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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera King Goodwill Zwelithini  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2021 7:30am-8:00am +03

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another contest a renowned day trader has to beat a computer program trading on the stock market and on another network a well known news reader meets for the 1st time her computer generated double to show none of us is indispensable or beyond manipulation for south korea all these technology has very serious applications as our lives are transformed by the marvels of art of social with. bring you know changes where the we like them one offs will be brought out says there are so numb so through. the ever since i was there i mean the headlines brazil's president shy of also now is taking several states to court to try to force them to overturn pandemic restrictions on friday the country recorded more than 2000 $800.00 deaths the 2nd
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highest number in a single day germany's national disease control center has warns that coronavirus cases are rising at an exponential rate and says more contagious strains of wiped out the progress made last month and containing the pandemic chancellor angela merkel says the country will have to re-impose some restrictions at least 9 protesters have been killed in myanmar during the latest rallies against the military coup there a rights group says more than $235.00 people have been killed since the military seized power last month the u.s. president has condemned an increase in violence against asian americans joe biden and vice president comma harris have been meeting community leaders in atlanta following a mass shooting that in which 8 people were killed including 6 women of asian descent they've been attacked late harassed verbal abuse old physically assaulted killed. documented incidents against of hate against
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asian americans have seen skyrocketed spike over the last year hate and violence often hard in plain sight. it's often met with silence that's been true throughout our history but that has to change because our silence is complicity we cannot be complicit hours of tense a high level talks between china and the u.s. have ended in alaska with no major breakthrough both sides said the meeting was constructive but they also traded criticism of human rights and economic power. of ok now has erupted in southwest iceland it's in the middle of a peninsula between the capital reykjavik and the international air force a no fly zone has been set up with all flights in and out of the airport halted the eruption had been expected well those are the headlines i'll have more news for you here off to talk to al jazeera. teaching you just the way english streaming
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live on the channel. plus thousands of our programs will be with documentaries and circles. subscribed to you she would slice al-jazeera english. war move would i want to see. because we're in a towel. on south africa's east coast surrounded by the drunken stood mountains and the indian ocean. is home to one of the most powerful kingdom on the african continent visited. the woods mean sky all hidden and according to history it was the name of the ancestor who founded the zulu nation at the beginning of the 17th century. a newly born nation lived in rivers of peace until the late 1900 when british troops invaded zulu territory and divided the land.
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the goodies never regained their independence. today it is estimated they are nearly 11000000 ziggy's living in south africa they account for roughly 22 percent of the population but other smaller communities living nearby countries including the city zimbabwe a swahili formerly known as swaziland our botswana and mozambique they had all recognized one man as they came goodwills way teenie who donated on march 12th. kings with a teeny rain under the traditional leadership clothes of south africa's republican constitution. and although his role was largely ceremonial he represented the connection of the zulu people with a post and a history since he came to the throne in 1991 during the apartheid era at the age of 23. 26 the in the late king discussed the past present and future of the zulu
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nation in a raid television appearance on this episode of talk to al-jazeera we revisit that interview with the leg zulu king goodwills willy t. me. thank your majesty for some. an opportunity thank you very much. my brother. is just to be given such an opportunity and to have an audience with the. t.v. programs your majesty let me take you back to history back in 1968. and after you inherit it through. you to create huge to the island of santa lay in that that's why i don't remember myself finding myself in. santa ana.
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it's only may create grandfather king dinos who know. who was in exile for 10 years and during the time when you know of south africa used to be the governing body of this country. and then he was released. they didn't 98 and then when he was released he had to be looked at as somebody who was actually a fight against the government of the time so i always wonder how such information came across that it was myself that was in center land. when my late father passed away and they didn't 68.
