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we jumped. in the close to the new season. introduces close. one of a special tribute for. whatever the cost. the in. the in. 0. 0 this is the news hour on al-jazeera. from our world headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes tanzania is set to swear in its 1st female president bafta the death of over 1000 is kept at john mughal fully the government says he suffered a heart failure. the u.s. says everything is on the table to deal with north korea but refuses talks until
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there's an end to what it says is hostility also this hour the fight over $1000.00 vaccines the u.k. says its roll out will snow in the coming weeks and warns the e.u. not to block exports and paying tribute to a king want to spend a final farewell to soften africa's longest serving so. on joining us with sports overnight this deal with another crisis that games creative director in charge of opening and closing ceremonies has resigned over derogatory comments he made about a female entertainer. thank you very much for joining as tanzania's opposition is calling for a new chapter to begin after the death of president john mughal 40 officials say the 61 yo suffered a heart failure but opposition leaders suspect he was sick with cold one. vice
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president sam yes or no who is set to become tanzania's 1st female president. reports. thank you for that would go the last time john pump a megaphone he was seen in public he was carrying out official duties and not wearing a mask not long into his 2nd term in office he suddenly vanished from public sight after 3 weeks of speculation came the announcement from vice president sammy on state television. where we lost alida president of the republic of tanzania the owner john paul. who posted this lie from hot complications in hospital in dar es salaam rumors had been swirling that magnified had sought treatment for covert 19 largely fed by opposition leader to lease to and kenyan media the government denied the reports and arrested at least 4 people who speculated about his health on social media damage good even when you told his government no one wears a mask including me it proves that there is no corona virus and god loves this
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nation president maggot foully was more than a coronavirus skeptic his government stop sharing data with the world health organization last year and declared tanzania covert free through divine intervention the official tally still stands at 500 in 9 cases and 21 deaths all these months later he displayed a disregard for health advice focusing on prayer and local remedies while also claiming the vaccines were dangerous this true condemnation from the w.h.o. and the roman catholic church. did dial had turned into policy for a nation of 60000000 what we have that the ministry has no plans to receive vaccines for cavan 19 which are already in use in other countries. the w.h.o. has repeatedly asked the government to adopt preventative measures such as wearing face masks to start reporting cases and to share data foreign embassies began warning of a significant increase in the number of coded 1000 cases that could overwhelm tanzania's limited hospital capacity in late february maggie farley finally began
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to change his tone warming to the idea of wearing locally made face masks that was just days before a shocking press conference from his finance minister philip pungo which was called to address rumors that he had died of corona virus. tanzania has refused to join the kovacs program which has delivered millions of doses to $22.00 african countries it will be up to some haasan to decide whether it remains an outlier when it comes to protecting its population and that of neighboring countries and al-jazeera. as i'll bring in august is catherine sawyer in nairobi kenya for us catherine tell us about the reactions 1st in tanzania and regionally to john mughal 40 staff. all of this news doesn't come in time and it's a surprise to put it all it's an essential is that in the last few weeks. howard and snakes in the past. but it is devastating and there was an equal 7 shot just
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because of the kind of the president or so here you. have been warning. that i have some of the country's main issues that this is the thing nation and this interest on the group and have a serious plan for higher market means. in swahili and nobody else read or news about it was around how about complaining about. all. act i encountered also i cannot who is also the chairperson of the. which happening apocalypso that means that he's not that kind and that's what i was like. and it's all to be clear 70 morning here in kenya in time yes. he will still very much and saw school and my community in the record politically that are just trying
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to process the news it's all out there and then we for the government the way forward who was present my theory was me and meet my angle of the bike you've heard what so many will talk to people saying that he was not and he almost equal measure new elections kathryn's aren't due until 2025 the vice president is expected to take over asked by the constitution but when can we expect our swearing in to happen. well the constitution needs very clear warning and it's one reason. we think spared us here is not the next president with all that's. warning the coming now are the consequences. will when the next well it's or so is that we will get up to that. soon and. that will cost.
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all of its lives and sampson firepower is laying the problem you know what we all know. that was correspondent catherine sawyer in nairobi kenya. we have lost skype connection with her we will bring her back up later throughout the day here for more reaction on the death of tanzania's president john michael fully and we'll have more on this later this news hour as well in the meantime let's turn onto other world news and the u.s. secretary of state and tony blinken has china to use its tremendous influence on north korea to abandon its nuclear program he and the u.s. defense secretary have been meeting leaders in south korea rob mcbride has more. this mission to north east asia ended as it had begun with the u.s. directly accusing china of aggressive behavior in the region but the u.s.
