onions was president of bolivia now she's under arrest accused
4:46 pm
of staging a coup against her predecessor evel morales shortly after being detained in the city of the me that she was flown to the capital to face charges of terrorism sedition and conspiracy anya is a conservative senator and at odds with the socialist party that now covers under president luis atsic he's a former prodigy of moralists the former president she's accused of pushing out in 2019 to seize power she says the charges are fueled by political revenge. even though it's an irregular detention because i was never summoned in addition as a former president i'm in a unique situation but even amid all the abuse any outrage i'm here was a group of opponents and supporters gathered outside the prosecutor's office that was a again no there was no coup the former president was involved in fraud and
4:47 pm
she took over the presidency through constitutional succession. although divisive her detention isn't a surprise while in power our news was accused of siding with security forces to shut down dissent she came to power undemocratically and within her 1st week she oversaw 2 different massacres and offered immunity to the soldiers that carried out the massacres and for the next year carried out a slew of human rights abuses was the political crisis goes back to 2019 when protesters took to the streets a queue. the moralists of stealing his reelection under pressure the once a steam president resigned and fled bolivia. anya then proclaimed herself interim president more protests followed and dozens of people died after she took office now other politicians in her party also face charges that will come along go through we are talking about 2 former ministers the former minister of justice and
4:48 pm
the former minister of energy people who have conspired or committed crimes of sedition in our country will be investigated. while some say the arrest of onions could lead to her political downfall it's already reigniting tensions in the south american nation katia lopez of the young college is era. coming up after the break we'll have the sports and the boxing world beds farewell to one of the all time greats well half the tributes after this. an act of youthful defiance and embroidered on their turn next hour also on the school will the arrest of your top 4 in the morning was electric shock treatment or worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was really beginning the armed struggle in syria. the
4:49 pm
boy who started the syrian war. on al jazeera. it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises central to the life he hoods of hundreds of thousands of people and behind the deaths of many more exceptional access to some of its key flay is reveals the in a working this of an organization telling the name to many as the blood alliance inside this in a low a cartel part one of a key part investigation people in power on al jazeera.
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welcome back to the pandemic has made all the performances largely for beds in the u.s. but this has assaults musicians finding a safe way to play christmas slimmy whence had a lake in new york. violinist charles. and pianist peter do again. have played both carnegie hall and the kennedy center. but these days if you're lucky you'll find them playing an empty storefront on a random street corner on manhattan's upper west side. the musicians aren't exactly roughing it steinway donated the grand piano. and they're getting a decent salary thanks to a local philanthropist who came up with the idea this is not our typical performance experience by a long shot but it's one of the 1st shows that we've been able to do for an actual
4:51 pm
live audience in solong we're very grateful that we can do it here for people. that might not go to a concert hall or an arena and just hear different kinds of music that they might not have like before. still these are precarious times for performers according to the local chapter of the american federation of musicians 95 percent of their 7000 local members are out of work we have never experienced anything like this a certainly art of careers and pretty much disappeared except for on line before including things like that but it's just not the same feeling and of course there's not as much work to go around concert halls and performance spaces like the iconic lincoln center were among the 1st places to close in the pandemic and they're likely to be the last ones to reopen not only depriving musicians of their
4:52 pm
livelihoods but also new york of its life blood. 60 shows with 100 performers have been scheduled organizers can't say where or when for fear of drawing too large a crowd. is starting to get around this neighborhood known for the arts just give me this energy that makes new york feel a little bit more the way i think new york feel to be that close and be able to see the performers interact with each other was really fascinating and usually can afford seats that feel. a bit like a musical scavenger hunt at a time and a neighborhood where such a performance is the ultimate prize. kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. it's time now for the sports here's lia thank you paula well former undisputed boxing champion marvelous marvin hagler has died at the age of 66 the american
4:53 pm
dominated the sports middleweight divisions in the eighty's after 12 successful title defenses his reign as champion ended in 1987 in a controversial loss to sugar ray leonard after which he announced his official retirement from the sport former heavyweight champion lennox said i'm simply stunned to hear the news of marvelous marvin hagler not only was he a living legend but i was proud to call him my friend he was so full of life energy and positivity that you would never guess what a wrecking machine he was in the ring all right let's cross over to brighton in the u.k. joining us now the editor of boxing news matt chrissy matt hagler literally changed his name to marvelous in the eighty's where would you say he ranks among the all time greats. of the list really really succeeded is the title but watching legend lived and breathed boxing everything about him inside the ring you know during his crew was pure class and i think if you will if you were to
