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young girls going through secondary school with the sea and that's one thing able to change. meet the women in donna. when it comes to educating women make change on. al-jazeera. hello i'm right about the sun and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. and chinese officials are on their way to alaska for their 1st face to face talks since president joe biden came to office. a meeting in moscow puts russia back at the center of town a stance peace process. tanzania is set to swear in its 1st female president after
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the death of john major fully the government says he suffered heart failure. and the fight for covert 19 vaccines the u.k. says it rollout will slow in the coming weeks and once the e.u. not to block exports. it would sports and take images from the states of emergency months before the olympics but the games creative director in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies has resigned over derogatory comments he made about a female entertainer. we're going to begin this news hour with a meeting that's likely to set the tone in relations between the world's 2 largest economies in a few hours top diplomats from the u.s. and china will meet in alaska it's going to be their 1st face to face discussions since the by the administration to call for us in january and it took comes just
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after the u.s. sanctioned an additional $24.00 chinese and hong kong officials for what it says is beijing's continuing crackdown on political freedoms in the territory. a lot of white house correspondent kimberly hall that is joining us live from washington d.c. kimberly talk us through what we can expect from these discussions a long list of contentious issues likely to be discussed with human rights at the top of the agenda not only is the united states interested in addressing some of the key concerns with respect to crackdown on democracy in hong kong the rise of aggression towards taiwan but also the mass persecution internment of weaker muslims so this is going to be what we are expecting an uncomfortable face to face conversation we know that the national security advisor the secretary of state planned to be forthright they plan to be blunt and they expect to have very frank
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conversations now the approach in general is being described as tough minded in order to try and manage what the united states sees as china's problematic behavior and as you pointed out this is likely to set relations in the tone of those relations for the next 4 years and one of those things no doubt is going to be trade that was a big issue between the trumpet ministration and china what kind of role is that going to play in these discussions. well. human rights remains at the top of the agenda but it's important to note that while this administration is trying to set a different tone it's also taking a very hard line stance it has not backed down on many of the tariffs that were put in place in the escalating tit for tat trade war between the united states and china under donald trump because the bottom line is that many in the bible
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ministration agree with donald trump's end state in terms of trying to put america 1st in terms of the agenda in the trade war the problem was donald trump method so there's going to be an attempt to try and work these issues out but don't expect that there will be major concessions made by the united states they're hoping to use some of these trade issues as leverage in order to try and achieve some of the human rights issues that they've identified as being one of their primary goal in terms of trying to work out a resolution kelly thanks very much indeed kelly holcomb live for us in washington d.c. or senior members of the taliban afghanistan's government are meeting in moscow in enough words to restart a stalled peace negotiations with russia the u.s. china and pakistan have called on those taking part in the talks to discuss an immediate cease fire u.s. peace envoy zalmay honeys is also in the russian capital american troops social to withdraw from afghanistan the may the 1st but president joe biden says it's not
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going to be easy to meet that deadline well the old saw nemesis that is such a associate at the school of oriental and african studies she is joining us live by skype from london thank you very much indeed for being with us let's talk about that call for a ceasefire 1st of all do you think that anybody's going to listen. well i would hope this that's that they were vestment because afghanistan has been in this war for 40 yes all sorts of years at the people 7 who are it are all mainly arab people who have been all throughout your guides and killing people in committing cv mirrors in assassinations from a suspect they have been made responsible for rape as the grouse for instance the station there has regional and global economics so how. many ethnic she made any he's a means to end this conflict in the back knees and the moscow so i. bend some
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think about it. to bring them together but the nation from moscow is still really missing. after an. victims up those who are going to get the war that has never been and it's all part one of the issues in this conflict seems to be the same one that exists in so many conflicts things there is in the that there are a number of players but involved all of a sudden we're not just talking about 2 sides in afghanistan we're talking about russia china the u.s. and pakistan as well how confident can people in afghanistan be that given all those people that are involved all these different agendas have you like that something will actually come out of this. this is the complexity of conflict in afghanistan and mind you know that $38.00 countries plus 4 united states question china. i'm not the only players at their east southeast there is there are plenty
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of other countries in the crimson or broader regions that have a stake in afghanistan they have people in afghanistan they have proxies and those proxies are responsible for this the never ending war are so all the complexity of the afghan conflict is like this never end and in reality it is thoughts by afghans that this is not all done by. afghanistan as it lands. it's very regional of conservation. international press ones like the one they must. go arm and they say are in turkey are places where to see i reel in a very rapid. nice stuff with bent sometimes and then ends or ever we were qualms about if this invasion as not as