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and south korea also confirmed beijing's importance in the denuclearization of north korea but china has a real interest in helping to deal with this house has an obligation under the u.n. security council resolutions the u.s. and try to open a dialogue with north korea ahead of this trip but without success north korea has officially confirmed it had received those requests but didn't respond it's 1st vice foreign minister. saying there can be no dialogue until the u.s. stops what she called its hostile behavior making it clear pyongyang is waiting to see what the new policy of the biden and ministration to war date will look like this mission is intended to help formulate that strategy it's also aimed at restoring and repairing relations between the u.s. and its traditional allies in northeast asia i mean i'm going up are going to be as the u.s. has repeatedly said the trilateral security cooperation between seoul tokyo and
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washington is crucial considering the international situation and newly emerging security threats. relations often severely strained during the previous administration of donald trump that advantage for the united states has been greatly ruined during the 4 years of trump pardon me astray so it is important for the biden are the ministrations restore of the u.s. treasury as their united states has and china does not one of the last acts on this visit a cost sharing agreement for the basing of u.s. troops in south korea disputed for years by the trumpet ministration its final signing seen here as evidence of an alliance restored love mcbride al-jazeera sold . on north korea will be just one of the subjects on the agenda when antony blinken made senior chinese officials in alaska late on thursday it will be the 1st such
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discussion since the biden ministration took office in january and it comes just after the u.s. sanctioned an additional $24.00 chinese and hong kong officials for what it says is beijing's continuing crackdown on political freedoms in the territory diplomatic editor james space has more from anchorage alaska this is clearly going to be a very important meeting between the 2 most powerful countries or the 1st high level meeting of their top foreign affairs officials taking place here in alaska where the u.s. secretary of state will be returning from asia the u.s. say this is a meeting of their territory their terms both sides want to try and improve the relationship because there have been some that have been talking about the idea of a new cold war the u.n. secretary general warning of a great fracture between these 2 countries u.s. secretary of state and the blinken says that their relations with china will now be
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on a case by case basis they know that we're going to be ab the series on some issues they know that they're going to continue to object to human rights abuses by china with regard to the we about the situation in hong kong with regard to taiwan and the south china sea on other issues that will be competitors these are the 2 most powerful economic nations on earth but they're hoping there will be issues where they can work together for example climate change is the most important one but there are other international and regional issues for example afghanistan for example the current crisis after the coup in myanmar we're turning now to our top story on this al-jazeera news hour and the death of tanzania's president john michael fully let's now speak to. a mean pongo a who's a former tanzania ambassador and he joins us from dara salam mr bone going thank you so much for being with us so the man who declared victory over coronavirus is
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suspected to have died of covered 19 even though the tanzanian government says it was a heart failure right now outside of tanzania this is what people will probably remember him most for what about in tanzania what is john mcafee's legacy going to be well apart from this progression that you mentioned i think. the president in a little over country is remembered for his strong positions especially against corruption. also he also took a very strong position as misuse of public resources. and natural resources of the country without proper benefit benefit to the country and the people. and then i will also be remembered for for imposing. accountability in public service delivery so i had a positive legacy when it comes to tanzania itself but he is the one who put the
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country in the global spotlight when it comes to coronaviruses handling of the pandemic do you now expect to see a change in your country as far as the coronavirus strategy is consent i think globally or there's not been from the global response. been 2 types of responses the worldwide one the lock down and i think from is that was the proper response but. other countries like sweden and even here in the near we were. for hopeful for humanity and for the economy i believe the president was denying the existence of covered 19 only together i mean just. i mean . this is subject to interpretation but i think. if you want to judge him by the response that i think that's the man which is 80 percent. then we're in for
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more of it with this was quite. an appropriate response and i think. to require a deeper and more important in terms of genetic condition and social distancing which is i've been been taking not too far from i think the rivalry children disagree with you on that that this was the appropriate response but let me just move on and ask you about the vice president sam yasu who has a son who was expected to replace our john magaw fully now by the constitution which would make her tanzania's 1st female president what do you or a type of leadership do you expect her to take what is she going to be a unifying leader. circle really know a little. unified team and guided by and in this case coming from the same party i think we have the party manifesto which plans the
