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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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the headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the fight for covert 19 vaccines the u.k. says its rollout will slow in the coming weeks and warns the e.u. not to block exports. tanzania is set to swear in its 1st female president after the death of code 19 skeptic john mather fooling the government says he suffered a heart failure. the u.s. says everything's on the table to deal with north korea but pyongyang refuses talks until what it sees as hostility. and no relief in sight lebanon's economic crisis
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gets worse pushing more people into poverty. sports as take care emerges from its state of emergency for months before the olympics but the games creative director is in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies has resigned and the drug trade comments he made about a female entertainer. welcome to the program britain is warning its vaccine rollout will be slower than hoped in the coming weeks the health secretary says it's still on track but deliveries have been slowed because of supply chain problems with the astra zeneca job 1700000 doses of another backseat have also been delayed as they need to be retested when the government has previously expressed disappointment after the european union threatened to limit exports of coburg 1000 vaccines to the u.k. there is of course a need for all countries to respect contract law that is the basis of international trade and i'm sure that the european union will live up to the commitments and
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statements that it is made including president run the lawn herself who has said that there should not be restrictions on companies when they are fulfilling contractual responsibilities of course there should not and we fully. those contracts to be delivered on because there are very significant consequences to contract law well we'll get more european reaction shortly with dominic cain in burn in but 1st let's go to need barker who is outside of that summation center in london in the u.k. government's playing this down not me saying look it's just normal lumps and bumps in the supply chain so why is the u.k. having issues now with its vaccine rollout. there's definitely a move by the government to try and take some of the he said out of all of this describing it as you mentioned there are simply lumps some bumps in the supply chain but lumps of mums they may be but their wording of a letter that was handed out to health services on wednesday was very different it
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mentioned significantly constrained supplies and it all refers to a 5000000 doses shortfall from india the original order had been double that 10000000 but because of delays in the manufacturing of those doses and also because of india's own domestic demand it means that those supplies will be delayed there's also a move to retest 1700000 doses of a different vaccine as well and all of that it's fear it will have a knock on effect on whether or not the government will actually meet its targets or vaccinating every adult in the country with at least one dose by some of the government says it's still on target these are just temporary glitches for the time being they also believe that nobody over the age of 50 will miss out no appointments will be cancelled and people who are being booked in for their 2nd doses will not have to miss out as well but it's people under the age of 50 that
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may well see delays of several weeks of course but it does raise some big concerns about whether or not the government can remain on track but it insists that it can do but given the the war of words between brussels and london regarding vaccines coming from europe you know there are big questions about whether this is indeed possible yeah we have to talk about the elephant in the room we need you there as you say threatening to ban vaccine exports from the continent to the u.k. is this just brinkmanship neighbor coming actually do this. well they can in theory but the foreign secretary has said it is very much in his eyes at least brinkmanship he accuses live on the land of acting like a north or a tarion state after she suggested that the commission could make moves to restrict the number of vaccines that are actually been affected in the european union from reaching the u.k. largely because the e.u. is really desperate to get up to speed when it comes to vaccinating the population
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of the european union the commission has been under significant pressure an awful lot of criticism for not getting ahead of the curve not acting soon enough to make sure the house the doses that it needs whether or not the commission and see actually acts on now is very very unclear right now what we have heard is that the companies involved in this about the likes of pfizer who have a a a plant in belgium responsible for sending the pfizer biotech vaccine here to the u.k. have said that that it's all supplies that have been ordered will be honored that contracts will be honored and as such the government here at least is is happy with the suggestion that it will reach its targets of vaccinating every adult in the country when least one goes by summer but there are some bumps on the road ahead all right tony back to life in london neve thank you let's cross over now to dominic cain joins us live from berlin dominic so so how significant then is this
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growing spat on the vaccines between the e.u. and the u.k. what more have officials there been saying. one of the interesting things daryn about what has been service been coming from brussels over the course of this week is the differentiation in language between what they say and what is being said in london and certainly when sort of under lion was speaking yesterday flanked by 2 other commissioners who have a responsibility and so far as vaccines are concerned she was at pains to point out that the disappointment that the e.u. feels at what it perceives to be the shortcomings from astra zeneca certainly in far in so far as the shortfall in doses which were promised and they're not delivered to the e.u. is concerned the development today is that the e.u. is now proposing to send
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a letter to astra zeneca outlining its concerns where it believes that some form of resolution in this in this between the 2 sides can occur that is part of the contract signed with between the 2 sides between the e.u. and astra zeneca article 18 clause 5 specifies that where there is disagreement where there is a conflict to be resolved 1st of all the letter should be signed to action some form of resolution well that's what the e.u. is talking about doing right now but obviously there is a clear sense of pressure on the e.u. on the european commission particularly since it was the commission which negotiated with the vaccine manufacturers as a pressure on them to try to speed up the pace i don't let's stay with us does that actually because we're expecting of course this ruling from the european health regulators shortly actually on the safety of the astra zeneca vaccine how is that likely to play out do you think. well the interesting thing
