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remolded upturned the status quo and fighting justice down the whole month he didn't run their. lives down the block just to leave the. witness personal documentaries not photo deception on al-jazeera. org. the u.s. talks tough for the biden administration's 1st summit with china as the world's 2 superpowers try to repair relations that are at their lowest levels in decades. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up safe and effective europe's medicines regulator gives its verdict on the astra zeneca vaccine after several countries
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a suspect that its rollout over safety concerns a meeting in moscow puts russia back at the center over afghanistan speace process and a nation in mourning tanzania grieves over the death of president john mchugh fully but others say he is left at the vi that latest. america's top diplomat says china's actions are threatening the international order effectively putting global stability at risk secretary of state antony blinken is holding talks with chinese officials in alaska as the 2 superpowers try to repair relations that are at their lowest point in decades it's the 1st high level meeting between the u.s. and china under president joe biden's administration lincoln says they will discuss a range of security and human rights issues including hong kong taiwan and the
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crackdown on we go or muslims in xinjiang. part ministration is committed to leading with diplomacy to advance the interests the united states and to straighten the rules based international order. that system is not an abstraction it helps countries result differences peacefully. a coordinate multilateral efforts effectively and participate in global commerce with the assurance that everyone is following the same rules the alternative to a rules based order is a world in which might makes right and winner take all and that would be a far more violent and unstable world for all of us well the international society follows a system sit by the united nations by stone international law not based on a small number of countries and their own rules china has its own way of democracy america has its own way of democracy and our diplomatic editor james bays is live
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from that summit in anchorage in alaska so those are just the opening statements they are says but some pretty strong words from both the u.s. and chinese delegation. yes both sides i think making it clear that they certainly have very different views on some issues and the ones that are exercising certainly the chinese the most are what they say are solely internal issues and in particular the issue of human rights you hear secretary blinken talk about the rules based order and the chinese senior foreign official who's a member of the politburo talk about a system that is based should be based on the united nations system was reminding you that actually one of the pillars of the united nations is human rights and human rights is governed by the universal declaration of human rights which was
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signed at the very beginning of the un's existence and is in some ways modeled on the u.s. constitution now certainly the u.s. side would say that what's going on in the the repression of the week has which some say even amounts to genocide is or is it is a huge breach of the universal declaration of human rights what though the u.s. are hoping is that even though they have these big differences with the chinese they can compartmentalize things going forward they can criticize china very heavily on some issues where they think that china's role is very very negative indeed but they can also work very closely with china on issues where there is agreement that number 11 of those of course is climate change which of course china signed up to the paris climate deal the u.s. pulled out of it under trump but it's now come back into compliance and join the charity once again there are also important regional issues where they think they
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can work closely together afghanistan china as a maybrick afghanistan myanmar after the coup the u.s. no china really other country that has the most power to change the view of the generals so what they're hoping here is to craft a new relationship between the 2 countries. what they're not going to agree on everything but they are going to put aside the issues where they don't agree on a dirty publicly disagree but at the same time work together all other issues that's the us good of course it all depends on these these reasons taking place over the next few hours and then into friday and i mean the u.s. and china obviously the world's 2 biggest economies but in the past decade certainly we've seen really seen china grow just as a regional power but a power that increasingly has global influence potentially enough to rival the u.s. we've even seen it with the vaccination program. you know with the chinese vaccine
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going to many a parts of the world would you agree with that would you say that we really are seeing a global power now. oh absolutely china's rise has been amazing in terms of its economic rise remember that the same time they've been spending vast amounts on their military power as well and there are many observers who say if there was any sort of confrontation in asia it's not a tall certain anymore that the u.s. would win of course these talks are trying to avoid any confrontation of that sort but there are fears of a global divide china is involved all over the world particularly in places like africa where chinese involvement has grown greatly and that leads to fears of a new cold war but of course a new cold war if you can describe it as that would be very different from the cold war between the us and the soviet union because the soviet union had
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a broken system of communism behind it the us had capitalism and a separate system it was operating there these 2 countries the new china and the u.s. both work in the same economy and the rest of the world needs to deal with both of these economic powers they swim in the same sea so that is the problem and that is why the u.s. needs to work with china at the same time as confronting china and other issues james bays you will of course be monitoring all developments from that summit for the moment there james bays our diplomatic editor live for us from anchorage thank you. well a little earlier u.s. secretary of state and didn't blink in the u.s. defense secretary met with leaders in south korea they've reaffirmed their shared goal of a denuclearized that north korea drive has more from seoul. this mission to north east asia ended as it had begun with the u.s. directly accusing china of aggressive behavior in the region but the u.s.
