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on algis even. this thing is a set and it's time for a different approach so let's leave them closely to the headline joining me as i take all the lies dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradiction i'm marc lamont hill and it's time to get out front. tanzania's president john foley has died a man criticized for his denial of the coronavirus pandemic. i'm come all sons of maria here in doha this is the world news from al-jazeera exit polls in the netherlands suggest prime minister margaret his government conservative party i should say is on course to form a ruling coalition. also brazil reports a record number of corona virus infections as one of the world's worst hit
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countries struggled with its deadliest phase of the pandemic and police charge a white gunman with killing 8 people in atlanta georgia 6 among them were women of asian descent. tanzania's president john mcafee has died at the age of 61 he hadn't been seen in public since february and there had been plenty of speculation about his health for vice president sami a son who hasn't announced his death on television a few hours ago. were citizens today on this date march 17th 2021 that 6 in the evening we lost our leader president of the republic of tanzania the honorable dr john pandey jaysus michael fullilove he parted this life from heart complications in hospital in dar es salaam. wonderfully was one of africa's most prominent covert 19 denying its effect he said last year tanzania had
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eradicated the disease through national prayer. looks back at his life. soon after taking office in 2015 president john palmer mughal fully made a name for himself across tanzania as a leader committed to fulfilling his promises of reform many people called him the bulldozer because of his no nonsense approach to fighting corruption and wasteful spending which had plagued the country for decades he made it his mission to cut down on civil service expenses and boost infrastructure projects including the development of a really different cities while many tanzanians see mughal flee as a popular leader who tried to help the poor and bring economic stability he's critics accuse him of being a populist dictator who changed civil liberties lows and presided over a government using heavy handed tactics to curtail freedom of expression the media
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political opposition and the l g b t community has also faced international criticism for how he has handled the coronavirus pandemic his government refused to put in place world health organization particles refused to release statistics of the disease or to start a vaccination program instead asking tanzania's to pray and use law called preventive remedies. john michael fullilove a checkered legacy some will remember him as a symbol of consistency and decisiveness others say he's decisions affected the very essence of tanzania's democracy and in the middle of a pandemic the health of its people catherine saw in al-jazeera. so what happens now while townsend is constitution says the vice president must serve the remainder of a 5 year term if the president is unable to carry out their duties and so microphone is likely successor is the vice president. there. we'll make history as the 1st female president of tanzania or in the autonomous island of zanzibar where her
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ascent within the ruling c.c.m. party began between 202010 she held ministerial posts in the zanzibar government and became a member of parliament in tanzania's national assembly representing. constituency that was in 20102015 when he won his 1st term as president he selected to be his vice c is expected to take a less for a tarion approach than her previous said. david shinn with us now from washington d.c. an american diplomat former ambassador to ethiopia a professor at george washington university in basta thank you for your time she is a fascinating character. and seems to maybe be sitting tanzania up in the next 4 years for perhaps a bit more stability are you going to correct you certainly while experience has held a number of key jobs in the hands of any government. vice president since the
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work of the world health organization row who have been recalled who are going to. she seems to me very well suited for this position and i think she will be dictatorial. or president michel who over the course of time the tendency is it will very uncertain become who's like the united states that said though she wouldn't completely throw away everything he was doing he seemed to be very strong on things like infrastructure and the corruption things which were welcomed. well that's true he was very popular because of his anti-corruption program he was known as that all those are for trying to do away with him but that was to some extent offset by means by reason of his position on one of virus which was not helpful he was effectively a denier of
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a virus and in fact the 1st vice president of zamzam bar died not long ago because of that 19. there are a lot of tanzanians i think were very concerned about the virus and it's time the country take the illness seriously so with the greatest amount of respect to the late president it is perhaps an opportunity for tanzania to reset its calls on covert 19 and become a little more responsible if i can use that phrase i think it is i think the more realistic than the way it handles that i suspect there's a great deal of concern at the grassroots level in tanzania about how it has been handled so far clearly the number of cases is greater than has been acknowledged by the government and i. suspect that the vast majority of towns in the ems are quite aware of that fact that's the type of china was a pleasure talking to you we appreciate your time today thank you. on to other news
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on the prime minister of the netherlands has claimed victory in parliamentary elections in fact europe's 1st major vote since the start of the pandemic the past few months have seen and he locked on protests as the discontent grew over restrictions and has our report from amsterdam ears to exit poll have a lot of the 1st results confirmed what most people in the netherlands expected mark return has done it again the dutch prime minister's lead a center right party to victory for a 4th time in a general election that. were to promise photo stability in a campaign that was dominated by the coronavirus pandemic with the country under a nighttime curfew there were no victory parties. have given me my party and the federal party an overwhelming young voter confidence and it is humbling. it's also forcing us to do everything we can to make
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a success out of it voting was spread over 3 days and special polling stations was set up to allow for social distancing more than $16000.00 people have died of covert in the netherlands since the start of the pandemic far right leader good field is conceded that the health crisis it overshadowed all other issues including immigration but shared it concerns about health care it was a lot of promise about health care in the netherlands as well the also concerned about the normal routine life you know not only the economy but also indeed. immigration hilda's party lost seats and slipped a 3rd place behind the centrist d $66.00 party led by foreign trade minister a secret colleague this analyst says it was one of the election nights unexpected turns which is a huge surprise and also a day is way more than they had in all the polls during the past months and it's probably be course their leadership it's got has been doing very well in all the
