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meet the women leading the way. women make change and al-jazeera. eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on which is iraq. i know japan shares our concerns with china's destabilizing actions the u.s. secretaries of state and defense are in japan to strengthen relations with china at the top of the agenda. hello i'm adrian figure this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up protesters in yemen's port city of aid and storm government offices angry about the worsening economic situation that. libya's new government is set to officially take over in
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the latest set to bring peace after 10 years of conflict. and the european medicines agency said to discuss the safety of the astra zeneca vaccine as more countries course the rollout. of the u.s. secretaries of state and defense of use the 1st overseas trip to reify washington's commitment so it's east asian allies and today blinken the lloyd austin have been holding meetings in japan they say that washington is prepared to push back against beijing's growing influence in the region rob the bride reports now from seoul. this high level visit is confirmation of east asia its importance in the world view of the new u.s. administration of president joe biden and the mission took particular an aim at the
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human rights record of me and in china in burma the military is attempting to overturn the results of a democratic election and is brutally repressing peaceful protesters and trying to use coercion and aggression to systematically erode autonomy in hong kong undercut democracy in taiwan abuse human rights in changing and tibet japan has been looking for support against china's territorial claims to islands which tokyo administers and it got it with this pledge to respond to china's attempts to control the seas that surround it and addressing aggressive in course should behaviors from china especially in the south and east china sea. i know japan shares our concerns we're trying to be stabilizing our actions japan also got an assurance from the u.s. that it remains committed to the complete denuclearization of its neighbor north
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korea but more fundamentally this visit is a chance to reset relations after 4 tumultuous years under the previous administration of donald trump so you think we're all over them so i think there is an appreciation of a much more focused strategy in principle the u.s. is going to be under by illustration much more concerned about how the u.s. speaks with its allies on wednesday this mission continues to south korea where dealing with north korea will dominate the agenda with concerns about a lack of any response from pyongyang to repeated u.s. attempts at dialogue course diplomacy is always our goal our goal is to reduce the risk of escalation but today we have not received any response time to coincide with this diplomatic mission and with the resumption of joint military exercises between u.s. and south korean forces is
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a stinging attack from the north korean leader's influential sister kim yo jong telling the americans not to cause a stink in this part of the world a warning of how relations could slip back into the acrimonious saber rattling of the past rob mcbride al-jazeera so. stephen neg is a senior associate professor of international relations at the international christian university he says that multilateralism appears to be at the core of washington's new strategy in the eastern pacific region. the joint statement released by the united states and japan touches upon the areas that i think japan its nose most concerned about the same cook islands north korea and of course chinese assertive behavior broadly within the region a 2nd this statement actually included at their east explicit statement on china and i think that's critical japan to date as well has not been forthright in terms
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of explicit criticism about china and its concerns there and i think importantly that the united states committed to defending japan and strengthening the alliance in particular on the sensitive areas such as defending the same couple eyelets against a 3rd country that would invade or or try to take over these islands if you look at the statement that was a released by the americans and the japanese focuses on south korea japan and u.s. cooperation and coordination on dealing with issues in the pacific and one of the core areas is the north korea the statement also focuses on the idea not denuclearizing the current korean peninsula but denuclearizing north korea for the focus will be at least a trilateral approach to putting pressure on some young bar but also providing some carrots if they change the behavior will be able to make progress i think what's important is that they're going to pursue a multilateral approach to pressuring pyongyang some breaking news from yemen are
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reports that officials from the u.n. backed government of fled the presidential palace in aden as hundreds of protesters forced their way through the main gates sources have told us here that they protesters stormed the palace without resistance from forces loyal to the southern transitional council is growing anger about the government's policies and the deteriorating economic situation let's bring in al-jazeera as jamal a child has been following this trial still unclear as to where the prime minister and members of his cabinet are at the moment what's this protest all about. well this process was triggered by members of the security services receive their paychecks from the u.n. back to government which was taken as a headquarter ever since the with you militia overran essentially the government up in the capital sanaa now those security forces haven't been paid or those personal haven't been paid their salaries for 9 months now they started the protests around
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mid day at bank square which is roughly around a kilometer away from the. palace and that then went on to them marching towards a presidential palace and essentially storming gets interesting enough they stormed it with little resistance from the southern transitional government which is backed by the united arab emirates who were in charge of guarding the presidential palace and then entered it eventually where the ministers are and the prime minister we're not quite sure exactly what we do understand from sources on the ground that they weren't inside the palace at the time there were some government officials there but none of the ministers or the main. statesman present economically speaking roughly 3 weeks ago the saudi backed government did say that it was going to introduce some sort of stimulus package or something that was going to help those who were struggling economically that hasn't come to fruition obviously yemen is a devastated country to kaname is in tatters everything about it has been