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i was still in the college by then and. it's actually came you know just after a 10 different special day. when there was about to to have a cleaning time. as his way made father have passed away king supreme declines and by the glancing electors who by their own family they clean things stand in their own family and the nation at large. so the information came across and then one of my elder sisters take an option and may president go to secure me and then i had to leave the kingdom out to other province so where did you feel your majesty i was just in south africa but in other province instance while
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someway since the notion of globalization has been advancing for the last 2 decades how do you see. ways to rican saw all the 2 notions the notion of the want globalized. culture in most cases the west and want with the traditional rich traditional cultures that are being threatened to be extinct by this attack cultures of this isn't a nation has been living under threatened for years because during the time can play joyeux after the endless a war you know the history that day he was arrested for crossing after they have actually attacked a loonie in aden 79 after the battle of is under the money 8 in
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79 h. and not at the 22nd and then when the british came back on the 4th of july bending down of lunacy as it was the cutest capital city of this were a nation where kings royal was settled. and then after that. does a nation have scott know scott that from a pass but they were infiltrated by certain policies and place it in people that instigated them do away with the king but it wasn't easy from my people to object kingfisher iow as their king that's where the cultures of these are nations that
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you know to move sideways so now when it comes to america and for some of my friends and cops they have never had an opportunity to look back on the cultural values of the of of the zadran nation they're not even true as an ip when i. and then even to make unconscious during my late father's time king supreme peers among us sort of can support my statement in madden 54 those are the same this that it took at it things took a cab to make things work on cultural values with the attire yeah when the 1st time for opening of this day shoe
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ended tom wolfe king shaka so that's where you could have seen this sort of people starting to come up with their own traditions and i tire and the royal family most. you have revived to many the traditions of this little tradition of that nation yet. many of these traditions others have been subject to criticism and the base case in are you controversial if it was such a controversy and criticism for reviving. such traditions i feel shame in sort of especially the book to read it down this is a learning and keeping up with the male circumcision well i feel shame and sorry for those people that have got such a feeling i'm sort of that it's it's what some of our black people you know that
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have courtside stings but. as far as that is concerned. i don't think i would be having so many people in this country if i have never if i act some of the events how and why because of a savior in aids pandemic because if you have head please bonus or tweet to lizzie last evening of. dino on my birthday. he just mention that he's measures t. . have spoken up about a shave in aids long before 2 years before it was discovered and our king of prophesies about this disease
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so no we appreciate what our king has been doing all of his yes even doctors on what the minister of do it is said to same thing. so in the colors of this because this isn't. i'm not what it about it because i know when you're doing something court based on people that will just keep on criticizing it button's explain to us how reviving the tradition such as the recent dance ceremony would serve as raising awareness raising against aids. culture is a unifying factor in the leadership it's just like it or it's just like it legion if you think of a certain religion your friends unity even
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on cultural values you'll find a sign a few unity in peace within so now i look at it in a very close eye. when god tells me about this disease coming and i had to question myself what am i going to do when satiate disease is going to occur. because the disease means it's going to approach by the devil and i wouldn't do this without my belief how did you pull for size that disease before it came into existence or it was this called. well if you're close to god do they believe that god has brought us the sun.
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jesus christ and then. i need to do you know when they pray i for dead you know mind of listening in their ear of listening to court telling me something and then i ask the court. why god are you telling me this what in my state do. to save your people and to save save may people that you have just meet me to lead i saw you i do want to tell me and then when i go on praying praying praying praying praying praying waiting for the answer and i was lucky your culture
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is the one that can actually bring all the we men took it and then you cough it out the message that i've just given to you to keep the virginity until now which actually vision it is not important vision it is for caring and then the advice to the people that you could see that they're being weakened by a man who cannot protect themselves so to kill them that's strange. i thought they should bring the young ones because i know the devil spirit is docketing the youth in any country in the world
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as you could see their way. the trucks. being scattered out every way now not to get it to myself and you were old enough that you can just go over there the duke and just go for that but i should and they are living under threat because of the some people who i just tack it. to destroy the future nations of tomorrow from what i see in it correct in the south african schools that is the minimum emphasis is on history and namely there's a little history why do you think. this thing about the lack of emphasis on history in general and the zulu history in particular and do you think something should be done and the respect. i don't think we need to
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what about. about. you know there's a new people are only when it comes to this. the problem. is sitting in the previous history which our government at the moment is not bringing the history into practice within our own just because it's true shifts the history that was still sitting on top of the state he's sort of gotten from to pick it's not it actually causes that to prod back into practice in our schools just to tell that really he's street interim i have to remind i says it's just shien's to give a period of history as it used to be in the past so no
