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inside story. to say to say that it's time for a different approach so let's leave them firstly to the headlines join me as i take all the lies dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions marc lamont hill and it's time to get up for. the bloodiest day yet in the 1000000 mom military's crackdown on protestors. hello i'm daryn jordan this is live from doha also coming up a message that taking the right to the top woman rally outside australia's parliament calling for an end to sexual violence.
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and it's loud and clear in london 2 growing anger at how police handled a vigil after the killing of 33 year old sarah ever. a curfew in brazil to curb soaring corona virus infections but thousands of people are rebelling against more restrictions. mean maz ousted civilian leader aung sang suu kyi is due back in court in the coming hours just as a country reels from yet more bloodshed. at least 39 people have been killed on sunday that's the highest number of deaths in a single day in the month and a half long crackdown on protestors the military has imposed martial law in parts of young gone that's me and my biggest city tell me check reports. to find protest is again months through the streets of mandalay on sunday in. strong voice
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and in large numbers they were clearly unbound by the violence of the day before that's when the security services shot dead at least 6 people in a crackdown in myanmar 2nd city and injured many more but with the death toll rising a call for revolution from the former vice president now leading a civilian administration in hiding. this is the darkest moment of the nation and the moment when the dawn is close this is the time for us citizens to test their resistance against the dark moments speaking of a new federal democracy the message was clearly aimed at bringing diverse ethnic groups together to overcome the army and their coup. when forming a resistance unity plays a vital role despite our differences in the past this is the time we must grip our hands together to end the dictatorship for good. these diverse ethnic groups are scattered across myanmar's borderlands divided they don't represent
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a significant threat to the military who've been fighting them for decades united they could be a considerable obstacle but there's long been distrust between these groups and the n l d the national league for democracy bringing them together would be no small task. in peaceful defiance protesters break the curfew to honor the dead in candlelit vigil is across the country you never heard nothing about me we come under street to show that the are against military dictatorship by breaking feel audit you post by do. leave you continue fighting that is the military continues with its brutal tactics on the streets calls for a revolution that's not so peaceful and they gain increasing support tony ching al-jazeera. joins us live now from the thai capital bangkok scott so the military continues its deadly crackdown against the protesters dozens being killed yesterday
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. yes there and absolutely as you mentioned this is the deadliest day so far since these protests started after that february 1st coup at least 39 dead now we need to know that one of those dead in that figure according to authorities in myanmar is a policeman who died also on sunday so $39.00 at least $39.00 dead you know we saw several districts a lot of violence in several districts are around yangon some of the industrial area that surrounds the country's largest city factories kind of stacked up in kind of the periphery of the city and that's where a lot of this violence took place in one district alone 22 protesters were killed so that's why we saw it really kind of the focus of this taking place on sunday yes and away from the protests got there are some reports of ostend not a number of chinese financed factories how is the army been responding to those fires. yeah this is actually in some of those areas where these
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protests are going on this is kind of just beyond that is where these factory districts are and yes there's there are several cases of arson and the chinese government responded directly saying that they expect the myanmar authorities to protect their citizens and assets in myanmar saying that their citizens were injured and trapped by this arson so that coming from the chinese government again that's a big thing for the military in myanmar because they're very close allies and very reliance on the chinese connection so that coming directly from from the chinese government as this is unfolding on sunday something also that's interesting is in a relation to that end the violence now 6 districts around yangon are now under martial law now you know when you look at what's been happening over the last several weeks there have been such restrictions on what people can do these gatherings we are seeing those are technically illegal so be interesting to see what they do more in these 6 districts this coming out in just the last couple of
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hours what they're going to do differently does that mean that any time anyone comes out on the street they're going to be arrested immediately so the posture could change in those 6 districts again these are around yangon where we saw a lot of that violence and the arson take place on sunday there just got hired to live in bangkok scott thank you now protests to opposite ends of the world are taking up the fight against violence directed at women and cities across australia thousands of joined rallies demanding justice for victims actions similar to what's been happening in the u.k. that mass demonstrations have been taking place against how police handled a vigil that followed the killing of 33 year old sarah ever we'll have more on that shortly but 1st to make a gauge in cumbria that political figures are also the target of protesters anger. allegations of right have dominated strongly in politics for weights and now thousands of the stradley ins have come out calling for an end to violence against
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women including in the nation's palm and it was sparked by shocking allegations by a former political advisor that she was allegedly raped by a colleague inside the defense minister's office so you know after there were allegations that attorney general christian porter the top floor officer in a stray and allegations of a historic right case against him from 30 years ago he categorically denies that but these issues within parliament house have absolutely resonated with the australian public many who have telly been telling their stories about sexual assaults and harassment bullying in the workplace but when it comes to pollinate house the real issue here is hell is this still happening it was back in 2012 that australia's 1st female prime minister julie raised issues and called out missile jenny and sexist behavior within the palm and and still way hearing stories of
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bullying sexual harassment and even woods but the australian government says this acting on violence against women is one of its kate priorities it has launched an independent investigations into the culture at palm house but many people who have been protesting in australia don't believe that goes far enough they want an independent inquiry into the allegations against christian christian porsche the attorney general even though police have closed that case. well as nicollette mentioned there have been allegations of sexual assault or harassment against several politicians and staff in australia's parliament there's been a rape accusations against attorney general christian porter dating back to 988 he says he's innocent separately former political advisor brittany higgins recently went public with allegations she was raped in parliament house in 2019 and claims of harassment against frank zumbo was a senior aide to a liberal party m.p.