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and south korea also confirmed beijing's importance in the denuclearization of north korea but china has a real interest in helping to deal with this house has an obligation under the u.n. security council resolutions the u.s. and try to open a dialogue with north korea ahead of this trip but without success north korea has officially confirmed it had received those requests but didn't respond it's 1st vice foreign minister and he saying there can be no dialogue until the u.s. stops what she called its hostile behavior making it clear pyongyang is waiting to see what the new policy of the biden administration to wardes it will look like this mission is intended to help formulate that strategy it's also a restoring and repairing relations between the u.s. and its traditional allies in northeast asia i mean i'm going up are going to be as the u.s. has repeatedly said the trilateral security cooperation between seoul tokyo and
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washington is crucial considering the international situation and newly emerging security threats. are relations often severely strained during the previous administration of donald trump that advantage for the united states has been greatly ruined during the 4 years of trump pardon me a straight up saw it is important for the biden are the ministrations restore of the u.s. treasury as their united states has and china does not one of the last acts on this visit a cost sharing agreement for the basing of u.s. troops in south korea disputed for years by the trumpet ministration its final signing seen here as evidence of an alliance restored love mcbride al-jazeera sold . the european medicines agency says the astra zeneca vaccine is safe and effective
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the e m a believes the benefits of receiving the jab far outweigh the potential risks of blood clots that have been reported in several european countries so far around 18000000 astra zeneca doses have been administered to patients in the u.k. and the e.u. the mccain reports from berlin. for much of this week this vaccine has been the focus of attention feted by many as a main weapon against coated but feared by others for what they thought might be a dangerous side effect now the e. hughes medical regulator has given its verdict the committee has come to a clear scientific conclusion this is a safe and effective vaccine its benefits in protecting people from covert 19 with the associated risks of death and hospitalized patients outweigh the possible risks around 7000000 doses of the vaccine have already been administered across the e.u.
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with many more lying unused on shelves in vaccination centers the clear effect of the temporary suspension in its use in germany some in the medical profession believe the greater risk lies in not using the astra zeneca product says. no to yes this is necessary time is running out we have to get the vials and we have all the infrastructure for it behind us we have a huge vaccination center we could vaccinate not just 1300 people in a day but many more if we had to we are ready. one problem is the public lack of confidence some in germany feel about astra zeneca as a product some surveys suggest barely more than half the population here would be happy to receive that a stark contrast to the way the vaccine has been received in the u.k. where it's uptake has been much greater one medical analyst told me when it comes to health matters germans don't like to take risks. like we germans tampons are we
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want no risk and there is not such thing like a no risk and maybe you a population different in this respect and that might be the reason for this. reason. here in the german capital ministers of announced a rapid resumption of vaccination on friday perhaps hoping to counter a growing public belief they've just been acting too slowly during the pandemic confidence in the government is also down with just 6 months to a general election dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. so that's a situation here in you know meanwhile chile is pushing half of the country's population back under lockdown that number of coronavirus cases is on the rise despite around 30 percent of the population has actually having received at least one dose of vaccine are latin america editor of human joins us live now from santiago with more any idea why we are seeing this rise in infections.
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it's a very very complex cocktail on the one hand you have millions and millions of chileans nearly 30 percent of the population having had at least one jab of the vaccination so to leave is getting lots of kudos on that front but on the other hand the confines of measures that had been imposed months ago were relaxed substantially over the summer people stopped taking precautions wearing masks social distancing large party is a lot of them clandestine and the virus began to spread and spread we also have of course the brazilian variant going around here in chile so the good the infection rate has gone sky high i'm at a hospital right now behind me there are lots of people just waiting looking in through the window and in the ambulances one of the drivers told me that he brought in his patient 7 hours a. no and that patient still is waiting for
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a bed and that's simply because the hospitals are collapsing they cannot take any more patients so it's a very serious situation and unfortunately the the the benefits of the vaccinations will really kick in for at least another month and a half perhaps more when at least 60 to 80 percent of the population has been ocular and that's really the trick in the meantime everybody has to stay home 50 percent of the country will be under total lockdown as of saturday right now it's about a 3rd in on the weekends the entire country has to stay home and indefinitely we don't know until when. you see any human with the latest there painting quite a worrying situation of the situation in chile thank you. well meanwhile brazil has registered more than 2700 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours the country is struggling with what could be its worst wave yet and officials are rushing to vaccinate people
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a remote village in the amazon region has now received kovan 1000 vaccines after all of its residents were infected doctors traveled for 2 hours by boat to the indigenous community of nova speranza some residents were initially skeptical about the vaccine but the village chief says all legit eligible members have now been inoculated with the chinese made sin of at those. still ahead on the program another a defiant a day of protests in myanmar is the military accuses a top diplomat of treason treason and atlanta police investigate why a suspected gunman shot 8 people dead 6 of them women of asian descent. how i once again we have severe weather warnings in force the parts of eastern
