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a fallen troops. may be the path to safety. ever for their. part of the viewfinder series. a controversial coronavirus denier in his final few months tanzania's president has die. death was announced by his likely successor will become one of the few female african presidents. hello there i was 10 this is out of their life and also coming up another record number of corona virus infections for brazil as it battles its deadliest phase of
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the of the pandemic yes. now a big political reshuffle is on the cards in tanzania after the death of its president john mica freely has died at the age of 61 the government says he died from heart disease but there have been weeks of speculation about his health and whether he had the coronavirus vice president some years so who has saw his the most likely successor until the next election in 2025 she made the official announcement of death as reports. thank you for the good job the last time john pomfret mega food he was seen in public he was carrying out official duties and not wearing a mask not long into his 2nd term in office he suddenly vanished from public sight after 3 weeks of speculation came the announcement from vice president's haasan and state television. we lost alida president of the
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republic of tanzania the owner john paul jason. who parted this life from heart complications in hospital in dar es salaam rumors had been swirling that magnificently had sought treatment for covert 19 largely fed by opposition leader to lease to and kenyan media the government denied the reports and arrested at least 4 people who speculated about his health on social media government but if you when you told his government no one wears a mask including me it proves that there is no corona virus and god loves this nation president maggot foully was more than a coronavirus skeptic his government stop sharing data with the world health organization last year and declared tanzania covert free divine intervention the official tally still stands at 500 in 9 cases and 21 deaths all these months later he displayed a disregard for health advice focusing on prayer and local remedies while also
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claiming the vaccines were dangerous this true condemnation from the w.h.o. and the roman catholic church. coppa denial had turned into policy for a nation of 60000000 what we have that the ministry has no plans to receive vaccines for covered 19 which are already in use in other countries the w.h.o. has repeatedly asked the government to adopt preventative measures such as wearing face masks to start reporting cases and to share data foreign embassies began warning of a significant increase in the number of coded 1000 cases that could overwhelm tanzania's limited hospital capacity in late february maggie farley finally began to change his tone warming to the idea of wearing locally made face masks that was just days before a shocking press conference from his finance minister philip pungo which was called to address rumors that he had died of corona virus. tanzania has refused to join the codex program which has delivered millions of doses to $22.00 african countries it will be up to some yourself to decide whether it remains an outlier when it
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comes to protecting its population and that of neighboring countries. al-jazeera well as we'll tell you a little more about a successor who under the constitution must serve out the rest of the 5 year term vice president some minister who has a son will make history is the 1st female president of tanzania she was born in the autonomous island of zanzibar way ahead ascend within the ruling c.c.m. party began between 202010 she held ministerial posts in the zanzibar a government has and then became a member of parliament in tanzania as national assembly representing as constituency in 2010 when president margaret freely won his 1st term back in 2015 he selected her son to become his vice president she is expected to take less or thora tarion approach than her previous. robin sanders is the former u.s. ambassador to nigeria and the republic of congo and also former africa director at the white house national security council she says when the vice president takes
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over it will be a historic moment. certainly the madame during international women's month taking the reins is the 4th african woman sitting african woman that the president of an athlete nation she is unique and not only she will be president but she will also be head of government as well as head of state which is different than the other 3 african women presidents that we have mentioned earlier from the bone togo and ethiopia so her her role and her vision for the country towns and the it's going to be critical not only from the health perspective rather she's going to say that she's a b. that the late president had and she had brings her own views into the table on how to not only reengage back on the challenges that the country has been gaze fact with 0 in terms of providing stats to 0 and coded 10 in the on the other country in the world besides north korea that has not done that and hasn't done it
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since april 28th and rather she's going to be able 'd to get vaccines in to even begin infrastructure and start to set up to have a cold be vaccine program i think that's 1st and foremost with people are going to look for her to do particularly the international community but i think it's in the it's a lot of. brazil is facing the west health care crisis in a test strain with cases they're forcing the system to the brink of collapse on wednesday and imported more than $90000.00 new infections for the fast time brazilian media say on average more than 2000 people are now dying every day monahan a calf reports. day after day brazil keeps beating its own tragic record health experts say that today in brazil there's a kuvasz death about every 2 minutes like this family of 3 or this 43 year old health care worker the hamas their lives who are waiting in line for
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a vacancy in an intensive care unit brazil's couvade 19 observatory says the country is facing the worst health care system collapse in all of its history coronavirus units in almost all of brazil's $27.00 states are at or above 80 percent capacity and the situation could get much worse as winter approaches in the southern hemisphere and we may have it in this month of march alone 60000 that is would be equivalent to the largest loss of human life prior to the pandemic in the only major award 'd to brazil got involved in the making sentry of his paraguayan which brazil was 'd $60000.00 people during 6 years we would be they can chance right now of losing the equivalent number in a single month 30 days 'd scientists and doctors have been calling for
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a national markdown as the only way to stop the virus and its new variants from spreading out of control brazil's richest state some power is under curfew a presidential aide will so narrow has repeatedly criticised safety measures that have any negative impact on the economy and has accused governors of acting like dictators. facing pressure from allies in congress most are not a fired his 3rd health minister general it was too close william and his need cardiologist. to take his place. on wednesday both men were brazil's leading health institution few coolies showing a united front in announcing the 1st batch of 500000 locally made astra zeneca vaccines the promise to deliver 6000000 doses every week but with will so narrow still in overall charge scientists are skeptical james you know you've got an