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6 woman made formal police complaints but in the u.k. prime minister barak's johnson has vowed to look at how women and girls can be better protected from violence he's made the pledge following criticism of police action at a vigil for sarah everett who was killed while walking home alone that in barbour has that story. anger outside police headquarters in london a day after a vigil ended in seems that shocked many people here in the u.k. demonstrators gathered mixing demands for an end to male violence against women with claims that the police are part of the problem at saturday's vigil the focus was clearly on the we've been victims of male violence here the focus has shifted with denunciations of police brutality hundreds had come to the south london vigil near where sarah everard went missing initially police kept their distance but the decision to move in on the crowds and the use of force to arrest women created
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outrage i. agree pretty quick tell the metropolitan police calls for a pool report the department said there were unanswered questions after she bit the mic chief chris a dick and london's mayor city column for the opposition labor party says he's unsatisfied with her account insisting the mic didn't honor its assurances the vigil would be released sensitively but despite calls from some for cressida dick to resign she's standing firm and strongly defending what happened. big crowd that gathered lots of speeches. quite rightly as far as i can see. this is now an unlawful gathering which poses a considerable risk to people's health cordin to the regulations. really invidious position from all of this to find themselves in labor's now set to vote against a new policing bill in the coming days this week in parliament we start
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a policing bell 300 or so pages one $170.00 something to all this and almost nothing almost nothing if you can believe it on violence against women and girls the gaping hole in this bill is while will be voting against it on a complete missed opportunity by the government civil rights groups have also criticised the legislation saying it gives police too many powers to ban demonstrations if they'll cause disruption more protests are planned near parliament on monday because of the pressure on the capital's police force and the politicians it answers to increases the al-jazeera london. let's not to come here and i was there including another battle for the falklands why the disputed islands near argentina i feeling left out by briggs it and a dust storm and gulf china's capital pushing up pollution levels and affecting flights more that stay with us.
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hello the weather is quieting down nicely now for the middle east we saw some very strong winds through the course of the way can as this system made its way across but the skies coming back in behind not looking too bad a lesser in turkey we've got some rain sleet and snow coming in across the turkish mounties quite a brisk wind too into the eastern side of the mediterranean little try some showers into lebanon as we go on through or choose day still see some showers there continuing into parts of turkey but i think. elsewhere we shouldn't be too bad little bit lifted dust and sand a possibility into the northeast of saudi arabia pushing up into work you wait for the south that is fine and sunny in that sunshine stretches across the good parts of somalia see want to see showers just drifting in here mind she chance of wanted to shout into central parts of ethiopia but for good part of east africa it's sad that you got to looking at kenya looking at the part of tanzania also fine and try
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said about the times they will see some showers those showers there extending across into northern areas of mozambique well in parts of madagascar saying some showers as well as showers structure right across the tropics up into the gulf of guinea now just somewhat to weather the for the cut southern capers we go on through monday it will not drive as well to the further east which is because you choose day bright skies behind. me to take anything. else can assume the streets want to when east is on the ground investigating was it means to be a chance to se asia. now to see. be the hero the world needs right now. washing.
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move. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour at least 39 people have been killed in bloodiest day yet in the 1000000 mom military's month and a half long crackdown on anti can protesters alstad civilian leader and san suu kyi is due back in court in the coming hours. large protests are being held across australia demanding an end to violence against women one of the biggest rallies was outside parliament house in the capital hundreds and thousands of people have also protested in london as anger against the police handling of saturday's visual every day 33 year old woman abducted and killed earlier this month.
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thousands of supporters of brazil's president have joined protests demanding an end to coronavirus restrictions many cities and states have been tightening lockdowns us hospitals are stretched to capacity the president has repeatedly opposed lock down saying they are necessary and are hurting the economy donna shannon reports. police with axes an assault rifles raided this venue in sao paolo and found about $600.00 party goes most without masts most i'm repentant. we pay taxes and we know the risks we make it sick or infect our family that we need to do something in life. the police said the venue had no windows and all the doors were closed elsewhere and they also uncovered a clandestine v.a.p. casino where among the revelers was international brazilian football.