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there is on one woman at this instance if they are in the talks in moscow and it is a major. step and also that some kind of talks and processes are not state into consideration is this somebody very healthy any process that's well in ball and very general him alone commitment to end this are i'm not necessarily at your activity of having a gathering for one day and imagining that it's well and for. but any general when it tends to also make sure that there is no longer memorable sympathy from a vibrant sense inside afghanistan summits people from the. right. we're also call some people. their members. are and this parcel of great things and that is the. people who move around from one country rather country dealing with it if i mean any resources that they bring to the recognition
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in the warm. springs long haul this deceivingly and genuine and global commitment and. do you remember mentioned at the top of and we started talking that the good losers in this so the afghan people is there any sense that they that the suffering that the afghan people have gone through is percolating through to the rooms in which these talks are taking place or are these talks do you get the sense being held completely. removed if you like from the day to day experiences i know you said that there was an effort being made to take some of those stories in but do you think that's actually resonating with the people doing the talks. at least we have what does that say about i mean i'm i'm just used that all of the channels and madam have us there everything was there to be to present it it was woman at least in her remarks there were as any media. fire best mom color and individual
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it's not a color call from. recent point of the afghanistan but this is because of the afghan nation a nation that has suffered for 40 years all of sports and nation that is no nation overseas to fight percent of our population are young and these are being brought up as our friends as in poverty so that all cease fire coming from the woman is as color combination african nation that i will grow a meter from in moscow all from the united states from russia from china as well as from pockets listens when i go to get your thoughts on that so selling them out we appreciate it thank you very much indeed. measure or tanzania's opposition is calling for a new chapter to begin now after the death of president john not go fully officials say the 61 year old suffered heart failure but opposition leaders suspect he was
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sick with covert 19 vice presidents. is to become sons in the is 1st female president i'm reports. thank you for that would go the last time john pomfret magath would be was seen in public he was carrying out official duties and not wearing a mask not long into his 2nd term in office he suddenly vanished from public sight after 3 weeks of speculation came the announcement from vice president's son on state television. where we lost our leader president of the republic of tanzania the owner. who parted this life from heart complications in hospital in dar es salaam rumors had been swirling that magnify had sought treatment for covert 19 largely fed by opposition leader to lease to and kenyan media the government denied the reports and arrested at least 4 people who speculated about his health on social media damage but even when you have all this
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government no one wears a mask including me it proves that there is no corona virus and god loves this nation president maggot foully was more than a coronavirus skeptic his government stop sharing data with the world health organization last year and declared tanzania covert free divine intervention the official tally still stands at 500 in 9 cases and 21 deaths all these months later he displayed a disregard for health advice focusing on prayer and local remedies while also claiming the vaccines were dangerous this true condemnation from the w.h.o. and the roman catholic church. coppa denial had turned into policy for a nation of 60000000 what we have that the ministry has no plans to receive vaccines for cave in 1000 which are already in use in other countries. the w.h.o. has repeatedly asked the government to adopt preventative measures such as wearing face masks to start reporting cases and to share data foreign embassies began warning of a significant increase in the number of code in 1000 cases that could overwhelm
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tanzania's limited hospital capacity in late february maggie farley finally began to change his tone warming to the idea of wearing locally made face masks that was just days before a shocking press conference from his finance minister for the pongo which was called to address rumors that he had died of corona virus. tanzania has refused to join the kovacs program which has delivered millions of doses to $22.00 african countries it will be up to some e.s.l. haasan to decide whether it remains an outlier when it comes to protecting its population and that of neighboring countries enter should help al jazeera. has more from the kenyan capital nairobi this is devastating news not just the. region as well newspaper the media coverage is back to back omega. legacy i have to meet a. nice bit of the nation and. then say for harry most of us
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like me for goodbye talking about his own programs talking about how that had been shrouded we've come to this talking about you know have been here and you know coronavirus there have been in tanzania so basically same thing in tanzania people at the still trying to process this news an announcement was made by the president by the vice president and yesterday evening to say that she's president of. the cases he thought the. whole idea was and years now says people in tanzania shocked. because this man was and they need much and he was doing well art in tanzania despite all the criticism against. well plenty more ahead on the news hour including a plea for help leads to me in mars' military charging the deposed ambassador to the u.n. with high treason. and cutting the line we look at how some people in the us are