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debates has been a big surprise this can. so i think this has drawn lot of voters to do 66 of these past few days. has proved that he is a political survivor he's been elected despite some criticism of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and 2 months ago he and his whole government resigned over child benefit scandal but in the end doctors voters chose continuity i gave him another chance. i'll just i'm still. brazil has recorded its highest number of covert 19 infections since the pandemic began more than 2600 deaths and over 90000 infections were reported on wednesday hospitals are close to full capacity and more than half of brazilian state's incoming health ministers said the government can only do so much to stop the virus from spreading. it's not enough for the
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government to recommend the use of masks people are not capable of adhering to this type of measures it's a simple type of measure that does not need for example the government or commensurate duction of people in large groups and of people organizing we can't parties both of which help the virus to circulate so it is not necessary to wait for the government to solve everything more from care for porting from rio de janeiro. the problem yes it's true that people should follow the safety rules people have been ignoring marking around without masks they've been not keeping social distancing but it's also true that the exam the president does not give a good example so the president himself has been walking around without masks the present himself has been. causing people to me without montagne social distancing the president himself has downplayed the virus from the start so people are hearing
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mixed messages from from the government from doctors from scientists in the end of the it's a very confusing because you don't know what to believe the present himself was even downplaying back until recently so now it's a solution that he himself had said he would not be vaccinated so it is. from above that's what scientists and doctors are saying. from latin america to europe where hundreds of millions of people could be able to travel within the continent from this summer if an app on their smartphones shows the been vaccinated the digital green pass is being proposed by e.u. commission president. it would mean freedom of movement restored from june but the world health organization is warning a plan could be premature dominic kane reports from berlin. on a sunny peruvian morning walks his dog has recently been vaccinated and has the
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badge to prove it but he would welcome something more official. a covert 19 health pass would allow us to travel to get back a little bit of freedom by june those wishes will be a reality because the european commission plans a digital green pass which all e.u. residents would have on a smartphone proving they have either been vaccinated recently recovered from covert or had a negative test with this digital certificate we aim to help member states reinstate the freedom of movement in a safe responsible and trusted manner but for some e.u. leaders that goes neither far north fast enough we want to but we don't want to wait for implementation by the robber will take the 1st steps on the national level the health minister will give a news conference on thursday outlining the necessary legal basis to introduce green stick it in austria as early as april many in the tourism industry welcomed
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the e.u. proposal as a. vaccine certificate is essential to make travel easier and it's important that it's digital because only a digital certificate makes it easier to check in at airports it's no good if there's big queues and lots of bits of paper on the flipside the world health organization is urging caution on the requirement for certification of work solution as a requirement for international travel is not justified as rexx a nation is not. well it will and is equitably distributed throughout the world having a certificate on a smartphone is clearly going to transform the way people travel across the e.u. but in order to work as a proof of vaccination the person must 1st have been vaccinated and so far at least comparatively few europeans have been dominant cane al-jazeera. the european union meanwhile has threatened to ban exports of covert 900 vaccines
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to britain because of a lack of deliveries from the company astra zeneca it is hard to explain to our citizen why vaccines produced in the european union are going to other countries that are also producing vaccines but hardly nothing is coming back to the european union we are still waiting for doses to come from the u.k. so this is an invitation to show us that there are also doses from the u.k. coming to the european union so that we have reciprocity if the situation does not change we will have to reflect on how to make exports to vaccine producing countries dependent on their level of openness but even as it remains on hold throughout much of europe britain's prime minister says the oxford astra zeneca vaccine is the one he'll be taking 1st johnson confirmed he'll get the job very soon after voicing his confidence in the vaccine to the british parliament weapon 12 european countries of all stopped using the astra zeneca vaccine because of
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reports of blood clotting in some recipients on wednesday the world health organization reiterated its stance that it is safe but investigations are ongoing. in the news ahead more family heartache another protester mourned as martial law expands across me and. so we like. you fight out here we go. and the battle over voting rights in the united states heats up. it's time for the perfect. sponsored park qatar airways how i once again the weather set fair across japan and the cherry blossoms starting to come out nicely now it's going to stay fine and dry for the most part over the next day i would say well so weather will be
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a little further south and west will sociable this band of cloud this stationary weather front choosing rain across central parts of china to run over towards shanghai as we go on into thursday japan stays fine a dry 18 celsius not too bad but have an 18 in seoul as well cools off a little as we go on into a friday for turkey up it warms up a touch in so i'm going to say some rain sleet and snow moving towards beijing hopefully that will help to clean the air here after a recent sandstorm heavy showers continue across central parts of china down towards a south is largely fine and dry not dry weather stretches down across much of in the china philippines not too bad over the next day or 2 but familiar malaysia and also into indonesia you can expect to see the usual seasonal showers coming in from time to time wanted to showers making the way towards flying through as we go on through thursday before much of south asia south that lost the fine and settled it will be a few showers some of the wintry in nature around the foothills of the himalayas
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little westerly disturber starting to push his way out of afghanistan into northern parts of pakistan and india. sponsible qatar airways. most hard call for. after egypt's revolution that passion turned into something much bigger. on al-jazeera world.