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that's let's remind ourselves of what has happened to the chronology this week several different e.u. countries reported that there had been an incidence of blood clots amongst those who had received the vaccine from astra zeneca small number of people reporting blood clots or blood clots being reported in people who'd received the vaccination something in the order of a ratio of around one in 170000 given that many millions of doses had been administered at that point it was of such concern to those countries that they reported it to the e m a posed a suspension a temporary suspension on the administration of more doses to people and called on the e m a to evaluate and then give a styris to what it considers is the way ahead now interestingly today we see that the german health ministry has reported that more instances of blood clots have
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been reported it had been reported before something like 7 or 8 cases of blood clots have been reported other talking about 13 cases the majority of which were in females one male was amongst the 13 it's worth also pointing out to the 3 of those people went on to die now again it must be stressed that the number of doses administered in germany is in the millions and the number of cases is in the teens we expect a decision from the a.m.a. from the headquarters in amsterdam in the course of the next few hours yeah we'll bring that decision live when we get it from the dominic came their life as a 1000000000 dollar thank you let's bring in jeffrey lazarus he's head of the health systems research group at the barcelona institute for global health he joins us from copenhagen via skype but jeffrey great to have you with us so how significant then is this warning from the e.u. that it may ban exports of vaccines to the u.k. is this because the e.u. is struggling to get sufficient supplies to roll out its own vaccination program.
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well you know i think any kind of rile between high income countries like the e.u. and the u.k. makes no sense and really just distracts from the real challenge which is increasing the number of people vaccinated so there are clear supply issues and the e.u. should be working with the u.k. on how to produce more vaccines that we can vaccinate much faster yeah that's an important point to make because britain is warning of a significant reduction in vaccine supplies by the end of the month does this come as a surprise jeffrey because the health minister says look it's just normal bump some lumps in the supply chain. well it's probably not that much of a surprise but i think the whole situation is a surprise going back you know now several weeks which is that we're not getting the vaccines to the e.u. and now probably not to the u.k. that were agreed upon contractually so my question is where were the regulators you
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know through the art of making sure that the manufacturing plants were up to speed in order to to provide the numbers of axes that had been agreed in the contacts i think it's problematic that we're hitting you know the e.u. against the u.k. when most of the world is highly vaccinating are there and the timing of this is interesting because all of this is happening post brigs it where disagreements between the e.u. and u.k. have increased and now we have this route over vaccines doesn't this just further undermine public confidence in the whole vaccination program. well i don't think it'll undermine confidence in the vaccines it might undermine some confidence in the program but that doesn't mean that people will want to get that excited when when it's their turn but i think people in their time but i think people are tired they don't want to hear the brinkmanship they don't want to hear politicians threatening u.k. politicians who then would enter and back i mean we're pitting countries against
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each other rather than all of the countries you know against the virus and they're not going to end the pandemic that way yeah just a final thought here geoffrey what about vaccine exports from the u.k. to europe and there's no official ban in place but information suggests that hasn't been any vaccine exports to the u.k. so how is all of this likely to play out given we're still waiting on this ruling from the a.m.a. over the safety of the astra zeneca vaccine. well like i said i mean i think contacts need to be respected but i think we need a new agreement that says when the most vulnerable populations in a country where the elderly the health care workers have been vaccinated that countries agree to to exploit that seems to to other countries because of variance of concern and developed in other countries largely back to where we were a few months ago needing to be vaccinated with a new vaccine or needing boosters jeff and that's what's got to get your thoughts thank you very much indeed for talking to autism thank you kate. well tanzania's
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opposition is calling for a new chapter to begin to the death of president john mica funy officials say the 61 year old suffered a heart failure but opposition leaders suspect he was sick with code 19 the vice president's son who has done is set to become tanzania's 1st female president out of schapelle ripples. thank you for that would go the last time john pomfret mega food he was seen in public he was carrying out official duties and not wearing a mask not long into his 2nd term in office he suddenly vanished from public sight after 3 weeks of speculation came the announcement from vice president. on state television. where we lost our leader president of the republic of tanzania the owner. who posted this lie from heart complications in hospital in dar es salaam rumors have been swirling that magnify had sought treatment for covert 19 largely fed by opposition leader to lease to and kenyan
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media the government denied the reports and arrested at least 4 people who speculated about his health on social media damage but even when you were told his government no one wears a mask including me it proves that there is no corona virus and god loves this nation president maggie farley was more than a coronavirus skeptic his government stop sharing data with the world health organization last year and declared tanzania covert free through divine intervention the official tally still stands at 500 in 9 cases and 21 deaths all these months later he displayed a disregard for health advice focusing on prayer and local remedies while also claiming the vaccines were dangerous this true condemnation from the w.h.o. and the roman catholic church. coppa denial had turned into policy for a nation of 60000000 what we have that the ministry has no plans to receive vaccines for cave in 19 which are already in use in other countries. the w.h.o.