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cheating the system to get their covert 1000 vaccination and in sports the lack of funds sitting courtside results in injury for one of the n.b.a.'s biggest stars. britain's warning of a significant reduction in vaccine supply is by the end of this month the health secretary says the vaccine rollout is still on track but deliveries have been slowed because of supply chain problems the government's previously expressed disappointment after the european union threatened to limit exports of covert 1000 vaccines to the u.k. name we're going to get more european reaction shortly with dominic cain and balin 1st let's go to neve bakos outside of vaccination center in london neve what are the problems with the vaccine supplies in the u.k. . well the government moves swiftly to
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try and downplay the issues describing the delay in issuing vaccines that may well appear over the next few weeks as being simply lumps some bumps in the supply chain but a letter that was issued to a health care providers on wednesday warned of significant constraints in supplies there are 2 reasons for that firstly a shortfall of around $4000000.00 doses from the serum institute in india which was licensed to produce a version of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine largely for low income a middle income countries over the u.k. manufactures its. extra seneca vaccine here in the u.k. still dependent upon supplies from further afield but they were is a delay that it's impacting on how the rollout takes place here the 2nd reason is that there is 1700000 doses of a vaccine we don't know whether it's the oxygen astra zeneca job or the fines that
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job needs to be reassessed reevaluated over concerns that it could be unstable and of course takes time so i thought all opposite several 1000000 doses the available when made when the national health service hopes it will be available the government says that people over the age of 50 will still be able to get that jobs as normal people expect my 2nd doses will also be able to get there's no existing appointments will be cancelled as people under the age of 40 that may well experience still a. government very keen to say that despite this temporary hick up they in terms of getting every adults in the country at least by some they say that they are all very much on track for that. we're expecting a ruling from the european health regulators shortly on the astra zeneca vaccine and the safety of it of course that's in response to those reports of rare blood clots which have been coming up in several different countries how is that going to
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have an impact on the u.k. in terms of the rollout of the vaccines and control of the vaccine in the u.k. . yeah the message repeatedly from the british government and british scientists is that there is absolutely no reason for there to be any delay in the uptake of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine within the european union nevertheless the house being something of a deepening rift between brussels and downing street in recent days not only on how safe the oxford after the good job is but also in response to some comments made by the european commission chief us live on the lead who is talking about the possibility of blocking the shipment of vaccines made within the european union to the u.k. laws today over fears about how slow the vaccine rollout has painted the u.k.
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and in the belief that while the u.k. is ahead of the curve so the e.u. has every right to hold on to that jobs will dominate rob the foreign secretary has hit back pretty significantly accusing us live on delaying of axing like a north or italian leader of brinkmanship by not honoring in his words the contracts that underline the shipments of these these drugs from the e.u. to the united kingdom we have heard in a statement from pfizer incorporated to manufacture their vaccine in brussels that they will all know all existing supply chains but this route this back and forth does not look good at a time in which most countries just desperately want to get their populations like snakes as quickly as possible need thanks very much indeed that's the barker talking to us from london let's bring in dominic cain who's joining us from berlin to talk of the european element of this needs talking about this this brinkmanship that's going on between the e.u. and the u.k. is this brinkmanship always does the anger over this and the concern one more
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deeply. the point to make from the e.u. use perspective at least from the e.u. institutions perspective is that they are very clearly saying that they are disappointed with the way that astra zeneca has gone about providing the doses which it is providing to the e.u. the fact that it is providing a fraction of the many millions of doses that is a promise that it would do so and that was very very clear in what funday lyon said yesterday in brussels but the attention today from the e.u. institutions is very clearly fixed on amsterdam on the european medicines agency which is looking through the reports of concern from several different e.u. member states who have noticed that in patients who have received the astra zeneca
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vaccination from millions of doses the member states of reported on a few dozen cases of blood clots now over the course of this week different member states of reported a different number of cases of blood clots it must be stressed that in each occasion it's been a ratio of around one to one 170000 in other words for every 170000 people to receive a vaccination one would go on to develop a blood clots now today in germany the ministry relevant to this the health ministry has spoken about how it's now 13 cases in this country trial female one male and that 3 of those people went on to die as a consequence now the clear point to make here is no linkage formally has been made yet but everyone as i say has their eyes fixed on what the m. a is going to do in amsterdam because they the people there the responsible agency
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collating the information and working out. whether they can say that it is safe to administer astra zeneca to people or not remembering of course that very many member states of put a temporary suspension on the administration of astra zeneca pending this decision in amsterdam the sultana and i understand we're going to have coverage of that decision in about 40 minutes time or so but for now i don't it came in berlin thank you very much indeed. facing a 3rd wave of covert 19 and the country has seen a dangerous spike in cases in the past few weeks it's forced the government to once again close schools and impose smart lockdowns in major cities reports from islamabad the national. monitoring coronado wired. 7.8 but. it crushed a country and a number of corona why did it give you. the n.c.o.