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the country's collapsing hospitals all over crowded and people are still playing and gathering at the forbidden event with more than 11000000 people infected and 277000 deaths hospitals in brazil are struggling to cope 12000 people died in the past week alone and the united states has been hit harder and nothing we saw a family being destroyed not long ago father mother grandfather grandmother everyone suffered in the family so it's very sad the state government with a population of $44000000.00 has imposed new emergency measures including a nighttime curfew a ban on sporting events and the closure of all non-essential businesses that are lost a minimum of 15 days. the protesters many of them supporters of president. took to the streets to oppose the nature's. way of protesting against the dictatorial
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attitude of the governor has locked down into our jobs our health and to the people of. the more the operation to vaccinate brazil's 211000000 people has been slow to get going one who has is a 75 year old former president popularly known as lula. i hope this vaccine gives the result that i dream of that the brazilian people dream of because all they want is to be vaccinated against this monster called coronavirus the president needs to stop being so ignorant. well some fight the pandemic of this brazenly defy it the only certainty is that brazil's coronavirus casualties continue to rise that al-jazeera when osiris people in power go i have paused to remember thousands of victims of covert 19 the countries hit record levels in the past week the number of new cases and deaths nearly 3 and a half 1000 people have died since the beginning of the pandemic public anger has
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been growing at the slow rollout of vaccines new york has also been honoring those lost a year on from the 1st death from coburg 19 and america's biggest city it's been mourning the deaths of more than 30000 residents photographs of some of the victims were displayed at a memorial it's been the worst hit city in the west a country it's now grappling with a new surge in cases reporting more than 6000 a week. it's a number we can barely imagine. more new yorkers lost then in world war 2. hurricane sandy and 911 put to gather. every family touched in some way and 1st so many families are pain. a pain that is wrong. now syria is entering a 2nd decade of
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a relentless conflict that's devastating the country there's still no political settlement and while a cease fire is largely holding many fear further military assaults. looks back at how what began as a peaceful uprising descended into war. this is the birthplace of syria's uprising in 2011 but opposition members call this moment the end of the dream of a democratic country it's 2018 and the government has just recaptured the southern province after 7 years of resistance. i almost had a breakdown after all the sacrifices when they raised the flag we felt stabbed the town had a lot of symbolism for the revolution. it was here where the wall of fear was broken we watched syrians turn against the police state we watched them bury their dead demonstrators who were killed by security forces.
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during their. protests spread to other areas in homs tanks were sent to suppress the uprising. the city which became known as the capital of the revolution became a battleground in. the regime forced us to take up arms and turned the uprising into a war it was no longer possible to face guns without screens. there was a siege on the rebel stronghold after months of heavy fighting months later the opposition agreed to leave the area. was among them he says they had little choice they were trapped without basic supplies running low on ammunition and abandoned by the world. 2 years later and after a 4 year stalemate the opposition was forced to abandon all. which weakened them politically has certain. i felt broken when i got on the bus i still
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think about it but the siege was unbearable people were dying you the by bombs or hunger. this is among the millions of internally displaced syrians who live in the opposition controlled north unable and unwilling to live under syrian president bashar assad's rule but he says he fears a ceasefire agreed last year will not hold. already hundreds of thousands have been killed millions have been displaced inside and outside the country and there has been no accountability. serious conflict is entering its 2nd decade with the majority of its citizens poor and with little hope. we have been forced to give up on our dreams the international community has failed the syrian people there is no reconciliation there is no peace 10 years of war has divided a country and its people sent to their beirut now the saudi led
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coalition says it's intercepted and destroyed a drone launched by yemen's who think which was headed towards the saudi city of hama shade it happened less than 2 weeks after the coalition said it shot down 6 explosive drones directed towards the kingdom nigerian security forces have repelled an attack by armed men in the northwest who attempted to students from a school official say all children and staff are now accounted for and troops have stepped up their search for 36 other students still missing after gunmen attacked a college in the same state could do no on thursday they have a night raid was the 4th mass school abduction in the region since december. britain's foreign secretary says it's unacceptable that iran is pursuing a 2nd case against non-citizens of garri ratcliffe a british iranian woman who's been detained in iran since 2016 has appeared in court on a new charge she's now facing a charge of propaganda against the system nazneen finished her previous 5 year
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sentence for a separate conviction only last week a blanket of dust is hanging over china's capital causing major disruption the sand has blown into beijing from the gobi desert pushing air pollution levels up to the top of the scale much of northern china is being affected and flights have been grounded in the in a mongolia region these storms though are a common problem around march and april. spanish police say they have taken down the largest drug gang in the country's capital some 600 kilograms of cocaine was seized in madrid police also found cash 20 luxury cars and an awesome of weapons they say the leader of the network liaise with other gangs in spain as well as colombia morocco and northern europe. the german chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats suffered big losses in 2 state elections on sunday exit polls and a partial vote count so social democrats and the green party as the main winners experts say it's a sign of what's to come in the national elections in 6 months time the mccain