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has repeatedly asked the government to adopt preventative measures such as wearing face masks to start reporting cases and to share data foreign embassies began warning of a significant increase in the number of code in 1000 cases that could overwhelm tanzania's limited hospital capacity in late february maggie farley finally began to change his tone warming to the idea of wearing locally made face masks that was just days before a shocking press conference from his finance minister the filament pungo which was called to address rumors that he had died of corona virus. tanzania has refused to join the kovacs program which has delivered millions of doses to $22.00 african countries it will be up to some e.s.l. who haasan to decide whether it remains an outlier when it comes to protecting its population and that of neighboring countries and al-jazeera catherine sawyer has more now from the kenyan capital nairobi this is devastating news not just. the region as well newspaper the media coverage is back to back well madam.
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legacy i have to meet a. nice bit of the nation and. then say for harry most of. all goodbye talking about his you all programs talking about how it had been shrouded we've come to this talking about you know have been here and you know coronavirus did that happen in tanzania so basically same thing in tanzania people at the do try to process this news an announcement was made by the president by the vice president and yesterday evening to say that she's president of. the cases he thought the. idea was and years now some people internally are shocked. because this man was and they need much and he was doing well art in tanzania despite all the criticism against. 11 civilians are
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monitor least 30 people killed in fighting between a local militia and the army of the democratic republic of congo an army spokesperson says the militias attack was in a village in 2 re province that's 40 kilometers from the provincial capital bunia it says the cogeco militia is responsible they accuse the government of failing to respect a demobilization agreement. lots more still to come here on the news hour including a plea for help ends with me and mass military charging its ambassador to the u.n. with high treason and paying tribute to a king mourners bid a final farewell to south africa's longest serving supermodel. and in sport the like a fan sitting courtside results in an injury for one of the n.b.a.'s biggest stars . your sect of state anthony blinken has urged china to use its tremendous influence on north korea to abandon its nuclear program he and the u.s. defense secretary have been meeting leaders in south korea has more. this mission
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to north east asia ended as it had begun with the u.s. directly accusing china of aggressive behavior in the region but the u.s. and south korea also confirmed beijing's importance in the denuclearization of north korea but china has a real interest in helping to deal with this house has an obligation under the u.n. security council resolutions the u.s. and try to open a dialogue with north korea ahead of this trip but without success north korea has officially confirmed it had received those requests but didn't respond it's 1st vice foreign minister and he saying there can be no dialogue until the u.s. stops what she called its hostile behavior making it clear pyongyang is waiting to see what the new policy of the biden administration to wardes it will look like this mission is intended to help formulate that strategy it's also
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a restoring and repairing relations between the u.s. and its traditional allies in northeast asia i mean i'm going up are going to be as the u.s. has repeatedly said the trilateral security cooperation between seoul tokyo and washington is crucial considering the international situation and newly emerging security threats. are relations often severely strained during the previous administration of donald trump that advantage for the united states has been greatly. during the 4 years of trump pardon me a straight up saw it is important for the biden are the ministrations restore of the u.s. treasury as their united states has and china does not one of the last acts on this visit a cost sharing agreement for the basing of u.s. troops in south korea disputed for years by the trumpet ministration its final signing seen here as evidence of an alliance restored love mcbride al-jazeera sold
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. well north korea will be just one of the subjects on the agenda when blinken meets senior chinese officials in alaska later on thursday it will be the 1st such discussions since the biden administration took office in january and it comes just after the u.s. sanctioned an additional $24.00 chinese new hong kong officials for beijing's continuing crackdown on political freedoms in the territory. some protesters and fight back against the security forces violent crackdown the military announced treason charges against the deposed ambassador to the u.n. fuel motu and was fired a day after speaking at the un general assembly last month where he called for help to remove the army from power spotlight reports. the industrial zone of yangon has emerged as the main flashpoint between protesters and myanmar security forces it ignited on sunday and has continue throughout the week yeah the protesters now arming themselves with makeshift weapons slingshots amal tough
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cocktails fighting back as they appear to be facing live ammunition and tear gas this part of the city is home to migrant workers at the nearby factories some of which were torched on sunday leading to the most violent day so far in the 6 weeks of protests martial law has been imposed in some areas. the military has announced another member a former civilian leader aung sang suu cheese and d. party has been charged with high treason. and mars' ambassador to the united nations giacomo toon is facing the charge for his speech during a un general assembly on the situation in his country and that february 26th beach he called for the fight for democracy to continue more international pressure on the jointer and raise the protest movements 3 finger salute he was fired the next day myanmar state television has aired an interview with the man who says suchi accepted money from him while she was in office. i mean according to my weight he had given. 4 payments $100000.00 in may
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$218150000.00 in may $21950000.00 in february 2020 and $250000.00 in april 2020 take to link $550000.00 per turn he called the bribery accusation groundless in a logical this is the 2nd corruption allegation in addition to charge. it's already made against suchi including illegally importing walkie talkies and breaking covert $1000.00 restrictions. in a further move by the military to control what seen and heard inside myanmar internet services are becoming increasingly limited mobile networks have been ordered to shut down and the speed of the internet has become very slow. scott hardliner al-jazeera. a state of moral status is being held for south africa zoo nuking goodwills an athenian was buried in a private ceremony earlier on thursday which was attended by close family members