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essentially all but destroyed over the past 4 years because of that style do you eat. war as well as obviously the actions of the militia and those that back it these are states employees who waits for their salaries are subject to be able to survive the fact that they haven't been able to do that is something that isn't necessarily new there are these sporadic protests that do pop up every so often just the way in which the palace was essentially stormed by these protesters it's what is. what's interesting because once again it shines a light at the lack of synchronism and unity between saudi arabia and united arab emirates who are meant to be on the same side but appear not to be working together in order to support that un backed government al-jazeera shall reporting there jamal many thanks indeed in the coming hours libya's nearly sworn in unity government is expected to begin its work the un backed effort is meant to help
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bring stability ahead of elections in december but with an estimated $20000.00 foreign fighters still in the country security will be a challenge for the government 0 as manic traina reports from tripoli. after years of divisions libya's new unity government is formed in the eastern city of 2 brooke . 35 ministers including the country's 1st female foreign minister were sworn into office. the ceremony was attended by members of parliament the new presidential council as well as several investors and broadcast on most t.v. channels here on what many are calling has. their main goal to leave the country until nationwide elections are held in december and. now is the time to live instead to give each other and forget the past. after years of divisions infighting and after many months of negotiations we're now able to announce a new government that unifies all libyans. the new prime minister abdul
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hamid to be uber has promised to improve government services and unify state institutions but that won't be easy but the hardest challenge facing this government will be forcing foreign fighters you know parts of this country out they constitute a major obstacle to the government and to elections so it must be a priority we do not want a foreign presence in libya and this is a popular demand we see is a local journalist in tripoli and says people want action we hope that this government will not be like their predecessors and help the average citizen for 10 years libyans have heard empty promises that's made it hard for them to believe politicians in order for the government to gain popular support they should focus on domestic issues that touch citizens like providing electricity in the basic services before looking to international and political issues while the government
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has many challenges for many here in tripoli it's covert 19 that needs to be addressed 1st. the government needs to focus on the health sector make getting covert 1000 vaccines a priority once we get it under control we can begin to look at other issues. after being sworn into office in the eastern city of tobruk the new executive authority we turn to tripoli the outgoing prime minister. will hand over power on tuesday and libya's 1st peaceful transition so 2012 and with that the beginning of a difficult role for the national unity government now traina over there are. people in tripoli have great expectations for the new unity government here's what some more of them are looking forward to. the house of representatives was defied and sessions were incomplete but now the nice thing is there is unity after a period of interruption they finally managed to have
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a full session after many years. i just want to tell the new government but are not in the process of evaluating or judging it until after 100 days they must be transparent and have integrity and have open channels with society that equality will bring together all libyans from the north south east and west. tom how did our demands a simple and specific we demand parliamentary elections government elections a vote on the constitution and then to do transitional government we need libyans to know what's going on they have lived through bad experiences and today to people need to stay aware and voting the upcoming elections or else face poor results from bad the and. after 6 years of interruption from conflicts in war inside libya we consider the meeting of the new government to be completed this is a good step because for the 1st time in 6 years this council is convened and confidence is granted so i think it is a step towards the better and a positive step after all the obstacles that we face
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a weather update next here on al-jazeera then we'll look at the state of syria's opposition its successes and failures 10 years since the conflict that we count. on the coronavirus pandemic is heightened concerns about cyber security well known more for the exhibition here in qatar. it's time for the perfect. sponsored plan qatar airways how i don't play so we got some quieter weather coming into beijing following on from our recent sandstorm still a fair bit of cloud it's northern parts of china they've got a weather system now in the process of pulling away from the northeastern corner easing over towards japan and then this feature here this stationary front that's going to continue bringing some heavy pulses of rain into central parts of china as
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you go on through the next couple of days follow it out into the open waters clear skies coming back into where japan 19 celsius pleasant sunshine for tokyo pleasant sunshine to force whole so the korean peninsula looking pretty good and we will see increasing clouds and rain started to push its way back into beijing and that should help to just clean the air as we go on through the next couple of days those cool off mind you 11 celsius the top temperature on thursday may well the showers the longest spells of rain they will continue across central parts of china down towards the south it stays fine and drive of plenty of sunshine and that sunshine extends across india china much of india settled and sunny as we go through the next day also still a few showers just around the northern parts of india westley disturbance will bring some outbreaks of rain and snow into the far north of pakistan the far north of india as well with a chance the showers from nepal. sponsored paul qatar airways. called what $300000000.00 going to museums and visit and