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incompetent general coming out and you've got 'd a cardiologist a has no experience in handling a pandemic. who has already said that he's just going to a big thing to obey orders from the president who has no clue what to do he's completely lost rather he's playing on the side of 'd the virus in brazil by making suggestions of drugs that don't work by being against them use a mask against lockdowns soul the new minister is just those spokesman for the president nothing changes substantially the growing number of covert 19 related death is having an impact on president playable from out of popularity a recent poll shows that 56 percent of brazilians fate has mishandled the pandemic meineke and i have a call to sarah rio de janeiro. now putting pressure on north korea as a focus for us political leaders secretary of state anthony blinken says
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a policy review will be finished in the next few weeks while on a trip to south korea now earlier the north's a fast foreign minister said pyongyang will ignore washington's off of a dialogue until it stops its quote hostile policies the u.s. secretaries of state and defense have the nation as south korean counterparts in seoul and. at austin's fast overseas trip since joe biden took office. we also discussed china we are clear eyed about beijing's consistent failure to uphold its commitments and we spoke about how beijing's aggressive and authoritarian behavior are challenging the stability security and prosperity of the in a pacific region beijing's actions make forging a common approach among our allies all the more important at a time when we're seeing a rollback of democracy and human rights around the world including in burma where the military is attempting to overturn the results of a democratic election by brutally or pressing peaceful protesters it is more
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important than ever that we we stand together for the values for the interests that unite us. joins us now from solve that meetings just wrapped up as we saw about press conference is currently underway with all 4 men what else are we been hearing . that's right the conclusion of this joint session they issued a pretty wide ranging statement as expected it to reconfirms the commitments to the u.s. south korea alliance an alliance which the statement says was forged in blood on the battlefield of 70 years ago during the korean war that alliance remains as relevant as strong as ever also as expected there was quite an emphasis on north korea commitments to the denuclearization of north korea differences remain of course between the united states and south korea on how exactly to achieve that but at least they agree on the broad principle of it there was also talk about the need
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for trilateral cooperation between the united states and its traditional allies here japan and south korea obviously part of this mission has been about resetting and restoring these traditional relationships but also when it comes to the relationship between south korea and japan doing some repair work because of course the relationship has been frayed in recent times when it comes to china interestingly the joint communique doesn't mention china by name that is problematic here in south korea which has closer relations with beijing but interestingly the communique does talk about the need to respect international law of maintaining a free and open indo-pacific that is a veiled reference at least to what people see here is the territorial expansion of china in the east and south china seas but as we've heard there secretary of state blinken really not holding back and once again calling out china on what the u.s. claims is china's coercive and aggressive behavior in this region and rob is here
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saying despite the fact that the u.s. policy on north korea is still under review at the moment there's also been pretty vocal during this trip. that's right there have been strong words coming out from north korea in fact from chase and here she is the 1st vice foreign minister saying that there can be no dialogue was very abruptly saying that there could be no dialogue with the u.s. while the u.s. continues what she calls hostile behavior and attitude towards north korea so this is the 1st official confirmation from north korea that as the u.s. has stated it has reached out several times over the previous weeks to try to open up avenues of communication open up a dialogue with the north koreans but by this the north koreans admitting they've simply ignored those requests that's not to say that they are not following closely what the americans are formulating with regard to its policy towards north korea
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moving forward but saying all menace lee that it will keep tabs on what it calls the ill deeds of the new administration saying that it will match force with force but goodwill with goodwill so really very much the north koreans saying it's up to the u.s. to take the next step forward from the bride there with all the latest for us from that trip insult thanks so much rob well an italian court has acquitted oil companies shell and any and one of the industry's biggest corruption cases that 3 year trial centered on the patches of a lucrative nigerian oil bloc and talian prosecutors alleged around half of the $1100000000.00 possession was converted into cash and given out as bribes and both shell and any which has 30 percent owned by the italian state have denied any wrongdoing. after i had been here on out of there surviving a scandal that neverland's votes for stability in europe the 1st major election from the start of the pandemic. and the white gunman is charged with 8 counts of
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murder in connection with an attack that's causing fear for the asian community in the u.s. . how low we have severe weather warnings in force to parts of the u.s. we've got some very heavy rainfall nasty conditions pushing down towards the southeast and colder all associated with this area of low pressure we could see some tornadoes we're drawing up warm moist air from the gulf of mexico and behind that with more tug and need some some very cold air out of kind of that pushing all the way down across the plains and where the 2 mix that's where the air is forced to rise it cools condenses quite rapidly so tornadoes certainly a possibility as this system makes its way over towards the eastern seaboard through the appalachians and running up towards new york into new england eastern
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parts of canada dry weather comes back in behind it as i move out of the way have a look at this more wet sand when she weather coming into western parts of canada right down the west coast of the u.s. and that will continue to filter its way a little further inland as we go on through friday central as the u.s. financial state and snow around the eastern seaboard but it does grassy brighten up down towards the southeast and colder so a chance of some kind of rest by coming in here is far to dry meanwhile across much of the caribbean we have got some showers coming in across the western side of the region costa rica panama could see some flooding over the next day or 2 and right also popping up southern mexico. from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy the break in your journey.