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he died last week at the age of 72 hours of being in hospital for weeks to treat diabetes. is at the memorial in nagano. goodwills when it's in his memorial service has begun with the in the palace grounds like sides zubari is what i'm up to have gathered they say they're here to praise the king they feel see the oil and they're upset that they're not part of proceedings within the palace grounds resumed our ears have made their way to the front of the kind of states. that prevented them from going through this day and it wasn't part of the mourning her mother when she wrote that they want to put more emphasis on the negative to praise him and to the grocery and. make 7 tell us what you are putting your marriage was really going out or you didn't have that gathering on the side of the gates middle continued to the rituals but many of them once again. lebanon's worst
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economic crisis in decades is pushing people deeper into poverty the minimum wage has now reached less than $50.00 and reports in the capital beirut there's no solution in sight with the country's politicians failing to form a new government. levanon is crumbling much of the middle class is now poor forced to rely on food handouts from charities the economy's collapse began in late 2019 the local currency lost 90 percent of its value since then 20 percent in recent weeks conditions worse than this politicians refused to work together to form a new government that will implement reforms to stop the financial meltdown i was. i can't support my family any longer i own a minimum wage $50.00 but due to the economic crisis they slash my salary and hard look what they did to us going to help us survive what is to come the prices of essential goods like bread and fuel have been rising in a country that imports almost everything officials warn of further scaling back on
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subsidies on some food items as the central bank runs low on foreign currency reserves. even before they lift subsidies everything was a ready too expensive the worst is yet to come the situation is getting worse by the day i am an informal worker and earn $3.00 a day how can i afford to live. people have returned to the streets as salaries lose purchasing power the minimum wage is now less than $50.00 a month. at home or not as i please we are begging you look at us and our situation where starving we are dying even those who have money can't access their savings because of banking controls more than half of the population of 6000000 people are poor. the crisis has affected stability commanders say there is low morale among soldiers and security personnel the salaries are now near. worthless
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crime is on the rise electricity cuts last 12 hours a day and if money is not found to import fuel levanon could be plunged into total darkness by the end of the months for more than a year people have been demanding the removal of what they call a corrupt leadership that has governed for decades but politicians won't relinquish power and their ties to iran and saudi arabia entangles lebannon in a geopolitical struggle. saudi arabia want to assist lebanon financially if hezbollah is represented in the government all while the iranian us struggle continues as well as discussion over syria's fate and influence in lebanon it appears hezbollah has an interest in the total collapse of the state since it wants to impose a new power sharing agreement it's a battle for power that could take time to resolve time lebanon and its people don't have. beirut far tougher check on the weather now his attitude. how is that we got some beautiful spring sunshine across northwestern parts of europe now we're
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seeing a little bit of time weather just easing down the north sea that is the sort of england pushing into the low countries across parts of france but high pressure comes in behind that will keep it nice and quiet but to the east of that high we're tracking cold air from an all the direction so single figures across a good part of central and eastern europe with some snow there was some snow flurries around the outs pushing across parts of germany into poland easing through into western side of russia and out towards the southeast as well some west of weather there once again into a little drier and brighter for grayson places seibert for the western side of the med all looking to get showers will continue to rumble away as we go through the next couple of days and on into the weekend in the west of weather that will make its way back across the balkans most snow coming in here some showers into northern parts of grace up towards a northwest that's the place to be fine and dry will turn a little breezy across the far north of scotland but it will be lost the settled and sunny some of the study for the northeastern corner of africa but i would also
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northwest because what the weather coming through here those showers that we have across that western side of the mediterranean will bring some rather wet weather to northern parts of algeria and sunni shia at a time thank you lots more to come here not just here including police turned against their workplace in haiti's capital amman and released 4 officers arrested last month over an alleged coup attempt the dutch prime minister retains power in europe's 1st major election since the start of the pandemic and formula one reveals its fastest and longest street circuit ever that's coming up with joe in a sports bar in that state with us. it's one of the wealth made powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises central to the life he heads of hundreds of thousands of people and behind the deaths of many more exceptional access. to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of
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an organization telling the name to many as the polite alliance inside this in a lower college town part one of a 2 part investigation people in power on al-jazeera banks love to make loans to some friends because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because most taxpayers never go away there's a new one born every single day and it is an urgent national. visually request the accusation of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in creeks somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick amount about top stories here on the news obregon is warning of a significant reduction in vaccine supplies by the end of the month the housing minister says the vaccine brought out is still on track but deliveries have been slowed due to supply issues. tanzania set to swear in its 1st female leader after the death of president john mather food aid officials say the 61 year old suffered a heart failure but opposition leaders have said he was sick with coated 19. of the u.s. secretary of state says all options are on the table to get north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons speaking in seoul anthony blinken china has a critical role to play. key members of the taliban and afghanistan's government are meeting with russia's foreign minister in an effort to restart stalled peace negotiations u.s. peace envoy zalmay khalilzad is in moscow along with representatives from other countries in the region u.s.