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such a small place where everyone would ever want to it's great easy to corrupt the highest is don't. really care about. britain so. it's a film that helped bring down the corrupt governments and led to the jailing of the former president. al-jazeera investigates stealing car dies. again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour the u.s. secretary of state says he used his 1st overseas trip to take a hard stand against china and the blinken says that washington is prepared to push
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back against beijing's growing influence in the region. in 11 local sources say that hundreds of protesters have stormed the presidential palace and 8 and they gathered at the palace without being resisted by forces loyal to the southern transitional council. but in the coming hours libya's newly sworn in unity government will officially take office the u.n. backed effort is meant to help bring stability ahead of elections in december. the european medicines agency is meeting now to analyze the safety of the astra zeneca covert 19 vaccine germany france and italy have joined several other nations in suspending the use of the job citing concerns about a few cases of blood clots developing among people who'd got the shot safety experts with the world health organization also meeting on tuesday to look at astra zeneca as data there are 13 approved coded 19 vaccines but here are the main 3
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oxford astra zeneca is the most distributed vaccine it's in $74.00 countries including several in south america and southern asia it's also one of the cheapest but just a few dollars a shot pfizer biotech is also widely circulated founded $72.00 countries including the us canada and new zealand it's slightly more expensive at around $20.00 a dose but is in the $32.00 countries mainly in europe and north america it can cost upwards of $25.00 a job. it's not a physic is lead to the university college london global citizenship program on outbreaks of infectious diseases she says the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine continue to outweigh any potential risks well it is every country's regulatory bodies job to evaluate the data in the investigate potential adverse event further different ways to do that and positing
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a rollout isn't necessarily the only way to be scrutinised the data and understand it better it is absolutely essential that we are paying very close attention to any type of suspicions around and that we should be continuing to do that over them by however the timing of this couldn't be worse as you see 12 percent increase in locally specially in europe with it's are way descending here this means that already problematic is low vaccine broke out in the e.u. is going to be delayed even further with potential unintended consequences. there isn't then but i think the important example to focus on is here in the u.k. where there have been millions of people who've been vaccinated and again this means that specially those who have other underlying conditions and who are elderly that means that we have a live and not perspective ringback thinking about what risk copiable who's he you and your health versus the vaccine i would be more.
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because above and here in the u.k. is that this is safe and effective back to you that will save lives and i think that that's the that's the core message here. thailand was the 1st country outside europe to stop using the astra zeneca vaccine but after reviewing reports it's once again cleared it for use in an effort to build public confidence prime minister. became one of the 1st people that to get the shots thailand will start to manufacture astra zeneca doses in june and it's reserve the 1st 61000000 for its population. japan's prime minister has been given his 1st dose of the phase a coded 19 phase a covert 19 vaccine your sheet asuka is the 1st japanese official to publicly receive the show's brazil's health minister has been sacked as the corona virus outbreak hits record levels his replacement olga will be the 4th person in charge
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since the pandemic began the streets of brazil's most populous state were nearly empty on tuesday after emergency restrictions came into effect the infection and death rates in sao paolo have been climbing rapidly the state's health care system is on the brink of collapse. 10 years into the syrian conflict and president bashar assad is still in power many syrians say that the international community has failed them and that the uprising turned into a proxy war as also there are also those who blame the opposition for failing to provide credible alternative leadership of zeros in a honda reports now on how in fighting lead towards within the war. protesters demanding the downfall of president bashar assad's regime were shot at arrested and tortured syria's opposition decided to defend itself and fight back after losing hope in an international intervention. the formation of the free
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syrian army was announced by rebel military leader. in july 2011 but years later the former air force colonel like many others acknowledged the f.s.a. existed only in. each of the armed groups had their own agenda and they wanted to implement it before the full of assad this cause divisions international powers intervened and supported different groups a unified authority that would serve as an alternative to the syrian government is what the opposition has so far failed to do they control territory they have a base to govern from but it is territory where wars within a war are being fought. by 2013 much of northern syria belonged to many opposition groups that were only united against the common enemy and they share territory with al-qaeda linked groups which wanted to establish an islamic state at
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the start foreign fighters were welcomed by the opposition which felt abandoned by world powers. that changed when they started to take territory from those they called corrupt rebels armed opposition groups linked to the free syrian army are no longer here i saw also imposed brutal tactics arresting killing and forcing into exile activists who called for democracy and the foreign fighters actually. maybe came in like this they don't want our forces to be here. and also also it's. global attention focused on defeating eisel in what was described as a counterterrorism mission rather than an effort to tip the scales in the war. over promise to none of that when you have president obama when you british french and german. saying that's present last stand son it triggered an expectation