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polices that action which then the men are going to see. continues so and and it's good that the. president. in this world an arrow. sikka i think that perspective will also our unity and moving forward. in terms of sustaining the policies that have been established over the last 2 years or so thank you very much for talking to us ambassador going as a former tanzanian diplomat joining us there from dallas and thank you for your time most work on thank you. more ahead on this news hour including brazil's health care system is on the verge of collapse with more than $2619.00 deaths reported in just one day no relief in sight 7 on he cannot make crisis gets worse pushing more people into poverty and in sport
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the lack of funds sitting courtside results in any injury for one of the n.b.a.'s biggest stars. now the news man morris military has charge the deposed government's u.n. envoy with high treason tone was fired a day after speaking at the u.n. general assembly last month way call for help to remove the army from power the u.n. says 149 people have been killed since the military coup the assistance association for political prisoners says the toll is much higher let's bring in who is monitoring the situation in myanmar for us from neighboring thailand is live from bangkok so the response finally from the military is scott to its defiant u.n. ambassador john moore to what message are they sending here with this high treason charge. german tune as you mentioned yeah he had
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a very kind of dramatic sendoff i guess if you will he was charged with treason the joneses saying folly because of the speech he gave that the general assembly of the united nations special general assembly to deal with to talk about the situation in myanmar this was you know maybe just 3 weeks after the coup took place on february 1st and you know he said as you said folly he went out in front of the united nations in front of the world in front of the international community asked for help asked for the return of democracy and asked for the elected leaders who had been detained to be released so the journey to obviously taking that as the body of evidence as to why they are now charging him with high treason the message that sings you know it sends i should say is you know there have been other top end of the officials who have been charged with high treason so this is kind of their way of trying to silence them silence the word of what's happening of some people who disagree with it what's happening that the joint is doing so but
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a lot of the people who are being charged with treason are outside the country so it's really not going to be that effective that they have these charges against them because you know unless they're captured and brought back there's no way they're really going to face them so it's kind of interesting move but i guess it's their attempt to show that they're still in charge. inside the country and she has new accusations against her what will this mean far. yes there is another accusation of her taking money illegally a businessman went on state t.v. wednesday night late wednesday night accusing her of giving him $550000.00 in separate payments this is it comes a week after we heard another similar allegation last week that $600000.00 was given to unsung suchi you know the these are allegations they say they're investigating them there are 2 charges that have already been brought up against her so these are would be added to those and now that they're in the investigation stage then coming to the charging stage those 2 initial charges against her were
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illegally possessing walking walkie talkies and breaking coded restrictions so he is in the see what the court system does moving forward with these new allegations her attorney pretty much said that this is it was illogical and ridiculous these charges against her when it comes to the allegations of taking illegal money scott thank thank you very much for that call hide and i for sarah in bangkok. the cone of demick now and brazil is facing the worst health care crisis in the taste 3 with covert 900 forcing the system to the brink of collapse on wednesday the country reported more than 90000 new infections for the 1st time there's indian media say on average more than 2000 people are dying every single day when again aki have reports from rio de janeiro. day after day brazil keeps beating its own
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tragic record health experts say that today in brazil there's a kuvasz death about every 2 minutes like this family of 3 or this 43 year old health care worker the hamas their lives who are waiting in line for a vacancy in an intensive care unit brazil's couvade 19 observatory says the country's facing the worst health care system collapse in all of its history coronavirus units in almost all of brazil's $27.00 states are at or above 80 percent capacity and the situation could get much worse as winter approaches in the southern hemisphere and we may have it in this month of march alone $60000.00 that is would be equivalent to the largest loss of human life prior to the pandemic in the only major award 'd to brazil got involved in the mating century of his paraguayan which brazil lost 'd $60000.00 people during 6
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years we would be they can chance right now of losing the equivalent number in a single month 30 days 'd scientists and doctors have been calling for a national walk down as the only way to stop the virus and its new variants from spreading out of control brazil's richest state some power is under curfew a presidential aide will so narrow has repeatedly criticised safety measures that have any negative impact on the economy and has accused governors of acting like dictators. facing pressure from allies in congress are not a fired his 3rd health minister general it was too close william and his need cardiologist. to take his place. on wednesday both men were brazil's leading health institution few coolies showing a united front in announcing the 1st batch of 500000 locally made astra zeneca