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he had warned that people. regard to the standard operating procedure wearing a mock. director of the country. and therefore there are warning signs that we are now being admin and people have. jobs trying i had been out of 500000 vaccines but that country really need millions . and really have. cautiously given the fact that 3rd wave. all the progress budgets on head. again. over a 5th of the u.s. population has been given at least one vaccine dose so far and president joe biden has promised that every adult will be eligible for the job by may 1st but some people on one thing to wait their turn rob reynolds has the tale of the vaccine
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cheaters. with coronavirus vaccine supply still tight and demand overwhelming authorities in the u.s. are denouncing queue jumpers and vaccine cheaters in california an unknown number of ineligible people signed up for vaccine appointments using online codes reserved for underprivileged and minority communities in florida officials say to younger women dressed up as grannies to trick vaccinators they were caught and turned away not allowed here no more in maryland fights nearly broke out at a drive through vaccination center when people started cutting in line and in washington state the governor rebuked a hospital system that gave special vaccine access to administrators and that is not acceptable for us we need to give everybody a fair shot a beverly hills doctor who treats wealthy and influential people says he's bombarded by requests for special treatment hundreds of phone calls same washed and
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younger not. a vaccine how can we get a vaccine now and have it what you how much can a right to make donations cetera whatever they're trying to do in order to get back home many shooters are there there's no exit numbers people doing it probably would admit to it over time so we really don't know but i'm ready to say it's significant in terms of it's more than a tiny handful of people public health specialists say cheating was made almost inevitable by the haphazard vaccine rollout at the beginning under the trumpet ministration a lot of this was left up to the states and many states and. turned left it up to counties and so that resulted in a whole range of systems and challenges and variation and who is eligible once you get into that kind of inconsistency you're encouraging ged despite the outrage they
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cause there seems to be no punishment for cheaters people and say this jerk got it why even though he works from home and he has no exposure to 0 we just sort of nodded and we said you know that's the way it goes inequities in the u.s. health care system are widespread but authorities hope that as vaccine supplies increase the urge to cheat will fade it would be terrible if we come out of this and don't learn important lessons from what went wrong and what went right because there will be another pandemic hopes of lessons learned for the next time a new disease strikes robert oulds al jazeera los angeles still ahead on al-jazeera a statement morea was held for south africa's zulu king after his death last week. and formula one reveals its foster just under the longest street circuit ever that's coming up with a job in the sport. how
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i want to get his fan fired and dry warm and sunny across much of the middle east even biassed and the sabers see temperatures well above the seasonal average going up to $33.00 here would go on friday but we've touched 38 for the last couple of days losing the influence of the warm southerly wind further north in toowoomba till we've had rice sleet and snow across the good parts of turkey and that's a quick trimix that will continue to drive this way further east which as we go through sassed a radical casus you could see some snow there coming into georgia maybe an armenian . possibilities rain sleet and snow to into afghanistan took many stand pushing up towards as pakistan as well down across southern parts of the finnish overstays fine and dry then $32.00 celsius in doha is to go on into the weekend not too bad
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a told him all across central parts of africa we have got the usual showers now just around the equator with 2 days off the economics of course the point when the sun crosses the equator so you'd expect to see the showers across this area and they are there bang on time so you can get hit i shall stand up towards the gulf of guinea or right the way across to northern parts of the mozambique channel not too bad into south africa at the moment got some showers just sketching with the southern cape mike in the way further east. they are most of. after egypt's revolution that passion turned into something much bigger.
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on al-jazeera world. from the al-jazeera london broke out to people in thoughtful conversation whenever you talk about race and race and people acting with no host and no limitation our society has structural racism built into any season of studio to be unscripted. blindspots. history. different types of prejudice coming soon on al-jazeera.