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that they were going to back this up so instead it was the regime which received outside support russia and iran's entry on the battlefield turn the equation on the ground in assad's favor. the opposition has been pushed to the northern corner of syria where millions of people remain vulnerable to attacks demands for a safe or a no fly zone to protect them are still ignored 10 years on santa for their beirut . in myanmar the number of people killed by security forces during anti crew process has risen sharply this week the un says that at least 149 people have now died since the military joint seized power in february people and younger have been fleeing one of the districts that's been put on the martial law local media are reporting columns of traffic and people on the roads as far as they can see the city was a battleground on monday as security forces escalated their crackdown on mt coup
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protests. but evelyn's holds a general election on wednesday the issue of race is playing a major part in campaigning the buy a in political party says the country's failed to face its colonial past as russia bottle reports from amsterdam. the stormy weather in amsterdam did little to deter a dutch parliamentary candidate silvana symons thank god. a well known former t.v. star simmons entered politics 5 years ago the party by ayn is campaigning to end racism and inequality in the netherlands you know we need to stop it because you know we equal and therefore everyone is entitled deserve the same rights simmons came to the netherlands as a baby from the former dutch colony of cyrano she says that the image of the netherlands is an inclusive society is far from reality she's on surprised by the rise of far right parties we've been sort of politics that say. be afraid of
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everybody that doesn't look like you it's been going on for 20 years it's not something that just came up this is a right wing country we have to accept that for simmons and her party more diversity in mainstream national politics is essential to help change the attitudes in the netherlands and help end what she calls institutionalized racism michel as a yes runs the black archives a project or documents discrimination in dutch society its books artifacts and clippings are a catalogue of oppression and a testament to those who fought against it and so yeah says that the root of the problem lies in the netherlands failure to face its colonial past and that legacy is still visible in present day society and the daily basis people are confronted with different forms of racism and i black racism islamophobia there's a lot of research showing it. however unfortunately there's not enough
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acknowledgement from the government that this is a serious problem prime minister margaret is hoping to be elected for a 4th term despite his center right government resigning in january after a child benefit scandal tens of thousands of people were wrongly accused of fraud the majority immigrant families targeted by the tax office prime minister was convicted in 2007 for racism and discrimination yet after that he became prime minister and he has been for over 10 years so this is how institutionalized it is simmons knows that her party is unlikely to win the election but she hopes to become the 1st black woman party leader to win a dutch parliamentary seat for her supporters that would be a huge victory and to sign that the winds of change may be blowing natasha butler al-jazeera abs to. bank employees across india have called for
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a 2 day strike to condemn the government's decision to privatized public sector banks some services were affected as tens of thousands protested against the proposed plan the strike was called by the united forum of bank unions an umbrella organization representing 9 banking union. businesses around the world of sense to off home to work during the corona virus pandemic and that's created a vast cyber security challenge and i'll just have a dial as visit an exhibition here in casa looking at the latest technology out there that protects people online. as usual it's the heavy military gear thirst catches the eye. that sort of carries machine guns semiautomatic rifles pistols from the nation but there is much more here that's visible but just as crucial. one of this year's major themes is cyber security and how to protect people and intellectual property billions of people who work from their own homes instead of
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the office. a small test and the latest technology aimed at outwitting cyber criminals is on display fiber security is a real challenge for the way i mean people call pennies are placing more and more challenges and actually we see with the pandemic situation that companies but also hospitals have a right to raise. i've been attacked so their word and cattle as well need to be prepared and equipped to fight against. this could be the largest official international event to be organized in doha since the beginning of the $1000.00 prevention measures in march last year. managed to keep the infection rates reasonably low and organizing this event might be an indication of a commitment to words restoring normalcy possible. only it seems unlikely that thinks will ever be the same again says this cyber security expert the cyber security is more important than ever before and it's simply because we are not
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working in the same way as we used to we're now actually the governments the companies even the people are much more isolated than ever before mr moore says his company's already laid out a futuristic blueprint for 6 g. the next generation of internet connectivity he believes that fast connections coupled with transparency and reliability could neutralize many of the digital threats facing businesses and individuals you know world changed beyond recognition by the pandemic. i'm dizzy a. significant step in the countdown to the postponed olympic games in tokyo organizers have confirmed the torch relay will go ahead and 9 days time before then they hope to make a final decision on whether to allow foreign fans into japan for the games which are due to begin in july. so you would be watching the torch relay along the streets yes please do that but when you do that please ensure that you have
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physical distance with everybody else we want to ensure the safety while you're enjoying the limpy torch relay there's plenty more video along with the latest news analysis and sports at the website take a look at al-jazeera dot com. it is catelli with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. secretary of state has used his 1st overseas trip to take a hard stand against china and today blinken says that washington is prepared to push back against beijing's growing influence in the region i know japan shares our concerns with china's destabilizing actions and as i have said before china is a pacing challenge for the apartment of the 1st.


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