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here with al-jazeera and these are the top stories tanzania's president john munger foley has died at age 61 africa's most prominent coronavirus skeptic had been seen in public since february and it was speculation about his health the government says he died from heart failure dutch prime minister mark who just claimed victory in parliamentary elections exit polls put his conservative party on course to become the largest in the lower house. brazil's record at its highest number of covert 19 infections since the pandemic began another 2600 deaths were registered on wednesday with more than 90000 infections. now me and miles most powerful buddhist monks association has called on the military to end its violent crackdown the government appointed organization has accused an armed minority of torturing and killing innocent civilians the u.n. says 149 people have been killed while the association of assistance for political
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prisoners says it's higher more 200 several more people were killed in protests on wednesday and china has renewed its call for the center to protect its people and companies in myanmar more than 30 chinese backed factories were torched on sunday scott idlib reports. a mother grieving for her son a scene that is now becoming more frequent across myanmar. 17 year old car my hay was one of 74 people killed on sunday the worst day of violence in the 6 weeks of protests. the medical student was caught in the crackdown by security forces on the outskirts of young gone and we medical doctors initiated the civil disobedience movement from a nearly time now and life has been sacrificed so i'm sure we as the medical community will not step back from the fight we will fight until the end and while
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security forces continue their crackdown the judge to also imposed martial law in 6 nearby townships of young gone. prompting thousands to flee the industrial zone and fly to ya the location of chinese factories that were torched on sunday home to many migrant workers from across me and mark it's still unclear who started the fires and they may be. our jobs are not ok and we're also not safe now my parents are worried and that's why we decided to leave today the situation is really bad i don't know how it's going to be. it's not just the violence that concerns human rights groups it's also that the military will have complete control of the 6 townships now under martial law including the courts if you're arrested you're going to be slammed into a kangaroo court run by the military for which there is no appeal of any guilty verdict and there's a possible death sentence or other to coney and punishments like punishment through labor for an undetermined amount of time you know this is
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a court system run by one of the most abusive militaries in the world as a haze loved ones say their final goodbyes there's growing concern that the judge to might expand the zones of martial law in its effort to stifle protests scott either al-jazeera. north korea's 1st foreign minister says pyongyang will ignore washington's off of a dialogue until it stops its quite hostile policies that statement comes just hours before u.s. secretaries of state and defense meets the south korean counterparts in seoul secretary blinken open the south korea to join the u.s. in addressing north korea's human rights violations and keeping china's aggression in check the 2 defense minister is also pledged to work together to resolve north korea's nuclear threats. and the white house says russia will be held accountable for attempts to interfere in the 2020 presidential election a u.s.