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what you are jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour senior members of the taliban and afghanistan's government are meeting in moscow russia the us china and pakistan have called on them to discuss an immediate cease fire. in a few hours u.s. and chinese officials will meet in alaska for the 1st face to face talks since joe biden became president it comes just after the u.s. sanctioned an additional $24.00 chinese and hong kong officials. britain's warning of a significant reduction in vaccine supplies by the end of the month the housing minister says the vaccine rollout is still on track but deliveries have been slow to do to supply issues ok more now on our top story the upcoming meeting between top u.s. and chinese foreign policy of actuals katrina you has more from beijing. looking ahead to the alaskan meeting beijing had noted that the u.s. had been particularly negative about china in the lead up to china's foreign ministry spokesperson said that beijing would use the meeting to make clear all its
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positions hong kong engine junkie says are on the table for discussion but there will be nor compromise from china when it comes to any issues of sovereignty or security that being said beijing definitely wants to use this meeting to reset ties with washington which have deteriorated in the last few years beijing is reportedly looking to request the rollback of some policies implemented during the trumpet ministration including visa and technology restrictions and possibly the reopening of the houston consulate but at the same time china's officials have made clear in recent days that they don't expect any unrealistic expectations and that not all problems will be solved in one dialogue certainly this promises to be a frosty encounter and beijing had one warning for the u.s. it said that it should avoid mega foreign diplomacy and stop creating what it described as anti china clicks on a sign of the china china analyst who's joining us live by skype from beijing it's
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good to have you back on thanks for being with us so the u.s. is approaching this with a list of demands china says that it is not going to compromise on several of those demands so where is there going to be any room for movement in these talks. well quite frankly mostly on international issues whether it's climate change or a. pandemic relief economic and also healthwise denuclearization has already come up with us saying that it's china should be convincing north korea to denuclearize but you know it comes at a time when there's tension the u.s. has just formally brought an action to the list of 3 chinese telecom companies in addition to the other ones that are out there it's using the military and also trades. as well as politics to try to knuckle china down
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given the opponents intransigence on both sides in terms of what some of the items are going to be on this agenda is it possible for them to be able to simply put those into a box and say right well when we know we're not going to agree on these specific issues but we do need to talk as you were talking about about dean a physician or we talk need to talk about climate change and covert 19 are those talks going to be able to move forward on the sidelines given the level of fixedness if you like there are over some issues. i don't know it's very hard to see at this point it's difficult to shake someone's hand when they're kicking you in the shins. you know and in it for many people beijing you know is kind of this post truth host hypocrisy situation on one hand you have us is selling. arms very sensitive arms to taiwan which has the same claims as the mainland to the south china seas the other you hear about china the
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u.s. has requested that china light not economically on australia meanwhile the u.s. you know tariffs put in by trump remain in effect then you have you know what's happening in kashmir versus what it what's happening. seems to be a double standard that's going forward and it's going to be very hard to see how that can be you know dealt with by beijing this kind of well let's put all that in a box as you said robin. things last week joe biden's national security advisor jake sullivan is quoted as saying that the u.s. you put less focus on trying to slow china down and more emphasis on trying to run foster ourselves if there seems to be a public change of attitude albeit a very small one within the u.s. is beijing do you think willing to acknowledge that and maybe use that as some sort of stepping stone towards some sort of negotiations. well i
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think there would be a change on the bidens side i mean right now i just said they been you know basically quoting terrorists and banning companies listing them in the u.s. and a whole celebrates 24 people from members of the congress party for. they hold responsible not all i'm sorry they're not members of the cops party people people in hong kong that they hold responsible for the situation there have been blacklisted yeah i think it would be best for both sides if they were to compete from the top and rather than trying to kick each other's legs out. just to hard to see if the u.s. actually going to do that given the actions that it's taken we really appreciate you giving us your time and it's hanging thank you very much indeed thank you rob.
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some protesters and me and fight back against the security forces violent crackdown the military's announced treason charges against the deposed ambassador to the u.n. killed moton was fired a day off to speaking at the un general assembly last month recalled for help to remove the army from power scott hyder reports. the industrial zone of yangon has emerged as the main flashpoint between protesters and myanmar security forces it ignited on sunday and has continued throughout the week . the protesters now arming themselves with makeshift weapons slingshots amala tough cocktails fighting back as they appear to be facing live ammunition and tear gas this part of the city is home to migrant workers at the nearby factories some of which were torched on sunday leading to the most violent day so far in the 6 weeks of protests martial law has been imposed in some areas. the military has announced another member a former civilian leader aung sang suu cheese and now de party has been charged
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with high treason. and mars ambassador to the united nations giacomo tune is facing the charge for his speech during the un general assembly on the situation in his country and that february 26th beach he called for the fight for democracy to continue more international pressure on the joints and raise the protest movements 3 finger salute he was fired the next day. myanmar state television has aired an interview with the man who says suchi accepted money from him while she was in office. i mean according to my weight he had given. for payments $100000.00 in may $218150000.00 in may $21950000.00 in february 2020 and $250000.00 in april 2020 take to link $550000.00 per turn he called the bribery accusation groundless in a logical this is the 2nd corruption allegation in addition to charges already made
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against including illegally importing walkie talkies and breaking covert 1000 restrictions. in a further move by the military to control with seen and heard inside myanmar internet services are becoming increasingly limited mobile networks have been ordered to shut down and the speed of the internet has become very slow. scott toddler al jazeera a day after u.s. president joe biden likened his russian counterpart to a killer vladimir putin has responded on thursday the russian leaders said it takes one to know one exchange began when biden accused of ordering the poisoning of opposition leader alexina volley but he also said moscow will pay a price for election meddling on behalf of former president donald trump russia has recalled its ambassador from washington. civil rights activists in the u.s. a tidal wave of voter suppression laws are being proposed in more than 40 states after the wreck or turnout in november's election at least
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a $250.00 bills mostly put forward by republicans could restrict voter access after unfounded allegations of election fraud and reports from miami. voter turnout during the 2020 presidential election in the state of georgia shattered records millions voted early or mailed in ballots now the state is ground 0 for an avalanche of bills that could sharply restrict voter access the bills proposed by state republicans would cattail mail in voting impose stricter identification rules and limit the use of ballot drop boxes similar legislation is being pushed in over 40 states civil rights groups and democrats say it's a deliberate attempt to suppress black and brown voters will be damned if i'll let the fight of march 4th on my head 1st the rookie get there. and i won't.