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australia lots of clouds showing up on the satellite picture here and we see some very heavy downpours we have been on the show a breeze dragging showers into that eastern side of new south wales can see had $192.00 millimeters of rain it would be 6 hours beating the monthly average which is around $165.00 millimeters for the entire month of march and the weather is set to continue further heavy downpours coming in across the eastern side of new south wales in fact because much of that eastern side of australia will also see some rather wet weather up towards the kimberley coast for the southwest is fought in try perth at $38.00 celsius that's $100.00 in found high for the southeast and try to in melbourne at around $26.00 degrees and not too bad here in fall and try to for much of new zealand with some pleasant sunshine coming on as we go on into the next couple of days further north some pleasant sunshine across japan make the most of it because we do have some disturbed weather sliding towards the yellow sea some
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what's the weather here clearing the dust and sand that was saying around the beijing area recently wet weather into central parts of china makes its way across the korean peninsula and that will set in through the 2nd half of the weekend for japan. itself to new zealand. one o one in st turns to christ church to find out how those most d.p.s. r.k. playing. and surviving a massacre on al-jazeera is really is a bracing for a 4th election in 2 years benjamin netanyahu is facing a new set of challenges with a new message vote for the man who brought the vaccine to be enough to secure israel's longest serving prime minister a decisive win. join us for special coverage of the israeli election on al-jazeera . the
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the old. of the back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera america's top diplomat anthony blinken says china's actions are threatening the international order effectively putting global stability at risk the 2 superpowers are holding talks and alaska to try to repair relations that are at their lowest point in decades and the european union's medicine regulator has ruled that astra zeneca vaccine is safe saying it found no evidence of a higher risk of blood clots in people who received the jab. senior members of the taliban and the afghanistan's government are meeting in moscow to try to resume stored peace negotiations russia the us china and pakistan have called on both sides to consider an immediate cease fire washington sent
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a senior official the 1st time they've been represented at regional talks convened by russia where u.s. president joe biden has hinted that the remaining american troops in afghanistan may have to stay longer than the may 1st withdrawal deadline but the taliban insists the troops must leave by that date for he has more from kabul. the. shop owners in kabul are getting ready for the afghan new year after 20 years of conflict and a dire economic state we welcome a chance to celebrate a happy occasion. this could also be the 1st year american troops will not be here to help local forces keep the peace. if we will reach an agreement among us there will be no need for the americans to stay here if we got huge we will be able to bring security ourselves. u.s. president joe biden is facing
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a may 1st deadline to withdraw all american troops from afghanistan as agreed by donald trump's administration the white house is now scrambling to have a peace agreement in place between the afghan government and taliban before it fully withdraws its troops concerns have been mounting that without one of ghana's down could plunge into another civil war. if there will be no peace we are obligated to have america until there is security the violence is increasing multiple bombings and assassinations that target civilians especially in kabul have become a daily occurrence but it's not only the war that makes the future here look bleak the uncertainty over afghanistan's future is exacerbated by your money terrier prices all afghans are struggling to survive and poverty is on the rise but same time before an 800 trees were lied on for 20 years is also being reduced
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analysts some politicians have expressed fears the afghan government could collapse without the financial support of the international community on the ground there are more battles between the security forces and taliban fighters afghans are angry they're demanding peace. you'll reach an agreement among the americans should leave afghanistan the foreigners are came here and destroyed our country. other is a call the same sentiment calling on the americans to leave. the presence of americans will not benefit afghans anymore is this day from the last 20 years to don't have any benefits because they did not have an effective plan. but america has signaled its desire to get out of afghanistan soon and whether that's by may 1st or a bit later it is the afghans who are likely to suffer the consequences for many years to come contrary al-jazeera kabul. police are trying to
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work out what motivated a suspect to shoot 8 people in the u.s. state of georgia on tuesday 6 of them were women of asian the same stoking fears the murders were racially motivated the alleged gunman says his actions though were driven by sex addiction and not race and the gallagher reports outside the gold star in atlanta flowers candles and signs of support following a deadly series of shootings that left 8 dead among them 6 women of asian descent trauma from the attacks on 3 separate mass a large palos especially frightening given the race of the majority of the victims of. this whole past year with everything that's happened in this country from what was all this stuff happening to asian people which is. a nice start. ok you have
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a description of him. prayer. in newly released phone calls to police it's clear how terrifying the attacks on choose day were 21 year old robert hourlong has been charged with 8 counts of murder as well as i grieve 8 assault long lives in a quiet community of woodstock georgia about 50 kilometers from atlanta friends say he was devoutly religious but long reportedly told investigators his attack was motivated by a sex addiction not race but can't say that he specifically targeted those individuals. but you know what i will say is that he did frequent as a question keeps coming up that he did frequent those 2 locations within the letter president joe biden has ordered flags across the nation to be lowered to honor the victims on friday he'll be in atlanta on a pre-planned trip will meet asian american community leaders investigators say it's too soon to say what the shooter's motivation was but long could be charged
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with a hate crime until last year georgia is one of the few states without a hate crime legislation now anyone found to have committed a crime based on gender race or religion faces additional punishments the new laws were passed following the killing of a mob allbery a black man shot and killed by 2 white men it took this is on whether bias played a role in any crime in the state of the defining moment and it's a great day in the history of our stage of state of georgia we will never. tolerate heat in our state for now investigators say they're not ruling out the role race or gender played in a tragedy that left many in the asian american community fearful and gallica al-jazeera. as some protesters in myanmar push back against the security forces violent crackdown the military announced treason charges against the former ambassador to the u.n.