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it is not something that is facing this alone nation on lee it faces all arrays groups in this country who will one day will find themselves being in a very difficult position not to know where they come from what abscess is that today i know my history when i stand before my people. i had to make sure that he might be. talking about the history of zulu there once. there was once talk about establishing independence kingdom of this issue that you will get together and embrace the 11000000 population of this is who in this country. is this still a viable. possibility in the future. i don't think it
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is so because when you talk in terms of loose zulus us got out every way in any corner of the world but they know where they come from and they know with their king so know when you talk in terms of can go my people still believe that they still call it their own kingdom doesn't matter that we were living in that reply because south africa they know who is their king and as a major blair of unity and a custody of all cultures and values of this look people my people still believe that they are kingdom still there because when these some problems in the country i always intervene
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and my people still listens to me in your speech during your purse day ceremony you said a very telling sentence when you said it and i'm quoting you there is no palace without people how in light of this very telling phrase how would you define your kingdom is it democratic or an absolute monarchy or something in between. well as i am living in that it properly. the province where am i am the king of the people off was a minister. where could that quarter of us sign me now is their work that is more than of. their fund of this of the nation king shaka in 1816 to 2016 now
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as i am living in a democratic country the people of was there in a time that looking at me as taking off for the people of course at a time. why because i embrace all of that. and raise even the different allegiance losers reason people tristan's islamic moon muslims and islam and communities and then a different. african type of religion it's that we have in this process all those people are looking at me as their king and a different race groups are looking at me as their king and then to prove that ensuring the time off opening of pilar men out of the province
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that before it starts to wake. i'm the only monarch in south africa that you know opens polar men's in this province and in south africa the president opens this is our parliament i bow painting the provincial to parliament so all political parties they know they said to me as i am one. even and comes to violence i take action inviting all political different political parties to gather. to bring our heads together and then i want talking about violence you raise this issue of lack of
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security in this country in your speech during your purse they certainly. how how do you see this problem the serious problem and what do you think the reasons why for such lack of security is it because of lack of human resources material resources or is it because of lack of political will to this point of time you know or just girl for local election look look ali election we had. elections and now the not so many political parties that are fighting against each other you know in the past they used to fight against each other but they this friend of time it's only one political party that is the governing body political party government that it's party it's that one
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that is fight in fighting with the i you talk about the ends i'm talking about the n.c. which is not nice and then now decides that i think they are busy sorting that out but the vileness that i'm talking about is their vote is that is so much eruptive finding that there is some properties that type being attacked like in other parts of south africa where that bending down of schools burning down of a community all bending down on transport and all that i'm not against people claiming what the sleep. and talk what they should talk about but they need to bring its took at the last june and during the
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holy months of the boss in the months. for more than you visit the bad and on president a visit to the main mosque in the city of durban and in your visit you address the war ship and you include the many important messages in your speech to the muslim community in which one of these messages let's defend our differences what did you mean by let's defend the princes the message that i've given across that we need you to to cater. to make sure that tweaks the peace and to make.
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profits with them was lim's. to be a pilot. project to. talk about peace . and to say thank you thank. you. the state of oman sits at the mouth of their raping gulf at the eastern end of the arab peninsula if you look at the arabian peninsula as a whole the ascension to the ancient culture and to the east. to the west. it's sometimes known as the switzerland of the gulf because of the important regional role it plays in the gulf cooperation council the g.c.c.
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. but hormones long history is not well known outside the gulf region before oil was discovered in 1962 and fishing and pro diving words main sources of income. in this film we go back over the last 500 years of all manny's history of tribes wars rebellion and colonization and explore how and why oman still plays an important regional role today. for a goalkeeper from one is a. world cup was one dreams were made. into a matter of a rest until argentina's been. in the 1st of a new season footballing legend eric cantor now introduces cloud. one of a special few that up for their beliefs whatever the cost. on algis even. the most hard. after
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egypt's revolution turned into something much bigger. 0 world. every. israeli is a bracing for a 4th election in 2 years benjamin netanyahu is facing a new set of challenges with a new message vote for the man who brought the back seat to be enough to secure israel's longest serving prime minister a decisive win. join us for special coverage of the israeli election on al-jazeera
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. next stop course brazil's president launches a legal action to keep the economy running as states and cities impose restrictions to stop the spread of covert 19. hello there i'm starting a tan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming. scapegoated grassed a call from president biden to end hate crimes against asia.


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