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do that. so we will let you know if you fight out here we will. we will stop this deal republicans say the new laws aimed to restore faith in the electoral process for months former president trump and his allies made baseless claims the election was stolen to mark the recent 65th anniversary of bloody sunday a turning point in the civil rights movement president biden signed an executive order ain did expanding voting rights the house of representatives also passed similar legislation but the so called for the people act is likely to face a tough battle in the senate the blood of john lewis and so many other bridge roaches souls that was spilled in selma on this sunday in 1965 sanctified a noble struggle. and when the country saw those images that night america was forced to confront the denial of democracy the fierce urgency of justice other
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republican backed bills in georgia would restrict early voting including on sundays traditional souls to the polls day for african-americans we're still going to vote in record numbers we're going to turn out we're going to organize our people but what we are saying right now is that bees voter suppression bills you know is bad for democracy and we shouldn't even have to be here fighting the same battle all over again for both the democrats and the republicans this is now a fight for the soul of democracy many on the right believe the 2020 alexion was stolen despite evidence to the contrary those on the left want to expand and enshrined the right to vote if these measures are passed they will potentially put hurdles in place for tens of millions of voters and the gallacher al-jazeera miami florida the 1st native american cabinet secretary in u.s. history has just been sworn in as interior secretary that hollande will oversee
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national parks and other government owned land she'll also be in charge of washington's relationship with more than $500.00 tribal nations as a congresswoman representing new mexico holland focus extensively on climate change and she is expected to continue to be a central figure on that issue in joe biden's cabinet. the u.s. government is preparing a plan to reset relations with palestine which have suffered under donald trump's presidency that's according to a draft state department document the reuters news agency says is spoken to officials who are familiar with the document it says the white house is in the early stages of a plan aimed at undoing some of the damage caused by trump's pro israeli stance joe biden has promised to restart hundreds of millions of dollars in economic and humanitarian assistance as well as reopen palestine's diplomatic mission in washington. in the netherlands prime minister mark root has claimed an overwhelming
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victory in parliamentary elections if we can form a coalition it's going to be rotors for the government 3 day vote was the 1st major election in europe since the start of the pandemic managing the crisis was a key issue in the campaign including vaccinations and growing anger about lockdown restrictions step branson has more from amsterdam. the netherlands has chosen for continuity despite the fact that the government of marketa was tainted by these serious scandals like the child care benefit scandal but the most surprising outcome of this election is the winner of the former u.n. diplomat who was actually challenged marker to directly by saying we need new leadership in this country and i want to be the 1st female prime minister in this country and what it also means is that her party is much more euro e.u. friendly than the market this party is so it could mean that there will be more openness to the e.u. but on the other hand what we can can conclude is that the left wing parties have
6:44 pm
lost dramatically and that the right wing parties especially the far right has really won this election one party it was a small party to form for democracy who has campaigned solely on this down and this time to men's against it has now 8 seats in parliament which is actually the largest win in this whole election so it is also a significant right move here and that also could mean and they are of course a very euro sceptic that also could mean that this whole debate in parliament about going more open to the e.u. and have a more international view on topics could also be hampered by this turkey is defending its decision to strip an opposition politician of his role after he was sentenced to prison for spreading terrorist propaganda it comes amid a move to try to ban his pro career as political party prosecutors filed a case against the h t p party on whether senior politicians including the president's office so it's a front for the kurdish group which anchor considers
6:45 pm
a terrorist organization. rights groups are piling the pressure on the israeli government for the detention of palestinian minors they say israeli authorities show absolute disregard for their rights and well being that's after a group of boys were held for several hours last week and as alexey o'brien reports many others have similar stories of delegates mother says this is the toughest moment of her life it's the 3rd time his 16 year old son's been detained in the past 6 months and this time he's going to prison accused of throwing stones at israeli forces to my field and. whenever stones are thrown at the occupying forces they come and arrest me the last time i was put under house arrest i wasn't allowed to step outside the house. he says he had to choose between an open ended saint unsound a house arrest or 2 months in prison and this mother know we have always been through hard times but this is the hardest it's the toughest ever to hand over your
6:46 pm
own child to the occupying forces may god protect him adela lives in the isa we a neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem israeli security forces have been accused of provoking palestinian communities carrying out a daily raids setting up roadblocks and going back at night to make arrests many of those detained are under 18 many don't know what rights groups say more than 200 miners are being held in israel last week at this video went viral it shows 5 boys aged between $8.13 being detained by israeli forces while out picking vegetables they were held for 5 hours the 2 eldest were told to return for questioning. unlike israeli children palestinians living in the occupied territory have few if any rights and they tried in military courts you're talking about interrogations off and where they are denied access to a lawyer you know answer not present in interrogation is there help for very long