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camel tun was fired the day after speaking at the un general assembly last month where he called for help to remove the army from power scott heide live reports. the industrial zone of yangon has emerged as the main flashpoint between protesters and myanmar security forces it ignited on sunday and has continued throughout the week yeah the protesters now arming themselves with makeshift weapons slingshots amal tough cocktails fighting back as they appear to be facing live ammunition and tear gas this part of the city is home to migrant workers at the nearby factories some of which were torched on sunday leading to the most violent day so far in the 6 weeks of protests martial law has been imposed in some areas. the military has announced another member a former civilian leader aung sang suu cheese and al de party has been charged with high treason. on mars and basser to the united nations giacomo toon is facing the charge for his speech during the un general assembly on the situation in his
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country and that february 26th beach he called for the fight for democracy to continue more international pressure on the joints and raise the protest movements 3 finger salute he was fired the next day myanmar state television has aired an interview with the man who says suchi accepted money from him while she was in office. i mean coding to wait he had given. for payments $100000.00 in may $218150000.00 in may $21950000.00 in february 2020 and $250000.00 in 2020 tattling $550000.00 per turn he called the bribery accusation groundless in a logical this is the 2nd corruption allegation in addition to charges already made against suchi including illegally importing walkie talkies and breaking covert 1000 restrictions. in
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a further move by the military to control with seen and heard inside myanmar internet services are becoming increasingly limited mobile networks have been ordered to shut down and the speed of the internet has become very slow. scott hodler al-jazeera. tanzania has the cleared a period of national mourning after the death of president john mughal fully official say the 61 year old died of heart problems but political opponents suspect that he was sick with covert 19 well before the it was one of africa's most prominent coronavirus skeptics vice president sami a sunni who son will take his place on friday becoming the country's 1st female leader has more from nairobi in neighboring kenya. floods in the streets of tanzania flat half mast to mark the death from heart of president john palmer mughal fully a man who is as divisive in death as in life the news though did not come as
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a great surprise there's been speculation over his health including rumors of covert 1000 infection since he disappeared from the public spotlight 3 weeks ago. but for a man of his state model fool his death has shaken the country and also shown the split in his support some paid tribute to him as a politician who cared about the poor fought corruption change the way the government did business cut down on expenditure and initiated numerous infrastructure and social projects. i am not happy because he was a brave leader now that he has left i have no words we have lost hope i am in pain . the poor had started making progress in life business was forcing if you had a problem you would approach a government official and you would get help but marvel fully was also accused by his critics of being an authoritarian who presided over our government that stifled political and media freedoms was intolerant to dissent and carried out human rights
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abuses his handling of the coronavirus pandemic was also faulted with many saying his denial of the disease caused serious harm women. who merely people. who were. regional heads of state have sent their condolences with kenya's president who. are fully a statesman despite the 2 countries having a frosty trade and diplomatic relationship in the passing game as president. i watched a friend. a colleague. another. tanzania will be in mourning for 21 days i ask you to come up to work vice presidents m
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e s saloon who has takes over as interim president until 2025 when a new election will be held she the country's fast female in the top job and now has to navigate through what john magaw fully left behind including his policies on coronavirus catherine saw you are. here's a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera america's top diplomat says china's actions are threatening the international order effectively putting global stability at risk secretary of state antony blinken is holding talks with chinese officials in alaska as the 2 superpowers try to repair relations that are at their lowest point in decades lincoln says they will discuss a range of security and human rights issues including hong kong.


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