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fear of dry too large a crowd. word is starting to get around this neighborhood known for the arts it just gives me this energy that makes me feel a bit more in the way i think we ought to be that close and be able to see the proprietors interact with each other was really fascinating and usually can afford seats that are. a bit like a musical scavenger hunt at a time and a neighborhood where such a performance is the ultimate prize. christian salumi al-jazeera new york. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines arlen's has become the latest country to suspend use of the astra zeneca call with 1000 back scene officials made the call after norway's health authority raised concerns about blood clots john
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hall has the details from london great irish authorities very clear in pointing out that there is no completed link or not alleging that or to have taken this move they say out of an abundance of caution and that is soon as new information by the european medical association can establish that there's nothing more than coincidence involved here they will revisit their decision thousands of people have gathered in the netherlands for another process against coronavirus restrictions this is the scene in the hague where police appear to have given up trying to break up the crowds behind the demonstration looking to valley support ahead of elections on wednesday. myanmar state's t.v. is reporting that a police officer has died off his injuries from and to demonstrate at least 4 more protesters were killed earlier the acts in leader of myanmar's posted civilian governments urged supporters to keep up pressure on the genter of british raney an
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aid worker detained in iran since 2016 has again appeared in courts as a means of going right cliff faces a new charge of propaganda against the system for trial comes a week after she was freed from house arrest a police investigation into the wife of syria's president is underway in britain as must certain is accused of inciting and encouraging terrorist acts during the war in syria the case was opened in response to a dossier filed by an international law firm it could lead to her facing prosecution and the loss or british citizenship and the leader of the ethiopian community and yemen's capital sana'a is calling for an international investigation and so far that killed at least 44 people mostly migrants from ethiopia local leaders have blamed the who control the city saying the neglected the migrant processing center and that's year to date steve stay with us here and i'll just 0 the listening post is next. on counting the cost of the perfect storm of pandemic
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droughts and china's demands prices hit 6 year highs argentine beat soaring inflation sends demand what's lowest since the 1950 s. last ethiopia 6 helpers its debt burden becomes too much. counting the cost on al-jazeera. after weeks of speculation we find. 3 point appears to be. for you. and the british public to try. the pregnant. tabloid media. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post where we don't cover. the news we cover the way the news is covered here are the media stories we're examining this week prince harry and megan marco are up against more than just buckingham palace they're also taking on british journalists many of whom stand guard for the monarchy mian mars' new military rulers are hoping some good p.r.
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will change the news narrative on the coup alternate realities the similarities between conspiracy movements like you went on in america and the gaming world plus give that arab a case did you know that i would read dealing with a distinct lack of diversity in the super hero community we begin with a story about the royal family in london datelined california 2 royals in exile prince harry and his american wife meghan markle interviewed by oprah winfrey their criticisms of the royal household this suggestions of racism with it were not well received by certain british news outlets and individuals the frenzied coverage has already forced one of the u.k.'s more problematic pro-monarchy voices piers morgan off the airwaves and it has british journalists debating what the country's society of editors is the 9 that the racism in parts of the u.k.
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news media runs deep in that interview prince harry also spoke of an invisible contract that exists between the royals and the tabloids the access that the family grants in exchange for favorable coverage which raises questions about the integrity of both institutions our starting point this week is oprah winfrey's primetime special with megan. tonight for the 1st. there's no right i'm sitting down but meghan kerry calls my being a. course was a global platform like. making in the kerry who are desperate to get control. cannot of found a more sympathetic interview they did approve. or use. i mean head to head with someone like piers morgan here you know he's going to give