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and when you leave with a smile we know our day's work is done. welcome to our. holiday watching al-jazeera let's remind you of our top stories this hour tanzania's president john mica fairly has died aged 61 africa's most prominent coronavirus skeptic hadn't been seen in public since february and there was speculation about his health the government says he died from heart failure. brazil has recorded its
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highest number of new covert 1000 infections since this pandemic began 900000 cases were registered on wednesday alone and brazilian media say on average more than 2000 people are now dying every day. secretary of state anthony blinken says the united states will complete its north korea policy review in the coming weeks and that both pressure and diplomatic options are on the table he made those comments after meeting with his south korean counterpart. well prime minister has claimed victory and dutch parliamentary elections and syrup suppressed major votes since the start of the coronavirus pandemic attached about 2 reports now from amsterdam ears to exit poll have a lot of the 1st results confirmed what most people in the netherlands expected mulk return has done it again the dutch prime minister has led a center right party to victory for a 4th time in a general election. to promised photo stability in
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a campaign that was dominated by the coronavirus pandemic with the country under a nighttime curfew there were no victory parties folds in them and have given me my party and the federal party an overwhelming young voter confidence and it is humbling. it's also forcing us to work to everything we can to make a success out of it voting was spread over 3 days and special polling stations was set up to allow for social distancing more than $16000.00 people have died of covert in the netherlands since the start of the pandemic far right leader good field is conceded that the health crisis is it overshadowed all other issues including immigration but shared it concerns about health care that it was a lot of promise about health care in the netherlands as well the also concerned about the normal routine life you know not only the economy but also indeed islam immigration filled his party lost seats and slipped
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a 3rd place behind the centrist d $66.00 policy led by foreign trade minister a secret colleague this analyst says it was one of the election nights unexpected turns which is a huge surprise and also a day is way more than they had in older polls during the past months and it's probably because their leadership it has been doing very well in all the debates has been a big surprise this campaign so i think this has drawn a lot of photos today 66 of these past few days. he is a political survivor he's been elected despite some criticism of his handling of the corona virus pandemic and 2 months ago he and his whole government resigned over child benefit scandal but in the end dr voters chose continuity i gave him another chance. i'll just hear a i'm still. now russia has recalled its u.s. ambassador after president joe biden said moscow would pay
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a price for election meddling biden also called russian president vladimir putin a killer a u.s. intelligence report released on tuesday said there's evidence that russia tried to help former president donald trump secure a 2nd term and also accused iran of seeking to help joe biden win the vote roslyn jordan reports now from washington d.c. . it's certainly a moment where the americans are also having a close look at their relationship with russia even though the bite ministration has argued that china is perhaps its number one foreign policy concern there is concern from the that ministration about russia's intentions as well the president gave an exclusive interview to a.b.c. news in which he was asked whether he thought vladimir putin the russian president was quote a killer and the president agreed with that assessment when he was asked well what's going to be done about that the president went on to say that russia and the
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entire world would understand very soon but what we've already seen from this administration is the willingness to use sanctions and other forms of political pressure in order to try to get moscow to change its ways to change its behavior and in particular to not commit human rights abuses when our man accused of attacking 3 mass potus in the u.s. as if it santa has been charged with 8 counts of matta 6 of the victims and she says killings while women of asian descent castro reports. still little is known about the 8 victims killed in the atlanta asian spa shootings only that 6 were asian women police would not say wednesday whether they had worked at the spas but did say that the suspect 21 year old robert aaron long had targeted the businesses he does claim that it was not racially motivated he apparently has an issue what he
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considers a sex addiction and sees these locations as something that allows him to to. to go to these places and into temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate police a long has confessed to the shootings and is scheduled to appear in court on thursday atlanta's mayor says there is. no evidence the spas were cover for sex work we certainly will not begin to blame victims and as far as we know in atlanta these are illegally operating businesses experts say the stereotype of asian spas doubling as brothels is another facet of the anti asian racism growing in the united states the group stop a.p.i. hate formed in response to the rise in xena phobia since coded has collected nearly $3800.00 reports of hate incidents toward asian americans in the past year i think there's a lot of fear and trepidation right now and you know you've seen it over the past