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vaccines the promise to deliver 6000000 doses every week but with will so narrow still in overall charge scientists are skeptical james you know you've got an incompetent general coming out and you've got 'd a cardiologist a has no experience in handling a pandemic. who has already said that he's just going to a being to obey orders from the president who has no clue what to do he's completely lost rather he's playing on the side of the virus in brazil by making suggestions of drugs that don't work by being against use a mask against lockdowns soul the new minister is just those spokesman for the president nothing changes substantially the growing number of covert 19 related death is having an impact on president playable from out of popularity a recent poll shows that 56 percent of brazilians say has mishandled the pandemic
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meineke an arc of al-jazeera rio de janeiro. britain is warning of a significant reduction in vaccine surprised by the end of this month the housing minister says a vaccine rollout is still on track but deliveries have been slowed because of supply chain problems he also expressed disappointment after the european union threatened to limit exports of coffee in 1000 back seems to the u.k. as bring in if bakos i for a say in london the u.k. was leading i mean in your friend factor in the world as far as vaccines vaccinating its population but now they are having issues with the rollout tell us more. yeah that's what all health care providers on wednesday received a letter warning of a significant shortfall in the availability of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine going forward and the government has been very quick to downplay its is simply being a lump sum in the rollout and they hope within
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a matter of months to be back up to speed in the hopes of giving every adult in the country at least one dose of a vaccine by the summer the reason though seems to be a shortfall in supply is coming from india the serum institute in india was licensed to provide to produce the oxford astra zeneca largely for low income a middle income countries but the u.k. was also partially dependent upon supplies from the serum institute as well they were hoping for 10000000 doses but they're only now expected to receive 5000000 doses people over the age of 50 are likely to be affected by this short for also people expecting their 2nd doses aren't likely to be expensive because people under the age of 50 that may well see delays of several weeks the government though as i said keen to stress that this is just a temporary problem and that we are back on track soon as you mention there though there were some concerns on wednesday about heated exchanges between the european
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commission she 1st live on delay and dominic rob the foreign secretary after the commission suggested that they may well stop exports of e.u. made vaccines to the u.k. while the e.u. sorts out speeding up its vaccine rollout. that makes the vaccine in brussels says this morning that they will be no delay that they will on a contracts and the drug that has been ordered by the u.k. will still continue to arrive here in britain but of course the souring relationship between brussels and britain isn't great there has been a real escalation in tensions in the past few weeks with vaccines or the lack of them the heart of it need thank you for that need by caroline for us there in london. and still ahead on the news hour despite a scandal that forced his entire cabinet to resign the dutch prime minister is set to remain in power after this week's elections veiled threats why school girls in
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indonesia say they're being bullied by teaches at their school and in sports the new president advice alone have asked to do all he can to keep the announcement to stay with us we're back after the spatial. howler that we got some beautiful spring sunshine across northwestern parts of here now we're seeing a little bit of time weather just teasing down the north sea that is the sort of england pushing into the low countries across parts of france but the high pressure comes in behind that will keep it nice and quiet but to the east of that high we're tracking in cold air from an old direction so single figures across a good part of central and eastern europe with some snow there was some snow flurries around the outs pushing across parts of germany into poland easing through into western side of russia and out towards the southeast as well some western
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weather there once again in sioux turning a little drier and brighter for grayson places seibert for the western side of the med. showers will continue to rumble away as we go through the next couple of days and on into the weekend in the west of weather that will make its way back across the balkans most snow coming in here some showers into northern parts of grace up towards a northwest that's the place to be fine and dry on a little breezy across the far north of scotland but it will be lost the settled and sunny some of the study for the northeastern corner of africa but i would also northwest what's the weather coming through here those showers that we have across that western side of the mediterranean bring some rather wet weather into northern parts of algeria and she micio. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic failure is that a fair assessment you'd be catastrophic. to twice and valuable back saying informed
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opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines the inside story on 00. 0 is investigating unit takes you on for months on the cover of course. you had actual victims who had survived torture in detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest revealing the illegal dealings of the surveillance industry here in france if. you're there these are the nuclear weapons of the 21st century al-jazeera investigations.
