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tv   Witness Midnight Traveler  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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with over 500 supporters clubs outside germany they were able to spread their message far beyond their hamburg home but some pollies history is far from innocence the club is sending out a warning about the rising popularity of far right parties like the a.f.d. . nazis and fascists have no place in something today. i'm having my head see an endo here with the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of protesters have turned out across several rebel held city as in syria they're marking 10 years since the start of the country's civil war the conflict has calls one of the world's worst humanitarian crises it's more than half of syria's population displaced say nevada and looks back at ghana's a peaceful uprising descended into civil war. this is the
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birthplace of syria's uprising in 2011 but opposition members call this moment the end of the dream of a democratic country it's 2018 and the government has just recaptured the southern province after 7 years of resistance. i almost had a breakdown after all the sacrifices when they raised the flag we felt stabbed the town had a lot of symbolism for the revolution. it was here where the wall of fear was broken we watched syrians turn against the police state we watched them bury their dead demonstrators who were killed by security forces was. going. protests spread to other areas in homs tanks were sent to suppress the uprising in. the city which became known as the capital of the revolution became a battleground for. the regime forced us to take up arms and turned the uprising
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into a war it was no longer possible to face guns without screens. there was a siege on the rebel stronghold after months of heavy fighting months later the opposition agreed to leave the area. a shaft was among them he says they had little choice they were trapped without basic supplies running low on ammunition and abandoned by the world. 2 years later and after a 4 year stalemate the opposition was forced to abandon aleppo which weakened them politically or certain. i felt broken when i got on the bus i still think about it but the siege was unbearable people were dying you the by bombs or hunger. as that is among the millions of internally displaced syrians who live in the opposition controlled north unable and unwilling to live under syrian president
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bashar assad's rule but he says he fears a ceasefire agreed last year will not hold. already hundreds of thousands have been killed millions have been displaced inside and outside the country and there has been no accountability serious conflict is entering its 2nd decade with the majority of its citizens poor and with little hope. what we have been forced to give up on our dreams the international community has failed the syrian people there is no reconciliation there is no peace 10 years of war has divided a country and its people sent to their beirut. miramar security forces killed at least 50 people on sunday the worst day of violence in a month and a half long crackdown on the anti coup movement's state television says one police officer was also killed indonesia has become the latest country to delay using the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine overbroad court concerns the drug firm says it's
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review data and there's no increased risk facebook has begun labeling posts about coronavirus in an effort to combat misinformation concerns about vaccines will have labels with facts from the world health organization the tech giant says it will expand its coronavirus awareness efforts to other platforms instagram and whatsapp . charges against a former coup leader in mali have been drop its armor to hire sanogo was accused of ordering the kidnap and murder of 21 soldiers after a failed came to kill him 2012 so ago still has support within the military that staged another coup last august tens of thousands of people have rallied in marches across australia protesting against sexual abuse and harassment of women has been triggered by allegations of rape and assaults to stay with us and al jazeera witnesses next.
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i'm just going to. when i had a lot of you have to show how lonely you are never make having to buy something to give money to someone going to find something to put ok and those are the one of the month is making a bunch of them in our. we put a horror nobody put other men on you know console decide upon star i was amused if you saw how could i could only do enough to keep the peace and i'm going to while watching our son was a movie actor for everybody those of us we had she. anyway i mean i have a lot i mean you have just now and how nice and quiet many needles i've seen how somebody put this fire took it from us of course packing want to finish i'm sure until now for the what a close call in less than a year from. the middle east and the best marriage but not so much imo but yeah you know they don't want a trial because it was already but both of them about going directly to the star
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for middle class because they want to get us that don't matter on one of the local probation officer on the side of another son move to explore why do you know this i'm going to have it going on i mean i'm not going to cry you should know that i was going to go get a student body get if they don't talk to me but it kind of by. contrast looked at for example with. school. one of the fun who don't change you want to be doing no money with him could use. be a good joke but he became impatient and do some of the modern number. for us to quote the in the situation. who commissioned. me to start to think it's even going to need to think
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the cover. up. going to subsume especially in the summer the high court french muslim gold glows in the magic book but they also must admit in medicare looks designed to last for long but a moment. please has only. one student in it just kind of sitting literally just sort of making it. but this isn't just about an issue look how many new jersey to go to to meet him do we did you know for sure that i was looking and should look she is this this is this he. has to fit in to more feel who can move him seem to move to secure position with the more more force the rebels move move forward with the things to mold similitude and implement also. a more on the front to move his most recent looser meet that.
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there's the simple one. to suit but existence of a legal battle will. lead you to believe that i think he'll be illegitimate xander would love to be going to be on the cards on a couple of those little knowledge that not much is up to the. just a good chunk of. blanshard he said he did it to the final settlement in addition many said the most. horrible. scene was my. niece not yet. but it's a young. woman about fine in the community. but. i don't know how the hell i know people are not at all the. documents.
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it's a film that helped bring down the corrupt governments and led to the jailing of the former president. al jazeera investigates stealing power dice. since its inception in 1961 the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over 100 countries by funding projects in the rape sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development. welcome to doha from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes . so you can relax and enjoy the perfect break in your journey.