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you a tough time. because you need to say exactly what he's going to say before she gives or will not go like oh wow that was all reaction. this is no mere celebrity fast this story gets at 2 british institutions the royal family that megan markham an american of mixed race married into and the u.k.'s media particularly it's tabloid news culture. what people ought to think at is that this is a huge national and international institution and so you know the royal family raise questions of national identity state power because the commonwealth the queen is the head of state in other countries around the world it's not just about britain it's not just about this family there's a much bigger question here being are the royal family need the media to cover them the queen famously said on one occasion we need to be seen to be believed in those
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months when i was pregnant concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born who is having that conversation megan or mary have undermined pretty severely with a sense that the institution let them down that it didn't treat them properly but she actually made good. doubt will strike a pretty resonant chord when coming up to a point where we need to have a serious conversation about how that future. why are our taxes going into the woods and is it necessary to rule family in in order trust to maintain our position in in the o.t. i would argue no they don't have any political power or any relevance to 21st century not. 8 8 at the outset of this story in 2016 the coverage wasn't all bad openminded news outlets welcomed the idea that a prince could marry
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a mixed race woman but in tabloid land the signs were troubling. within days of the relationship becoming public the daily mail and the express were both exploring more calls belly roots in unflattering terms fuelling the trolls on social media. it was only a month before prince harry issued a statement on the racial undertones of certain commentators and the nightly legal battles to keep defamatory stories out of the papers. dale tacheny that's what the british media does it sells we says a. sexism you know right it's protected us right off it's clear big online because it has a market for it the way this is a intersects with sexism it intersects with such a thing i'm most definitely into sex with bigotry this is what black women experience and biracial women of black heritage the narrative that the british
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public the money and the tabloid press have always been against maggie and simply isn't true i completely agree that that was very unpleasant nastyass just as kate middleton had i think it was more a case of her class than her race people don't want to hear that and i think that's what the real issue is you can't. there's a racial element in existence challenges everything that the opera as strands of society in britain stand for which is. harry inherited wealth and status and having a villain southgate this people they don't give a damn about rules but they wanted no doubt someone being made to cry on the feels that way because that's just who we are. if the royal family needs the media then the feeling is mutual the relationship symbiotic journalists require access to the
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palace for news content piers morgan tabloid editor turned broadcaster is the embodiment of that conflict morgan newmark he said they went for drinks once that he liked but he found himself rebuffed. never ever marry someone of a measure of should she goes to me right after the wedding was announced morgan used social media to lobby for an invitation which he never got going by after. he eventually grew more critical of mark and when she spoke this week of having mental health issues thoughts of suicide which she said the palace disregarded morgan accused her of lying i'm sorry i don't believe a word she says about in the bank she's fired up this. against our royal family i think is contemptible things the next morning one of his co-anchor said morgan had a personal grudge that was affecting his journalist as she said anything about you since you cut you off i do think she has but yet you continue to trash and dumber
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there's no no's are an hour hour is a don't know what that's a pick up truck a moment by not being sick sorry because of the absolutely diabolical behavior he may as well not overturn after tens of thousands of complaints were made about morgan his bosses at i.t.v. announced he was no longer with the program. of course meghan in the oprah interview really has brought out the 2 big guns of mental health and race and what i feel is that it's become incredibly difficult to question those i don't see why piers had to go because he questioned her credibility i can see that that calling somebody whining winching for complaining of mental health issues has got everyone on red alert but for me this highlights a far bigger issue that it's become impossible in our society to have
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reasonable debate where this really speaks to reseize kind of which why do. now social media lends itself to these really polarized positions so the right team hears and you are you to make an in this kind of know it's a no nuance debate between those 2 things. the modern history of the house of windsor has been told through television cameras many britons bought their 1st t.v. in 1953 so they could watch the coronation of queen elizabeth in 1905 princess diana used a b.b.c. interview to accuse the heir to the throne of adultery. 3 of us in this marriage and susan in rendition and at her funeral 2 years later the televised images of prince harry by the coffin were seared into memory banks why why we staying with a convicted sex offender in 2019 the b.b.c.