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the rule the. cartoon use our knowledge is here with me for the back to book a reminder of our top stories tanzania has declared 14 days of mourning after the death of president john michael 40 officials say the 61 else suffered a heart failure about opposition leaders have said he was sick with cold 90 the u.s. secretary of state says all options are on the table to get north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons speaking in seoul the secretary of state antony blinken added china has a critical role to play county and says it won't talk until the u.s. changes what it calls its hostile policies and britain is warning of a significant reduction in vaccine supplies by the end of this month the housing minister says the coronavirus vaccine roll out is still on track but deliveries
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have been slowed because of supplying chain issues. to south africa now where statement oil service is being held for the king goodwin's only teeny was buried in a private ceremony early on thursday which was attended by killing family members he died last week at the age of 72 after being in hospital for weeks to treat diabetes being in his presence was a rare privilege all race exuded warm. and love for the people. and our entire continent. this month just he was a champion for development and progress he was a great visionary. and had deep inside on how best to develop our country. and his people. he advocated for better health outcomes among his people leading from the front in the fight against hiv
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aids and tb. africa correspondent tommy the miller who's live for us in in question on our time our family there we heard the president there are posts are paying tribute to the zonal king tell us more about the ceremony this memorial and how he's being remembered. it appears as if the president's little more courses eulogy has been well received especially by people in this area where we are we're just outside the palace gates that ceremonies being restricted to high profile guests and many of the people in this area in fact i have gathered outside to pay their own tributes and also perform rituals the king is well respected in cause even to tell where we are at and beyond that province so we also heard the president's rome opposer talk about the king being
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a unifying force and that's beyond the zulu people making also had his critics and detractors some would argue that he did little too or perhaps even encouraged some of the political fighting we saw in south africa in the 1990 s. when they were battles between sunni people and supporters of the african national congress a south african made that transition to democracy but you're not gonna go my niece is much loved people have come out to pay their respects we expect that memorial service to end any time soon we do know that they have been members of regional royal families attending we are waiting for word on a successor we don't expect that to be a controversial process it was likely that his eldest son would have. name success but in this particular case is all the 7 passed away in 2020 so we are waiting to hear who that might be and that could be any time from today to the coming weeks thank you very much for that family to minimize the forest there and on goma let's
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discuss this further now with p. taken to lee who is a historian a sculptor and poet and cultural analyst is joining us via skype from johannesburg thank you very much miss and tony for being with us we do want to talk to about this history and the culture in all this the king was buried i understand in a private ceremony very secretive ceremony earlier tell us more about what happens during these ceremonies what happens when a king dies where is he buried what's the mourning period going to look like the situation with the loose only as we were at 5 in. this blue really good. book where he's. been buried and that's what happened last night is that even. in the secrecy with video to say that ritual was leading him back to his history
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and also you know to the future he did to that extent that we say that. he knew that it's the soviet roots of war that they don't see respect to his own rooms upstairs where his spirit like you'd see the lanes cutting the nation as the arms of. the king things only a teeny was a long as serving monarch in zonal history reigning for half a century to south africa's years of apartheid and democratic transition what did he symbolize and what is going to be his legacy. his legacy are very very active in the you know getting the go and let the peace corps get an opposable the culture not only. by the book you hear in the interviews and mouth. using their older more like he so the challenge is in order to move to the conscious of the key of the concert that can get people together that's what
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the one of the themes that it brought a book that he did at the time of. the violent continent practices that were very difficult to butte just bearing that time of the spring you know most of it. and will last closely with nearly the peruvians. it will become look at existence placing orders to it's right up in the lead in either it would have to be fleeced but he was also a bit controversial when it came to tell his ideas about. you know what sounds well i mean he he he f. or incense you know that some of the things he was preaching were at times contradicted by health officials. yeah i mean there's always be debate over the flow of press the travel and the it was i've never met or at the issues of the caribbean with very complex issues that at the beijing it's bankrupt
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if we don't either some of her colleagues and sort of present nothing certainly we in the cloud pray that he's the heating of building complex nation together in a nice successor is going to have some big shows to fail no doubt we don't have a name yet as our family to our correspondents west was telling affair it would have been his i have a son but he has died who do you expect to take over now isn't a king. i mean anomaly the succession of. g. is not only full according to their algorithm for ready the greens that if every marriage there's a seed bearing you know their meaning after that which is success. you know you know if you've been out and you've not really doesn't then there's a 2nd that is also that whoever 3rd of coming out of the 8 is they sometimes it wouldn't do because the previous game will reveal