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troops are scheduled to withdraw from afghanistan on may 1st but president biden cast doubt on wednesday saying it be tough to meet that deadline. russian president vladimir putin has hit back at washington after u.s. president joe biden said moscow would pay a price for election meddling it follows a u.s. intelligence report released on tuesday which said there's evidence that russia tried to help former president donald trump secure a 2nd term russia has recalled its washington ambassador for talks but putin says moscow won't set a tie with the u.s. rules in jordan reports from washington d.c. . and certainly a moment where the americans are also having a close look at their relationship with russia even though the ministration has argued that china is perhaps its number one foreign policy concern there is concern from the ministration about russia's intentions as well the president gave an exclusive interview to a.b.c.
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news in which he was asked whether he thought vladimir putin the russian president was quote a killer and the president agreed with that assessment when he was asked well what's going to be done about that the president went on to say that russia and the entire world would understand very soon but what we've already seen from this administration is the willingness to use sanctions and other forms of political pressure in order to try to get moscow to change its ways to change its behavior and in particular to not commit human rights abuses so let's bring in some middle ramana he's a doctoral research and international relations specializing in russia at the university of oxford he joins us from there now samuel good to have you with us here in al-jazeera look clearly these remarks by president biden that he thought president putin was a killer hasn't gone down too well in moscow i mean how much does does this though underline the current tensions between washington and moscow. well i think it does
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a lot to underline the currency attention being in washington in moscow but also i think shows in some ways that the timing of this in particular there is that russian foreign policy has moved from being just purely a national security issue in the united states to also be an issue of domestic politics this is clearly biden's way of distinguishing himself from the trumpet ministration which openly questioned u.s. intelligence on the rational russian interference and also on the russian bandies the taliban so we after consider this through the lens of american domestic politics yeah and the timing of this is significant because it all comes as u.s. intelligence agencies say russia meddled in the 2020 u.s. election how significant was that report because president biden says moscow would pay the price for meddling well there were initial assessments in the summer that there were $3.00 foreign powers that were involved in meddling in the us elections russia china and iran this report was significant because it confirmed that russia and iran are both involved in active meddling russia on the behalf of the trump and
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iran on the be had against europe not and so we have to be out of biotin and china was not involved so this creates an opening for the u.s. to impose sanctions on russia and also for the u.s. to advance its current iran strategy which is to view russia as an adversary and china as you competitor which is central to biden's overall foreign policy dr and some of the russia isn't taking this sitting down it's not recalled its ambassador to the u.s. what sort of response then do you expect from moscow in terms of the relationship going forward. materially i don't think they'll be much more beyond a lot of symbolic rhetoric and this might definitely slow down right us russian cooperation a variety of fronts chief among which is probably the iran nuclear every meant where the u.s. probably needs russia to bring iran back to the table but i think that we might see some more russian now provocative drills the move the fly over of planes violation of air spaces but nothing really more than just symbolic gestures at this stage if
4:35 pm
the u.s. impose more sanctions that russia will probably see a reduction of russian diplomatic presence in the west and you will see a continuation 'd of this period of tension for a while the calm summer just a final point to you i mean many observers you said it as well the president putin the russians basically had an easy ride on the trumpet ministration and now the white house says russia will be held accountable for their actions i mean how will russia now be shaping its foreign policy to deal with a much more hostile u.s. administration well i think that this will be seen in a variety of fronts 1st of all russia and china's relationship while truly a closer together particularly by and pick continues to contain will them at once and russia will be continue to expand his overtures in the collective not west as you've seen and there rapid speed of assertiveness in the middle east labora stripped of the gulf area involvement in afghanistan the peace talks there are going to be a lot more involved in non-western leaders and also trying to separate european foreign policy from the united states so we'll see how that goes some of our money
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great to get your thoughts thanks for talking to al jazeera. definitely great to be on a chef. now the u.s. government's preparing a plan to reset relations with palestine which has suffered under donald trump's presidency that's according to a draft state department document the reuters news agency says it's spoken to officials who are familiar with the document it says the white house is in the early stages of a plan aimed at undoing some of the damage caused by trump's pro israel stance joe biden has promised to restart hundreds of millions of dollars in economic and humanitarian assistance as well as reopen palestine's diplomatic mission in washington for moustapha barghouti is the 2nd general of the palestinian national initiative he says the u.s. isn't doing nearly enough to make amends it's too little and too late 1st of all i think when they are talking about. a small support to the palestinian authority in the amount of $15000000.00 in comparison to give to israel you loot around