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and when you leave with a smile we know our day's work is done cats are always welcome to our home. the for the. but i'm. with the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of protesters have turned in several rebel held city is in syria to mark 10 years since the start of the civil war the conflict has caused one of the world's worst humanitarian crises with more than half of syria's population displaced the u.k. has a 9 sanctions against 6 allies of syrian president bashar. cletus foreign minister and close advisors the british foreign secretary says assad's regime has subjected
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the syrian people to quote a decade of protests. mean more security forces have killed at least 6 people on monday after 50 people were killed on sunday that was the worst day of violence in a month and a half long crackdown on the anti cool movement state television says one police officer was killed scott heiler has more from bangkok in neighboring thailand despite that some protesters have come out today on monday after this after the announcement that those areas are under martial law and they are still coming out what we saw on sunday as you mentioned the deadliest day so far around 50 people were killed one though one within that number is a policeman that according to authorities in myanmar but the deadliest day we're kind of seeing that the rep or questions of that army taking a further step of their control of the streets in those districts 6 districts in yangon and 5 districts in mandalay. indonesia has become the latest country to
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delay using the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine over blood clot concerns the drug from says it has reviewed data and there is no increased risk facebook's begun labeling posts about covert 19 in an effort to combat misinformation content about vaccines will have labels with facts from the world health organization charges against a former ku leader in mali have been dropped i'm a do hire sanogo was accused of ordering the kidnap and murder of 21 soldiers after a failed coup in 2012 tens of thousands of people have rallies in marches across the street they are protesting against the sexual abuse and harassment of women has been triggered by allegations of rape and assault centers around a strictly as parliament's well those are the headlines stay with us on al-jazeera part c or of witness by traveller is up next.
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if you saw them. haters you know what to do so. only go yes no more because kathy for you. told them what i was to them with that whole affair because she was in our this or we should be the 4th to move the whole. time the 4 percent go for money as i don't want another did not another that was the $1.00 another the issues that are not a matter that would. put me with the midterm election the harness are going to run yet thought through that i may hear a goof peed in it i don't know but yet half the couple of the time about that all
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want to do that as opposed to the mcchrystal with them how me and if you click the money in the public then what it. said about the composition is that if i'm going to thought of a good. talk guest you can join up in the other shit in. grafton did it i thought additional matter of them that is subzero to gush to a thumb not a hard with a muslim by the north you must have this subsidy because you love the all the mama jobs they. call the me can you do that is it in the eyes of the media i. believe you do that in 2000 if you emission. for them to be in the jury room for some good how do you do with the homie got the ball dude in the ocean the world that over. you know how that you have the business picnic of them that were to my good not to them it lathers up as in the city you class to do with a month ago if i was going to do you know the certain the maybe no hope for the
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with the bad for. stuff. well ash. i like that if i'm safely in port thank you.
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know what to do with you know what to do. when the last night had the same. i was going to look. like i was a girl and it came much others are going to care and we might be a little bit annoyed that it wasn't anything as i think as i do that we can print go out thought. it was always ok good to get work a little bit of because then log in with the cookbook you know and i'm a lot of them will help on those you know my dog with them while i'm fixing it and
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i ask when it goes in there you can run west with ambrose about things that are. already. in it to tacitus the. 2 children who grew something actually a lot because it only took as long as it took for that little something to look at the culture of man was i understand something but then she wonders if not. now and says. well. the military option here not. the i don't know has never got over not without money. right now so the problem is with until it's not and. how maybe she's gotten by not advice. who. was only getting. good value. here and that is.
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if you should be done by somebody who looks. to me. yet. but you know it's legal. ringback to do. it in libya this is a little bit of what it is that will open the yes.
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were. mixing the traditional with the mountain what do you knew what to expect ignoring cause divides the only thing with united their force them there was a greek music blaring to the speakers wielding the power of music to turn up the volume on india's social injustices when i saw the performance or result wall and
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shake things out ruined their own status of the rebirth of status of those witness causeless collective on al-jazeera. it's time for the perfect. sponsored plan qatar airways i want to get my say some very heavy rain recently into northern parts of peru and in they did so good part of ecuador plenty of shall clout there that pop cold cloud across the amazon basin further pockets of heavy rain as we go on through the remainder of monday for the south because some other heavy rain pushing across into
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northern areas of argentina that will grassy east across the river plate so we could see some localized flooding here as we head towards the middle part of the way that rain will be heavy at times and also thundery some showers too pushing across towards rio plenty of showers there across central and western parts of brazil and back up towards ecuador in fact a good part of colombia also seeing some rather heavy rain much quieter there was a move into the caribbean we have got a few showers just around the eastern islands having said that we wanted to shout was just drifting in across the winds and the leeward maybe see a shower at sea just creeping into puerto rico but for much of the greater antilles hispaniola but you make a looking fine and for i also love the sunshine coming through here just notice a few more showers easing into the leeward says we go on into choose day say some nasty weather recently across the u.s. massive snowstorm tornadoes the snows making its way up towards mr west as we go on through monday with wetter weather across the appalachians.
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qatar airways 2 years after new zealand's deadly mosques you chains one o one east returns to christ church to find out how those most deeply affected are coping. and surviving a massacre on al-jazeera. the. al-jazeera. hello there i am how i'm here dean and this is the news hour of live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes protests in cities across syria as that marks 10 years of civil war more than half a 1000000 people dead and millions forced to flee their homes. libya swears in a new cabinets the latest phase of a landmark.


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