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a moment where all of you for that green there you know the right price so called was believe that by and you know the elysian to get in the child that's going to come up of that woman we have their role and might be the one that 'd did it in the public's things but i think they know exactly who is going to take mays and those people who would've been prepared greatly it over time a great tradition there and a thank you so much for talking to us and giving us insight into all this tony a historian joining us there from johannesburg in south africa thank you for your time sir. to the netherlands now where prime minister mark rota has claimed an overwhelming victory in parliament trade elections they were the 1st major votes in europe since the start of the corona virus pandemic that. saddam years to x. his bill have a lot of the 1st results confirmed what most people in the netherlands expected
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mulk return has done it again the dutch prime minister has led his interest party to victory for a 4th time in a general election. to promised photo stability in a campaign that was dominated by the coronavirus pandemic with the country under a nighttime curfew there were no victory parties forced on them and have given me the my party the death of a party an overwhelming young voter confidence and it is humbling. it's also forcing us to work through everything we can to make a success out of it voting was spread over 3 days and special polling stations was set up to allow for social distancing more than $16000.00 people have died of covert in the netherlands since the start of the pandemic far right leader good field is conceded that the health crisis it overshadowed all other issues including immigration but shared it concerns about health care that was
1:39 pm
a lot of problems about health care in the netherlands as well the also concerned about the normal routine life you know not only the economy but also indeed islam immigration hilda's party lost seats and slipped a 3rd place behind the centrist d $66.00 policy led by foreign trade minister a secret colleague this analyst says it was one of the election nights unexpected turns which is a huge surprise and also a day is way more than they had in older polls during the past months and it's probably because their leadership it's got has been doing very well in all the debates has been a big surprise this campaign so i think this has drawn a lot of photos to the $6060.00 special days. mark ritter has proved that he is a political survivor he's been elected despite some criticism of his handling of the corona virus pandemic and 2 months ago he and his whole government resigned over a child benefit scandal but in the end dr voters chose continuity i gave him another
1:40 pm
chance. i'll just there a i'm still. i let's speak to step in who is also in amsterdam for so said what is the most significant outcome of these elections and what kind of government will the netherlands have going forward. yes what we can say and that's what also not reported has chosen for continuity despite the fact that the government of marketa was tainted by the serious scandals like the child care benefit scandal but the most surprising outcome of this election is the when of secret car the former u.n. diplomat who was actually challenged margaret to directly by saying we need new leadership in this country and i want to be the 1st female prime minister in this country and what it also means is that her party is much more euro e.u. friendly than the market as party is so it could mean that there will be more openness to the e.u.
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but on the other hand what we can't can conclude is that the left wing parties have lost dramatically and that the right wing parties especially the far right has really won this election one party it was a small party to form for democracy whereas campaigned solely on this understand timmins against it has now 8 seats in parliament which is actually the largest win in this whole election so it is also a significant far right move here and that also could mean and they of course are very euro sceptic that also would mean that this whole debate in parliament about going more open to the e.u. and have a more international view on topics could also be hampered by this thank you very much for that service and with that update from amsterdam thank you. paralyzed president has survived an attempt by the opposition to impeach him over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
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hundreds protested outside congress demanding abdul benitez said down at least later responded with water cannon and rubber bullets hit record levels in the past week for the number of new covered 1000 cases and deaths anger has been growing over shortages of vaccines and medicines and overwhelmed hospitals. in afghanistan government bus carrying employees has been targeted in a bombing in kabul at least 3 people have been killed and another 11 wounded so far no group has claimed responsibility and 9 members of afghanistan's security forces have died in a helicopter crash it went down in base so district in more doc province there reports the helicopter was shot at while landing. lebanon's worst economic crisis in decades is pushing people deeper into poverty the minimum wage has now reached less than $50.00 a month and then hold every pour some beirut there's no solution in sight as politicians fail to form
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a new government in. lebanon is crumbling much of the middle class is now poor forced to rely on food handouts from charities the economy's collapse began in late 2019 the local currency lost 90 percent of its value since then 20 percent in recent weeks conditions worsen this politicians refused to work together to form a new government that will implement reforms to stop the financial meltdown our. i can't support my family any longer i mean a minimum wage $50.00 to the economic crisis they slash my celery and look what they did to us going to help us survive what is to come. prices of essential goods like bread and fuel have been rising in a country that imports almost everything officials warn of further scaling back on subsidies on some food items as the central bank runs low on foreign currency reserves. even before they lift subsidies everything was