4:54 pm
put a liberal is in the top 10 boxes of all. and where do you like do you think he got enough praise throughout his career. i think at the time he certainly didn't get enough praise i think he had a difficult beginning to these korea and one could argue that by the time he got his world title shot in the 1980 it was too late but once he was at the top once he won the world world middleweight title he was he was he was applauded he was well regarded but in some kind of context for you when mike tyson came along and took the boxing world by storm the best fighter in the sport we guarded throughout the sport was the one and only modern it's not an actor and you can't mention haggar that mentioning the fight we had with her needs why do you think that was so well remembered i mean that's why even now we'll give you goose bumps if you're that way to i don't want to say for russia's it's insane yeah i mean the way very often
4:55 pm
boxing on that level where you've got the best against the best there will be a feeling out period where they kind of take sometimes work out what the fights might do with this one they just go at it i go get caught early on and then it all bets are off i don't resent just trying to destroy that and then that was he said he's motto it was when he went in there for you at the same time the hearns fight was standing he was a very controlled very disciplined boxer it's a it's a massive unexpected sudden loss and what impact do you think real quick could that hell have on the sport for the decades to come he still had the impact is still there every every box of the boxes today will have right at the top of their list of idols the name of a marvelous marvin hagler will be there the impact will continue well matt christie thank you so much for joining us. well let's go over to the english premier league now where manchester city beat full on 3 nil they've now moved 17 points clear of
4:56 pm
man united at the top of the table so he had to wait until the 2nd half of a match to take the lead through johnstone's. took advantage of some poor defending to than double their leave an argentinian forward sergio aguero scored his 1st e.p.l. goal in over a year to seal the win city now need just 14 points from their final 8 matches to secure the title. world champions byron munich have gone 5 points clear at the top of the german bundesliga byron beating vertebrae men 31 second place rb leipzig woodcuts byron's lead to 2 points if they win their game against anthrax frankfurt on sunday goals from leon go to a surrogate good gnabry and polish striker robert love and secured the points for byron. here with his 32nd lee goal of the season for a world number one lee westwood is one step away from his 1st p.g.a.
4:57 pm
tour title in 11 years the englishman took a 2 shot lead going into the final round of the players championship in florida the 47 year old moved to 13 under par with a bogey free for under $68.00 meanwhile american bryson bow who edged westwood to win the arnold palmer invitational last week shot a 67 to finish on 11 under who seem his hopes of back to back p.g.a. tour titles yeah i'm really looking forward to it i enjoy playing with him i enjoy his company and he's got his company on. round to. the rematch so. yeah i'm going to really enjoy tomorrow i enjoyed last sunday and i'm going to enjoy this sunday. and there are been tributes from across the motor sports world for legendary formula one commentator murray walker who died at the age of 97 owner of one of the most distinctive voices in sports walker's broadcasting career lasted more than 5 decades all right well that's it for me back to you hala thank you so
4:58 pm
much on the set for this new star to keep it here and i'll just say i'll be back with you after the break. the states are 4 months it's the mouth of their rape at the eastern end of the arab peninsula if you look at the arabian peninsula's up the road ascension the. ancient culture and to the east. to the west. it's sometimes known as the switzerland of the gulf because of the important regional role it plays in the gulf cooperation council the g.c.c. . but oman's long history is not well known outside the gulf region before oil was discovered in 1960 tune fishing and cruel diving words main sources of income.
4:59 pm
in this film we go back over the last 500 years of all 90 history of tribes wars rebellion and colonization and explore how and why oman still plays an important regional role today. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish and the state line becomes the default media namely developing looking for images that that lead to the letter to these guys that just how did he create a new system makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step outside the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a just 0. point 1300 media toilet gone missing embers in such a small place where everyone always everyone it's great easy to corrupt the system . really good about. britain so. it's
5:00 pm
a film that helped bring down the corrupt governments and led to the jailing of the former president. al jazeera investigates stealing paradise. arlan follows other countries in suspending the use of the astra zeneca covert 19 vaccine due to concerns about not glossing. over that i have in my head and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up more and see could protesters are killed and yet mark the governments in hiding is also promising resistance to military rule set.


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