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and there are. part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. the fight for covert 9000 vaccines the u.k. says it's rolled out will slow in the coming weeks and warns the e.u. not to block exports. come on down jordan this is our 0 alive and also coming up tanzania set to swear in its 1st female president after the death of covert 900 step to john mather foully the government says he suffered heart failure. u.s. everything's on the table to deal with north korea but pyongyang refuses talks until there's an end to what it sees as hostility. paying tribute to a king mourners bit a final farewell to south africa's longest serving zuma. britain
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is warning its vaccine rollout will be slower than hoped in the coming weeks the health secretary says it's still on track but deliveries of been slowed because of supply chain problems with astra zeneca job 1700000 doses of another vaccine they've also been delayed as they need to be retested the government has previously expressed disappointment after the european union threatened to limit exports of vaccines to the u.k. . there is of course a need for all countries to respect contract law that is the basis of international trade and i'm sure that the european union will live up to the commitments and statements that it has made including president dandelion herself who has said that there should not be restrictions on companies when they are fulfilling contractual responsibilities of course there should not and we fully expect those contracts to
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be delivered on because there are very significant consequences to breaking contract law while another minister said the slow delivery was down to some balance in the global supply chain as al-jazeera is made barker reports from london. lumps and bumps they may be but their wording of a letter that was handed out to health services on wednesday was very different it mentioned significantly constrained supplies and it all refers to a 5000000 shortfall from india the original order had been double that 10000000 but because of delays in the manufacturing of those doses and also because of india's own domestic demand it means that those supplies will be delayed there's also a move to retest 1700000 doses of a different vaccine as well and all of that it's fear it will have a knock on effect on whether or not the government will actually meet its target of vaccinating every adult in the country with at least one dose by some of the
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government says it's still on target these are just temporary glitches for the time being they also believe that nobody over the age of 50 will miss out no appointments will be canceled and people who are being booked in for their 2nd doses will not have to miss out or as well but it's people under the age of 50 that may well see delays of several weeks and of course that does raise some big concerns about whether or not the government can remain on track but it insists that it can do but given the the war of words between brussels and london regarding vaccines coming from europe you know there are big questions about whether this is indeed possible what you are not us is head of the health systems research group at the barcelona institute for global health he says countries should not be pitted against each other in the fight against corona virus. the whole situation is a surprise going back you know now several weeks which is that we're not getting the vaccines to the e.u. and now probably not to the u.k.
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that were agreed upon contractually so my question is is where were the regulators you know doing the art of making sure that the manufacturing plants were up to speed in order to to provide the numbers of vaccines that had been agreed upon in the context i think it's problematic that we're hitting you know the e.u. against the u.k. when most of the world is highly vaccinating all i don't think it'll undermine confidence in the vaccines it might undermine some confidence in the program but that doesn't mean that people won't get that excited when when it's it's their turn but i think people at their time but i think people are tired they don't want to hear the brinkmanship they don't want to hear an e.u. politicians threatening u.k. politicians who then wouldn't threaten that i mean we're pitting countries against each other rather than all of the countries you know against the virus and we're not going to end the pandemic that way tanzania's opposition is calling for
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a new chapter to begin after the death of president john mica phony officials say the 61 year old suffered a heart failure but opposition leaders suspect he was sick with covert 19 the vice president's son is set to become tanzania's 1st female president under reports. thank you for that wouldn't go the last time john pomfret mega food he was seen in public he was carrying out official duties and not wearing a mask not long into his 2nd term in office he suddenly vanished from public sight after 3 weeks of speculation came the announcement from vice president on on state television. where we lost our leader president of the republic of tanzania the owner john palm bay case if michael fullilove he parted this life from heart complications in hospital in dar es salaam. rumors had been swirling that magnified had sought treatment for covert 19 largely fed by opposition leader to lease to and kenyan media the government denied the reports and arrested at least 4 people who speculated about his health on social media
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damage if you when you told his government no one wears a mask including me it proves that there is no corona virus and god loves this nation president maggot foully was more than a coronavirus skeptic his government stop sharing data with the world health organization last year and declared tanzania covert free divine intervention the official tally still stands at $500.00 in 9 cases and $21.00 deaths all these months later he displayed a disregard for health advice focusing on prayer and local remedies while also claiming the vaccines were dangerous this true condemnation from the w.h.o. and the roman catholic church. denial had turned into policy for a nation of 60000000 what that that the ministry has no plans to receive vaccines for did 19 which are already in use in other countries the w.h.o. has repeatedly asked the government to adopt preventative measures such as wearing face masks to start reporting cases and to share data foreign embassies began
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warning of a significant increase in the number of coded 1000 cases that could overwhelm tanzania's limited hospital capacity in late february maggie farley finally began to change his tone warming to the idea of wearing locally made face masks that was just days before a shocking press conference from his finance minister philip pungo which was called to address rumors that he had died of corona virus. tanzania has refused to join the kovacs program which has delivered millions of doses to $22.00 african countries it will be up to some e.s.l. haasan to decide whether it remains an outlier when it comes to protecting its population and that of neighboring countries and al-jazeera. as a form of tanzanian ambassador he says megaphone is leadership and direction that will likely continue under his successor. as a president then a leader of our country is remembered for his strong positions especially against corruption. also he also took