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grilled prince andrew over his american paedophile friend geoffrey epstein and that picture of him with a 16 year old girl who would later accuse him of rape the prince has yet to face justice his b.b.c. interview was big news in the u.k. but not on the same scale nowhere near the feeding frenzy that this one has become . his end was a disaster because prince andrew is a disaster he could not contemplate the mistakes of his ways which is in should never have had it could kill as a friend. but the lack of major backlash it comes down to just a violent relationship that the royal family has with the british media that is why our in situation is used to use at scapegoats. you know. the
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characters that are they. ever that are is emerging markets. this new story. populated with celebrities is far more revealing than it might appear diggin deep enough and it's about class race access and aspiration discourse and its limits. and it's about whether aging institutions the monarchy and britain's mainstream media remain fit for purpose in the 21st century it hasn't been a good week for either of. it's been a month and a half now since the military coup in me in march the government banned signs of protests ever since the crackdown by the military goes on and the news media are still the target in your head fall of the story we covered the last month what's
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changed. well some things have changed richard but a lot has stayed the same so when we cover the story we look at the violent crackdown by the military the growing shutdowns of the internet the arbitrary arrests of journalists the censorship of coverage the military didn't like all of that is still happening but it looks like the efforts of being ramped up the number of journalists have not been arrested it is at least 35 and as many as half of them must still behind bars the raids on independent news outlets that's continued and against 5 news organizations like the democratic force of burma 7 days mimo now they have had their licenses stripped from them so the military really has maintained its tight grip on the country's media yeah but what can the junta do about the extra what's being said on the outside the sanctions that. so number of countries particularly in the west have placed sanctions on me and ron there are reports now that the e.u. intends to widen the measures it's already taken so mean was now looking to the
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outside for them for help it's hired a canadian p.r. firm to quote assisted in explaining the real situation in the country the dickens and mets in canada is owned by ari bin menashe is a former israeli intelligence officer turned on turned lobbyist what he tell us about binoche formalised clients and his modus operandi is so then when the she has worked with the former president of zimbabwe robert mugabe he's worked with the military government in sudan he's got a long list of clients and he is company is known for its manipulation of the media even now we're seeing became a national giving interviews ways. trying to pin the blame on unsung suchi for the persecutions of the writing is as if that somehow absolves the military of guilt even though it stands accused of carrying out many if not most of the atrocities and he said that the civilian government was straying into the orbit of china which
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seems to be an attempt to rebranded coup as being pro-west or very at the very least anti beijing and he's also admitted that there's a lot of money in this for him he says that there is a big bonus in it for him at the end of the day if he manages to get the sanctions against me in lifted so it's going to be interesting to hear what he has to say next ok. in the aftermath of january's capitol hill riots in washington conspiracy theories from the dark corners of the web have been dragged out into the light the q and on movement for example which contends that our world is somehow controlled by a cub all of satan worshipping cannibalistic paedophiles followers believe that q. is one or several senior military or intelligence officials who have been trying to expose a deep state plot against donald trump and q flags were seen all over washington on that january day journalists have since devoted
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a lot of time to trying to understand the conspiratorial mindset how so many americans have come to believe these things one of the more interesting takes that we've seen came not from a reporter but a game designer read berkowitz in q one on berkowitz sees a world similar to the ones that he creates in a.r.g.s alternate reality games his analysis and essay we asked him to adapt for television explains a lot about the way our flawed minds work and how easily we can be dragged down the conspiratorial rabbit hole. i am a game designer with experience in a very small niche i create research games designed to be played in reality. fictions designed to feel as real as possible puzzles the deeper you dig the more you find. games with rabbit holes that invite you into wonderland and entice you
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through the looking. when i saw a q. and i knew exactly what it was and what it was doing. they'd seen it before i'd almost built before. it was gaming's evil twin. a game that plays. on uses the form and techniques of alternate reality gaming a.r.g. . the q. and a on universe has a game like feel to it that it's evident to anyone who has ever played an air g. or an online role play however q. is not a game q anon is like the reflection of a game in a mirror it looks just like one but it is inverted and one of the very 1st experience fictions i ever designed the players had to explore a creepy basement looking for clues the object they were looking for was barely
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hidden and the clue was easy as a participant started searching for the object hidden they spotted little random scraps of wood on the floor that happened to make the shape of a perfect arrow pointing right at a blank wall that had to be a clue then it got worse since they're obviously was no clue there the group decided the clue they were looking for was in the wall the collection of ordinary tools they found conveniently laying around seem to enforce their conclusion that this was the right direction. it was all random chance but i can see the connections that have been made were all completely logical these were normal people and there's some sions were normal and logical and just completely wrong. they had not found a clue they had created. have a name for this kind of syndrome they call it apophenia apophenia is the tendency to perceive a connection or meaningful patterns between unrelated random things q and that's