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intelligence report released on tuesday said there is evidence moscow tried to help the former president donald trump secure a 2nd term it also accused iran of seeking to help joe biden to win the votes his role in jordan and washington d.c. to talk through more of this time roseland i read here that russia's ambassador to washington has been recalled to moscow for quote unquote consultations like if they're going to figure out how the relationship moves forward from here and that's not unexpected that this point in a new u.s. presidential term and certainly a moment where the americans are also having a close look at their relationship with russia even though the ministration has argued that china is perhaps its number one foreign policy concern and there is concern from the ministration about russia's intentions as well the president gave an exclusive interview to a.b.c. news in which he was asked whether he thought vladimir putin the russian president
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was quote a killer and the president agreed with that assessment when he was asked well what's going to be done about that the president went on to say that russia and the entire world would understand very soon but what we've already seen from this administration is the willingness to use sanctions and other forms of political pressure in order to try to get moscow to change its ways to change its behavior and in particular to not commit human rights abuses it's fine line to tread isn't it rosalynn because they still have to work together in some theaters and for example a meeting in moscow tomorrow about afghanistan and that's going to involve russia and the u.s. and china and all sorts of other places. that's right and i think it's important to remember that even when leaders of countries use what the ordinary public would consider harsh or or volta language of does in describing each other that they
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still have a very pragmatic approach in terms of their relationships 1st let's not forget the u.s. and russia do have diplomatic relations the u.s. is not planning at least as of this moment to recall its ambassador to moscow for consultations they're perfectly happy to have him where he is and where the u.s. and russia share a strategic interest they're going to try to work together which is of course thursday's meeting to talk about the way forward in afghanistan even though both countries agree that the moscow meeting of a number of leaders including the former afghan president as well as. partners who are interested in peace inside that country they're saying that this is just another chance to try to get everyone at the table to agree that negotiations are needed that the talabani and the civilian government in kabul are
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going to have to work things out and all of that point russia and the united states agree that the doha center process where these negotiations have been taking place is the process that needs to go forward but if moscow can play a constructive role washington is fine with that so we have to look beyond the harsh rhetoric of the moment of the new cycle and actually look at what governments are doing to try to keep things on an even keel or is the big picture and i thank you rosalynn jordan in washington. civil rights activists in the united states say a tidal wave of voter suppression laws are being proposed in more than 40 states after a record turnout in november's election has 250 bills mostly put forward by republicans could restrict voter access following unfounded allegations of election fraud and supporters from andy gallacher. voter turnout during the 2020 presidential election in the state of georgia shattered records millions of voted early all mailed in
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ballots now the state is ground 0 for an avalanche of bills that could sharply restrict voter access the bills proposed by state republicans would cattail mail in voting impose strict identification rules and limit the use of ballot drop boxes or similar legislation is being pushed in over 40 states civil rights groups and democrats say it's a deliberate attempt to suppress black and brown voters will be damned if i'll let the fight of march 4th on my head was the looking. and i won't. do that. so we will let you know if you fight out here we will win. we will stop this deal republicans say the new laws aimed to restore faith in the electoral process for months former president trump and his allies made baseless claims the election was stolen to mark the recent 65th anniversary of bloody sunday
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a turning point in the civil rights movement president biden signed an executive order ain did expanding voting rights the house of representatives also passed similar legislation but the so called for the people act is likely to face a tough battle in the senate the blood of john lewis and so many other brave and righteous souls that was spilled in selma on this sunday in 1965 sanctified a noble struggle. and when the country saw those images that night america was forced to confront the denial of democracy the fierce urgency of justice other republican backed bills in georgia would restrict early voting including on sundays traditional souls to the polls day for african-americans we're still going to vote in record numbers we're going to turn out we're going to organize our people but what we are saying right now is that these voter suppression bills you know is bad
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for democracy and we shouldn't even have to be here fighting the same battle all over again for both the democrats and the republicans this is now a fight for the soul of democracy many on the right believe the 2020 alexion was stolen despite evidence to the contrary those on the left want to expand and enshrined the right to vote if these measures are passed they will potentially put hurdles in place for tens of millions of voters i think alec are all jazeera miami florida. a man accused of attacking 3 in the u.s. city of atlanta has been charged with 8 counts of murder 6 of the victims in tuesday's killings were women of asian descent i'm sure castro has our report. still little is known about the 8 victims killed in the atlanta asian spa shootings only that 6 were asian women police would not say wednesday whether they had worked at the spas but did say that the suspect 21 year old robert aaron long had targeted
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the businesses but he does claim that it was not racially motivated he apparently has an issue what he considers a sex addiction and sees these locations as something that allows him to to. to go to these places and into temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate police a long has confessed to the shootings and is scheduled to appear in court on thursday atlanta's mayor says there is no evidence the spas were cover for sex work we certainly will not began to blame victims and as far as we know in atlanta these are legally operating businesses. experts say the stereotype of asian spas doubling as brothels is another facet of the anti asian racism growing in the united states the group stop a.p.i. hate formed in response to the rise in xena phobia since cove it has collected
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nearly 3800 reports of hate incidents toward asian americans in the past year i think there's a lot of fear and trepidation right now and you know you've seen it over the past few months too for us seeing our elder being attacked certainly folks are scared some communities have formed citizen patrols in response to the uptick in random violence against asians and they've expressed anger at law enforcement refusal in some cases to call the attacks hate crimes. police in atlanta say they've yet to decide whether to use the label for this week's killings we've received a number of calls about is this a hate crime we're still early in this investigation whatever the motivation here are no dating murder charge. very tough. very concerned because you know i don't speak by. telling consumers oh.


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