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a very strong position against misuse of problems with sources and natural resources of the country without proper benefits benefit to the country and to the people. and then i will also be remembered for for for imposing. accountability in public service delivery and it has always been a unified team and guided by and this case as well coming from the same party i think they have the party manifesto which outlines the police direction which then the men are going to seat being in and continued so and and it's good that we're having a president. in this world and of our diversity i think i think that perspective will also enhanced our unity and a movement but. in terms of sustaining the policies that have been established over
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the law to. u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken as china to use its tremendous influence on north korea to abandon its nuclear program he and the u.s. defense secretary have been meeting leaders in south korea bright has more. on this mission to northeast asia ended as it had begun with the u.s. directly accusing china of aggressive behavior in the region but the u.s. and south korea also confirmed beijing's importance in the denuclearization of north korea but china has a real interest in helping to deal with this house has an obligation under the u.n. security council resolutions the u.s. and try to open a dialogue with north korea ahead of this trip but without success north korea has officially confirmed it had received those requests but didn't respond its 1st vice foreign minister. saying there can be no dialogue until the u.s. stops what she called its hostile behavior making it clear pyongyang is waiting to
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see what the new policy of the biden administration to wardes it will look like this mission is intended to help formulate that strategy it's also aimed at restoring and repairing relations between the u.s. and its traditional allies in guilty stager i mean i'm going to be as the u.s. has repeatedly said the trilateral security cooperation between seoul tokyo and washington is crucial considering the international situation and newly emerging security threats. relations often severely strained during the previous administration of donald trump that advantage for the united states has been greatly ruined during the 4 years of trump pardon me astray so it is important for the biden are the ministrations restore of the u.s. treasury as their united states has and china does not one of the last acts on this visit a cost sharing agreement for the basing of u.s.
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troops in south korea disputed for years by the trumpet ministration its final signing seen here as evidence of an alliance restored love mcbride al-jazeera sold . well north korea will be just one of the subjects on the agenda when blinken meets senior chinese officials in alaska later on thursday it will be the 1st such discussions since the biden administration took office in january and it comes just after the u.s. sanctioned an additional $24.00 chinese and hong kong officials what it says is beijing's continuing crackdown on political freedoms in the territory turn for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back a plea for help ends with me in mass military charging that some bastard to the u.n. with high treason. and police turn against their workplace in haiti's capital and police 4 officers arrested last month over an alleged attempt more in the stay with us.
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hello once again the weather may be set for shapin make the most of it because we do have some unsettled weather on the way as we go on through the weekend high pressure in the process of getting squeezed out of the way at present central areas of china singer of the band of cloud and rain some towards the northeast where we're seeing the change coming through and that's going to just make its way further east which is we go through friday 13th celsius in beijing that'll clear the way we see the recent dust and sand storms blowing out of the desert. the korean peninsula fine and try friday a lovely day there in japan but as we go on into saturday that system makes its way across the yellow sea earth across the korean peninsula snow into north korea into the fog all these off china heavy rain there into southern parts of japan and that will make its way across q shoot into honshu and that's something to watch out for during the 2nd half of the weekend weather will go downhill follow that cloud and
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right to central and southern parts of china it does stay to step here but gresham's say some showers pushing down across india china but after friday's generally 5 and 5 years will rash of showers through much of southeast asia sallust 2 coming in says franco over the next day or so but for much of india much of pakistan is fine dry and sunny. but. welcome to down from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy the break in you. and when you leave with a smile we know a lot day's work is down cats are always welcome to our home.
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movie. or. welcome back about about top stories here this hour britain is warning of a significant reduction in vaccine supplies by the end of the month the housing minister says the vaccine rolled out is still on track but deliveries of been slowed due to supply issues. tanzania set to swear in its 1st female leader after the death of president john mica food officials say the 61 year old suffered a heart failure but opposition leaders say he was sick with covert 19. u.s. secretary of state says all options are on the table to get north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons speaking in seoul anthony blinken and in china has a critical role to play. some protesters in myanmar fight back against the security
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forces violent crackdown the military announced treason charges against the deposed ambassador to the u.n. killed motown was fired a day after speaking at the u.n. general assembly last month where he called for help to remove the army from power scott highly reports. the industrial zone of yangon has emerged as the main flashpoint between protesters and security forces it ignited on sunday and has continued throughout the week. the protesters now arming themselves with makeshift weapons slingshots amal tough cocktails fighting back as they appear to be facing live ammunition and tear gas this part of the city is home to migrant workers at the nearby factories some of which were torched on sunday leading to the most violent day so far in the 6 weeks of protests martial law has been imposed in some areas. the military has announced another member a former civilian leader aung sang suu cheese and d.