6:47 pm
periods of time before going to trial now with the coronavirus and they do not yet this is from their family members there are very few phone calls even to maintain contact and so it's just a very long line of fire ration of these children's rights israeli police have defended their actions saying there am is to preserve public order and that all authorities act within the law of dollars says he chose the prison sentence because at least he knows when he'll be released but well palestinians live under israeli occupation many say teenagers like adela will never be truly free. brian al-jazeera. i state memorial service is being held for south africa's zulu king goodwills on the theme was buried in a private ceremony earlier on thursday which was attended by close family members he died last week at the age of 72 after being in hospital for weeks to treat
6:48 pm
diabetes being in his presence was a rare privilege he always exuded warmth wisdom and love for the people of south africa and our entire continent. his might just he was a champion for development and progress. he was a great visionary. and had deep insights on how best to develop our country. and his people. he advocated for better health outcomes among these people leading from the front in the fight against hiv aids and tb fundamentally i saw at the memorial in goma. goodwills when it seemed his memorial service has begun but in the palace grounds. zebari is almost to have
6:49 pm
gathered they say they're here to praise the king they feel see the oil and they are upset about the not popular proceedings within the palace grounds because the noon hour is have made their way to the front of the candidates but you have prevented them from going through they say that it wasn't part of the morning part of the ritual that they want to put on hold at all not been a good thing to praise him and to prove to me and this is what i think 7 tell us what you are what your marriage was really going out and you had the capital that was one of the gathering on the side of the gates middle continue to go up the rituals but many of them once a get there to the ballots still ahead and i'll just you know the wimbledon tennis championships will be missing one of its most famous elements this year and it's not strawberries and cream joe's going to have the details in sport.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
for the all. to have to support here's joe rob thank you very much let's start with the take care lympics and the japanese prime minister has confirmed that the coverts 19 state of emergency in tokyo will be lifted on sunday that's welcome news for the organizers of the games which starts in 4 months time the state of emergency was announced in january and extended twice but it's now ending because the availability of hospital beds and they have improved in tokyo because you know madonna however the number of new infections remains at the same level slightly increased and in some areas there's also an increase of people going out before there are concerns about a rebound of new infection numbers and we also need to stay vigilant about the
6:52 pm
spread of new variants olympic organizers is set to meet on saturday to decide whether overseas fans will be allowed to attend the games despite concerns they may spread copa 19 electric torch relay is set to start on cheese day which involves $10000.00 runners crossing japan for 4 months in the build up to the opening ceremony. but this is currently no one in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies the creative director of tokyo 2020 hiroshi's a sucky scene here on the right has resigned over derogatory remarks he made about a female celebrity in japan a magazine published comments he made jury a brainstorming session last year when he suggested the plus size entertainer naomi watanabe appear in the opening ceremony dressed as a pig. the joke here 2020 president seiko hashim otoh says she was shocked by the comments you may remember she became president last month after her predecessor stepped down over sexism mota said she accepted his resignation after trying to
6:53 pm
persuade him to stay. at the younger gets the there's only 4 months lift until the games and his presence was very important he previously did great work for us with the handover from the rio games and the one years ago syria many my committee has put a big emphasis on gender equality is one of the most important policies so we've decided to accept the resignation i will keep working hard not to let this sit back and take to the games favorite player of the year is unlikely to be able to play for poland in their world cup qualifier against england because of kobe $1000.00 restrictions the game is on march 31st in london but leavened of skip plays for by munich in germany where travel rules would force him to quarantine for 14 days on his return would be a huge blow for poland if he can't play as he's their captain and is in great form scoring 10 goals in his last 7 games well in italy $1000.00 outbreak is set to disrupt the league leaders into milan 2 more players have tested positive which
6:54 pm
makes it 4 in total local health officials requested that their next game against us one on saturday be perspire and interest players will also be pulled out of international duty. also as the president has promised he'll do all he can to keep their star player lean on messi with the team messi who tried and failed to leave last year was in the crowd at the nou camp when laporta was sworn in for his 2nd spell as president and one of his 1st tasks is persuading their biggest star to extend his contract beyond this season. placido domingo in kentucky mention a little rest i will try to convince leo to stay with us that is a must do task i will do all i can he knows that whatever he does will be ok but we will try to make him stay because he is the bass player in the history of football and my apologies leo for saying this right here and right now but you know of my love for you loves you a lot vasco fans are slowly being allowed back in to watch their teams play in the n.b.a.