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$3500000000.00 but that's not the issue the issue here is merely political and the question here is will by the administration depart from what. expresses the books not specifically on the issue of jerusalem there is no if it can have normal relations with princeton yes as long as they don't become nice to them also as a couple for the 1st time and as long as you can sort of do the limousine it's like the capital of israel only and the other one very important problem is the issue of settlements i mean. mr vision keeps talking about 2 state solution on the basis of $67.00 borders without identifying and without taking any specific. legal settlements that are to destroy the very last looked at until look towards
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the. now over a 5th of the u.s. population has been given at least one vaccine though so far and president biden has promised that every adult will be in a job or for a job by may the 1st but some people aren't willing to wait that long rob reynolds has the tale of the vaccine certes. with coronavirus vaccine supply still tight and demand overwhelming authorities in the u.s. are denouncing queue jumpers and vaccine cheaters in california an unknown number of ineligible people signed up for vaccine appointments using online codes reserved for underprivileged and minority communities in florida officials say to younger women dressed up as grannies to trick vaccinators they were caught and turned away not allowed here no more in maryland fights nearly broke out at a drive through vaccination center when people started cutting in line and in washington state the governor rebuked a hospital system that gave special vaccine access to administrators and that is
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not acceptable for us we need to give everybody a fair shot a beverly hills doctor who treats wealthy and influential people says he's bombarded by requests for special treatment hundreds of phone calls same washed younger. vaccine how can we get a vaccine on how what we do how much can a right to make donations cetera whatever's asked what we're trying to do in order to get back home many shooters are there there's no accurate numbers of people doing it probably would admit to it over time so we really don't know but i'm ready to say it's significant in terms of it's more than a tiny handful of people public health specialists say cheating was made almost inevitable by the haphazard vaccine rollout at the beginning under the trumpet ministration a lot of this was left up to the states and many states in turn left it. to
4:40 pm
counties and so that resulted in a whole range of systems and challenges and variation in who is eligible once you get into that kind of inconsistency you're encouraging despite the outrage they cause there seems to be no punishment for cheaters people and say this jerk got it why even though he works from home and he has no exposure it is you know we just sort of nodded and we said you know that's the way it goes inequities in the u.s. health care system are widespread but authorities hope that as vaccine supplies increase the urge to cheat will fade it would be terrible if we come out of this and don't are important lessons from what went wrong and what went right because there will be another pandemic hopes of lessons learned for the next time a new disease strikes robert oulds al jazeera los angeles pakistan is facing
4:41 pm
a 3rd wave of covered 19 around the country has seen a dangerous spike in cases in the past few weeks it's forced the government to once again close schools on impose smart lock downs in major cities come out as more from is none of that. the national operation. coronado wired. 100. 7.8 but. it crushed a country and a number of corona why did it give you. the n.c.o. he had warned that people. regard to the standard operating procedure like wearing a mock. director of the country. and therefore there are warning signs there be a more deadly 3rd wave with your already on the way ahead in. its fight the fact that recommendations are now being added minute people have received their jobs dry
4:42 pm
and i had another 500000 vaccines but that country really need millions. and really have trade cautiously given the fact that 3rd wave all the progress budgets don had. again. in the netherlands prime minister has claimed to have a winning victory in the parliamentary elections if you can form a coalition. government the 3 day vote was the 1st major election in europe since the start of the pandemic managing the crisis was a key issue in the campaign including vaccinations and growing discontent of a lock down restrictions step in has more from amsterdam. the netherlands has chosen for continuity despite the fact that the government of marketa was tainted by these serious scandals like the child care benefit scandal but the most surprising outcome of this election is the win of secret carter the former you and
4:43 pm
the diplomat was actually challenged marker to directly by saying we need new leadership in this country and i want to be the 1st female prime minister in this country and what it also means is that her party is much more euro e.u. friendly than the market party is so it could mean that there will be more openness to the e.u. but on the other hand what we can't can conclude is that the left wing parties have lost dramatically and that the right wing parties especially the far right has really won this election one party it was a small party to form for democracy who has campaigned solely on this lockdown understand timmins against it has now 8 seats in parliament which is actually the largest win in this whole election so it is also a significant far right move here and that also could mean and they are of course a very euro sceptic that also could mean that this whole debate in parliament about going more open to the e.u. and have a more international view on topics could also be hampered by this. demonstrators
4:44 pm