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few months you for us seeing our elder being attacked certainly folks are scared some communities have formed citizen patrols in response to the uptick in random violence against asians and they've expressed anger at law enforcement refusal in some cases to call the attacks hate crimes police in atlanta say they've yet to decide whether to use the label for this week's killings we've received a number of calls about is this a hate crime we're still early in this investigation whatever the motivation here i'm going to be very hard. very. very concerned because you know i can speak. talent can be near to. the right so one would think it would be very very troubling. president biden says the f.b.i. and the department of justice are involved in the investigation. castro al-jazeera
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washington. now rode with police officers and hazy have stormed several police stations in the capital port au prince ok. ok the masked men broke out style offices who are arrested over another. cooler temps last month they say they were unjustly detained. the groups that one of the police stations on fire along with several businesses has been growing unrest in haiti which isn't broiled in an economic and political crisis. as most powerful buddhist monks association has called on the military to end its violent crackdown the government appointed organization has accused an armed minority of torturing and killing innocent civilians the u.n. says 149 people have now been killed while the assistance association for political prisoners says the toll is much higher and more than $200.00 and several more
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people were killed in protests on wednesday. activists in indonesia say rising religious intolerance is having an effect on schools according to human rights watch female students are under growing pressure ted hears a religious stress codes in many cases it's led to young girls being bullied and traumatized by teaches jesco washington has casa. in wissam ultra in the city of padang this public school is at the center of a debate about religious freedom in indonesia after administrators trying to force a christian student to wear a headscarf. her story went viral when her father posted it on social media. teaches at the school deny forcing students but say they simply encourage them to where it goodnight differently then release it this is how we protect our female students because we don't know what could happen on the streets. the controversy has prompted the indonesian government to ban public schools from forcing religious
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dress codes on students regardless of their religion. human rights observers say is not an isolated incident it's a breach of religious freedom freedom of expression privacy depressin fresh orbital a report by human rights watch says young women of all faiths here face harassment and threats from teaches they try to force them to wear what's called a job which covers the head neck and chest. indonesia's religious affairs minister says there is no reason to infringe upon the freedom of another person in the name of religion indonesia's national motto is unity in diversity but human rights observers say they're concerned about rising religious intolerance and its presence in schools the report says the impact on female students who experienced trauma diety and depression as
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a result of this intolerance must be taken seriously. in the region of chamas in west java we win says her teachers threatened to fail her if she didn't oblige and wear a headscarf her family is part of a religious minority called sun the we were time. people of all religion should be able to go to school without being forced to wear it it's a poster right. human rights watch says it's not only religious minorities experiencing the scrutiny but muslim girls too. just a c.e.o. says teachers and some students pressured her every day just to get but the more the more they said you have to think if your parents they have paid for your school in your life then you feel sorry that they will suffer later in the afterlife. she ended up moving to a private school. religious leaders say the government should not then schools from
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enforcing religious dress codes that we see. stares m.b.a. students in elementary and middle school they are not yet able to choose they have to get used to something but human rights groups say the ban on enforcing religious and higher in schools is just the beginning and more must be done to protect in didn't just diversity just go washington out to 0 jakarta. a chorus of protest by girls and afghanistan has helped overturn a ban on singing in public. says the one who 1st said it was in a war zone those who were. using the hash tag my song girls had videos of themselves singing on social media that comes after the kabul regions department of education said female students over the age of 12 could no longer perform in front of mixed audiences women's rights groups said it was reminiscent of the days of taliban rule. or england's football association has
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apologised to survivors of child sexual abuse after a report found it did not do enough to protect children the independent review took 4 years to complete and focused on historical claims of abuse between 197-2005 the report says there were at least 240 suspects and 692 survivors chief executive mark bowling them says the f.a. has no excuse for its failings. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines tanzania's president john legere fairly has died aged 61 africa's most prominent coronavirus skeptic hadn't been seen in public since february and there was speculation about his health the government says he died from heart failure brazil has reported yet another day of record corona virus infections as the crisis escalates it was already the 2nd worst
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