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reports now from berlin. it's a personal triumph for higher social democratic prime minister of the rhineland pilaster nucleus last 8 years but after sunday's vote now able to plan another 5 years in government anger yes mark i and i would like to thank all our citizens for this great trust they have placed in us thank you very much to all of you and of course i thank my party because we worked so hard to carry this election victory home triumph also for the greens in the neighboring state of barton vata barrack whose lead candidate here has been prime minister for almost 10 years vin fleet clutch man 2 can now plan the next 5 years in office xian one solenoid darks imported after market you have once again made is the strongest political force i see this as a mandate to continue serving our state as prime minister and i accept this is sign it with great gratitude and humility. little doubt over the night's big losers the
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christian democrats whose vote slumped in both states and who are ruing the twin effect of a financial scandal involving several of its federal parliamentarians here in berlin and growing concern across the country of their management of the corona pandemic. we see of course that the population is growing dissatisfied and also lacking understanding among citizens about the corona crisis management peoples and patients is growing which i can understand personally therefore everyone who is now responsible has to critically question themselves again although sunday's election was only in 2 states in the southwest one analyst told me what happened there will resonate national it is not just about this it is in the polls as you. if you're into the whole country. that's. give us a good glimpse. into you know the state of affairs that the director of it's a glimpse of the christian democrats may not like the look of having shed many
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votes in sunday's state elections they must find a vote a winner for september's general election with angle americal rule that they have but 2 options the current party leader armey lash it who divides opinion both inside the party and out or the bavarian prime minister markers or whose poll ratings are much higher but who represents far fewer conservatives knowing that the wrong choice could cost them dearly in 6 months time dominic cain al-jazeera berlin . now the future of many businesses in the falkland islands is under threat after it was left out of briggs the trade deals between the u.k. and the e.u. it means firms in the british overseas territory that exports products like fish and squid could pay higher tariffs and histories about reports argentina's government are seeing it as a chance to strengthen its claim over the islands of. the falklands islands in the southern atlantic also known as my levinas for people in latin america are
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considered part of the overseas territories of the united kingdom but 2 days after finalizing the brics it agreement the european union and oust that it would stop recognizing overseas territories under british rule and the benefits that came along the decision came as a surprise for residents of the islands that of the other territories were allowed to vote in the referendum even though. we respect that decision after it was quite a bit of a shock i think when the when the result. we hadn't really expected that relationship changed that next piece of the puzzle does need to be addressed. we need a relationship with the cape. as well 4 years industries here have benefited from being a member state until now g y less is concerned about what's coming next i find it very concerning that the situation is that at the moment any fish or squid the
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ricks port in europe are attractive tariff of between 6 and 18 percent i mean to give you an idea in terms of the conservative view based on our recent financial performance that 6 percent represents 30 percent on average of our profits over the last 5 years so as extremely disturbing the decision by the e.u.'s perceived as a victory for argentina which has been demanding before cannes are moving now silence the south georgia and the south sandwich islands belongs to them. the thought printed dispute over the islands led to a war between britain and argentina in 1982 it lasted for 74 days and left almost 1000 dead in spite of losing the war argentina continues to demand that the islands are part of their territory inherited from the spanish colonial rule many females who seem charge of the mild venus issue in argentina says he's government is going to continue pushing for. the most rudimentary
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we're still in the early stages after brics it but europe has signaled a change in its position on the islands there was a similar case at the u.n. when the child goes archipelago the u.k. lost 114-2686 months to return the island to marie shifts the only e.u. country to vote for the u.k. was hungry. on the island argentina's ambitions are perceived as a threat that's why people here are hoping their needs from now on one being annoyed. and when a site is space x. is making history again after knowing its reusable falcon 9 rocket for a record 9th time. it lifted off from nasa as kennedy space center in the u.s. state of florida at the rockets carrying the latest batch of space x.'s internet beaming satellites all starlee. it's been
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a historic night for women at the grammy music awards beyonce has become the most decorated in the awards history adding 4 more songs to her collection was also a big night for taylor swift. she's the 1st woman to win album of the year 3 times at the grammys with her surprise pandemic record folklore taking top prize ceremony was held outdoors for the 1st time and there was no live audience because of safety concerns. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera at least 39 people have been killed in the bloodiest day yet in the me in my military's crackdown on protesters ousted civilian leader suchi is due back in court in the coming hours a month and a half after she was deposed has more from bangkok. 6 districts around the.


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