including police officers of storm several police stations in haiti's capital they freed 4 officers who'd been arrested over an alleged attempt last month so reports . a common sight in haiti's capital port au prince. protesters angry at the political economic and health crisis gripping the nation. roadblocks and other disruptions have been an almost daily occurrence this year. the sights of uniformed police joining the demonstrations is more recent 5 months to hide their identities they stormed several police stations on wednesday setting one of them on fire and releasing full colleagues from police cells they'd been accused of an alleged coup attempt against president job and then lawyers last month a claim they do know. that the comes with been suffering for a long time we took our destiny and were telling the haitian people that they are
4:45 pm
free today or never yes that's right we support the release of the police detained we're also here to tell the president he has to admit that he can no longer run this country according to the article 134 to his mandate is finished. the police officers belong to a group they formed called fountain 5 a noise that calls on the resignation of the national police general they're also demanding the release of the bodies of 5 officers killed in a botched raid on until his gang a week ago. were blocking the roads we're dropping our weapons and we're not going to work at the police stations so we send a clear message to the director of police and the prime minister to go and get the bodies of the killed offices. haiti is the poorest country in the americas gang kidnappings rape and murders all rule on the rise and i'm arrest has been growing. for the 1st because we cannot live in a society were violent is wreaking havoc and they are using this violence as
4:46 pm
a method against us. critics say the government does not provide the police with enough resources to tackle gang crime the opposition coalition democratic and pop in the sector is accused present noise of colluding with. a powerful gang alliance formed last year by a former police officer to keep certain areas of the capital under control and i q zation the president annoys some wednesday a state of emergency was declared for one month in some areas of port au prince sort of. going to come back on the sport tell me about the latest setback for the organizers of the tokyo lympics more on that stay with us.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
welcome back now the republic of congo is due to hold presidential elections on sunday during its worst economic crisis in years repeated bailouts failed to rescue the oil producer from lower crude prices and corruption scandals even before the code 900 pandemic hit out as it was malcolm web reports from the capital brazzaville. joy inside says the onion business in the republic of congo is not what he used to be she's struggling to take care of her 3 children on about $4.00 a day was can you imagine i opened this pack of onions in the morning and from 6 am until now i have not been able to sell them before it was a booming business but since cover 900 it's no longer bringing in a profit the onions that are sold here every quarter from cameroon with 3 different
4:49 pm
kinds of garlic different imported from the neighboring democratic republic of congo this one comes from chad and this one comes all the way from china and it's the same story for more than 70 percent of the food the people a here in congo is imported and that makes it relatively expensive itself because of it pandemic more than a 3rd of the people living here in the capital brazzaville have become food insecure. president their needs are soon queso has asked supporters why congo depends on food imports in an election campaign rallies. prompted a flurry of memes from social media users who say his policies after nearly 40 years in power. the reason why. this inger says your plan for society is fake and ineffective. but the economic problems aren't from
4:50 pm
a lack of revenue. which comes from oil exports worth billions of dollars each year but that hasn't stopped congo from nearly going bankrupt 3 times in the last 2 decades. alfonse dongo says in this economic climate his passion financial journalism doesn't pay he also says it's not safe to publish critical views that's why he runs a restaurant to get by he told us most of the last bailout offered by the international monetary fund 2 years ago is held up because the government failed to meet the criteria on transparency and corruption or who that passed by we refused to be transparent as the i.m.f. requires so we can go and figure it out with the chinese because we need cash right away i would say congo is not a victim but congo is the one playing a double game. according to french prosecutors more than a $1000000.00 of congo's public money has been spent on suits and shirts in this
4:51 pm
shop in paris. it's just one investigation among many corruption scandals that often involves the 1st family the government spokes person has been campaigning for president sasuke ahead of sunday's election he's promising economic recovery it's not. corruption it's not. a bad choice no it's. ringback decreasing the price of corn price. china's growing investments here can't be missed on the streets of brazzaville although this one isn't paying off it's one of many stalled constructions here in the hillside suburbs people complain of a chronic lack of any investment for decades homes here were collapsing long before the oil prices and many people wonder if an election will bring any change malcolm webb al-jazeera brazzaville republic of congo or
4:52 pm
a top of the sport his job there and thank you well let's start with the tokyo olympics and the japanese prime minister has confirmed the coven 19 states of emergency in tokyo will be lifted on sunday that's welcome news for the organizers of the games which starts in 4 months time the state of emergency was announced in january and extended twice but it's now ending because the availability of hospital beds has improved in tokyo. however the number of new infections remains at the same level or slightly increased and in some areas there's also an increase of people going out before there are concerns about a rebound of new infections numbers and we also need to stay vigilant about the spread of new variant us olympic organizers are set to meet on saturday to decide whether overseas fans will be allowed to attend the games despite concerns they may spread covert 19 torch relay is set to start on tuesday which involves $10000.00 runners crossing japan for 4 months in the build up to the opening ceremony but
4:53 pm