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party has been charged with high treason. and basser to the united nations giacomo toon is facing the charge for his speech during a un general assembly on the situation in his country and that february 26th beach he called for the fight for democracy to continue more international pressure on the jointer and raise the protest movements 3 finger salute he was fired the next day myanmar state television has aired an interview with the man who says suchi accepted money from him while she was in office. i mean according to my weight he had given. 4 payments $100000.00 in may $218150000.00 in may $21950000.00 in february 2020 and $250000.00 in april 2020 take to link $550000.00 per turn he called the bribery accusation groundless in a logical this is the 2nd corruption allegation in addition to charges already made
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against suchi including illegally importing walkie talkies and breaking covert 1000 restrictions. in a further move by the military to control with seen and heard inside myanmar internet services are becoming increasingly limited mobile networks have been ordered to shut down and the speed of the internet has become very slow. scott toddler al-jazeera fighting between a local militia and the army of the democratic republic of congo has killed at least 30 people an army spokesperson says the militias attack was in a village in turi province that's 40 kilometers from the provincial capital bunia it says the codec a militia is responsible they accuse the government of failing to respect the demobilization agreement. the moral status is being held for south africa's zonal king goodwin's with alina he was buried in a private ceremony earlier on thursday which was attended by close family members he died last week at the age of 72 after being in hospital for weeks to treat
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diabetes being in his presence was a rare privilege he all race exuded warmth wisdom and love for the people of south africa and our entire continent. his majesty was a champion for development and progress he was a great visionary and had deep insights on how best to develop our country. and his people. he advocated for better health outcomes among his people leading from the front in the fight against hiv aids and tb for me the miller is out the memorial in. king goodwills when it's in his memorial service has begun but in the palace grounds the right side there are various i'm lucky to have gathered they say they're here to praise the king they
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fiercely loyal and they're upset that they're not part of proceedings within the palace grounds presumed arias have made their way to the front of the candidates but have prevented them from going through this. and it wasn't part of the morning prayers for the ritual that they want to put on to the know nothing to praise him for the words and to drill through the and this is for example tell us what you are putting your marriage. but now there are many years ahead of them that they're gathering on the side of the gates middle continue to the rituals but many of them a month to get there to the ballot. patinkin to me as a historian poet i'm a cultural analyst taxpaying the zone of things burial rituals. the situation that of those early estimates 5 in ancient egypt air there's.
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a king where he's. been buried and that's what happened to them they don't last that night so that even they have quiet in the secrecy with a very i say the ritual is leading him back to his history and also you know to have seen it to that extent that we say that they don't bury that he landed it's the roots of war that day that seal respect to his own ancestors way to spirit like a tree the lanes cut in the nation as in how system is letter seen or read a very very active in man you know getting perking say to go in that particular piece a forget and also for the culture you know vital you hear it even in interviews they have them out saying is there all room or mikey so the chali in order to promote are conscious of the key of the concert that keep the people together that wept is one of the themes that jam it promoted him did
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a time of it and he ate it if i have confidence that this is that really the point that you know it's just bearing that time of the spread you know of it you know that. and when i was confident there within the province there it would be good to look at is eastern slaking in order to do it right up in the meeting in the leader edge of them to be in peace. to the netherlands now where prime minister mark has claimed an overwhelming victory and parliamentary elections if he can form a coalition that will be returns for the government a 3 day vote was the 1st major election in europe since the start of the pandemic managing the crisis was a key issue in the campaign including vaccinations and growing anger instructions as more from. the netherlands has chosen for continuity despite the fact that the government of marketa was tainted by these serious scandals like the childcare benefit scandal but the most surprising outcome of this election is the win of the
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former u.n. diplomat who was actually challenged marker to directly by saying we need new leadership in this country and i want to be the 1st female prime minister in this country and what it also means is that her party is much more euro e.u. friendly than the market this party is so it could mean that there will be more openness to the e.u. but on the other hand what we can't can conclude is that the left wing parties have lost dramatically and that the right wing parties especially the far right has really won this election one party it was a small party to form for democracy who has campaigned solely on this lockdown and this tantamount against it has now 8 seats in parliament which is actually the largest win in this whole election so it is also a significant far right move here and that also could mean and they are of course a very euro sceptic that also could mean that this whole debate in parliament about going more open to the e.u.