6:55 pm
on wednesday the detroit pistons hosted 750 spectators for the 1st time this season and it meant a lot to the players. we just want to let you guys know how much we appreciate your time and i was really good how you are back here so you're my space and. i'm going to send it seems. i know what it's like to be a deterrent this is i i was trying to get back to the one time. and that's exactly what they did against the toronto raptors city they led with 28 points and 12 rebounds and just jackson's 3 pointer in the 4th try to lead which they never relinquished 116212 the final score. and williams had fans in houston's to to watch the golden state warriors beat the rockies but unfortunately for golden state steph curry there was nobody in the courtside seats to break his full after 3 pointer attempts he felt could lay on his tail bone and had to tell 4th quarter it also missed a game on friday. he told me after you know he started backpedaling and normally
6:56 pm
he would have basically fought back into the fray out sitting courtside but there's nobody there but he kept going and it's already. you know he's very long he seems. feeling like i could be ok you know over the next. next week or so we'll see there's a new man in charge of rugby union's world governing body wild rugby has appointed alan gilpin as its new chief executive he's been interim c.e.o. since his predecessor stepped down in january 3 regional qualifying tournament for next year's t 20 cricket world cup in australia happened to spain because of the $192.00 events in south africa or one in kuwait were originally going to be played next month the international cricket council's decides to move some took tiber because of travel restrictions and quarantine rules in several of the participating countries. the world in tennis championships will be missing one of its most famous elements this year its ticket queue organizers of the grand slam tournament will prevent fans
6:57 pm
from camping overnight or lining up for tickets because of coronavirus measures the tournament was cancelled last year for the 1st time since world war 2 because the pandemic officials at the all england club are doing everything they can to prevent that from happening this year. saudi arabia will host its 1st formula one race in december and organizers have now revealed the layout of the circuit in jeddah it will be the longest and fastest street circuit in the sport's history the cars will race along the red sea coast potentially reaching speeds of up to $320.00 to plummet his power on the longest straight the race on december 5th will be held at night and his plans to be no alternate stop on this year's racing calendar can't wait for that new season to get underway. all right that is for now with. joe thank you very much indeed that's it for me while matheson for this news i'm going to be
6:58 pm
back in a moment with more of the day's news talked about by. for a goalkeeper from one is a. home will come close what dreams were made to. be turned into a night matter of a rest and told jim bunning argentina has been. in the 1st of a new season footballing legend eric cantor don't introduce his club your time buddy to one of the special few stood up for their beliefs whatever that cost. football rebels on algis even. i joined al jazeera as part of the launch team in
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2006 protesters have called for me to march in the time i've covered wars revolutions elections i'm going to treat poor sick crowds here and stuff you know square remain very large and very vocal 0 we cover the stories that matter the human stories. from the from venice of caracas to the battlefields of iraq also i would job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises central to the life he hood's of hundreds of thousands of people and behind the deaths of many more exceptional access to some of its key flay is reveals the in what kings of an organization telling the name to many as the prologue to alliance. inside this in a lower college town part one of a key part investigation people in power on al-jazeera.
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told stories from asia in the pacific on al-jazeera. u.s. and chinese officials are on their way to a lasco for their 1st face to face talks since president joe biden came to office. come about the same this is all just live from doha also coming up the fight for covert 1000 vaccines the u.k. says this rollout will slow in the coming weeks and warns the e.u. not to block exports. tanzania is set to swear in its.


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