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the point it isn't about finding the clues and solving the puzzle it's about confusing people into tearing down walls if you're a designer and have puzzles and have a plot and apophenia is a wild card you always have to be concerned about. cubana is a mere reflection of this dynamic. here apophenia is the point of everything there are no scripted plots there are no puzzles to solve created by game designers there are no solutions they're constantly getting the player lost but pointing out unrelated random events and creating a meaning for them that fits the propaganda message was delivered. ok so it doesn't tell you to follow you could think about what you want which. is a fictional character in a fictional game a real whistleblower with important information would get it out as fast as
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possible to the most reliable source possible there are people like daniel ellsberg edward snowden and chelsea manning they don't drop clues and make you solve puzzles to look at the information q does though he does this because he is not a whistleblower q. is a fictional character and acts exactly like a fictional character. this is because the purpose of q. is not to divulge actual information between create fiction let's take a look at how this works. to create apophenia 1st you need random data the more the better then you need to interpret that data in a way that leads you to a full solution that fits the narrative and several q. drops q. tells followers that there is a shadowy call to out there in which the members are required to reveal their status through symbolism owls or an animal. cue asks them to look
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out for these symbols and jewelry tattoos or hand gestures of public figures and celebrities of course q. knows what they'll find the clintons throwing the rock and roll hand horns jay z. flashing the illuminati. the rothschilds were in foreign heads of fancy dress costume parties. the images pile up fast clue after clue points the investigators to mountains of out of context images of the people they distrust totally looking like they are in a cult there is no doubt about the political nature of this propaganda either this is the internet's repurposed of hatreds greatest hits. it is an isolated process but then in a large community of like minded people to share their finds and get showered with compliments courage men and praise they post images trade theories create. photoshop the images into crazy quilt people wearing owls and goat head pentagrams
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. they may not believe it at 1st but as they watch and list music videos of the hollywood elite flicks covered in the cult symbolism screaming about drugs and demons. a dope. doubts are notoriously hard to get rid of the ideas start to surround them a majority of people they know believes. at least partly cumin on inspired conspiracies all their news feeds echo the same thing tick tock instagram base book and all over twitter oh in a newsmax or reporting on is becoming a widely accepted system of beliefs then you mainstream if they ever lose faith their senators and even the former president of the united states talking about what a great movement human on is i've heard these are people that love our country eventually they just stop fighting they finally accept what is right before their eyes and what explains so much of what everyone around them is also seeing and telling them
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is the truth it's an international satanic cult and this is the moment of a pop. only this is delusion as revelation there's a reason the people enjoy doing puzzles one most of us aren't aware of. when we solve puzzles we get ahead of dopamine biochemically anchors the idea into our mind in a way that can be a certainty it gives us the motivation to solve more puzzles it's that feeling you experience when you get the lawnmower to work when you solve a hard puzzle on a great game the problem is we also get the same rush when we solve a puzzle in correctly but think we've got it right unlike the puzzles in a real game that have real solutions there is no reality no solution in the real world instead this is a breadcrumb trail away from reality away from the actual flu and toward the dangerous psychologically. it works because when you figure it out yourself
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you own it because you've experienced the thrill of discovery the excitement of the rabbit hole the acceptance of a community that loves and respects you because you are convinced to connect the dots yourself you can see the absolute logic of it it's a feeling that game designers are always chasing giving players the ability to live in a world of magic that is vibrant and alive with potential a world that reveals itself to you day by day a world you can understand how to roll and. i can't believe people want to give that feeling up without a fight. whatever happens with trump acumen on one thing is certain the gaming techniques employed acumen and for simply too effective to be forgotten. the genie is out of the bottle. the may not be cute but the game of the cation propaganda
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will continue to evolve. this is just the bitter. and finally if you're error but you are accustomed to the film and television industries especially hollywood casting people like you or who look like you is villains white westerners usually get to play the hero superheroes are no different the original lineup of marvel's avengers was 5 white guys and one white woman the whole crew was green but only when he had anger management issues we're seeing a little more diversity these days the comic book spider-man is now an afro latino and this is marvel is a pakistani american but we're still waiting on that 1st arab in a cape equipped with super powers saving the world on the big screen a comedy duo out of toronto called wishful genie has decided to wait no more so we leave you now with to be the 1st arab superhero and we'll see you next time you're
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at the list. did you kill that guy with. kids can't communicate you're like yes. she was middle eastern i think it really good. we've never seems for me. to tell you something. but you should still get a degree but you need a real job men. even your country needs you. sorry there's just a quick screening it's completely random we get home. i'm a superhero. wouldn't you be like dr strange he's
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a superhero and a doctor. protect our city. like let's get married or do you know 20. don't hurt me with your puts me in danger . to meet the we need to beat the band of the year. but as you say. i believe we believe you'll be key in see the. coming to the new. show. it isn't just a u.s. . military takeover amy and molly despite some districts want to one east is. investigating what it means for the future of the southeast asian nation on out you
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see. we understand the differences come the similarities the cultures across the world so much of what we do to the news and current affairs that matter to you. this is 0. hello there i missed all the attention this is the news out live from our headquarters here and our coming up in the next 60 minutes ireland is the latest country to suspend use of the astra zeneca private 19 vaccine following concerns about blood crossing. at least 30 and protesters are killed in myanmar as an opposition leader promises resistance against military.


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