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and have a more international view on topics could also be hampered by this. demonstrators including police officers of storm several police stations in haiti's capital they freed 4 officers who have been arrested over an alleged coup attempt last month so hard rock reports. a common sight in haiti's capital port au prince. protesters angry at the political economic and health crisis gripping the nation. while roadblocks and other disruptions have been an almost daily occurrence this year the sights of uniformed police joining the demonstrations is more recent 5 months to hide their identities they stormed several police stations on wednesday setting one of them on fire and releasing full colleagues from police cells they'd been accused of an alleged coup attempt against presidential been and always last month they claim they do know. that the kind of we've been suffering for
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a long time we took our destiny and we're telling the haitian people that they are free today or never yet that's what we are we support the release of the police detained we're also here to tell the president he has to admit that he can no longer run this country according to the article $134.00 to his mandate is finished . the police officers belong to a group they formed called fountain 5 a noise that calls on the resignation of the national police general they're also demanding the release of the bodies of 5 officers killed in a botched raid on a new terrorist gang a week ago. we're blocking the roads we're dropping our weapons and we're not going to work at the police stations so we send a clear message to the director of police and the prime minister to go and get the bodies of the killed offices. haiti is the poorest country in the americas gang kidnappings rapes and murders all rule on the rise and i'm arrest has been growing . for the 1st because we cannot live in a society were violent is wreaking havoc and they are using this violence as
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a method against us. critics say the government does not provide the police with enough resources to tackle gang crime position coalition democratic and pop in the sector is accused present noise of colluding with. a powerful gang alliance for biofilm a police officer keep certain areas of the capital under control and accusation the president annoys some wednesday a state of emergency was declared for one month in some areas of port au prince. president has survived an attempt by the opposition to impeach him over his handling of the pandemic. hundreds protested outside congress demanding money or the money to step down at least later responded with watertown a lot of bullets are of why hit record levels in the past week for the number of new cases and deaths and has been growing ever shortages of vaccines and medicines
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and overwhelmed hospitals. don is facing a 3rd wave of the virus and has seen a dangerous spike in cases in the past few weeks starts forced the government to once again close schools and impose lock downs in major cities come out their reports from islamabad. the national operation. coronado wire. on 100. 7.8. a cross country and a number of corona why did it give you. the enfield he had warned that people. regard to the standard operating procedure like wearing a mock. director of the country. and therefore there are warning signs. a more deadly 3rd wave with your gold radio . on it by the fact that right now being at minute
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people have. joined i had an out of 500000 back country really need millions. and really have strayed very cautiously given the fact that 3rd wave all the progress budgets don had to achieved against. japan is easing its covert 9000 restrictions in the capital the prime minister has confirmed that tokyo's state of emergency will be lifted on sunday it was 1st announced in january then extended twice but it's now ending because the ability of hospital beds in tokyo has improved this is good news for the organizers of the olympic games which starts in just 4 months time. it's only is holding its 1st annual commemoration for corona virus victims.
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prime minister mario draghi attended the ceremony in the northern city of bergen it's a he was the 1st country in europe to identify a major outbreak and impose restrictions. turkey is defending its decision to strip an opposition politician of his role after he was sentenced to prison for spreading terrorist propaganda it comes amid a move to try to ban his pro kurdish political party prosecutors filed a case against the h.t.t.p. on wednesday senior politicians including the president's office says it's a front for the kurdish group which ankara considers a terrorist organization. as more. this is not the 1st time that a kurdish party in the turkish parliament is trying to beat assault or it's appealing itself since the ninety's at least 5 of them were shot down and 3 of them to also discontinue their political life but this time it's different the people's i'm a critic party h d p is now being accused by the ruling party the government of its links to the
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bought kurdish fighters group the p.k. k. however the governments the ruling party and the h.t.t.p. ones allied for a kurdish peace process that failed in 2015 and after 2015 they're holding up 40 it began accusing the kurdish party after it allied with the nationalist party actually the h d p denies any involvement with the p.k. k. however disowned by the state prosecutor's office with the constitutional court one of the kurdish m.p.'s in the party was stripped off his seat in the parliament h. dip is a 3rd largest party at the turkish parliament while denying any involvement with the p k k its a is that this is against the marketization and the ruling party is just trying to use its leverage and digit disher to shape the domestic politics on the other hand the u.s. and the european union criticize the government for this they said that they are observing the situation and some other critics say that the ruling up party is
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already losing ground because some of the if former party members all of the splits and they establish their own parties there is an economic decline there is a global pandemic and the fall in the domestic support is pushing them for an early election and that's all the nationalists revolt but they could depend on. a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera britain is warning of a significant reduction in vaccine supplies by the end of the month the health secretary says the vaccine rollout is still on drugs but deliveries of been slow due to supply issues there is of course lead for all countries to respect contract law that is the basis of international trade.


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