there's currently no one in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies the creative director of tokyo 2020 hitoshi says sakhi here on the right has resigned over drug tree remarks he made about a female celebrity in japan a magazine published comments he made during a brainstorming session last year when he suggested the plus size entertainer naomi watts and abby appear in the opening ceremony dressed as a pick. tokyo 2020 president seiko moto says she was shocked by those comments you may remember she became president last month after her predecessor stepped down over sexism motos said she accepted sesac ease resignation after trying to persuade him to stay. at the younger gets the there's only 4 months lift until the games and his presence was very important he previously did great work for us with the handover from the rio games and to the one years ago ceremony my committee has put a big emphasis on gender equality as one of the most important policies so we've
4:54 pm
decided to accept the resignation i will keep working hard not to let this sit back and take to the games fevers player of the year robert love and ask is unlikely to be able to play for poland in their world cup qualifier against england because of coke at 19 restrictions the game is on march 31st in london but levelled off key plays were by munich in germany where travel rules would force him to quarantine for 14 days on his return would be a huge blow for poland if he can't play as he's their captain and is in great form scoring 10 goals in his last 7 games. in italy in $1000.00 outbreak is set to disrupt the league leaders into milan 2 more players have tested positive which makes it 4 in total local health officials have requested the next area game against swallow on saturday people spoke and into his players will also be pulled out of international g.t. barcelona's new president has promised he'll do all he can to keep the star player lean on messi with the team messi who tried and failed to leave last year was in
4:55 pm
the crowd at the nou camp as porter was sworn in for his 2nd spell as president and one of his 1st tasks is persuading their biggest star to extend his contract beyond this season. placido domingo in kentucky mentioned levesque and i will try to convince leo to stay with us that is a must do tosk i will do all i can he knows that what he does will be ok but we will try to make him stay because he is the bass player in the history of football and my apologies leo for saying this right here and right now but you know of my love for you also loves you a lot boscobel fans are slowly being allowed back into watch that seems play in the n.b.a. on wednesday the detroit pistons hosted 750 spectators for the 1st time this season and it meant a lot to the players we just want to let you guys know how much we appreciate charge coming out. it was really good how you are back here series by spaces i've been a fan of the same since i was 5 years so i know it is like to be
4:56 pm
a detroit pistons man i want you to get back to those winning times and that's exactly what they did against the toronto raptors the lead with $28.00 points and 12 rebounds and just jackson's 3 pointer in the 4th detroit the lead which they never relinquished 116212 the final school. and williams had fans in houston to watch the golden state warriors beat the rockets but unfortunately for golden state steph curry there was nobody in the court side seats to break his full after 3 pointer attempts he fell on his tail bone and had to sit out the 4th quarter he could also miss a game on friday. he told me after you know he started backpedaling and normally he would have basically fallen back into found sitting courtside but there's nobody there but he kept going up to around this table. you know that piece of metal he seems so feeling like like you'd be ok you know over the next. next week or
4:57 pm
so we'll see well as a new man in charge of rugby union's well governing body well drug rugby has appointed alan gilpin as its new chief executive he's been interim c.e.o. since his predecessor stepped down in january it's main task will be leading the sport out of the financial turmoil caused by the current virus pandemic. saudi arabia will host its 1st formula one race in december and organizers have now revealed the layout of the circuit in jeddah it will be the longest and foster's street circuit in sports history the cars will race along the red sea coast potentially reaching speeds of up to 322 kilometers per hour on the longest straight of ice on december the 5th will be held at nights and is planned to be announcement stop on this racing calendar. all right that is all sport for me for now it's back to daryn joe thank you very much indeed last night for me in jordan for this news don't go away i'll be back in a moment with much more of the day's news. thanks so much but it.
4:58 pm
is only a change because. believe in a purpose that is bigger than there. a way to make a political my city around the state senate they put themselves out to make the changes. we should have taken. we have a disco to work to create new areas we have to change this culture and one of the fortunate ones who can leave an establishment outside but all the people and the majority of the legal research talk about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are here to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to be an.
4:59 pm
al-jazeera as investigative unit take she wants the comfort of course. you had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying they. this was the cause of my arrest revealing the illegal dealings of the surveillance industry here in france if. you get these all the nuclear weapons of the 21st century al-jazeera investigations. for afghans with ties to international organizations. this rate has never been greater. left exposed by the withdrawal of foreign troops. may be the only path to safety. in the nation makes home feel ever further away. bill part
5:00 pm
of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. form. the fight for covert 19 vaccines the u.k. says it's rolled out will slow in the coming weeks and warns the e.u. not to block exports. come on down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up tanzania set to swear in its 1st female president after the death of covert night in skeptic john legere family the government says he suffered heart failure. u.s. everything's on the table to deal.


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