1:44 pm
a ready too expensive the worst is yet to come the situation is getting worse by the day i am an informal work and earn $3.00 a day how can i afford to live 6. people have returned to the streets as salaries lose purchasing power the minimum wage is now less than $50.00 a month. at home or not as i please we have begging you look at a situation where starving we are dying even those who have money can't access their savings because of banking controls more than half of the population of 6000000 people are poor. the crisis has affected stability commanders say there is low morale among soldiers and security personnel the salaries are now nearly worthless crime is on the rise electricity cuts last 12 hours a day and if money is not found to enforce feel levanon could be plunged into total darkness by the end of the month for more than
1:45 pm
a year people have been demanding the removal of what they call a corrupt leadership that has governed for decades but politicians won't relinquish power and their ties to iran and saudi arabia entangles lebannon in a geopolitical struggle. saudi arabia want to assist lebanon financially if hezbollah is represented in the government all while the iranian us struggle continues as well as discussion over syria's fate and has influence in lebanon it appears hezbollah has an interest in the total collapse of the state since it wants to impose a new power sharing agreement. it's a battle for power that could take tired to resolve tired lebanon and its people don't have. to be root. the u.s. government is preparing a plan to reset relations with palestine which have suffered under donald trump's presidency as according to a draft document obtained by the wages news agency it says the white house is in the early stages of a plan aimed at undoing some of the damage caused by charms for all israeli stands
1:46 pm
joe biden has promised to respond hundreds of millions of dollars in economic and humanitarian assistance as well as reopen palestine's diplomatic mission in washington. police officers in haiti have stormed several police stations in the capital port au prince. the masked men broke up fellow officers who were arrested for a suspected coup attempts last month they say they were unjustly detained later the group set one of the police stations on fire along with several businesses there's been growing unrest in haiti which is involved in an economic and political crisis . still ahead on the news hour we'll tell you about the latest setback for the organizers of a tokyo that's coming up next with joe in sports do stay with us. we
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. welcome back to indonesia now where activists say vising religious intolerance is having an effect on schools according to human rights watch female students are under growing pressure to a d a to religious dress colors jessica washington has a story from jakarta. in a similar turn in the city of padang this public school is that the. center of a debate about religious freedom in indonesia after administrators trying to force a christian student to wear a headscarf. her story went viral when her father posted it on social media. teaches at the school deny forcing students but say they simply encourage them to
1:49 pm
where it's going to write differently then release it but this is how we protect our female students because we don't know what could happen on the streets. the controversy has prompted the indonesian government to ban public schools from forcing religious dress codes on students regardless of their religion. human rights observers say is not an isolated incident is a breach of religious freedom freedom of expression means privacy depressin fresh overthrow a report by human rights watch says young women of all faiths here face harassment and threats from teaches they try to force them to wear what's called a job which covers the head neck and chest indonesia's religious affairs minister says there is no reason to infringe upon the freedom of another person in the name of religion indonesia's national motto is unity in diversity but human rights
1:50 pm
observers say they're concerned about rising religious intolerance and its presence in schools the report says the impact on female students who experienced trauma diety and depression as a result of this intolerance must be taken seriously. in the region of chamas in west java we win says her teachers threatened to fail her if she didn't oblige and wear a headscarf her family is part of a religious minority called soon though we would. people of all religions should be able to go to school without being forced to wear it it's a personal right. human rights watch says it's not only religious minorities experiencing the scrutiny but muslim girls too. just a c.e.o. says teachers and some students pressured her every day. to get but the more that the more they said you have to think if your parents they have paid for your
1:51 pm
schooling your life then you feel sorry that they will suffer later in the afterlife. she ended up moving to a private school. religious leaders say the government should not and schools from enforcing religious dress codes but that was. a steer's m.b.a. students in elementary and middle school they are not yet able to choose they have to get used to something but human rights groups say the ban on enforcing religious and higher in schools is just the beginning and more must be done to protect into the ages diversity just a washington al-jazeera jakarta. office was his job ali thank you very much let's start with the tokyo olympics and the japanese prime minister has confirmed that the coded 19 state of emergency in tokyo will be lifted on sunday this is welcome news for the organizers of the games which starts in just over just 4 months time the state of emergency was originally announced in january and extended twice but it is now ending because the availability of hospital beds has improved in tokyo.
1:52 pm
coming up on monday we expect a final decision on whether overseas fans will be allowed to attend the games organizers deny reports that it's already been agreed that foreign supporters will be blocked to curb the spread of copa 19 but they say they will make a call before the olympic torch relay starts on tuesday the relay involves 10000 runners process in japan for 4 months in the build up to the opening ceremony. of the. currently no one in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies the creative director of tokyo 2020 her she's a sucky here on the right has resigned over derogatory remarks he made about us female celebrity in japan a magazine published comments he made during a brainstorming session last year where he suggested the plus size and to taina naomi watts and appear in the opening ceremony dressed as a pig the tokyo 2020 president seiko hushing moto says she was shocked by the
1:53 pm
comments you may remember she became president last month after her predecessor stepped down over sexism said she accepted her psyche's resignation after trying to persuade him to stay or go mother at the younger gets the there's only 4 months lift until the games and his presence was very important he previously did great work for us with the handover from the rio games and to the one years ago syria many of my committee has put a big emphasis on gender equality as one of the most important policies so we've decided to accept the resignation i will keep working hard not to let the sit back and take to the games. player of the year of 11 dusky is unlikely to be able to play for parliament in their work a qualifier against england because of coping $1000.00 restrictions the game is on march 31st in london the 11th of ski place for buy in munich in germany where travel rules would force him to quarantine for 14 days on his return would be a huge blow for poland if he can't play as he is their captain and he's in great
1:54 pm
form scoring 10 goals and those are 7 games his latest came on wednesday night in the champions league by in 21 in the 2nd leg to secure a 62 victory on aggregate a 7th win in a row sends them into the quarter finals still on track to defend the trophy chelsea also into the course of finals after knocking out 10 men athletico madrid 2 nil on wednesday and 3 nil on aggregate the win extends thomas to holes on base and starts at chelsea to 13 matches. they play with a special bond and. fixes like this and it's like this gives you the certain edge and a certain kloof to to achieve special things you can only do this with a special atmosphere and right now we are in the industry and i'm pretty sure that nobody wants also to play against us well that we know you know messi in this he has course a finals football sled his new president has promised he'll do all he can to keep the star player with the team messi who tried and failed to leave last year was in
1:55 pm
the crowd at the nou camp stadium as one reporter was sworn in for his 2nd spell as president one of his 1st tasks is dissuading the biggest start to extend his contract beyond this season my pussy don't let me get in contact with bench a little rascal i will try to convince leo to stay with us that is a must do tosk i will do all i can he knows that what he does will be ok but we will try to make him stay because he is the best player in the history of football and my apologies leo for saying this right here and right now but you know of my love for you also loves you a lot basketball fans slowly being allowed back into watch the teams play in the n.b.a. on wednesday the detroit pistons hosted 750 spectators for the 1st time this season and it meant a lot to the players on behalf of my teammates this is organization we just want to let you guys know how much we appreciate you coming out. it was really good how you
1:56 pm
are back here series by spaces i've been a fan of the scene since i was 5 years so i know it is like to be a detroit pistons when. you're trying to get back to those winning times. that is exactly what they did against the toronto raptors city they led with 28 points and 12 rebounds and just jackson's 3 pointer in the 4th detroit the lead which they never relinquished 116212 the final score. there were limited fans in houston to watch the golden state warriors beat the rockets but unfortunately for golden state steph curry there was nobody in the courtside seats to break his fall after a 3.2.0 temps he felt could lay on the tail bone and had to sit town before the courts or he'd also miss their game on friday. he told me after. he started backpedaling and normally he would have this quick fall back into the fray house sitting courtside but there's nobody there he kept going through already.
1:57 pm
feeling like i could be ok you know it's. next week or show. former n.b.a. center sean bradley has been left paralyzed after being hit from behind by a vehicle while riding his bike the dallas mavericks issued a statement saying the 48 year old has had neck fusion surgery and rehabilitation. and we'll finish with a remarkable race holst's from island called tiger bowl has won the last 2 grand nationals and has now become a 5 time when at the prestigious cheltenham festival in the u.k. taking the cross-country chase 18 year length tiger is under temporary care at the moment because his usual traina gordon elliott is serving a 6 month ban a picture of him sitting on a dead horse it's been decided tiger role will not compete for a 3rd straight national next month. all right that is the useful for the half loaf we later joe thank you very much for that that's it for this al-jazeera from back
1:58 pm
to one of these outing thank you for watching jordan is with you next with more of the day's news. is really is a bracing for a 4th election in 2 years benjamin netanyahu is facing a new set of challenges with a new message vote for the man who brought the vaccine to be enough to secure israel's longest serving prime minister a decisive win. join us for special coverage of the israeli election on al-jazeera . they are most. after egypt's revolution their passion
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turned into something much bigger. ultras on al-jazeera world. a young you know in the for most of us when be kept up this indication. when we have this opportunity to. the limit so the young girls go through secondary school will be able to see and play that's one thing able to change. meet the women in donna who are going places when it comes to education women make change on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every. thompson is set to swear in its 1st female president after the death of covert 900 skeptic john legere foully the government says he suffered heart failure. along down jordan the saudis are alive and also coming up the u.s. says everything's on the table to deal with north korea but pyongyang refuses talks until there's an end to what it sees as hostility. brazil reports another record coated 90.


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